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What's All This Then?

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Copy Goes Here DVD and Tee

Watch & Wear

Our first DVD release, these discs include both a widescreen and a letterbox version of Copy Goes Here. In addition there are three other films included in hi-res NTSC video. Slowtron's How to BBQ a Man, which won at Slamdance last year, is an idiosyncratic recipe for a backyard party complete with bocce ball and beer-bongs. Scott Smith's stylish Ten has been invited to dozens of festivals and instructed thousands of people on how to break all ten commandments before breakfast. Plus, there's a bonus feature, our Steve Delahoyde's 238 Miles, in which he submits himself to an inhuman but funny punishment. It's all put together in a clean Jewelboxing package. Hosting a movie night in your home theater? Screen these before the feature presentation for some laughs and help support our goofy independent projects in the process.

What Goes Where?

We've always liked how the movie's title looks on the front of a tee. Our supplier called us twice to make sure that's what we really wanted it to say before he started screen-printing on these super nice and soft 'Beefy Silver' dusty-green shirts. There's a small CP 'croix' logo on the back at the nape of the neck and the Copy Goes Here lock-up is on the front.

Buy the DVD

Copy Goes Here, a film by Coudal Partners on DVD. $19.

Buy the Tee

Copy Goes Here adult tee. $15.

Buy Both DVDs

Copy Goes Here and Laboratory Conditions. $28. Save $10

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