What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Thursday Edition

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A CP Photo Contest

Fore + Back

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. We received hundreds of entries and through a long and moderately scientific process shortlisted nine of them. Here is the winner from Chicago, the runners up from Prague and Dublin, and the other finalists.

The Winners

Grand Prize: Nick Campbell's Photo Booth #2. (above)
Runner-Up: Ondrej Rytir's Labour Day.
Runner-Up: Eric Savoie's In For the Kill.

Finalists: Rick Alfaro, Radu Comsa, Sean Hottois,
Alex Lenart, William Martin, Matt Niemi

the Brief

Take a picture in which something in the foreground is related to something in the background. Simple enough. Perhaps the two things together create some sort of story or joke or dramatic tension. Maybe a traffic sign that says "merge" is in the foreground with a couple kissing in the background or perhaps something else entirely. The contest is wide-open for your interpretation.

Assuming we get some cool entries, we plan on featuring them here and on our cover page, so horizontal images are much preferred to vertical ones. We'll choose one image and send that photographer a completely complete Jewelboxing Studio system (a $764 value) and two runners up will each get a 30pack of Standards. The deadline for entry is Thursday, May 3rd. Use the 'contact' link below and send us your photo or a link to it with the phrase "Fore & Back" in the subject line. Get shooting.

Note: Results from the "Kern-a-Thon" participatory feature (a CP/Veer joint) from the April Infrequent Mailing will be announced in the May mailing and subsequently posted to the site.

infrequent mail

People signed up for our Infrequent Mailings had a couple weeks head start on this contest and frequently take part in subscriber-only contests too. The mailings come about once a month and include stuff that doesn't easily fit on our site and they always contain an offer or a giveaway on one of our products. Just enter your email address here to subscribe. We won't ever abuse the privilege. Period.