What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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An Evening With The Field Testers

FTB Live

After years of heading out to all those many bookstores and bars to see our writer friends on their whirlwind book tours, we realized that, after publishing the Field-Tested Books Book, we could do that too. So we've planned two big readings, one here in Chicago on July 22nd at the impossibly cool Fulton Lounge, and the other in New York City on the 28th among the palm trees and the summer breeze on the rooftop of The Delancey.

We'll have a whole slew of Field-Tested contributors out to read their entries, including a few phoning in from all over the world, but the real focus will be just to get out, have some drinks, and celebrate all of this Field Testing over the years.

The events are free, of course, so you won't need a ticket or your name on a list to get in (though you will have to buy your own drinks).

Just so we can get a rough head count of how many people will be attending, drop Michele (michele at coudal dot com) a line and let her know you'll be there and how many people you're planning to bring along.

Field Tested Books

All the reviews from The Field-Tested Books 2008 Edition are online and so are previous editions and submissions from readers too. Plus they're available in a handsome trade paperback too.

New York City

Our readings in NYC took place on Monday, July 28 on the rooftop of The Delancey on the Lower East Side. Readers included Michael Bierut, Randy Cohen, Steven Heller, Jason Santa Maria, Jeffrey Zeldman, Ben Greenman and John Gruber. Next time we'll book a much bigger room. Thanks to everyone.


Our Chicago event at The Fulton Lounge on July 22 was a big success. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially our readers, James Finn Garner, Lori Andrews, Kevin Guilfoile, Nathan Rabin, Jonathan Messinger, Claire Zulkey, Wendy McClure and Andrew Huff. Photos from the event can be found here.