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So you know. A design guide for the flags of the United States, by Lynn Fisher. Fab. jc-08.14.19

I don't have time for his right now, but when I do I am diving in deep. The Public Domain Review While looking for something else I stumbled on this 12th Century Cosmography Manuscript. jc-07.01.19

To Mars, without leaving Houston. jc-06.04.19

Nice set of new Questions and Answers from The Chicago Manual of Style. jc-02.05.19

So you know. What's with the "H" in "Jesus H. Christ?" jc-02.05.19

Word nerd alert. "A half-century ago, the new American Heritage Dictionary distinguished itself by assembling a 'usage panel' of expert language users. Now that the panel has been shuttered." David Skinner recounts the dictionary's evolution. jc-12.12.18

So you know, what Mars sounds like. jc-12.11.18

52 things Tom Whitwell learned in 2018. jc-12.07.18

So you know, why pencils are yellow. Via Kottke. jc-11.01.18

So you know, Graveyards of The Contiguous USA. Via TMN. jc-10.29.18

Fold N Fly. Like it says. jc-10.18.18

So you know. A Brief History of the Ouija Board, by Erin McCarthy. jc-10.17.18

"This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline." dw-10.09.18

"The man who publishes a book without an index ought to be damned 10 miles beyond hell, where the Devil himself cannot get for stinging nettles." Index: A Brief History, by John Boardley. Highly recommended. jc-08.28.18

LogoArchive, a study of form language in logo design. dw-07.13.18

Two antique books featuring illustrations of samurai iconography: banners, (c1850s), and Jinbaori surcoats (1921). (via Present & Correct and Jen.) bb-07.11.18

Transit Standards is a collection of resources on brand architecture, customer experience, and design standards in public transportation. dw-05.29.18

"This work is intended for those who take delight in plants, but have not the advantage of a gardener who understands them." Fifty Plates of Green-House Plants from 1807. dw-04.20.18

Pantone's 8.5" x 11" TPG sheets. dw-04.19.18

"Before there was the Pantone Matching System, there was Werner's Nomenclature of Colours: Adapted to Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Anatomy, and the Arts." jc-03.22.18

So you know, A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 1788. jc-02.07.18

The Illustrated Catalogue of Period Ornaments Cast in Composition and Wood Fibre for Woodwork-Furniture features samples of wood carvings offered by the Decorators Supply Company of Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. dw-02.05.18

Set aside the rest of your morning to be consumed by digging through Pamela Bannos' research on all of the thousands of bodies likely still buried underneath Chicago: Hidden Truths: The Chicago City Cemetery and Lincoln Park. sd-02.01.18

So you know, how a TV works, in slow motion. jc-01.23.18

So you know, how to speak gibberish. jc-01.18.18

"Synchronizing relative time across cities might have inspired Einstein's thought experiments, but it was a poor way to run a railroad." Whet Moser on How Chicago Gave America Its Time Zones. jc-01.04.18

Also, how to make the perfect snowball. ms-01.02.18

In my search for knowledge in 2018, I now know how to wash my hair in space. ms-01.02.18

Just in time for New Year's Eve, everything you need to know to saber a Champagne. ms-12.28.17

The art of ornamental orange peeling. dw-12.21.17

Color Theory, 1929, via Isn't jc-09.22.17

Media Archaeology Lab. dw-09.12.17

Design Resources. dw-07.24.17

So you know, how to defend yourself, as demonstrated by Stevie Nicks. jc-05.08.17

I performed quite poorly in this, in need of a brush up. Chicago Style Workout 14: Editing Tables. jc-04.26.17

So you know, why you shouldn't walk on escalators. jc-04.05.17

So you know, how cassette tapes are made. Thanks Marshall. jc-04.03.17

So you know, how to tie a Monkey's Fist knot without a marble or ball-bearing. jc-03.29.17

So you know, Vicemo shows you who's buying drugs, booze, and sex on Venmo. dw-03.17.17

So you know. HTML Reference, a smartly designed and organized compilation of all elements and attributes. Bookmarked. jc-02.15.17

"Instagram (n.): A persistent reminder that people you know can afford more expensive restaurants and better vacations than you." The Verge has updated Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary. jc-01.17.17

History of Recorded Sound by David Miles Huber. Great resource. jc-01.17.17

Ofisuredii and feyskontrol. Foreign Words that Seem Like English, but Aren't, by Matthew Anderson. jc-12.21.16

"...which led me to the number of bachelor's degrees conferred by field of study, going back to 1970. I ranked them over time." —Nathan Yau. jc-12.08.16

So you know, Harvey Balls. jc-12.06.16

So you know, how much it costs to power the Death Star. jc-12.05.16

So you know, how tires work. Via CarType. jc-12.05.16

So you know, the 52 things Tom Whitwell learned in 2016 included the fact that "Google's advertising tools can track real-world shop visits. If a customer sees an ad then visits the relevant store a few days later, that conversion will appear in Google Adwords. Customers are tracked via (anonymised) Google Maps data." Via Kottke. jc-12.03.16

One more time because it's great. So you know, Proofreading Marks as posted by Mr. Heller. jc-11.30.16

So you know, how to break in a new paperback. Or a Black Ice maybe? jc-11.29.16

So you know, all 10,000 places in the Atlas Obscura, on one map. jc-10.28.16

So you know, how to tell if your theater is projecting movies properly. jc-10.26.16

So you know, how to open a new book. jc-10.12.16

So you know, how to draw in two-point perspective using an elastic string. jc-10.05.16

So you know. Attitudes to Potentially Offensive Language and Gestures on TV and Radio: Quick Reference Guide. (pdf) The best part is the ranking of offensiveness for "General Swear Words and Body Parts.". jc-09.30.16

The Joinery, follow this Twitter account to be reminded daily how things fit together. Via Present & Correct. jc-09.30.16

A nicely illustrated piece by Allison Meier on Robert Ridgway's color codification system for birds, that eventually became Pantone. Related, Color in a New Light at the Smithsonian. jc-09.26.16

So you know, How to Punctuate Your (Parentheses), from The Comma Queen. jc-09.21.16

So you know, where the comic book font came from. dw-09.21.16

So you know, The Lebowski Lexicon. Features a lotta ins, a lotta outs. jc-09.14.16

So you know, how to track cargo ships in real time. jc-09.13.16

So you know, Proofreading Marks for Designers, from Steven Heller. See also "Common Proofreading Marks" in your Field Notes Byline Edition. jc-09.09.16

So you know, how to tell if a J. Crew woman is quirky. jc-08.19.16

So you know, how to build a full-sized, phone-controlled BB8 droid. jc-08.12.16

So you know, 251 words you can spell with a calculator. jc-08.11.16

BOBCAT = "Bay of Bengal Cooperative Air Traffic Flow Management System (more or less), which regulates flights from Singapore to Europe." So you know, how to talk like a pilot. jc-08.10.16

So you know, what "election probability" means, by Nathan Yau. jc-08.04.16

A classic that needs to be revisited periodically. Paul Brians' Commonly Made Suggestions about commonly made errors, and more importantly, Non-Errors, "those usages people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English." Which is exactly the sort of attitude up with which I will not put. jc-08.04.16

Common MythConceptions. jc-08.04.16

So you know, how to capitalize titles, according to leading style guides. As if you needed anything but Chicago. jc-07.29.16

Khyati Trehan's lovely series on The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams "looks at experimenting with typography, lettering and illustration while paying tribute to the history of science. Via Quips. jc-07.26.16

So you know, all about Chekhov's Gun. jc-07.19.16

So you know, how a tennis ball is created. dw-07.18.16

So you know, how to design a great city. jc-07.12.16

Let's get this straight for once and for all. Venn Diagrams: Read and Use Them the Right Way, by Nathan Yau. jc-06.22.16

So you know, how they sharpen pencils at the factory. jc-06.22.16

So you know, how airplane black boxes work. jc-06.21.16

1965 film explaining Detroit's Pattern of Growth is full of cool minimalist graphics and data. jc-06.21.16

So you know, how to be an optimal human. jc-06.17.16

"Would it kill you to pick up a dictionary?" The NYer's Mary Norris reviews Frank L. Cioffi's One Day in the Life of the English Language, "A microcosmic usage handbook." jc-06.16.16

So you know, The Names of Colors, by Ingrid Sundberg. jc-06.13.16

"If you're struggling to come up with your next great concept, put down that other ipsum text and drop this like it's hot into your design comp." Lorem Fucking Ipsum. jc-06.02.16

So you know, the color palettes of art masterpieces. jc-05.05.16

So you know, How Ink is Made. A lovely film, via Quipsologies. jc-04.21.16

So you know, Rob Walker on how to pay attention. jc-04.11.16

O.K. jc-03.23.16

So you know, all about magnets. jc-03.23.16

So you know, how to make coffee on the International Space Station. jc-03.15.16

So you know, how to navigate when lost at sea on a raft. jc-03.14.16

So you know, how the virtual first-down line works. jc-02.09.16


So you know, how to ask for advice, from Jason Fried. jc-01.28.16

A Tale of Twenty-Two Million Citi Bike Rides, by Todd W. Schneider. jc-01.14.16

So you know, what 2000 designers said about a variety of topics. jc-01.13.16

So you know, the Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists. jc-01.05.16

So you know, what your food will look like in 2035, told through meatballs. dw-12.23.15

So you know, how plastic injection molding works. Via Kottke. jc-12.02.15

So you know, why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe? jc-11.23.15

Important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible for the Thanksgiving dinner table next week, what's the difference between sweet potatoes and yams. ms-11.20.15

Bill Gates reviews Thing Explainer, the new book from Randall Munroe of XKCD. jc-11.12.15


Swiss Style Color Picker. jc-10.26.15

Speaking of new shoes, "Baby Needs a New Pair." jc-10.22.15

"Just imagine how Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson would leave a family he just saved from an earthquake. A firm but platonic hug. Strong eye contact. A tender but final good-bye." So you know, How to Get Out of Any Party Conversation, by Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz. jc-10.06.15

So you know, how the simplest ideas lead to scientific discoveries, Adam Savage style. jc-10.02.15

Local Color, cool chart on the historical origins of particular shades. jc-09.30.15

So you know, over the course of a couple of decades, our nation's donuts holes dramatically decreased in size. jc-09.21.15

So you know, everything about apples, jc-09.18.15

So you know, how the ballpoint pen killed cursive, by Josh Giesbrecht. jc-08.31.15

So you know, where to sit if you want to catch a foul ball at the game. jc-08.20.15

"Hi, I'm Bob. Is it OK if I go by Bob? Is anyone else here named Bob?" So you know, how to hack an Amazon "Dash" button to track baby data. Via Kottke. jc-08.19.15

So you know, what 14,683 Cleveland children were doing on June 23, 1913. jc-08.18.15

So you know, how does a mirror know the x direction from the y direction. jc-08.05.15

So you know, here's a morphology of jaywalkers. jc-08.03.15

Selections from the personal annual reports of the German zoologist Carl Apstein covering 1905 to 1938. A beautiful find from Nicholas Felton, who knows a thing or two about personal data reporting. jc-07.30.15

So you know, how to shake someone who's tailing you. Via Kottke. jc-07.28.15

So you know, The Frequency of English Words, by Abacaba. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-07.28.15

So you know, how to beat a claw machine. Via Gray. jc-07.20.15

So you know, how to draw Bugs Bunny. jc-07.17.15

Lots more kinds of 2 Kinds of People have been added. Fab. jc-06.29.15

So you know, The Comma Queen explains the diaeresis which is not an umlaut, even though it looks the same. jc-06.25.15

So you know, how to tell if your boyfriend just got married. jc-06.22.15

So you know, how to turn off Twitter's new autoplay feature. ms-06.17.15

Chicago placename etymologies. dw-06.10.15

Related to the last, what color is that mailbox? jc-05.27.15

So you know, the origins of the "hat-trick." jc-05.27.15

Metabunk, why the crazy stuff you know is ridiculous, is ridiculous. See "Chemtrails". jc-05.26.15

Sorry, was just lost in Paul Greer's WordPorn. It was a scopophilic experience. jc-05.14.15

So you know, how to make that Vangelis Bladerunner sound. Via Things. jc-05.11.15

I can't stop staring at Wikipedia's List of flags by color combination. bb-05.04.15

The A5 series is intended as a growing archive on the history of graphic design. Lovely and ambitious. jc-04.24.15

"Always complain about your email volume, but never be the first to say a specific number. Instead, find out how much email everyone else gets, and then double it. That's how much email you get." 12 Tricks to appear smart in emails. dw-04.22.15

So you know, how the United Center is converted from ice to hardwood. dw-04.21.15

So you know, how to skip a stone. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-04.15.15

Compare and contrast. jc-04.13.15


Great WaPo graphic, Valar Morghulis, an illustrated guide to all 456 deaths in Game of Thrones. jc-04.06.15

Knowing what each three-letter IATA airport code stands for isn't super useful, but it sure can be fun. Thanks Andrew. jc-03.27.15

"If you're just starting out in the exciting world of filling your life with clutter, or should ever find yourself lacking in stationeriments, here's a handy field guide to get you on the right track." —Gray. jc-03.19.15

So you know, how to build a clock using CSS. Via The Loop. jc-03.03.15

So you know, why there are 28 days in February, from Joe Hanson. jc-02.28.15

So you know, how to understand Bayes' Theorem through Lego. jc-02.27.15

"Senators pair their togas with top hats, generals wear muttonchops under their helmets, and priests styled as snake charmers draw gullible crowds with the help of coal-powered rotating billboards." The Comic History of Rome. dw-02.25.15

So you know, how the Snickers Bar changed over time. jc-02.19.15

So you know, Hannah Fry on how to win at Rock Paper Scissors. jc-02.17.15

Pre-Pantone. jc-02.13.15

So you know. A Dictionary of Despicable Words, by Jen Doll. Awesome. Via Marshall. jc-01.28.15

So you know, why rain gives off that fresh, earthy smell. dw-01.22.15

Nerd alert. What happens when you type google.com into your browser's address box and press enter? So great, via Kottke. jc-01.20.15

Stefan Fatsis goes long on dictionaries, especially Merriam-Webster's plan for W4. jc-01.13.15

The temperature of the universe from absolute cold to absolute hot. dw-01.12.15

How's your day going, creatively speaking? jc-01.06.15

So you know, how things work. jc-01.06.15

I, Rearrangement Servant. jc-01.05.15

Hey buddy, do you have the color? jc-12.16.14

A bit late sadly but, so you know, how to shoot photos of a Space Shuttle launch. jc-12.08.14


So you know, how to draw complex highway interchanges in Illustrator. jc-10.24.14

So you know, the most mentioned brands in Hip-Hop. jc-10.07.14

"Just ask the other person what they do, and right after they tell you, say: Wow. That sounds hard." So you know, How to Be Polite, by Paul Ford. Great advice. jc-08.13.14

So you know, "Um" versus "Uh" mapped. jc-08.13.14

So you know, I'm doing the Grok-Squat right now. jc-08.12.14

"...a hidden (or reverse) pseudo-isochromatic design intended to differentiate trichromatic from dichromatic vision." Shinobu Ishihara's artwork for color-blindness tests. jc-08.05.14

So you know, how to play airplane peekaboo. dw-08.01.14

This is my new Twitter jam. PangramTweets automatically retweets accidentally pangrammatic tweets (ones using every letter of the alphabet). Via Hoefler & Co. jc-07.02.14

Related to the last, spacecraft escaping the Solar System. jc-06.27.14

So you know, the most useful websites on the internet, by Johnny Weber. jc-06.27.14

So you know, a doppelgänger field guide. Via Waxy. jc-05.28.14

So you know, your life in weeks. Ponder that. jc-05.27.14

So you know. Coachella Lost and Found. jc-05.20.14

So you know, how to cheat a slot machine. jc-05.13.14

So you know, how wrong you are, jc-05.12.14

The Art of Signwriting 1954. jc-05.07.14

So you know, how many lines of code were needed for that. jc-04.29.14

So you know, how to make a sick mountain bike edit. jc-04.28.14

So you know: how to teach a mouse to walk backwards. sd-04.01.14

So you know, how to put your head in a jar. jc-03.28.14

So you know, how to draw cute things. jc-03.25.14

So you know, where time comes from, according to Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, Chief Scientist for USNO's Time Services. jc-03.20.14

10 Things You Didn't Know Were Irish (though I'm going to say "9" because I had a pretty solid clue that Irish Wolfhounds might be Irish). bb-03.17.14

So you know, PopMech on how to build a snow fort. jc-02.12.14

Alphabet des Insectes par Léon Becker. dw-02.10.14

So you know, the ultimate film aspect ratio guide, with examples. jc-02.10.14

A brief history of cool. Boss. Via Fast Company. jc-02.06.14

"7. A woman is looking at you. She is wearing her hat in a manner you find unbearably independent and mannish. You despise her." So you know, how to tell if you're in a Hemingway novel, by Mallory Ortberg. jc-01.30.14

So you know, a set of photos of how Rob Cockerham tried to make clear ice. See also his quest for a Solid Ice Beer Tray. jc-01.28.14

So you know, how to recover from five types of skids. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-01.22.14

"Today I wanted to unveil a new subsite featuring some experiments with our data called MeFi Labs." —Matt Haughey. jc-01.09.14

So you know, "bikeshedding" and Parkinson's Law of Triviality. jc-01.08.14

So you know, how to tell if a Canadian is mad at you. jc-01.07.14

Podcast Thing. dw-01.02.14

So you know, How to Eat Sushi. ms-12.20.13

So you know, everything about the numbering system for United States highways. jc-12.14.13

So you know, how to surf the web on a 27-year-old Mac Plus. Via Daring Fireball. jc-12.13.13

So you know, how to draw butts with just five simple lines, courtesy of Karl Gude. jc-12.03.13

So you know, the origins of common user interface symbols. Via Co.Design. jc-11.27.13

So you know, how to recognize the artists of paintings. jc-11.26.13

So you know, Inside the Cosmonaut Survival Kit. ms-11.21.13

So you know, the world's most terrifying public transit rides. I thought Ashland was bad. ms-11.07.13

So you know, the Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board ms-11.01.13

So you know, the Science of a Great Subway Map. ms-10.30.13

So you know, how to tell the difference between a screw and a bolt. jc-10.25.13

So you know, how the economy works, by Ray Dalio. More on this at DealBook. jc-10.22.13

So you know, how to make your own no-carve typography pumpkins, from Fairgoods. jc-10.18.13

So you know, the updated history of Baseball Stadium Nachos. ms-10.17.13

So you know, the Ray Harryhausen Creature List. ms-10.09.13

So you know, why we eat popcorn at the movies. jc-10.04.13

30 Lessons on your way to 30. Still a valuable read if you're past that. dw-10.04.13

So you know, what to do if you're bitten by a spider. jc-10.03.13

So you know, how to start an airline. Via Khoi. jc-10.02.13

So you know, how to eat like a pirate on National Talk Like a Pirate Day. ms-09.19.13

So you know, how to stencil with freezer paper. jc-09.12.13

So you know, UFO Shape Array. jc-09.12.13

So you know, you're tying your shoes wrong. jc-09.11.13

So you know. "The following suggestions are published at the request of a number of large business houses that are interested in developing pleasing telephone manners among their employees." jc-09.11.13

So you know, how to cook breakfast in your coffeemaker. ms-09.09.13

Core77 is sporting wood, specifically mahogany today. Scroll down for previous episodes of this reference series by Rob Wilkey. jc-08.28.13

So you know, how to take care of your smartphone battery the right way. ms-08.21.13

"Remember — until the mid-seventeenth century, most people in England were either slightly — or very — drunk all of the time. Drink London's fetid river water at your own peril; most people wisely favoured watered-down ale or beer ('small beer'). The arrival of coffee, then, triggered a dawn of sobriety that laid the foundations for truly spectacular economic growth in the decades that followed as people thought clearly for the first time." The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse. dw-08.07.13

So you know, how to make a Polaroid emulsion lift. Via Heather. jc-07.15.13

So you know, how to read the news, by Brendan Fitzgerald. jc-07.11.13

So you know, how to make perfect tea without teabags. ms-07.10.13

Unsurprisingly, it was a busy, busy weekend for UFO sightings. Via Gapers Block. jc-07.08.13

So you know, how to make an American Flag cake for the 4th of July. ms-07.03.13

Cool reference tool. "For everything they never taught you in art school. And other cool stuff." Damn You Art School. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.25.13

So you know, how to attach your bike to the top of your car, by Peter Sagan, who ought to know. Via Veerle. jc-06.22.13

"You know you're in trouble when an explanation leaves you more confused." So you know, how to Trade Options, by Nicole Pasulka. jc-05.31.13

So you know, the Worst Things for Sale . ms-05.24.13

So you know, how to make a picture book, by Adam Rex. jc-05.16.13

Added to my bookmark list under References, Spider Myths. ms-05.15.13

So you know, The Periodic Table of Middle-Earth. jc-05.07.13

So you know, the history of the high-five. jc-05.03.13

So you know, how to pilot the International Space Station. jc-05.02.13

Units of Measure Calendar Poster. Fab, via Swiss Miss. jc-04.24.13

"...when it took five years to get to 'ant,' the editors knew they had underestimated spectacularly." On this date in 1928, the final volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published. jc-04.19.13

For BB, who always seems to have some song stuck in his head; Scientists find out how to get rid of earworms. ms-04.19.13

An interesting, interactive infographic measuring median household income by individual train stop. Inequality and New York's Subway. sd-04.18.13

So you know, why your cell phone doesn't have a dial tone series. ms-04.15.13

This morning, the question was raised, "Does 'steel-cut' oatmeal mean the restaurant just used a knife?" Fortunately, BB was quick on the search and discovered this write-up about the different kinds of oatmeal. sd-04.15.13

Attention East Coasters, everything you need to know about the impending Cicada sex invasion. ms-04.11.13

So you know, how to make a ship in a bottle when the ship is actually a boat and the boat is Quint's "Orca" from Jaws. jc-04.09.13

I've only just discovered The Paris Review, but it's celebrating its 60th year. I'd learned from another post that if you're creative and feeling a bit stuck, a great thing to do is read a biography or autobiography. The Paris Review has interviews with authors over seven decades. You can search by decade or by author. Prepare to be unstuck. ab-04.09.13

Designed by a team led by Two Paper Dolls, The Beauty of Letterpress is an online destination that shows how this ancient print craft continues to excite the most progressive designers today. The website is resource center, a gallery of work and place to discover some of the most talented letterpress operators in the United States. ab-04.03.13

So you know, how to make your own Easter egg dye. ms-03.30.13

So you know, The World as 100 People, graphic by Jack Hagley. jc-03.27.13

So you know, Symbols of the Alchemists. jc-03.21.13

So you know, how to avoid getting ripped off at the ATM. ms-03.11.13

So you know, How to open a microchip and what's inside. Via Craig Mod. jc-03.08.13

Repost, because I use this bookmark way more often than I woulda thought: Visual Glossary Of Screws, Nuts and Washers. bb-03.07.13

The Design Center at Philadelphia University pins textiles, Beautiful, via Paper & Type. jc-03.05.13

So you know, how to make, sell and ship a whole bunch of tee shirts. Smart advice from the Pixelworkers crew. jc-02.25.13

So you know, 23 terrifying runways that will stoke your fear of flying. ms-02.25.13

So you know, why Facebook makes you feel miserable. ms-02.18.13

"I think my exact words to the solar-panel technician standing equally open-mouthed next to me are something to the effect of 'Holy. Fucking. SHIT!'" So you know, what to do with $175,000 in weed found in your back yard, by Mack Reed. Via Waxy. jc-02.05.13

So you know, what mode of communication you should use, a handy flowchart by Wendy McNaughton. Via Swissmiss. jc-01.31.13

You're wrong as the deuce | And you shouldn't rejoice | If you're calling him Seuss | He pronounces it Soice. jc-01.17.13

So you know, in space, no one can hear you cry. jc-01.16.13

So you know, how books are made, 1947. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.14.13

So you know, the truth about phones on airplanes . ms-01.11.13

So you know, 50 facts about skin. dw-11.28.12

So you know, how to fix a string of Christmas lights. ms-11.26.12

Who's making what, where? The annual Design Salary Guide from Coroflot. jc-11.19.12

So you know, parsing the language of phone numbers, by Geoffrey K. Pullum. Via Andrew Sullivan. jc-11.12.12

Related to the last, The Art Of Reproduction. jc-10.29.12

So you know, how to make risotto so girls will have sex with you. jc-10.26.12

Dan Hill on 20th century gestures and Bruno Munari's 1963 book Supplement to the Italian Dictionary. So cool. jc-10.22.12

So you know, How to Build a flying saucer. Via Things. jc-10.08.12

So you know. How to remove a fish hook from your finger. Via This Isn;t Happiness. jc-09.21.12

So you know. Rebecca J. Rosen on how the 8.5" x 11" piece of paper got its size. Paul Stanley adds, "It's not that the margins are too wide. It's that the paper is too big!' jc-09.21.12

Added to "tools" bookmark list, Wordnik. Thanks Marshall. jc-09.12.12

So you know, how to train your mind to remember anything. ms-09.05.12

So you know. A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families, by Giles Turnbull. jc-08.31.12

A very important Chicago food review by Mr. Greenteeth. jc-08.28.12

So you know. It's not Its. Its not It's. jc-08.28.12

So you know, exposure to nonstop negativity actually impairs brain function. Here's how to defend yourself. dw-08.22.12

So you know, how to make a simple televisor. dw-08.21.12

So you know, Mom Jeans and the Dreaded "Long Butt." Via Mefi. jc-08.03.12

Tagged with: cannibals, magic, science, witchcraft, zombies. Acts of Magic by Haisam Hussein. jc-08.03.12

For MS: a PSA about spiders in shoes. Shocking statistics. sd-08.01.12

Relink. The Conet Project, a collection of recordings of shortwave "Numbers Stations," the perfect method for anonymous, one way communication. More information here. jc-07.30.12

Related to the last, everything and I mean everything that you ever wanted to know about International Heraldry and Heralds. jc-07.24.12

So you know. "There are also some other types of dials, but all dials work the same way and are easy to use." jc-06.29.12

Related to the last: Color as Data and Hue Histograms aka Color Pies, by Tyler Neylon. jc-06.28.12

So you know: how to make a vortex cannon. sd-06.27.12

Better by being less. Wthr app, by David Elgena. jc-06.26.12

Cool idea: our pals at 37signals are putting together a physical interface library. jc-06.19.12

So you know, how to get on front page of the New York Times. jc-06.13.12

So you know: how to make a Volvo 240 at 1:25 scale, out of paper. Via Things. jc-06.11.12

So you know: how to sword fight, 16th century style. jc-06.05.12

So you know: what to eat before, during and after a workout. ms-05.30.12

So you know, what love looks like. jc-05.22.12

The 20th Century in color, as demonstrated by crayons, by Adrian Walsh. Via Quipsologies. jc-05.15.12

So you know, how to survive a robot uprising. jc-05.08.12

Here's a pretty good First Five. Maybe add in Brain Pickings and make it First Six. Thanks Maria. jc-04.24.12

"It's enough for me to know that I'm first in field, as they say. I invented this industry, and I'm happy to share what I've learned, and hopefully empower people to sharpen their own pencils." The Millions chats with David Rees, The Proust of Pencil Sharpeners. jc-04.24.12

So you know, Wendy Macnaughton helps you decide whether or not you should check your email. Via Swissmiss. jc-04.20.12

"...when it took five years to get to 'ant,' the editors knew they had underestimated spectacularly." On this date in 1928, the final volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published. jc-04.19.12

Speaking of history, has anyone else noticed a pretty awesome history/comedy trend going on recently? I'm thinking of Paul F. Tompkins' Dead Authors Podcast, Kate Beaton's Hark, A Vagrant! and Derek Waters' Drunk History. Is that enough to call it a movement? bb-04.18.12

Context-Free Patent Art. Like it says. jc-04.18.12

So you know: how to make a brownie in a mug, in your microwave. ms-04.17.12

So you know, how to iron a shirt like a boss. Via VSL. jc-04.11.12

So you know, how to whistle with your fingers. dw-04.09.12

So you know: How to Dance Goth. sd-04.02.12

So you know. How to land on Mars in 11 easy steps. Via It's Okay to be Smart. jc-03.15.12

The Print Handbook is your guide when you're not quite sure what something will look like when printed. dw-03.15.12

So you know, how to extract your own DNA using household items. dw-03.02.12

So you know. How to make McD's fries at home. A nice investigation by J. Kenji López-Alt. Via TMN. jc-02.28.12

From Daniel Gray, essential design books and a drawing of a stapler. jc-02.28.12

"Somewhere around 2002 I accidentally got sidetracked and started working on a Periodic Table Table." —Theo Gray. Via Swiss Miss. jc-02.27.12

So you know: a very thorough database of places to play pinball in New York. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.23.12

So you know. The Miura-ori and how to fold it. Via Big Week. jc-02.23.12

So you know, how to shoot great video of zoo animals. Via Chris Glass. jc-02.17.12

So you know, how to make realistic duct tape roses. dw-02.14.12

So you know, how to draw a horse. dw-01.31.12

So you know. The Handbag Paradox. jc-01.24.12

Who were Fisher and Price? ms-01.23.12

For SD, our handyman: how to make a secret toekick drawer. dw-01.18.12

So you know, how to add brake lights to your bicycle. dw-01.12.12

So you know: how the Dutch got their bike paths. dw-01.09.12

So you know, how to draw (or play drums). jc-12.23.11

"If you're just starting out in the exciting world of filling your life with clutter, or should ever find yourself lacking in stationeriments, here's a handy field guide to get you on the right track." —Daniel Gray. jc-12.15.11

So you know. What A List Apart's readers learned about the web in 2011. jc-12.13.11

"When the annual trip home becomes a customer-service visit to 'fix the internet,' sometimes even bourbon can't save the day." Home for the Holiday Tech Support, a roundtable from The Morning News. jc-11.22.11

Great idea, They Draw & Cook. Tons of illustrated recipes like Basil Pesto by Marta Johansen. jc-11.08.11

So you know: emergency telephone numbers around the world. ms-11.07.11

#14 in Ben's series of graphs about charts and charts about graphs. jc-11.01.11

"Charles, Charles, please, please come on, we only have 10 minutes, please two more positions." So you know, how the Joy of Sex was illustrated, by Cordelia Hebblethwaite. Via Mefi. jc-10.27.11


So you know. How to use an AppleTV as a wallboard monitor. Courtesy of Jim Severino at Atlassian. jc-10.26.11

A 4-step guide to creating. dw-10.11.11

Reference material. Perpetual Calendar 1775 to 2025. jc-10.05.11

Finishing a trilogy of important cooking instruction, the Paupered Chef's excellent and beautifully photographed, How to Make a Chicago-Style Hot Dog. Is it lunch time yet? jc-09.27.11

Related to the last, but more direct. How To Cook A Fucking Steak, by Alex Balk. jc-09.27.11

So you know: Why Amish Men Grow Beards But Not Mustaches. Via J-Walk. sd-09.16.11

For MJ: the latest series of episodes of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History about the last century of the Roman republic is nothing short of fantastic, particularly the last, massive 6 hour final chapter. sd-09.12.11

So you know, the history of invisible ink. dw-09.09.11

So you know: 10 strange objects sent into space. ms-09.01.11

Don't Fear the Internet, basic HTML & CSS for non-web designers. Via Pikaland. dw-08.16.11

So you know: how to throw a punch correctly. ms-08.11.11

The definitive infographic on s'mores. dw-08.10.11

So you know, Cooking light magazine has the Best Fast Food Burgers and Sandwiches. ms-08.10.11

"Copy boy!" So you know. How to build a newsroom time machine. 30. jc-08.08.11

So you know: How to Dye PVC and Cables. Via Cheesycam. sd-07.29.11

So you know, the 20 most expensive keyword categories in Google Adwords. ms-07.20.11

As it gets hotter and hotter here in Chicago, was thinking we might try making a film this week about trying to cook an egg on the sidewalk, but apparently it isn't really possible to do. sd-07.19.11

So you know, 22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin. Via a 12 year-old. jc-07.14.11

Another "Why didn't I think of that." dw-07.13.11

So you know, an in-depth infographic on how much sunscreen you should wear. dw-07.11.11

So you know, London facts that aren't actually true. dw-07.07.11

Woof vs Meow, an infographic showing what our furry pals reveal about us. dw-07.05.11

So you know: today is Tau Day, which is marked by opponents of pi. Fortunately, there isn't a December 56th for the anti-tauists. sd-06.28.11

So you know, what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet. dw-06.20.11

30 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark. ms-06.17.11

So you know, the Centers for Disease Control has guidelines on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. ms-05.20.11

Beelzebub. Thanks AH. jc-05.19.11

200K brand logos in vector format. jc-05.19.11

So you know, how recycling works. dw-05.13.11

So you know. How to disappear completely or better yet, how not to be seen. jc-05.06.11

So you know. An excellent Summer Intern Field Guide, by Rands. jc-04.28.11

Can I eat this? jc-04.26.11

So you know. Forvo, all the words in the world, pronounced. jc-04.22.11

Every coffee shop should have this sign. dw-04.20.11

"And anything with a big-ass science machine can outperform any of them." So you know, The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect from Professor Funk. Via It's Okay To Be Smart. jc-04.20.11

So you know, National Tax Day Dealfeed. Free food for taxpayers! ms-04.18.11

So you know. How to ride your bike across the USA. From Kevin Kelly, who did it in 1979 and from a bunch of other people who have done it too. Check this pdf for more. jc-04.12.11

So you know, how to tell what day of the week that loaf of bread on the store shelf was baked. ms-04.07.11

So you know, why beavers build dams. dw-04.04.11

So you know: the Census has determined that the small town of Plato, Missouri is the country's new mean center of population. A commemorative "geodetic control mark" will be placed in the town sometime this month. sd-04.01.11

So you know, the history of web browsers. ms-03.29.11

I was wondering about this as I swerved back and forth while driving to work today, why are there so many potholes? ms-03.28.11

Information on the International Day of Nowruz, including a newsreel from then-Soviet Azerbaijan from 1967, showing the vernal equinox celebrations. sd-03.23.11

So you know, what happens to your data when you die. ms-03.22.11

A handy chart to help you answer the question, Should I post this image? dw-03.17.11

"...more credible because it looks complicated. hooray!!" An infographic on infographics. mcj-03.04.11

You have the exact right time! jc-02.17.11

So you know. Matt Roden demystifies the Unexplained Snacks of America. jc-02.16.11

For BB, (by the way, where did you leave the waxer?) Typesetting and Paste-Up, 1970 style. Via Things. jc-02.16.11

So you know. How to make a low-cost video chat robot. jc-02.11.11

So you know. Mark in text. Mark in margin. jc-02.07.11

So you know, how to pronounce GIF. ms-02.03.11

So you know, 22 Manly Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin. jc-02.01.11

"Here's an animation I did to make you feel small, and also convey the deep awe I feel at the feet of the Universe." Planetary Scale by Brad Goodspeed. Via Laughing Squid. jc-01.31.11

Profane Mountains, Polite Plains. dw-01.26.11

So you know. How to make a cheap lighter into a tiny motorcycle. Via Ehrensenf. jc-01.14.11

So you know, your zodiac sign may have changed. dw-01.13.11

So you know. How to make a Tron Bag. jc-01.12.11

So you know. Rick Aschmann's North American English Dialects, mapped, based on pronunciation patterns, with linked audio samples from famous and not-so-famous speakers. Via Flowing Data. jc-01.12.11

So you know. How to make a Looptaggr. jc-01.07.11

So true. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-01.06.11

Lifehacker gives us the best explainers of 2010. Huh. Wish I read this before I paid 20 bucks for a HDMI cable yesterday. Hello return line! ms-12.30.10

So you know, bad science in movies. ms-12.30.10

So you know, how to build a hockey rink in your backyard. ms-12.27.10

So you know, how to make a snowflake in Illustrator. dw-12.21.10

So you know, from Nick, how to make a 3D composite with an iPhone, Panorama 360 and Cinema 4D. This is fun to watch, even if, like me, you'll probably never do it yourself. jc-12.15.10

So you know. How to make a realistic star-field. jc-12.14.10

So you know. How To be a "Work Avoidance Michelangelo." Via Boing Boing. jc-12.10.10

So you know, the difference between similar terms and objects. ms-12.10.10

So you know. How to tie the world together: online knotting reference books. jc-12.07.10

So you know: a database of the world's longest tunnels, sortable by a variety of categories. sd-11.24.10

Italian Popular Gestures, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. By Alfredo Cassano. Funny and handy. jc-11.09.10

7 lesser known wonders of the world. ms-11.09.10

So you know. How to fold a newspaper pressman's hat. jc-11.04.10

So you know, tipping properly in every food scenario. ms-11.03.10

How to make authentic horror movie blood. ms-10.29.10

So you know, 6 places in the U.S. where land is still free. ms-10.29.10

So you know, the 50 most hated characters in literary history. ms-10.26.10

An infographic infographic from Dare UK for a recruitment video. Fun. jc-10.19.10

So you know, 50 secrets your pilot won't tell you. ms-10.19.10

So you know. How to measure the speed of light using your microwave by Robert Simpson. Via The Puzzler. jc-10.18.10

So you know. Frequency with which various adjectives are intensified with obscenities, based on Google hits. jc-10.13.10

So you know, 20 things that happen in one minute. ms-10.08.10

So you know, 10 most overpriced products you should avoid. ms-10.06.10

So you know, the geometry of pasta. ms-10.04.10

Dude, that's like totally out of line with global pricing trends. jc-09.29.10

So you know. Quite Curious on how to Photoshop yourself flying, like you fly when you fly in your dreams. Via A Whole. jc-09.27.10

So you know, the top 10 new foods at the 2010 State Fairs. ms-09.24.10

So you know, the 10 best jobs of the future. ms-09.23.10

Jason Santa Maria gets his brain picked regarding design education. mgr-09.22.10

"500 years of modern science, reason and critical thinking via the medium of over simplification, dodgy demarcation, glaring omission and a very tiny font." Displayed on a Tube Map. Via Boing Boing. jc-09.21.10

So you know, how to make mini chalkboards. dw-09.20.10

How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook. ms-09.20.10

Lunchbreath's Things to Attribute Inadequacies To. Helpful. jc-09.13.10

So you know: the correct method of how to open a new book. Via J-Walk. sd-09.07.10

So you know, how to forecast weather without gadgets. ms-08.24.10

"There's no better way to find out how an editor feels than to change a rule." Behind the scenes of The Chicago Manual of Style 16. jc-08.23.10

So you know: Van Dwellers, a guide to living in your car, van or campervan. sd-08.23.10

Damn good advice. Via Sarah Hatter. jc-08.19.10

The Wordnik Blog, "from the online dictionary that aims to collect all the words in English and everything about them." Via Liz Danzico. jc-08.18.10

So you know, the Global Cities 2010 rankings. ms-08.17.10

"It's tough. Very tough. And there is a truth in the fact that only the toughest survive. The lazy ones fail. You need to be proactive, no-one is going to call you. You have to make your own opportunities, make your own destiny. Your success is in your hands. As is your failure." Advice for a design graduate. Via Swiss Miss. dw-08.10.10

So you know, where our alphabet comes from. dw-08.09.10

Related to the last, cooking a steak might be an easier task to manage. jc-08.04.10

So you know, how to build your own Kamikaze go-kart. ms-08.03.10

So you know. How not to punctuate corporate names. Amen. Clipped from Quipped. jc-08.02.10

So you know, How to be an astronaut: A beginner's guide. dw-08.02.10

So you know. You are not so smart. jc-07.28.10

So you know: Behind the Scenes at a Russian McDonald's. Via J-Walk. sd-07.23.10

So you know before Sunday. An image recognition system for the measurement of soccer ball spin characteristics and Soccer ball lift coefficients via trajectory analysis. jc-07.08.10

I can't wait to unload at least six of these on Mrs. BB: Kitchen Myths. bb-07.08.10

"Crap, I've been doing it wrong." jc-07.08.10

So you know, how to make ice cream in almost any flavor. ms-07.07.10

The evolution of the logo. dw-07.06.10

So you know, the Republic of Facebook. ms-07.06.10

The Tribune's page of Rod Blagojevich audio files and transcripts is awesome and all, but someone's gotta make it into a soundboard so I can annoy SD with it. bb-07.01.10

So you know, the history of 4th of July fireworks. ms-06.30.10

For your next web project, Launchlist. dw-06.29.10

Five true war stories that put every action movie to shame. ms-06.24.10

15 things you should know about caffeine. dw-06.23.10

Periodic Table of Swearing by Modern Toss. jc-06.22.10

Old time telegraph messages were billed by the word. If there's a loophole, people will find it. Code words for the days of the year and a zillion other codes decoded. Sort of the OMG or LOL of it's day, only much more interesting and Minstrels. jc-06.15.10

Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn. Paper engineering. jc-06.14.10

So you know, 40 desserts that can kill you. ms-06.10.10

So you know, how to keep tabs on what Google knows about you. ms-06.09.10

So you know: photographer Andrew McDonald's valuable/funny tip on how to get your camera back when you lose it. sd-06.04.10

So you know, how to win in a wild west shootout. ms-06.04.10

Greg Allen on The Civilian Camouflage Council, found in a 1942 issue of Popular Mechanics. It's very cool and also, happily serves as an excuse to link How not to be seen. jc-05.25.10

History of the Color Wheel. Via @brainpicker. jc-05.23.10

Colours In Cultures, a lovely graphic depicting which color means what, where. Also, how this image became the cover of the Information is Beautiful book. jc-05.17.10

So you know. Various methods tested, one reigns supreme, how to poach an egg jc-05.13.10

So you know, the curious origins of America's favorite meals. ms-05.13.10

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's personal space. The armrest is a boundary. Consider it a guideline for where you are allowed to be." The 10 commandments of airplane etiquette. dw-04.30.10

So you know, how to perform Gummi Bear surgery. dw-04.28.10

So you know. How to print from an iPad. Via Airbag. jc-04.20.10

The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements by Russell Walks. Fab. jc-04.07.10

So you know: How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie. sd-04.06.10

Noted without comment, learn to speak Na'vi. dw-03.30.10

So you know, how to take magnificent space photos with a helium balloon and a compact camera. (The hard part is finding it when it comes down.) Via Stephen Paukner. jc-03.26.10

Bill Keaggy's Periodic Table of Periodic Tables. dw-03.25.10

So you know, how Google, Apple and other household brands came up with their names. dw-03.24.10

So you know. How to control your powder-blue 1969 Goat with an iPod. jc-03.22.10

For BB, how to clean your vinyl records using wood glue. dw-03.18.10

So you know. Practical advice on how to disassemble and clean the aluminum Apple keyboard, machine translated from Applesfere. And some perhaps not so practical advice from MS. jc-03.16.10

So you know, how to set up the ultimate desktop recording studio. ms-03.16.10

So you know, 24 fast food restaurant secret menu items revealed. ms-03.11.10

So you know, Dan Shepelavy found out how to draw 50 aircraft and spacecraft. jc-03.10.10

So you know, a very brief history of the pocket. ms-03.09.10

So you know, how to upgrade your original 1984 Macintosh to run Snow Leopard. jc-03.08.10

So you know, 137 years of Popular Science magazines are now available online. dw-03.08.10

So you know. The "Tom and Jerry" Worldwide Censorship Comparison Guide. Found among other Things. jc-03.03.10

Nope, That's Not A Real Thing, a blog dedicated to the details of imaginary brands. Smart. Via Murketing. jc-03.01.10

So you know, how to use a semicolon. ms-02.26.10

So you know, the top 10 mispronounced foodie words. ms-02.25.10

Ten Word Wiki, like it says. jc-02.24.10

Thinking for a Living gets a great makeover. dw-02.23.10

So you know, the top 10 worst Olympic mascots. ms-02.22.10

So you know. How to measure the speed of light with leftover Valentine chocolates and a microwave oven. jc-02.16.10

So you know, how to use Google Buzz. ms-02.16.10

So you know, how to get good service at a restaurant. ms-02.15.10

So you know, if a Fresh Signals post starts with the words "so you know," it's eventually headed to our Reference Materials Archive, which is sorta like a Whole Earth Catalog that's poorly organized and light on the grooviness. jc-02.11.10

So you know. How to make a teleprinter. jc-02.11.10

For reference, a Photoshop keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet. Thanks Alex. dw-02.10.10

So you know, 15 things you never notice on a US dollar bill. ms-02.10.10

"You're six miles up, alone and falling without a parachute." So you know, how to survive a 35,000-foot fall. ms-02.08.10

Kevin Kelly on Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). jc-02.05.10

So you know. "The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory is New York City's only bean to bar chocolate factory. These photos illustrate the whole process by which the cacao beans are roasted, ground up, processed, aged, tempered and packaged." jc-02.02.10

So you know, how to make a pencil crossbow. Hmm, we do have a bunch of Field Notes pencils laying around...... ms-01.28.10

So you know. How to properly make espresso, a lovely film from DDDD for our neighbors at Intelligentsia. jc-01.20.10

Simple Software is about taking the complexity out of every day tasks, out of every day programs and making them simple again. Via Minimalissimo. dw-01.19.10

So you know, 10 places you can't go. ms-01.19.10

So you know. How small things are, genetically speaking. Via Bearskinrug. jc-01.07.10

Great series of posts on Box Vox; part three, on egg cartons, my favorite so far. rw-01.05.10

A compendium of obsolete skills. I was known, in some circles, as a world class practitioner of this art, but this one, not so much. Via Michael Surtees. jc-12.23.09

So you know, the physics of space battles. ms-12.18.09

The Awl on how to cook a steak. Sacred and profane. Thanks JSM. jc-12.03.09

A quick visual survey on the art of wash painting followed by a primer from Famous Artists. All from ASIFA, the Hollywood Animation Archive. Via Bearskinrug. jc-11.30.09

"if my Aunt Rose sees this, she'll be on to me, and not only will she try to hang out in the kitchen: She'll make her annoying huffing disappointment noise all day." How to cook Thanksgiving dinner, by Leslie Harpold. jc-11.25.09

So you know. How to stencil with freezer paper. jc-11.23.09

So you know, how to speak like a 1950s hipster. jc-11.16.09

So you know, the world's 10 weirdest things to eat. Might be best to look at the photo gallery on an empty stomach. ms-11.16.09

Local note and related to the last. GreaseFreak by Pete Strazz. Uncompromising. Authoritative. Best with onions. jc-11.13.09

Mundaneum, the first internet, made of index cards. jc-11.13.09

So you know. The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns. Very helpful, via Kindacarsick. jc-11.12.09

Learn something every day. jc-11.09.09

So you know, why every country has a different electric plug. ms-10.30.09

So you know, the top 10 internet rules and laws. Via Mental Floss. ms-10.26.09

So you know, 6 things your body does every day that science can't explain. ms-10.21.09

"I work in one of those humble call centres for a bank. Apparently, what we're doing at the moment is sprinkling our magic along the way. It's a call centre, not Hogwarts." 50 office-speak phrases you love to hate. ms-10.19.09

So you know. The anatomy of Japanese folk monsters. jc-10.16.09

So you know, the science of horseradish. ms-10.15.09

So you know, the top 10 activities to do when there's a power outage. At work, people, at work. ms-10.14.09

This piece contains vulgar language -lots and lots of it- that may be inappropriate for children or the faint of heart. Why it's so hard to put sex in the dictionary, by Jesse Sheidlower. jc-10.13.09

So you know. How to make an abstract mobile, with templates designed by Rolly Crump. Fantastic. jc-10.12.09

So you know, the most controversial magazine covers of all time. ms-10.08.09

So you know, 7 foods that should never cross your lips ms-10.07.09

So you know, 10 dirty little restaurant secrets. ms-10.06.09

So you know, how to how to make a Medieval Trebuchet out of cardboard. ms-10.02.09

For our readers down under, The Print Directory. dw-10.01.09

So you know, what causes sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. ms-10.01.09

Standard compositions of interesting photographs and what they mean. Via Whet. jc-09.30.09

"We are going to start off by creating our large planet." So you know, how to create a realistic space scene from scratch with Pshop. jc-09.29.09

So you know, the top 10 most carnivorous countries. ms-09.29.09

So you know, 7 great coastal drives. ms-09.28.09

So you know, the 10 ugliest cars ever built. ms-09.22.09

So you know, the 50 best foods in the world and where to eat them. ms-09.16.09

So you know, the Science Fiction Timeline of Inventions. Via Cynical C. ms-09.11.09

So you know. Jan Chipchase's Six Rules for Off-Roading in China. jc-09.11.09

So you know. 30 Ways to Die of Electrocution. Awesome woodcut style illustrations posted by Bre Pettis. Ouch. jc-09.09.09

So you know, How many people are in space right now? ms-08.31.09

So you know, how to make an Air Command Water Rocket with drop away boosters. Via Make. jc-08.27.09

So you know, 25 things I learned about business from South Park. ms-08.26.09

The best of BibliOdyssey, there goes the morning. dw-08.21.09

Excellent and essential. Color Management: A Field Guide by ISO50. jc-08.18.09

So you know, 10 fantastic prefabricated houses and homes. ms-08.18.09

So you know, the OMG-WTF Spectrum. ms-08.13.09

Grain Edit's updated list of 50+ designers on Twitter. dw-08.13.09

So you know. The Seven-Day Week and the Meanings of the Names of the Days. jc-08.12.09

"...professional design should not be seen as a certain indicator of accurate content, but visibly amateurish design is sometimes an indicator that the 'Institute of Such-and-Such' might be an obsessive loner." Crap Detection 101. jc-08.03.09

"If Helvetica Man can do it, why can't I?" Symbolic Gestures by Jesse Smith. jc-07.31.09

Cars I Have Seen. jc-07.31.09

So you know , the Top 10 cruddiest headlines that prove you're a no-talent hack. ms-07.28.09

So you know, Awful Library books. ms-07.17.09

So you know, a step-by-step guide to getting shot by the Sartorialist. ms-07.14.09

So you know, the 10 oldest still-inhabited cities. ms-07.13.09

So you know, the top 10 ironic ads from history. ms-07.08.09

So you know. If extraterrestrial civilizations are monitoring our TV broadcasts, then this is what they are currently watching. jc-07.06.09

So you know, the Hall of Mascots. ms-06.30.09

So you know, 12 real-life locations behind out-of-this-world films. ms-06.26.09

Ever been in a restaurant, enjoying a great meal only to have that interrupted by the person at the table next to you exclaiming loudly that he simply must take a photo of this dish for his blog and who then proceeds to whip out a camera and starts snapping photos like crazy? I have. So, for the amateur foodies out there, How to politely photograph restaurant food. ms-06.23.09

"Oscar Wilde was released from prison on Wednesday morning...When Mr. Wilde was dressed in the clothes of fashion - including the frock coat, silk hat, and patent leather boots - he was requested to come down to the main entrance to the prison." The British Library has digitized 2 million pages of 19th century newspapers (many are pay-per-view, Penny Illustrated Paper and The Graphic are free.) Via Scott McMillin. fg-06.18.09

So you know, modern and creative shower heads. That said, scroll down and read the comments, hilarious. ms-06.17.09

So you know, how to build your own letterpress. Via On Paper Wings. jc-06.16.09

So you know, how to swear 100 ways in 20 different languages. NSFW, although, you might learn some phrases to say to your boss. ms-06.12.09

So you know, 136 amazing approaches to architecture. ms-06.08.09

So you know, 50 essential sci-fi films. ms-06.03.09

So you know, the 10 most disturbing books of all time. ms-05.27.09

So you know, 40 fantastic sand sculptures. ms-05.26.09

So you know, the 6 creepiest abandoned places. Via Mental Floss. ms-05.22.09

So you know. How to rebind a 1518 Venetian edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses. jc-05.18.09

So you know, Rules for Time Travelers. ms-05.15.09

So you know. How to make an awesome cigar box guitar by Finkbuilt. jc-05.13.09

So you know, 173 Radical Retrofuturistic Designs and Technologies. ms-05.13.09

So you know almost everything. jc-05.12.09

So you know, 25 logos with hidden messages. ms-05.12.09

So you know, ten websites for finding the next best iphone app. ms-05.11.09

So you know, the Top 25 Star Trek characters. Via Mental Floss. ms-05.11.09

So you know, 10 foods that make you sleepy. ms-05.05.09

They must not be aware of the pothole situation here in Chicago (my face looks like that driving to work everyday) because I think that might have knocked us out of the Top 50 Cities Ranked by Quality of Living. ms-04.30.09

So you know, brilliant prototype and concept airplanes. ms-04.28.09

So you know, how green is your takeaway container? ms-04.27.09

Stay cool, and keep moving. Bring a friend or three, so long as you can count on them not to scream, panic or cause friendly-fire incidents." How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. ms-04.27.09

So you know, top 10 quintessential English foods. ms-04.24.09

So you know. ENG-371WR: Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era, by Robert Lanham. jc-04.20.09

So you know, tools explained by a do-it-yourselfer courtesy of D&R. jc-04.17.09

So you know, a collection of concept cars from the Golden age. ms-04.17.09

File under "reference materials," The UFO Shape Array. jc-04.15.09

So you know. Meth-Lab Feng Shui. jc-04.15.09

So you know, 119 quick cheat sheets for some of the most widely used tools on the web. Via Look at This. ms-04.14.09

So you know, the anti-seat back or How to keep motherfu#%s from putting their seats back. ms-04.13.09

So you know, A field guide to Heavy Metal Satan Fingers. ms-04.08.09

So you know, Science Fiction weapons to die for . ms-04.08.09

So you know, 10 unique and creative iPhone cases. ms-04.07.09

So you know, the history and evolution of the computer mouse. ms-04.06.09

So you know, 10 shirts every type nerd must own. ms-04.01.09

Sample entries from The Dictionary of American Regional English. jc-03.23.09

Just in time for March Madness, How 22 tourney-bound schools got their nicknames. ms-03.19.09

So you know. The Official Creebobby Comic Archetype Times Table. A most helpful resource. Via JSM. jc-03.19.09

Because you need to know these kinds of things and what better day to learn than St. Patrick's Day, How to open a beer with a pen. ms-03.17.09

So you know. How to make an abstract mobile. jc-03.12.09

So you know, 11 "modern" technologies that are way older than you think. ms-03.05.09

So you know, 50 of the world's best food blogs. ms-03.03.09

The periodic tables of Adobe product shortcuts. jc-03.03.09

So you know, 8 humiliating Japanese ads starring Oscar nominees. ms-02.27.09

Of course, we can't make these today what with no lights but you can, how to make shadow puppets. ms-02.27.09

How do you like your apocalyptic scenarios? Fearing a future without language, Westinghouse included a mouth map in their time capsules to re-teach people to talk. Via thingsmagazine. mj-02.26.09

So you know, What you need to know before you see the movie The Watchmen. ms-02.23.09

So you know, 30 novels worth buying for the cover alone. Via Grow a Brain. ms-02.20.09

Huh, who knew? Top 10 Common Medical Myths. Via Look at This. ms-02.19.09

So you know, How to go green and recycle your gadgets. Via Gear Crave. ms-02.19.09

Found on the way to finding something else, Circus Lingo and Hobo Lingo. jc-02.17.09

So you know. How to convert a VHS video machine to make toast, and eject it through the cassette slot. Via Boing. It's pretty cool but perhaps incorporating this would improve it a bit, especially on Sundays. jc-02.17.09

So you know, 8 weird pieces of space junk. ms-02.16.09

If you need a little help today, Fifty Lines to Woo Your Lover. ms-02.14.09

So you know, 406 Bands who Twitter. Via Gear Crave. ms-02.12.09

So you know, 101 absolutely breathtaking infrared photographs. ms-02.11.09

So you know. How to make friends by telephone. Via The DDC. jc-02.09.09

So you know, 10 things Science Fiction got wrong. ms-02.09.09

So you know, what it would cost to build a Death Star. ms-02.06.09

So you know, The histories of 10 essential gaming systems. ms-02.05.09

So you know. How CP and 37signals film customer case study videos. jc-02.04.09

Illustrated conventions and style-guide for comic book lettering. Awesome. Via John Gruber. jc-02.03.09

So you know, 27 modern speakers and sound systems. ms-02.03.09

So you know, the Name My Design Company machine will help you name your new company. Via Dirty Mouse. ms-02.02.09

So you know. How to make a very cool flipbook from video. jc-01.30.09

So you know. How to make a 3D camera for $15. Via John Nack. jc-01.26.09

So you know, a Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. ms-01.24.09

So you know. How to create wide-angle, six month exposures using a beer can and a few other simple supplies. jc-01.23.09

New year, time for a new job! So you know, how to avoid common resume mistakes. ms-01.21.09

For your reference, ⌘C ⌘V Character dw-01.21.09

Help GOOD explain the economic crisis by making the best global finance infographic. The prize of $500 might help your personal economic crisis. alw-01.16.09

So you know, a map of the underwater internet cables in the world. ms-01.16.09

Nice plates, MS, but how about two pages of Rush Fans' License Plates? By-Tor! bb-01.12.09

Check Matt Everson's Astuteo, a nice-looking web development project estimator. Alternately, you could use the patented CP approach to the problem. Guess how much time it will take and then multiply by two and add ten percent. Works every time. jc-01.12.09

So you know, 50 vanity plates that slipped by the DMV. Via Look at This. ms-01.12.09

So you know, How to keep bloggers from hating you. ms-01.08.09

So you know, an animated History of the Internet. ms-01.07.09

The Vignelli Canon as a free 50-page PDF (only partially set in Helvetica). alw-01.06.09

A few days into the new year you've probably discovered several occasions that could have used a Napkins Calendar. Via Design Feast. alw-01.06.09

"Congratulations! You now have time for lunch. (Somewhere cheap, of course.)" Michael Bierut on weathering a recession. alw-01.05.09

So you know. The Internet Pinball Machine Database. Comprehensive. Illustrated. Amazing. Thanks to Roderick of Whip & Grind. jc-01.04.09

So you know. Kurumi's field guide to interchanges and related vocabulary. Excellent. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.01.09

So you know, how New Years is celebrated around the world. Via Look at This. ms-12.31.08

So you know. How to crank up a Nerf Dart Blaster to 500 rounds per minute and add a round counter. Via Mefi. jc-12.24.08

So you know, Buzzwords for 2008. ms-12.24.08

So you know, the Top 10 most original cover bands. ms-12.19.08

There's an amazing pdf of people's design process' collected by Hugh Dubberly at [Beta] How do you design? Via eightface.com mst-12.18.08

Cam Jam. Nick's DIY helmet cam for snowboarders. jc-12.18.08

So you know, the 5 most terrifying local TV Christmas commercials . ms-12.17.08

Let's get meta on 2008 - The List of Lists mst-12.17.08

So you know, Wikipedia's List of common misconceptions. Via Cynical-C. ms-12.17.08

So you know. How to make your own 1952 fraction-of-an-inch adding machine. Via The DDC. jc-12.12.08

So you know, The history of 7 famous alcohol names. ms-12.12.08

Perhaps you're curious about physical computing - here's the start of a site from some smart folks. mst-12.12.08

The Evolution of Game Controllers in diagram form. mst-12.10.08

So you know, wonderous websites with which to waste time at work. ms-12.10.08

So you know. How the FBI wiretaps. jc-12.09.08

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Who would win? Google has figured it out. mst-12.08.08

So you know, the 20 Stupidest GI Joe Vehicles ever. Related, because they are the things I love on the internets above anything else, Eric Fensler's reworked GI Joe PSAs. ms-12.08.08

So you know. How It Works...The Computer. Found among other things. jc-12.07.08

Fro your reference, 30 inspirational business websites. You gotta be impressed when your plumber has a great website. ms-12.05.08

So you know. Bird Songs. jc-12.04.08

So you know, the story behind Hollywood studio logos. ms-12.03.08

Welcome to The Grid System, the ultimate resource in grid systems. ms-12.02.08

Meet Your Printmaker is a growing directory of print/printmaking shops around the world with a focus on the independent, the non-profit, the handmade and the unique. dw-12.01.08

So you know. How to harvest pecans and walnuts. Crazy. jc-12.01.08

So you know, 20 brilliant kinetic typography videos. ms-11.25.08

So you know, the top 25 days in computing history. Via DRB. ms-11.24.08

So you know, 29 brilliant music videos. ms-11.17.08

So you know, Gizmodo gives us their 20 essential iPhone apps. ms-11.15.08

Fictional doomsday devices. Related and previously noted, how to destroy the earth. jc-11.13.08

So you know, when a post starts with "so you know" more often than not it winds up in our Reference Materials Categorical Archive. Think of it as a user manual for the really important things in life where you can learn how to track your fingers in the air using a Wii remote or make an advanced papercraft R2-D2 or a gasoline powered soda bottle rocket launcher. Or something simpler like how to how to open a champagne bottle with a sabre or destroy the earth. jc-11.11.08

So you know. Michael Caine on how to act in films, in six parts. Via Daily Green Cine. jc-11.11.08

So you know, how to make a cake in a mug. ms-11.11.08

For your inspiration, 50 examples of a great redesign. ms-11.06.08

So you know. Ask the Astronomer. jc-11.05.08

Was hoping to run across something like this: scans of today's front pages. sd-11.05.08

So you know, a brief illustrated history of voting. ms-11.04.08

Hue discusses the very recent concept of "red states" and "blue states," which just sort of stuck around after 2000's election and never went away. sd-11.03.08

So you know. How to pronounce all the words in the world. Via VSL. jc-11.01.08

Infographic of the moment: Do Graphic Designers Have Tattoos? sd-10.27.08

For your inspiration, a Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase. ms-10.27.08

So you know. How to shoot time-lapse photography. Via the greyscalegorilla. jc-10.24.08

So you know, 23 cool interaction design concepts. ms-10.23.08

So you know, a visual history of 11 successful blogs. Via Gawker. ms-10.21.08

There is no mention that "It's helpful to watch a few minutes of Oprah, check Twitter and have some toast before getting to work on that RFP," but A List Apart readers do have some other tips for working from home. jc-10.21.08

So you know. How to get from here to there without being seen by surveillance cameras. Check the video for an overview. jc-10.21.08

So you know, five key design trends. ms-10.21.08

And now, a brief history of the shoe-fitting fluoroscope. ms-10.20.08

So you know, how to make a Cylon jack-o-lantern. ms-10.18.08

"7. All tools, weapons, or mechanical conveniences must be obtained from the Acme Corporation." Chuck Jones' rules for Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. See also, The Cartoon Laws of Physics. jc-10.17.08

Steve Lodefink's Project Cornelius, a most excellent home-made Halloween costume project. jc-10.13.08

Peacay on Comparative Perspectives, Heights of Mountains, Lengths of Rivers. Gorgeous. jc-10.13.08

Some examples of retro and vintage in modern web design. ms-10.13.08

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Cabel Sasser's pixelated and letterpressed wedding design. Totally fab. Congrats. jc-10.08.08

How long has this been in the refrigerator? ms-10.07.08

Open N.Y.'s terrific The Measure of a President infographic for the NY Times. sd-10.06.08

Love this! So you know, how to make an inverted bookshelf. ms-10.03.08

So you know, 10 simple things you can do to improve your writing. ms-10.02.08

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to you. Get a start on your way out the door by checking out these great job boards for web designers and programmers. ms-09.30.08

So you know, how to upgrade your vintage moped. ms-09.25.08

A chain of bobolinks, a mumuration of starlings, a skulk of foxes and a passel of other collective nouns. jc-09.23.08

So you know. How to use the Mechanical Turk for cheap, easy audio transcription. jc-09.23.08

So you know. Twists, Slugs and Roscoes, a glossary of hardboiled slang that rates. jc-09.22.08

For your inspiration, 100 design book covers. ms-09.22.08

Johnny Chung Lee on how to track your fingers in the air (a la Minority Report) using the Wii remote. More discussion and ideas here. jc-09.17.08

A workbook for graphic design. ahl-09.11.08

So you know, the evolution of national flags. ms-09.10.08

In case you need it, inspiration for your graphs and diagrams. ahl-09.09.08

So you know. How to remember names and faces. Edward Stoddard, 1958. jc-09.08.08

So you know, the biggest and heaviest tanks in history. ms-09.04.08

So you know, the 100 oldest companies in the world. ms-09.03.08

For your inspiration, a collection of blue logos. ms-08.28.08

Is blood, a bucket of diamonds or a bunch of marijuana worth its weight in gold? The monetary density of things, via Boing Boing. se-08.27.08

So you know, build your own mid century modern birdhouse. ms-08.26.08

So you know, How to get rid of things. ms-08.22.08

Mess around with interactive mathematical visualizations at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Interesting stuff, and hey - who can resist Polyhedral Koalas? se-08.19.08

Wired has 10 green concept cars that are waaaayy out there. ms-08.18.08

So you know, the 25 worst game shows of all time. ms-08.18.08

So you know, some really great letterhead designs. ms-08.15.08

So you know, the top ten stinky cheeses in the world. ms-08.13.08

Sizes May Vary, A Workbook For Graphic Design by Mark Boyce. Looks great, click through the photos. Cha-ching. jc-08.12.08

So you know. The Cheech & Chong Stock Market Indicator by Kevin Depew. jc-08.12.08

For your inspiration, some truly amazing guitar art and decoration. ms-08.12.08

So you know, the design history of the Olympic torch. ms-08.08.08

For your inspiration, some great examples of creative navigation. ms-08.07.08

So you know, five times Crayola fired their crayons. ms-08.01.08

For your inspiration, a collection of lovely minimalist websites. ms-08.01.08

For your inspiration, 58 wonderfully cute illustrated monsters. ms-07.31.08

For your inspiration, 7 visually stunning music videos. ms-07.30.08

Brush up on your geek speak, 10 things you should know about the internet. ms-07.30.08

Who are you? The 2008 A List Apart survey for people who make websites is mandatory. jc-07.29.08

So you know, six vacation photos that can kill you. ms-07.29.08

So you know, 20 album covers recreated in Lego. ms-07.28.08

So you know, a small design study of big blogs. ms-07.27.08

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon the Wall by Henry Bursill, 1859. jc-07.25.08

So you know, how to take a web head shot. ms-07.25.08

For your inspiration, let's get horizontal. ms-07.23.08

For your inspiration, here are some really great examples of table of contents. ms-07.22.08

So you know, the largest compass rose on earth. ms-07.21.08

We don't always buy a book to use what's in it. What's the quickest way to find a document that might be available at a library? WorldCat's your ticket. Enter your search term and you'll get a list of all libraries holding it, radiating from your indicated location. It also has a handy citation format generator. lch-07.19.08

For your inspiration, a collection of great looking design galleries. ms-07.18.08

Cool, so you know, six of the most illuminated buildings on earth. ms-07.17.08

For your inspiration, 25 inspiring designs by land, sea, and air. ms-07.15.08

Great collection of really creative 404 pages. ms-07.14.08

For your inspiration, some really unforgettable advertisements. ms-07.11.08

Dear Lulu is a test book produced by graphic design students at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. "...a calibration document for testing colour, pattern, format, texture and typography." Great idea, much needed. Via JSM. jc-07.10.08

For your inspiration, nice collection of creative advertising campaigns. ms-07.10.08

For your inspiration, wonderfully simple logo designs. ms-07.09.08

So you know, some really excellent bicycle designs. ms-07.07.08

So you know. How to create, cut and print from your own woodblocks. Via Glass. jc-07.02.08

For your inspiration, a nice collection of outstanding character illustrations in modern web design. ms-06.30.08

For your inspiration, the beauty of 3D typography. ms-06.26.08

So you know. The skinny on water-transfer decals. Via The DDC. jc-06.25.08

In a creative rut? Check out some places to get design inspiration. ms-06.25.08

Very clever, how to safely board a train that won't stop. ms-06.25.08

So you know, 50+ kickass logos for inspiration. ms-06.24.08

For your inspiration, really great poster designs. ms-06.23.08

So you know, 2008 web design trends. ms-06.20.08

So you know. From a communique with Kaiser Greiner, "A title is a prefix or suffix added to a person's name to signify either veneration, an official position or a professional or academic qualification." jc-06.20.08

"Be professional. No matter how badly your day may be going, you always want to look like you love selling lemonade and that the lemonade business is booming. Customers don't want to hear about your problems, they want lemonade." How to compete with other lemonade stands. ms-06.19.08

So you know, web design books worthy of your collection. ms-06.19.08

So you know, 99 extraordinary, creative and unusual uses for ordinary and everyday objects. Via DRB. ms-06.18.08

Related to the last. "I've modded a Lego stormtrooper minifig so that when a tiny button is pushed a LED in the helmet will light up using one 1.4 volt battery." jc-06.16.08

So you know, How to make an advanced papercraft R2-D2, emphasis on "advanced." jc-06.16.08

For your inspiration, a nice collection of incredibly creative flash websites. ms-06.16.08

For your inspiration, a great collection of dark website designs. ms-06.11.08

So you know, the top 40 publicity stunts. ms-06.10.08

So you know, the 10 deepest lakes on Earth. ms-06.06.08

So you know, top 10 scientists killed or injured by their experiments. Better to stick with the baking soda volcanoes. ms-06.06.08

So you know. How to make a gasoline powered soda bottle rocket launcher. jc-06.04.08

So you know, some examples of really beautiful and expressive packaging design. ms-06.03.08

"My fiancee bought this book for me back when I was in that 'esoteric/vintage instructional material book collecting' phase most young men go through in their early twenties." A Boy's Treasury of Things-to-do. Via Monoscope. jc-06.03.08

So you know, 9 lamest James Bond villains. ms-05.30.08

So you know. How to make needlepoint drink coasters with adaptations of your favorite railroad heralds for friends and yourself. Via The DDC. jc-05.29.08

So you know, how to make the worst website ever. ms-05.28.08

So you know, a nice lineup of cool coming soon pages. ms-05.27.08

So you know. How much is inside? jc-05.22.08

So you know, the 7 types of bad bosses according to Star Trek (and how to survive them). ms-05.22.08

So you know, some great examples of graffiti writing and graffiti street art. ms-05.22.08

The history of the color wheel. jc-05.20.08

So you know, how to make a handbag out of a recycled book. ms-05.20.08

So you know, 7 of the coolest fire stations on earth. ms-05.20.08

For your reference, 100 must read books; The essential man's library. ms-05.19.08

So you know, 10 handwritten logo designs. ms-05.16.08

How to make a disco ball with CDs, perform headtracking using the Wii remote, disappear, not be seen, win at Monopoly, destroy the Earth and make a 3D displacement scanner from Legos and Milk. jc-05.15.08

Annotated listing of useful movie sites. jc-05.15.08

So you know, 20 well designed e-commerce websites. ms-05.15.08

Do you need to know how to do something or how to find something obscure? You could do worse than our Reference Materials Archives. So you know, you know. jc-05.14.08

So you know. Information Design Patterns from Christian Behrens' Masters Thesis at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. jc-05.14.08

So you know. The electromagnetic spectrum according to xkcd. jc-05.13.08

So you know, a timeline of recording technology. Found among other things. jc-04.28.08

"If you've tried to offset your feelings of dread at blogging with chemical substances, including but not limited to: beer, whiskey, jelly beans, sleeping pills, black beauties or anti-depressants but have found no solace in any of them, you may be in a 'blog hole.'" A public service pamphlet from The Nonist. jc-04.23.08

So you know. How to edit a film. Via GreenCine Daily. jc-04.23.08

Infomercantile has collected a fascinating set of org charts from 20th Century Fox in the 40's. Clipped from Quipped. jc-04.18.08

So you know. Some printable paper rulers. jc-04.11.08

"Effectively coordinated the placement and inversion of gourmet beef patties on extensive grill surface." So you know. Tiny Gigantic on how to write a resume and cover letter. jc-04.08.08

So you know. The hand signals used on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. jc-04.07.08

So you know. Variety's Slanguage Dictionary. Via John August. jc-04.04.08

Found on the way to finding something else. A listing of fictional United States Presidents including our greatest leader-in-crisis. jc-03.17.08

So you know. How to make hybrid plush toys. jc-03.17.08

"...above all else that one side of the cloth always has tension and the other side will be the slack or relaxed side." So you know. How To Draw Folds. jc-03.14.08

So you know. How to create advertising that sells. By David Ogilvy. Via the Cartoonist. jc-03.05.08

So you know. How to find the ark in the game "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Illustrated. jc-02.29.08

So you know. How to build a tilt-shift lens for your SLR using an old bicycle inner tube. jc-02.17.08

"On this date in 1649, the struggle between parliament and crown cost the Stuart monarch Charles I his head." From Jason Zanon's invaluable Executed Today weblog. jc-01.30.08

So you know. How to make a colorful masques pour le Mardi Gras. Via Agence Eureka. jc-01.30.08

So you know. Edward Tufte sounds like Gene Simmons. jc-01.29.08

The New York Public Library's digital gallery has over 600,000 images online. Tons to look at but maybe start with the collection of Russian and Ukrainian posters from 1917-1921. ms-01.17.08

So you know. How to make your own photobooth. Via Frances and Judy. jc-01.16.08

So you know. The podcasting equipment guide from Mr. Benjamin. jc-01.14.08

So you know. How to fabricate a radio vacuum tube using a Swiss army knife and a blowtorch. Cooler than it sounds. Much cooler. jc-01.09.08

So you know. How to make a disco ball with old CDs. jc-01.09.08

So you know. How to make a papercraft space pirate skull (pdf). Found with other skull stuff at strange|beautiful. jc-01.08.08

So you know. How to perform head tracking and create a desktop virtual reality display using a Wii remote. Whoa. More very cool stuff from Johnny Lee. Via Mike Arauz. jc-12.22.07

So you know. How to make a super-sweet run of tote bags, screen printed using Gocco with an awesome bloody-looking hand on them. In words and pictures. jc-12.21.07

"In a bid to increase the quality and quantity of graffiti, The Fakeproject Corporation of America has issued a coloring book, free of charge, which allows graffiti artists to practice their tags before application in a real world situation." Via Joey. jc-12.20.07

So you know. How to disappear in America without a trace and also how not to be seen. jc-12.19.07

So you know. How to make a spinning Christmas LED wreath. Video. Via c77. jc-12.17.07

Related to the last, 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio and 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio. sd-12.17.07

Photobooth Locator. Yup. jc-12.13.07

So you know. The Four Essential Travel Phrases in 435 languages. Via Mefi. jc-12.11.07

So you know. How to Print B&W Photos. "For some of you this may be a refresher, for others this might be a totally killer new way of life." jc-12.10.07

So you know. How to make cupcakes even more awesome. jc-12.07.07

So you know. How to Blow Up a Star. jc-12.06.07

So you know. How to make a hot tub for less than $100. Via Make. jc-11.27.07

Gorgeous interiors of the offices of Alvin Lustig. Just a small part of this beautiful and comprehensive site devoted to the seminal designer. jc-11.27.07

So you know. How to wn at Monopoly with supporting probabilities. jc-11.09.07

So you know. How to make Blu-Ray Laser Phaser. Man, if you had one of these to go with it, you'd be set. Via Boing. jc-11.08.07

So you know. Aspect ratios and useable image areas of 35mm and 70mm motion picture prints. jc-11.07.07

So you know. From Life Without Building's mailbox, How to work "I'm an architect" into casual conversation. jc-11.05.07

So you know. jc-11.02.07

So you know. Because Finkbuilt can never leave well-enough alone, how to make your own dueling Lightsabers, version 2.0. jc-11.01.07

47 is the quintessential random number. Via Shoepal. jc-10.31.07

The World Clock Project, a community-powered timepiece from Iridesco. jc-10.30.07

So you know. Beef made easy. jc-10.30.07

So you know. How to make a floating, ghostly skull. Via Boing. jc-10.19.07

Icastic has assembled a large group of sketches portraying how individuals visualize time. Via Infosthetics. jc-10.17.07

Periodic table of brand evolution terms. Via Information Aesthetics bm-10.15.07

So you know, How to build your own "projection bombing" rig. jc-10.09.07


I'm thinking about making these at my 7-year old's birtHDay party and I just had a blast browsing for materials at the best retail store in Chicago, maybe in the galaxy. jc-10.02.07

The Cartoonist uncovers scanned downloadable versions of the UK Highway Code from 1931, '46, and '54. jc-10.02.07

So you know. The anatomy of credit card numbers. Found among other things. jc-09.26.07

So you know, how to make two lightsabers in two minutes. jc-09.17.07

Non-Errors: "Those usages people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English." jc-09.13.07

So you know, A Non-Comprehensive Guide to Hopping Freight Trains. jc-09.11.07

So you know, How to cover a textbook. Sent in by David, who would have stopped by for a free 20pack today except that it's a bit of a hike from Eden Prarie MN. jc-09.07.07

So you know. How to make rheopectic slime in 15 minutes. jc-09.06.07

So you know. How to Make & Throw the Aussie Magic. jc-09.06.07

So you know. How to survive in the city, from the soul-brother handshake to a bluff to deter thieves. Found among other things. jc-08.31.07

No. 2 in Steve Lodefink's BelAir series of retro-feel homebuilt AV equipment. Just great, especially the "ruby red Fender amp indicator jewel." Don't miss No. 1 in the series, the RetroVision 2000 AV Cabinet. jc-08.20.07

So you know. How to unmask anonymous Wikipedia edits by interesting organizations. Also, see John Borland's Wired article. jc-08.14.07

World Clock. Thanks ATR. jc-08.13.07

A handy (though probably oversimplified) table of 2008 Presidential candidates' positions on popular issues. bb-08.08.07

So you know. How to act like David Blaine and change a cup of hot coffee into a cup full of coins. jc-08.02.07

Mike B. writes, "Here are more instructions for making your own Pixelator. Totally doing this this weekend." Beware of the embedded music btw. jc-08.02.07

Mike Langley of YipYop made a Pixelator too. jc-08.02.07

"Inspired during a game of 'Don't Break the Ice' with my daughter, I used 12 sets of the game to create a 15x24 grid of cubes. This was set into a custom hardwood frame. When placed in front of a television set, the animated pixelation effect is mezmerizing." jc-08.02.07

The dashed line in use. Via xBlog. jc-08.02.07

The Internet Movie Car Database. Awesome. Search by car (Yugo, Velocette, Messerschmitt) or film (The Italian Job [1969], American Graffiti) bb-08.01.07

So you know. How to draw a car in MS Paint. jc-07.31.07

Compared to MS's method, I suppose this is a bit more comprehensive (yawn) approach to cleaning your keyboard. But really, what fun is it without the RinseCam 9000? jc-07.27.07

So you know. How to buy a big, honking lens and turn it into an opaque projector. jc-07.25.07

So you know. Common Color Names for Easy Reference. jc-07.25.07

The Items We Carry. Via The DDC. jc-07.24.07

Fall of Autumn Filmstrip: Letterpress Printing. Found among a collection of other videos on classic printing technology at Design & Typo. jc-07.24.07

Doing some research for a client on waste reduction strategies - popular suggestion is composting with worms. Here's how. Man, that's a lot of worms. tw-07.19.07

"The Tiger 1 was a complex and expensive machine, prone to break down in places where repair or even retrieval might be impossible... a manual written by soldiers might be an easier read than the dull booklets authored by the manufacturers." jc-07.15.07

So you know. how to make an RGB color controllable high power LED room. jc-07.13.07

Mark Poyser make diagrams of things that usually don't get diagrammed. jc-07.11.07

So you know. How to make Matchbook Books. jc-07.10.07

Grey cars in three-quarters view against an infinity sweep. Via c77. jc-07.09.07

So you know. How to make tiny soldiers out of bits of colored wire. jc-07.06.07

"Every library has at least one librarian who is a graphic novel enthusiast. This person will argue vehemently for a new graphic novel collection for your library. Give him a paltry budget to spend each year just to shut him up. It will be money well spent." A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette. jc-07.06.07

So you know. Photobooth locations worldwide. jc-06.26.07

I first saw design historian Steven Heller speak back around 1994 or so, in Columbus, Ohio – but you can listen to him any time thanks to his page of lecture and radio podcasts. bk-06.20.07

Canon's Virtual Lens Plant tour. Via Laughing Squid. jc-06.14.07

Doing research for perhaps our stupidest experiment ever, (coming very soon) I found some excellent design references in this collection of hi-resolution graphic files of laundry care instruction symbols. jc-06.14.07

"Once you've made your images inaccessible, make yourself inaccessible." How not to display your artwork on the web. jc-06.14.07

You can judge a book by its cover. Just don't forget to open it up and enjoy the insides too, which is just what Book By Its Cover does -- with beauty and brevity. bk-06.06.07

So you know. How to make a 3D displacement scanner from Legos and Milk. More at New Scientist. jc-06.04.07

The University of Minnesota has put together a detailed timeline of the history of mediated communication (starting in 45,000 B.C.E.) as part of its Media History Project. bk-06.01.07

So you know. How to make a micrometeorite collection rig. Via Finkbuilt. jc-06.01.07

So you know. How to destroy the Earth. If you're like me you'll want to bookmark the handy "Current Earth-Destruction Status." jc-05.22.07

Seven ways to live in a closet. vp-05.17.07

So you know. How to create a gangster bankroll. jc-05.14.07

12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know. Via Ample Sanity. vp-05.12.07

So you know. Conrad's Proof Correction Marks reference card. jc-05.11.07

So you know. The 100 oldest dot com domains. vp-05.10.07

So you know. How to make Death Star Subwoofer. jc-05.09.07

So you know. Points to Pixels. Via Make Ready. jc-03.22.07

"It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have the shiny side pointing out." An effective, low-cost solution for combating mind-control. Surprisingly, this concept was not included in the Alcoa Book of Decorations, but I'm thinking that the kid at the top of this page is fairly safe. jc-03.22.07

#FFD800. jc-03.21.07

So you know. How to make an Ultra TV-B-Gone. Useful and mighty fun at Best Buy too I imagine. jc-03.21.07

1969 IBM flowcharting manual as a pdf. Sweet. jc-03.15.07

Cotton Candy Hammer's photoset of ephemera on the Amanita Muscaria, aka hallucinogenic toadstool. jc-03.15.07

Just a reminder, there may be a quicker way to find where a specific zip code is located but there isn't a cooler looking one than Ben Fry's. jc-03.14.07

So you know. How to observe cosmic rays by building your own cloud chamber. "Warning : Dry ice and isopropanol can be dangerous!" Via Plep. jc-03.01.07

So you know. How to turn an IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard into a functioning artifact from an alternative age. Via La Petite Claudine. jc-02.26.07

Ooooh. Art of the Explosion, Pyrotechnics and Fireworks. An educational resource from The Kennedy Center. The "create your own" feature is fab. Site by Hello. jc-02.23.07

So you know. Fifteen ways to do a book. Via WorkGroup. jc-02.22.07

"Ever felt that LEDs are a little 'cold' or 'plasticky'? Do you yearn for that warm, comforting glow that only ionized gas behind glass can provide?" So you know. How to build a nixie-tube clock. jc-02.19.07

After feeding my Martini tutorial into the Topicalizer, "the tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation," it suggested the following keywords: "violent shaking will" and "smallest variation can." Sounds about right. Thanks Geoff. jc-02.16.07

So you know. A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions of sleep. Find yours. Via Witold. jc-02.16.07

So you know. Places to watch TV for free online. jc-02.15.07

An interesting information design problem answered as the visual equivalent of a VisCom thesis. Macro Girl's Wordless Pancake Recipe. Via jc-02.13.07

So you know. Illustrated instructions on how to make a casebound book. jc-02.12.07

So you know. How to build a sweet, modern ceiling light panel. jc-02.08.07

So you know. How to make your family photos look like those creepy Schwab commercials. Via Airbag. jc-02.02.07

So you know. What all those buttons in a Boeing 777 flightdeck are for. So awesome. jc-02.01.07

So you know. How to shoot infrared photography with a Digital SLR. jc-01.26.07

So you know. Double-Tongued defines the phrase "barmuda triangle" as "a concentration of bars or nightclubs." In Chicago, the passé but popular area bordered by Division, Rush and State, where salesmen and conventioneers congregate, is known as The Viagra Triangle. jc-01.25.07

So you know. "How to get frustrated and waste your time" while creating a poster showing every book you've ever read. Via Grow a Brain. jc-01.24.07

So you know. Video of stars and planets in scale. jc-01.16.07

So you know. How not to get a job at a Dubai creative studio. Via The Cartoonist. jc-01.11.07

So you know. How to turn a video billboard into public art. Via Rightbrainterrain. jc-01.11.07

So you know. The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon by I. Amidror. Fascinating. Via 7090. jc-01.09.07

So you know. How to open champagne with a sabre. jc-12.30.06

So you know. How to make a 78rpm record if you're Duke Ellington. jc-12.22.06

So you know. How to hack a Doodle Dome. Via Waxy. jc-12.21.06

The gothic forms are bands, flags, scrolls or sheets of paper. The Evolution of Speechballoons. Via Make Ready. jc-12.19.06

So you know. How to make a tablet computer from a PowerBook. Cool. Via Khoi. jc-12.12.06

The Visual Dictionary. se-12.12.06

So you know. How to build the 'Manta' paper plane. Tested and approved. Via The Other Blog. jc-12.04.06

So you know. How to make a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. jc-12.04.06

So you know. Potato Harvester Safety. jc-12.01.06

Related to the last. How to create a panorama. jc-11.29.06

So you know. How to use furoshiki, courtesy of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. jc-11.28.06

"It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have the shiny side pointing out." So you know. How to make an aluminum foil deflector beanie, an effective, low-cost solution to combatting mind-control. jc-11.15.06

It's no suprise that a site that curates a Museum of Museums would find this Timeline of Timelines irresistible. jc-11.15.06

So you know. How to stitch and bind a small square book. Via Make Ready. jc-11.09.06

The Book of Ratings: B+. jc-11.07.06

So you know. How to Make a Hollow Book. jc-11.03.06

Zip Code Stats. Like it says. Browse by zip to see lots of economic and demographic information. Interesting, but sources are not disclosed. jc-10.31.06

Cool video step-by-step on Photoshop retouching techniques. More from the creator, Rodrigo Bressane, here. Via Haha. jc-10.27.06

Le Langage des Lignes is a sweet little French drawing instruction book from 1933 and Agence Eureka. jc-10.25.06

So you know. How to move an 83 foot tall, 320 ton granite obelisk, in 1586. jc-10.18.06

Added to the tools bookmarks, a handy chart for matching Pantone, CMYK, RGB and Hex. Nothing beats your eye however, read the cautionary intro and calibrate your monitor once in a while. jc-10.17.06

So you know. Why the U.S. standard paper size 8.5 x 11. Found among other things. jc-10.11.06

"The definitive reference manual to the global photographic coverage of the Moon." jc-10.09.06

At the risk of turning today into a basic physics lecture, here's the world's simplest motor. jc-10.06.06

So you know. How Freddie C. gets her circles so neat. jc-10.05.06

So you know. How to make aluminum foil. Via c77. jc-09.27.06

So you know. Disarming a gunman. Via The Nonist. jc-09.26.06

"Just added a short video showing the vinegar grenade" plus other projects requiring, at the very least, adult supervision. Dangerously Fun. jc-09.18.06

So you know. How to make a magnetic acrylic Rubik's Cube. jc-09.15.06

So you know. How to speak like a 19th Century, Lower-Class Brit. Via Daily Jive. jc-09.12.06

Not sure why you'd need this but it's here if you do. The Fake Name Generator. jc-09.11.06

"Be sure to use your thimble so that you do not stab yourself with the needle." So you know. How to make a journal. Via Make Ready. jc-09.11.06

Orange Yeti picks up on our earlier link to a Freemason tutorial and follows with the very helpful The Structure of Freemasonary. I'm not all that ambitious but "Knight of the Brazen Serpent" would sure look good on a business card. jc-09.07.06

So you know. How to become a Freemason. Via GaB. jc-09.07.06

J. Walter has made a bit of a move recently, sneaking past Leo for fourth in the highly-coveted "most popular in agency rankings." At least that's what it looks like in our rear-view mirror. jc-08.11.06

We're 22 years past Orwell's 1984, maybe it's time for some new terminology? jc-08.11.06

The politically incorrect alphabet, a most excellent and beautifully designed project by Mark Jones. jc-07.31.06

572 scanned plates from Professor Dr. Otto William Thomé's The Flora of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, around 1900. jc-07.28.06

So you know. Don't ask for smurfhats when what you really want is gorilla biscuits. jc-07.26.06

How to make a ring from a coin. Via Shoepal. jc-07.26.06

So you know. A list of company name etymologies. Via MDN. jc-07.24.06

Polaroid Transfer Tutorial. Again via Roderick. jc-07.19.06

So you know. "Costumed athlete: An adventurer in sartorial splendor who has no enhanced abilities or superpowers." Comic World Lingo. jc-07.19.06

The Big Religion Comparison Chart is a fairly successful attempt to summarize all the complexities of religions and belief systems into tiny little boxes... jc-07.11.06

So you know. Long, detailed, illustrated tutorial on exactly how to create an oil painting of a still life including a skull, a nude, an apple, black roses and a pistol. jc-07.11.06

So you know. Barcodepedia is a community-based online database of, well, bardcodes. jc-07.07.06

So you know, or at least so Erika Mustermann does. Informal names for unknown or unspecified persons in various countries/regions, aka John Doe. Via The Nonist. jc-07.05.06

So you know. How to make an Origami Water Bomb. Via Make Ready. jc-06.27.06

Make a paper turntable. Via Firewheel. jc-06.26.06

List of axioms named after people. For example. Stigler's Law which says that "no scientific discovery, not even Stigler's law, is named after its original discoverer." jc-06.23.06

So you know. Step-by-step for the Turkish map fold. Via Make Ready. jc-06.22.06

Sundial 2.74. 12 LCD screens, hung in a circle. Each displays a current shot from one of 12 cameras aimed at the sky and positioned at intervals around the globe. jc-06.19.06

So you know. Everything about dye transfer printing. jc-06.14.06

So you know. The ink corrosion website. jc-06.12.06

"Tired of taking a screen shot, starting up Photoshop, using the eyedropper and finally clicking the color box to copy the hex code?" Yep. jc-06.10.06

So you know. How to Run up a Wall and Flip. Via Stan. jc-06.09.06

While Mike Wachs "applauds our link to better laundering he is still left to wonder what our readers will do when they find themselves needing symbols [PDF] for manure export, dune buggies, and sea anemones." jc-06.08.06

So you know. How Vinyl Records Are Made Part 1. Of course we knew all this when we made the vinyls for Dead Can Dance. jc-05.30.06

"Greeking" or using Latin text, usually starting with the phrase Lorem Ipsum dolor, is a method to hold space for the actual copy when creating an initial layout. I prefer to grab real text from literature instead. That way maybe I'll learn something along the way. Of course there are other ways to deal with this situation too. jc-05.26.06

Today's version of the link below. Make this mad scientist's light. jc-05.15.06

1950's do-it-yourself projects from Popular Mechanics. Via TMN. jc-05.15.06

Kevin Kelly discusses the literary fate, technical strategy, and long-term consequences of scanning and digitizing every printed book: NYT Magazine. gm-05.14.06

Quick tutorial on Prototype Product Packaging in Photoshop CS2 by creativebits. dw-05.10.06

So you know. Under Flywheel Coil Gapping and other information from The Lawn Mower Repair Man. Found while Presurfing. jc-05.09.06

So you know, Squoval. jc-05.04.06

Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge. "Check in with an expert: half-hour for 1€." Great idea from a previous MobileAcademy. This year's is in Warsaw. jc-04.29.06

Swiss Graphic Design : The Origins and Growth of an International Style 1920-1965 by Richard Ellis. Cha ching. Via Subtraction. jc-04.28.06

Relink for those of you who prefer a little cool with their zip code location requests. jc-04.24.06

Sweet little apps that do stuff. Stripemaker. Collage Machine. BitfontMaker. jc-04.24.06

On this date in 1928, the final volume of the first edition of the OED was published. The whole great story is beautifully told in Simon Winchester's The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary. jc-04.19.06

Doing some research for a client and needed to look at every possible baseball term, phrase, lingo, etc. and happened upon the fantastic: Baseball Dictionary and Thesaurus. Even if you know the game, there's probably something new and interesting you'll find. sd-03.31.06

The Visual Language of Scouting. Via Evenings. sd-03.28.06

Happy to say I mght need to do some translating during the next week. jc-03.27.06

The Vatican's secret archives, and how many people have visited them. Nice to see they're using Macs. Via Plep. jc-03.08.06

"To the average person, the stray shopping cart is most often thought of as a signifier of urban blight or as an indicator of a consumer society gone too far. Unfortunately, the acceptance of these oversimplified designations has discouraged any serious examination of the stray shopping cart phenomenon." Via Shoepal. jc-03.06.06

George Hurst's Colour, 1900 and Mungo Ponton's The Material Universe, 1863. Both from Chris Mullen's Small Collection of Books on Colour. Via Bezembinder's. jc-03.06.06

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Complete. jc-03.02.06

Bills of fare. Over 5,000 menus at the NYPL Digital Gallery, beginning with the oldest items in the collection from 1851. jc-02.27.06

So you know. Real-time, computer-generated illustration of the earth's patterns of sunlight, darkness, and cloud cover based on current weather satellite data. Plus how it works. jc-02.21.06

Double-Tongued Word Wrester. A dictionary of old and new worlds from the fringes of English. Very headsy. Via Anil. jc-02.21.06

Hex Color Picker allows you to get (and edit) the hexadecimal HTML and CSS code for a color in the standard Mac OS X color panel. jc-02.19.06

Greetings From Earth. jc-02.15.06

So you know. Tracing An Email. jc-02.15.06

Let's get tricky with it. Stylish fun with Zippo lighters. Via Lileks. jc-02.15.06

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue for all you bacon-faced, niffynaffy fellows. Via Transbuddha. sd-02.14.06

Funny, my three kids' crayon collection looks exactly like this. jc-02.14.06

Perfect for today. The Dumpster, animated infographic presentation of why, according to weblogs, she dumped him or vice-versa. Via Infosthetics. jc-02.14.06

So you know. How an action figure is made. And how lots of other stuff is made too. Via the Presurfer. jc-02.03.06

So you know. How Satellites Work. jc-01.23.06

Time to head home for the holidays, visit the family, answer computer questions. Via TMN. se-12.20.05

Color Cell. Color Schemer. Color Harmonies. Color Schemes by Photographs. From Marshall. And of course, Color Me Kubrick. jc-12.16.05

"To get started, choose a preferred color using the color picker below, and a 6-color matching palette (a 'blend') will be automatically calculated." Feels like cheating, but works. jc-12.15.05

I Will Knot with simple demos. Via Swissmiss. jc-12.14.05

Aviation nerd fun, I'm listening to the JFK Tower Air Traffic Control in iTunes right now live. The coolest part is people near the airports are volunteering to pick up the signals through a police scanners and hosting the feeds. Via Clicked. jc-12.13.05

Calls for entries, events, deadlines and other practical matters for artists. Calling Marcel, from the Artkrush crew. jc-12.06.05

Take a virtual tour of the "Rivers, Edens, and Empires: Lewis & Clark and the Revealing of America" exhibit at the Library of Congress. ms-11.01.05

Helpful. The English-to-American Dictionary. jc-10.19.05

How to design a National Parks Service sign. mf-10.11.05

The Design Encyclopedia: A growing, collaborative resource that describes, tracks and explains culture, commerce, politics, media, sports, brands - everything possible, really - through design. tr-09.23.05

The Compulsive Guide to International Postal Addresses, or Why It Doesn't Matter That 40% Of Irish Addresses Are Not Unique. jw-09.13.05

Whether you visit Japan as a tourist or as a businessman - there'll be many occasions for you to drop a brick! To avoid the most common mistakes, see the three chapters of How-to-bow.com and learn about the Japanese etiquette. tr-09.13.05

Idea Generation Methods. Via XPlane. tr-09.07.05

OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. tr-09.07.05

New Visual Thesaurus Feature: Email a 'word map'! Look up a word, then hit the Email button on the top! tr-09.06.05

Resources for the Design Entrepreneur. tr-09.06.05

Napkin Folding 101. tr-09.06.05

Great big resource on color terminology and minutia, including "Cultural Variations in the Meaning of Colors." Via Swissmiss. jc-08.29.05

Find A Grave. jc-08.24.05

The Book of Kells. sp-08.04.05

Perhaps you have a folder of bookmarks that you might need someday when solving a case of international corporate espionage. If so, you should add this to the list. jc-05.19.05

An excellent resource on relief shading. Some beautiful examples too. Via Evenings on the Lake. sd-02.04.05

Of course anyone with money can just go out and buy a new Leica or Zeiss camera. But the beauty of these objects is they last several lifetimes. So I suggest you buy used. But how will you know which one to buy? Simple, read the several hundred page Leica FAQ run by Andrew Nemeth. mr-02.01.05

Any Black and White film (there are still over 100 different emulsions available) and any developer (over 100 of those as well). Push 1 stop or 2 or 3, Pull 1 stop or 2, Full Strength, 50% dilution, 33% dilution...no matter, you'll find the exact time and temperature to soak it in the Massive Development Chart, a brilliant reference tool that eliminates endless hours of discussion while encouraging almost reckless experimentation. mr-01.30.05

We're off to "the endangered species capital of the world" next month to see firsthand the source material for Remains of a Rainbow, a luscious collection of "portraits" of the endangered plants and animals of Hawai'i by David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton, two ex-Avedon assistants who bring a studio photographer's sensibility into nature with amazing finesse. mr-01.29.05

Whenever I am overwhelmed by numbers that are too large to comprehend, I turn back to Brian Fawcett's entertaining but disturbing Cambodia: a Book for People who find Television Too Slow. Written before the w3, it is a reminder that we were once fearful of what the information society could become. Has it? Are we still? mr-01.19.05

Mark your calendar. World Water Day is coming March 22. To get in the mood, immerse yourself in Houston's Fotofest 2004 which, in case you missed it, was all about --surprise-- water. mr-01.11.05

One of the better compilations I've seen about fresh water is from Canada, whose vast water supply we surely plan to tap (take, steal) once we run out. Notice in the section on Properties of Water they conveniently point out that Brazil has two and a half times more freshwater than Canada. mr-01.08.05

"Some of my colleagues make the error of trying to be reasonable, Floyd. Objectivity is the greatest threat to the United States today." David Brower to Floyd Dominy in John McPhee's Encounters with the ArcHDruid (1971 - but more relevant today than ever). One of my two favorite books on any topic, excerpted here. The other being Cadillac Desert which should change your assumptions about ... well, just about everything by the time you're through. mr-01.06.05

Time's Men Of the Year, all the covers since Chuck Lindbergh was so named in 1927. Not all of them were heroes, take note. bb-12.20.04

A gallery of warning signs from the stick-figure world. Thanks Life in the Image World! rch-11.09.04

Mapped Pictures, a draft chapter from Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence. Via xBlog. rch-11.08.04

The archive of Banished Words List, according to Lake Superior State University. Bling-bling, hand-crafted latte, and LOL, make the 2004 list. rch-11.08.04

Need inspiration? Explore the History of Ideas dictionary. Discover Newton's Opticks and eighteenth-century imagination, ambiguity as aesthetic principle, and the all important theory of game. Via del.icio.us. rch-11.05.04

A Primer of Visual Cliche Found among some other great finds at "Life In The Present". av-08.30.04

The Glossarist, "a searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries." A massive resource of interest-specific slang and shoptalk. Via Cup of Chicha. jc-04.29.04

A fabulous collection of eye witness accounts of historical events. Thank you, TMN. dr-04.02.04

Don't take any wooden nickels. The Wooden Nickel Historical Musuem. I'm especially fond of their Civil War, Presidential Quotes and Beer, Bars & Breweries sections. You can bet yer pocket change we'll be placing an order. ad-01.12.04

Let Freedom Ring! Let Freedom Roll! Land of the Free, License Plate of the Brave. ad-01.09.04

Where it all started. The Russian Avant Garde Book. Recently added to our listing of References Available Upon Request. jc-09.08.03

Meeting of Frontiers is ‘a bilingual, multimedia English-Russian digital library that tells the story of the American exploration and settlement of the West, [and] the parallel exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East’ which offers a wealth of material, including Imperial Russian playing cards, American dime novels, Tsarist and Soviet posters, and much more besides. sh-09.04.03

Your name in Kanji. jc-07.26.03

"Language isn't all about the obscure. Lexicographers don't have 'favourite' words, but here are a few old chestnuts which are both common (for the most part) and have a story to tell." jc-07.14.03

Dead-cat bounce. Chin music. Bogart (verb). Agony Aunt. New entries in the just published Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary 11. jc-07.01.03

OBH ANR LOA TBR jc-06.05.03

"Illuminated Manuscripts are hand-produced books that include drawn, painted, and gilded decoration on pages made of vellum, a specially prepared and polished animal skin." msk-05.22.03

Photographic Atlas of Plant Anatomy. msk-05.16.03

Expectant parents have no greater ally than friend of the agency Kevin Shay. Having already created the helpful Name-o-Meter tool, Shay now reveals Create-a-Name, sure to be a hit with the third trimester set. dr-09.20.02

FYI a BRC about ACRs. FFS of a DB. EOU is PDC. jc-05.16.02

It's hard to know where to start on James Lileks' sprawling site, so I've randomly chosen Motel Postcards for your viewing pleasure. Lileks' earlier web attraction, "The Gallery of Regrettable Food," became a book recently. mls-05.15.02

Working on a new color palette for a client site and wanting to be able to rip through some options quickly, led me to the very handy Moock Colour Scheme Machine. jc-05.01.02

The always great Plep has especially good game today, pointing us to the browsable, online Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911... kg-03.22.02

The WPDFD Browser Size Test. File under: Handy/Very. jc-02.06.02

When good food goes bad. Find this and other random food related links and articles at the SauteWednesday Food Forum. ka-01.14.02

Caroushka's Tickets jc-01.09.02

In search of something else entirely, I have found that "There is a particular jargon that belongs exclusively to the world of the circus." Where "cherry" means extra work done for extra pay and "lot lice" are townspeople who arrive early to watch the unloading of the bigtop. jc-10.16.01

Several years ago, a client asked us if he should have color at all in his corporate identity, wondering aloud about the difficulty a customer would have appreciating it if he or she were color blind. Now there's an online tool for walking a mile in those shoes. kg-06.12.01

Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day. jc-12.08.00

Term: "Moved to Atlanta" Definition: "When following a link results in the 404, page not found error, the now-missing page should be said to have moved to Atlanta. The area code there is 404, you see." From Jargon Scout. jc-11.29.00

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