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Toy Piano Music

SM0011 ID SM0011 (photo)
Arrived 3.21.07, PM (USPS)
From Mike Langlie, Lowell, MA
Description Series of compact discs, booklets, pin
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Swapped for SM0021
Status Swapped

Mike collects toy pianos and (with the help of other musician friends) has released several albums as Twink "The Toy Piano Band." As the parents of several youngsters between us, listening to five albums' worth of toy instruments seemed daunting. Not to worry: in Mike's hands, out-of-tune playthings come together in a wide variety of styles, ranging from the clinky clatter you'd expect all the way to layered techno instrumentals and mashups of vintage kids' records. Twink's site features nine songs to give you the idea of his range, plus a Devo cover(!). Some might argue that ten songs is all the Twink you'd ever need, but one of these discs might "fall off the truck" and end up in our collection, maybe it'll inspire our kids to practice more. Did we mention that the artwork is as superb and varied as the music?

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