What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Wednesday Edition

State Fossil of California: Saber-Toothed Cat
The Field Notes County Fair edition. Our tribute to the 50 states.

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An Uppercase Project


Go ahead, type in any old word or phrase here, then click “Set It!”

1" Buttons available: A-Z, 0-9, +, ?, !

Can't decide what to spell right this minute? No worries. Buy our big Spelling Set which includes two each of A-Z and 0-9 plus one more of each of these letters: ETAOINSHRDL and of course, +, ?, ! and the brick-red heart.

That's 87 buttons for $29. 

A Few Details

Spell with buttons. There's not a whole lot more to explain after that. Just type something into the box on the left and click "Set It!" for details.

The 1" letter buttons are jet black and every order includes a brick-red heart button too, so you can write I YODA or something. They're packed up nice with some other extras and the minimum order is $3.

It's the same price for shipping anywhere but if you're outside of the USA, please consider ordering more than 3 buttons. Danke. All prices USD.

David Pliska teaches elementary school reading in Eden Prarie Minnesota and used Pinsetter in class for a number of things, including posing a classic school riddle, and the answer too. Teachers: use the 'contact' link below for a nice discount on the product.

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