What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Friday Edition

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a weekend contest Crash Ballet 2

We provided a link to an educational film from the 70's called "Joyride: An Auto Accident" and asked people to take it apart and edit it however they saw fit. We received dozens of entries and thank everyone who participated.

The judges were JC, SE, BB, MS, DW, SD and Ryan from 37signals. Screening the entries took place over at JC's computer, with the judges assigning a score to each film, one through five, best to worst. SE tallied the total amounts for each.

It was a close race in the final stretch, but the numbers favored our winner, Ronn Kilby and our two runners up, Sarah Connor and Kieran Clayton. We're hosting all three of them, as well as linking our five honorable mentions (because many of these files are pretty big, it might mean slow downloads and hit-or-miss availability).

Ronn wins a Jewelboxing 100pack, Kieran and Sarah win limited-edition posters from Jay Ryan, and everyone who entered gets a nice little something for their participation. That'll teach you to sit on your hands next time we do a quick contest.

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Ronn Kilby

Runners Up

Kieran Clayton
Sarah Conner
Danger Mouse and Jemini's Ghetto Pop Life


Our Original Edit
Guided by Voices' Unmarketed Product

Honorable Mention

Chris Vivion
Scott Lunt
Dennis Mahoney
Joshua Allen
Chuck Olson


Crash Ballet #1
Crash Ballet #3

other films at CP

How to BBQ a Man

238 Miles of Abba

Slowtron's Western State, a series of artist profiles.
1. Andy Mueller
2. Cory McAbee
3. Geoff McFetridge
4. Jason Gnewikow

Scott Smith's Ten, in which a man breaks all ten commandments before breakfast.

6 Colors, 1800 Pulls and 2 Dogs. AV's mini-doc on the craft of screen-printing, shot at the shop of Chicago's Bird Machine.