What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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The Things Around Us

Living in today's consumer led society we are more than anything defined by the things around us. As human beings it's important for us to represent our likes and conversely our dislikes to the outside world by creating physical objects that trigger memories, debate and chance conversation. But as more of our world becomes digitized it increasingly becomes harder to be surrounded by such "artifacts". Music, photographs and now our much loved movies are buried away on our super cheap hard-drives with their seemingly infinite capacity for storage. Buried in a series of ones and zeroes that no visitor to your home or office will ever know is there.

Cinema Redux is an attempt to make a physical visual representation of an entire movie in the hope that you can show the world - or the visitors to your home at least, your passion for a certain film. Not just a certain scene. Not just one single frame. But the entire film, represented in a new visual form, a kind of cinematic DNA. It's made entirely from a digital 'machine' process. But it's made for an analog 'human' world.

--Brendan Dawes, May 2007

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