What's All This Then?

This site is edited by Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio in Chicago, as an ongoing experiment in web publishing, design and commerce. [Next]

What's All This Then?

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Sunday Edition

This is our studio site. Among lots of other things, we run Field Notes Brand,
go there right now and spend lots of money. Thanks.

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Near The Iowa Nebraska Border

It's not likely to make anyone's list of top viral videos but it does sort of catch the pace of place. Thanks a million to Jason, Kip and Jay of Dianogah for allowing us to use the track Andrew Jackson from their album "Qhnnnl." (iTunes Link)

We're Coudal Partners, a small creative studio in Chicago. We do lots of things besides making films.


Our County Fair Editions, one for each U.S.A. state, are available now in 3-packs, sets and by subscription.