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What's All This Then?

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Handicapping the tob action

Morning Line

Each year, The Morning News presents their Tournament of Books, a NCAA-style competition featuring the previous year's best novels. They have just announced the pairings and judges so we decided to handicap each book's odds and provide a way for people to wager and hopefully raise some money for a very good cause.

The betting window is closed.

odds of winning

(Original Odds): Current Odds

Saturday (3/1): 2/1
Never Let Me Go (5/2): 5/2
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (4/1): 5/2
On Beauty (7/2): 3/1
No Country for Old Men (7/2): 4/1
The History of Love (3/1): 9/2
Anansi Boys (8/1): 5/1
Home Land (9/2): 5/1
The Accidental (8/1): 8/1
The Historian (5/1): 8/1
Veronica (7/1): 9/1
Garner (10/1): 11/1
The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole (30/1): 15/1
Beasts of No Nation (16/1): 18/1
The King of Kings County (20/1): 22/1
The Time in Between (20/1): 28/1

The odds are based on past performance, bloodlines, an evaluation of previous reviews and assumptions that we have made about the judges' temperaments. Assuming that people actually wager, we'll update the odds accordingly, as the betting pool grows.

Final Odds Updated Monday, March 20, 2006


It costs ten dollars to place a bet. All the money collected will be given to Donors Choose, an awesome charity that "provides students in need with the resources our public schools often lack."

After the tournament we will randomly choose one of the right answers and send that person ALL the nominated books. Nine other correct bets will receive the nominated book of their choice.

Thanks to everyone who laid down a bet and to Powell's Books for graciously providing the prizes. More news soon.


We have no inside knowledge of how the Tournament of Books is going to unfold. In fact, we have no affiliation with the Tournament of Books or The Morning News at all. Except for the the fact that Susan designed the logo for the event, Kevin Guilfoile, the ToB Chairman, worked with us at Coudal Partners for years and Jim stayed up way too late with TMN editors Rosecrans Baldwin and Andrew Womack one night in Brooklyn.