What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

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The Playful World
by Mark Pesce

Field-Tested by Carole Guevin

in Sydney, Australia

A sporadic diet of by-the-sea vacations in destinations like Sydney is… the ultimate… a horizon bared of urban artifacts, sky hugging with infinite mass of turquoise waters. The intoxicating salty, humid air, waves crashing, sand between my toes, and walking the beach looking for treasures for miles on end…

Having always had a very fertile imagination, through books I have traveled far, both in time and place, visiting eras, some long gone. Be it gripping stories, fictions, biographies, science, design, or intellectual cathedrals, reading is the best activity of all.

One of my present enjoyments is this introduction to how technology is transforming our imagination, which reads like fiction. The anecdotal quality, the depth of the research, and the innovative ideas presented make for a pure delight with just the right amount of intellectual challenge. Like every good book, it induces a thirst to learn more about some of the topics presented.

Since it actually links together a lot of disparate knowledge I had about artificial intelligence, smart toys, interactive activities engaging how we learn, it also hints toward what the future will be about. Playful!

Carole Guevin is a communication designer, new media pioneer, theorist, creativity coach, philosopher, and the Chief Imagineer at Pixeltable in Montreal.

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