What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

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Put a
Cork In It

After reading a story in the NYT, Jim's wife Heidi came up with a method to fight back against the obnoxious cell phone users that we all have to deal with in stores, restaurants, trains and pretty much everywhere else. Can design ride to the rescue? Jim and the incomparable Aaron Draplin think it can. So, as a public service, we introduce the reasonably polite SHHH, the Society for HandHeld Hushing.

Quiet in the Press

JC did a live interview on Australian Radio National Breakfast, about our Dear Cell (Mobile) Phone User Cards on January 26.

'Shhh' in an article for St. Louis Post Dispatch. Jim, "My own take on it is that people who have private conversations in public have the ability to completely cut out the rest of the world and be selfish. Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't have the reciprocal ability."

Rachel Metz posted a nice story on cell-phone manners or the lack thereof at Wired News this morning and our "Dear Cell Phone User" cards got a prominent mention. JC, "We don't really want to be responsible for a confrontation in the shoe department of Nordstrom's or anything."

G4TechTV's The Screen Savers did a nice story about the cards in their January 13th episode. Unfortunately, we didn't know it was going to be on until several days after it aired. So if anybody has a TiVo and got a copy of it, we'd love to take a look! Talk to us at info at coudal.

A great write-up appeared in the Tampa Bay Times on December 24th. "We've all had that awkward moment when we overhear someone's personal cell phone conversation. Now we have the power to stop it."

In between talk of Blu-ray DVDs, a story about humans sharing sixty percent of their genes with chickens, and reporting the real reason people in England are ordering broadband internet service, The San Jose Mercury News talked up the "Dear Cell Phone User" cards. (Reg. required)

Ragingpundit.com went so far as to call the "Dear Cell Phone User" cards, "...one of the greatest inventions thus far in the 21st century." We're pretty confident they're right, but it's still early in the century, so you've got to figure at least one or two things will come somewhat close to its level of perfection in the next hundred years.

The cards

Download this PDF, get out your exacto knife or scissors and start fighting back.

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