What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

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A One Week contest

Scavenge This

As you may or may not be aware, we send out Infrequent Mailings every so often. They usually include bits of news and other stuff that doesn't always fit on the site. They always include a contest and/or a special offer on something. This was part of yesterday's missive, so the people on the list have had a 24-hour head start, so get busy. Sign up (below and to the right) to get this sort of stuff first. Just give us your email address. We won't ever abuse the privilege.

Seek, find and maybe win

Find all these things and send us an email with links. It's an online scavenger hunt. Complete the assignment by Friday June 23rd and we'll pick the two most inventive submissions and send them one of pretty much everything we have. Send your email to info at coudal dot com and include "Ah Ha!" in the subject line. Send links NOT images, we want to see the stuff in context. Creativity and speed will count as tie-breakers and the decision of the judges is final.

we have winners

We've posted selected answers from a variety of entries to the questions below. Thanks to everyone who participated. There were a lot of complete lists submitted and many of them came in very quickly, so we picked our favorites, threw them in a hat and randomly selected Jill Brassil and Paul McAleer as our winners. Congratulations. You'll hear from them next month when they share guest-editing duties for Fresh Signals.

The List

1. A link to a letter from a Grandmother.

2. A link to a picture of a cat or dog whose name would also be an appropriate name for a porn star.

3. Links to reviews of movies that get from Fess Parker to Kevin Bacon in the shortest number of steps. A la "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon."

4. A link to information about someone in the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate who has an unexpected or funny relative.

5. A link to a description or syllabus from the college course that would least prepare someone for a real-world job.

6. A link to a baseball card image of a player with really big hair.

7. A link to a recipe that includes mutton.

8. A link to a photo of a band we've never heard of that features a fire-escape. Extra points for weird punctuation or spelling in the band's name.

9. A link to a video from an unintentionally funny wedding reception speech.

10. A link to a scathing review of a small-town theater production.

11. (scroll down) Link to a poem that could be interpreted as being about duct tape.

12. A link to an angry final post of someone giving up their weblog forever.

The Prizes

A chance to be our Fresh Signals Guest Editor
A Field-Tested Poster and Book
A Copy Goes Here DVD and Tee
A Pixies disc-set from Tokyo
Dead Can Dance's live Selections From North America
A Jewelboxing 20pack of Kings
Assorted other stuff.

BTW: Please stop sending in Booking Bands entries. At this point we've heard them all.

NOTE: We received a fair number of complete lists. But there's room to knock them out of contention. For example, a surprising number of people have answered request #8 with the same exact band photo. It's a nice one to be sure but if it were us we'd dig a little deeper into the search results and try to zig while everyone else is zagging. Also to Coop. How do you figure that "Buddy" is an appropriate name for a porn star. (See #2) Are we missing something?

NOTE 2: The winners will be announced Wednesday, June 28th around lunch time.

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