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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

The fair air, the cozy sweater, the hot tea. So what's missing?
Field-Tested Books will fill you in on what goes best with where.

Coudal Partners

Who Owns The Fish?

Since 2004, we have been doing our part to encourage acrimony and hard feelings at family gatherings. Face it, you'll probably fight about something at your holiday get-together, it might as well be something important, like whether or not you're in the two percent of the world's population that Albert Einstein purportedly claimed could solve this puzzle. So... Who Owns The Fish?

A Street in Logan Square

All Hallows’

It's often lost in the candy-coated, super-styled proceedings of the holiday, but Halloween is really all about departed souls and dealing with loss.

A Cautionary Tale

Heed This Well, Young Costumed Beggars

To Sweet Hereafter, a warning to trick-or-treaters in the style of Hilaire Belloc.

One From Way Way Back

How Do You Spell Courage?

"How do you spell courage?" For the proper effect, check the trailer first and then please take a few minutes (eleven actually) to watch our short feature film about words, pictures and bravery, Copy Goes Here.

From The CP Labs

Shift Option Rinse

Can you really clean your computer keyboard in the dishwasher? With the help of the RinseCam 9000, Michele created a short film to find out, Shift Option Rinse.

a short film that seems longer

Long Day’s Journey Out of Iowa

Our Steve Delahoyde is a man with an iron will. An iron will, a subcompact, a girlfriend and an idea on how to make a regular drive more, er, interesting. Note: All the driving worked. Claire and Steve are now Mr. and Mrs..

Making of Field Notes Ravens Wing

Press Check

A quick trip back to Freeport, Illinois and one of our most popular films. Think of it as "How It's Made" with much cooler music, awesome people and hot, nasty, metal-on-paper printing action. The making of Field Notes, Wings. We're working on the brand-spanking new Fall Edition right now. Sign up for a COLORS subscription so you don't miss a single seasonal release.

Happy Valentines

Book of Love

Our Field Notes "Red-Blooded" edition sold out long ago but for Valentines Day let's remember how Bryan's film made all us other husbands look like schmucks.

A CP Film In Five Parts

Laboratory Conditions

RIP Ed Grothus who we met while we were in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We were looking for locations for one film project and on the way we discovered a lot more about the town and its people than we bargained for. So we made a different film and called it Laboratory Conditions. We're showing it in five episodes.

From Field Notes Brand


This film documents our latest project from the workshop. More on our newest limited release, "The Northerly Edition" at Field Notes. 3packs of this bright white and silver release are now sold out but there are still a few available as part of a COLORS subscription.

Props Face Time

Classic Display Faces That Deserve Love

Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna's 1974 release for ITC, Serif Gothic doesn't get the kind of attention that sparked a recent (and overdone) Avant Garde revival but it speaks for itself when set tight, in all-caps for a short declarative headline, especially one that needs a sort of non whiz-bangy science-fiction feel. Suggested pairing: Univers 65 Bold.

Not Quite so
Fresh Signals

An instant MoOM classic, The Arcade Flyer Archive. I. II. III. jc-01.22

Noted without comment. jc-01.22

"The baby-faced designer with golden hands." 50 Watts on John Alcorn, great selections including a favorite film title for Amarcord. jc-01.22

California Inspires Me, sweet animated film by Brian Rea and Pablo Delcan, narrated by Mike Mills, for Google Play. jc-01.22

So you know, why rain gives off that fresh, earthy smell. dw-01.22

An iceberg flipped over, and its underside is breathtaking. Wow. ms-01.22

"Road tripping is a quintessential facet of the American experience. Like so many before me, I was captivated by the idea of driving with no other aim than to explore — to be surrounded by the new yet strangely familiar. With this concept in mind, between May 28th and August 17th, 2014 I drove 19,748.7 miles around the United States." dw-01.22

"Outside there is a storm and inside there are mice." Werner Herzog Inspirationals. ms-01.22

Music video for Dancing In The Corner by Monarchy. dw-01.22

Launch to LoveJoy. ms-01.22

So you know, exactly where nobody lives. jc-01.22

Related to the last, and to the game, Royko at The Goat, a film by Scott Jacobs and Lilly Ollinger. jc-01.22

RIP Eddie Z who "played and directed teams to more wins and tournament victories in the history of the sport, including several World Championships." jc-01.22

Amazing and beautiful surrealist/cubist tattoos and art from the collaborators Expanded Eye. tt-01.22

Everyone loves a train. Or more specifically, landscape photos involving trains. Bonus- Check out the exhibit of said work if you are in NY. Via Juxtapoz. tt-01.22

For BB, JC, and MJ, trailer for the documentary Red Army. ms-01.22

Cute Mt. Fuji envelope. dw-01.21

The Man On Five, images and artifacts from the city that is second to none. dw-01.21

Nice work by Alexander Rapp, who has made interactive graphics showing how various city transit maps have developed over time. Via the excellent Transit Maps Tumblr. jc-01.21

SD and I don't generally work on spec, but… bb-01.21

MS: Can we order 8 of these for the studio? Just $10,400.00. JC: No. MS: But there is science behind it. ms-01.21

An exhibition in the UK, Ladybird by Design. "Unparalleled in their perfectly observed attention to detail and unique sense of place, Ladybird's full-colour, full-page illustrations were often created by well-known illustrators." More, from Dan Wagstaff. jc-01.21

Peel, Pucker, Pinch, or Puncture? Fascinating video on disposable plastic coffee lids. More here. Via Things. jc-01.21

Wow, the Exploding Kittens card game just posted on Kickstarter and it's already creeping toward $1M. Here, take my money. dw-01.20

"I stopped counting after 100. Just say I've been to almost any country that has a port." 86-Year-old Lee Wachtstetter lives on a cruise ship. dw-01.20

Nerd alert. What happens when you type google.com into your browser's address box and press enter? So great, via Kottke. jc-01.20

Copiously illustrated post from DesignBoom on retrospective of 1960s Braun design, at Moda International in Paris. Beautiful. jc-01.20

The wonderfully weird music video for Baby Love by Petite Meller. dw-01.20

"It's like a party on every page." The new Canadian passport under a black light. dw-01.20

Nice illustrations by Marie-laure Cruschi. dw-01.20

If the world were to end, what gets kept on record and what goes? Great animated short from Bernardo Britto via Short of the Week. tt-01.20

Put on your tin hat. 10,000 cases from the Project Blue Book files have been declassified. "the official investigation by the United States military to determine what the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) phenomena was. It lasted from 1947 - 1969." Fun. jc-01.20

An illustrated interview with movie poster designer Nicolette Vilar. jc-01.20

Nice video of the creation of a huge mural wrapped around a new Apple store in Hangzou, China. Via 9to5Mac. jc-01.20

Parachuting Beavers. Like it says. jc-01.20

Too good to hold until Friday. Tom Chiarella's terrific feature on the Billy Goat's terrific bartender, Jeff Magill. jc-01.20

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space. The art of Jeremy Geddes. tt-01.20

David Bowie hairstyles. dw-01.19

Animal alphabet illustrations by Build. Via People of Print. dw-01.19

Classic cars on the big screen. jc-01.17

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