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What's All This Then?

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Monday Edition

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A CP Contest
From Our Infrequent Mailings

Missed Connections

You: A reader of these mailings, sitting at your desk or in your cubicle or perhaps with your laptop in a bookstore or coffee shop. Me: A writer of these mailings, doing same. What: Write a "missed connections" entry about you and an inanimate object.

It could be about a book you should have read, a concert you missed or even a papaya you should have bought or a flight you shouldn't have been late for. Anything really, so long as it's creative.

The Winners

We asked people to mail in their entries. Thanks to everyone who did, we've chosen four of them to publish. Each selected entry gets $100 to spend in The Swap Meat and a few other items they may have, er, missed too.

Submitted by Jennifer Raison


You: Hanging out on Pine between 12th and 13th

Me: Desperately seeking

I checked you out; should have stopped. You were in the right place at the right time, but I drove on by and out of your life.

The next parking place was far less desirable: four blocks away in front of a 24-hour beer take-away joint.

I thought about you all evening.

Submitted by Cyrus Hooker

You: different-sized pupils, thin, white, duke-like.

Me: only 13 and clueless, at my first concert ever, there to see Duran Duran open for you. I had never heard of you and your first song left me confused and a little scared. I left. 20 years later I'm still kicking myself.

Submitted by Billy Pacholski

Ah, how we spent quality time together in college and just after. I remember the way we would Lounge around all day, you always tempting me to indulge in such a wide variety of sweet treats and salty snacks. Listening to music on repeat to really feel the words. How the cats would love up on us because, well, they were always happier when you were around too. Those were the days. Everything looked slightly like a 1970's polaroid - slightly out of focus, slightly hazy and very fun.

We'd go to the movies together, you and I; I remember this one time we saw American Psycho together, which was not a good idea because you seriously freaked me out when Christian Bale started hacking people to bits and we had to leave. However, you loved Almost Famous. Maybe we just loved Billy Crudup. Until he abandoned Mary Louise-Parker with unborn child, that is. Remember that time we made an entire circus out of pipe cleaners?

Eventually, I just go so busy with work and life; I couldn't keep up with your lackadaisical ways. You went off with the other crowd, and I lost touch. I don't even know where you're hanging out anymore, or if you're even still in Chicago. When I think about it, it makes me sad. Why was I so quick to let you go, Mary Jane?

I'd love to reconnect with you sometime in the near future. I have a bag of crunchy m&m's in my freezer and buffalo ranch doritos (with a jar of french onion dip) waiting just in case I run into you.

I won't make you watch American Psycho again, but have you seen "Mirrormask" yet? It rules. I think you'd really, really like it.

Submitted by Doug Cordes

It's time to come clean about my dirty little secret...I walk by you twice a day...you're always moving and shaking for someone else, but i need you-you seem to have a purifying spirit... I have a window into your soul, seeing through your galvanized exterior and exposing all your dirty laundry... you obviously struggle with other people's problems, but I can help you unload... not looking for anything long-term, maybe 20 - 30 mins. So if you want to see my unmentionables, let me know... I'll bring the quarters.

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