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Saturday Edition

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Who Shot What Where?

Let’s Do Lunch

A New Puzzler from Michele

Periodically we publish a logic puzzler. Our most popular one was Einstein's Fish which happened to coincide with the holidays. Lots of people wrote to say they worked the puzzle at their family parties. So, let's make it a tradition. Print out this page and give your relatives something new to argue about this year and you might even win a cool prize.

The Set Up

Four movie actors are in a cafe, sitting together at a square table, like the one shown here with the seats numbered. They are discussing their most recent projects while waiting for their salads. Each has just returned from a different location where he or she was shooting a different type of film, one of which is a costume drama.

From the information provided can you figure out where each person sat, his or her full name, the location he or she had just returned from, and the type of movie each had shot?

The Details

1. York (who isn't sitting in seat #1) shot a science fiction movie.
2. The person sitting in seat #2 didn't just return from Tokyo.
3. Julia is in seat #3.
4. Hannah (who isn't sitting in seat #4) is across from the person who just returned from Hawaii.
5. Marks is sitting to the left of the person who just returned from Spain.
6. Moon did not shoot an action thriller.
7. Glory and Robert are sitting next to each other; one of them is surnamed Smith and the other had just returned from Ireland.
8. Robert (who isn't Moon) shot a romantic comedy.

There are no tricks, pure logic will get you the correct answer. And yes, there is enough information to arrive at the only correct answer.

Prizes: Send your correct answer and/or complaints to and we'll randomly pick two people who get it right and if they are in the Chicago area we'll invite them to our regular Thursday lunch with 37signals, catered at our studios by Big Delicious Planet. If they're out of the area we'll send them an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza. Five other winners we'll receive a 3-Pack of Field Notes Memo Books. Good luck.

Note: We were tempted to include the phrase "show your work" with the rules for entry but then we figured that any dork who would Google a puzzle like this in order to win would have to live with self-loathing and guilt for the rest of their life and that would far outweigh the value of the prize package.

Note II: the deadline for entry is Friday, November 30th. We'll announce the winners after that and we'll post the answers first to our RSS feed, which gives you the freshest Fresh Signals all day long and includes updates on contests and other stuff on the site too. So you might wanna subscribe.

Note III: For people who like this sort of thing here are our previous puzzlers: Einstein's Fish, School of Government, Da Vinci's Other Code and Which Porn Star Ate the Most Hot Dogs? For a notice when we post the next puzzler and other stuff, add your email address under "Infrequent Mail" to the right.

Note IV: The photo of the table is not meant to suggest who anyone is or where they are sitting. It's just so you know how to identify the seats by number.

Note VII: It's time to roll out the red carpet and watch the winners saunter on down to the paparazzi's flashing light bulbs, fans screaming their names, free swag and eternal fame and fortune. Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but at least the free swag part is right.

Five runners up will get a free 3-pack of Field Notes Brand Memo Books and our two Grand Prize Winners will either get a Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza delivered to their door if they are out of the Chicago area or a lunch from Big Delicious Planet with us and the 37signals crew here at our studio if they are in the area and are so inclined. And in a last minute move to mollify the maddened, we will give the most frustrated puzzle player (as judged by the harshness of tone in emails received) a free Nick Campbell Comic Book Poster in the hopes that the sight of all those comic book covers will bring a smile to his/her face. All winners were chosen at random from the correct entries and the most frustrated was chosen from all entries.

So without further ado, the Five Runners up are: Shawn Campbell, Susie Talbert, Jesse Marass, Brian Norris, and Jill Hubley.

The Most Frustrated Puzzle Player is: Eric Mersmann, who did not "sound like a total d-bag" as he said.

Drum roll please.... The Grand Prize Winners are: Mike Hiscock in Connecticut Jaimie Vargas in Chicago.

Thanks to all who sent in answers and keep checking back as the next puzzle is on the horizon.

Here's the solution. No peeking if you haven't tried to solve the puzzler yet.

Visit our Cover Page for links to lots more puzzles, projects and films.

A Thing We Made:

We hated the options available for custom packaging DVDs and CDs so we created a brand that gives creative professionals and hobbyists the tools to make great stuff. Here's a bit from the latest Jewelboxing weblog entry:

Jewel Boxing

Something I Got from Europe

While I was in Europe visiting a friend, he gave me some Vimax pills to use when I hooked up with a local girl. I told him that I didn’t need to use any pills, but he assured me that I would not regret using them. He was right, and I had the best night of my life, and the woman I was with would certainly agree to that. When I got back home, I looked for the best place to buy Vimax in Australia, because I wanted to have the same experience that I did when I was in Europe.

I found out that I could purchase the pills online from an store that sells products of that nature. Continue reading

September 23, 2017 | Category: Blog

Birds of a Feather Design Together

Usually Jewelboxing operates on a one-on-one level, as in: we ship out the kits and the person or company who placed the order designs and assembles them. But now we learn that this isn’t always the way of things, as we found with photographer Ben Chrisman and Karen Dahlquist of HappyFish Design, who set up a whole system for Ben, making the whole Jewelboxing process a breeze for his work. First, here’s from Karen:

“I specialize in album design for professional photographers and occasionally I reserve time for my clients to work on projects in other areas, such as corporate identity building like logos, stationery, price lists and, in this case, a DVD package concept. Ben had already been impressed with Jewelboxing and had the boxes and templates already, but he needed some help getting everything designed and set up. I created a design that worked with his existing logo and a concept we’ve been working on in general for other collateral. My goal was to not only design something nice, but to design something that he could easily customize for each of his couples with clearly organized layered Photoshop files with everything labeled and locked accordingly. All Ben has to do is insert the photos, edit the text, change the color theme if he’d like, then just print, assemble and he’s done. The great thing is that it’s easy and every DVD will have its own unique look that matches the newlyweds’ personality and locale, all using just one template design. Ben is an extremely talented (and busy) photographer and I’m certain he’s assembling LOTS of these packages!! Good thing no knives are required!”

And here’s from Ben:

“I started using Jewelboxing because I needed an elegant presentation for the digital files each client receives after their wedding. And since I’m giving these files to all of my wedding couples, it was extremely important to be able to customize each package to fit the personality of each bride and groom. With HappyFish’s brilliant design (which I could have never thought of in a million years without a doubt), I’m able to drop photos into the templates and have everything printed and ready within minutes. Clients are always stunned at the result, almost to the point of being speechless, shocked that their faces are so artfully placed on a professional DVD cover. I couldn’t be happier with Jewelboxing and I think I can say the same thing for my clients as well.”

Let’s hope the HappyFish-esque collaborations are going as swimmingly in Berkley, Redmond, Los Angeles, Boston, Allen, London, Providence, Danville, Kenton, Kansas City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Stow, Davenport, Chantilly, Naperville, Anderson, Marina del Rey, New York, Ann Arbor, Kirkwall, Washington DC, Edinburgh, Emsworth, Kirtland Hills and Portland.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

A Long Hike for a Great Cause

Being located in Midwest, contemplating somewhere where there’s a changing elevation is something of a foreign concept to us. Fortunately, we have our customers to live vicariously through. Case in point, Michael Chevalier and the team at the Edmonton-based Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Instead of the usual cocktails and hors d’oeuvres fundraiser to help them pay for new equipment for the hospital, they decided to take a team to conquer the tallest mountain in Africa and get donors to sponsor the ascent. Here’s a bit about the project from Michael:

“This summer, our hospital foundation sent a team of 37 people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a new orthopedics centre. The team consisted of doctors, philanthropists, a few people with artificial hips and knees, as well as four Canadian soldiers (including a double amputee) who were injured while on active duty in Afghanistan. We raised over $1 million and produced a video with all of the footage that was shot on the expedition. It was a special project, so as soon as I was charged with producing the DVD, I knew we had to use Jewelboxing.”

A big thanks to Michael and everyone at the Foundation for sharing with us down here in the flatlands, and here’s to hoping that mountains, both real and metaphorical, are being scaled in New York, Summersville, Atlanta, Panama City, Chesterfiled, Alliance, Arlington, San Diego, Grand Rapids, Venice, North Augusta, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Union Town, Washington DC, Kerhonkson, Hialeah, Woodland Park, Langhorne, Orange, and Alameda.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

‘Tis the Season for Seasons Past

With the holiday season ramping up and snow soon to be on its way, we’ve been in that contemplative mood that comes with family get togethers, shorter days, and knowing that most of the next half-dozen months will be spent indoors. That said, it seems like the perfect season to finally start sorting through all those boxes of miscellaneous photos, letters, and mementos tucked away in the basement or various drawers.

It seemed somehow fortuitous that we ran across this post from 2005 over at Ask Metafilter about what people do with their collections of old memories. Bringing it full circle is that someone recommended taking the time to scan these important pieces of your life and sticking it all onto discs, then going that extra mile by nicely packaging it using Jewelboxing. We’d seen this general idea put to great use in previous posts like with Andrew Huff’s collection of his grandfather’s audio interviews, Sujay Thomas’ graduation discs, and Brendan Dawes’ birthday memories. But to do a personal collection of your miscellaneous stuff, all searchable and safely tucked away in ones and zeros, that sounds fantastic. And while all that sorting sounds like a lot of work, it’s the sort of thing that gets fun and interesting once you start doing it, taking it all in with eyes a little older and memories a touch fonder.

Here’s to hoping there are lots of new memories being made that are worth preserving in your neck of the woods, as well as in Baltimore, Grand Rapids, Durham, Philadelphia, Leander, Lowell, Los Angeles, Kenton, Napa, Atlanta, Houston, Cardiff, Lakewood, Titusville, Livermore, San Louis Obispo, New York, Bellevue, Grand Forks, and Raleigh.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

“Something of Substance”

When it comes to photography, Toronto-based Jessica Blaine is a jack of all trades, master of all. When not expertly and creatively shooting events and portraits, she runs an online shop where she sells prints she’s made from shots she’s taken with her Holga, operates a studio in one of the creative hearts of the city, and diligently chronicles her work and life on her blog. It would be enough just knowing that there’s cool people like Jessica out there doing great work, but we get the extra perk of being able to help her out of the packaging side, being as she’s long been a Jewelboxing user. She was very kind in dropping us a note about her work, as well as her experiences using our cases. Here’s from Jessica:

“I am a full-time photographer located in Toronto, Canada who has been shooting professionally for eight years. I photograph all things people, whether it be weddings, babies, families, corporate events or editorial for magazines. I love photographing people and cannot imagine doing anything else in my life. Nothing beats seeing the expression on my clients’ faces when they receive their images knowing that I captured all of the special little moments for them. As photographers we have an important job as we document all of the milestones in others’ lives.”

“One of my favourite vendors that I have worked with throughout my career is Jewelboxing. Often the only product that my clients receive from me is a disc with images and I wanted to make sure that when I give it to them that it is something of substance. I looked everywhere for the perfect product before I found Jewelboxing. I love the customization that I am able to do with every disc case that I print. I also love that as I photograph the same family over time they begin to have a collection of my matching discs on their shelf.”

Thanks a million to Jessica for being a customer and for sharing her story with us. And here’s to hoping there’s lots more great work going on in Vancouver, Bedford, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Roseville, Portland, New York, Oceanside, Alameda, Crownsville, Bethel, Appleton, Fayetteville, Kerhonkson, West Hollywood, Washington DC, Miami, South Pasadena, Bude, Kilkeel, Bryan, the Bronx, St. Paul, Toronto, and Grand Rapids.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

It’s All the Talk in Delray Beach

When Jewelboxing user, Jess Kadar, sent in what she’d recently put together using our cases, it made us feel all warm and happy inside. That’s not to say we’re not always tingling with delight when we see Jewelboxing put to good use, but this was fine design plus it was as sweet as all get out. Here’s the whole scoop, directly from Jess:

“I just have to say how much I love Jewelboxing and how well it’s been working out for me. I bought the jb kit to make DVDs of my wedding pics, which worked out nicely. But what *really* impressed people was when I used Jewelboxing to package my grandma Ethel’s 90th birthday video. (I had transferred 90 years of film and photos to DV and edited it into a tearjerking 20 minute film.) Now all the retirees in Delray Beach want to know where they can get a video like Ethel’s.

I know it’s not hard for a grandchild to impress her Jewish grandmother…but it IS hard to impress her friends who insist that their grandchildren are the best, smartest, most creative, etc. With Jewelboxing, it is indeed possible to silence them. I’d even say it’s the next best thing to being (or marrying) a Jewish doctor.”

We’re positive there are friends of grandmothers being impressed like crazy in Pittsburgh, Arlington Heights, Toronto, Cincinnati, Eugene, Los Angeles, Villa Ridge, Cresskill, Chester, Houston, Valencia, Pasadena, Mountain View, Napa, Westborough, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Providence, Portland, Monument, Mississauga, Rutland, Dunfermline, Minneapolis, and Bristol.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

A Walk Through Wedding Season

Over the years, we’ve highlighted a ton of great wedding projects people have used Jewelboxing for, either as a part of their big day or after the fact, like when a photographer or videographer delivers all their material in a well-designed package. So popular have our cases become within the industry, we even created a special sample case to send out to anyone curious about how Jewelboxing might work for their projects. And since the summer is upon us and now we find ourselves in the thick of wedding season, we thought we’d take a quick look around at some of the recent projects we’ve run across.

First up comes Edward Underwood, a photographer in the Washington D.C. area, who recently showed off some of the beautiful cases he’d put together for his clients, along with some words about the process:

“As all couples don’t readily want a hard copy of their wedding day memories, I figured there had to be an equally wonderful way to show those moments. These cases were created to allow individuals to produce a short-run of high-end packages and to give them the freedom to concentrate on the most important part of the job, the creative.”

Next we head south, to North Carolina, and check in with Heather Garland who also has started using Jewelboxing to package her clients’ photos and was kind enough to post a batch of great photos and a little something about her experiences:

“I have to say I am more than happy with them! My favorite part is they just send the templates and the cases and then I get to customize it for each bride & groom. I made this DVD to match the gorgeous blue tie of the groom and the blue sky at the beach. These DVD cases are the same size as a normal DVD case, but they have gorgeous rounded corners.”

Finally, we head even further south to Alabama to check in with Michael Andrew, a photographer who runs a terrific blog that’s largely about photography but also swerves off in a slew of other interesting directions as well. We ran across a post of his from last year, explaining his decision to start using Jewelboxing to hand out to his clients once he’d carefully processed all their photos:

“I’ve tried several things in presenting my digital negatives to my clients. Ive used regular CD trays, Art Leather folios and recently I was introduced to Jewelboxing. It’s taken some serious time to figure out how to design and make, but now that I have them the way I like, I am so glad I did. They come complete with my written copyright release on the inside of the tray, and the outside cover can be switched to three different outside pictures. [Jewelboxing cases] are also very durable and made of some type of smudge resistant material.”

Thanks to Michael, Heather, and Edward for their generosity in publicly extolling our virtues on their sites and here’s to hoping it’s finally feeling like summer in Boca Raton, New York City, Tulsa, Santa Monica, Cerritos, Middletown, Solana Beach, Idaho Springs, Denver, Dacula, Playa del Ray, Huntsville, Los Angeles, Franklin, Torrance, Lawndale, Hollywood, Encinitas, Little Rock, Martinsburg, Brewster, and Dallas.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Important News for the Home Brewer and the Thirsty: Our Disc Labels Find a Valuable New Use

So let’s say you’ve packaged up your project, but you find you have a few extra disc labels left over. Do you hold onto them for future discs? Sure, you could, and that’s maybe the most practical thing to do, but your other option is to follow Christopher Roeleveld, of the food blog Food Crypt, and turn those spare pieces into clever bottle covers for home brewed beer. Much more attractive than just a plain bottle or a piece of masking tape thrown on there, while also quicker than designing some sort of fancy stick-on, regulation-size wrap. We can’t guarantee the labels will stay on once condensation and/or refrigeration gets involved, but as Christopher has proved, they’re sure to stay on long enough for you to snap a quick photo.


A big thanks to Christopher for letting us share his photo and here’s to hoping there’s lots more creative re-purposing (and purposing, of course) going on in Long Island City, San Diego, Little Falls, San Jose, Coatesville, San Francisco, Broomfield, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Keller, Fall River, Palm Harbor, Austin, Hagerstown, New York, Venice, Keene, Van Nuys, Conroe, and Santa Monica.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Coming Soon: An Exciting New Pack and Ship Experience

For the past couple of years, we’ve been using the office next door to the studio as a storage space (an occasionally turning it into a photo/sound stage when there’s room). It was a fairly typical small office space, with gray laminate desks and walls separating the five or so large rooms. Presumably those had cubicles, big copy machine, water coolers and the like in them at one time (most everything but the smaller offices had been gutted before we moved in). It’s been a great space to have over the years, but as we’ve grown, all the boxes of Jewelboxing, Field Notes, etc. have spilled into our main space. What’s more, because they were separate areas, it was becoming more of a burden to go out our door, walk down the hall, unlock the other office’s door, grab what you needed, then reverse the process. There had to be a better way.

So over the past couple of months, we laid out a plan for how we could turn the space into an ideal pack and ship area. Liking what we’d come up with, we spent the first part of last week moving everything out and then construction began last Friday and into the weekend, with all those walls being torn down. It’s now being painted and the new flooring should be in next week. After that, we can’t wait to start putting the whole thing together, hopefully resulting in a much more efficient, much more pleasant to look at pack and ship space.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Picture Perfect

Bay Area-based Alison Yin is not just a spectacular photographer, but she’s also a stellar blogger. For the past two years, she’s been writing about her experiences shooting fine art, documentary subjects, engagements, weddings, and anything else she can point a camera at and make look lovely. And lovely the accompanying photos are, often making great use of the wide, expansive space provided by the wilds of California or incorporating the immediate surroundings in clever and interesting ways. As we’re an office filled with a handful of aspiring, amateur photographers, Alison takes the sort of photos we aspire to one day capture ourselves (she’s maddeningly good with an external flash, whereas we’re still getting the hang of it). All that praise now dished out, we were thrilled to find that she had recently posted some images of the Jewelboxing cases she designed for an engagement she’d photographed. Like the rest of her work, it’s terrific. And we’re very happy to have been involved in her process.

Thanks very much to Alison for letting us use the photo of her case and here’s to hoping that people and things are being as nicely lit and captured in Berryton, Sunland, New York, Hidalgo, Los Angeles, Holladay, Turlock, Sherman Oaks, Oceanside, West Monroe, Venice, Hollywood, Pittsburgh, Appleton, Hebron, Manor, Savannah, San Diego, Rochester, Bedford, Waco, Knoxville, Van Nuys, Portland, Saint Martinville, South Pasadena, Camas, Columbia, and Port Washington.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Now Available in Belarusian

Every now and again, you get an email that comes completely out of the blue. But when, in this random email, someone asks you, “I would like to translate your homepage into the Belarusian language, which is my mother tongue. Is it ok with you, do you mind?” as Martha Ruszkowski recently did, you of course answer, “Yes, please!” And so Martha, in an effort to practice her translating skills, has done just that, turning the main landing page of this very site into the very attractive, Cyrillic-filed Belarusian. While it’s not likely that any of us here will be able to read the translation, it was a great, unexpected treat. And hey, maybe it’ll mean a big uptick in business from Eastern Europe! Here’s the translated opening paragraph:

“Мы прафесійныя дызайнеры, якія былі незадаволены матэрыялаў для пакавання DVD-дыскаў і нашых кампакт-дыскаў. Мы стварылі Jewelboxing каб дазволіць тварам для атрымання кароткатэрміновай высокага класа пакеты і даць ім волю, каб засяродзіцца на найболей важнай часткай працы, творчы. Мы абралі Super Jewel Box ™ Кароль і Стандартныя выпадкі, створаных дадатковых кампанентаў найвысокай якасці і зрабіў дакладныя шаблоны дызайну для практычна ўсіх асноўных дызайну і праграм публікацыі праграмнага забеспячэння.”

A big thanks to Martha for sharing it with us and here’s to hoping the cases themselves are being used for interesting projects, in any language, in Raleigh, New Windsor, Los Angeles, Venice, San Diego, Erdenheim, Wakarusa, Woodbury, Fort Wayne, Louisville, Salt Lake City, Blaine, Mankato, St. Louis, Chesterfield, Scappoose, Seattle, Toluca Lake, Eden Prairie, Rogersville, Everett, Brownstown, and Culver City.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

The Power of a Good Valentine’s Mix Disc

A couple of years ago around this time, we checked in with one of our favorite semi-annual Valentine’s Day projects, Dan LaMee’s “Red Roses Mix.” Dan had been making them for a few years now, giving all the single women in his life very well-designed mix discs of all his favorite songs. Thinking he might have done it again for 2011, we just now took a look at his Flickr page, where he’d regularly been posting photos of his King cases. First thing we see: shots of pre- and post-wedding. So congrats all around to Dan and his lovely wife! We probably don’t deserve full credit, but we think his annual mix discs certainly must have upped his standing.

A big congrats once more to Dan and his wife and here’s to hoping Kings and Standards are being put to romantic use in the lovely places like Santa Monica, Jacksonville, Littlestown, Winter Park, Broomfield, New York, Bryan, Portland, Los Angeles, Rogersville, Anaheim, Beaverton, Boonville, Savannah, Venic, Pacific Palisades, Encino, Butler, Buena Park, Durham, and Weatherford.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Well Taught

Phillip Chee, whose work we’ve featured before on two occasions over the past couple of years, is back at it, impressing us again. Previously, he’d used Jewelboxing to make his own soundtrack album for a film that never saw one released and packaging collections of his photography. Now he’s apparently passing on his well-honed casing skills, as we see in his latest Flickr post of his daughter’s first design, a mix disc of her own, using our King cases. And judging from the song selection, listed on the back cover, it looks as though Phillip is also passing along a great taste in music.

A big thanks to Phillip and his daughter for posting their great work and here’s to hope the mix discs are looking and sounding just as great in Tuscaloosa, Imperial, Santa Monica, Spokane, Winter Park, Ft. Smith, Durango, South Pasadena, Downey, Kansas City, Bozeman, Farmington Hills, Flower Mound, Berkeley, London, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Littleton, Tacoma, Oakland, Oslo, and Honolulu.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

The Cutting Edge for Shear Beauty

While we’ve featured lots of great photographers’ projects here on the blog and at least a decade’s worth of hair and styling has been done within all the films and various shoots we’ve profiled over the years, never before have the two met directly. That is until we heard from Jon Horton, who recently put together a stellar series of photos for a professional stylist, packaged beautifully for his client using our Standard cases. Here’s from Jon:

“I’m a passionate web developer, designer and photographer with an eye for detail and a desire to help people. I’m currently freelancing in Raleigh, NC where I have the opportunity to work on a variety of creative projects. I absolutely love taking pictures, and I’m especially fond of candid shots, fashion photography and soft lighting.

“I was recently contacted to do a photo shoot to represent the hair and makeup work of a local stylist, Tara Gardiner. We went with a modern, edgy look, and the photos turned out fabulous. As with all my photo projects, I created a custom Jewelboxing case to deliver the final files. The client absolutely loved the packaging, and all of her friends were wondering how something that professional was printed on a home printer! Jewelboxing is the perfect complement to my business that makes every project a success.

“Delivering photos from a photo session is a must, but who likes a sharpie labeled disc? Insert Jewelboxing here. With every photo session, I am able to design a custom case and label to present photos to a client in a way they won’t forget. Jewelboxing is amazing, and using their products has made it so much simpler to create visually stunning packaging that impresses my clients. Thanks Jewelboxing and lots of love for creating such an incredible product!

Big thanks to Jon for talking with us and here’s to hoping clients, both the nicely styled and the slightly unkempt, are being impressed in Des Plaines, Chicago, Northbrook, Candler, Glendale, Columbus, Santa Clara, Olathe, Culver City, Louisville, Spokane, Lindsay, Toronto, Ottawa, Charlottetown, Calgary, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sarasota, Livonia, Charlotte, Ortonville, and Allen.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Behind the Scenes Look at Shooting a Pixma Spot

A cool behind the scenes look at the filming of a series of spotsfor Canon’s line of Pixma printers. Relevant to Jewelboxing because we chose the Pixma iP4600 to include in our completely-complete Studio kits, after it had been reviewed as the highest rated inkjet for its amazing coverage and fidelity. If you’re in the market for a new printer, it comes highly recommended. But of course you can use any brand of printer for great results when printing on one of our kits (we custom mill the paper to make sure of it). Here’s the cool making-of:

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Every Story Has a Case

A nice surprise to run across this post earlier today. Designer, filmmaker and the force behind the always terrific CreativeXpert podcast, Alan Houser, was kind enough to put together this entry on his blog, extolling the virtues of Jewelboxing. In the post, he shows off his work in a project he recently put together for a client (“While I don’t normally ‘do weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs'”, he writes, “I do on occasion produce photo DVDs for family, friends, and a few clients.”)

Along with a great selection of photos, showing all the pieces he created to put into an assembled King case, he throws in some behind-the-scenes comments along the way. In one section, you’ll see that he uses that great trick of lining the disc up with the inside tray image (Bryan here at Jewelboxing HQ made this great tutorial showing how you do just that). He also mentions that having a “stomper” to get the labels to fit onto the discs just-so isn’t included in a standard Jewelboxing kit. While that’s true, you can always add one into your shopping cart at checkout (we refer to it by its more technical name, the “Disc Label Applicator”).

A million thanks to Alan for singing our praises and we’re thrilled to see that his project worked out so well. Here’s to hoping there are more thrills, thanks, and happy clients in Allston, Sterling Heights, Myerstown, Dallas, Paia, Manati, Fujimino-shi, London, Parkersburg, North Vancouver, Bountiful, Norman, Port Richey, Savannah, Los Angeles, Fredericksburg, Stockton, San Marcos, Landover, Boise, Leesburg, Fairfield, Powell, Toronto, Fall River, Paris, Chicago, Lake Zurich and St. Louis.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Jewelboxing Up Close in Sonoma/Napa

If you’re a photographer in the inland-northern California area next week, we just ran across news of the Sonoma/Napa Pictage User Group meeting on Monday the 9th. What caught our attention is that the group’s leader, the talented photographer Megan Clouse, will be hosting a Show and Tell of the items she uses in her business, “Jewelboxing CD Cases” included. Here’s an interview with Megan about the group and its get togethers, and here are the details of the meeting (just make sure to RSVP first):

Monday, August 9th
Jeremiah’s Photo Corner
441 Sebastopol Avenue (@ South A St)
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
4:30pm Mingle
5:00pm Show & Tell
6:00pm Questions and Goodbyes

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

A Sunny Ray in Raleigh

I’ve never been to Raleigh, North Carolina, but if it’s filled with talented and friendly people like Nancy Ray, maybe it’s high time for a visit. Nancy’s a photographer in the city, shooting weddings and portraits (and working out of her brand new home studio), and has been using our cases to package her photos for her clients. She took a few moments out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her work and why she uses Jewelboxing:

“I am Nancy Ray, a photographer based out of the lovely city of Raleigh, NC. I love all things vintage, timeless, classy and whimsical, and I want to reflect that in my photography. My photographs are based on the belief that they are to be beautiful art, as well as something you can look at in 50 years and fall madly in love with all over again.”

“The beauty of Jewelboxing is the freedom it gives you. I create DVD cases that ‘wow’ my clients, with beautiful images, design and text that fits my branding. They are, to repeat my loves: vintage, timeless, classy and whimsical, because I design them to be that way. My favorite part about Jewelboxing is how professional and sturdy they are, with neither form nor function sacrificed! It is the perfect combination and I get so many compliments on the cases alone. A big internet hug to Jewelboxing for what they’ve added to my business! I’d recommend them any day.”

A big internet hug right back to Nancy, with many more to follow for those who just ordered in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Canton, Brooklyn, Lecanto, Portland, Plano, Raleigh, Courtenay, Port Charlotte, Westfield, Westbury, Smyrna, Sault Sainte Marie, Sacramento, Jersey City, San Francisco, Suwanee, Huntersville, Atlanta, Boulder, San Leandra, Wilmington, Seattle, Baton Rouge, New York, and Union Town.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Well-Crafted Accompaniment

Alex Gould, who we profiled for Case Study 11 about his documentary An Interview with James Jarvis has put together what looks like another great film and another terrific case design. The Organist tells the story of cinema organist Dave Nicholas, who has played along with motion pictures at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Cinema for twenty years, as well as church services for an additional ten years. Here’s the trailer for the film:

And here’s a look at Alex’s packaging for it, beautifully put together using our King cases:


There are lots more shots of the case here on his site.

Thanks a million to Alex for all his fantastic work and here’s hoping similarly attractive packages are being assembled right now in Santa Rosa, Lethbridge, the Bronx, Toronto, East Dulwich, Orlando, Portland, Chelsea, Edina, Laval, Glace Bay, Dundas, Burnaby, Regina, Plano, Bloomfield, Logan, Notre Dame, Salt Lake City, Libertyville, Orem, and Cottonwood Heights.

A Can’t Miss Multi-Level Packaging Opportunity

Because we think it’s every person’s destiny to own just as many boats, cars, and tropical isle dream homes as we do, we’ve been thinking here at Jewelboxing HQ about how we can help you maximize your potential and create just enough synergy to explode your current revenue dynamics and live your dreams by earning as much as $70,000 per month with only an hour of work per week, tops. We’re still not entirely finished with this exciting profitability opportunity, so in the interim (and while you save the $299 we’ll be asking for as an initial startup fee), we thought we’d share a note from filmmaker Byword Smith about how he’s putting our King cases to great use with his latest project:

“I’m a stand-up comedian and filmmaker out of Washington, DC. I just produced a comedy short called Hopes and Schemes, which is about a man who gets caught up in a unique “business” opportunity that he hopes will help him reach his dream, but ends up taking him further away.”

Hopes and Schemeswas a two year process for me. Working in multiple areas of the digital film production process was mandatory if I wanted to articulate the vision I had for the story, and also make a great product along the way. I found out about Jewelboxing years ago through a friend and knew that if I ever created a dvd, I’d consider those cases.”

“The reason I chose Jewelboxing over other DVD cases was because I want to stand out as a filmmaker and make a memorable first impression to people when they get my film. I want people to say to themselves, “I want this!” I’ve already received many compliments on the cases. What I also love about Jewelboxing is the all-in-one setup that’s provided; between the templates and the perforated paper, my house is a one-stop shop for DVD creation!”

Thanks a million to Byword for dropping us a line (here’s the Hopes and Schemes trailer) and here’s to hoping hard work is being one-stop shopped in Edmonton, Glendale, Toronto, St. Catharines, Clovis, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Goleta, Tucson, Santa Rosa, Benbrook, Meriden, Brooklyn, Spokane, Mission Viejo, Janesville, Portland, Huntington Beach, Odessa, Quebec City, Vestal, Honolulu, Phillipsburg, Lomond, Welland, and Panama City.

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Given that we make a product that’s at its best when great images are used, it’s fair to say that we’re suckers for well-made photos. All the better when the photographers themselves are great to talk to, like Brenda and Brian Brooks who run Bb & Co. Photography. Taking a few minutes away from their busy schedule shooting portraits and weddings, freelance designing and art directing, and trying to keep up with their two kids, they talked to us a little about themselves and their work:

“Bb&Co.; is a husband and wife photography duo based out of the amazing, and very picturesque, Hood River, Oregon. We love to capture people in their element — the fun, the quirky, the emotional; all of it so beautiful. And you know what? We have so much fun doing what we do. We consider ourselves pretty dern lucky (and blessed).”

“The beauty of our images is magnified by the presentation. We want our clients to be over the moon about Bb&Co; Photography and Jewelboxing is a major contributor to that end. Every wedding and portrait session we photograph receives a copy of their original images on disc. Usually, people tend to expect just to get a CD-R, with their names written in Sharpie, shoved in a paper sleeve. Jewelboxing allows us to give them something extra that makes both us and them look good.”

“It’s always great to receive a gift, but when that gift is wrapped up in a nice little package, it just makes it all the better. Jewelboxing is our nice little package.”

Thanks a million to Brenda and Brian and here’s to hoping there’s some nice little packages being wrapped up in Gordonsville, Rouen, Allston, Wilton, Helensburgh, Manchester, Amherst, Whistler, Akron, Ashland, Calgary, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Hidalgo, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Glendale, Philadelphia, Scottsdale and Roswell.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Breaking the Chains of Unreleased Soundtracks

Used to be that you were at the mercy of studios, distributors, and big retailers. But now with things like iTunes, inexpensive media, and ahem, Jewelboxing, if you want something that isn’t available or doesn’t exist, there’s no reason not to just make it yourself. We saw that back in June of last year when Raymond Forbes decided he wanted to make his perfect David Cronenberg box set. Now we see it again with Phillip Chee, who wanted the soundtrack for the film One Week, but it had never come out. So he just wrote down the tracks listed in the credits, download the songs (and “added a second set of tracks from the artists on the play list to fill up the disc”) and there you go, instant album. And definitely much more attractive than something you would have bought at the store.

Thanks to Phillip for sharing the photos of his great creation on Flickr (if his name sounds familiar, we’ve also featured him on our blog before) and here’s to all those taking charge of their soundtrack and box set needs in San Francisco, Palm Harbor, Perth, Venice, Villenuve D’Ascq, Biscarrosse, Bilbao, Preston, Southampton, Ashford, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Vail, New York, Singapore, Ben Lomond, Ozone Park, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, and Lewisville.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Amy here at Jewelboxing HQ alerted us to an important anniversary we might have otherwise missed: it’s the 50th anniversary of bubble wrap. You can read the whole AP story here about the pair of New York inventors, Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding, who developed this wonderfully protective instrument by accident, while they were trying to create a new type of textured wallpaper.

On a personal note, we don’t know where we’d be without the stuff. We go through rolls and rolls of it packaging Jewelboxing and all our other miscellaneous products. It seems like the UPS guy is here dropping more off nearly every week, each roll round and awkwardly shaped making it hard to lug up the stairs, yet surprising light, which sort of makes up for it. We also use a ton of bubble wrap-inspired products, from the Square Spongy Pad Thingamabobs we include in our Studio kits to help separate cases (we’re sure these have a real name, but we’d prefer to continue along with this given title) to our now-famous Bags of Air machine, which does just exactly as it sounds and its output helps keep every Jewelboxing order safe in transit when it goes from here to you.

So a big thanks and a happy birthday to bubble wrap and here’s to hoping everything is safe and snug in Largs, Los Angeles, Conroe, Rochester Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Tokyo, New York, Salt Lake City, Addis, Austin, Sandy, Chappaqua, Toronto, Basingstoke, Lincoln, and Hale.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

All Lined Up

From time to time, we get a call or an email from a Jewelboxing user asking how to make an image line up across the cover, the tray and spine, and the discs, making it look like there’s one solid image across all the case’s parts. It’s a cool look and one that’s been popular since we launched the system. But if you’re just a casual user of design software, it can be a little trickier to pull off than it would be for a seasoned pro. Fortunately, if you’re interested in trying it out, Bryan has put together the following video tutorial to guide your way through the process:
(if you’re having trouble seeing sections of the video, we recommend clicking on the “Full Screen” icon — that should help)

As always, if you have any other questions about this or anything else, or happen to get stuck somewhere along the way, feel free to drop us a line.

A big thanks to Bryan for all his how-to expertise and here’s to hoping that images are going uninterrupted in Conroe, Cape Town, Liverpool, Seattle, Austin, Belfast, Heverlee, San Francisco, Toongabbie, Atlanta, Strum, Telford, Edina, Wyong, El Vendrell, Suwanee, London, Berlin, Bushey, and Pittsburgh.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

The Holiday Hunt for ‘How Thoughtful!’

Around this time of year, we think it’s helpful to remind you that Jewelboxing isn’t all just serious business, used to win clients’ attention and affection. You can also use the system to make great holiday gifts, moving people like your mother from “It’s special because you made it” to “Wow! You made this?!”

There are lots of ideas in our archives. Taken from just this year alone, you could do something like Phillip Chee and create mix discs for all those on your list. Or gather up all the films of someone’s favorite director and put together the perfect box set, like designer Raymond Forbes did. Give that teenage designer to put their portfolio in so they can get into any college of their choosing (it worked for Mason Sklar). Or create the world’s finest photography set by combining a disc full of snaps and a multi-page accompanying booklet, using our handy tutorial. Finally, for more season-specific reference, here’s the holiday-ideas recap we put together last year.

Whatever you wind up making, if you use Jewelboxing, thanks for letting us play a part in making the holidays bright for you and yours, and impressing the heck out of your mom along the way.

A special nod to all those in Livonia, Los Altos, North Vancouver, Portland, Irvine, Sao Paulo, Lehi, San Juan, Wilton, Olympia, Allston, Nelson, New York, Rivonia, Seattle, Austin, Saint Martinville, Los Angeles, Plano, and Hoboken.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Taking a Shot

As a company that has regularly decided to just try and see if we can make a go of something (heck, it’s why Jewelboxing exists), we really appreciate people who do the same. People like Utah-based Opie Janzer, who went to school for photography, but didn’t really get into the nuts and bolts of it until she decided to throw herself into it and see if she could make it her profession. Fortunately for the great state of Utah, her plan worked. Here’s from Opie:

“I decided to become a wedding photographer shortly after my own wedding in October 2006. I was obsessed with all the wedding photos I saw online and in bridal magazines. I would collect “must take” photos in a folder and visualized each shot in my head. I just had to get a camera and start creating my own images. I purchased my first camera in March 2007 and committed to shooting my first wedding before I even owned the camera, so I began shooting professionally almost immediately, with very little time to learn the basics. But since then, my photography style has developed into something that’s fresh, colorful, and fun. I like to bring my clients personality to each photograph as well as my own.”

“I love using Jewelboxing because when I give the DVD of wedding pictures to my clients, they always gasp in excitement. They run their hands all over the case and are eager to open it up to see what’s inside. The cases are the perfect match for my photography and the quality I want to deliver to each client.”

“On the front and back, I like to highlight one large photo for each and a large horizontal photo on the inside jacket. I keep the print release separate, printing it on it’s own piece of paper. And I don’t slap my logo all over the place (in fact, I don’t even put it on the DVDs). I feel like the photos should stand on their own and my clients are purchasing a custom piece of art that should not be bogged down with my name all over the place. All my DVDs are clean, colorful, and sexy.”

Thanks to Opie for sharing with us, and here’s to hoping all forms of case-able media are coming out clean, colorful and sexy in Portland, New York, Chicago, Quezon, Murrysville, Brooklyn, Livonia, O’Fallon, Ulster, Merriam, Benbrook, Columbus, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento, Fort Myer, Tucson, San Juan, Santa Monica, Irvine, and Edmonton.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

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