What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Tuesday Edition

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So, You Always
Wanted to Be a Bigshot
Hollywood Producer?

As with most of our goofy ideas, this one has turned into a big project that's eating up a lot of time. And that's just how we like it. The generous and open-minded team at Veer have underwritten some of the production and now we have this other idea to somehow justify spending so much energy on this. You can be an Executive Producer of our short feature film, Copy Goes Here. Check out our first trailer for the film. Just to be above-the-board, if no one signs up for this we're going to go forward anyhow but what the hell, it might work and give us the opportunity to do more of these sorts of things or, at the very least, create some cool stuff and come close to breaking even on the out-of-pocket costs and hours.

Here is what you get

One of only 100 custom-packaged, signed and numbered "Producer Edition" DVDs containing Copy Goes Here, Scott Smith's Ten and Slowtron's How To BBQ a Man plus lots of special features and bonus footage. Each of these Producer Editions will be hand-assembled and manufactured. The booklet and inserts will be done on a classic letterpress and each will be individually numbered and signed and will include a booklet filled with relevant and not-so-relevant background information. All of it will be packaged in a Jewelboxing King with stickers, a tasteful car window-cling for your LA-style white convertible BMW and all of it is enclosed in a protective dust jacket.

The Copy Goes Here tee, in a fashionable pea-green color with the CGH lockup on the front and a tiny tasteful "crois" on the back at the nape of the neck. Available in small, medium, large and XL.

Two invitations to the sort-of-swanky World Premiere Party to be held in Chicago this fall. It won't be exactly like the Oscars at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion but more like an excuse to get together and drink huge tankards of beer and watch tv as a group. If you can't make it to Chicago we will honor you at the party in your absensce.

Your name in the credits of CGH as "Executive Producer" and a listing on the site with a link back to your site or blog.

Exclusive access to all of our elements and materials during post-production. Out-takes, rough cuts, scripts, mixes, etc. You'll even have the right to give us your opinion on how things are progressing. And since you're an Executive Producer, we have to listen, and then curse about you later at the bar. Damn suits.

This is from the it-will-never-happen-but-is-sort-of-funny-to-think-about-department. If, on the off chance that Copy Goes Here wins an Academy Award or some other mediocre prize, we will randomly choose two of our "Executive Producers" to accept that award, provided they agree to include us in their prepared remarks.

A bargain at almost any price, all of this and our undying gratitude can be yours for just $199.99. Sign up today.

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