What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Monday Edition

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Jose Luis

This week we feature the work of Jose Luis of EXP. Jose is a 27-year-old graphic designer and photographer who lives with his wife and two cats on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

"I began taking pictures regularly a couple of years ago as a kind of therapy. At the time I was doing freelance graphic design in my home studio and was spending day after day alone. At some point I realized I really missed being around people. Growing up in Mexico City in a big family I was used to being around a lot of people. Working alone was isolating and lonely.'

"At first, I turned on the TV to fill the void. It provided background noise, instant companionship and chatter. TV had become my surrogate family. But pretty soon I found myself obsessing about what they were doing, where they were going, what they were saying. Being bombarded with highly stylized images for 10 hours a day had an effect on me and I found myself idealizing the outside world."

"That's when I decided to venture outside and try to replicate this aesthetic I had been force fed through my television set."

"There is no central theme for my work. It is simply the documentation of my world. I think that in order to make interesting images you need to put yourself in interesting places or meet interesting people. Capturing images for me is a reason to go out and experience. Good therapy."

During a string of Fridays we featured a single work from a photographer, with a link to his or her online portfolio and a few words.