What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Thursday Edition

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The Trail

sequor sequi secutus

Every time we create a puzzle or contest for our CP/Jewelboxing Infrequent Mailing, someone here will say "that's way too difficult, nobody will ever figure that out." And then, of course, some smart-ass finishes it in half an hour. Well, not this time Cowboy. We've enlisted the help of dozens of people, most even more devious and diabolical than we are, to produce our latest challenge. We're calling it "The Trail" and we'd really like to tell you more about it. But we won't. In fact, if you're not signed up for our list (below and to the right) you'll probably never know it happened until it's all over. If you value your sanity however, that might be a good thing.

Notes: Here's some help. The name of the painter of this fragment will be in the subject line of the announcement mailing. In addition to signing up for the list, we will occasionally post clues to this page that will allow you to get an edge on all the other poor saps who will play. Two clues have gone by already, one on this page last week and one in the mailing of the 15th. Keep your eyes peeled. The Trail will start soon. Not so soon that you should call in sick to work quite yet, but soon enough.

glory, honor and other stuff

The prize pool is growing quickly, lots more news, additions and descriptions relating to that soon. Currently the end of The Trail leads to a treasure containing loot from Powell's Books, Icon Buffet, Aesthetic Apparatus, Rotofugi, 5inch, Basecamp, Pixies Discs, Campaign Monitor and Veer,

to the victor go the spoils


Based on the clue in the Infrequent Mailing that went out Tuesday, here are a few comments about The Trail. "Dastardly, indeed." "Caravaggio, Catholicism, Walt Whitman: this is my turf, pal. But when the Trail passes through the Valley of Indie Rock Trivia, I will surely be left behind." "I feel like I am in the Da Vinci Code!" "Bastards!"

There are a million ways to fall off the Trail. It will be difficult. And there will be competition. As of 2/15, 5954 people have signed up to get a head start on the competition. How many of them will you have to step over to claim a prize?

a slight edge

Once the Trail goes public, it'll be open to everyone who dares. But, and this is an important 'but', people who have signed up for this list will get a head start and some other advantages too. Enter an email address you check regularly here. We won't ever abuse the privilege. Period.

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