What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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You Read That Somewhere

Your Field-Tested Books

Introduction by Steve Delahoyde

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the limited-edition poster by Spike Press,
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Although we've assembled a pretty substantial collection of Field-Tested reviews from writers all over the world, we realize that we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the number of stories out there. So in the interest of collecting as much Field Testing data as we possibly can, we've opened up an invitation to all of our readers to write about their own experiences of when a certain book influenced a certain place, or vise versa. Use the three years' worth of reviews we've posted as a guide, read over the great reader entries we've received thus far, and then consider sending us one of your own. Once you've put something together, with your 300-500 word piece. We'll select some for publication and send those authors a copy of the Field-Tested Books Book.