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From Rare European Advertising Posters.

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Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum's new poster gallery features amazing letterpress posters with an interactive feature showing how the original printing blocks are printed in different colors to create the final poster. bb-02.17.21

RIP Barbara Remington. I studied her most famous work endlessly. jc-02.17.20

On the Hunt for Boston's Signtronix Signs. jc-09.04.19

"It's possible that you don't immediately recognize the name Robert McGinnis. But if you are even remotely interested in vintage crime, mystery, and thriller novels, you've certainly spotted his artwork." -J. Kingston Pierce. jc-08.27.19

The Best of Movie Poster of the Day: Part 21, great selections. jc-08.09.19

"The posters created by the Atelier Populaire during the May 1968 riots in Paris may be one of the best examples of how the medium of graphic design has the capacity to help bring an entire country to its knees." La Lutte Continue, by Anna Talley. Via Sunannah Breslin. jc-05.24.19

"...looks like an eagle vomiting two strips of bacon, holding Captain America's shield in his talons, and standing on a rock while the sun rises behind him." The Illinois Flag Is Terrible, by Edward McClelland. Sad but true. jc-05.22.19

The Posters of the 2019 Cannes Competition. jc-05.17.19

An astounding catalog of vintage travel posters up for auction next week. bb-05.16.19

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die: Punk Graphics showing at MAD in NYC through August. jc-05.14.19

Let's go to Berlin and see Anja Lutz's new place. jc-05.09.19

Todd Alcott's fab pulp/pop mashups. Via Isn't. jc-05.06.19

An exhibition at London's National Army Museum featuring the iconic posters of Abram Games. jc-03.19.19

Tangentially related to the last, The House of The Future: Charles Schridde's 1960s print ads for Motorola. Via Chris Glass. jc-03.18.19

These Dick Bruna book covers are each perfect in their own way. jc-03.07.19

Old reggae album covers, on location in London. Via Things. jc-01.07.19

Local Note: The shining light of Chicago letterpress, Starshaped Press, is hosting their annual open house tomorrow, and incidentally entering their 20th year of innovative letterpress printing (and a yearlong residency at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum!) bb-11.30.18

You can't tell a book by its cover but maybe you can by it's spine. Via Kottke. jc-11.27.18

Found while looking for something else entirely, this great Sam's Myth post from 2015 on Polish artist and designer Romek Marber. jc-10.19.18

Fifty Books and Fifty Covers. A great field, as usual. jc-09.10.18

A great new Jack White poster project from FOTA Matthew Jacobson. In promotion of White's Vegas shows, Matthew created a complete deck of cards, poster-sized, info on the front, card on the back. sd-09.04.18

Fun Spine Magazine behind-the-scenes feature on book designer Steve Leard and the cover for Snow on the Atlantic. jc-08.28.18

Design for The Great Electronic Swindle, by Carosello Lab. jc-07.24.18

Take a browse through Manuja Walds's illustration series for the Penguin Shakespeare paperback series. Top-notch work. Beautiful books. jc-07.12.18

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week: Kurosawa Abroad. jc-07.09.18

Local Note: The Chicago Print Crawl features some friends and a bunch of other folks we should be friends with. It's on Sunday from 12-8pm, and free. bb-06.18.18

The Movie Posters Collection, Harry Ransom Center Digital Collections. Great resource. jc-06.14.18

David Bowie ukiyo-e woodblock prints. dw-06.06.18

Edel Rodriguez on magazine covers that influenced him. jc-06.06.18

Tropiconcept, by Berik Yergaliyev. jc-06.05.18

Behind the iconic graphics from 1968, from the artists who created them. I need to get a hard copy of today's special section in The Post. jc-05.30.18

Paul Bacon's Philip Roth covers. Iconic. More on the prolific designer here. jc-05.24.18

RIP Bill Gold. You know his work. jc-05.21.18

"Most of these were created by a collective of radical artists based at the occupied art school dubbed the Atelier Populaire." May '68: Posters of the Revolution. Thanks Jonathan jc-05.02.18

FotA Matthew Jacobson not only created the poster for Jack White's biggest hometown show of the musician's career, but he also filled the poster with Detroit history, specifically about the theater Matthew's grandfather owned starting in the 1930s, the Stone Burlesk. sd-04.24.18

A wide array of international posters for two of Milos Forman's early classics. jc-04.23.18

A poster of every emoji ever, arranged chromatically. dw-04.20.18

Tons of great Bergman posters. jc-04.11.18

While we're on film posters, check Jason Hardy's 2018 retrospective poster for Ingmar Bergman's Cinema. jc-04.11.18

Prolific movie poster designer, Midnight Marauder, chats with Adrain and chooses his favorite posters. Impeccable taste, as you would expect. Love his Hal poster that leads off the post. Check his work here. jc-04.11.18

Dan's Book Covers of Note for March. I love Matt Avery's cover and dust jacket for Police: A Field Guide. jc-03.16.18

33 of the weirdest Philip K. Dick book found by Literary Hub. Pretty great feature. jc-03.02.18

True Colors, US State flags designed by data, and Olivia Johnson. jc-02.23.18

February ScreenFonts, in which newish film posters are dissected, typographically. jc-02.23.18

"...a set of pharmaceutical samples masterfully designed by Fred Troller." Flat File No.10 from Readymag. jc-02.22.18

"...covers designed by Spanish illustrator Manolo Prieto between 1940 and 1957 were done for the low-cost weekly publication Novelas y Cuentos. -Steven Heller. Highly recommended. jc-02.10.18

Related to the last, Flickr set of paperback cover illustrations by Renato Fratini. jc-02.08.18

Uncovered: Illustrating the Sixties and Seventies, at the Lever Gallery in London now. Looks fab. jc-02.08.18

Adrian's favorite Ingmar Bergman posters to herald the upcoming major centennial retrospective. Great choices. jc-02.02.18

In its 64 year existence Pan Am produced hundreds of posters promoting aircraft, service & destinations. dw-01.29.18

10K movie posters online at the Harry Ransom Center at UT-Austin. Here's the story from Open Culture. jc-01.19.18

"An art print that seems like it came from a forgotten civilization; a document of impossible architecture, forgotten art, and never before seen constellations." dw-01.16.18

For BB, The Life Aquatic with Seu Jorge and David Bowie. dw-01.11.18

2017 nominations for the Design Observer 50 Books, 50 Covers project. jc-01.11.18

Screenprints by Marie Varley based on a set of Dutch matchboxes from the 1950s. dw-01.09.18

Notable YA Covers of 2017, from The Casual Optimist. jc-12.20.17

The Not Yorker is a collection of declined or late cover submissions to The New Yorker Magazine. jc-12.14.17

Adrian on 2017 Movie Posters. Right on. jc-12.12.17

Scribble > Rough > Finished Drawing > Coloured Artwork. Tom Gauld. jc-12.11.17

Cabin art prints by DKNG. dw-11.28.17

The Swissair Poster Collection. Yum. jc-11.22.17

Inside Information: Director's Cut, amazing, inventive print from Dorothy. jc-11.17.17

Stranger Things special collectors' edition with sweet packaging, available on VHS! Fab. jc-11.02.17

"The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and China: three countries where posters played an important political role and received a large amount of artistic attention. This is a selection of 145 political posters, famous masterpieces as well as equally beautiful but unknown examples drawn from the collection of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam." ms-10.31.17

Sushi. dw-10.24.17

"When I make comics, and think about how one image relates to the next one, and how much time I want a reader to spend on a page, and whether or not to use narration or to be able to read someone's thoughts, I think of all that in terms of how I think about movies." Movie Poster of the Week: The Art of Nathan Gelgud. jc-10.20.17

Georges Perec books reissued by Modernist with covers by Lars Sundh. Yowza. jc-10.16.17

Greetings from Detroit: Historic Postcards of the Motor City. dw-10.02.17

Scrap book of Russian bookjackets, 1917-1942 at the NYPL. Via Present & Correct. jc-09.28.17

Bad posters for good causes. This is Sh!t. dw-08.31.17

A few more-or-less-tasteful samples from the book "X-Rated: Adult Movie Posters o the 60s and 70s. bb-08.23.17

"See the retro-reflector up close!" A Heritage Site That's Out of This World, a lovely travel poster for Science Friday by Chicago illustrator Julia Kuo. Her portfolio is well worth a visit. Check her children's book, The Sound of Silence. jc-07.20.17

Advance poster for The Presbyterian Church Wager. Never knew this bit about the original title of Altman's masterpiece. jc-07.12.17

Dan's Book Covers of Note for June. jc-06.26.17

Overdrive Magazine: Voice of the American Trucker, June 1972. jc-06.08.17

The Best of Movie Poster of the Day: Part 17, great selections, as usual, by Adrian. Love the one from 1969 Japan, for The Rain People. jc-06.07.17

The Colour of Song, brilliant, by Dorothy. jc-06.07.17

"Walt Jabsco was the name of the 2 Tone logo man. Jerry had bought an old American bowling shirt from a charity shop and it had the name Walt Jabsco embroidered on it and this is how the man got his name. The figure itself is based on a photograph of Peter Tosh that Jerry found." The Story of 2 Tone Records' Radical Cover Art, by Anton Spice. jc-05.26.17

Edward Gorey Illustrates H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds. Related, tons of other WotW covers. jc-05.16.17

Splendid Japanese poster for The Taking of Pelham One-Two-Three. jc-05.16.17

Japanese poster for Le Cercle Rouge, France, 1970. Check out more posters for Jean-Pierre Melville films, from Adrian Curry. jc-05.08.17

Ikea Catalog Covers from 1951 to 2015. jc-04.27.17

"For a bit of balance, a solitary Asian face stares forlornly out from one of the building's goldfish-bowl windows, trapped in her hermetically sealed investment unit." The property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain's luxury housing market. By Oliver Wainwright. jc-04.24.17

Tom Whalen's design process behind the creation of a poster image for ReCore, an Xbox action-adventure game. jc-04.21.17

So you know, how to design a record cover in 1977. jc-04.21.17

The Last Jedi poster. jc-04.14.17

Murals everywhere, and in a lovely, distinctive, style, by Murals Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo. Thanks Tiberio. jc-03.31.17

Our co-conspirator in Field Notes, Aaron Draplin, designed the cover for John Hodgman's new book Vacationland. Sweet. jc-03.29.17

Ukiyo-e inspired manner posters for Seibu Railway. dw-03.28.17

Poster for Alien: Covenant. jc-03.24.17

This Japanese poster for FFC's The Rain People from 1969 is sublime. jc-03.14.17

Westworld 1973. jc-03.13.17

50th anniversary Dune and Dune Messiah covers by Sean O'Connell. jc-03.08.17

Our pal Dan Grzeca made "A Rocking Rumpus," a lovely 5-color print, to celebrate Maurice Sendak's birthday. bb-03.07.17

The Academy of British Cover Design 2017 shortlist. Fab. Via Gray. jc-03.03.17

Made You Look, a poster every day by Jonathan Quintin. jc-02.16.17

"In 1966 Norman Rockwell really needed a spacesuit and NASA didn't want to give him one." Now, that's a lede. The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art, by Darren Garret. jc-02.10.17

"The American Art Nouveau Ad." James updated the beautifully illustrated Codex 99 post on the Ault & Wiborg Poster Album. jc-01.25.17

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration. dw-01.18.17

2016 In memoriam, and in movie posters. jc-01.18.17

"Of course they weren't the only ink company around and in the mid-1890s they began running full-color poster advertisements in trade publications such as The Inland Printer, The Printer and Bookmaker and The American Bookmaker. In a novel twist the posters were lithographed with the very inks they were advertising." Fantastic post from Jim Hughes on the Ault & Wiborg Company. jc-01.17.17

"Of course they weren't the only ink company around and in the mid-1890s they began running full-color poster advertisements in trade publications such as The Inland Printer, The Printer and Bookmaker and The American Bookmaker. In a novel twist the posters were lithographed with the very inks they were advertising." Fantastic post from Jim Hughes on the Ault & Wiborg Company. jc-01.17.17

Covers for Der Orchideengarten which "ran for 51 issues from 1919 to 1921; the editors were Hans Strobl and Alfons von Czibulka, and the contents comprised original fiction, book reviews and reprints in German of notable works of weird literature." —John Coulthart. jc-01.16.17

Seventeen Space Dawns (1963). jc-01.16.17

"Kid, I represent every heavyweight in the business, and I'm gonna give you my entire client list. I'm gonna buy the back page of the trades for one year and anything that any of 'em are doing, you'll be sent over the information and you do anything you want. You don't have to come to me for approval." Art of the Title chats with Sandy Dvore. You don't know him but you, for sure, know his work. Mandatory reading, a really great interview, full of stories. jc-01.13.17

Time Out London Covers Art Directed by Mark Neil, especially "The Science of London." jc-01.13.17

Adrian's picks for the best film posters of 2016. As you'd expect, a great list. jc-01.06.17

A sweet, short film by David Friedman about the graphic design of US Stamps. jc-12.22.16

Sweet set of Star Wars illustrations by Andy Fairhurst. jc-12.20.16

Vibrant contemporary Japanese posters by Mitsuo Katsui. jc-12.20.16

Very nice recent run of selects at Movie Poster of the Day. jc-12.08.16

The Fifty-Nine Parks Series "is a celebration of our National Parks" with individual screen-printed posters by a raft of prominent designers. There are some real beauties in there, for example, check Daniel Danger's for Olympic National Park. Produced by National Poster Retrospecticus. jc-12.06.16

A shimmering Klimt-like homage to New York at night. dw-11.30.16

"Original, mint condition sheets of Christmas seals. Issued in Denmark in 1962 they depict a map, beautifully illustrated with graphic icons and highlighted with gold." jc-11.14.16

Song titles as infographics, by Flight Design. jc-11.11.16

Book Covers of Note, November edition. jc-11.08.16

Nice clean Cubs graphic, by Flipflopflying. jc-11.03.16

Polish Space Stamps. jc-10.25.16

"I used a random phrase generator and got these words. Then I made stories and book covers, I Just Ran With It." —Pat Fennessy. Fab. Via Quipsologies. jc-10.24.16

Harry Potter prints by Olly Moss. I repeat. Harry Potter prints by Olly Moss. jc-10.20.16

31 Great Magazine Cover Designs, nice selections by From up North. jc-10.12.16

"I was a perfect bloody fool. I always thought the agency would go up in smoke at any moment. I was frightened. I should have been having a ball because we were doing so brilliantly well. But I was always shaking..." Norren O'Leary's fab profile of David Ogilvy from 1992. Great read. jc-10.05.16


Posters and excellent typography in the portfolio of Scott Woolston. jc-09.28.16

For MS and BB, Magical Objects of the Wizarding World. dw-09.16.16

Explore. dw-09.14.16

Hand-painted grocery signs can still be found all around Chicago, and I hope that doesn't change anytime soon. bb-09.13.16

What Kind of Men Read Playboy? Print ads from 1958-74. Yowza. jc-09.09.16

Mars explorers wanted. dw-08.26.16

John Coulthart on Roger Dean book covers. jc-08.18.16

"Can you imagine today someone in Boston wanting to put up a monument to an oil company?" The Untold Story of Boston's Iconic Citgo Sign, by Rachel Ellner. Via Michael "How To" Bierut. jc-08.18.16

120 Years of Olympic Poster Design, via the newly new Design Observer. jc-08.16.16

Dan's selected Book Covers of Note for August. Love the illo on Riverine. jc-08.11.16

Sweet illustration portfolio from London designer Neil Beech. jc-08.09.16

RIP illustrator Jack Davis. One look at this poster for Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye and you'll recognize his one-of-a-kind style. jc-07.28.16

Dan's Book Covers of Note for July. Dig the Street Furniture Design, by Gray. jc-07.12.16

The Penguin Random House Design Award Winners for 2016. The three first-place students designs are excellent, especially Zack Crook's take on Clockwork. jc-07.11.16

"Examples of some posters here show how heavy-handed and ineffectual even Duce's once-convincing poster campaign had been." Fall of the Roman Empire, by Steven Heller. jc-07.06.16

Forging a New Society, Clare Walters reviews a current gallery show in London on children's picturebooks from Soviet Russia. jc-06.30.16

Design Observer's 50 Books, 50 Covers winners. jc-06.27.16

The Best of Movie Poster of the Day: Part 14, catch up with Adrian's picks. The Japanese FunnyFace is great. Obit too. jc-06.09.16

Also, Reza's Ones That Got Away series. Posters for unmade movies. Fab. jc-06.09.16

Dan Wagstaff's Book Covers of Note for June. jc-06.09.16

Tangentially related to the last, collected cover art for The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, at LibraryThing. jc-06.06.16

Fantastic illustrations and hand-lettering for these 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 print ads. Via Design is Fine. jc-06.06.16

Star Wars Episode IV in one image, 123 meters long. jc-05.25.16

Kicking this one, World of Stadiums, a set of postcards by Lehel Kovacs. jc-05.25.16

The Poster Remediated, David Crowley previews the Warsaw International Poster Biennale's 50th. jc-05.23.16

Book covers by Roy Kuhlman, 1952-55. jc-05.18.16

These Days chats with Chicago artists Brandon Breaux, the man behind the cover art of Acid Rap, 10 Day and Chance 3, which will be released tomorrow,. jc-05.12.16

Nomo's Racetrack Series of prints. Simple and lovely. jc-05.12.16

When British printmaking got radical, by Jenny Brewer. jc-05.09.16

Some nice posters for Record Store Day in London. sd-05.04.16

Alex Trochut's covers for hard-cover re-releases of iconic sci-fi titles, The Penguin Galaxy series features sweet, foil-blocked custom typography. jc-05.03.16

A Shallow and Wholly Inadequate Survey of Classical Record Cover Design between 1959 and 1982. jc-04.21.16

Rob Alderson reviews the new book from Unit, Graphic Stamps by Iain Follett and Blair Thomson. It looks fantastic. jc-04.20.16

Posters for A Touch of Zen and Dragon Inn by Greg Ruth. See lots more of his fantastic illustration work at his site. jc-04.19.16

"Chromoxylography is just the fancy word for color printing from woodblocks." Woodblock paintings at Sheaff. jc-04.19.16

H.R. Giger print ads for Pioneer from 1984. Via John Coulthart. jc-04.14.16

Late '70s, early '80s covers for Frank Herbert's Dune series. Fab. jc-04.11.16

Possibly my first cat link ever in Fresh Signals. Cats in Czech and Polish Movie Posters, from Adrian. jc-03.30.16

Various places after dark. jc-03.29.16

What Kind of Men Read Playboy? Print ads from 1958-74. Yowza. jc-03.22.16

Scenes from films that inspired their posters. Via Chris Glass. jc-03.17.16

Great post from Adrian with some excellent and nutty finds, Movie Poster of the Week: Jerry Lewis. jc-03.16.16

Come to Sweden, a hefty coffee table book containing 210 vintage Swedish travel posters. dw-02.15.16

America in Revolt: The Art of Protest, at Shapero Modern. Via Walker Art Center. jc-02.12.16

Various Esso NHL Pocket Schedules from the '60s. jc-02.11.16

Bye, see you in a few hours, 932 WPA posters from the online catalog of the Library of Congress. Tons of treasures. jc-02.10.16

Travel posters for NASA, by Invisible Creature. jc-02.09.16

"When Frank began painting posters for Ghanaian movie theaters he was given a clear mandate: If the movie was gory, the poster should be gorier. If it was sexy, make the poster sexier. And when in doubt, throw in a fish. " kg-02.05.16

Robert McGinnis at 90, a celebration of the American paperback cover illustrator. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-02.04.16

An older Movie Poster of the Week from Adrian, in light of recent news, a look at various takes on Abel Gance's Napoleon. Via John Coulthart. jc-02.04.16

Stylish line illustrations of pop culture icons by James Oconnell. Via Quipsologies. jc-01.29.16

Herbert Bayer, cover and infographic on air traffic control, from Fortune magazine in 1943. jc-01.26.16

Explorers Club Art Print Series from DKNG. Great work plus details and terrific process videos. jc-01.19.16

"I drew every single object that Wile E. Coyote ever purchased from the ACME Corporation, and put them all in this gigantic desert cave." The Desk of Mr. Coyote, by Rob Loukotka. Via Quipsologies. jc-01.07.16

Star Trek gets USPS stamps designed by the unstoppable Heads of State. jc-01.07.16

Clare Skeats' wild covers for Penguin Classics' Kafka series. jc-01.06.16

Great collection of 1960's movie posters. Via Things. ms-12.22.15

RIP to illustrator Art Fitzpatrick. He and Van Kaufman were a big part of why a Pontiac is a Pontiac. jc-12.15.15

"Flags, once chosen, rarely change. But New Zealanders took their first step to revise their national banner on Friday, when the country finished the first vote in its two-stage referendum." jc-12.14.15

Matt Dorfman's Best Book Covers of 2015. Excellent choices. jc-12.11.15

50 Creatives. 50 One-Off Posters on the theme of "money". jc-12.07.15

Adrian Curry's The Best Movie Posters of 2015. A great ten and a host of worthy runners-up. jc-12.05.15

Dan's Notable Book Covers for 2015, as you'd expect, an excellent list. jc-12.01.15

Brian Levy's Billy Zoom poster. It's a beaut, and 50% of proceeds go to to Billy's cancer fund. (Via the French Sample Room.) bb-11.25.15

The Signs Of Austin, lovely annotated illustrations by Reagan Ray. jc-11.17.15

The Poster Boy's podcast and gallery: Star Wars Poster Spectacular. Fab. jc-11.16.15

Local Note: We love Chicago's Starshaped Press, Jen's print work is jaw-dropping-amazing and she's hosting Starshaped's Sweet Sixteen Open House this Saturday, where she'll announce a new secret project. bb-11.11.15

A massive poster of the 500+ exoplanets discovered prior to October 2015. dw-11.04.15

Matt Crump photographs vintage signs. Fantastic, via This Isn't Happiness. jc-11.04.15

Our pal Phineas just updated his great Octophant shop with some rare posters and original artwork to cover your sad, bare walls. bb-11.03.15

Martin Ansin's screen-printed poster for the Batman tv series. Fab. jc-11.02.15

Sam Smith goes long on Romek Marber and the history of Penguin book cover design. Well-written and illustrated. You'll want check his Tumblr too, it's full of well-chosen examples. jc-10.28.15

"A history of electronic music mapped out to the circuit board of a theremin, which is widely regarded as one of the first electronic musical instruments." Electric Love Blueprint, from Dorothy. Via Kottke. jc-10.26.15

Adrian's latest Movie Poster of the Week focuses on Jacques Tati's Traffic. Beautiful variety. jc-10.20.15

...and, so you know, danger Is everywhere. jc-10.19.15

Related to the last, vintage Dutch safety posters. jc-10.19.15

John Brownlee on the Design History of Danger Posters. jc-10.19.15

Henning M. Lederer's Animated Book Covers are trippy and fantastic. Via Chris Glass. jc-10.15.15

Eddie Shannon's Film on Paper, great poster resource. I. II. III. jc-10.08.15

Pelican Shakespeare Series covers by Manuja Waldia. Wow. Othello! jc-10.02.15

Jo Walker recently redesigned the covers of Tim O'Brien's classic Vietnam war novels for 4th Estate. "The series uses a single, searing photograph of a burning Vietnam village taken in 1965 by photographer Dominique Berretty spread over the four covers." —Dan Wagstaff. jc-09.29.15

Rita Hayworth and The Bicycle Thieves. jc-09.21.15

Lovely illustrations and posters of common Chicago house styles by Also Design. Via Curbed. jc-09.03.15

Excellent advice. jc-08.27.15

Sometimes it's perfect when it is exactly what it is. James Jones' cover for Blood On Snow by Jo Nesbo. A great read too btw. jc-08.21.15

A project from 2012 that somehow we have never linked. DKNG's poster for Paramount, 100 Years with 100 Iconic Films. While you're there, check the triptych from the recent Outside Lands festival. jc-08.20.15

Painstakingly created over several months, you will not find another visual interpretation of London like this. dw-08.19.15

Archdirector is one of a group of fanciful sets of illustrations by Frederico Babina. See Archiset too. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-08.19.15

Renzo Picasso (1880-1975) was an Italian engineer, architect and designer. There's a nice archive of his work on FB. The combination of structure and engineering with a delicate, almost cartoonish style makes for some amazing illustrations. Via Transit Maps. jc-08.19.15

Dan Wagstaff's Book Covers of Note for August. Digging the Futura on the first one. jc-08.10.15

Related to the last, An interview with CP hero, art director Helmut Krone, and, highly, highly recommended, The Book. jc-08.05.15

PSO J318.5-22 - Where the Nightlife Never Ends. dw-08.05.15

Excellent selections by Adrian in his round-up of The Best of 'Movie Poster of the Day,' Part 11. jc-07.28.15

Lovely vintage Lego ephemera. jc-07.22.15

Steven Heller asks, "Can Design Help the USPS Make Stamps Popular Again?" bb-07.20.15

Awesome Star Wars Ukiyo-e prints. Via Spoon & Tamago. dw-07.14.15

You know who has a really great movie poster collection? Marty Scorsese. Sullivan's Travels! jc-06.29.15

Der dritte Mann, De Derde Man, Le TroisiEme Homme, El Tercer Hombre, Il Terzo Uomo, Den Tredie Mand... The Movie Posters of the Week. jc-06.26.15

"...that kind of magic that almost no poster has nowadays." Adrian on The Czech movie poster art of Bedrich Dlouhy. jc-06.19.15

A savory chart of sandwiches. dw-06.16.15

Foreign Movie Posters. I. II. III. Nicely chosen, big collection. Via Present and Correct. jc-06.11.15

Currently lost exploring the designs at See America. dw-06.09.15

"So, why isn't he remembered in the same way as Saville, Garrett, and Hipgnosis? Bubbles signed almost none of his work - and, when he did, he utilized an arsenal of assumed identities, each equally absurd and non-sensical." Ian Lynam on iconic UK album designer Barney Bubbles. jc-05.26.15

Good Beer Hunting and New Belgium profile our pal, printmaker/illustrator Dan Grzeca. bb-05.26.15

Posters from the Cannes Film Festival 2015. jc-05.26.15

The portfolio of Rodrigo Corral. jc-05.20.15

Paperback 878: The Girl in the Gold Leather Dress. Fab. jc-05.09.15

"Everyone loves a good long-copy print ad." The longer the better. jc-05.06.15

"A magazine that has a constantly evolving form, a magazine whose physicality becomes a means of provocation in itself." Superflux Magazine Issue 1Magazine, Issue 1, edited by Mr. Warren Ellis. jc-05.05.15

Stanley Borack's cover illustration for The Man From Avon. More from the artist. jc-05.05.15

Original prints in editions of 100. dw-04.29.15

Analog. dw-04.21.15

Podcasts featuring long and casual conversations about important poster artists, Sam Smith and Brandon Schaefer are The Poster Boys. jc-04.21.15

Salman Rushdie and Adult-YA Crossovers. jc-04.21.15

Sweet, Adrian Curry of the fabulous Movie Poster of the Week blog is launching another, dedicated to movie theater marquees. jc-04.17.15

Copiously illustrated post by J. J. Sedelmaier on Ludwig Hohlwein, Master Designer. jc-04.14.15

Book Covers of Note April 2015, from Dan Wagstaff. jc-04.07.15

"Six years ago last week I wrote my first Movie Poster of the Week post for MUBI, then known as The Auteurs. Since then I have written over 270 articles on all facets of movie posters from the sublime to the ridiculous and I decided it was high time I organized them. What started as a fun browse has turned into an important resource. Congrats to Adrian Curry. jc-04.07.15

"In this four part series, I pit the originals against the remakes for 50 movies; totalling in 100 posters." jc-04.06.15


Original 1932 sketches of the Dubonnet Man by A. M. Cassandre. Posters too. Via Reference Desk. jc-03.31.15

Book covers, etc. Daniel Benneworth-Gray. jc-03.25.15

Illustrator Russell Walks divides his portfolio into Not Star Wars and Star Wars and all of it is great, especially the pulp covers. jc-03.24.15

Taking you back. The 1982 JC Penney Christmas Catalog, via Rex Parker. jc-03.20.15

Kindle Cover Disasters. Like it says. Via Mefi. jc-03.18.15

Fabulous Movie Director Portraits by Hamburg based designer Julian Rentzch, available at Stellavie. I'm ready to click "buy" as soon as the SK one comes out. jc-03.17.15

Jeremy Leslie on Herself Magazine #8. A brilliant concept and covers that "reflect today's selfie culture." jc-03.13.15

Local note: Our pals Liz and Jamiel at Tandem Felix Letterpress have opened their "Curiosity Shop" and are hosting an opening party tonight from 6-10pm as part of the Pilsen Art Walk. (They're on the third floor at Lacuna Lofts.) bb-03.13.15

If you're looking for me, I'm lost somewhere in 50 Watts. jc-03.12.15

Great poster for our partner Aaron Draplin's invasion of Ottawa tomorrow. By Michael Zavacky. jc-03.04.15

"It's taken too long for Tracey Emin and Henry Miller to find each other. The artist has provided cover artwork for the new Penguin Modern Classics editions of Miller's novels Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn." —Jessa Crispin. jc-03.02.15

The Designer Who Humanized Corporate America, Heller on Rand. jc-02.27.15

Going Dutch. jc-02.27.15

These Russian host city posters for the 2018 World Cup are mostly ok, except for Volgograd, which is awesome. jc-02.27.15

A collection of serigraph prints illustrating history's most iconic automobiles. dw-02.24.15

Codex 99 on branding the 1950s Porsche. jc-02.17.15

Graphics by Scott Hansen for Tycho's recent tour of Asia and Australia. jc-02.17.15


Togda (Then), tons of vintage Russian print and photography, organized by era. I. II. III. Via Present and Correct. jc-02.12.15

Sound advice from Coralie Bickford-Smith, to benefit Advice to Sink In Slowly. jc-02.11.15

"You take the thing and you blow it up until you could see what was going on, then cut a piece out and stick it down. Put it across, something big, something exciting." Picturing Anarchy: The Graphic Design of Rufus Segar, covers from the UK magazine of the 60's. More here, including an interview with Segar. jc-01.23.15

"The basis of Poster Club is each member's fortnightly interpretation of a single word, chosen randomly from the studio dictionary, as an A2 poster. " jc-01.23.15

An illustrated interview with movie poster designer Nicolette Vilar. jc-01.20.15

Nice video of the creation of a huge mural wrapped around a new Apple store in Hangzou, China. Via 9to5Mac. jc-01.20.15

Will you keep your resolutions longer if they're hand-lettered and posted online? Linzie Hunter might find out. Via Rob Walker. jc-01.15.15

Dan's Books Covers of Note for January. jc-01.12.15

Covers from the first four issues of You Can Now Magazine. jc-01.07.15

Tangentially related to the last, Ant-Man poster. jc-01.06.15

The Best of Movie Poster of the Day, Part 9. Excellent. jc-01.06.15

The Minister on a late 60's brochure on Converting to IBM System/360. jc-01.06.15

Here's a post we were waiting for. Adrian Curry's selections for the best movie posters of 2014. jc-12.13.14

The Best Movie Posters of 2014, according to Fubiz. jc-12.10.14

Dan Wagstaff's 50 Books Covers for 2014 and also his Favorite Series Covers. Love the examples from Penguin's Australian Classics, designed by Adam Laszczuk. jc-12.08.14

Two words. Space Cards! jc-12.03.14

Hampi, the city of ruins, is a retro poster series by Ranganath Krishnamani. dw-12.01.14

Vintage posters from the 60s and 70s by Kazumasa Nagai. dw-11.26.14

Apropos of nothing, vintage Heisse Räder print ads. jc-11.21.14

When the promo posters are this good, you gotta figure the game, Firewatch from Campo Santo, is going to be amazing. jc-11.20.14

So you know, Why the Chicago flag kicks such ass, by Whet Moser. jc-11.19.14

In 1922, the Evening Star Building was an organism for making newspapers. Super sweet cutaway illustration. jc-11.18.14

Alex Kirby's sweet cover for Peter Carey's Amnesia, with and without its acetate dust jacket. jc-11.05.14

DDC-119 "Michigan Magnificent" Poster. dw-11.04.14

Rock 'N Roll Zoo, sweet illustrated poster by Dorothy. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-11.03.14

Dan Wagstaff's Book Covers of Note, for November. jc-11.03.14

Beautiful and perfect illustrations for reissues of John Le Carre's back catalog for The Folio Society, by Tim Laing. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-10.30.14

The Many Lives of Darth Vader. Busy guy. ms-10.29.14

Illustrations by Julian House for Penguin Modern Classics' Cut-Up Trilogy by William Burroughs. Very fine. jc-10.29.14

All the posters from the 75 Years of Batman Show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin. jc-10.25.14

"The movies whose posters I analyzed cover a good range of genres. Perhaps the colors say less about how movie posters' colors as a whole and color trends, than they do about how genres of movies have evolved." Vijay Pandurangan on colours in movie posters since 1914. jc-10.09.14

When Art Rocked, a psychedelic poster show at SFO's International Terminal. jc-10.06.14

In honor of the bastardization renovation that is starting this week, let's remember Weeghman Park and Wrigley Field with sweet prints from Jeff Suntala's There Used To Be A Ballpark series. jc-09.30.14

Film the Blanks, by John Taylor. "A design experiment that abstracts existing film posters by reducing them to their core elements." jc-09.30.14

Tons of great images and stories about fading painted signs can be found on Ghostsigns. jc-09.29.14

"The Golden Era print honors the kings and queens of hip-hop who propelled the genre from humble beginnings in the block parties in New York to the global phenomenon we see today." dw-09.29.14

Nothing much, just stuck in a browse of rare graphic design books at Display. You? jc-09.23.14

Rick Poyner on posters by Hans Hillmann for Jean-Luc Godard Films. jc-09.23.14

2013 50 Books/50 Covers 2013 Winners Announced. jc-09.22.14

Sweet Linocut Prints by Eric Rewitzer. Via Things Mag. jc-09.19.14

Auction catalog of the Ray Bradbury estate, including some lovely cover art sketches by Joesph Mugnaini. jc-09.17.14

Adrian on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and the movie posters of Karl Oskar Blase. The Mon Oncle one is totally brilliant. jc-09.16.14

McConaughey in space. jc-09.16.14

"The Best Ideas from The Left and The Right." A clever series of posters from the Social Economy Alliance. sd-09.10.14

Let a bird out of it. jc-09.10.14

A nice collection of vintage Apple print ads. The "Will Someone Please Tell Me..." triple gatefold is like a trip back in time to the "Wraparound Era". Awesome. jc-09.10.14

More Thick Lines by the DDC. dw-09.09.14

It has been 30 years since the LA Olympics. In retrospect the design work still looks great. jc-09.05.14

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week, Le Dos au Mur and some lesser-known French paper. jc-09.03.14

The Altered States of America, a series of prints from Chop Shop. jc-09.03.14

Ikea Catalog Covers from 1951- 2014. Via Present & Correct. jc-08.28.14

Posters from the Spanish Civil War. jc-08.28.14

Colorful abstract sky illustrations by Joren. dw-08.20.14

Godzilla posters for MS. dw-08.14.14

Related to the last, check this process video for DKNG's poster for the 2014 Galactic tour. jc-08.14.14

The official poster for the 2014 Outside Lands music festival by DKNG. Brilliant, as usual. jc-08.14.14

Khoi Vinh has ads on his site aimed at designers. He's part of our ad network, The Deck. Today he has even more ads on his site aimed at designers, from the 1950s and 60s. jc-08.13.14

Great promo posters for The Barbican Theater's new production of Hamlet. ms-08.11.14

Movie Poster of the Week: The Film Poster Art of Tony Stella. Fab. jc-08.11.14

"...they looked more like posters for European art films than for pornography or sexploitation." Adrian Curry on posters for the sex films of Radley Metzger, aka Harry Paris. jc-08.02.14

A poster supporting #GoGetThoseGeckos. dw-07.31.14

A visual recap of the Dark Knight's 75 year history. dw-07.21.14

Books on Book Covers, a great, copiously illustrated post from Dan Wagstaff. jc-07.18.14

Space and Spacecraft A to Z. Via WATC. dw-07.18.14

Check the beautiful prints by Stellavie Design Manufaktur in Hamburg, including this: Exceptionally Great Espresso — Art & Science. jc-07.17.14

CR's record sleeves of the month. Dig the 442s package. jc-07.16.14

When they closed the tube station they left the posters up. Via Things. jc-07.15.14

The best of "Movie Poster of the Day," Part 7. Great selections, especially Andrzej Pagowski's 1981 poster for Sorcerer. jc-07.09.14

Canadian Architect Magazine covers by Lazlo Buday. 1964, 1965, 1966. jc-07.09.14

The Science Fiction Star Chart "is based on the night sky above Theatre Robert-Houdin in Paris on September 1st, 1902 following the first screening of Georges Melies' Le Voyage dans la Lune." jc-07.07.14

Rainy Day Psychedelia, an illustrated post by Ben Marks on the 1960's poster scene in Seattle. Via John Coulthart. See also, Marks interview iconic SF poster designer Wes Wilson. jc-06.30.14

The DDC goes six shades of green! jc-06.27.14

Andre Chiote's posters for the World Cup Stadia in Brazil. Fab, via Designboom. jc-06.25.14

Typo/Graphic Posters. jc-06.23.14

Book designer Peter Mendelsund's simple and refreshingly non-reverential new covers for Joyce. More from John Coulthart. jc-06.16.14

Sweet posters by M&C Saatchi to promote the forthcoming arrival of the Tour de France in London. jc-06.16.14

Responsive billboards for Tate Britain. jc-06.09.14

Related to an earlier post, if you like your vintage paperback covers served up with a healthy dose of funny, snarky commentary, Rex Parker's fabulous Pop Sensation is for you. jc-06.06.14

"This is a little spot where I'm saving some beautiful IBM work I come across in the form of hi-res posters." Good Design is Good Business. I'll say. jc-06.04.14

"Perfect for a galactic butcher shop far, far away, the Tauntaun Cuts print highlights the choicest cuts of meat inside the furry snow-romping creature which, though they smell bad on the outside, are delicious on the inside." ms-06.04.14

Papeles de Cine. A visually witty promo item from Spanish graphic production firm Minke that features 15 simple "movie cards." Via Quipsologies. jc-06.04.14

Terrific poster for martial arts flick, The Raid, by Jock. jc-05.29.14

Czech film posters, selected by Pavel Rajcan. jc-05.27.14

▲ ► ▼ jc-05.23.14

50 Watts selects illustrations from the 1920s Spanish satirical magazine Buen Humor. Tasty. jc-05.23.14

BibliOdyssey 1930s scans from Modern Publicity, a commercial art magazine. Also, Quad Royal scanned some editions from the 1950s and 60s. Great stuff. jc-05.20.14

A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Notable Lines of Cinematic Action. NIce, via Dissolve. jc-05.16.14

Sweet poster for "The Making of Gravity", an upcoming Typographic Circle talk. Also, check this collection of posters for previous events. jc-05.15.14

Books We Made is Stephanie and Tom Ising from Munich. Via The Fox is Black. jc-05.12.14

"For a few brief decades of human history, just before combustion engines and motorcycles and cars burst onto the scene, the bicycle was the most advanced personal land vehicle around. They were wonders of technology and personal style—as these beautiful ads show." dw-05.09.14

Connor Willumsen's illustration for the cover of a Criterion release of David Cronenberg's Scanners. jc-05.09.14

So you know, how to wage psychological warfare. jc-05.06.14

"In support of Neymar and Dani Alves for their stance against continued racism, here is a poster encouraging all World Cup teams and their fans to say no to racism in football." warholallmonkeys. Thanks Stephen ONeill. jc-05.02.14

50 Watts selects some illustrations from the 1920s Spanish satirical magazine Buen Humor. jc-05.01.14

Flapping Brightly Back into View. Things Magazine on some good news on the Pelican imprint. jc-04.30.14

"No Comment" ads from the first fifty editions of Ms. Magazine, collected by Mitch O'Connell. jc-04.30.14

There are three sides to every story. Dan Wagstaff on triangles in book cover design, Let's Tessellate. jc-04.29.14

Display "is a curated collection of important modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera." Fab. jc-04.28.14

Richard Hincks' diagrams of significant moments in the history of (English) football. dw-04.23.14


Whipped Cream & Other Delights, the Music Mogul and the Supermodel, by Jim Hughes. jc-04.14.14

"Illustrator Gregori Saavedra has designed a large-scale black-and-white mural to cover a former gym in London King's Cross while it is refurbished." Nice. jc-04.10.14

To celebrate its opening, The Zoological Park of Paris, mounted a marketing campaign featuring open and empty animal crates in the city center. Brilliant, via Notcot. jc-04.10.14

Adrian Curry on Jerzy Flisak's 1960 poster for Wild Strawberries and twenty other beauties. jc-04.09.14

A few spreads from Sport und Design by Otl Aicher. A catalogue for the Exhibition of the Olympic Congress, Baden-Baden, 1981. Via Design is Fine. jc-04.07.14

101 Kick-Ass Music Covers. Well maybe "kick-ass" is a bit much but it's a nice collection of iconic mag images from Adweek. jc-04.07.14

Flowers in Czech movie posters. jc-04.07.14

Creative Review on a smart Heineken promotion, The Legendary Posters. jc-04.04.14

A collection of vintage cosmetics ads from Japan. dw-04.02.14

An interactive exhibition celebrating Hong Kong's neon signs. jc-04.01.14

"The magazine's first 10-15 years is an incomparable experience." I'll say. J. J. Sedelmaier on Fortune Magazine's design heritage jc-03.29.14

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week, F.W. Murnau's Tabu and the posters of Boris Streimann. Fab. jc-03.28.14

"Laurent Durieux doesn't actually live in a retro-futuristic world imagined by H.G. Wells and designed by Raymond Loewy." But you wouldn't know it by looking at his work. jc-03.28.14

OMG Who Stole My Ads? is a great concept from Etienne Lavie, nicely demonstrated on the streets of Paris and Milan. Via Colossal. jc-03.26.14

Adrian Curry on posters for lesser-known Oscar nominees of the 60s and 70s. Hooray for Voyage of the Damned. jc-03.21.14

Posters and covers by Jessica Svendsen, recently Yale School of Art, currently Pentagram. jc-03.21.14

Unintroducing. Sweet and sad print ad from VW. jc-03.14.14

Local note, release party for A Very Brief History of Buttons by our pals Christen and Joel Carter. Yay. jc-03.13.14

Book Covers of Note March 2014, from The Casual Optimist. jc-03.13.14

Local Note: "Good Vibrations" at Spudnik Press opens Saturday night, 3 great Chicago artists created artwork you can screen print yourself at the show! bb-03.07.14

Matt Stevens' Junk Drawer prints. Via DWL. dw-02.21.14

A collection of the work of Czech graphic designer Josef Flejsar. jc-02.18.14

I'm not sure about the recipes in the 1939 officially approved New York World's Fair Cook Book but the cover is certainly delicious. So is this World's Fair blog from The Museum of the City of New York and Queens Museum. jc-02.18.14

Terrific, really big scan of an Arp 2500 Synthesizer print ad from 1973. More at Tim Stinchcombe's collection of synth brochures, posters, and ephemera. Via Things Mag. jc-02.13.14

Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market, a smart and stylish exercise by London designer Mehmet Gozetlik. We've previously linked his lovely Container Color Systems project. jc-02.12.14

Tangram state posters. dw-02.11.14

"These cats worked on big art tables and had all the tools to make these flyers by hand including those rub-on Letters, wax machines, Exacto knives, graph paper and many other tools that are extinct today in the modern artwork world." Orignal Hip-Hop Party Flyers by Buddy Esquire and Phase 2. jc-02.10.14

Soviet silent film posters from the 1920s and 30s, at the GRAD Gallery in London. More on this exhibit from Eye Mag. jc-02.10.14

A look back at the 90 year evolution of posters for the Winter Olympics. dw-02.07.14

Also from Vashi, 105 French Vintage Posters from the 1960's. jc-02.07.14

Adrian Curry on the poster for A Field in England and more by designer Jay Shaw. Find tons more of Shaw's work at Kingdom of Nonsense, including a perfect blend of type and image for Here Comes the Devil. Yowza. jc-02.07.14

Chris has been collecting patches. Lovely. jc-02.07.14

"Recently many of our friends and family have moved to Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and many other cities all over the world looking for work. We are lucky enough to have been able to visit, sample their signature drinks and be inspired by their new homes." City Screenprints. dw-01.31.14

Nearly Normal's calendar for 2014 features hand-crafted paper fruit and is, in a word, delicious. jc-01.29.14

"The Possessed is Howling with Pain..." and other Soviet WWII posters. jc-01.29.14

Judging Books by Their Covers 2014: U.S. Vs. U.K. C. Max Magee looks at differences in the covers of books from this year's 10th Annual Tournament of Books. jc-01.28.14

Coen Brothers' Films as gig posters. jc-01.28.14

"For their last studio album, In Through the Out Door (1979), Led Zeppelin's design brief to Hipgnosis' Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell was simply 'we don't want anything too fucking weird.' What they got instead was one of the most excessive album packages of the 1970s." jc-01.22.14

Bike treads. dw-01.20.14

Daniel Benneworth-Gray has pinned a ton of magazine covers. jc-01.14.14

"A pleasingly eclectic grab bag, with posters from nine different countries and seven different decades." The Best of "Movie Poster of the Day," by Adrian Curry. jc-01.08.14

"We have taken over the chalkboard on the third floor of Crane and every Monday a new board appears." Dangerdust at The Columbus College of Art & Design. jc-01.07.14

The best book covers of 2013, Spanish edition, as selected by Ferran Lopez. Via Casual Optimist. jc-01.06.14

Twenty-First century birdwatching. Drone Survival Guide. Via Sploid. ms-12.23.13

For the baseball fan in your life, Ballpark Blueprints ms-12.23.13

Lovely new cast-centric poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel. jc-12.19.13

Star Warhol soup can posters. dw-12.18.13

Adrian Curry's annual round-up for the best movie posters of the year. Love the ones for Berberian Sound Studio. jc-12.16.13

Worst Album Art of 2013 from Brightest Young Things. Great, great, great. jc-12.13.13

Jazz record-inspired posters for Homeland by Ty Mattson. Via DWL. dw-12.05.13

The Lost Art of Cassette Design. Check Steve Vistaunet's pins for lots more awesomeness. jc-12.02.13

Systems, thirty-four leading graphic designers and studios were invited to produce a poster design on the theme of Braun systems design. Fabulous, via Daily Icon. jc-11.26.13

Vintage British Aviation Posters. Lovely. Via Things. ms-11.25.13

Rear Window and other movie posters that say too much. jc-11.25.13

"...There are few pleasures better known to a film fan than walking past a perfectly conceived one-sheet on your way into the theater, that single image as hype-worthy as any two-minute trailer." What Kyle Buchanan learned from 2013 movie posters. jc-11.22.13

Wiktor Gorka's 1967 poster for The Great Escape. jc-11.15.13

"...dream-like Chagall-esque visuals hinting at the erotic and the grotesque, a rich, autumnal color palette and exquisite hand-lettering." Adrian Curry on the movie posters of Eva Svankmajerova. jc-11.13.13

"Well, the publication of this book was a clarion call to myself, that perhaps what I am is what it says I am on my business card." Peter Mendelsund previews his new books, Cover and What We See When We Read, both due in the new year. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Design Monograph. Preordered x 2. jc-11.12.13

Women and Children: The Secret Weapons of World War I Propaganda Posters. ms-11.07.13

Tools of Criminal Mischief. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-11.06.13

Is it wrong that our house full of Bears fans really loves Clay Matthews' Fathead Commercial? bb-11.04.13

Mind your manners while on the train in Tokyo please. jc-11.04.13

"If music is the gateway to the soul, this high-fidelity timeline lays down the ways we've been unlocking the doors through 173 years of audio history." The Advance of Audio Apparatuses. ms-10.30.13

From 'Sea War' to 'War of Tanks' to the disturbing 'Chemical War', a collection of propaganda-heavy Soviet board games. sd-10.30.13

The making of the iconic Piccadilly Circus Coca-Cola neon sign. jc-10.28.13

Artist Max Dalton has an amazing poster featuring (almost) every character of the first Star Wars trilogy in order of appearance. Too bad it is sold out. ms-10.24.13

To Russia With Lust, Diamonds are for Dying and Kiss My Assassin. 1960's spy novels that don't quite add up to 007. Via Nessy. jc-10.23.13

Yet another great poster from DKNG Studios, this one for The National's North American Tour. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-10.18.13

American and National League baseball parks to scale and compass orientation by Jeremy Huggins. Sweet. jc-10.18.13

From artist Dave Cuvelot, has two lovely posters celebrating 30 years of the NASA Space Shuttle Program Atlantis, and Discovery. ms-10.18.13

Vintage German Book Covers, Part 1 and Part 2. jc-10.17.13

Poster Collection 25, Josef Müller-Brockmann. jc-10.14.13

"It's bad enough you've shrunk her and made her all modest on the front—this bland-and-white corner punishment is just degrading. Even John D's like 'C'mon 'guys. Too far." jc-10.11.13

The theater and music posters of Wiktor Sadowski are fabulous. Especially, this one for a theatrical production of Master and Margarita. jc-10.10.13

The design and illustration portfolio of Landland. Especially this. jc-10.08.13

"A small-scale counternarrative." The Long Memory is the Most Radical Idea in America. A brilliant and beautiful illustrated history by Pat Perry. Via Bldgwlf. jc-10.08.13

The big guy's 80th anniversary. King Kong and the poster design work of London firm, La Boca. jc-10.07.13

Adrian Curry on the posters of the 51st NYFF. jc-10.01.13

Uni Watch on the career of designer Stevens Wright who was responsible for the iconic Buffalo Bills' logo and lots of other NFL ideas. jc-09.25.13

"Kellar was Harry Kellar (1849-1922), a popular American magician blessed with some talented poster designers who stripped away the superfluous text to concentrate on his name and the recurrent motif of a red devil." —John Coulthart. jc-09.17.13

Check the work of iconic identity design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv on Behance. Click through the marks for extras, like this poster series for PanAm. jc-09.17.13

Relink. Selected document covers from the US Space Program, from the listings for an upcoming auction. jc-09.16.13

Pop Chart Labs newest print, The Evolution of Bicycles. ms-09.11.13

Czech Film Poster Design, a show at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo's Film Center Gallery. Great selections. jc-09.11.13

Terrific Japanese poster for The Searchers. jc-09.10.13

Film posters that missed the final cut, a fun collection from The Guardian. jc-09.10.13

Five mathematicians. Five posters. jc-09.06.13

"For 30 days in 2011, Juan Ortiz gave himself a task: create a new poster every day, each one illustrating a single episode of the original Star Trek series." dw-09.05.13

"...when I discovered that this poster was not only an original 1927 French release poster but also that it is a four-sheet poster that stands 94 inches tall and 126 inches wide, my mind was blown." Movie Poster of the Week: Metropolis and the posters of Boris Bilinsky. jc-09.04.13

A smart, illustrated post from Jim Hughes on Walter and Elizebeth Paepcke and the Container Corporation of America and the Great Ideas of Western Man campaign. jc-08.28.13

Signs of Buffalo NY. So great, via The DDC. jc-08.20.13

Every movie poster that Saul Bass ever made. I've always loved this one. jc-08.20.13

Local note for NYC. Ten years of Wooster Collective, a group exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. jc-08.19.13

The Mandela Poster Project at the University of Pretoria. jc-08.19.13

(Relinking to show the final image.) Totally perfect, totally badass poster for John Carpenter's The Thing by Jock. Check the rest of his portfolio too. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-08.16.13

The New Yorker goes for a ride. Via Veerle. jc-08.14.13

Shoutout to Seth, who we met in Salt Lake City. Check out his great My Outdoor Alphabet posters and onesies. bb-08.12.13

Tangentially related to the last, Two birds on a bat, and how they got there, from Uni Watch. jc-08.09.13

"It took nearly 7 months searching the streets at night for a fixed shadow that was positioned perfectly against a wall." Timing is Everything. Via Colossal. jc-08.08.13

Martin and Alice and Tony. jc-08.07.13

This print by Federica Bonfanti lists 84 cities you should visit before you die. dw-08.07.13

Rudolph de Harak's covers for Westminster Records from the 1960s. jc-08.07.13

The Great Outdoors, a poster by South African illustrator Warwick Kay. Via Grain Edit. jc-08.06.13

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week: The Southern Star and the posters of Andrzej Bertrandt. jc-07.31.13

We tell anyone who will listen that Kelli Anderson is the bomb. Take a peek at what she has been working on this summer and you'll see how right we are. Book Covers, Re-imagined in Paper. Kaboom. jc-07.30.13

DKNG Studios' "Arcade" print. Fabulous. jc-07.23.13

Graphis Magazine, 1965-66. Pow. Via Wink. jc-07.22.13

Great collection of vintage kids' books about outer space. Via Boing Boing. jc-07.19.13

Related to the last, Sam Potts lays out the routes of all 100 Tours de France in this lovely yellow poster. jc-07.18.13

Veerle's sweet Tour de France posters are lovely and her post has a nice tutorial on creating the background texture. jc-07.18.13

Stomp on this beauty. Baroness Tour Poster by Mike Davis. Via The DDC. jc-07.18.13

A sweet new poster by Mr. Jay Ryan for A.V. Fest at The Hideout. Flying garbage trucks! jc-07.16.13

Appetizing visuals, collected at Free Flavour. I. II. III. jc-07.16.13

Summer of Love, Psychedelic Posters from the Smith College Museum of Art. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-07.11.13

So great, Cars and Films. ms-07.10.13

Related to the last, An interview with CP hero, art director Helmut Krone, and, highly recommended, The Book. jc-07.10.13

Tekhnika Molodezhi, or "Technology for the Youth", was first published in Russia in 1933. Tested has a nice collection of the space race art from the magazine. Via TMN. jc-07.10.13

The World at Night, a four color screen printed poster with glow-in-the-dark world lights. dw-07.09.13

Movie Poster of the Day, Wings of a Serf USSR 1926, designed Mikhail O. Dlugach. jc-07.02.13

Just a couple of buds, hanging out, watching tv. jc-06.28.13

"Imagine a time and a place where normal marketing methods didn't dictate process, where the goal of making a poster was to reach an audience who were actually interested in film." The Beautiful Movie Posters of Post-War Germany, an illustrated post by Brandon Schaefer. jc-06.19.13

1984s. jc-06.17.13

Related to the last, I've always loved this Bantam paperback Dandelion Wine cover but there are plenty of other interesting ones. jc-06.14.13

A year and a half of Adrian's Movie Poster of the Day and some notes on what's most popular and why. jc-06.11.13

Picturing Anarchy: The Graphic Design of Rufus Segar. An excellent illustrated post from Recto Verso on the influential design of the 60s UK Magazine. jc-06.05.13

The Fox is Black on Alexander Wells' illustrations for The Folio Society's special edition of The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. More here. jc-05.30.13

The new Flickr layout turns collections, like Uilke's huge repository of vintage pulp covers into a cacophony of steamy pulchritude. In a good way. Via Rex Parker. jc-05.24.13

A great illustrated print of Seattle by Rick Murphy. dw-05.24.13

It's hard to beat a simple, dramatic demo. BBDO Moscow for Mercedes-Benz Smart. jc-05.22.13


More posters from Antonio Perez, aka Ñiko. jc-05.20.13

Related to today's main image, a fabulous Cuban Clockwork Orange poster by Nelson Ponce. jc-05.20.13

Posters from Cannes 2013. jc-05.17.13

1469 Russian and Soviet Propaganda and Advertising Posters. Via Aza. jc-05.14.13

Great collection of mid-century ski resort posters. The World Skiing Chamionship poster from the Czech Republic is my fav. esm-05.10.13

Soviet propaganda-style Star Wars posters. dw-05.07.13

The illustration portfolio of Mads Berg. Sweet, poster-y, exuberant work. Via Grain Edit. jc-05.06.13

Movie Poster of the Week: Kiss of the Damned and designer Akiko Stehrenberger's favorite posters. jc-05.06.13

"I am paid to read great books and interpret them. I have the greatest job in the world." Porter Square Books Interviews Peter Mendelsund. Via Ben Pieratt. jc-05.03.13

Kentucky for Kentucky is a website dedicated to promoting the "Kick Ass Commonwealth" of Kentucky. To that end and in celebration of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, they have collaborated on an infographic poster depicting Hunter S. Thompson's famous essay on the 1970 Kentucky Derby, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved. Oh, they sell Field Notes too. ms-05.01.13

A nice set of new acquisitions for the Busy Beaver Button Museum. Related, we made a little film about our pals and neighbors at the BBBC. jc-04.25.13

"We found a stamp album in Berlin for 4 euro, it has lots of DDR stamps in it." Present&Correct. jc-04.25.13

We Made This visited the London Transport Museum recently and checked out the show, Poster Art 150. Great selections. jc-04.23.13

Collected covers for Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita. jc-04.22.13

A pulpapalooza, 1600+ Carter Brown paperback covers. jc-04.16.13


Gatsby covers. jc-04.09.13

Tangentially related to the last, Simon McLoughlin's design for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Specter At The Feast. jc-04.09.13

Super sweet cover art and packaging for The Strokes Comedown Machine, designed by Runner Machine. jc-04.09.13

By Its Cover, five designers on books that inspire them. jc-04.08.13

Poster for La Puerta del Cielo. jc-04.04.13

The Beauty of Letterpress. jc-04.02.13

"...qualities of lightness and informality happened to make the postcard an ideal medium for a certain stripe of visual artist in the 1970s and 1980s." Recto Verso on the postcard collection of Ulises Carrión. jc-03.27.13

Adrian Curry curates the always great Movie Poster of the Week for Mubi and he also chooses a poster daily. Bookmark both pages. jc-03.27.13

Creativebloq takes a look at their picks for the top 25 movie posters of all time. ms-03.22.13

Elliot Kruszynski's poster for an event featuring Harry Brockway, Chairman of the Wood Engraving Society. Thanks Tony. jc-03.22.13

Just lovely. The poster for the 66th Cannes Film Festival, starring Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman from 1963. Check the video too. Nice work from Bronx in Paris jc-03.22.13

Nice architecture posters by Andre Chiote. dw-03.20.13

Jim Hughes on old-time (and valuable) tobacco cards of "base ball men" with lovely examples and notes on print production techniques. jc-03.20.13

Ibraheem Youssef is the artist behind this fashionable poster for Casino. Aces. jc-03.13.13

Good Day CA is a series of postcards by LA designer Braden Wise. So fun. jc-03.11.13

Great collection of posters by Status Serigraph. Via DWL. dw-03.11.13

A letterpress poster of The Provinces & Territories of Canada. dw-03.08.13

"For us it was a way to ignore the drab reality around. As film and theater posters were widely distributed and pasted all over it gave each one of us participating a chance to shine for a couple of weeks in the public arena." An illustrated Polish poster for Richard Lester's The Three Musketeers by Andrzej Dudzinski. jc-03.05.13

Mike Dempsey posts a brilliant dust jacket for John Wain's The Smaller Sky by Nicholas Thirkell from 1967. Check the other views too. Via Peter Mendelsund. jc-03.04.13

"Iowa" Art Print by Aaron Draplin. jc-03.01.13

Ahmed Youness' 80's perception of film posters. Exactly. Via ISO50. jc-02.25.13

Shapes of Cities by Yoni Alter. dw-02.25.13

Free Flavour is a nice visual blog focused on new and old food packaging. Via Present and Correct. jc-02.21.13

"Whether salvaging shipping pallets for a homemade humidor or abandoning the city for a life of surprisingly difficult rural subsistence farming, this homespun palette proudly weathers the storms of impulsive life choices." Mantone Color Forecast 2013. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-02.20.13

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week, Lady for a Day and the posters of 1933. They don't make 'em like that any more. jc-02.19.13

Our pal Meng is looking to Kickstart his sweet Great Lakes States Posters. bb-02.18.13

Marko Manev's superhero noir posters. dw-02.15.13

Olly Moss' great 85th Academy Awards poster. You can see the biggified version here. ms-02.12.13

Illustrated British propaganda released during the Allied occupation of Iran, just before the 1943 Tehran conference. sd-02.08.13

Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week, The Human Bullet and the Posters of the Art Theater Guild. jc-02.08.13

"He had worked hard on his cover and it wasn't fair to sweep the contest aside. He was right, and I was wrong. He sent me a copy of the cover design he sent, and if you ask me, it was quite a winner." Agreed. Adam Busby's cover design for The Hobbit. jc-02.04.13

Paris travel posters. dw-01.31.13

DIY Gig Poster Kit. Awesome. jc-01.31.13

Gail Anderson and Antonio Alcalá turn a poster into a stamp while working with Jim at Hatch. Via Quipsologies. jc-01.31.13

"G is for Gonzo. Death-defying, can-do alpha with a heart as big as the kink in his nose." dw-01.25.13

Hana Tanimura's Navy Signal Prints. Perfectly simple and simply perfect. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-01.23.13

Gee, I wonder where German agency Jung von Matt got the idea for this series of print ads for Lego. Hmm, I can't quite put my finger on it, I know I saw it somewhere. jc-01.16.13

Jeremy Rendina's 2013 Moon Calendars. jc-01.15.13

"Indoors women are useful - pleasant even!" Sexism In Vintage Ads. Via Dale Cruse. jc-01.07.13

Early 1970s Olivetti print advertising. Boom. jc-01.07.13

Top alt movie poster lists for 2012: Mitch Putnam, Rob Jones, . Via Artw at Mefi. jc-01.04.13

Ealing Studios and the Art of the Film Poster, by Claire Smith. Via Gary Hustwit. jc-12.21.12

Local note. Dig these slightly insulting Chicago neighborhood posters, especially this one. jc-12.19.12

Peck and Co.'s identity and packaging for Ooh Ooh Ah Ah! Banana Jam is irresistible. jc-12.18.12

We just received a copy of David Plunkert's poster for Volker Schlondorf's masterful film, The Tin Drum and it captures the world of the film perfectly. Thanks for that. The poster and the remastered film are both available from Criterion. jc-12.12.12

Sweet poster teasing Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-12.12.12

Soviet Infographics. Nice. jc-12.12.12

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week, various international versions for Nicholas Ray's In a Lonely Place starring Bogie and Gloria Grahame. Love the Argentinian one. jc-12.11.12

Sweet Saul Bass 6-sheet for Advise and Consent. jc-12.05.12

Brand Colors. Yup. jc-12.04.12

Totally cute stamps, except for the one with the kid falling through the ice and the other one where a kid is sticking her finger in the socket. jc-12.04.12

Selections from The Silver Screen in the Golden Age: Romanian Film Posters 1965-1989, by Christopher Landry. Love the Cowboy layout. jc-12.03.12

Tangentially related to the last. "I finished up three ads, went on vacation to St. Thomas, depressed, came back two weeks later, and I was a star." An interview with iconic art director and hero Helmut Krone. Plus, here's Michael Bierut on the man, and highly recommended: The Book. jc-11.30.12

"One purpose of this book is to remind advertisers that design is a seemingly inexhaustible source of visual excitement." Steven Heller on Leo Lionni's Alternative Theory of Advertising Design. jc-11.30.12

Guess I should have been aware of this I but had never seen these six plates from Frank Frazetta's Lord of the Rings. jc-11.28.12

Mythic beasts travel posters. dw-11.20.12

DKNG's posters and art prints are outstanding, we've linked them before but somehow missed The Galactic Moog one for 2012 that also glows in the dark. See also Bad Dads. jc-11.20.12

It's always a good time for another visit to Film on Paper, Eddie Shannon's collection of original film posters. jc-11.20.12

Another masterpiece from the always-great Tugboat Printshop: the America the Beautiful Woodblock Print. sd-11.16.12

A poster for the film by the director based on the novel by the writer. Laudatory adjective. jc-11.12.12

Adrian's movie poster of the week, Arnaldo Putzu's splendid illustration for Get Carter. jc-11.12.12

"We need to remove the baby's ear" and other lines spoken by clients to creatives in Ireland, recreated in poster form for A Creative Catharsis. sd-11.08.12

A fascinating collection of hundreds of vintage Japanese ads. Via WFMU. dh-10.30.12

Worth revisiting regularly, The Penguin Paperback Spotters' Guild. I. II. III. jc-10.25.12

20 Swedish Posters for 1930s Hollywood. Fab, via I Love Typography. jc-10.24.12

Related to an earlier post, Short doc on Otl Aicher's process and technique for creating the identity for Munich 72. Fab. Via Kindco. jc-10.23.12

Munich '72 Summer Olympics, "An Illustrated London News special publication," scanned. Via Things Magazine. jc-10.23.12

A conversation between book designer Peter Mendelsund and author Mark Z. Danielewski with lots on the amazing packaging of The Fifty Year Sword. jc-10.22.12

Designer Peter Dean has replicated the 1843 poster that inspired the Beatles "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite." bb-10.18.12

Mike Mitchell's poster for Iron Giant reminds me that I need to see that film again and his home page makes me want to buy a bitchin' van. Via Drawn. jc-10.18.12

"There is one for every purpose." Vintage packaging for Eberhard Fabers' "Ruby" Erasers. Ahhh. jc-10.17.12

Here's the plan, we'll have a tap beer at The Cave and grab a slice at Alpine Pizza before seeing a show at The Tower. Maybe after that a nightcap. Perhaps a Manhattan at The Manhattan and then finally turn in at The Tonto. The itinerary for a splendid night is courtesy of Quality Vintage. jc-10.16.12

International posters for Luis Buñuel's Tristana, starring Catherine Deneuve. Fab. jc-10.16.12

"...large-scale historic murals originally displayed at the 1948 Wisconsin State Fair in celebration of the state's centennial." Presented and annotated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Via Andrew Abb. jc-10.12.12

For MS, a poster of cooking methods. dw-10.11.12

Famous corporate logos and how they got that way. jc-10.09.12

Chris Ware posters for the Historical Societies of Oak Park and River Forest. Like all his work, they're full of lovely details. Via Gapers Block. jc-10.08.12

"This is a tribute to the players I grew up watching and admiring, done in a style reminiscent of the era in which they played." While we're at it. Peter Chen's Jumbotron Art. jc-10.03.12

The Posters of the 50th NYFF. jc-09.28.12

An amazing resource and a great browse. Facsimile Dust Jackets, 7700 scanned and archived jackets, cleaned up and available for browsing and for sale. jc-09.28.12

BKLYN Larder posters. dw-09.27.12

Mike DiLuigi Arrested Development posters, highlighting two familiar sayings. sd-09.27.12

Hundreds of marks, beautifully displayed in a physical exhibit, The Nike (Logo) Project. jc-09.27.12

This collection of illustrations from "Technology-Youth," a long-running Soviet magazine, proves once again that yesterday's view of tomorrow always trumps today's. Via It's Nice That. jc-09.27.12

50 Memorable Book Covers From the Last Four Years. Great selections from Dan Wagstaff. jc-09.25.12

That Bill Jones character was sort of a dick, if you ask me. Scroll down through this excellent collection of Vintage Business Motivational Posters from The Art of Manliness. jc-09.21.12

David Plunkert's magnificent poster for the re-release of one of my all time favorite movies, Volker Schlöndorff's The Tin Drum. NY, SF, Austin and Seattle, take note. jc-09.19.12

Book designer John Gall talks about Catcher and lots of other things in an interview with The Believer. jc-09.19.12

Emmanuel Jose's hand-cut, two-foot playing cards. Via Quipsologies. jc-09.19.12

Collection of 102 film noir posters. Nice scans. I. II. III. jc-09.18.12

Apropos of nothing, Starship Troopers. jc-09.12.12

A Studio Life from Ashwin Patel. A lovely idea, beautifully executed. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-09.11.12

Screen printed posters for The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine by Kevin Tong. Fab. jc-09.11.12

Print Is Dead. Yeah right. Via Daniel Benneworth Gray. jc-09.11.12

"So that's our idea: a fight with lookalikes of Mitt and Barack going at it in a boxing ring." jc-09.07.12

Removie Posters. Take away one letter. jc-09.06.12

Neat Ballpark Prints. Via Matt. jc-09.05.12

Tomi Ungerer's poster for Monterey Pop, 1968. jc-09.05.12

Aryz. jc-09.04.12

Poster for the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, by Brock Davis. jc-08.31.12

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week, The Passion of Joan of Arc and the widescreen wosters of René Péron. Fab. jc-08.31.12

Past, present and future NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories missions graphed. jc-08.29.12

Farewell, Neil Armstrong. dw-08.27.12

Related to the last, icons representing the houses of Westeros. dw-08.23.12

Gorgeous wood block prints by the folks at Tugboat Printshop. dw-08.23.12

VHS, an archival print. dw-08.23.12

Ryan Todd's series of illustrations for Curly's Pocket Guide Olympic app are lovely. Plus, enjoy this stop-motion film of him painting a mural at the OgilvyOne office in Zurich. Via It's Nice That. jc-08.08.12

"Bass's Vertigo designs are so firmly associated with the film and with its director Alfred Hitchcock that it comes as a surprise to realize that Vertigo was the only poster that Bass designed for the director." jc-08.03.12

Two sweet print ads for VW from DDB Paris as an homage to the classic Bernbach campaign. Found in the excellent Adland archives. jc-08.03.12

A splendid Tokyo Olympics poster, by Yusaku Kamekura. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-08.01.12

Warby Parker's terrific Summer Crystals promotion. jc-07.31.12

Massive chart showing all of Gotham's Villians. ms-07.28.12

Eddie Shannon's interview with Sim Branaghan, author of British Film Posters: An Illustrated History includes some nice examples too. jc-07.27.12

Andrei Harshaka etchings illustrating The Master and Margarita. Fab, via BibliOdyssey. jc-07.27.12

Local stuff. Jude Stewart on Color and the Chicago Flag. Meng Yang's Know You Flag blog and his Stacker of Wheat poster. A lovely 1945 city planning map found at Dmitry Samarov's Pictures and Blather. jc-07.25.12

CR on Ugo Gattoni's huge illustration of a crazy London bicycle race for Nobrow. jc-07.23.12

Giant. Red. Ball. Video timelapse of Kurt Perschke's huge installation art piece. tl-07.20.12

Trippy Expo '70 Ephemera. jc-07.19.12

Trippy Expo '70 Ephemera. jc-07.19.12

Related to yesterday's 150 Foot Batman link, check Malcolm Murray's Up There, a beautifully shot film about billboard painters. Man, I'm thirsty all the sudden. Thanks to Todd Dominey. jc-07.18.12

A lovely simple Olympic cover for In Graphics Magazine Vol. 4. jc-07.18.12

If you've ever wanted to paint a 150 foot tall Batman, artist Dan Cohen gives a tutorial. tl-07.17.12

Adrian's movie posters of the week, a number of interesting approaches for Masaki Kobayashi's Harakiri. jc-07.16.12

Murat Palta draws posters for popular western films using traditional Ottoman motifs. dw-07.12.12

Just what the name says: Slightly Insulting Chicago Neighborhood Posters. bb-07.11.12

Rare and fabulous printed film programme for Fritz Lang's Metropolis, produced for the London premiere at the Marble Arch Pavilion on March 21, 1927. jc-07.10.12

Street Art Utopia. jc-07.10.12

Chicago designer, Scott Williams, masters soulful art. tl-07.05.12

"Cacodemonomania," and other unusual words, translated into illustrations. tl-07.03.12

Related to the last, Adrian Curry's illustrated post on the early posters of Waldemar Swierzy. Fab. jc-07.02.12

Trailer for Freedom on the Fence, a documentary about Polish poster art by Andrea Marks. jc-07.02.12

Colours in movie posters since 1914, a study and visualizations by Vijay Pandurangan. jc-06.28.12

A lovely find by Gapers Block, previously unseen Chicago posters from 1965 by John Massey. "Chicago Has a Great Lake." Right on. jc-06.27.12

When modern meant sleek and typography pointed the way to the future. Retronaut highlights a slew of images of Polish Cold War era neon signs from an upcoming book by Ilona Karwinska. jc-06.27.12

"There's a lot of illustration now, a lot of charm. I don't see much ugly stuff, it's all very masterful. I like ugly, raw work." Dan Wagstaff's illustrated interview with designer Barbara deWilde. jc-06.26.12

"Little bits of intensity." Terrific video for the New York Types Letterpress Exhibition. Via Nerdcore. jc-06.20.12

Identity system for 'wich, a new restaurant in Hong Kong. Via Design Work Life. jc-06.18.12

"Unholy Night. It's your basic slasher nativity story. The three wise men leave a trail of blood in their wake as they make their way to Bethlehem. We did the cover." —Heads of State. jc-06.15.12

Sweet poster for Le Samourai, from Japan in 1967. jc-06.13.12

"Display is a curated collection of important modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera." Designed and annotated by Kind Company, this an excellent resource and will be a major drain on your productivity today. jc-06.12.12

From Quacks to Quaaludes, three centuries of drug advertising. jc-06.12.12

A cool desktop and iOS app for Volkswagen that tells time from overhead in a parking lot, plus includes weather conditions. By gobasil, who have also posted a nice making of video. jc-06.11.12

A visual guide to seasonal produce. dw-06.06.12

Yearlight Calendars by Bradley Pitts are custom-made for you location. Via Public Works. jc-06.06.12

100 Years of Paramount Pictures. dw-06.05.12

Dan Grzeca Mystery Tube sale! bb-06.04.12

Book designs by Wang Zhi Hong. Via Atley. jc-05.31.12

Kelly Pratt's effort to create a meal, and a poster, for every state in the Union: Stately Sandwiches. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.29.12

The folks over at If It's Hip, It's Here have all of the official Festival de Cannes posters from 1946 to the present . ms-05.23.12

"All of the posters continue the modern trend of having as much extraneous shit flying around the image as possible." Badass Digest on the latest DKR posters. jc-05.23.12

Related to the last. DKNG Studios 2011 Moog Art Print as seen with the lights on and off. I really shouldn't feel bad that I missed this since I didn't even know it existed until well after it was sold out. But I do. Great work. jc-05.23.12

The Pymlico Spirit, an alternative branding for the London summer games that is free from all legal and trademark restrictions. More from creator Roy McCarthy. jc-05.22.12

Chris Ware's epic cover for Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss: How an Unlikely Couple Found Love, Dodged the FBI, and Transformed Children's Literature. Via Dan Wagstaff. jc-05.21.12

Dan Grzeca rules: the Velvet Underground Live at the Grave of Charles Baudelaire, September 28, 1968, Cimetiere du Montparnasse, Paris, France. Sweet, I was there but I didn't get a poster. bb-05.18.12

Nice overview of Poster Design in Poland, 1890 - 1970. Via Design Info. sd-05.18.12

Movie posters from entries at Cannes 2012. Love the Moonrise Kingdom photo. jc-05.18.12

Codex 99 on The Esquire Pin-Up Calendar. Not safe for work if you boss disapproves of girls in their underwear with umbrellas near a pot-belly stove. jc-05.16.12

A really great triple decker gig poster for Jack White, designed and printed by Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud. sd-05.15.12

Touristique posters by Moxy Creative. dw-05.14.12

Just starting in the category of "Literature" with the letter "A." Wow, an amazing resource, Facsimile Dust Jackets, 7700 scanned and archived jackets, cleaned up and available for browsing and for sale. jc-05.11.12

Relink. Hallelujah. Terry Posters contains thousands and thousand of Czech film posters created between 1930-89. There are numerous ways to search them. Perhaps start with By Director or browse American Classics. An amazing resource. I. II. III. IV. V. jc-05.11.12

Dan Wagstaff chats with Kevin Stanton, illustrator for the lovely new Signature Shakespeare editions of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. jc-05.08.12

Adrian's Movie Poster of the Week at Mubi is for Jules et Jim, and he chats with its designer, Christian Broutin. jc-05.04.12

Related to JC's post below, James White also did a fab poster for one of my all-time favorite movies The Thing. Must re-link the dog scene. Blood, Guts, Aliens abound. ms-05.01.12

Sweet James White poster for Blade Runner. jc-05.01.12

"Inspired by the 2009 Iran election protest and activism and censorship therein, the WWIII Propaganda Posters were conceived as a mostly playful statement on wartime, citizen journalism, censorship, and how they all play with the advent of the Internet. Brian Moore's WWIII Posters. Via The Khool. ms-04.30.12

Veerle on the cycling posters of Caleb Kozlowski "Vive le vélo!". Indeed. jc-04.19.12

Local Note: Our pal Meng Yang of Know Your Flag fame is speaking at the Lincoln Park Apple Store this Thursday (April 19) at 7pm about Chicago history and design. bb-04.18.12

Related to earlier, Yoni Alter's Famous Clouds. jc-04.12.12

The various lives of clouds. dw-04.11.12

While we're talking about vintage magazines... Holiday Covers 1958-68. I. II. III. Thanks to Michael Hunter. jc-04.04.12

A very nice collection of 50s and 60s British book jackets from Nick Jones. jc-04.04.12

"There wasn't a direct reference to one artist in particular, although any suggestion that the work is reminiscent of that of Edward McKnight Kauffer is a huge compliment." Creative Review chats with illustrator Chris Gray and DDB NY about the beautiful new Hertz poster campaign. jc-04.04.12

8-Bit movie posters by Eric Palmer. dw-04.03.12

Modern propaganda posters by Aaron Wood. dw-04.02.12

"Words are weapons, but weapons are also weapons." Hunger Games PSAs. dw-03.30.12

Soviet space program posters. jc-03.29.12

Just kicked in for the 3rd Chicago International Poster Biennial. You should too. jc-03.26.12

Flight Sequence screen print by Anthony Cozzi. Via Paper Crave. dw-03.22.12

Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week, Abel Gance's Napoleon. jc-03.20.12

An ingenious business card for Privacy International, created by This is Real Art. jc-03.19.12

Daniel Gray posts a series of photos showing beautiful vintage advertising posters from the early 1900s. They make a nice accompaniment to this glorious London Street Scene. jc-03.14.12

Series of print ads for the Berlin Philharmonic shot from inside the instruments. Via Design Info. sd-03.08.12

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On. A interesting look at where the now ubiquitous poster came from. Worth it alone for the shots of the great used bookstore it was rediscovered in. sd-03.07.12

An International Morse Code screen print. dw-02.28.12

Will writes, "Yet another under-mined field of Polish design, vintage album covers." Lovely. jc-02.27.12

Adrian Curry on The Berwick Discovery, a find of rare, beautifully preserved movie posters, including a real beauty for The Public Enemy. jc-02.24.12

The Magnificent Map of Rap Names by Pop Chart Lab spans over seven square feet and contains 636 rapper blinged out in gold metallic ink. dw-02.24.12

"Use as few elements as possible. Reduce the story to its simplest visual form. Don't over think it. Don't overwork it. Use as few colors as possible. Use flat color." Stephen Heller on the previously linked Poster-A-Day project, BBCX365 by Johnny Selman. jc-02.24.12

One illustration per day. News of the Times, a visual blog by Gwendale Le Bec, Yann Le Bec and Jean Jullien. Via It's Nice That. jc-02.23.12

Fun, Pythonesque posters by Jaime Zuverza. Via It's Nice That. jc-02.21.12

Good Show Sir features only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers. Awful. jc-02.20.12

David Bowie, Starface. dw-02.17.12

Bam. Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Day serves as a sort of companion to his excellent series on Mubi, which this week features a superb fan poster for Wong Kar-wai's In the Mood for Love. jc-02.17.12

Chris Moore's art from the Grafton series of Philip K. Dick paperbacks. Beautiful to see, uncropped and collected, by Gavin Rothery. jc-02.16.12

Fifty years of D&AD Awards in two minutes. Via Swiss Legacy. jc-02.16.12

Adrian Curry on various posters for François Truffaut's The 400 Blows. jc-02.13.12

Everywhere In Chains, a poster series by Jonathan Schubert. Via Quipsologies. jc-02.10.12

In a year you may wish you had started now. dw-01.20.12

A new world awaits in exciting 3-Dimension as William Shatner and Natalie Wood appear in Avatar, directed by Howard Hawks. Movie posters re-imagined for another time and place. sd-01.20.12

There's one of these wrapped up on a pallet next to our loading dock. We'd steal it, but it'd be like stealing a particle accelerator; we couldn't hide it and we'd never figure out how it works anyway. bb-01.18.12

Relink. Swissted, punk rock + Swiss Modernism. Thanks Paz. jc-01.17.12

Adrian Curry's The Best Movie Posters of 2011. A great collection. My vote goes to Burning Man. jc-01.11.12

Jerome Daksiewicz's Runway Series, lovely screenprints of major airport configurations. Via Colossal. jc-01.09.12

"In October 2010 while on a research trip in Tajikistan I came across a curious scrapbook of Soviet-era graphics in a junk-shop in the capital city Dushanbe." Spectacular. Via Peacay. jc-01.09.12

"A series of posters inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. There is one poster for each track on the album. Colour palette is inspired by the original iconic Hipgnosis album artwork." dw-01.05.12

Steve Lambert's "Drawings for Three Rooms in Your Home." Via Jeff Rutzky. bb-01.04.12

Keep Calm and Stop Remixing This F*%&ing Poster. sd-01.04.12

British Wrestling posters. ms-01.03.12

North Korea Mourns Kim Jong Il. ms-12.29.11

In Caffeine We Trust is a limited-edition poster that allows you to track your caffeine consumption over the course of a month. dw-12.26.11

"The reason I decided to use silkscreen as a method was to add a little spark using gold colours and gold foils to reflect the ultimate woman nobility." Bodoni Girl. by Andreas Xenoulis. jc-12.23.11

Simon C. Page's poster set for the International Year of Chemistry. 2009 was the International Year of Astronomy. jc-12.23.11

Hobbit covers from everywhere. So fun. jc-12.21.11

The worst corporate identity redesigns of 2011. jc-12.19.11

Related to the last. Dig the type on the cover of the CotG Bantam paperback. jc-12.19.11

Extrasolar Planet Travel Bureau: See you at Gliese 581D. dw-12.15.11

The unstoppable 50 Watts showcases some print ads from 1950s Japan. So great. Here is Will's previously collected ads from the 60s and 70s. jc-12.13.11

"Doodling is a gateway to illustration." Fun PSA-esque posters for an art school. sd-12.12.11

"Because they were printed in limited quantities it was rare for any of them to survive. But the artist who painted these, Harold Seroy, had saved at least eight of them, all painted in 1933 and 1934." Movie Poster of the Week and Harold Seroy. Great find. jc-12.09.11

Related. Shaft's Big Score. jc-12.07.11

I started with Soylent Green and the next thing you know it was an hour later. Film on Paper. jc-12.07.11

Selections from The Flood Gallery's "Led Zeppelin IV at 40" Show. Via OMG Posters. jc-12.07.11

Yes, you should judge a book by its cover. jc-12.06.11

50 Watts on Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design 1919-1949 by Piotr Rypson. Great stuff. jc-12.06.11

Antalis McNaughton's 2012 Olympic calendar. Via Glass. jc-11.30.11

Gary Andrew Clarke's fabulous collected graphics from The Penrose Annual of 1956 here and here. jc-11.29.11

Original covers for classic novels. jc-11.27.11

"Everything is a cipher" —Vladimir Nabokov, Signs and Symbols. Part Two of Peter Mendelsund's article on the art of the book cover. jc-11.21.11

The courtyard at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin is looking good for a show featuring artist JR. jc-11.18.11

"The poster emphasizes Erik Spiekermann and his typeface FF Meta... looking through either one of the coloured glasses the attendee can read the poster in English or German." Smart work from Pawel Rokicki for an ADCC student competition. jc-11.18.11

Famous Magazines' First Covers. Love S.I. via Things. jc-11.15.11

The 2012 London Olympics posters have been unveiled, created by artists that include Tracey Emin, Gary Hume and Martin Creed. Really like Big Ben by Sarah Morris. More info here. sd-11.11.11

Grain Edit on the Pharma Exhibition at Cooper Union, featuring the work of Lester Beall, Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin, etc. jc-11.09.11

The always great Silver Screen Society has just recently tried their hands at Mon Oncle. Really dig Andrew Kolb's treatment. sd-11.09.11

Killer Sony Walkman print ads by Saatchi Australia. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-11.08.11

So you know. Danger is everywhere. jc-11.08.11

Peter Mendelsund on summing up Nabakov's Lolita in a single image. An insightful, illustrated essay on design and literature that is to be "the first in some promised posts about the process of jacketing works of fiction." That is very good news. jc-11.03.11

Great collection of historical Chinese Posters. I. II. III. jc-11.02.11

Related to the last. "The official swatch of desert tan is housed in Franconia, Va., just outside Washington's beltway, in a warehouse filled with the rest of the federal government's certified color chips." Americhrome, by Graham T. Beck. Required reading. jc-11.01.11

"The Soviets and Nazis were not, in fact, more skilled than American branders." Steven Heller on Branding the Government. jc-11.01.11

The Diabolical Diagram of Movie Monsters. ms-11.01.11

Kompakt-Kassette, a silver on black limited-edition screen print. dw-10.27.11

Three days + 16 illustrators = 3,750 drawings. Creating bespoke covers for the latest Think Quarterly, by The Church of London. jc-10.25.11

Some great zombified movie posters. sd-10.24.11

The always interesting Quad Royal, on an upcoming Christies poster sale. Love this BOAC one. jc-10.21.11

"Melancholy, stresses of the heart & mind, raised blood pressure, aches & pains, loss of vitality, sadness of spirit, &c. A most pure and reliable remedy, for all from young to old. Scientifically approved, quick action, stimulating formula." dw-10.21.11

Famous Capsules, The Big One by Greg-guillemin. Very fun. Via Laughing Squid. jc-10.18.11

Tools of Criminal Mischief: The Cans, Vintage Spraypaint Can Poster Set, by Roger Gastman. jc-10.13.11

Eye Sea Posters. I. II. III. jc-10.12.11

DKNG Studios poster process video, Explosions in the Sky. Fab. jc-10.12.11

"By day, this glow-in-the-dark poster features a quaint city scene. But when the lights go out, a town full of crime, sex, guns and zombies (and a few extra hidden surprises) appears." Day and Night. ms-10.11.11

Relink. Pan Am's Helvetica Dreamtime, "how I unearthed a forgotten chapter in corporate design history." jc-10.11.11

This entry on duotones in 1960s and 70s movie posters is well illustrated, and starts with the iconic Rosemary's Baby poster designed by Bemis Balkind. From All My Eyes, a blog by Linda Eckstein, formerly Fortune's graphics editor. jc-10.11.11

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" limited-edition screen print by Tom Whalen. Via Drawn. dw-10.07.11

Aqua-Velvet archive, London Transport 1970s and London Transport 1960s, especially this Hans Unger classic. jc-10.05.11

Jesus Goes To The United Nations. jc-10.04.11

Support Your Local Food Trucks. dw-09.30.11

"A collection of art prints that not only feature, but is also driven by, the passion for cycling. As with cycling, speed is of the essence, so each piece of work is limited to 100 copies only." dw-09.29.11

Brock Davis did the cover for Time Magazine this week. jc-09.29.11

So you know: New Rules of Work. ms-09.28.11

BOAC Speedbird Timetable, 1953. jc-09.27.11

Movie Poster of the Week: Weekend. After last week's selection from Burning Man, I guess you could say Adrian Curry is en fuego lately jc-09.23.11

Book Cover Lover is an excellent repository for Swedish cover designs and Will Schofield has selected a choice set of covers and bindings at 50 Watts. Thanks Peacay. jc-09.22.11

Hand-painted movie posters from Africa. So great. Love the 007 one. Via David Hudson. jc-09.20.11

The trailer for a new Australian film Burning Man looks really interesting, but I'm posting it mainly because Jeremy Saunders' poster just totally grabbed me. jc-09.16.11

It hasn't been "daily" for a while but The Daily Stenberg sure has a nice collection of Vladimir and Georgii's influential poster work. Via martin Klasch. jc-09.15.11

DuPont Company Magazine archives from 1913 to 2003. A fun browse overall but most notable for the wide range of covers: I. II. III. Plus, this beauty from 1963. Via a great post at Things Magazine. jc-09.13.11

Smart and simple print ads for Lego, from TBWA, Costa Rica. jc-09.09.11

Movie Poster of the Week: Antonioni's Red Desert. jc-09.09.11

Paris vs. New York. dw-09.08.11

Genis Carreras' Philographics explain philosophy through basic shapes. Also fun in book form. sd-09.06.11

The Littlest Vader. ms-09.06.11

Peace from Seb Lester. Sweet. jc-08.31.11

Wallpaper's 15th anniversary cover project. jc-08.29.11

For BB, 25 Scooter Drawings by Christine Berrie. dw-08.23.11

Thomas Gateley made posters for each house in Game of Thrones. dw-08.23.11

For MS, What Difference Does It Make? dw-08.22.11

Hell rebrands. jc-08.17.11

The Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names. ms-08.16.11

"Each poster will have information about the planet that sets one apart from the other, as well as historic discoveries of what would have been known in 1965. All of which is set in beautiful and modern typefaces of that era." Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato. Via Ace Jet 170. dw-08.15.11

Apple Ads (and a ton of them) over time. Great survey, via Jason Fried. jc-08.15.11

Sam Smith's on creating the poster for World on a Wire poster. Love these "process" posts. jc-08.15.11

31 Paul Rand Book Covers, collected by Scott Lindberg. Especially this one. jc-08.11.11

Fun poster for the New York International Latino Film Festival highlighting bad movie cliches. Via Doobybrain. sd-08.10.11

Oh yeah. Adrian Curry's survey of movie posters for the films of Francesco Rosi. jc-08.05.11

Propaganda posters of Soviet space program. jc-08.02.11

Maraid collects "education books giving an illustrated introduction to sports and hobbies." Know the Game. jc-08.01.11

Minimalist Children's stories posters. ms-07.30.11

Original 1st Print Grateful Dead White Acid Test Poster. jc-07.28.11

Interesting clue found hidden in the new Batman poster. jc-07.25.11

Pixel Star Wars. ms-07.25.11

Pioneering Soviet designers Vladimir and Georgi Stenberg are the focus of Adrian Curry's latest Movie Posters of the Week feature at Mubi. jc-07.25.11

SPD posts a sweet typographic cover for the current Metropoli Magazine. The Creative Director at El Mundo is Rodrigo Sanchez. More here. jc-07.22.11

20 fortune cookies were sent to 20 designers. They each made a typographic poster from the fortune and then, presumably, ate the cookie. jc-07.21.11

Fitting for today's anniversary, Mark Weaver's Moon Landing visualization for Momentus. jc-07.20.11

Glad the "Hi doggie!" dog got such prominent placement. A great screen printed poster for The Room by El Jefe Design. sd-07.18.11

UK illustrator Matt Taylor's fabulous cover art for Penguin's reissue of the novels of John Le Carré. jc-07.18.11

Adrian's Movie Posters of the Week: A nice batch from pre-code Hollywood NSFW if it's 1929 where you work. Love The Mind Reader and (S)Ex Lady. jc-07.15.11

Super poster for The Dark Knight Rises. jc-07.12.11

Adrian Curry's new Movie Poster of the Week is a beauty for Tyrannosaur by artist Dan McCarthy. jc-07.08.11

Fantastic collection of vintage movie posters are set to go up for auction soon. I would love this one. ms-07.06.11

Quoting Mefi's Lovecraft In Brooklyn, "Every Day Posters Every Day turns mundane life into slightly less mundane posters." jc-06.30.11

RectoVerso on Rufus Segar's covers for the 1960s British serial Anarchy. Beautiful scans of highly political and dramatic work. Thanks to Will Schofield. jc-06.28.11

Sucker for Soccer, fabulous posters by Zoran Lucic. Thanks Amy. jc-06.27.11

OrbitalFleets of the United States Space Transportation System, a 30th anniversary poster series on the retirement of the Space Shuttle program. Brilliant. By Nate Utesch. Via The Space Suit of the Week by Alex Dent. jc-06.24.11

Love this, Kitchen Conversion poster. ms-06.24.11

Awesome French Lego outdoor poster. jc-06.22.11

Perfect Matt Leunig poster for Norah Jones at the Greek Theatre. Via Monoscope. jc-06.22.11

Mike McQuade is making lovely posters of every area code in the country, starting with Illinois. ms-06.20.11

Don't forget your umbrella, Jesus. Vintage Tokyo subway manners posters from 1976-82. Via Zinc Design. jc-06.15.11

Niall McCormack's Vintage Irish Book Covers features book and booklet cover designs from the Irish state's first 50 years. Via The Donut Project. jc-06.13.11

Unknown Pleasures, Jim Hughes' illustrated post on Peter Saville and Factory Records. jc-06.10.11

Advertising Hitchcock. Yowza. I. II. III. Via ISO50. jc-06.10.11

Kids Today, John Gall features some excellent student work from a Spring Book Cover Design Class. jc-06.07.11

50 Watts' Polish Book Cover Contest asked contestants to design the "Polish edition" of their favorite book. The winners have just been posted. Great work, all the way round. jc-06.06.11

Jason Munn's poster series for the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow. Love the Bonnie and Clyde one. jc-06.02.11

"I still have the leaf although I keep thinking that one day it will fall apart." Peter Saville on his classic Joy Division and New Order artwork. Via Casual Optimist. jc-06.02.11

The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names. ms-06.02.11

"I understand this new-found openness (if not willingness) to spending on production as the result of a generalized fear of the cannibalizing power of the e-book." Art Director Peter Mendelsund on the design of Glen Duncan's The Last Werewolf. I hope this trend continues. jc-06.01.11

Type Sandwiches, "a typographic series of food, created using only color and Helvetica." sd-05.27.11

Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week, Sam Smith's new design for Fassbinder's World on a Wire 1973. jc-05.27.11

676 dice and a letterpress. jc-05.27.11

Eddie Shannon's collection of original movie posters. Film on Paper. Totally great. Just go, or read Matt Singer's IFC post about it. jc-05.26.11

Art and Design inspired by a film, every month, from a rotating list of creatives. Silver Screen Society. Fab. ms-05.25.11

Alex Ben Block profiles iconic movie poster designer Bill Gold for The Hollywood Reporter. jc-05.19.11

Alfalfa Studio's 3D posters for a Fort Worth theater company are actually three-dimensional. Imagine that. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.19.11

I always thought "Bad Powerpoint" was a double negative, but it turns out that it's not. bb-05.17.11

Make Your Franklin, as in Ben, as in c-note... Via My Modern Met. jc-05.17.11

Two stacks of books are currently crushing Will Schofield. jc-05.16.11

Rejected book covers. jc-05.14.11

"Every couple of days, I pull a book off the shelf and write about its cover. That's it." Rex Parker cracks wise on vintage paperbacks on Pop Sensation. Warning, major time-suck. jc-05.13.11

Polish posters for American Westerns. jc-05.11.11

Saul Bass design work for Vertigo, the whole package. jc-05.11.11

Adrain Curry's Movie Poster of the Week for Mubi. The Posters of the Cannes Film Festival. jc-05.06.11

"The images featured a series of abstracted formats of print ephemera - formats that performed a function in one way or another." Tom Crabtree's sublime poster was created to accompany Process Journal Edition 3. jc-05.06.11

"The 'Invitation to an Assassination' series examines how seemingly routine and casual occurrences can quickly become extraordinary events with a profound global impact the moment a powerful figure, whether it be a world leader or pop culture icon, is assassinated." dw-05.05.11

From a TV program called 'USA: The Novel,' Vladimir Nabokov comments on different foreign editions of his novel Lolita. Delightful. jc-05.02.11

Chris Dixon's New York Magazine visual stream is great to follow for bits and pieces from the design process and archive material too. Like this, the very first cover. jc-04.29.11

A simple portfolio from designer Neil Kellerhouse that lets the work do all the talking. Via Sam's Myth. jc-04.28.11

50 Watts Polish Book Cover Contest. Sweet idea, great examples on the page. jc-04.21.11

Antony Hare's splendid illustration for Scorcese's Mean Streets. I think it's pretty obvious what word Johnny Boy is about to say. jc-04.21.11

Michael Freimuth's simple, beautiful and smart design work for a new local coffee shop in Crown Heights. Via Monoscope. jc-04.21.11

Required Reading, posters inspired by classic novels. Curated by OMGPosters and Rob Jones. jc-04.21.11

Leah Scarpelli for NPR on the venerable Globe Poster Company in Baltimore. Plus, a nice photo tour and gallery from Citypaper, jc-04.21.11

Related to the last, a long time ago Jay Ryan did these beautiful posters for the very first edition of our Field-Tested Books project and we went by his workshop and watched him screen them, 6 Colors, 1800 Pulls, 2 Dogs. jc-04.19.11

FotA Phineas X. Jones' Buntacles print. "Just in time to deposit festive egg sacs around your yard for Easter." sd-04.19.11

Olivetti posters at SFMOMA and in Ninonbook's stream. I. II. III. Via Peacay. jc-04.18.11

So you know. How Star Wars changed the world, business-wise. A graphic by Michelle Devereaux for Wired. Here's a static version. jc-04.18.11

Adrian Curry's Movie Posters of the Week are those for the films of Soviet master Dziga Vertov, who is also the subject of a retrospective starting today at MoMA. jc-04.15.11

Composition of Mammals, mock exhibition posters by Wataru Yoshida. Via Bumbumbum. jc-04.14.11

Chet Ripley vs. The Ol 96er' From the art of Jayson Weidel. jc-04.14.11

One Thousand Polish Book Covers. jc-04.14.11

Aquaman, Batman, Cyclops, Daredevil, Elektra, Flash, Green Lantern, Hulk, Iron Man, Justice, Kick-Ass, Lion-O, Mandrake, Nightcrawler, Orion, Punisher, Quicksilver, Rorschach, Superman, The Thing, Ultra Boy, Vision, Wolverine, Professor X, Yukk, Zorro. Via Geekologie. dw-04.13.11

Lovely vintage-inspired Subway Signs. Via Cool Hunting. ms-04.13.11

Trexels is a limited edition print from John Martz and Koyama Press featuring 235 of your favorite Star Trek characters (give or take a few Tribbles) in pixelated form. Set your alarm for 4pm EST. dw-04.12.11

Ryan Hageman's Gurafiku, "a collection of visual research that encompasses the history of Japanese graphic design." jc-04.12.11

Hair Wars by Alejandro Giraldo. dw-04.12.11

Monoscope selects some fave movie posters of 2010. Culled from the IMP Awards Gallery. jc-04.12.11

Fifty posters from Jason Koxvold to benefit children affected by the earthquake and tsunami. jc-04.11.11

Some really great alternative Inception posters. ms-04.08.11

Write on the Water, "Love, let the rest flow." Via Wooster. jc-04.06.11

The inaugural edition of the Poster Tribune is out. It's a twice yearly newspaper. 12 pages. 3 posters. Looks great. By Xavier Erni and Thuy-An Hong. Via Swiss Legacy. jc-04.06.11

"Saul Bass invented some of the most iconic film graphics of the 20th century -and DVDs have destroyed his work." Sad but unsurprising. By the unstoppable Steven Heller. jc-04.05.11

Donna Wearmouth's minimalist and modern posters for London's Quadra Gallery. sd-04.05.11

Monoscope's illustrated post on record album designer Burt Goldblatt, Shaping the Cool Jazz Era. jc-04.05.11

So great, Historically Hardcore. ms-04.01.11

John Gall, "Our spectacular new designs for James M. Cain." I'll say. jc-03.24.11

The Fox is Black on Nike Paper Battlefield. So smart. Check the video. jc-03.24.11

The Tragedy of Macbeth as a spreadsheet. jc-03.22.11

Mike Dempsey highlights some covers and spreads from Alphabet and Image, Image, and Typographica. jc-03.22.11

Bloomberg Businessweek Japan cover. CD Richard Turley talks about it. jc-03.18.11

London in one big, beautiful circle of silhouettes, by Nick Patchitt. jc-03.18.11

Mubi's Movie Posters of the Week, The Films of Alain Resnais. Love the Swedish poster for Hiroshima, Mon Amour. jc-03.16.11

The portfolio of Jillian Frey is full of nice work, like these mural images for Pastrami Jack's, especially #3. Via Allan Peters. jc-03.16.11

Expo '70, Osaka, Japan. jc-03.09.11

500 black markers makes for a sweet poster. Via Cool Hunting. jc-03.08.11

"Hugest" Collection of Soviet Posters, from English Russia. Great browse. jc-03.07.11

Sweet typography on these vintage-y posters from NeighborhoodStudio. Via Monoscope. jc-03.01.11

Apropos of nothing. Lobby card from Logan's Run. jc-02.28.11

Nice poster by Zoë Barker for The Tweed Run. dw-02.24.11

DE, SD, SC and OH. New additions to the 50 and 50 State Motto Project. jc-02.22.11

Punching Through the Din, Jim Northover on Saul Bass, on the occasion of a new BFI poster show, opening tonight at Kemistry Gallery in the UK. Via David Hudson. jc-02.17.11

Vintage Future. Via Signalnoise. dw-02.16.11

The Evolution of Ghosts, by Italian designer Riccardo Bucchioni. Via Laughing Squid. jc-02.15.11

Martin Klasch has collected a lovely set of covers and posters by Swedish illustrator Rolf Lagerson, especially Smalfilmskolan (The School of Narrow Film). jc-02.15.11

Stuart Bache's designs for Sceptre's new John le Carré editions make me melancholy, wishing I had them all to read for the first time again. Only perfect. jc-02.11.11

The best designed anti-Mubarak poster I've seen. jc-02.10.11

NY, MO, NC, CT. New entries to the 50 and 50 State Motto Project. jc-02.08.11

Fritz Lang in America, Adrian Curry's Movie Posters of the Week at Mubi. jc-02.07.11

C. Max Magee is judging books by their covers, looking at The U.S. vs. The U.K. editions from this year's Tournament of Books contenders. jc-02.04.11

The 100 Greatest Film Noir Posters at Where Danger Lives. Via Khoi. jc-02.04.11

Was the Mona Lisa really a male model? dw-02.03.11

Dan Cassaro's 50 and 50 Project aims to illustrate all the US State Mottos. Great Idea. Maybe we should have Field Notes County Fair Editions sponsor it? jc-02.01.11

Adrian Curry's Movie Poster of the Week, Eternity. Dive into his previous selections at Mubi. jc-02.01.11

Deface Value, "Authentically found or intentionally altered album cover art." Via John Gall. jc-01.31.11

Peter Mendelsund's new cover designs for the Shocken Editons of Kafka. The work is top-notch and is interspersed in a great conversational post. jc-01.26.11

Nutmegger Workshop "celebrates the unadorned typography master sign painters created for businesses and shops over a century ago." Correct Liveries for Every-Occasion. jc-01.26.11

"... a total synthesis between graphic design and architecture. It doesn"t get better than this." Amen to that. Kosmograd on a series of posters, from Wim Crouwel's Total Studio in 1983 to promote a series of museum exhibitions in Holland. jc-01.26.11

Getting Paid to Draw Dinosaurs An illustrated interview with book designer Christopher King, at the Caustic Cover Critic. Love the "International Crime" series. jc-01.25.11

A collection of Soviet accident prevention posters. ms-01.22.11

A limited-edition print of 20 things that happened on the Internet in 2010. dw-01.22.11

Local note. A new outdoor mural at Threadless HQ, just down the street. jc-01.20.11

Multiplayer, limited-edition posters inspired by video games, at Gallery 1988 in LA. "From Russia With Love," "Shoot That Duck!," and LYT competitor Tom Whalen's "1981" are stand-outs. Via Cool Hunting. jc-01.20.11

Limited-edition prints by Build for Urbanized. Nice. jc-01.17.11

Monster Brains collects some beautiful Czech and Polish posters for Japanese monster movies. Via Pink Tentacle. jc-01.11.11

Dimitre Lima's Lunar Cycle Calendar 2011. Via Information is Beautiful. jc-01.10.11

Motherland's To Resolve Project. jc-01.07.11

Book Worship has great taste and quite original selections. Bookmarked. Via John Gall. jc-01.06.11

Apropos re-post (Apropost?) How Would You Like Your Graphic Design? bb-01.04.11

Long, great chat with legendary movie poster designer Bill Gold (Exorcist, Clockwork, Etc, Etc) at Roundtable Pictures. jc-01.02.11

Creative Director John Jackson broke up with L.A. via outdoor advertising. jc-12.22.10

Gorgeous. The 2011 Lunar Calendar poster. ms-12.21.10

Christmas Magazine Covers collected by SPD. jc-12.20.10

Been waiting for these. Olly Moss's take on the original trilogy. Best SW posters ever. jc-12.17.10

Amazing set of vintage travel posters collected by Sandi Vincent. I. II. III. Via the DDC. jc-12.17.10

Gorgeous, from artist Justin Van Genderen, Comic Book Travel posters. And check out his Early Space Race posters too. Very nice work. ms-12.14.10

Title graphic and poster for an Andy Warhol exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Very smart. Via Victoria Pater. jc-12.10.10

2011 calendar of famous people Matt Hunsberger likes. Via Bigchief. jc-12.09.10

"Purely based on data, these glow in the dark op art esque posters represent the total hours of light and dark for 2011." jc-12.06.10

Helena Wahlman's fabulous Hamlet as a diagram. Via Swiss Legacy. jc-12.01.10

Always good for a quick blast of awesome, Top Posters of the Week from GigPosters. I. II. III. jc-11.30.10

Can you guess the movie from just one letter? Take the Empire poster quiz. ms-11.28.10

After Bill Keaggy did The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables I really thought this meme had run its course and maybe it has, but I still can't help linking The Periodic Table of the Elements (Revised) from the wonderfully named Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives. Clipped from Quipped. jc-11.23.10

"Everything you didn't need to know about the down-and-dirty reality of magazine designing." It's funny cause it's true, the Magazine Designer's Guide to Magazines, from Stack. jc-11.22.10

Sandi Vincent's illustrated post on mid-century print advertising by Max Huber. Just wow. jc-11.18.10

Colors and Culture, an infographic mapping various culture's perception of color, by the unstoppable Always With Honor. A print is available through Information is Beautiful. jc-11.17.10

Great new typographic work from Seb Lester, click through his new limited-edition prints, 'Dreams,' 'Stars' and 'So Much To Do.' Inspiring thoughts and a fine attention to detail that is evident in client work too. jc-11.16.10

Check this "Moog" print from DKNG Studios. Cha-ching. jc-11.15.10

Great cover for the Tron: Legacy issue of Little White Lies Magazine. Via Change the Thought. jc-11.11.10

Jim Tierney designed covers for four Jules Verne novels as his senior Illustration thesis project at the University of the Arts" Then he made this swell video to show them to us. His blog is excellent too. jc-11.11.10

Scotty Reifsnyder's The Heroes of Folk print set. Via Grain Edit. jc-11.09.10

Waxing Chromatic, Steven Heller chats with S. Neil Fujita, the book (The Godfather) and record (Round Midnight) designer, who recently passed away. jc-11.05.10

WTF? ms-11.04.10

Project Thirty-Three, vintage record jackets designed using simple shapes. I. II. III. jc-11.02.10

Mubi's Movie Posters of the Week entries by Adrian Curry are excellent. This week Sam Smith's poster for Kuroneko is featured, and also a link to Smith's post on the design process including the creation of the wonderful typography. jc-10.22.10

Hemant Anant Jain's The Reader's Alphabet Poster. Hard not to love anything that includes The Power and the Glory, and Ignatius Reilly. Via Quips. jc-10.20.10

Feral Animal. (And Cookie Monster and Oscar, too.) pxj-10.20.10

Collective Nouns Illustrated. jc-10.19.10

Stumbled onto this quite accidentally, I love when that happens. Chris Glass visited Firecracker Press in St Louis. You can visit them here. jc-10.19.10

Concentrate. jc-10.19.10

Aguirre: The Wrath of God by Jay Ryan. pxj-10.18.10

The operative word is "spicy." jc-10.14.10

LEGO + Letterpress. dw-10.13.10

Mubi on Tom Whalen's personal movie posters. Beautiful work. Lots more can be found in Whalen's Gallery. This guy should play Layer Tennis. See The Shining, Ghostbusters and El Vader. jc-10.13.10

John Gall asks, "Remember phone books?" Love the Cicero one. Great selections. jc-10.12.10

Brandon Schaefer's Kubrick Series of posters. Absolutely love The Shining one. His entire portfolio is fabulous, a case in point. jc-10.08.10

A great new print by our current guest editor, Phineas X. Jones: the mighty Chi-Noceros. sd-10.05.10

Great collection of ads from the pages of American Artist Magazine in the 50s. Via @danwagstaff. jc-10.01.10

Seth gets immortalized in poster form in The Bird Machine's new print, "Be Alert." For more Seth, he makes a brief appearance in our mini-doc 6 Colors, 1,800 Pulls, 2 Dogs. sd-09.30.10

Johnny Selman's graduate thesis involves designing a poster every day for a year, based on a BBC news headline, BBCX365 is quite an exercise and the work is smart too. jc-09.28.10

Benjamen Purvis art directed Las Vegas Weekly from 2002-08. "Confronted with a weekly cover budget averaging $250 and an extremely short production cycle..." SPD takes a look at some if his entertaining work jc-09.23.10

978 Zombie movies, books and games, on one hand. jc-09.21.10

Layer Tennis competitor, Matt Stevens, started a self-initiated Black Keys poster project. mgr-09.20.10

Huge collection of nautical advertising from the 1920's and 1930's. ms-09.20.10

Our talented pals at Delicious Design League are offering a "Mystery Tube" of 5 posters for $30. Ka-Ching! (Via ASG) bb-09.16.10

CMYK, set of four swell posters for "educating young children on colour mixing and blending." By Ian Edward Prentice. jc-09.16.10

"...striving for simplicity, directness and meaning." Adrian Curry writes for Mubi on The Movie Posters of Stephen Frankfurt. His title sequence for To Kill a Mockingbird belongs in any self-respecting "best of" list, and probably near the very top. Via Khoi. jc-09.15.10

Classic Esquire Gift Catalog designed by Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser and illustrated by Isadore Seltzer. jc-09.15.10

Fantastic poster prints, Heroes and Villains. More please. ms-09.15.10

Grain Edit on Rock Paper Show, the Flatstock book of Flatstock posters. Cha-ching. jc-09.13.10

Jennifer Daniel, Unicorn Groomer extraordinaire. jc-09.09.10

Candykiller 5th Anniversary Letterpress Print from Brian Taylor. Only 100 available. Cha-ching. jc-09.08.10

"This thing has to explode!" Keith Campbell sends SPD a postcard from Germany about cover art for the wildly popular magazines known as "The Yellows." View with caution. jc-09.08.10

You don't need to understand French to see the shapes and colors movin' all about. mgr-09.07.10

There are gig posters, then there are vintage B-movie posters. mgr-09.01.10

Constantly changing the design of these cards hasn't helped the Cubs win, but who's keeping score? mgr-09.01.10

A sci-fi eye test. dw-08.27.10

Random image. 1960s German slot-car racetrack layouts. jc-08.26.10

Selected covers from The Masses Magazine, 1911-18. jc-08.25.10

"This plan will give you your own vegetables all the year round." Dig For Victory. Thanks Mary. jc-08.23.10

Mubi's Movie Posters of the Week, Iranian Cinema of the 60s and 70s. Great. jc-08.21.10

Locations, illustrations by Matthew Lyons. Via Kitsune Noir. jc-08.18.10

Nice prints by Animal Canon. dw-08.17.10

Vintage Tokyo subway manner posters. ms-08.10.10

Sweet Filmkonst Magazine cover from 98. jc-08.03.10

Sweet set of posters celebrating Brasilia at 50. jc-08.03.10

FotA Steven Heller solves BP's branding problem: go back to Amoco. sd-08.03.10

Meet Me in the City, "A quick movie with some vintage sign photos and music. That's it." Lovely, from Quality Vintage. jc-08.02.10

German movie posters from the 50's and 60's. Via The Cartoonist. ms-07.30.10

Vintage Russian postcards. ms-07.29.10

Aqua Velvet collects excellent examples of mid-century corporate design, parts one and two. jc-07.23.10

From Brandon Shaeffer, fab movie posters. ms-07.23.10

Today's Plain Dealer. So sweet. jc-07.09.10

Michael Paukner's Full Moon Calendar. jc-07.09.10

Insanely huge collection of WPA posters, many downloadable as high-res images. Via kernspiracy. cw-07.09.10

I don't know much about Art Is Commerce except that they have very good taste. Via The DDC. jc-07.08.10

The original source photographs for pin-up illustrations. sd-07.07.10

A nice collection of vintage Laurel and Hardy posters. ms-06.30.10

Edward Gorey Book Covers. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-06.30.10

Richard Amsel illustrated all those movie posters and all those TV Guide covers too. jc-06.28.10

Aqua-Velvet features a few excellent selections from Karen Etingin's L'Affichiste Vintage Poster Gallery in Montreal. jc-06.28.10

Miehana's images tagged with Disneyland, a treasure trove of visual bits and pieces, all beautifully presented and annotated. I. II. III. Via Matt Haughey. jc-06.24.10

British propaganda posters from the second world war. ms-06.24.10

"This map of Manhattan is broken down into neighborhoods, with a pattern for each area that is inspired by neighborhood-centric details, such as the water towers in Tribeca, the view of the sky between the buildings in the financial district, the ornament on the Dakota (where Lennon was shot) for the UWS, and the seating of the Apollo Theater for Harlem." dw-06.22.10

Artist Thomas Allen creates fabulous artworks using vintage pulp fiction paperbacks. ms-06.18.10

Fabulous collection of Propaganda posters. ms-06.16.10

"I could've greatly expanded this inventory by qualifying crime novels that merely feature flaxen-haired lovelies on their covers, but decided to limit myself to books that actually include the word 'blonde' in their titles." jc-06.15.10

No Flying Machines Over Seattle, Discount menswear ad, 1917. Yowza. jc-06.14.10

While renovating the Notting Hill Gate tube station, workers uncovered these lovely mid-century posters in a unused passageway. Via Grain Edit ms-06.10.10

Keep track with the Soccer Aid World Cup 2010 Poster by David Watson of Trebleseven Design. jc-06.09.10

CP's World Cup fever has been on hold thanks to the Blackhawks, but we love these 32 ESPN-commissioned posters. They're a perfect mix of folk-art style and attention to details of history, mythology, and rivalries. Thanks, p+p bb-06.08.10

Magnifying boring things and then printing them on shopping bags. From Love Agency. jc-06.04.10

Project Thirty-Three, a wealth of record covers that use simple shapes to covey abstract musical concepts. Swiped from Portland's DDC when they weren't looking. I. II. II. jc-06.03.10

Local note. It's jury weekend for the 2nd Chicago International Poster Biennial of awesomeness. jc-05.26.10

Vintage-style DC character posters by Michael Myers. dw-05.25.10

2010 Cannes, in posters. Via Khoi. jc-05.24.10

Music Philosophy is a weekly graphic/typographic interpretation of philosophical song quotes. dw-05.20.10

For BB, a 2010 World Cup calendar poster. dw-05.18.10

Highlights from the history of the (mostly 2-color) printed program for the Kansas Relays. I. II. III. jc-05.18.10

Work by Ladislav Sutnar at MoMA, including these building block prototypes. jc-05.17.10

Japanese steamship travel posters from the early 20th century. Fab. Via C-Monster. jc-05.12.10

Average Life Expectancy of an American -78.2. Average Life Expectancy of a Rock Musician -36.9. Alexa Edgerton's Only The Good Die Young. jc-05.11.10

"A self-initiated project based on the stereotypical 'must haves' of the graphic designer from mind set and values to tools and appliances." The Bare Essentials. dw-05.10.10

Poster Cabaret. jc-05.06.10

Victory Through Extermination. dw-05.03.10

Nice selections in this listing of the best movie posters from 2009. jc-04.26.10

Let's Explore Ohio, a guide to the odd and unusual, published as a service by the Standard Oil Company. jc-04.23.10

Vintage Japanese posters for American car movies. Via DRB. ms-04.21.10

The Type Directors Club asked a group of designers to find a classified/personal newspaper ad from their local community and to "hijack" it typographically. The results are Beautifully Banal. Via Kottke. jc-04.19.10

JG Ballard Cover Scans 1956 - 1959. jc-04.19.10

A list of the "people you've showed your novel to that are not trustworthy critics" and other helpful advice in this gorgeous poster from 826 National. Cha-ching. jc-04.08.10

Feudal Japanese Star Wars Art. jc-04.07.10

Swiss Cheese and Bullets, the portfolio of Daniel Gray. Via The Casual Optimist. jc-04.07.10

The overuse of the 'through the legs' shot on movie posters. sd-04.06.10

Helping you pick which line to take to get to and around Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod, Transit Authority Figures' series of posters, Highly Unlikely Subway Maps. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.06.10

The Sydney International Food Festival's posters feature international flags made of indigenous foods. Via Chris Glass bb-03.29.10

The Shimmering Beauty of Heaven in Blazing Sunshine by Seb Lester. Or, is it Sunshine Blazing in Heaven? jc-03.25.10

"Passion and Debauchery Explode in History's Most Wicked City. The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah' No, it's not the winning entry from this week's impromptu Layer Tennis contest, it's the The Art of the Paper-Bounds: "... a melange of sex and violence, from Leif Pang. jc-03.25.10

From Sea to Shining Sea, a travel poster series from The Heads of State. dw-03.24.10

Anna Hurley's almost-finished poster for 826 National: Are You Absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish Your Novel? Via Doobybrain. sd-03.23.10

FotA Spike Press has a show starting Thursday at Design Within Reach in Chicago. Spike designed our Field-Tested Books poster and book cover (buy FTB and watch a video about Spike Press). bb-03.23.10

Marc Burckhardt's traditional process for creating the cover for a Texas Monthly feature marking the 15th anniversary of the murder of Selena, "The Queen of Tejano." Via SPD. jc-03.19.10

Christophe Szpajdel is Lord of the Logos, the black metal band ones anyway. Via @paukee. jc-03.17.10

The DDC posts a very sad before & after picture. jc-03.16.10

Beautiful "Biggles" trading cards from Agence Eureka. jc-03.16.10

So great, Hitchcock Re-Envisioned. Via Design You Trust. Thanks Michael. ms-03.12.10

More George Lois Esquire Covers. jc-03.11.10

"In one swift stroke, the age-old and artificial separation between copy and design was dissolved." ADC HoF Robert Gage. jc-03.11.10

Related to the last, George Lois and the stories behind his twelve favorite classic Esquire Magazine covers. Priceless. Via Kottke. jc-03.11.10

Silence Television, illustrations and prints by Gianmarco Magnani. Sweet lines and machines. Love the "Forgotten Monarchy" series. Via Netdiver. jc-03.10.10

A pulpapalooza, 1686 Carter Brown paperback covers. jc-03.09.10

Old Railway Posters, and lots of them. Via Oded. jc-03.06.10

Grain Edit on Modern Polish Poster Design and Warsaw based studio homework. Love this one. jc-03.04.10

If he keeps making them, we'll keep linking them. A recent poster from Michael Pauker, Big Brothers, earth's satellites and their courses. jc-03.04.10

Fab, What's Under Your Mask? ms-03.04.10

Sci-Fi-O-Rama on a "selection of Coin-Op/Arcade Machine 'Marquees' beaming gloriously in brash 80's technicolor." Annotated too. jc-03.03.10

Related to the last, here's a fine scan of the Rosemary's Baby poster by Bemis Balkind and lots more of the firm's other work. I'd forgotten this fun Space Jam series. jc-03.03.10

71 Spy Magazine covers. jc-03.02.10

Antonello Silverini's illustrations for Italian editions of the novels of Philip K. Dick. jc-03.01.10

Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages, a great multi-media piece by Steven Heller. jc-02.25.10

For last week's BAFTA awards, the show commissioned illustrator Tavis Coburn to create a poster for each of the nominees for best picture. You can see the fabulous results here. Via Slashfilm. ms-02.25.10

Minimalist posters for Stephen King novels. Via Change the Thought. ms-02.24.10

"This was my favorite cover, probably because it caused the four of use to be called before the Grand Jury in New York. They finally decided it wouldn't be good public relations to indict magazine editors." While we're at SPD, here's a great interview with Dugald Stermer, Art Director of Ramparts and a collection of covers too. jc-02.22.10

Dieter E. Zimmer's Covering Lolita, 150 book and media covers from 33 countries and 54 years. I. II. II. Via Mefi. jc-02.19.10

Artist, meet artist. Creative Allies puts musicians and artists together for poster and other design projects, looks like a very cool concept. jc-02.16.10

Vintage Japanese industrial expo posters. ms-02.16.10

So you know, every official Olympic poster from 1924 to 2010. ms-02.15.10

Video feature, Behind the Cover: The New Yorker Money Issue with artist Dan Clowes. jc-02.09.10

Art history cheat sheet, in poster form. ms-02.09.10

Justin Van Genderen's Star Wars travel posters. Via the Laughing Squid. jc-02.08.10

"The Haitian Poster project seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders." Read more here. ms-02.08.10

Related. The Catcher dust jacket, designed by Michael Mitchell. From the Little Brown first-edition and the Grosset & Dunlap 1952 reprint. (Scan via Scott Lindberg.) jc-02.05.10

"There are strict rules about JD Salinger's covers. The only copy allowed on the books, back or front, is the author name and the title. Nothing else at all: no quotes, no cover blurb, no biography." Seb Lester's typography for Salinger reissues from Hamish Hamilton. jc-02.05.10

Mr-Bluebird's Whimsical Journeys: Neverland, Fantasia, Hundred Acre Wood and Land of Oz. dw-02.04.10

A beautifully selected and presented set of Film Noir Posters from the 40s and 50s at Golden Age Comic Book Stories. Via Things. jc-02.03.10

The Detroit Institute of Arts and Let's Save Michigan are sponsoring a WPA-Style Poster Contest. Here's Northcoast Zeitgeist's submission. jc-02.01.10

JC, and all the 2001 fans, better order these stat. ms-01.29.10

The legacy of Polish poster design, from its art-related beginnings at the end of the 19th century to the golden era of the film posters throughout the 20th century. dw-01.19.10

A beautiful design for a hardcover edition of Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jim Tierney, an illustration student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Bravo. Via Design Related. jc-01.18.10

Ross Berens' Pluto from his Under The Milky Way Project. Click through for the whole series. Fab. jc-01.15.10

Coincidentally and related to the last. Spacesick is Mitch Ansara. His "I Can Read Movies" Series is one-year old today. In some ways those book covers started the "Things Reimagined As Other Things" movement, or at least really fueled the fire. Oh, and Mitch played a wicked match of Layer Tennis for us last season too. jc-01.14.10

Perhaps we should just go ahead and start a whole new archive category called "Things Reimagined as Other Things." If we did, Penney Design's Current Films as Retro Games would be filed there. jc-01.14.10

Ten years in two minutes with 92 magazine covers. Thanks David. jc-01.13.10

Printed using luminous paint, this Emergency Escape Plan poster from Art.Lebedev glows in the dark so you can see what to do in case we all need to get out of here quick. jc-01.12.10

Cut Up MX, chopped up, partly exchanged and randomly assembled Mexican billboards. Love this one. jc-01.12.10

Related to the last, Heavy Metal Memories. "Flipping through the pages in my own stacks of old issues - - it's not just the stories that bring back memories (and often look a bit dated) - - it's the ads and all the other parts of the experience." jc-01.11.10

Heavy Metal Magazine cover gallery. jc-01.11.10

"Indo-Iranian bookcovers (flickr) that are actually good, as opposed to the usual Bollywoodesque kitsch." Via Peacay's awesome Twitter stream. jc-01.07.10

No client, the designer just made posters out of love for "posters, modernism, and television." They're nice. rw-01.06.10

Letterheads from the avant-garde. jc-12.22.09

"This is the first post of a series featuring my recently-acquired collection of Soviet children's books from the 60s, 70s, and 80s." Mummy Was A Robot, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil. jc-12.22.09

Free poster from Best Made Company. You know, the guys behind The Axes. jc-12.18.09

From BibliOdyssey, Nuclear Reactor Wall Charts with Cutaway Illustrations. Fab. jc-12.18.09

When something works, do it again. John Bertram of Venus Febriculosa hosted a fun cover design competition for Nabakov's Lolita earlier this year. His next design challenge is for Eco's The Name of the Rose. jc-12.17.09

From artist Matt Needle, Modern Hitchcock prints. Fab. ms-12.17.09

"After recently purchasing a badly designed Alfred Hitchcock DVD box set, I set to work on creating my own collection of original covers." Bravo to Ryan Tym Graphic Design. Via Casual Optimist. jc-12.16.09

The evolution of horror movie poster designs: 1922- 2009. ms-12.15.09

ABC etc. jc-12.14.09

"Gentlemen know that PEZ attracts beautiful women." Duh. jc-12.10.09

Harry Bennett's art for Start Screaming Murder and lots more from Killer Covers. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-12.09.09

A rocket ship print for JC. dw-12.08.09

An sweet collection of Old School Party Flyers by Buddy Esquire and Phase 2. Long live Letraset! Via It's Nice That. jc-12.08.09

Gorgeous vintage Audi poster. ms-12.07.09

"Fun With Action. Build 'Em and Run 'Em!" The Constructioneer. Via the always watchful DDC. jc-12.04.09

In Radiolab We Trust is a set of five Gocco prints from artists Jez Burrows, Frank Chimero, Nicholas Felton, Meg Hunt and Impactist. Proceeds benefit Radiolab and WNYC . Nice. ms-12.04.09

Gah! I was so stoked to get my shipment yesterday from the always fab Three Potato Four with my print of Jim Datz's fantastic Manhattan poster. The first two editions sold out fast so get yours quick. FYI, they carry some pretty cool notebooks too. ms-12.04.09

Mark Weaver, who we linked to a while back for his Make Something Cool Every Day project, now has a series of prints. sd-12.03.09

Collection of scans from this summer's Now Showing: Exploring the Lost Art of the Film Poster at the Cosh Gallery in London. I, II and III. Thanks Henry. sd-12.01.09

Related to the last, the Japanese Bullitt theatrical poster. jc-12.01.09

Hand-painted movie posters from Ghana including this inscrutable and compelling one for Species 2. Via It's Nice That. jc-11.30.09

The holy mountain of contemporary Polish posters from A Journey Round My Skull. jc-11.23.09

A journey round vintage Dutch mystery covers. Tons more here and here including De Voetstappen op het Plafond. jc-11.19.09

One of these letterpress prints of Tom Gauld's Characters For an Epic Tale is now heading my way. Cha-ching. Via The Casual Optimist jc-11.18.09

I'm guessing the person who approved this Play-Doh print campaign isn't in the approving business any more. jc-11.18.09

Movie poster images, "Thanks to the image manipulation programs." jc-11.17.09

"The hardest part is always when I have to stop generating new ideas and variations and start editing down to a single design." Amen. The Casual Optimist chats with Isaac Tobin, designer at The University of Chicago Press. jc-11.17.09

Beautiful and beautifully presented Alvin Lustig covers from FaceOut Books. jc-11.16.09

Albert Exergian's minimalist poster series for popular TV shows. dw-11.14.09

A Journey Round My Skull, Slovakian book covers, collection three. Here are the previous posts, see you in a couple hours. jc-11.13.09

Perfect FedEx print ad. jc-11.12.09

Fab posters for TV shows. Via Dirty Mouse. ms-11.12.09

"Better pacifiers don't exist that's why I'll suck them till I get old." Vintage USSR commercial advertising posters, via DO. See also, David Hlynsky's photo series on Communist era store windows. jc-11.11.09

Bern Hill Railroad Posters. Fab. jc-11.10.09

Pixar's art deco inspired UP posters. ms-11.03.09

Large inspirational compilation of Decca Records covers by Erik Nitsche. Via ISO50. I. II. III. jc-11.03.09

Excellent series of retro minimalist posters by Simon Page. Via ISO50. ac-11.02.09

Book (Design) Story #624, The Spas of Switzerland, 1938. jc-10.27.09

Seven series and counting for Mark Weaver's Make Something Cool Every Day project. Click 'em all. jc-10.26.09

The 629 members of The Mid Century Modern, Sticker, Label and Stamp Club have been busy. I. II. III. jc-10.22.09

How did I miss this? Quality Vintage Signs & Lettering, quality links, quality sundries, quality features. Quality from P.S. Studios. jc-10.21.09

A collection of vintage General Dynamics print ads by Erik Nitsche. Fab. Courtesy of The DDC. jc-10.21.09

"A semicolon ( ; ) is a conventional punctuation mark with several uses..." jc-10.08.09

1973's Savoir Revivre in its entirety, in French image files. However Jacques Massacrier's fab illustration and typography need no translation. jc-10.06.09

"My first device to contain all of these ideas was to create a shadow box or diorama of these scenes. Looking through them as if we were peering through history." Henry Sene Yee on the creative process behind the cover for The Terror Dream. jc-10.06.09

A nice collection of Polish book covers which goes well with this huge grouping of film posters. I. II. III. jc-10.05.09

100 Punk Sleeves. jc-10.02.09

Legendary 90s Chicago graffiti crew Three Hearts Club, then and now, plus great t-shirts at Bopzink. bb-09.30.09

"Our Father who art in Hendon Harrow Road be thy name, the Kingston come, thy Wimbledom..." jc-09.22.09

"Balance, repetition, contrast, dominance and solid concepts executed in the most perfect manner to convince a population to follow an idea." Amen. Copiously illustrated interview with poster designer Jonathan Haggard. Via John Nack. jc-09.22.09

Posters, type and various experiments by Bulgarian designer Mihail Mihaylov. I. II. III. Via TypeNeu. jc-09.17.09

"The spiral reveals the visual relationships of elemental numbers and the aesthetic beauty of mathematical equations." Via Aisle One. jc-09.16.09

PanTuNieStat posts a collection of posters by noted Polish illustrator George Flisak. jc-09.16.09

Flags Made Out of Food. Like it says. jc-09.16.09

Typography at 200mph, vintage Porsche posters designed by Erich Strenger and Volz. jc-09.15.09

Federation for the Advancement of Time posters. dw-09.14.09

Symbols stand for something that is unknown and cannot be made clear or precise. jc-09.11.09

Psychedelic posters from the 60's and 70s by Aquirax Uno, "featuring strange (and occasionally grotesque) eroticism, bright colors, and elements of collage." Fab. jc-09.10.09

The Art of Penguin Science Fiction. Oh yeah. Via, as you might expect, Ace Jet 170. jc-09.09.09

JSM wonders what would happen if web designers showed their work like most poster designers do? jc-09.08.09

Noted without comment. WWF. jc-08.26.09

"In the 1980s video cassette technology made it possible for 'mobile cinema' operators in Ghana to travel from village to village creating temporary cinemas... In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films." So great. jc-08.26.09

Cool Old Stuff. aro-08.25.09

A mystery pack of some of our favorite Chicago printmakers. Only 10 available! ar-08.25.09

How Hard Crime came to republish a Sherlock Holmes novel with a "bosomy dame and a man with a branded forearm" on the cover. Art by Glen Orbik. jc-08.25.09

The Caustic Cover Critic on various approaches to the problem of Sherlock Holmes "a much-covered subject." Found among other things. jc-08.25.09

Sound System Flyers from the UK, mostly late 70's to early 80's. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-08.20.09

"Only an a**hole gets killed for a car." A sweet Zach Hobbs Repo Man poster, starring CP fave HDS. bb-08.20.09

Sweet vintage VW print ad. Likely Herr Krone. jc-08.20.09

"On Saturdays I like to go through the flea market collecting memories. Feira da Ladra as we call it here in Lisbon. That means Thief Fair." Grain Edit on modern collage artist Cristiana Couceiro. jc-08.19.09

The lost Objectified poster, 100 numbered copies letterpressed with metallic black and metallic silver ink. dw-08.13.09

An online version of an exhibition of political propaganda Steven Heller donated to the Wolfsonian Museum. sd-08.13.09

A simple, glassless poster frame. dw-08.12.09

Peter Terzian for Print on how that book got that cover and what happened to the other good ideas. jc-08.11.09

Stefan Sagmeister talks about Warhol's album cover design for Sticky Fingers on Studio 360. aro-08.10.09

Grain Edit on David Klein's travel posters for Trans World Airlines in the 1950s and 1960s. jc-08.06.09

"This sheet was distributed on February 3, 1967 along the Haight on telephone polls, walls, and in windows, like all ComCo broadsides." Diggers Papers No. 3: Storm Warning. Via Speedway Boogie. jc-07.30.09

Michael Newhouse has a great eye for vintage print ephemera and either lots of time or lots of helpers. I. II. III. jc-07.30.09

Lovely History of Communication Poster by Geo Panch Design. jc-07.29.09

"Recovered" albums by some of the UK's top illustrators. Thanks Kevin. jc-07.29.09

Groovy collection of MC5 handbills and concert posters. Especially this beauty. jc-07.22.09

Poster of the month, for Buitres Del Infierno (Vultures from Hell) by Argentinian illustrator Frederico Pazo. jc-07.21.09

While MS might be excited for Restaurant Week in NY, let us not forget that it's currently National Art Hate Week right now in the UK, led by Billy Childish and the KLF's Jimmy Cauty. Here's a collection of their manifesto and propaganda. This is my favorite. sd-07.17.09

Views and Re-Views: Soviet political posters and cartoons at the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University. Thanks Andrew. jc-07.15.09

Browsing covers at Library Thing is a blast. The Sirens of Titan and The Name of the Rose. jc-07.14.09

Reimagining Nineteen Eighty-Four. Thoughts on various covers of the Orwell classic, by Alexander Charchar. Via Pica + Pixel. jc-07.09.09

Macho Men and Flirtatious Women. "Local language, hand drawn lithographic film posters and the larger, glossier offset film posters contribute largely to the visual culture and character of the streets of Bangalore.' A quick video and lots of examples from Matt Lee. Spectacular. jc-06.29.09

Harmonic Progression of My Sorrow. jc-06.25.09

50 Books/50 Covers. 2008 selections from AIGA. jc-06.22.09

Stumbled upon, 50 incredible film posters from Poland. ms-06.17.09

Girl Talk concert posters made by UCLA students Corinna Nicole Loo and George Michael Brower using laser-cut acrylic stencils, paint and soap bubbles. Via Kitsune Noir. jc-06.16.09

Vintagraph's Patent Posters, which includes the "world's best design for a barbecue stand." sd-06.11.09

A sweet and patriotic poster. Via @foresmac. fg-06.07.09

Catalogue of the Swann Galleries' auction of Modernist Posters. A great find, I'll be back in an hour. Via Dinosaurs and Robots. jc-06.04.09

So fab, Italian film posters. Via Grow a Brain. ms-06.02.09

For BB, il Grande Lebowski. ms-05.27.09

Posters, many promoting productions of Bertolt Brecht plays, for sale via the Brecht estate. Via Edward Lifson. jc-05.26.09

Steven King and hard-boiled illustrator Robert McGinnis. Here's a nice selection of his work from girlfriday. jc-05.22.09

If this was a poster, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Ridiculously cool. ms-05.21.09

Enjoy. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.20.09

The Boston Public Library travel posters collection. Submitted by Mike Wachs who points out this beauty in particular. jc-05.14.09

Will Freeborn's view from the saddle. Amen. jc-05.13.09

Penguin sci-fi covers. jc-05.11.09

Stella Artois ads illustrated by James Bond poster and Carter Brown book cover artist Robert McGinnis. Via AdFreak. jc-05.08.09

"I wanted a look of seductive murder about them." Interview with James Bond series cover designer, Illustrator and hand drawn type creator Michael Gillette. Sweet. jc-05.06.09

Every year, Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida hosts Star Wars weekends. Here's a collection of some fab promotional posters. ms-05.06.09

"...like signs in a suburban mall." Steven Heller on the branding of nations. jc-05.05.09

Keep Calm and Don't Sneeze. ms-04.29.09

The sad story of "Calvin Peeing" decals, with a extensive gallery. bb-04.28.09

A Tarot deck by Giacinto Gaudenzi, inspired by German engraver Albrecht Durer. Carpe Diem. jc-04.28.09

Ork posters has a fab new print, Gotta Have Heart. ms-04.28.09

Stereohype shortlist of button badge design competition winners and all of the winners since 2004. Via Surfstation. jc-04.23.09

"Let's say you've gone back in time. Don't worry. your poster has this one covered." jc-04.21.09

Intricate natural patterns and folklore dominate the beautiful portfolio of Sanna Annukka. jc-04.21.09

"Grafica Fidalga, a printing press in Sao Paulo, Brazil, makes posters on a 1929 German letterpress using hand-carved wooden letters." Just lovely. Via Cool Hunting. ms-04.20.09

A shortcut to Art History. ms-04.17.09

There was a time when you could use the word "cute" to describe it. Vintage Playboy covers. jc-04.16.09

Tons of great new entries at Film the Blanks. jc-04.15.09

Last week, I posted the trailer for the movie Moon. Here's really great poster for it. ms-04.14.09

The Netherlands Decorated Book Collection at the London College of Communication. Sweet reference on 1893-1939 Dutch bookbinding, decoration and typography. For example, this beauty. jc-04.09.09

The beginner's guide to tree hugging. ms-04.08.09

Spike Press just launched a new site showing off loads of great work including John's art for our Field Tested Books book and poster. bb-04.08.09

Henry Sene Yee designs book covers, like this simple, haunting cover for Columbine from Grand Central. He also describes his process and inspirations at his weblog. Read his "how to" paragraph in the right column. Simple. jc-04.08.09

Variations on a theme, think my fave might be "Panic Dumbass and Behave Like Headless Chickens". ms-04.03.09

Michael Surtees flips through GOP 100 Deconstructing Dumbo, an exercise in deconstruction. jc-04.02.09

The Ministry's faves from a frequently linked collection of science and technology ads from the 50s and 60s. Great choices. jc-04.01.09

Relink for Kyle. "You can file our obituary where the sun don't shine." Nice print ad in today's NYT for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. jc-03.31.09

Architectural Design cover quilt 1956-1975, from The Sesquipedalist. jc-03.30.09

A poster party for bike people by Studio On Fire in the Twin Cities. Just bookmarked Beast Pieces, their design & letterpress blog. jc-03.23.09

Relink. "...a random assortment of science ads collected from various science and tech magazines of the 50s and 60s." Curated by Katie Varrati and Derrick Schultz. jc-03.23.09

No explanation necessary, just look at those gorgeous thumbnails, courtesy of Flapjax at Midnite. jc-03.19.09

"Floating Logos" by Matt Siber. Via Subtraction. jc-03.19.09

Huge page full of images depicting yesterday's view of tomorrow from Soviet and Eastern Bloc pop culture and science magazines. Found among other things. jc-03.17.09

A work of Austin-based poster designer Justin David Cox. sd-03.17.09

A great collection of vintage Soviet posters from the Digital Archives at the National Library of Scotland. jc-03.11.09

Vintage Japanese air raid defense posters. ms-03.10.09

"Almost everyday I take pictures of posters that catch my eye in the city of Amsterdam. Here are most of them. They start from somewhere in 2002 till now." -Jarr Geerligs. Via Design Info. jc-03.06.09

Lovely, the LL Lettera poster. Via Heavy Eyes. ms-02.27.09

The "This Agression Will Not Stand, Man" Poster Show (and more images and interviews). bb-02.25.09

Dave at Grain Edit looks at a pack of El Al Airlines Playing Cards by artist and designer Jean David. I'm all in. jc-02.19.09

Artemy Lebedev asks, "Have YOU made a finger-pointing poster?" jc-02.19.09

Do you run a foundation that promotes design history? Do you have some surplus budget burning a hole in your pocket? The awesome American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, could use your help. At least drop by, check it out, and drop a $20 in the jar, it's well worth it. bb-02.18.09

The FontFeed on BETC Euro RSCG's new typographic tv spots and posters for the Peugeot Tepee. Here are the spots, I. II. III. Via John of ILT. jc-02.18.09

"I cut down trees, I eat my lunch." The Modern Logger Poster, "an homage to typography, wood, the grid, nature, geometry, flannel and lumberjacks." sd-02.18.09

"Almost every day, I take pictures of posters that catch my eye in the city of Amsterdam. Here are most of them." sd-02.18.09

Mobile home resident and dog rescuer, Patty Mayo, is enamored with graffiti artist Rime's image of a peeing dog, so she makes a plea for the artist to paint her trailer. Moved by Patty's tale of rescuing 200+ dogs, Rime shows up with spray cans and party unfolds. mj-02.18.09

The story behind the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which has enjoyed a major reprinting success of late. Via I Like. sd-02.10.09

Film the Blanks. ms-02.09.09

Humans Are Among Us. ms-02.07.09

"If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you're a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind." Sloshspot's Kurt Vonnegut Motivational Posters. Via Karen Templer at Readerville. jc-02.03.09

"Emblems of beauty, modernity, and cutting-edge creativity." Modernizing Propaganda: Avant-Garde Postcards from Japan 1904-05. A small part of the amazing Asia Rising exhibition at MIT OCW. jc-02.03.09

Passion for the Possible, works by silkscreening nun Sister Corita curated by Aaron Rose, opens at CSUN Northridge on Valentine's Day. alw-01.30.09

Lost in Translation: 20 baffling foreign movie posters. ms-01.30.09

A workshop with Paul Sahre, James Victore and Jan Wilker July 19-25 in NY. alw-01.30.09

In the interest of saving you from, once again, running to the grocery story at lunch to buy whatever cards they have left, we recommend visiting Print & Pattern's Valentines Round-Up. sd-01.29.09

Alternate Super Bowl logos by Stefan Bucher, Armin Vit, Felix Sockwell, Aaron Draplin, Modern Dog and more. alw-01.28.09

A pleasant Chinese New Year to all from Future Perfect. jc-01.26.09

A look at and a listen to Saxso Funny's interactive posters. sd-01.23.09

"Signs," a project chronicling the life of person living through the gentrification of a neighborhood. By Claire L. D'Aaoust. Via Monoscope. jc-01.23.09

Recreations of New York City Subway Destination Signs. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-01.22.09

For SD, another great documentary about the Rural Studio area, Proceed and Be Bold, is about local letterpress printer Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., who left his computer programming job to become an artist. alw-01.22.09

Bush Street changed to Obama Street in San Francisco. alw-01.20.09

Video interview with Aubrey Powell on Hipgnosis' reign as kings of rock and roll record design. jc-01.20.09

Astronaut, a fab series of paintings by Scott Listfield. Via Nag on the Lake. jc-01.19.09

Huge collection of vintage Russian ads. ms-01.14.09

Shepard Fairey will be on Thursday's episode of the Colbert Report. alw-01.13.09

John Bielenberg has announced a special March session of his annual design-for-good program Project M. Apply here [PDF]. alw-01.13.09

"...histories of marginalized and forgotten communities into the physical landscape of the present." Brilliant. The slide projections of Shimon Attie. jc-01.13.09

Ivan Chermayeff's collection of lost gloves. (Thanks, Maayan!) alw-01.09.09

I Make Metro Cards. Via VLU. alw-01.09.09

DJ Spooky on Ice? Paul Miller's North/South, an installation about Antarctica, opens in New York. alw-01.08.09

Shepard Fairey has his own section on the Obama inauguration merch site, which includes the official poster. (Thanks, Nate.) alw-01.08.09

The ridiculously awesome art pusher Jen Bekman is having a 20% More Ridiculous Sale at 20x200. Use the code RIDIC at checkout. alw-01.08.09

The always-entertaining Ji Lee presenting his Bubble Project at GEL. alw-01.07.09

All the Wrong People Have Self-Esteem, the newest from the crack-up, cut-paper universe of Laurie Rosenwald. alw-01.06.09

ReadyMade asks five designers to make new WPA posters. alw-01.06.09

Opening this Thursday in NY: A Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production. alw-01.05.09

It's hard to go wrong searching "50s Style" and "Switzerland" in the vintage posters section at IPG. jc-12.20.08

I posted Part One last week, here is Part Two of 100 Illustrated Horror film posters ms-12.13.08

Fantastic, Christmas by Colour. Via Apples and Owls. ms-12.12.08

New prints by Office for 826 Valencia, including a great pirate-themed take on the old "beer before liquor" saying. sd-12.05.08

"I was permitted to take this last photo before being blindfolded and led to the first undisclosed location." Manuel Bello pays a visit to the studios of FAILE as they work on a new show. Totally amazing stuff. jc-12.03.08

Art from Pulaski Road, Chicago. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-12.03.08

Browse around A2591 Antrepo for a while, it's full of great concepts and simple, whip smart executions, like Container Color System Release 2.0 and Yellow Cab City Poster. Via Doug Wilson. jc-11.25.08

Duckage's awesome set of rock posters. Via Reference Library. I. II. III. jc-11.24.08

"Thirteen Sets. Over a Thousand Stories. Five Limited Edition Posters." Penguin gives you the perfect gift for the reader/designer in your life. ms-11.24.08

Tango with Cows: Book Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1910-17. An exhibition at The Getty. Check the "Explore the Books" feature and Nancy Perloff's Curator's Essay. jc-11.21.08

"A new piece of art will be posted for sale every weekday, available for one week or until it sells out, whichever comes first. Once an edition is sold out, it will never be available again." Welcome to Wall Blank. ms-11.13.08

Shaw Brother Movie Flyers Gallery. Totally fabulous. Via PCL. jc-11.03.08

Dunno how I missed this: Largehearted Boy's "Why Obama?" essays, written by indie-rock and indie-lit luminaries. bb-10.31.08

For your inspiration, 50 stunning Asian movie posters. ms-10.31.08

Just in time for Halloween, 100 illustrated horror film posters. ms-10.30.08

Poster by Miroslaw Lakomski for the Polish theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back and Witold Dybowski's poster for Jedi. jc-10.27.08

Paper Space Opera! The Caustic Cover Critic looks at a series of covers for Gollancz's new sci-fi paperback reissues. jc-10.27.08

All the signs between 14th and 42nd Streets. Well not all 20,000 of them, but lots of nice ones. jc-10.23.08

Steven Heller in today's NYT on This Election's Poster Child. jc-10.21.08

Yee-Haw Industries' American Presidential Wrestling poster. Fab. jc-10.21.08

A nice, diverse collection of 50 vintage print ads at WellMedicated and while we're at it, check this set of 1950s-1970s advertising. Far out. jc-10.20.08

FotA David Head Jr. has a sweet new calendar for sale. Be sure to check out his other work. ms-10.20.08

For your inspiration, 50 beautiful movie posters. ms-10.15.08

There are over 5000 posters in London Transport Museum's online collection. Thanks Simon. I. II. III. jc-10.14.08

Nice, printable Obama Poster (pdf) by Christopher David Ryan. jc-10.14.08

Covers from Ty i ja Magazyn, published in Poland from the 50s to the 70s. Roman Cieslewicz was an early art director. Fab. jc-10.14.08

Phil Gyford's Graphs that lie. Via Kottke. jc-10.13.08

Lovely simple print campaign for Kaupthing Bank by TBWA/Oslo. Here's a bit of background for non-Norwegians. jc-10.10.08

Thunderdog's voter registration Obama campaign posters. sd-10.06.08

The list of subjects covered in a new set of "Manners" posters for the Tokyo subway was practically asking to be expanded, and Hitotoki answered the call. jc-10.03.08

An illustrated post from Armin on The Stenberg Brothers, Russian movie poster designers from the '20's. jc-10.03.08

The Build-O-Bama. "Just download the template and print, cut, fold and glue all the way to the White House!" sd-10.02.08

Sometimes you can tell the genuine article from a knockoff or "homage" just by looking. CNN went right to the source for their debate promotion graphics. Good for them. jc-10.01.08

For your inspiration, a fab roundup of concert posters. ms-09.29.08

"All writing systems currently available on computer now available on a folding map." Get your BMP map today. ms-09.26.08

Some disturbing pictures, but worth it for the chocolatey taste of freedom. Via Chris Glass. ahl-09.23.08

Related the the last. Rennie's essays on posters for The Exorcist and Scarface. jc-09.23.08

Paul Rennie examines the impact of the iconic poster for Blow Up for The Guardian. Brilliant. jc-09.23.08

17 "First Day of Issue" United Nation Envelopes collected by The DDC. jc-09.22.08

A nice juxtaposition of things for a Friday. Saul Bass Vertigo posters with Bullitt and Godfather stills. jc-09.19.08

Really great ads for Purell hand sanitzer You Are What You Touch. ms-09.18.08

Lovely, Rocketship Tours. ms-09.18.08

Fantastic screenprinted Halloween cards from L2 Design Collective. sd-09.17.08

Sapporo 1972. Sweet. jc-09.17.08

Huge, sortable movie poster gallery. Via the DDC. 1974: I. II. III. jc-09.16.08

For your inspiration, a fab collection of gig posters. ms-09.15.08

Fantastic collection of covers from Agitator, a Soviet workers' magazine from the 70s and 80s. I. II. III. Via DRB jc-09.09.08

David Carson supports Obama with five new poster designs. se-09.09.08

Tiny Showcase just emailed: "Not to belabor a point here but this is, arguably, the greatest collaborative group show and music festival BBQ block party that will occur in our lifetimes." bb-09.05.08

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be? I'd love to go into space, certainly. And I'd certainly spend a day saving Freehand. Via the DDC. se-09.05.08

100 year forecast. ms-09.04.08

"Let's extensively raise goats in all families!" North Korean Propaganda posters. ms-09.03.08

Some posters from the Nike Mexico Sportswear ad campaign. ms-08.28.08

HistoryShots, an information graphics firm featuring a shop full of history-related posters and other graphic items. This week is a good time to view their "History of the Political Parties" posters, I and II. se-08.27.08

Gorgeous posters by Alberto Cerriteño, via OMG. se-08.26.08

Country Club Chicago's Summer Fun Poster Show featuring FotAs Ryan Sievert, Briana Bolger, and "John Solominet," who might be FTB08 poster designer, Spike Press' John Solomine. bb-08.26.08

So many great posters to choose from over at The Poster List. Via the always fab and newly redesignedDesign Milk. ms-08.26.08

Trailer for Died Young, Stayed Pretty, Eileen Yaghoobian's new doc on gig posters features Jay Ryan, AA and others. jc-08.20.08

Yay. Our pals Josh and Axel's book Written on the City gets reviewed in the current Newsweek. jc-08.18.08

Persuasion, print advertising on the praries. jc-08.18.08

Nice collection of random posters. ms-08.18.08

"It's like Threadless, but with yard signs." You don't hear that every day. My Yard Our Message, via Glass bb-08.15.08

Mike Dempsey posts some great poster graphics by Tom Eckersley, the designer who created one of my all time favourite poster designs for London Transport. se-08.06.08

If you missed the "Mai 68" exhibition at the Hayward Project Space, browse the exhibition images or pick up a limited edition printers proof at Keep Calm Gallery. se-08.04.08

Lovely, artist Steve Thomas' vintage style space travel posters. ms-08.04.08

Crazy for Cult 2 is an art show hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier taking place in LA on August 22nd. SlashFilm has the fantastically geeky poster by artist Andrew Wilson created for the show. See how many movie characters you can spot. Then check your smarts here. ms-08.03.08

From the University of Washington, a collection of Vietnam War era ephemera. ms-07.28.08

Does the term "Phased witHDrawal" ring a bell? No, we're not talking promises from Barack Obama about Iraq, we're talking the good old war in Viet Nam in 1971. See this delightful Escher-esque rally poster. lch-07.25.08

"It's 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future." Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation, via iso50. se-07.25.08

Sweet poster for the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival. jc-07.25.08

Sweet new limited-edition screenprint from Sawdust, "Cassette." jc-07.24.08

Simple, dramatic, typographic poster for Obama's Berlin speech tomorrow. Here are the quartersheets as a pdf. Via Scripting News. jc-07.23.08

"Don't ask about income or expenses, don't ask about age, don't ask about love life or marriage, don't ask about health, don't ask about someone's home or address, don't ask about personal experience, don't ask about religious beliefs or political views, don't ask what someone does." Spotted on posters in Beijing, how to interact with foreigners. Via Cynical-C. ms-07.23.08

Wanted: Kool-Aid Man. sd-07.16.08

Sweet, movie posters designed by Allcity. ms-07.15.08

Nice Flickr set of posters by Josef Muller Brockmann. ms-07.15.08

Nice collection of vintage Russian advertising posters. ms-07.14.08

The stamp set. jc-07.14.08

Local note for Mexico City. 120 Posters from the 20th Century's most influential designers. Scroll down for text in English. Thanks Andrew. jc-07.10.08

What's your city saying? Clipped from Quipped. jc-07.09.08

Nice photoset of Otl Aicher's posters for the 1972 Olympics in Munich. ms-07.07.08

There's an old joke that if you can remember the 60's you weren't there. Truth is, there's an awful lot about our own history that we barely know, and one example is the iconic posters made in Paris during May-June 1968. Finally, some real research is available - see Gene Marie Tempest's essay here. lch-07.03.08

Another fine episode in Veerle's Inspiration Series. This time it's time posters, including a classic from Saul Bass for St. Joan. jc-07.01.08

The Performing Arts Poster Collection includes hypnotists, magicians, mind-readers and escape artists. Browse for power, vanishing whippets and typography. Via John Nack. jc-06.26.08

Perverse, Subversive, and Absurd. The Nonist on the poster art of iconic 60's and 70's designer Tomi Ungerer. jc-06.26.08

"Three small left hands and one small right hand available for poster-holding; inquire within for rates." jc-06.25.08

Designer Michael Surtees examines his recently arrived Field-Tested Books Poster. Michael also contributed a Field-Test this year, which you can read online or in the yard, in the shade of an old oak tree, if you buy the book. jc-06.25.08

Fab, artist Eric Tan's Wall-E posters. ms-06.22.08

Historical Mexican prints and posters by Taller de Grafica Popular, others commissioned by The Instituto Nacional Indigenista and a review of a new book on the subject. All from the excellent Docs Populi. jc-06.17.08

Blue Art Studio's A-Z Nero. ms-06.16.08

This list of 100 best movie posters is pretty uneven and it's hard to figure what criteria was used to judge them but that's all just an excuse to link this beauty from 1968 designed by Bemis Balkind. jc-06.12.08

When Aegir (The Minister?) Hallmundur comes across images he likes he feels "compelled to redraw them so as to understand them better." Lucky for us he found this set of 1963 Polish "space" stamps. jc-06.11.08

Dr. Odio's Cinerama, a big set of mostly sci-fi and B movie posters and screengrabs. I. II. III. Via Wilson. jc-06.11.08

Illustrator Daphne Padden created these lovely vintage travel posters. Via Grain Edit. ms-06.11.08

Barock the Vote in Knoxville. bb-06.09.08

Design Observer on The Little Logo that Could. se-06.06.08

"Creatives were given the task of creating their own interpretation of a cult, classic or obscure film poster from the past." Splendid. Curated by WIWP. jc-06.05.08

Many FoTAs involved in the upcoming poster show at Letterform: Steve Screwball, David Superkonductor, Billy and Jason Delicious, Jonathan Featherproof, and of course Julie and Andy Letterform. bb-06.03.08

Space hardware on Polish stamps, from Ace Jet 170. jc-06.02.08

American city flags ranked. I'm partial to Buffalo, Oakland and Helena. jc-05.30.08

Fab rock posters from artist Dan Stiles. ms-05.30.08

Fab, artist Billy Perkins The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly poster set. ms-05.27.08

56 geeks. jc-05.27.08

Scott Hansen of ISO50 has created a new limited-edition print for the Obama campaign. Cha-ching. jc-05.27.08

"Because if we cannot first imagine peace, we may never make it so." The Peace Billboards Project will be on display as of next week in San Francisco. se-05.22.08

Chromolithography and Flags of All Nations. jc-05.21.08

A century of olympic posters at the V&A. Via Veer. jc-05.21.08

Ian Follett shares his stamp collection and his thoughts with Grain Edit. Excellent. jc-05.20.08

Speaking of Presidential campaign brands, Here's Mark Scheffler's interview with Pilsen based Sender who developed the Obama logo. jc-05.14.08

Presidential campaign logos 1960-2008. 1972 wins for best looking set, typographically speaking. Clipped from Quipped. Of course, we're partial to this one. jc-05.14.08

From the country that brought you the John Candy postage stamp: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gordon Lightfoot! bb-05.12.08

Muto, an "ambiguous animation painted on public walls." jc-05.12.08

How about taking a stroll down a Dutch street amongst a bunch of giant fried eggs? jsz-05.11.08

Kids' monsters drawings made real. jsz-05.11.08

Great addition to the MoOM, a fantastic collection of Latvian poster designs. ms-05.09.08

Design Observer on the inaugural Chicago International Poster Biennial. Damn, scooped again, and right in our backyard. Deadline for entry, May 27th. Here's the official site. jc-05.07.08

Cuban Poster Art. Via Grain Edit. nh-05.05.08

Things were better then. nh-05.02.08

Brian Taylor has a lovely, bittersweet new limited-edition Candykiller letterpress print available titled "Slumberland." We have a few of his "Smokin'" prints left for sale too. jc-05.02.08

Charley Harper's magnificent poster "We Think The World of Birds" and an interview with the artist. Via Dinosaurs & Robots. jc-05.01.08

Great collection of Cuban social issue posters. ms-04.24.08

Hand-screened gig posters by Furturtle. I. II. III. jc-04.22.08

Todd at Twitch uncovers this unconventional and enigmatic poster for Robert Sigl's The Spider. jc-04.21.08

The Chicago International Poster Biennial is coming up, with FOTA Jay Ryan on the jury. Deadline is coming up soon. se-04.21.08

"A dirt absorbing text or pattern can be printed on a less dirt absorbing surface and create a slow but direct response on pollution." The Air We Breathe, a public installation by Jenny Bergström. Thanks Markus. jc-04.18.08

Fantastic set of Italian Movie Posters and Ads. ms-04.17.08

The Audacity of Pope, a funny parody print by Michael Ian Weinfeld. sd-04.15.08

Spectacular Lightworks Poster, 1973 by Jacqueline Casey. Plus lots more in this catalog and this photo set. Via ISO50. jc-04.15.08

Mistaeks Happen. ms-04.15.08

Related to the last, some historical precedent but by no means complete. 1984 and Animal Farm. jc-04.11.08

Shepard Fairey's new covers for the Pengiun editions of 1984 and Animal Farm. Nice executions, considering there's no idea behind them. Via TBDR. jc-04.11.08

Excellent witty graffiti collection, includes the legendary "Press Button Receive Bacon." Via C-Monster. jc-04.09.08

The Future Will Be What We the People Struggle to Make It and other incredibly intricate, rich, subversive and typographic works by English artist Dominic McGill. Via La Petite Claudine. jc-04.08.08

Illustrated FF interview with street artist Blek Le Rat. If you're in a hurry, scroll down to his last response. jc-04.07.08

A glimpse into the Pentagon's classified, or "black," budget through patches created for various programs. Nice. Thanks Bram. jc-04.01.08

Nice collection of gig posters. ms-03.30.08

The future world of the Third Reich, a German poster from 1941 with translation. Via Surfgarden. jc-03.30.08

Tickets from MLB games played in Japan. jc-03.29.08

Kane on the Paris art students known as "Atelier Populaire" and the posters they created that came to symbolize the events of May 1968. jc-03.27.08

Jeff Canham's sign painting and great design work. Via The DDC. jc-03.27.08

From the department of forgotten advertising mascots, CAMOAH, The Motor Power Thieves, 1929. jc-03.27.08

Grain Edit on thirty years of Jacqueline S Casey Posters. I. II. III. jc-03.26.08

Nicely curated set of sci-fi, terror movie posters, most with monsters and many with maidens in peril. Fab. Via The Cartoonist. jc-03.26.08

Grain Edit interview with Mike Davis, artist and screenprinter of Twelve Car Pileup and Burlesque of North America. jc-03.20.08

Vinyl record sleeves by Nikolay Saveliev "with 2-sided insert featuring faux-academic material on pop music and the state of the record industry," Via ISO50. jc-03.18.08

The Los Angeles Public Library has a nice collection of vintage travel posters online. ms-03.06.08

Posters and Graphic Design by Ott and Stein. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. jc-03.06.08

We're excited to say we'll be working on a project with John Solimine's Spike Press this spring. jc-03.05.08

Vintage Chinese Space Program Posters including one with pandas and bunnies. Found in a William Gibson Chatboard thread. jc-03.04.08

"I have no interest in discussing the hippies' utopian experiments or their eventual backslide into the big black boots of the establishment... no, as is the norm in these parts, I simply want to share some pretty pictures with you." jc-03.03.08

I, Brontosaurus, the graphic work of Tom O'Toole. jc-03.03.08

The modern stamp set. I. II. III. jc-02.29.08

Posterpalooza Part Three. Vintage Euro Ads, Hold On, Timeline of Russian Posters, Cinema Diabolico, Polish Posters for American Films, Gino Boccasile, World Cup, Grand Prix, Anti-Alcohol. jc-02.28.08

Posterpalooza Part Two. Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley, DDR Plakate, Wiktor Gorka, The Olymperials, Japanese Industrial Safety, Spanish Civil War, Bad Girls, Leaflets of '68 Paris, Peter Strausfeld's Wood and Lino Cuts. jc-02.28.08

Posterpalooza Part One. Jet Set Modern, USSR Propaganda, Toei Yakuza Movies, 007, Arizona Hardcore Flyers 1982-84, Civil Defense, Chinese Space Program, Pre-1960 Bollywood. jc-02.28.08

"These are WWII vintage US Navy Film strips that I found and took pictures of." Fab, via Boing. jc-02.23.08

Sweet, 79 Years of Best Picture Winners in posters. ms-02.23.08

The winners have been posted in Veerle's "What Is Graphic Design?" poster competition. jc-02.22.08

A full set of six emergency million-mark banknotes for the Thuringian state government in Weimar, 1923. Designed by Herbert Bayer at the Bauhaus. Thanks Robert V. jc-02.22.08

Ediciones Eloísa Cartonera Book Covers. Argentinian books from recycled cardboard and covers printed with rough stencils and poster paints. Fab. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-02.22.08

Grain Edit on Swiss modern graphic design for the chemical industry. jc-02.12.08

Sweet, the original Star Wars poster in lenticular 3-D. ms-02.08.08

Election Posters from Taiwan. Nice to see they're as awkward and stiff as ours here in the US. sd-02.05.08

96 printmakers from around the world use a variety of mediums to produce prints that combine to make up the periodic table. The 2007 Periodic Table of Elements Printmaking Project. Via Boing Boing. ms-01.31.08

Japanese Matchbox Art. jc-01.29.08

We Made This takes a trip to the London Transport Museum and finds some gems. sd-01.22.08

Book design by Non-Format for the Tokyo Type Directors Club, There Is A Light. Via The Serif. jc-01.18.08

"I regret I will be unable to attend your disco party due to the fact that someone has set fire to a crucifix on my front lawn." And more regrettable incidents in a life filled with bitter remorse. jc-01.16.08

The revival of Shinhanga or "new prints" in the 40s and 50s was the result of the collaboration of the artist who created the drawing and the 'editor' who is responsible for producing prints. jc-01.15.08

YouWorkForThem profiles Dan and Mike from Aesthetic Apparatus. For a second helping, check the short film we made while visiting their studio in the Twin Cities, Found and Reused. jc-01.15.08

Posters from Chicago's Past, pulled from The Encyclopedia of Chicago. sd-01.10.08

Lamarde's extensive set of tobacco posters. Excellent. Via Grain Edit. jc-01.08.08

"An eye opener for early morning commuters, indeed! Kids were asked about what kind of train they would like to ride on..." PingMag gets on board the technicolor zoo. jc-01.08.08

For SE, a glimpse of the Tour De France of 1922. ms-01.07.08

Gorgeous vintage travel posters. Via Boing Boing. ms-01.03.08

German inspired X-Men poster by Eric Tan. ms-01.02.08

Top 10 (Un)Sexiest Magazine Covers of 2007. jc-12.28.07

"Man getting home at 186,000 miles per second." Circa 1958. jc-12.27.07

Say goodbye to your morning and any semblance of productivity, 150 years of Advertising in the Netherlands. Via Bibliodyssey. ms-12.19.07

"I recently purchased a photo album with these snapshots of grocery store signage renderings. I don't know if any of these places ever existed or if these designs were ever actually used. I believe they are from around 1962." Splendid. jc-12.18.07

Splendid vintage Dutch advertising graphics. jc-12.17.07

Artifacts from the Chinese Cultural Revolution. A superb collection of clip art, illustration and ephemera. "We're off to the vast countryside." jc-12.14.07

Lego Train Bombing. Awesome, via c77. jc-12.12.07

A preview of 2008 movie posters. Via Mental Floss. ms-12.10.07

For the reluctant flyer in your life, the Air Sickness bags around the world poster. ms-12.10.07

Pilllpat's photosets of vintage French illustration. I. II. III. Via Veerle. jc-12.10.07

Related. A zillion more Perry Rhodan covers. I. II. III. jc-12.06.07

Sweet series of vintage Dutch paperback covers from the Perry Rhodan space opera novels. Via The Cartoonist. jc-12.06.07

Liqidated Logos. jc-12.06.07

All of us here at CP qualify as more than one of these 56 geeks. How about you? Via MeFi. ms-12.06.07

Kane on the wood and lino-cut film posters of Peter Strausfeld. jc-12.04.07

Out of the Box, a poster shown as part of Utrecht Manifest 2007. jc-12.04.07

Rare books of the Russian Avant Garde. I. II. III. Found among other things. jc-12.03.07

Butter (sweet cream and unsalted) and Concrete Masonry Unit screen-printed posters by Jay Bryant. jc-12.03.07

"This project was made for a book design course in Bezalel, The task was to design a book series for a classic author." Watch out for Ely Sarig. Fab. Clipped from Quipped. jc-12.03.07

PingMag on Japanese shop flags and banners. jc-12.03.07

Over at Linotype, round two of voting is now on for the Helvetica NOW poster contest. You can view all the posters here. ms-12.03.07

"Women of Britain, Come Into The Factories!" University of St. Andrews in Scotland has a nice collection of British World War Two propaganda posters ms-11.27.07

Filip Salomonsson writes, "The recent post on Fast Faust reminded me of something I toyed around with a few months ago, but never finished. I'm attaching one of the drafts for your enjoyment. The order and size of words shows, just as in the Faust poster, their relative frequencies on your website, as crawled some time in September." Thanks. jc-11.26.07

"The size of a word depends in its frequency in the text." The Fast Faust Poster by Boris Müller. jc-11.26.07

Sears' Wish Book for the 1971 Christmas Season. I believe I tore out the upper right part of this page and 'accidentally' left it on my Dad's dresser. It didn't work. jc-11.24.07

"Hello. This is a web site. It's for fauborg, a New Orleans Creative Community." Innovative, confrontational and funny. A rare combination. jc-11.22.07

Who knew? Idaho Rave Flyers 1992-95. Thanks Jesse. jc-11.20.07

Wish You Were Here! Postcards from our Awesome Future, a series of posters from Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert. Via Torrez. sd-11.19.07

Last night the CP crew headed over to the offices of The Daily Planet for a poster show featuring FOtA Jay Ryan , Dan MacAdam , Steve Walters and David Head Jr. among other local artists. Great stuff, fun time, good people. ms-11.17.07

Posterwhore. jc-11.15.07

Big, sloppy, fun outdoor ad for Nationwide Insurance. Via Monoscope. jc-11.14.07

There goes the morning, the London Transport Museum has over 5000 vintage transportation posters online. ms-11.12.07

Brilliant collection of music related design projects curated by Graphic-ExchanGE. jc-11.09.07

Scott Hansen of ISO50 is playing in our live Layer Tennis match this afternoon and also has a poster show going up this weekend in Sacramento. Check out a few pix taken at the gallery. jc-11.09.07

Philips' new posters are making quite a glow. pp-11.06.07

Virtual Water, a sweet two-sided poster, designed by Timm Kekeritz. Via The Miss who is Swiss. jc-11.06.07

Magazines & War 1936-1939, Spanish Civil War print culture. Click through to "browse the magazines." Fab. Thanks Andrew. jc-11.06.07

Weapons of Mass Communication, a poster show, just opened at London's Imperial War Museum. jc-11.05.07

If we were going to create a "great old print ads:" department we'd be off to a nice start with this beauty from Colgate. jc-11.05.07

Billy Davis' glow-in-the-dark Ghost Print Set from our Swap Meat is featured at OMG Posters today. jc-11.02.07

A Soviet Poster A Day. ms-11.01.07

Do Not Enter, Happy Halloween From Dan Witz, via Wooster. jc-10.31.07

Hardformat, "Reaching for the sublime in music design." jc-10.19.07

Scans from Mervyn Kurlansky's 1971 book for Nobrium, an anxiety drug from Roche. Amazing. jc-10.12.07

Photoset of the moment: Posters for Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture by Willi Kunz. Via Design Info. sd-10.10.07

"An archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design." Thanks Geoff. jc-10.05.07

Wolfgang Grajonca's {AKA Bill Graham} personal collection of memorabilia and concert recordings straight from the sound board, reportedly over 10k of them. Hours of time to be lost here. bm-10.05.07

Top 10 Tube posters, so sez Media Circus. See the rest at the London Transport Museum's site. bm-10.03.07

Posters, or fragments thereof, barely hanging on in the Paris Metro. Beautiful. jc-09.26.07

A peek inside Brian Taylor's Candykiller sketchbook. For a more finished item, his limited-edition "Smokin'" screen print is available in the Swap Meat. jc-09.18.07

Seripop is a two person team in Montreal who make very cool posters, illustrations, and fine art. Sweet. ms-09.18.07

Beautiful infographic poster on the Conquest of Mount Everest. Via Cpluv. jc-09.15.07

Artist and illustrator signatures from the history of Life Magazine. Unrelated but interesting, 1968 was a pretty interesting year for Life covers. Clipped from Quipped. jc-09.13.07

Cute ad for an event celebrating "the man who brought an erotic note to French pop music." Via NotCot. jc-09.13.07

"Actually, what you notice first is not the billboards themselves but the empty ones featuring huge hand written phone numbers." Via swissmiss. jc-09.11.07

Peacay writes, "The revamped London Transport Museum site provides access to more than 5000 posters and 10,000 photographs." I. II. III. jc-09.05.07

Victor Ash's huge wall painting done as part of Backjumps 3. Via Wooster. jc-08.22.07

Sleevage collects and annotates LP cover art. Clipped from Quipped. jc-08.22.07

The finishing ribbon says: all world records must to be ours. jc-08.21.07

Jannuzzi Smith's poster of 89 Swiss posters with a hi-res pdf for download available too. Via Veerle. jc-08.16.07

The DDC spends an afternoon at the 2007 Stamp Show in Portland, featuring "16 views in full philatec color." jc-08.13.07

A Grayspace's gallery of Polish posters. Via 1+1=3. sd-08.07.07

Posters from the original Swedish releases of Ingmar Bergman's films. Lovely collection, including many I've never seen before. jc-08.02.07

Heather Smith is judging a book by its cover, Wizard People. jc-08.02.07

Colors Magazine left one issue totally blank but it didn't stay that way for long. Check the video about the 'Notebook' issue. Via magCulture. jc-07.31.07

Textron Fabrics print ad, 1945. jc-07.24.07

71 awesome Spanish movie posters from 1920-57. I. II. III. Scanned by Javier Reguera who has some related information at Asi Se Fundo Carnaby Street [translation]. Via Bibi's Box. jc-07.24.07

Posters by Invisible Creature. Fab. jc-07.17.07

Swann Galleries upcoming vintage poster auction listings. I. II. III. Via Paperholic. jc-07.16.07

"I think it's really horrible when people vilify artists who have design careers as if they're working with the enemy or something, and these are people who are wearing limited-edition Nikes." Nicole Pasulka interviews Shepard Fairey in the TMN Galleries. jc-07.16.07

Selected work from Flatstock 13 at OMG Posters! Cha-ching. jc-07.13.07

"Tomorrow's automated office will clearly include electronic mail." November 16, 1981. jc-07.13.07

Gallery of Chinese Public Health Posters. Via Daily Awesome. sd-07.06.07

Over 300 World War II Posters issued by U.S. Federal agencies from the onset of war through 1945. jc-06.18.07

Poster Archive of the Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. I. II. III. jc-06.13.07

"...so I slapped it on the poster, set some type and viola!" Marian Bantjes makes it look easy for the GDC/BC Salazar Awards. jc-06.09.07

Turn on your speakers. Groovy sound and graffiti implanted and found from around the globe at Latlas. Via Ektopia. vp-05.30.07

"This is a film about improvisation, inspiration (and perspiration), innovation, self-exploration and all the other good things in life that end with -ion." A documentary about art on walls in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The trailer for Lorenzo Fonda's Megunica looks great. jc-05.29.07

Bill Graham Fillmore Posters. jc-05.24.07

Advertising Posters From the McCormick-International Harvester Collection. Fab. Thanks for the tip Armin. jc-05.23.07

Posters of the Spanish Civil War from UCSD's Southworth Collection, annotated with a comprehensive introduction. I. II. III. Via Panopticist. jc-05.15.07

Denny Schmickle's Gig Posters. jc-05.10.07

Check Blanka's collection of Muller-Brockmann posters. jc-05.03.07

"A persistent symbol of resistance and unity, the clenched fist (or raised fist) is part of the broader genre of 'hand' symbols that include the peace "V," the forward-thrust-fist, and the clasped hands." jc-04.27.07

"Take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti, out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland." The Graffiti Project. jc-04.24.07

Italian movies, posters and publicity. "I frequently prefer the old to the new, the obscure to the well-known." Via Klasch. jc-04.23.07

Excellent, as usual, PingMag illustrated story and interview with London's United Visual Artists. Here's the UVA site, be sure to check the slide-show from their recent live performances. jc-04.19.07

Context on the history of Soviet Export magazine, one of the only sources of capitalist-style advertising in the USSR. Via Design Observer. More images here. jc-04.18.07

Posterpalooza Part Two. How they do it in Ravenswood, Chicago and in the Twin Cities. jc-04.17.07

Clip Art set from the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1971. And another, including this beauty. Via 30gms. jc-04.16.07

The collection of Bart Boumans, cultural posters by Dutch designers from 1950-2000. Lots of others, arranged categorically at The Dutch Poster Museum site. jc-04.12.07

Graffiti photos from Die Schlachthof, an abandoned slaughterhouse in Weisbaden, Germany. Via Rashomon. jc-04.12.07

Graffiti in the Ukraine. I. II III. jc-04.05.07

Premiere's 25 Best Movie Posters Ever. Not sure about that, but there are some sweet ones here. jc-04.02.07

New, fab, poster work from John Solimine's Spike Press, especially The National's "Alligator" and Tokyo Police Club. jc-03.23.07

Updated and even more magnificent. Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages. jc-03.20.07

Ace Jet 170's Czech Match Labels. Super sweet. jc-03.20.07

Genealogy of Pop & Rock Music Poster. This will make an interesting counterpoint to this, hanging at the studio. Cha-ching. Via Moon River. jc-03.02.07

Comprehensive collection of covers from Fate Magazine, journal of the paranormal. It went through lots of changes over the years, from stark, colorful typographic treatments to wild illustration, but always there were great headlines. "Are Nude Tibetan Lamas the Monstrous Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas?" jc-03.01.07

X-Rated, adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s. jc-02.23.07

"Occasionally, printers will run disposable sheets of paper through the press several times in order to fine-tune the press, or to clean the rollers. The resulting "setup sheets" often display random overlays of images and type from various unrelated print jobs." Lovely post from Mister Aitch. jc-02.13.07

Bored on a Friday afternoon? Flip through a magazine quickly, checking out the ad layouts. How about Triunfo, from May 25, 1969? Via Papel Continuo whose 3-year anniversary tee I would buy, if I could figure out how. jc-02.09.07

Sage advice, there are times when this poster might do some good here at the studio. jc-02.02.07

Weblog on the process of completing a Favela Painting, a huge mural created by Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn with local residents of the slums of Rio De Janeiro. jc-02.02.07

How-to video on the process of Julian Beevers, the 'Pavement Picasso.' Via Adland. jc-02.01.07

Advertising ephemera from 1909, "This Man Is Up To Date." Thanks Luke. jc-01.31.07

Awesome lobby card art for the 1966 movie Hold On, starring Herman's Hermits. Via PCL via Bibi. jc-01.23.07

Van Gogh poster featuring all 870 paintings scaled proportionally and listed chronologically. Cha-ching. jc-01.23.07

Our friends Mike and Dan of Aesthetic Apparatus have done a great new campaign of silk-screened posters for Stella Artois that is currently posted all over the London Undergound. Here are some examples of the work. I. II. III. IV. While they were doing the poster for our Field-Tested Books feature last summer, Steve drove up to the Twin Cities and shot this mini-documentary, Found and Reused. jc-01.13.07

The Juiciest Tomato. Lorraine Wild on the posters of Sister Corita. Don't miss the slide show and please follow her ten rules including "Save everything. It might come in handy later." jc-01.10.07

Pretty much everything in one huge poster project, History Timeline. jc-01.09.07

Wang Qingsong, "On my gigantic wall, I make the fight for advertising as fierce as a struggle for military power, with inevitable casualties on the battlefield." jc-12.19.06

You like it, it likes you. Interesting vintage 7-Up collateral and ads. Via Mefi. jc-12.15.06

Jet Set Modern. Select 60s and 70s posters. I. II. III. Via Jason. jc-12.14.06

Throughout his life, painter and printmaker Werner Drewes (1899-1985) designed and printed greetings to send to his friends and family. Thanks Coop. jc-12.11.06

5,844 postcards (photomechanical prints, primarily in color), circa 1898-1920s, featuring images of North American landscapes and cityscapes, at the NYPL. jc-12.07.06

Ward Jenkins found this Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962 featuring a great cover illustartion and some nice, sturdy typography. jc-12.06.06

Another simple, bold, and historic logo has been replaced with already-outdated swooshes and stars descibed by Tom Geismar as "more appropriate to an upstart airline." bb-12.01.06

Archived Peugeot Bicycles Catalogs, starting with 1929. Very nice. Via Daily Jive. jc-12.01.06

Elegant typographic mark for the Lift Conference in Geneva. jc-11.30.06

"This catalog was intended for chains and purchasers for stores to browse through and buy Coleco products by the truckload." Via Angie McKaig. jc-11.27.06

Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advertising posters, 1917-91. jc-11.24.06

The Shepard Fairey exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, "Rise Above." jc-11.21.06

Momo tags the width of Manhattan. jc-11.20.06

Nice raw scans of an excellent group of vintage Hungarian Posters. Via El Burlador. jc-11.16.06

Clip/Stamp/Fold. Anthology and investigation of small magazines from the 60s and 70s displayed in a great timeline-based interface. Via Design Observer. jc-11.14.06

One of our favorite poster artists, John Solimine of Spike Press will be featured alongside illustrators Rachel Cortner and Sam Conant at a Country Club Chicago show opening Friday. bb-11.08.06

Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster. We live in a sea of waves. jc-11.04.06

Stencil to Newspaper To Stencil. "Recently, The Star, a newspaper in Toronto did a fashion layout using some of Poster Child's posters as a background. To let them know that he was watching, he put the model up on the same wall as a stencil in the same scale as the photograph." See? Via NotCot. jc-11.02.06

Graffiti with light. Thanks Thibault. jc-10.26.06

Vinyl girls on the brain. jc-10.17.06

Fun set of instructional drawings, especially this one and this one. Via Kate Bingaman who gets credit card bills and then she draws them. Beautiful. jc-10.06.06

Street scenes of Paris in the 19th century. Via Plep. dw-10.03.06

Spray stencil graffiti collected in Romania. Via el Burlador. jc-10.02.06

Vintage watercolor portrait posters from Shanghai. The Nonist has more info and links. jc-09.20.06

Toei Yakuza Movie Posters. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-09.07.06

Over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. jc-09.06.06

Johnny Walker ads aim to improve morale in Lebanon. From caffeinegoddess. all-09.05.06

"The painted graphic mural is a long tradition in Mexico and its influence can be seen in hand painted signage adorning the facades of many markets in East and Central Los Angeles." Via Plep. jc-08.31.06

Bennet from Be A Design Group documents in text and video his stint screenprinting at Hatch Show Print. Via Speak Up. jc-08.15.06

"Happy time engrish pics make me go wow awesome time!" jc-08.08.06

All the 007 Posters. Via Veer. jc-08.03.06

Noted without ideological comment, but as an example of design that's entirely congruous to its purpose: the flag of Hezbollah. bb-08.02.06

Pittsburgh signs project. jc-07.31.06

Nostalgic Racing Decals Gallery. I. II. III. I'm thinking that Aaron, who just launched a sweet, dark redesign of the DDC, will dig this collection. jc-07.27.06

"Posters are more efficient than a talk because they can be viewed even while you are off napping, and especially desirable if you are terrible at giving talks." Advice on designing scientific posters by Colin Purrington, Department of Biology, Swarthmore College. With just a touch of extrapolation, this could be called 'advice on design' or even 'advice on life.' jc-07.25.06

The graphics package for the Torino Winter Olympics, was clean and attractive if not particularly memorable. At least that's what I thought. But until just this moment I had never seen this spectacular grouping of posters. jc-07.25.06

Kubrick film posters and lobby cards. 1950-90. jc-07.19.06

Like our orange juice, we like our paperback covers nice and pulpy, especially the ones that include octopi. Via Neurastenia. jc-07.17.06

Speaking of Neckns, here's a time-lapse of the making of his 'Slash Yellow' graffiti piece. jc-07.07.06

Hundreds of mostly vintage sex and exploitation film posters. I. II. III. jc-07.06.06

"Opening Late, Closing Soon, Annoyingly Long Lunch Break." Ecards/Posters from the Museum of Communism in Prague. Via AdFreak. sd-07.05.06

The Bob Dylan Ticket Stub & Concert Poster Archive. Via Speak Up. jc-07.05.06

Introduction to the printed ephemera collection at The Library of Congress. Well worth exploring for typographic inspiration and general curiosity. jc-07.03.06

"I loved water decals - their tacky membrane activated by water sliding satisfyingly onto glass." Glyph Jockey's slideshow of images found on eBay searching "water decals." jc-06.28.06

Excellent collection of Russian Movie Posters, sorted by year. I. II. III. jc-06.23.06

We've linked Hektor before but since then there has been lots of news. Check the videos to see this "graffiti output device" in action. Via tSR. jc-06.20.06

1920s Posters for the Chicago Rapid Transit Company. dw-06.16.06

Paper model of a vintage Volkswagen Type 2 Van. Looks cool, but not too easy to assemble. Also, this great set of Calendar pictures from 1955 and lots more VW ephemera at KDF-Wagen. Thanks Brian. jc-06.14.06

"Sex, drugs, delinquency, Black power, alternative culture and, of course, rock and roll." Exploitation Movie Poster Gallery. jc-06.09.06

Flow on Mads Hagstrom's Antidotes for Overconsumption installation at ICFF. jc-05.24.06

1400+ USSR Posters, 1917-1991. Many styles, some you'd expect to find, some, very surprising. Bye-bye, see you in an hour. I. II. III. Via TMN. jc-05.24.06

Brian McCartney points us to this huge, mostly European, vintage movie poster gallery. I. II. III. jc-05.23.06

Seen In Hoxton Square in London. jc-05.18.06

Hundreds of American posters 1893-1907. jc-05.18.06

Peter Gabor's Russian Graphics of the Twenties. I. II. III. jc-05.04.06

Are You Generic? misses content and they're doing something about it, one vacuous magazine at a time. jc-05.03.06

How to Screen Print a Poster, by Anthony Skirvin. If you pefer your tutorials to be less specific, but contain more dogs, check this mini-doc on the process that we shot at the shop of The Bird Machine. jc-04.28.06

Looking for inspiration on a project this morning and got lost at the updated Covers. jc-04.28.06

Artists from the six FIFA Confederations have contributed their works to the Edition of the Official Art Poster 2006 FIFA World Cup. jc-04.26.06

Thomas Jonsson's great personal collection of Swedish concert posters. I. II. III. jc-04.24.06

Old-timey circus and carnival posters from the Triangle Poster and Printing Co. of Pittsburgh PA. jc-04.21.06

Andrea Marks on meeting Henryk Tomaszewski. Some nice samples of his amazing poster work too. sd-04.19.06

Various Punk cards from Trenton NJ, 1984-1994. Via WFMU. Makes a nice counterpoint to the amazing AZ based Punk Rock Flyer Archive, 1982-84. jc-04.18.06

Posters from the Second Republic. jc-04.17.06

Shaolin Chamber jam-packed with kung-fu movie posters. I. II. III. jc-04.13.06

Jenny Holzer: For London. Via Design Observer. jc-04.13.06

Dutch Public Health Posters. jc-04.10.06

Vintage Shanghai Woman Posters Via Ashley B. jc-03.22.06

Googie Wonderland. Trudence likes signs. I like Sparky. jc-03.15.06

If You See Something, Say Something. sd-03.15.06

Mark Jenkins: Meterpops. Thanks Carlos. jc-03.15.06

A brief history of the clenched fist image. "...the moment this first occurred was a poster by San Francisco Bay Area graphic artist Frank Cieciorka ...protesting the arrest of the 'Oakland Seven'" in January of 1968. Via Speak Up. jc-03.13.06

Pull a tooth and learn to fight back at self defense classes. sd-03.09.06

Masterpiece Theatre Poster Gallery. I. II. III. jc-03.08.06

Twenty Four on a smart print campaign for the Romanian Post Office facility of Money Transfer. jc-03.04.06

Historic Russian movie posters. A truly great collection. I. II. III. jc-02.27.06

The Lobby Cards of Cabral Part One and Part Two. Fab collection, carefully scanned. jc-02.24.06

Antique European Advertising Posters. I. II. III. jc-02.22.06

Urban Chaos Pictograms. Via 1+1=1. jc-02.21.06

Arizona hardcore punk rock flyer archive 1982-1984. jc-02.17.06

14 official postcards from the 1964 New York World's Fair. jc-02.17.06

A collection of gorgeous Saab ads from the late 90's. Via Things. sd-02.15.06

The Graphic Imperative: International Posters for Peace, Justice and the Environment, 1965-2005. Via Netdiver. jc-02.10.06

The Book of Tags, personal signatures of 150 writers from 20 countries. Via gmt+9 now (-15). jc-02.09.06

The Parasitological and Zoological Wall Charts of Karl Georg Friedrich Rudolf Leuckart. kb-02.07.06

Stencil 1. jc-02.07.06

Who's Who in Chinese Posters. Great resource. Via SwissMiss. jc-02.07.06

Sacramento Signs. Via the two-year old Papel Continuo. jc-02.07.06

The stated goal: "A complete list of all brochures dealing with aircooled VWs, price lists & accessories." Pretty good effort I'd say. I. II. III. jc-01.30.06

The collected album art of Hipgnosis. jc-01.25.06

"The War Against Terror" and "The War, On Drugs." Two series of digital art prints by Nigel Ayers. Umm. jc-01.25.06

Scrojo's Belly Up and Other Poster Series. Via Neurastenia. jc-01.23.06

Cold War Civil Defense signage galleries. Via Plep. jc-01.19.06

Far and Wide, an exhibition of historic travel posters from the LA Public Library. jc-01.18.06

Danish Posters 1911-2002. Huge, excellent collection. I. II. III. Via Bibliodyssey. jc-01.18.06

Art Posters in Lebanon. jc-01.18.06

Paintings commissioned by Motorola for a series of 1960s print ads. jc-01.17.06

Internet Movie Poster Awards. jc-01.09.06

FOTA Jay Ryan will appear on WTTW's Chicago Tonight, erm, tonight to promote his new book 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels. If that's not enough, it looks like Albert "Nest Egg" Brooks will also appear. bb-01.04.06

World War II Posters Gallery. I. II. III. jc-12.27.05

"Apparently kites are one of the leading sources of danger in India." from Retrocrush's fine feature on safety charts. jc-12.15.05

"Lenin takes responsibility for creating the first truly modern propaganda machine, from postage stamps and Mayday parades to monumental sculptures. Perhaps its most colorful, dramatic and original form was the poster." Concise, illustrated overview on Russian Posters. Via Plep. jc-12.08.05

Ji Lee's The Bubble Project. "I printed 15,000 of these bubble stickers and place them on top of ads all over New York City. Passersby fill them in. I go back and photograph the results." jc-12.06.05

Pictures on Walls. Like it says. jc-12.05.05

We Don't Need Your Revolution, Just Your Stencils. Via gmt+9. jc-11.28.05

Limited edition Madonna canvasses at Z Gallerie. dw-11.23.05

Sunday Morning Print. "Thought I'd show my process on a print I did this morning (with my awesome sister/assistant). The print is pretty simple, but there are still a lot of steps involved. I'll explain as I go." Nice step-by-step on poster screening, best served with a helping of our 6 Colors, 1800 Pulls, 2 Dogs. jc-11.22.05

Scarface poster "created using the entire 300 page script, including each and every written word from the 1983 film." Via Chris Diclerico. jc-11.18.05

Matt's Flickr set of 1982 Videogame Print Ads rocks. jc-11.17.05

Romanian Stencil Archive. Via 1+1=1 jc-11.15.05

Black and white posters of sofas at 1:1 scale. Sofa/Blank. jc-10.28.05

Matt on By Its Cover by Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger. Looks good. More at Amazon. jc-10.26.05

Poster made from GPS data submitted to OpenStreetMap from people walking, driving and cycling around London, the thicker the lines, the more people travelled them. jc-10.20.05

Chinese Space Program Posters. jc-10.18.05

Massive Film Poster Gallery. Thanks Jan. jc-10.17.05

Souvenir! Typographic poster exhibition from Northern European cities. At the Design Museo in Helsinki. jc-10.07.05

A collection of Mao-approved clip-art from 1971. Via KewlChops. mf-10.04.05

Space Invaded. jc-09.27.05

The Aesthetic Apparatus talk that happened in Edmonton for the GDC ABN is now online. tr-09.26.05

70s adult film posters. tr-09.22.05

Apple advertising and brochure gallery. tr-09.21.05

International Institute of Social History: Posters from the Cuban Revolution era. Via bb. tr-09.20.05

One free minute. What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous public speech? tr-09.08.05

Posters from Paris, May 1968. Also, this spectacular collection of contemporaneous leaflets. jc-09.01.05

"Moving Canvas is a collection of several proposals. They all have emerged from our reflection on the visual and symbolical importance of trains in an urban context and the possibility of exploiting their short-lived prominence as brief communicative moments." Via 1+1=1 jc-08.30.05

'Ambush in the Streets' at Cooper Union. jc-08.30.05

Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley poster gallery. Dig. jc-08.26.05

Comprehensive, entertaining tutorial on how to screen print a poster, start to finish. From the incomparable Fecal Face. Or for a less complete look which also includes two dogs, check our short video of a visit we made to Jay Ryan's The Bird Machine. jc-08.24.05

The posters of Abram Games. Via I Like. jc-08.22.05

By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 900+ graphically diverse original posters produced between 1936 and 1943. Via Angie Mckaig. jc-08.13.05

I don't know anything about the Korean film Sympathy for Lady Vengence except that I like the new posters, especially the fourth and fifth ones down. Via Twitch. jc-08.09.05

Jason Munn's The Small Stakes. Posters and other deliciousness. jc-08.08.05

Tons of eye candy in these Japanese Movie Pages. Click pretty much anywhere. I. II. III. Via Bezembinder's. jc-08.05.05

Stencilry for wannabe Banksys and Borfs. Via Cool Hunting. sp-08.03.05

Pre 1960 Bollywood poster gallery. I. II. III.<.a> jc-07.29.05

"Tyrant in the house? Thorazine can control the agitated, belligerent senile." Dozens of scary vintage pharma ads. Via TSR. jc-07.26.05

The Bearskinrug Store - The Mojovational Set. Cool posters from Kevin Cornell. Just up now. jc-07.26.05

CA feature by Andrew Lewis on the 8th International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico. "The poster is, first of all, a way of thinking." Hit 'view gallery' for an eyeful. jc-07.21.05

Tom Eckersley 1914-96. Posters and other graphic design work. jc-07.13.05

Every time you think we've run out of places to put ads… Neat idea though. bb-06.28.05

"There are about 700 pictures on this site. They come from a Soviet magazine 'Radio' and were never published before on the Internet." Spectacular stuff. The main page takes a while to load but if you're looking for something to sap the productivity out of your schedule today, you've found it. jc-06.28.05

Posters from the GDR. I. II. III. jc-06.23.05

An incredibly vast collection of circus memorabilia posters at Circus Museum - beautiful site presentation. mg-06.20.05

Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004). Polish poster designer. Via Rashomon. jc-06.10.05

They're cars, that swim. Vintage Amphicar ads. dw-06.09.05

If you're in the DC/Baltimore area and can get me a copy of this, the most surreal government poster ever, I'll gladly pay you for it. Via Unbeige. sd-06.08.05

The National Archives 'The Art of War'. Huge, beautifully presented and annotated collection of posters, art and propaganda. jc-06.07.05

"Although my goal is to (eventually) provide all available information on all Polish film posters ever printed and every artist who ever designed one, back here on planet Earth my emphasis is on the best period of the mid 50s to early 70s." Via Papel Continuo. jc-06.06.05

"Refrain from insobriety. Your work is plenty and serious." From a series of Japanese Industrial Welfare Association Posters. jc-06.03.05

The Olymperials, original olympic posters organized by year and category in an unobtrusive Flash interface. Spectacular collection. Check 1956 Melbourne, 1960 Rome and 'candidate cities efforts' too. jc-05.15.05

Graeme Flanagan presents a tribute to one of America's finest paperback cover artists, Robert McGinnis. jc-05.13.05

Ruavista Magazine feature: Wall Advertisements in Paris 1900. "For these producers, it was more important to maintain the product's reputation than to laud its merits so that the customer would have the brand name in his/her head when ordering." File this under 'share of mind = share of market' for future use. Via Plep. jc-05.12.05

The unstoppable poster work of Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski of Aesthetic Apparatus is featured in a month-long show at Foundation Gallery, here in Chicago. jc-05.09.05

Popular Science Magazine Covers as posters. I. II. III. Via Our Man in Toronto. jc-05.05.05

Original SciFi British Quads. Sweet poster collection via the K. jc-04.25.05

Chinese Propaganda Poster 1949-today. I. II. III. Via Plep. jc-04.21.05

These are not your dentist's motivational posters, Right Brain Terrain. jc-04.06.05

Posterwire is a new movie poster blog. Via A Whole Lotta Nothing jw-04.04.05

The Swiss Poster: Art of Ten Masters. Via Make Ready. jc-03.25.05

Vintage MGB Posters. Via TMN. jc-03.22.05

Got a phone call earlier today from Our Man in Toronto, but he wasn't calling from there. He was standing in the middle of the mythical Hatch Show Print Shop in Nashville, chatting with Jim Sherradan. Lucky for us he brought his camera. jc-03.17.05

Gotta love a page that starts by warning you that "There are lots of GIF's and JPG's on this page, so it'll take a while to load." Book covers and movie posters, mostly from the '50s and '60s. A well-curated collection. Thanks Templeton. jc-03.17.05

Bram of Raised By Squirrels wrote, "Enjoy some Soviet Posters." So we did. jc-03.15.05

Big archive of German movie posters. Browse by year, if you only have a little time, stick with the '30s and the '60s. Via Neurastenia. jc-03.15.05

"The [Aerial Prograganda] database attempts to give as many facts as are known about each particular propaganda leaflet, first and last dissemination by aircraft, balloon or artillery, total number of propaganda leaflets dropped, the agency responsible for its production, the printer and total number printed. Also an illustration of the leaflet, translation to English and complete dissemination log." Amazing. Via Evenings by the Lake. sd-03.09.05

AV points us to some delicious old-school party flyers. "These cats worked on big art tables and had all the tools to make these flyers by hand including those rub-on-letters, wax machines, exacto knives, graph paper and many other tools that are extinct today in the modern artwork world." jc-02.22.05

Christie's offers up a great big batch of rare domestic and foreign movie posters for auction. I. II. III. jc-02.21.05

Spanish Republican Graphic Materials, Carteles de la Guerra Civil. Do not miss. I. II. III. Via Paperholic. jc-02.10.05

Big stack of archived historical postcards from Poland. Via Paperholic. jc-02.09.05

Luis BuÒuel Film Posters. I. II. III. Via Rashomon. jc-02.02.05

The Chicago Tribune ran a feature on Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine today. Have a look at Jay's collaboration with CP and the mini-documentary we did about him. dr-02.01.05

A fine mess of melodramatic Russian posters. Via Tom McMahon. jc-01.27.05

Dramatic concept and brilliant execution, print ads for Grande Reportagem Magazine posted at Ad Blather. jc-01.24.05

Posters from the Spanish Civil War. Excellent gallery. Via Ramage. jc-01.24.05

Hitchcock Poster Gallery. Check this one. Via Exclamation Mark. jc-01.22.05

"A primary objective of my work with black-and-white posters is to counteract the trivialization of color as it exists today on billboards and in advertising." From Armin Hoffman's Thoughts on the Poster, a 1986 lecture. Via the Icelandic Nat'l Team. jc-01.17.05

Images from the Chaumont International Festival of the Poster. jc-01.12.05

The Godfather of the modern gig poster, Frank Kozik. Via Industrial Brand. jc-01.04.05

The Danceland Poster Collection 1956-67. Hand-painted by Andy Jennings. I. II. III. Via jc-12.22.04

We're glad to see our pal Dan Madden snagged an even cooler internship than the one he applied for at CP. Dan recently worked at the estimable Hatch Show Print in Nashville and has posted a nice piece on the experience. jc-12.17.04

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys, and how to become a Silver Star Member. av-12.13.04

"The best way to characterize Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976) is to say he was a pioneer, for he did pave way for new thinking and creativity, boldy trying things that today's generations consider quite natural." A spectacular catalog and overview of his design, typography and poster work. jc-12.10.04

Bad Girl Movie Posters at RetroCrush. "If aliens were to judge the society of the time based on their films, they'd certainly think our women were a bunch of out of control hussies who were in and out of jail every other day." Dig Dragstrip Riot and Girl. jc-12.09.04

The test prints from the boys at Aesthetic Apparatus are one-of-a-kind works of art made by pulling the same stock through several trial printings. Very cool in an exquisite corpse kinda way. rs-12.03.04

"The National Library of Latvia stores a unique collection of Latvian posters, still being replenished by new additions. The oldest of them dates back the year 1899." I. II. III. Via PCL Linkdump. jc-11.29.04

Plakaty.ru: A huge collection of Russian posters. av-11.18.04

It's a tad bit late for a Halloween themed Fresh Signals post, but this treat is too good to pass up. Hi-Res scans of Tod Browning Posters. via Penny Dreadfull av-11.15.04

Yes, mom, I'm at home. NO, I haven't left the country! rch-11.15.04

Children's books from the Early Soviet Era. Enjoy O glupom myshenke, Pro olenei i detei, pro sobak i pro gusei, and some agit-prop. Thanks caterina.net. rch-11.12.04

Taller de Grafica Popular, "a broad survey of prints and posters produced by Mexicoís foremost political printshop." From Docs Populi. jc-11.10.04

More poli-map mania. An assemblage of graphical responses to the electoral apocalypse in these "historic times." Bonus cartogram! Via del.icio.us. rch-11.08.04

These guys stood out amidst the alligator photos and flamingos wearing Keds at the Gainesville Downtown Festival and Arts Show. Scroll down and click the thumbnails for a better look. dr-11.08.04

Historical Poster Gallery from The Tokyo Moter Show. Nice. Love '65 and '81. Via Josh who found it at Watashi to Tokyo. jc-11.04.04

"Art was not only supposed to reach ordinary people, it was also supposed to contribute to social change." Art to the People. Truly. jc-11.03.04

American Indian Film Institute Film Festival Posters. av-11.01.04

Andrew of gmt+9 writes, "You might get a kick out of this site by a stencil graffiti crew out of Warsaw, Poland. M-City. Don't miss the fun little flash 'Konstructor'." jc-10.29.04

Exposition Miss Tic Attak. Stencil key sets and graffiti, the art of the street. Via gmt+9. jc-10.27.04

The Leaflets of May 68, preserved at the National Library of France. Spectacular. Via To Drown a Rose. jc-10.22.04

Some fine posters from the Spanish Civil War. Via the Icelandic Nat'l Team. jc-10.18.04

Very, very nice collection of Soviet posters. The Civil Defense section is especially good, although some of the scans/photos are not too sharp. Thanks Katy. jc-10.08.04

Delicious. The Spunknation Poster Offensive archive is full of big ideas. jc-09.30.04

Visit the Voting Den and let 'em know which poster Speaks Up best. jc-09.27.04

Polish Three City Stencils. Take your time here, much to appreciate. jc-09.13.04

Sweet collection of Russian posters. The site is in Russian, but you'll find your way around using the timeline. Via The Icelandic National Team. jc-09.13.04

"William Saroyan's play The Time of Your Life won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1940 and has been a favorite of dinner theaters and summer stock ever since. In 1959 Chrysler used the title as well as a 'Let's put on a play' theme in its ads and sales brochure for the 1960 line of cars." From the recently updated and always dependable, mid-century illustration and design-o-rama that is EphemeraNow. jc-09.07.04

"Smart functional styling in a luxurious all-new package." Found in the motherlode of AMC Rambler ads. Pretty much "anything but dull." jc-08.18.04

Beautiful vintage Chicago Transit Posters. Via Retrolounge. Hey CTA, howzabout you commission us to update this idea with a series of posters detailing modern and classic destinations easily reachable via public transportation? jc-08.18.04

"Overlooked and under appreciated by most US movie poster collectors, marquee art from south of the border..." Mexican Movie Posters, including the fantastic Gigante Planetarios and the touching and heartfelt Santo in the Hotel of Death. Via Life in the Present. jc-08.11.04

Egypt: Election posters and portraits. Via Stung Eye. jc-08.09.04

Art Before Power, a Jenny Holzer Exhibition in which more than 30 former secrets obtained by the National Security Archive through the Freedom of Information Act are projected on public buildings. Thanks Marshall. jc-08.09.04

Fun with Propaganda contest at Worth1000. jc-07.29.04

Nice, limited-edition poster for Pedro Sidways by Andy Mueller, subject of Western State Number One. Via the unstoppable Slatch. jc-07.19.04

Kerne Erickson Vintage Prints. Perfectly luscious. Others here. Via Neurastenia. jc-07.17.04

In yet more Jay Ryan news, Chicagoist has the scoop that Jay will be illustrating the cover of the upcoming Michael Chabon novella. Any new Chabon will sell at least four copies in the CP loft, but one with a Jay Ryan cover will easily do twice that. kg-07.16.04

Gapers' Block has a great audio interview with Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine. Here's a something to watch after you listen. dr-07.16.04

French Print Advertising 1900-1960. Small collection, but very nice. Via Sugar-n-Spicy jc-07.14.04

A collection of film posters done in wood and lino-cuts by Peter Strausfeld. Faves I. II. III. Via I Like. jc-07.12.04

Our Man in Toronto sends us this. Link o' the month if you ask me. The political cartoons of Gianluca Costantini. Download the hi-res versions. Makes run-of-the-mill American op-ed page newspaper cartoons look pretty stupid, doesn't it? jc-07.08.04

Extraordinary poster link. American Movies in Polish Posters If you're like me, you'll go to the Kubrick ones first and won't be dissapointed with Czas Apokalipsy or 2001 Odyseja Kosmiczna. Via Una Gota de Miel. jc-07.07.04

Beautiful poster work by Sam Farfsing at Satellite Cities. jc-07.06.04

Nice collection of original antique American posters at Poster Glory. A sweet illustration of home here, plus I've never seen this narrative series by Alan Foster before. Via I like. jc-06.28.04

"To bring art to the People: that is what Walter Crane, ThÈophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Albert Hahn, Frans Masereel and Gerd Arntz, the five artists in this on-line exhibition wanted to do. They created prints in large editions and illustrations in popular magazines instead of paintings." From the collection of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. jc-06.28.04

Found at Ad-Land, this month's Guest Editor's home site, "Everyone has football fever and British Airways knows it. Their latest 96 sheet poster is busting with national pride and has a different way of depicting the Cross of St. George." jc-06.22.04

Collection of polish posters from 1900-2000. Check out the gallery of american movie posters. av-06.18.04

"What we lack in foreign policy, we more than make up for in fancy picture making." The Heads of State. jc-06.08.04

The posters of Gino Boccasile. jc-06.07.04

Nice clean scans of mainstream and not so mainstream movie posters here. The site's in Russian but that doesn't matter too much. Via Pixelsurgeon. jc-06.03.04

A few vintage Mexican movie posters ñ creases and all. Many images are missing (skip the Lobby Cards section), but when you hit on a hot one it is, well, muy caliente (yes, I can get away with cheesy Mexican sayings because I'm Mexican). [Bonus: Mexican wrestler action figures]. arv-05.26.04

Top-notch collection here. Mao Posters. Is a daily theme developing? Could be. This would be a good place to start. jc-05.26.04

War Posters Collection. jc-05.26.04

The History of Advertising Trust Archive rescues and conserves the UK's advertising and brand communications heritage for study. A massive collection, set aside some time. Thanks for the tip Dan. jc-05.20.04

In other FotA news, Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine writes about a show of his work opening Friday, May 21st, at the Gallery at the Propaganda T-Shirt Company in Wicker Park, "Unless you've been spending considerable amounts of time inside my flat files, this is the first opportunity in a while to see a whole mess of my posters hung together in one place. It's not that this mass-poster-hanging is an attractive concept in and of itself, but you might want to see it in the same way that some people enjoy watching car crashes, midgets wrestling, or so-called 'reality tv'." For some more reality tv, check this video of Jay at work we made last summer. jc-05.13.04

Kevo Sassouni writes "Today I stumbled upon someone's site that has some cool travel posters all centering around a chateaux in the Loire valley in France. Many of them have an idyllic Maxfield Parrish-like quality. Lovely stuff." Indeed. jc-04.29.04

Archive of World Cup Posters. Via The Cartoonist. jc-04.24.04

Check out this surprisingly large (over 1,000) gallery of cigar bands from the 1890s to the 1920s. I think this one is my favorite so far. db-04.23.04

Now showing at Compound Gallery at Just Be Design, the poster art of Andy Jenkins of Bendpress, 'Ugly Beautiful Fool.' jc-04.16.04

Stef can never get enough Movie Posters especially ones like this. I much prefer ones like this. jc-03.31.04

This one's for Kevin, Origami Kaiju . Make your favorite enemy of Godzilla, my favorite is Gamera. ms-03.29.04

Duke's Vintage Ad Library has been expanded and updated. A truly massive database reveals great stuff like this illustration or this headline in just the first few minutes of browsing. Brought to our attention by The Webmaster Republic. jc-03.24.04

Stickers, stencils and posters from the streets of Ghent in Belgium, collected in a nice interface at Cap Inc. Via gmt+9. jc-02.25.04

Danger in Familiarities The Correct Dancing Position. "Conventions are the fences society has built to protect you and the race." One of a many sweet American Social Hygiene Posters found at an exhibit at The University of Minnesota. Oh, so that's the answer. jc-02.20.04

Methane Studios hand-screened posters. Check the swell one for "Moe.Down 4." As we learned from Jay and Mat of The Bird Machine last summer, the production process is refreshingly analog and deliciously slow. jc-02.13.04

Adult Movie Posters from the '60 and '70s in Japan. Via Geisha Asobi. jc-02.12.04

Now there's a Super Bowl matchup I'd like to see. Great collection of Atomic Movie Posters. Via Plep. jc-01.28.04

Nigerian political, religious, and propaganda posters. Thanks to Plep. kg-01.22.04

Early '80s flyers from NYC nightclub Danceteria. Yow. Via IO. jc-01.20.04

"These projects are a reaction to my experience of the public environment. A response to the deafening voice of advertising and its tendancy to colonize public physical space and thus public mental space." Via Swikiri. jc-01.19.04

So many great designs. So hard to choose. ComputerLove's Poster Design Contest needs your help. jc-01.07.04

Ryan reminds us of the brilliantly executed and ridiculously affordable poster art of Aesthetic Apparatus. For something more original and less affordable, check out the test prints. dr-01.05.04

Francofolie. Vintage posters. jc-12.17.03

Postercorner.com has hundreds of gorgeous vintage poster reproductions. This one just made my Christmas list. ms-12.16.03

Mexican Movie Posters. jc-12.15.03

Vintage Racing Posters Via Lava jc-12.11.03

There's a ton of great entries to browse in the Computerlove Poster Contest Here's a few of my faves: I. II. III. There is room for a few more. Get busy though, the deadline is Monday. jc-12.11.03

"Days of Sin and Nights of Nymphomania" From the evil, trashy and fantastic Devils Web Poster Gallery. Via Newstoday. jc-12.08.03

"Graffiti Archaeology is the study of graffiti-covered walls as they change over time. The project is a timelapse collage, made of photos of San Francisco graffiti taken by many different photographers from 1998 to the present." Via AllMaple. jc-12.01.03

M and W both sent us this beautiful Not-Friday Not-Drink Link. The Gallery of Anti-Alcohol Posters. jc-11.25.03

American Social Hygiene Posters ca. 1910-1970. Via Marshall who like these three especially. I. II. III. jc-10.20.03

Soviet Radio Magazine Propaganda Images. "There are about 700 pictures on this site. They come from a Soviet magazine "Radio" and were never published before on the Internet." Via The Cartoonist. jc-10.01.03

Japanese posters for American Movies. Via Scrubbles. jc-09.30.03

CondÈ Nast Art is a great archive of classic magazine covers over the past 100 years. ka-09.03.03

Flatstock 3, The Gigposter Convention just concluded as part of Bumpershoot in Seattle. Lots of interesting artists were involved, including friend of the agency Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine. Jay created our Summer Reading Poster. And although there's not much summer left, there are still a few posters. jc-09.02.03

The design of the poster promoting Come Feel Me Tremble, a documentary featuring Paul Westerberg, is reminiscent of the Jagmo posters featured previously in Fresh Signals. dr-08.25.03

The D. King Gallery, specializing in '60s Rock posters. Groovy. Groovier. Grooviest. Via Plep. jc-07.31.03

Monday No More Drinks Link: Russian Anti-Alcohol Posters. kg-06.16.03

Yet another Bollywood & Lollywood Poster Gallery. Thanks RJ. jc-06.06.03

Bob Masse's Rock Posters collected from the last thirty years. I. II. III. jc-06.03.03

"The ballroom was located on the second story. At the top of the stairs, patrons were greeted by a beautiful hand-painted poster advertising the next upcoming concert." jc-05.27.03

Great exhibition of posters from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. kg-05.23.03

Japanese posters from mostly classic Hollywood and European movies, including this beauty for Charade and this one for Godard's Vivre sa Vie. jc-05.20.03

2600 Japanese political posters from the 1930's. jc-05.19.03

Lots of excellent new work from Jay Ryan and Company has been posted since last we hooked up The Bird Machine Poster Gallery. jc-05.15.03

One-of-a-kind, handpainted movie posters from Ghana. "The odds have gone up, the stake are even higher, China O'Brien." Via nsop. jc-03.19.03

Peace poster competition at brushstroke.tv. jc-03.18.03

Clark MacLeod writes, "Seeing as you have a large collection in your archives, I thought you might be interested in some of the pictures I took while in Saigon of local propaganda posters. It's a small collection but maybe you will find it interesting." Yes we do Clark. Thanks. jc-03.11.03

Posters of Toei Yazuka Movies. An excellent collection. Thanks Brian, Via mefi. jc-03.04.03

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages. Great collection, meticulously scanned. Good notes too. jc-02.28.03

A Japanese Recruiting Poster Collection. jc-01.30.03

"What have YOU done to fulfill the plan?" Polish propaganda posters. Via Scrubbles. kg-12.20.02

"Yeah. We make a lot of posters. They're all designed and hand screened by us in our basement. It's a pretty nice basement." And a pretty nice site redesign too. Aesthetic Apparatus. Make sure to check the Test Prints. jc-12.17.02

Ironing the Curtain, Soviet Era Poster Art. Via James at Abstrakt. jc-12.16.02

The art of rave flyer design. av-12.09.02

You'll shoot your eye out, kid! Vintage Daisy BB Gun advertisements: via Toy Adz av-12.09.02

Some beautiful concepts here, communicated mostly through great illustrations. Shakespeare Posters at the Polish Poster Gallery in Warsaw. jc-12.05.02

Something to do over the weekend: sift through the thousands of concert posters at gigposters.com. bb-11.22.02

Lots of nice new stuff including this tasty poster for Jonathon Richman at Aesthetic Apparatus. jc-11.08.02

The Swiss Poster Collection at Carnegie Mellon University. Thnx Brain. jc-10.29.02

Great posters and design style from Zurich, from Michael Casarramona. jc-10.28.02

Mo' posters from Portage: The Smithsonian's Posters American Style and Produce_For_Victory, "an ideal agent for making war aims the personal mission of every citizen." jc-10.28.02

Calling all poster posters. We've got a nice clean wall to paper with links. Send them to "info at coudal dot com." Thanks to Marshall for the leading the way with Posters of the Spanish Civil War and Posteritati, the Movie Posters Online Gallery. jc-10.28.02

Banksy says, "There's nothing that can't be fixed with a good lick of paint." About Banksy's "Chequebook Vandalism," the BBC says, "The artwork is visually stunning, as the artist has taken great care to create his stencils. The message is obviously political, and I understand it as referring to the redevelopment of the area. But you can read into it whatever you like - or just appreciate the juxtaposition of imagery." jc-09.23.02

Neil Lee of BeatnikPad writes, "Docs Populi is a lovingly assembled collection of poster art, including the exhaustive Cuban Poster Project, and a searchable Inkworks Press archive. I'll be honest; I haven't a clue who Inkworks Press is, but there's some really nice work here. According to the site, they're 'a worker-owned offset printshop dedicated to providing affordable, quality printing to community and non-profit organizations.'" jc-06.03.02

Australian Travel Posters. mls-05.29.02

Jay Ryan lives in Chicago, collects old glass cutters and screenprints by hand. You can find examples of his fine work at The Bird Machine Poster Gallery. jc-05.23.02

Posters of the 'Fighting Pencil' Group from Leningrad. sg-04.24.02

Yossi Lemel. Israeli poster artist. sg-04.12.02

Collection of propaganda posters from the Cultural Revolution. 'Gu Zhenqing collects propaganda paintings of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). He has been collecting poster paintings (not printed copies) from 1976 to 1985. Some print runs of these paintings numbered more than 200,000 copies and have historic meaning. ' sg-04.10.02

The horrible history of the Nazi party told through propaganda posters, from the chilling calls to action in the 1920's through Hitler's desperation as the war turned. Prepare the hairs on the back of your neck. kg-04.05.02

Nice collection of band posters and handbills giving appropriate attribution to the designers. Also not a bad place to see if your band's name is already taken. Hint: It is. kg-03.26.02

< ...as well as this collection of posters created by French art students in May, 1968 to protest the government of Charles de Gaulle. kg-03.22.02

Chisholm Larsson Gallery, fine vintage poster resource. jc-03.19.02

< Recruiting Posters for Women from World War II. A selection of original artwork and finished posters aimed at recruiting women during World War II. From the U.S. Department of the Navy's Naval Historical Center. aa-02.21.02

Couldn't find any great old curling posters in advance of tonight's big match vs. Switzerland, so here are some ski posters instead. kg-02.14.02

Marshall Sokoloff writes, "Great vintage lithos at Catlin Galleries." guest-02.01.02

Posters apparently intended to disturb you so profoundly you would ask your doctor to give you vitamins. kg-01.29.02

Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943, a huge collection accessible at a number of resolutions. Too many to pick faves, but check this. Via the remarkable and beautiful A Day Late at a Dollar Short. jc-01.23.02

CPOP is a gallery in Detroit with a ton of pop art posters and originals for sale online. kg-01.10.02

"We print every poster by hand. No machines. No robots. Nothing like that. What does this mean? It means we sweat. A lot." kg-01.10.02

While cleaning out the archives I discovered that an old link to a huge gallery of work by the Stenberg Brothers -- Constructivist sculptors who did stunning poster work for the Soviet cinema in the 20s and 30s -- now leads you to non-Constructivist porn. Because it's worth looking at again, here is a smaller, but worthy collection. kg-01.08.02

Jagmo: The Art of the Poster. Transplanted Chicagoan, Nels Jacobson created this series of short-run posters promoting the Austin music scene. Wide variety of styles and designs here plus, an interesting article by Jacobsen describing "The Maverick Tradition: Postering in Austin, Texas." jc-11.16.01

Andrew Falconer of House8 writes, "See you guys are in a propaganda mood over there. Check these Soviet posters." guest-11.05.01

The Swiss Poster Collection at Carnegie Mellon. Ò10.23.01.jc jc-10.23.01

Neil Lee of BeatnikPad writes, The Chairman Smiles: Communist propaganda posters from Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China. Very interesting, with some beautiful examples of jingoistic graphic design." guest-08.27.01

A fabulous collection of Russian, Cuban, Chinese and Czech posters all organized in a big, clunky table. The download is painful, but the effect of all of these powerful images side-be-each is really something. A single favorite? How about this? jc-08.09.01

The Art of the Draw, advertising posters selected from the McCormick-International Harvester Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society. jc-07.19.01

The AFI's 100 Years: 100 American Movie Poster Classics. dr-06.22.01

It's on the wall in my office and now it's available online. According to Edward Tufte, this visualization of data from Napolean's March to Moscow "may well be the best statistical graphic ever drawn." jc-05.02.01

kshay passes along this collection of Chinese propaganda posters. I was really struck by the Rockwellian hyper-realism of some of these. Remarkable. Be sure to check out the modern posters, as well, especially the ones meant to undermine the influence of Falun Gong. kg-02.15.01

"Esto es el fascismo!" Posters from the Spanish Civil War, too many to pick a favorite (okay, this one. Or this one) accompanied by wonderful historical text. kg-02.07.01

"It is better to face the bullets than get killed at home by a bomb." British WWII recruitment posters. kg-01.24.01

Transit posters from the 1920s urging Chicagoans to use the El. I want people to go back to referring to Michigan Avenue as "Boul Mich. kg-01.16.01

From "The Great Castigation Series," part of an online collection of Chinese art. I think the artist is saying that Coca-Cola is bad, but I'm not sure. Whatever he means, it's cool. kg-11.08.00

Get out the vote posters done by a number of prominent designers. Some of them are great, but I wish I could make them larger. kg-11.08.00

"Smoking Stacks Attract Attacks." Highlights from the Library of Congress collection of WPA posters. Awesome. kg-11.08.00

The Guardian in London voted the Conservative Party's 1978 poster showing a snaking line of people queuing up for unemployment under the slogan "Labour isn't working" as the best of the century. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the poster demonstrates the power of the pun with a short headline and a bold visual. Here's the story of the vote in the Guardian, and from the BBC a story with photo describing the poster's origins. jc-11.08.00

Posters from around the world promoting Steve McQueen's magnificent movie Bullitt. Make sure to check out the East German versions. kg-11.08.00

Propaganda like posters that have popped up all over the country, featuring Andre the Giant. se-11.08.00

These travel posters for the (still operating) South Shore rail line can be found on the walls of many Chicago bars (the Notre Dame one is particularly popular in Irish pubs, along with framed photos of the first Mayor Daley and pictures of James Joyce). kg-11.08.00

Modern Dog Design. Good stuff. kg-11.08.00

Italian Poster Database. I can't tell you what all of these are for, but there are a lot of great ones, and a nice thumbnail interface. kg-11.08.00

WWII posters, including the famous "Rosie The Riveter", but note the European ones, as well, which tend to be darker and more modern. kg-11.08.00

Polish circus posters from the 70s, many with monkeys. If that doesn't make you look, I don't know what will. (Dig the music, Satin Doll on the vibes.Òjc.) kg-11.08.00

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