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From Tokyo Twilight.

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"When Wilson Bentley died in 1931, his hometown newspaper eulogized him thus: 'Longfellow said that genius is infinite painstaking. John Ruskin declared that genius is only a superior power of seeing. Wilson Bentley was a living example of this type of genius.'"Snow Crystals, Wilson Bentley. jc-01.09.20

Jason has collected lists of The Year in Photos 2019. jc-12.19.19

On 17 December at Bonhams in New York, photographs from the collection of film-maker and collector Peter Fetterman will go up for sale. jc-12.13.19

"Shock is the first of eight series that collectively form my body of work Good Grief—a visual articulation of my journey through grief following the loss of my mother." By Shira Gold. jc-11.13.19

Want. The Intrepid Camera Company makes large-format, 4x5 and 8x10 cameras. Via Chris Glass. jc-10.18.19

A new book for people (cough) with fifty rolls of film sitting around, dating back to the 90s: FLAVR: Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference. bb-09.26.19

65 Block Parties, 5 Boroughs, 20 Photographers: See What They Found. ms-09.17.19

"Photographer Vincent J. Musi chose almost two years ago to end his years of travel for National Geographic assignments to be home with his wife, Callie, and his then 16-year-old son, Hunter. He built " The Unleashed Studio" in the back of a pet food store and began making extraordinary portraits of our furry best friend in Charleston, S.C.." ms-09.16.19

0°C is a creative collaboration between artist Tharien Smith and photographer Bruce Boyd, featuring unique images of flowers, fynbos and found objects encapsulated in ice. dw-09.13.19

Tank Man. ms-09.13.19

RIP Robert Frank. jc-09.10.19

"The 2019 Tahiti Pro, stop No. 7 of the World Surf League Men's Championship Tour, is under way this week in Tahiti. Brian Bielmann, a photographer with Agence France-Presse, is on the scene, capturing images of the surfers amid the beauty and chaos churned up by the famous waves of Teahupo'o reef." ms-08.28.19

Winners of the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. dw-06.13.19

Robert Capa's Longest Day, Marie Brenner on the war photographer's coverage of D-day. jc-06.06.19

086564, Noah Kalina. jc-06.04.19

"...suffused with all of the sensuous opulence of a Caravaggio and decked out in the trappings of modern absurdity." Creative Boom on photographer Josef Fischnaller and his Renaissance styled portraits. See the entire series here. Fab. jc-05.16.19

"Italian artist Federico Borella has been named Photographer of the Year in the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards for his series Five Degrees which focuses on male suicide in the farming community of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, an area facing its worst drought in 140 years." dw-05.07.19

Esther Bubley, documentary photographer and photojournalist. Via Isn't. jc-04.29.19

"...he is haunted by what he has seen and the photographs he has made, revealing, 'I think about it all the time. I don't have any freedom from it.'" Seeing war abroad and at home through the eyes of Don McCullin. jc-04.23.19

500px features the photography of Tobi Shinobi today. jc-04.23.19

A Photo Appreciation of Libraries. ms-04.17.19

This landmark image is the world's first glimpse of a black hole's silhouette. dw-04.10.19

The Attitudes of Animals in Motion, Illustrated with the Zoopraxiscope 1882. Happy birthday Eadweard Muybridge. jc-04.09.19

Barcelona from above. Via Dezeen. dw-03.13.19

Photos From the 2019 Westminster Dog Show. ms-02.13.19

Ten days, 3000 miles. Photos From the 2019 Dakar Rally. jc-01.22.19

The Village in 48 Photos by Fred W. McDarrah, Sylvia Plachy, James Hamilton, Amy Arbus, Catherine McGann, and Robin Holland for the Village Voice. jc-01.04.19

Edward Keating: Main Street, The Lost Dream of Route 66. Via Isn't. jc-12.12.18

Mandy: The Art Of Film Grain. jc-12.12.18

Vivian. jc-11.14.18

See the Glorious Winners of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest. ms-10.25.18

These exquisite photogravures are from one of the first series of X-rays ever produced. dw-10.16.18

3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images. Stanford Libraries make Warhol photography archives public. jc-10.15.18

Moonlit shots of yesterday's view of tomorrow, by Tom Blachford. Via Isn't. jc-10.11.18

"The Changing Landscape of American Retail is an ongoing documentation of the shift from traditional brick-and-mortar locations where we once socialized and interacted with our community to the stark and generic structures that house shipping, fulfillment, call, and server centers, now essential for e-commerce." dw-08.31.18

Underground photography by Gregor Sailer. Via Isn't. jc-08.27.18

Wander. Roam. Replicate. dw-08.09.18

1988 in pictures. jc-08.01.18

"Ever had a holiday that wasn't your cup of tea? Bored Tourists is a photo series and new book that explores the phenomenon of travelling to a foreign country with every intention of being inspired by it, only to be left feeling bemused, bored or half asleep." dw-07.31.18

"...photography shows us things we otherwise overlook, such as a simple traffic light on the street. An all known object which produces a strong graphical effect in an unnatural situation with a simple photographic setup." Long Exposure Traffic Lights, by Lucas Zimmermamn. Via Chris Glass. jc-07.30.18

A real way with light. The photography portfolio of Lorne Bridgman is a great browse. Check his portrait work and this series from Oslo is sweet. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.25.18

Water Towers at Night, a sweet photo series by Lloyd Lewis. Via P&C. jc-07.10.18

Chinatown NYC, as photographed by Ludwig Favre. jc-07.06.18

Related to our newest Field Notes edition are these fantastic photos by Astronaut Donald Pettit taken from the International Space Station. Thanks Marshall. ms-06.26.18

From Photographer Barry Phipps, Iowa ms-06.22.18

Here are the winners of The Nature Conservancy 2018 Photo Contest. ms-06.21.18

"Shot in the alpine landscape that inspired Mary Shelley's classic novel, Chloe Dewe Mathews' photographic series In Search of Frankenstein juxtaposes snow-covered mountains with a network of eerie subterranean bunkers, built in the 1960s to shelter the entire population of Switzerland in the event of a nuclear disaster. ms-05.22.18

A few of the 63 photographs by Linda McCartney that were donated to the new V&A Photography Center. jc-05.15.18

Explosions, photographs by Ken Hermann. jc-05.07.18

Our pals at The Field Museum here in Chicago tweeted an amazing picture of the current location's opening day in 1921. ms-05.02.18

Related to the last, 20x24 Studio, "The Home of Large Format Instant Photography." jc-05.02.18

I loved The B-Side, an Errol Morris doc on Elsa Dorfman's huge-format Polaroid portrait photography. Trailer. jc-05.02.18

Hannele Lahti's chewed collection. dw-05.01.18

Irving Penn's Small Trades Series. Sublime, via the Miss who is Swiss. jc-04.26.18

Four seasons in the life of a Finnish island. jc-04.25.18

"The stars were brightly shining in Durham, North Carolina, when three women obsessed with Jell-O mounted a pop-up museum exhibition of molded foods. Your grandmama's green 'congealed salad' was one thing --but you've never seen the likes of these creations from chefs, home cooks, and one punk-rock bass player. ms-04.18.18

A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree Is A Palm Tree, Bruno V. Roels' show at the Howard Greenberg Gallery. Via Isn't. jc-04.18.18

Dennis Stock's iconic 1955 photo of James Dean, alone in the rain, in the middle of Times Square. And how it got that way. Via Isn't. jc-04.10.18

For BB, the unknown photographic works of Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000), found in her attic (Leningrad, USSR) by her daughter, after she passed away. via Kottke. mcj-04.06.18

Cars Matching Homes. Like it says. Via P&C. jc-03.22.18

Sure you're a good photographer, but can you take photos like these in Grand Theft Auto? bb-03.13.18

El color de Robert Capa en Sevilla. Precioso. jc-03.12.18

"A group of six young friends with their 1,200 sheep are among the dozens of shepherds and their flocks who spend their summers in the Tusheti mountains. It will take them three days to trek from their base village down to the safety of the plains." ms-03.05.18

Bjørg-Elise Tuppen's Moments With the Moon. dw-03.02.18

As seen from above. jc-02.21.18

"These photos highlight the oddly authentic beauty in this city of myth, however lonely and brutal, however packaged and commercial." Franck Bohbot's Angels. Via Isn't. jc-02.21.18

Cage interview with Aaron, and a terrific photographic portrait by Michael Poehlman. jc-02.15.18

Winners of the 2018 Black & White Photographer of the Year competition jc-02.01.18

The International Space Station, with a crew of six onboard, is seen in silhouette as it transits the moon at roughly five miles per second. dw-01.31.18

Iconic (and in this case faked) photos, Venice, Italy, 1902. jc-01.23.18

Women Farmers of Appalachia is a photography and interview series whose purpose is to give an honest representation of the daily lives of Appalachian women in agriculture. Through their narratives and our photographs, we weave history with the now to examine the present day female farmer, weathered in her ways, but abundant in her knowledge and stories." ms-01.16.18

So you know, how to take a photo of a Stealth bomber from above. jc-01.08.18

From photographer Fiji Ohashi, Time to Shine. ms-01.05.18

Abandoned Theme Parks. ms-01.04.18

A Norwegian University Student Used a Spy Camera in this Amazing Example of 19th Century Street Photography. jc-01.04.18

"When the photographer Minor White died in 1976, after a prolific career and an epic journey of a life, he left his archives to Princeton University. But it took about forty years before that institution could make the collection truly available to the world in the form of the Minor White Archive online." -- More from Open Culture. jc-01.02.18

Amazing abandoned castles around the world. ms-12.30.17

From photographer Pamela Littky, American Fair. ms-12.18.17

"The destruction of the Death Star has been the initiating event that led to the explosion of the speculative bubble thanks to which the Empire became rich and funded its wildest plans. Now, the Empire and Darth Vader are ruined. Besides the money and the staff lost in the destruction of the Death Star, they have seen their savings, exclusively invested in aggressive hedge funds, reduced to zero. Darth Vader has therefore no choice but roll up his sleeves and find jobs in order to benefit the Empire's treasury andand pursue his struggle to exterminate the rebels." ms-12.06.17

Color Photos of the 1939 New York World's Fair. ms-11.13.17

Celebrities at the Airport in the 1970's. So great. ms-11.11.17

From photographer Mike Kelley, From Factory to Boneyard: The Life Cycles of Planes. ms-11.01.17

Nice landscape photography by Cody Cobb. dw-10.24.17

This long 1983 Ansel Adams Playboy Interview serves to remind us of the great photographer's dedication to his craft, his semi-genial curmudgeonry, and his environmental awareness. bb-10.20.17

Mark Laita's Snakes. jc-10.13.17

Jim Wilson and 40 years of news photography. jc-10.12.17

Bowling Alleys as photographed by Robert Götzfried. jc-10.09.17

"Plunged into a foreign dark I found a new way of seeing, strange and alien. Synthetic light creeps into my eyes, the air thick with colours shifting and angles unbending. In the midst of the night a new day begins." Ultraviolet Break of Day. Via WATC. dw-10.06.17

The World's Most Stunning Moths Will Set Your Heart Aflutter ms-09.26.17

Incredible phot pertfolio of Mikko Lagerstedt. Check the series "Alone." jc-09.22.17

Cars of LA. dw-09.15.17

A visual time capsule of life in 1960s Noordwijk. dw-09.15.17

A welcome reminder to shut down your photography machine before you go to bed at night. Stay safe! bb-09.14.17

Panoramic Eclipse Composite with Star Trails and how it was made by Stephane Vetter. Fab. jc-08.30.17

A re-post, but worth a re-read: The Private Photo Shoot that Sparked a War Inside Van Halen. bb-08.30.17

Todd Webb's photographs of postwar New York 1945-1960 at the Museum of the City of New York. jc-08.17.17

A four-hour exposure at f/240, Edward Weston's Pepper No. 30. jc-08.15.17

Based on the Guardian review, I couldn't be more excited about this this new book about photographer W. Eugene Smith. bb-08.07.17

Stunning, every single shot. The Atlantic gives us a look around the world with their Photos of the Week. ms-07.14.17

Yangtze, The Long River, amazing series of photographs by Nadav Kander. jc-07.14.17

Homeland of Tea. ms-07.07.17

The ultimate urbex, photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski snuck Into the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.29.17

From photographer Nicolas Blandin, Sardinian Notes. ms-06.26.17

Beautiful libraries photographed by Thibaud Poirier. jc-06.26.17

From photographer Roberto Conte, Abandoned Places. ms-06.16.17

Tokyo Expressways as photographed by Thibaud Poirier. jc-06.13.17

Giants, black and white photographs of humpback whales, by Jem Cresswell. jc-06.06.17

So you know, how to photograph star trails. jc-06.05.17

"In Giants. a striking series of portraits, Australian photographer Jem Cresswell explores the awe-inspiring behaviors and undeniable anthropomorphism of the humpback whale. Captured over the course of 3 years (2014-2016) in the southern Pacific Ocean, the series offers an intimate glimpse of the "gentle giants" as they complete their annual migration to Tonga." ms-05.30.17

From photographer Benoit Lapray, Quest for the Absolute ms-05.26.17

Joel Meyerowitz: Towards Colour 1962-1978, slideshow at NYT, plus related article by Hattie Crisell. jc-05.23.17

"Installations are made without permission, using found materials within the retail landscape." Mass, a photo series by Carson Davis Brown. More at Colossal. jc-05.01.17

"Since the 1960s, spacecraft and astronauts have been able to 'step back' far enough to capture combined portraits of the Earth and its moon, separated by some 240,000 miles. Gathered below are some of the best of these portraits, some from as far away as 100 million miles." jc-04.25.17

"I travel in search of places which used to have great importance for the technical progress - and which are now deserted." Restricted Areas, by Danila Tkachenko. Via Tiberio. jc-04.24.17

Introduction of Swedish gymnastics for women, 1905-1910. Dig this photo series, especially this one. jc-04.21.17

"Designer and part-time photographer Mantas Baciuska uses aerial photography to capture the frozen lakes of Lithuania." —Colossal. jc-04.14.17

Toronto, in seedier times. Great photos, thanks Marshall. jc-04.13.17

Spring Blossoms. ms-04.07.17

437 complete issues of Soviet Photo magazine. Yowza, great resource. jc-03.27.17

Gorgeous photos of Paris from Nathalie Geffroy. ms-03.16.17

The Chicago Transit Authority has a new Instagram page with pictures from the past. ms-03.08.17

"The Wildwoods, a group of small shore towns situated on a five-mile-long barrier island along the southern New Jersey coastline, are home to one of the most important architectural collections of the 20th century. They contain a trove of midcentury modern motels that make up the largest concentration of postwar resort architecture in the United States. These motels remain fully functioning and virtually unchanged since their original construction, in many cases over fifty years ago." ms-03.08.17

Hang with the stars at Vanity Fair's Oscar Party. ms-02.28.17

"This concept started as a personal study on the connection between light and space. I tried to show how something immaterial like music can fill the room with his beauty." ms-02.28.17

"The Favelagrafia Project (portuguese for slum photography) brings a new look onto Rio's favelas. A new perspective. Here, the slums are shown in a truthful way, by those understanding most about it: its own residents. Nine photographers, filled with talents and dreams, passionate about the art of photography and, especially, about their own communities." ms-02.09.17

On today's date in 1984, the Bruce McCandless space walk photo was taken. jc-02.07.17

Animated photographs by Romain Laurent. dw-01.30.17

Great photos of the 1970s Teddy Boy revival in the UK. bb-01.19.17

"I set out to create a visual reaction to the hardships and wagers of wheat harvest in the rural highlands of Northeast Colorado." The Reckoning Days, a photo series by Elliot Ross. Fab. jc-01.17.17

"I set out to create a visual reaction to the hardships and wagers of wheat harvest in the rural highlands of Northeast Colorado." The Reckoning Days, a photo series by Elliot Ross. Fab. jc-01.17.17

Gorgeous, from photographer Ken Hermann and art director Gem Fletcher, Wrestlers of Inner Mongolia. ms-01.06.17

"Kodak will produce Ekatachrome at its film factory in Rochester, N.Y., and will market and distribute the Super 8 motion picture film version of Ekatachrome film directly." Comeback story. jc-01.05.17

PhotoCorps. "PhotoScouting is all about noticing the world and sharing perspectives" through completing photographic challenges. Great idea, sweet patches too. jc-12.20.16

"At this natural boundary, chunks of light cyan ice bathe in chilled waters. Icicles pierce downwards like shafts of light, tethered to the roofs of cold blue caverns." Matanuska Glacier. dw-12.06.16

When Cars Ruled the Night: New York City, 1974-1976, written by Luc Sante, photos by Langdon Clay. jc-12.03.16

"Not long ago, neighborhood newsstands where the place to go for information and daily news. In big urban centers like NYC, those were everywhere. In 1950 there were more than 1500 newsstands across town. Lately people started to access news through digital devices, bringing down print media sales. That, of course, had a huge effect on the presence of newsstands in the city. Today's numbers are closer to 300 units than the mighty 1500 from back ago." ms-11.30.16

Technicolor food photographs from Soviet cookbooks. jc-11.29.16

From the "Things Attached to Drones" department, a studio strobe light. jc-11.21.16

"If you have worked on a film set, you know. What we do is all about doing everything you have to with all the gear you don't have. Here's to all the horrible things we have done with our gear to get the shot we need." Obvs for SD & BB. ms-11.21.16

Ballet in the streets of Mexico City. Fantastic photography by Omar Robles. jc-11.17.16

Dylan Mason, everyday. "A composite self-portrait merges 5 years of selfies into a single image using a vertical slice from every day. Additional images use slices and median blending techniques to convey individual years between 2011 and 2016." jc-11.17.16

Know the feeling. jc-11.17.16

Great photos of the most recent Super Moon taken around the world. ms-11.16.16

"The prices of property being much too high discouraged potential buyers so the only people who actually moved in were local government officials and migrant workers who could earn more here thanks to a special "relocation bonus". As a result the city is now a surreal landscape of empty streets, decaying monuments, abandoned buildings and half-finished housing projects. It is more than anywhere the symbol of the Chinese Dream with all its challenges and contradictions, an Orwellian vision of a bright future caught up by a less flamboyant reality." ms-11.16.16

"For his photo series Over, Kacper Kowalski "set out in search of what he calls 'black holes' and 'middle of nowheres.'" jc-11.16.16

White House photographer Pete Souza picks his favorite 50 photos from the last eight years. ms-11.14.16

From Matteo Stucchi, dessert as landscape. ms-11.14.16

Only eggs. dw-11.10.16

From photographer Karl Hab, a look at LA's tennis and basketball courts from above. ms-11.08.16

Last post about it, maybe. From photographer Jon Lowenstein, a look at The Greatest Night in Chicago. ms-11.05.16

Clown gang on Michigan Ave., headed south from Washington, 1918, Chicago. dw-10.31.16

Stunning photos of Scotland. dw-10.27.16

Gorgeous, See Paris through its storefronts. ms-10.26.16

Best engagement pics ever. ms-10.24.16

From photographer Charles Freger, Mardi Gras Indians. ms-10.24.16

From photographer John Thackwray, the fab series My Room Project. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-10.21.16

"'You know how a surfer gets excited when the waves are good,' he says, 'The same goes for me when there's not a cloud in the sky and the sun is out.'" Rusty Wiles, firefighter turned artist. dw-10.21.16

The photography of Mária Svarbová, thanks Marshall. jc-10.19.16

A pride of lions under the African night sky. Liuwa Plain, Zambia. Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas. jc-10.19.16

Syrian refugee girls dress up as their dream job. ms-10.11.16

Room Portraits, by Menno Aden. jc-09.29.16

@labeltime dw-09.26.16

The burning beauty of solar energy in the Nevada desert. dw-09.21.16

Photographer Richard Johnson travels all over Canada to document Ice Huts. ms-09.19.16

Fragments of Disambiguation, a contemporary architecture photography series of some Helsinki buildings. dw-09.14.16

Vashi on the origin and impact of the Polaroid SX-70. jc-09.12.16

Through retouching and reflection, Gustav Willeit creates imaginary worlds. dw-09.12.16

From photographer Stephanie Goin, Mad(e) in USA ms-08.29.16

UFO formation over Mount Fuji. dw-08.29.16

From photographer Thom Pierce, The Horsemen of Semonkong . ms-08.24.16

"I don't take many photos so I'll post the pictures I'm most proud of taking #Apollo11." dw-08.24.16

From Tbub Photo, Weeping Stones. Via My Modern Met. ms-08.22.16

Gorgeous landscape photos by Luca Tombolini. Via WATC. dw-08.22.16

The Ballerina in Containers, Le Havre, France. Photo by JR. jc-08.16.16

Watching your daughter win gymnastics gold looks like this. ms-08.10.16

To capture in a single time frame, the shapes birds generate when flying, "making visible the invisible." Ornitographies, a photo series by Xavi Bou. More on this project by Laura Mallonee. jc-08.10.16

"I was getting quite annoyed with all the people and cars getting in my shots, so I decided to remove them altogether. Once I saw the results from the first image, I was hooked, and decided to keep it going into its own project." Chicago as an abandoned metropolis. dw-08.04.16

American vacations of the 1900s in color. dw-07.27.16

Good Morning Prague. Wow, photo by Markus Grunau. jc-07.27.16

Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova "stages atmospheric shots of pastel-hued swimming pools, full of pristine waters and blood-red bathing caps." Fantastic stuff, lots more here. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.21.16

"A City of Dust by Lewis Bush taps into this ongoing decay as he explores London's streets, looking for signs of that never-ending transformation, whether through wear or redevelopment. New layers standing on the foundations of the old." jc-07.20.16

Christopher Payne's photographs of the Steinway Piano Factory. jc-07.08.16

Pictures from a new book by Robert Dawson, The Public Library, "some famous, some neglected, some both." jc-06.30.16

From photographer Angie McMonigal, From the 'L' ms-06.27.16

"I was once convinced that the diamond light of May could not be surpassed, but when I returned in winter, I found the short, golden days to be stunningly intense." Frederick Steiner watched the light in Rome, and brought his camera too. jc-06.24.16

Trouble in Paradise, the lost motels of New Jersey. A photo series by Mark Havens. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.22.16

Behind the Scenes Photos of NYC's Steinway Piano Factory ms-06.20.16

Katy Cowan on photographer Edward Way's series that explores Japan's obsession with vending machines. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.17.16

Patrick Burgoyne takes a look at The Last Stop, photographer Ryann Ford's new book documenting the American roadside rest stop. jc-06.15.16

One shot, by Noah Kalina. jc-06.14.16

"Weird, sometimes funny, sometimes sad but decidedly interesting slides of the 20th Century." jc-06.14.16

I love this sort of thing. Meagan Abell found four sets of medium format negatives while thrifting. They're beautiful and now she's trying to find the girls on the negatives. jc-06.13.16

Fab, from photographer Blaise Arnold, Stories. ms-06.09.16

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama. Class, defined. ms-05.31.16

From photographer Kim Leunberger, Traveling Car Adventures. ms-05.24.16

Relink because amazing. Ten historic mainframe computers presented through photography, retouching and post-production techniques by INK and Docubyte. jc-05.18.16

After Dark, My Sweet. dw-05.16.16

"The Station photo series shows stillness, motion, standing time, volatile moment parallel, creating a harmonious unit with each other due to the cleared geometry of these photos." dw-05.13.16

"This colourful series of ten historic computers, created in close collaboration between INK and Docubyte, documents the beginning of our computing history." ms-05.13.16

"The Invictus Games, created by Britain's Prince Harry, are underway in Orlando. The games allow wounded, sick, or injured armed services members from around the world to compete in Paralympic-style games. ms-05.12.16

One shot. Jason M. Peterson's "Detroit." jc-05.10.16

The President visited Flint, MI yesterday and gave a well-deserved hug. ms-05.05.16

Sure, the food looks good but look at all that leg room. ms-05.05.16

One small step. Photos by Aaron Sheldon and his 4-year-old astronaut. Via Swiss Miss. jc-05.05.16

Some stunning early entries from the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest. ms-05.04.16

"During my visit to North Korea, I was part of the first ever group of foreigners given access to all stations across both lines of the Pyongyang Metro. This may sound mundane, but the previously restricted Pyongyang Metro is surely one of the most mysterious, yet beautiful transit systems on earth, each station uniquely themed in ultra-nationalism, parading North Korea's revolutionary goals and achievements to impressionable commuters." ms-04.22.16

Daniel Handal's photo project documenting the female masking fetish community. sd-04.21.16

Stasi-Prison, a beautiful and austere set of photos by Philipp Lohöfener. jc-04.21.16

"Globe staff photographer Jessica Rinaldi won the Pulitzer Prize in feature photography for her compelling depiction of a boy living in poverty in Maine." ms-04.21.16

From photographer Henry Hargreaves, Deep Fried Gadgets. Weirdly, this makes me hungry. ms-04.21.16

Lonely Parisian cafe exteriors, lit in red on rainy nights. Photography by Blaise Arnold. Via Isn't. jc-04.20.16

'86. jc-04.20.16

"For his new project Lux Noctis, photographer Reuben Wu lit and photographed landscapes at night by mounting powerful LED lights to GPS-enabled drones." jc-04.11.16

I Grew Up Star Wars. Via MeFi. ms-04.11.16

The personalized leather jackets of bomber crews. dw-04.06.16

"Techies is a portrait project focused on sharing stories of tech employees in Silicon Valley. We cover subjects who tend to be underrepresented in the greater tech narrative. This includes (but is not limited to) women, people of color, folks over 50, LGBT, working parents, disabled, etc." Via Subtraction. dw-04.06.16

Graffiti Removals. dw-04.06.16

A look at the Art of the Crowd. ms-04.01.16

"We asked former residents or inhabitant from the Fukushima region, and in some cases, the actual owners of certain properties, to join us inside the no-go zone and open the doors to these ordinary, but now unfriendly, places. Facing the camera, they were asked to act as normally as possible - as if nothing had happened." ms-03.29.16

One Long Table, fun use of the Instagram format from Reynolds Kitchens. Via Mefi. jc-03.29.16

NYPL Photographers' Identities Catalog. Smartly implemented and fun to mess with. jc-03.28.16

"Visualization done with photography or based on photography... created without layers of abstraction, because every data point in an image is really just a photon hitting a camera sensor." Nicholas Feltons's new book Photoviz. Looks great. jc-03.24.16

Mackenzie and Boone ms-03.23.16

Great shot of Air Force One flying over Havana. ms-03.21.16

On the eve of the historic visit by President Obama, a look at Cuba on the Edge of Change ms-03.20.16

Lovely, a bird's eye view of ski resorts from space ms-03.18.16

Hair, so much hair. Awkward Metal Band photos. ms-03.16.16

Signs of Spring. ms-03.15.16

A Very Weird Photo of Ulysses S. Grant. mcj-03.14.16

Holding my breath In Anxious Anticipation, Words by Jordan Kushins Photographs by Aaron Tilley Set Design by Kyle Bean. Via Swiss Miss. jc-03.14.16

Sky Light Chasing, the photography of HRH Prince Nikolaos. jc-03.08.16

"This is what happens when you cover a race with expired film." Redlights and Redeyes by Chip Litherland. Via Om. jc-03.03.16

"I would like to flaunt, for the first time in my life, that I minored in art history at Georgetown, so that you know I did this for the sake of the academy." Zulkey looked at seven decades of Playboy centerfolds so you don't have to. jc-03.01.16

Images of Earth from a year in space. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.01.16

Congratulations to our pal Chris Glass, a 2016 People's Liberty Haile Fellow recipient. Can't wait to see his finished photography project! bb-02.24.16

"The predator first appeared in the 1920s, lingering in the peripheries of family vacations, childhood playdates, and backyard gatherings until the 1970s, when he vanished from view." Via Mefi. jc-02.23.16

"More than two hundred intriguing snapshots taken by street photographers between the end of the First World War and the late 1960s. Anonymous models pose next to placid, playful, sometimes disturbing 'polar bears': these bears traverse the decades, unchanged. The history of Germany unfolds." TEDDYBÄR sd-02.17.16

Retronaut's New York showcases panoramic photos of the city from more than a hundred years ago. dw-02.17.16

From photographer Demi Poulpe, North Korea From the Bus Window. ms-02.16.16

Craig Mod test drives The Leica Q for six months of travel. A comprehensive, and glowing, review, plus don't miss his "intermissions." jc-02.11.16

The Art Socks photo series by Kate Brien. dw-02.09.16

Scenes From 21st-Century China. ms-02.03.16

"Thousands of stalls like this exhibit multiple and slight variations on a particular item. Each individual seller occupies a space consumed by the very items that make them their living." Photos of Yiwu Commodity City, by Richard John Seymour. jc-02.02.16

Cool Instagram collab, featuring "precisely aligned architecture photographs from around the world," Geometry Club. jc-02.01.16

Extraordinary photos and video from the far North of Russia by Andrei Shapran. Via Shaun Walker. jc-01.29.16

The Slowest High-Speed Images Of Bursting Cars Ever Captured. Yep. jc-01.28.16

Secret Friends. dw-01.28.16

The photographs of Isaac Adler and the crosswalks of Chicago. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.28.16

The Everyday Landscapes Of Venice, photos by Claudia Corrent. Via mbs-p-b jc-01.25.16

"Shot is home for fingers over lenses, severed limbs, missing heads, misfires, bad crops, oddly lit, badly composed, inadvertent close-ups." Finally a place that will appreciate my photographic skills. jc-01.15.16

Parallel World, photoblog of Jan Vranovsky, architect, designer and photographer currently living in Tokyo. jc-01.12.16

Photos by Ben Thomas. The new "Chroma" series deconstructs urban scenes through the use of color and flatness. Spectacular. jc-01.11.16

Light patterns on bodies, beautiful photography by Dani Oliver. jc-01.11.16

Sam posted the photo "Doorway Sleeper" in July of 2007. A few days ago he received a letter about it. Wow. jc-01.07.16

"I travel in search of places which used to have great importance for the technical progress - and which are now deserted. Those places lost their significance together with the utopian ideology which is now obsolete." —Danila Tkachenko. jc-01.07.16

Another look at the 2016 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. ms-01.06.16

Look at this year's Harbin Ice and Snow festival. ms-12.28.15

"The hot and humid weather of Chongqing coupled with the total absence of coordinated landscape design allows for an abundant and lush vegetal wildlife to thrive everywhere in the city, taking over streets and buildings in a wonderfully chaotic way. This photo essay aims to show the unique scenery created by Chinese mass urbanization, endemic lawlessness, moutainous topography and subtropical climate, as a very organic urban sprawl out of a science fiction movie." ms-12.23.15

A look at Star Wars Mania. ( Spoiler-free). ms-12.22.15

Freemasonry, fab photo series by Jamie Kripke. Here's a write up on the series from It's Nice That. Via Mefi. jc-12.16.15

"Back then, it seems, everyone loved children on flights. Maybe when the only alternative was chess people genuinely enjoyed being around their offspring. Maybe the drinks trolley hadn't been by yet. ms-12.16.15

Backstage at The Nutcracker at the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. ms-12.14.15

"Namibia's landscape draws you in, through a vast brown plain of scorched earth, and steers you over the white surface of a salt pan to finally arrive in the pink hue of the sand dunes. Patience is required to discover the wide range of Namibia's subtle scenery. It literally takes you hours, driving though nothing, to at long last arrive at... more of nothing." dw-12.09.15

Contact sheets from photographers Elliot Erwitt, Martin Parrand Eve Arnold. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-11.24.15

Gorgeous photos of Norway, mostly shot from his kayak, the work of photographer Tomasz Furmanek. ms-11.17.15

"The cold war forgot about these relics. These images, taken by photographer Danila Tkachenko in Russia and Kazakhstan, show bold attempts at technological progress that were abandoned." jc-11.17.15

Monuments Around the World Light Up for Paris. ms-11.16.15

From photographer Marius Joergensen, Space Travels Through Norway. ms-11.05.15

Re-link, photographer Amy Stein's Halloween In Harlem. ms-10.30.15

From photographer Maciek Jasik, The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables. ms-10.29.15

New York City photographed by David Friedman in 2000, with the Game Boy Camera. jc-10.28.15

"I was looking through the Project Apollo Archive and at one point, I began clicking through a series of pics quickly and it looked like stop motion animation. So, I decided to see what that would look like without me having to click through it." jc-10.26.15

Cows. dw-10.22.15

Fabulous Botany Portraits, by Anne Hoerter. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-10.19.15

From photographer Alan Powdrill, Soapbox Racers. ms-10.19.15

Hot Air Balloon Festivals. ms-10.16.15

"Why wouldn't you Photoshop it? Lance Mountain & Steve Olson's Skateboard Mag cover. bb-10.16.15

Photographer Max Siedentopf sneaks around at night "upgrading" cars with cardboard and masking tape. bb-10.13.15

Just a few of the jaw-dropping entries for the 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest. Wow. ms-10.08.15

Terrific sports photography by Marcus Eriksson. jc-10.07.15

Chicago Tribune vintage photos from the subterranean vault. @vintagetribune. dw-09.30.15

"Seeing Prague once, is forever enchanted." The Face of Prague : l'image de Prague. Photos by M. Kucera from the 50s. A beautiful book on a beautiful city. Via John Coulthart. jc-09.30.15

In 2011 a Belgian photographer was allowed entry into one of Japan's Yakuza families. Over two years, he captured the lives of those living in the underworld. ms-09.22.15

25 foreign photographers shooting the post-Soviet world, Outside In. Thanks Marshall. jc-09.16.15

"Brian Rose's new book, Time and Space on the Lower East Side, portrays the streets of southern Manhattan in both 1980 and 2010 with luscious, composed portraits." Rosecrans chatted with him about it. jc-09.15.15

"Richard Dreselly first hiked to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire in 1941. He has since hiked the 6288 foot summit seventeen times. Now at 90, he climbed for what he says will be his last time." ms-09.14.15

Hipster Barbie is so much better at Instagram than you. dw-09.09.15

Richard Silver takes photos from the same spot at various times of the day and then sews together slices of them. jc-09.09.15

Photos of #paradeblue skies in Beijing for the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, a.k.a. WWII. dw-09.02.15

Charlie Didrickson caught a perfect late-summer moment at the lake front. jc-09.01.15

@dirty_corner by Anish Kapoor. dw-08.27.15

Flora for those without a green thumb. dw-08.27.15

"Author Ian Fleming wrote for the 1950s Englishman, whose everyday experience of the world was colored by the devastating consequences of war. The 50s postwar man could read Fleming's Bond books and dream not only of adventure and villains in far-off lands, but of an exciting lifestyle of fast cars, beautiful women, finely tailored clothes, and exotic gourmet meals from around the world. Sadly these meals were missing from the cinematic adaptations. This is a depiction, direct from Ian Fleming's books, of what Bond was Dying to Eat." dw-08.25.15

Fabulous black and white celebrity portraits by Bob Willoughby, (1927-2009). jc-08.25.15

During the 1960's, a competition was held resulting in each Metro station in Montreal being redesigned by a different architect. And now, lucky for us, Chris Forsyth is photographing the stations. jc-08.24.15

The same day they filed the divorce papers a tornado hit the house. Amazing, from the TMN archives. jc-08.21.15

How Curiosity take selfies on Mars. jc-08.20.15

Photos of vintage movie theater concession stands. Via Messy Nessy Chic. dw-08.17.15

Stuart Palley has spent the last two fire seasons making photographs for his extraordinary Terra Flamma series. Here's a piece he wrote for Time on the process. jc-08.13.15

The winners of the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest . ms-08.06.15

Light. Motion. Time. The photography of Stephen Orlando. Via . jc-07.31.15

Peter Tsai shoots our fair city from above the clouds. Via Megan Stielstra. jc-07.30.15

Nice colorful photos by Polish Pattern. dw-07.30.15

From photographer Mario Dotti, Vistamar, 2010-2011 ms-07.23.15

Abandoned Nova Scotia. dw-07.17.15

Great black and white photography by Dennis Ramos. dw-07.16.15

Um, no thanks. ms-07.09.15

From photographer Nick Cobb, a series of photos of a deteriorating Peckham multi-storey car park and cinema ms-07.06.15

The 2015 Audubon Photography Awards. ms-07.01.15

"This night exposure blend panorama took many months to complete and has the highest level of detail I've produced yet. It is nearly 50,000 pixels long and stretches from East Solidarity Drive to Navy Pier. " —Joe Lekas jc-06.26.15

The American Civil War then and now, or how David Levine photographed the war in 2015. Excellent interactive feature from The Guardian. jc-06.23.15

The Selfie Plant. dw-06.22.15

Photo series by Ralf Peters, Petrol Stations. Fab, via Present and Correct. jc-06.22.15

Had a little party here yesterday. ms-06.19.15

The well-shot, well-manipulated photography of Cal Redback. Via Peachfuzz. sd-06.17.15

A fave photo series by an old pal, Brian Urlich's Ghosts of Shopping Past at TMN. jc-06.17.15

"Stars, 2014 addresses this distancing by drawing the viewer right into the heart of a forest which still holds mystery, and offers the potential for discovery and exploration. The series considers the fragility of our relationship with the natural world, and the temporal and finite nature of landscape as a human construct." ms-06.17.15

Danila Tkachenko's "Restricted Areas" project "is about utopian strive of humans for technological progress." Starkl photos of place "which used to have great importance for the technical progress." Beautiful, via The Spaces. jc-06.08.15

From photographer Julien Mauve, After Lights Out. ms-06.08.15

"Karl 'Illsnapmatix' Smith was walking through a homeless community underneath the light rail tracks in a place called Strawberry when he spotted something. Lit in silhouette by the dying light, just barely visible, a man sat alone against a wall with a bottle in his hand. Smith pulled out his camera and, in his words, 'caught this gentleman having a quiet drink.' It's a snapshot of life on the edge, but it's not real. All of it happened in a video game." dw-06.04.15

Incredible photos from 50 years of spacewalks. ms-06.04.15

Cloudreporter. Via swissmiss. dw-05.29.15

4 Famous faces get 20 years older in these 20th anniversary ads for Getty. dw-05.15.15

Cubes of food. dw-05.14.15

A look at some of the early entries for the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Gorgeous. ms-05.14.15

Pizza in the Wild by Jonpaul Douglass. Via swissmiss. dw-05.13.15

A look into Soviet aesthetics through abandoned innerness. dw-05.11.15

"They're not wearing latex, they're not wearing kevlar, they're not even wearing armor. Nope, these costumes are made of colored milk... and nothing else." Splash Heroes by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Check the making of video too. jc-05.07.15

The secret possessions of Frida Kahlo. dw-05.05.15

Brittany Wright arranges food by color. jc-05.04.15

Photos from New York's 1964 World's Fair. ms-05.04.15

"Nuts to you, Führer! I am naked in your bath with my Jewish lover, we are taking your picture's picture, we are stealing your life-force." jc-04.30.15

Commissioned portraits by photographer Antony Crook. jc-04.30.15

WW2 Bunkers. dw-04.28.15

"C-130J Super Hercules aircraft assigned to the 317th Airlift Group, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, help U.S. Army and British paratroopers perform a static line jump at Holland Drop Zone in preparation for Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise 15-01 at Fort Bragg, N.C., April 11, 2015." ms-04.25.15

Myanmar, in 15 Photos. jc-04.15.15

Photos from the BladeRunner model shop. Via DRB. ms-04.14.15

From photographer Tom Blachford, Midnight Modern. Gorgeous. ms-04.13.15

Finding the human element of the megalopolis, Floriane de Lassee's "Inside Views". An amazing series of photographs, via This Isn't Happiness. jc-04.13.15

Fancy junk food. dw-04.09.15

Victoria Will's tintype celebrity portraits. Beautiful. A previous set. Just beautiful. jc-04.09.15

"Japan's cherry blossoms usually get all the attention for their short-lived beauty. But equally ephemeral are Japan's Nemophila, or Baby Blue Eyes. And once a year, around late April to Early May, an astounding sea of 4.5 million of these little flowers cover the land for a little over a week." dw-04.08.15

Vintage Neon Signs. ms-04.07.15

Photos of an increasingly waterless West. dw-04.02.15

Huskies on a frozen lake. jc-04.02.15

San Francisco, the summer of 1971. Via The Isn't Happiness. jc-04.01.15

To me, absurdity is the only reality. Photography by Andrew B. Myers. jc-03.31.15

"Thousands of people lined the streets of Leicester, England, Sunday to view the coffin of King Richard III as it made its way to Leicester Cathedral for three days of public viewing before his remains are reinterred during a service attended by members of the royal family. The skeletal remains of the king were discovered in 2012 under a parking lot some 500 years after he was killed during the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 ms-03.30.15

"One of Riedler's favorite subjects, Berlin's Tropical Islands Resort, boasts 50,000 different plants, a huge lagoon and a wrap-around artificial horizon, all housed within a dome worthy of The Truman Show." Photos from Inside the Fake Vacation Industry. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.30.15

Symmetry Breakfast. Nuff said. jc-03.30.15

Landscapes of Vietnam. dw-03.20.15

"Found photographs provide the litmus test for photography theories, given that in pretty much all cases we have no access to their makers' intentions, ideas, theories, PR, you name it." A Way of Looking, a Way of Seeing, Jörg Colberg found a photo. jc-03.19.15

Heather Bahr's cute and inventive Instagram campaign for Target. jc-03.18.15

Todd McLellan's Things Come Apart photo series. Love the Mac Classic one. jc-03.18.15

David Williams' photo series, Bowling the Midwest. Via Gapers Block. jc-03.17.15

Famous historical news photos, remade as miniature dioramas. Yowza. jc-03.17.15

Old shit, but cool shit. jc-03.13.15

Moscow in color in 1931. ms-03.13.15

"I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring." Men & Cats by David Williams. dw-03.06.15

Sweet, easy idea from Khoi and company, Kidpost for family photo sharing. Just add a hashtag to pretty much anything and they'll take care of the rest. jc-03.04.15

Photographs by Kim Laughton. jc-03.03.15

Every year, in northeast China's Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, featuring massive ice and snow sculptures. At night, the sculptures are colorfully illuminated and visitors can climb and play on some of the structures. ms-02.26.15

Chicago Screenshots "is an occasionally updated collection of Chicago-centric movie and television stills, presented as architectural and urban landscape photography." jc-02.20.15

Photos of old factories and industrial decay around the world. Via Present & Correct. dw-02.18.15

@fashiongrandpas dw-02.16.15

Alex Cornell on what it was like to shoot in Antarctica including behind the scenes info on those flipped iceberg photos he took. jc-02.06.15

Boston welcomes their hometown heroes. ms-02.05.15

Oh, for Pete's sake people, put down your phones. ms-02.05.15

Everyday Life in Mao's China. ms-02.05.15

An iceberg flipped over, and its underside is breathtaking. Wow. ms-01.22.15

"Road tripping is a quintessential facet of the American experience. Like so many before me, I was captivated by the idea of driving with no other aim than to explore — to be surrounded by the new yet strangely familiar. With this concept in mind, between May 28th and August 17th, 2014 I drove 19,748.7 miles around the United States." dw-01.22.15

The Man On Five, images and artifacts from the city that is second to none. dw-01.21.15

31 rolls of film from a WWII soldier. Great story, amazing photos. More at the Rescued Film Project. jc-01.16.15

No edits, no digital previews. WhiteAlbum lets you take 24 photos and have them sent to your door without seeing them first. dw-01.16.15

Moscow has some gorgeous Metro stations. ms-01.15.15

Film's not dead. bb-01.15.15

Photos of Detroit in the 1940s. dw-01.15.15

The Calvert Journal's Outside In, 25 foreign photographers shooting the post-Soviet world. jc-01.15.15

You visit museums to see works of art. Have you ever wondered what they see instead? So fun, via Khoi. jc-01.15.15

Maksim Zavialov's Photograph Within a Photograph series. jc-01.13.15

Gotham 7.5K by Vincent Laforet. "Leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City." Via Kottke. jc-01.13.15

Je Suis Charlie. ms-01.12.15

Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates. dw-01.09.15

Stefano Cerio's photo series of water parks in the off season, Chinese Fun. "Surreal and bewildering." Via the always observant Things Magazine. jc-01.09.15

"Cuba stimulates all your senses. You don't just see it, you smell it and can even taste it, taking it so much further than photography." ms-01.09.15

Young Faces of the American Civil War. ms-01.08.15

From photographer Daniel Cheong, Dubai Fog. ms-01.07.15

The skyline at night in Busan, South Korea. Wow. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-12.30.14

We all dress alike. bb-12.22.14

"This is the third edition of the winter light festival which, for more than fifty days, illuminates the historical center of Amsterdam with projections on historical buildings, installations on the street, in public parks and on water for a unique experience in the darkest months of the year." ms-12.22.14

A look at the winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest ms-12.22.14

The Globe takes a look at their best photos of 2014. ms-12.12.14

Fleurs Coiffeur Liqueur. dw-12.11.14

Lovely, the Mesmerizing Architecture of Mosques. ms-12.10.14

Hollywood in Kodachrome, from VF. jc-12.08.14

Toxic Beauty: Painterly Photos of the Polluted Gowanus Canal. ms-12.08.14

Vintage photos from the Chicago Tribune's subterranean vault. jc-12.03.14

The Psychedelic Customized Big Rigs of India. ms-11.20.14

Andrew Kim's extended and illustrated review of the Leica T. jc-11.19.14

Super Heroes Meet Flemish Art by Sacha Goldberger. "By the temporal disturbance they produce, these images allow us to discover, under the patina of time, an unexpected melancholy of those who are to be invincible." Really great, via Fubiz. jc-11.18.14

I'm all lost in the photo of the supermarket. Crazy story. jc-11.10.14

Bronzino's portraits recreated as photographs by Christian Tagliavini in "1503". jc-11.10.14

From Gail Albert Halaban, Out My Windows ms-11.06.14

"I set up a tripod and telephoto lens. My wife got me a train schedule so I could anticipate the arrival of the next train. The trains go by at a pretty good clip, so I had to find the right combination of lens, shutter speed, exposure, and ISO and practice my timing. Then I did what my teacher Sam Abell advised: 'compose and wait.'" Kevin Shick on his terrific photo project titled The Commute. jc-11.03.14

Photographer Gray Malin went to Antarctica with beach balls and umbrellas. dw-10.30.14

Jonny Weeks chatted with several of the photographers who have known and shot Muhammad Ali including Neil Leifer, Carl Fischer and Thomas Hoepker. Ali, through the lens. jc-10.30.14

"These photographs were taken on one of these occasions, possibly in 1858. All the men-- at this time in their 70s and 80s -- are wearing the Saint Helena medals, issued in August 1857 to all veterans of the wars of the revolution and the empire. These are the only surviving images of veterans of the Grande Armee and the Guard actually wearing their original uniforms and insignia." Via MeFi. ms-10.29.14

"A 5 megabyte IBM hard disk is loaded into an airplane. It weighed over 1000kg, 1956." ms-10.27.14

Fulfilling the wish of almost every Star Wars fan in regard to Jar Jar Binks, Thomas Dagg's Star Wars series. ms-10.24.14

Autumn Colors 2014. Gorgeous. ms-10.23.14

A Day in the Life of a Moscow Metro station bench. Via TMN. ms-10.21.14

Contact sheets from Hollywood Frame by Frame, by Karina Longworth. jc-10.20.14

"Confusion is the most common reaction." Iiu Susiraja's selfies. dw-10.20.14

"Hold on a second. I need to take a break from this portrait and shoot some birds that are 6 miles away." The 50 - 1000mm lens should also help you with all of your snap zooms, no problem. sd-10.17.14

From Wroclaw, Poland, a collection of images of where signs used to hang. sd-10.17.14

Through a Glass Darkly, beautiful photos of London commuters heading home in the dark, by Nick Turpin. Via Susan Everett. jc-10.16.14

Through the Ground Glass. A wonderful short about large format photography. via Gizmodo mcj-10.16.14

Bikes and cameras. They go way back. bb-10.08.14

If the Chicago MCA Bowie exhibit is overcrowded, check out photographer Steve Schapuiro's exhibit at the Paschke Art Center, featuring portraits of Bowie, Lou Reed, and Andy Warhol. bb-10.02.14

The cat is like "I OWN this photo", the dog? Not so much. ms-10.02.14

Robert Böesch's spectacular mountaineering photos, and how they were made. Via Mefi. jc-09.30.14

Amazing photos from behind-the-scenes of the filming of The Dark Knight trilogy . Still hurts to see Heath, what a talent. Via Hypebeast. ms-09.26.14

The Eruptions of Iceland's Bardabunga Volcano. ms-09.25.14

Images from NASA. ms-09.23.14

Photographs from the past, colorized. Great browse, via OMGFG Co. jc-09.17.14

From photographer Bernhard Lang, Aerial Views. ms-09.17.14

American astronauts land in London. jc-09.16.14

A tweeted historic photo once an hour, on the hour from Retronaut. jc-09.16.14

Dudes in Startup Shirts. ms-09.16.14

Owl Scouts, a photo series by Todd Baxter. Fab. jc-09.15.14

Las Vegas & Reno, a Magnum In Motion photographic essay by Bruce Gilden. jc-09.15.14

A collection of photos of sad dads at a One Direction concert in Nashville. sd-09.10.14

Beyond selfies: recent high school graduate captures life in So-Cal. jq-09.10.14

"From some road in the USA." New photography portfolio from Navis. Bravo. jc-09.09.14

Face plant in the Oval Office. ms-09.09.14

Aerial Views Adria, not your average beach photographs, by Bernhard Lang. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-09.08.14

Los Angeles City Historical Society reveals hundreds of recently discovered photos taken by the city engineer's office. View random images or search the database. jq-09.05.14

Thomas Herbrich shot 100,000 Smoke Plume Photos and posted the most interesting results. jc-09.03.14

Geometrie #1 by Paolo Pettigiani dw-09.02.14

"The Portuguese man-of-war is infamous for its painful sting, but one photograph finds the beauty inside this animal's dangerous embrace." dw-09.02.14

Tomatina 2014. ms-08.28.14

Ocean Beach by photographer Douglas Ljunkvist. Via iGNANT. dw-08.27.14

"Chicago is a city of bridges but, more importantly for that one weekend day in April 2011, Chicago is a city of movable bridges. Every spring, a few times a week, twenty-seven bridges open in sequence to allow the boats to get to the lake. . . and every fall that sequence is reversed. Via Gapers Block. ms-08.27.14

Subterranean Exploration in the British Capital. ms-08.27.14

"How many Americans are guilty of adding foreign countries to their travel bucket lists over un-visited states in their own country?" Everyday USA on Instagram bb-08.20.14

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman, the folks at Pop Chart Lab gives us the fab taxonomy of Gotham's Villains. ms-08.20.14

"The former USSR with the fall of a Communist empire, places now lie derelict, uninhabited, broken shells of a forgotten time. The collapse of the Soviet Union left haunting memories of ordinary people who once lived and worked there." From photographer Rebecca Litchfield, Soviet Ghosts. ms-08.20.14

From photographer Krista Long, I Love Summer. Via NotCot. ms-08.19.14

"Screen shots from Google Art Project, where the Google robot reflects itself in the mirrors of the Paris Opera (Palais Garnier)." ms-08.15.14

Nora Luther's "Recipes" series. Assemble all the ingredients and toss. jc-08.15.14

The dramatic and surprising photographs of Sean Mundy. Via ISO50. jc-08.14.14

Chicago Tribune vintage photos from the subterranean vault. dw-08.13.14

Juan Aballe photographed rural life in the Iberian Peninsula. Via iGNANT. dw-08.13.14

"I never made a cent from these photos. They cost me money but kept me alive. I started at eighteen taking pictures. I stopped at thirty-one. These represent the years from twenty-five to thirty-one, 1961 to 1967." Dennis Hopper's Lost Album at The Royal Academy. jc-08.12.14

Lovely collection of photos of last night's Supermoon ms-08.11.14

From Opening Day, 1969: the Soxettes. Those hats! sd-08.08.14

"Progress has taken over, and if you can't stop it—and don't think you can—then you should probably get out of the way." Katie Olsen chats with photographer Brian Rose about his series Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013. jc-08.06.14

"This is the story of Sergeant Larry Reid Jr., United States Air Force Photojournalist, and how his job is one of the most incredible stories I have ever had the pleasure of telling." ms-08.05.14

Life in Banff, Canada in the 1950s through Kodachrome. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-08.04.14

Loving Dinosaur's Pen, a Tumblr full of old computer images. Via Daring Fireball. jc-08.02.14

#catchingcorners dw-07.30.14

Wonderful, Grandpa's Photos. Via Waxy. ms-07.28.14

French photographer Thomas Rousset and graphic designer Raphaël Verona took a trip to Bolivia to encounter a magical world of doctors, spiritual healers and medicine men. Waska Tatay dw-07.25.14

The Ghillies by Polixeni Papapetrou. dw-07.21.14

"...the border space created by the meeting of distinct ecosystems in juxtaposition, referred to as the Edge Effect in the ecological sciences." —Daniel Kukla. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.18.14

100-Year-old photos of Chicago parks. dw-07.15.14

"And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually." A photo series by Andy Lee. jc-07.14.14

"Under the Corsham Cotswalds approximately eighty feet below ground beneath RAF Corsham, lies the UK's largest underground bunker and for sixty years one of the best kept secrets in in modern MOD history. ms-07.14.14

Jaron Schneider profiles Blair Bunting, the official photographer for the United Air Force Thunderbirds. Zoom. jc-07.11.14

Don't look down. On The Roofs. Thanks Marshall. ms-07.11.14

Fantastic, tilt-shift filter applied to Hubble photos. Via MeFi. ms-07.10.14

"Bringing things that are not meant to be together into one image creates a new, disrupted story that hopefully inspires people." @chipito dw-07.09.14

11% of the time #nofilter = #filter. jc-07.03.14

From photographer Rob MacInnis, Farm Series. ms-07.02.14

Daily Overview is exactly what it says. A single image shot from from above, of "places and moments where human activity —for better or for worse— has shaped the landscape." Check the top ten. jc-06.30.14

A selection of rare color photos from World War I. dw-06.26.14

Flying paint at 1/3500th of a second by Floto + Warner. Via Moo. jc-06.24.14

Rick Staehling's Old Fishing Photos is a curated collection of images that celebrates fishing as sport, recreation, nostalgia and art. Terrific. jc-06.24.14

IN EXTREMIS, bodies with no regret. dw-06.23.14

Much Loved. ms-06.20.14

A country music icon, five-time Grammy award winner, member of the Grand Ole Opry, and a passionate photographer. The Photography of Mary Stuart. ms-06.20.14

Jennifer in paradise and Photoshopping, by Gordon Comstock. jc-06.20.14

The winners of the 2014 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest have been announced. ms-06.19.14

A good chat with Austin-based photographer/writer Pat Blashill. bb-06.18.14

From their book Jet Airliner: The Complete Works, an amazing series of photos from Josef and Jakob Hoflehner capturing landings over Maho Beach on St. Maarten. We waved from inside the plane when we were there a couple of months back. sd-06.17.14

"Our project was inspired, and derives its name, from an idea known as the Overview Effect. This term refers to the sensation astronauts have when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole. They have the chance to appreciate our home in its entirety, to reflect on its beauty and its fragility all at once. That's the cognitive shift that we hope to inspire." dw-06.17.14

Michael St. Maur Sheil's photographs of European landscapes still scarred by World War I. sd-06.13.14

Beautiful scenes from Burning Man by Trey Ratcliff. jc-06.11.14

Goalposts around the world. ms-06.11.14

Related to the last, Calumet 412, a pictorial love letter to the city and people of Chicago. See also, Chicago Past. jc-06.11.14

Nice stack of historic Chicago photos from Life Magazine. Dig Mosienko and Bentley from 1946. Via Gapers Block. jc-06.11.14

"In manufacturing a Camera Lucida for the 21st century, our primary aim is to stimulate interest in media archaeology." Background: an optical device used as a drawing aid. Brilliant, via Waxy. jc-06.11.14

Looked at in parallel: Ed Ruscha's Hollywood Boulevard, 1973 and 2002. sd-06.10.14

Mind-boggling photos of damage from a hail storm this week in Blair, Nebraska. Via MeFi. ms-06.06.14

Galleries of historic photos from D-Day. ms-06.06.14

The Forest Series, by photographer Peter Guenzel is erie, surreal and fantastic. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-06.05.14

Tiananmen Square, 25 Years Ago. # 35 is that famous shot, from another angle ms-06.04.14

A year since this post at Iconic Photos makes it 25 Years After Tiananmen. jc-06.04.14

#iPhoneOnly dw-06.02.14

Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini take photos of various clubs, like the Association of Scientific Preparators and the Butchers' Friends Society. More on the project from It's Nice That. jc-06.02.14

So great, Growing up in Arcades: 1979-1989. ms-06.02.14

1. Buy Russian high-altitude space suit. Check. 2. Take a bunch of really fun photos. Check. Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut Series 1. jc-05.29.14

Romania Lands. dw-05.28.14

Photographer Isadora Kosofsky followed one family over the course of two years to document the impact youth incarceration has on families, Vinny and David: Life and Incarceration of a Family. That photo of Vinny eating in the youth detention center just kills me. ms-05.23.14

NASA's 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic. dw-05.23.14

The Ansel Adams Wilderness: a photographic tribute by Peter Essick. ms-05.21.14

Local photographer and pal Paul Octavious is on The Great Discontent today. jc-05.20.14

"Bob Mazzer has spent over 40 years commuting on the tube, armed with his trusty Leica M4, an eye for real life and a fascination with human behaviour." Dazed on Images from London's Underground. Via Kate Towey. jc-05.20.14

Related to the last, check the work on Adam Magyar's site, brilliant focus on time and space. jc-05.16.14

"This is a story of confinement, of darkness, and of belief in a more beautiful world beyond our current seemingly impenetrable walls. It's about dreams of entering that brighter world, hopes of flight. But not knowing how to get there." From photographer August Bradley, A Theater of Darkness. Via Feature Shoot. ms-05.16.14

Related to the last, rare photos of Washington D.C. during the Civil War. ms-05.16.14

Waiting for a message. Panneaux, photographs by Sunghee Lee jc-05.15.14

South Beach 6am, Miami Houses as presented "through repetition of a strict formal composition" by Leo Caillard. jc-05.15.14

Waiting, a photo series by Andy Lee. jc-05.14.14

"On this day in 1945 Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signed the ratified surrender terms for the German Army in Berlin ending World War II in Europe. Although war still raged on in Japan for about eight more weeks this was a major victory and the date is now called Victory in Europe Day or V-E Day for short." ms-05.08.14

A photo series by Jim Golden. "956 weathered characters shaped by a place once famed for its potatoes and horseradish, where my mother-in-law once resided as Queen of the Potato Festival." This Is Tulelake, a tiny farm town on the Oregon/California border. jc-05.06.14

Russian Cadet Training. ms-05.01.14

The 1900 Paris World's Fair in Color Photos. ms-04.30.14

Dig the photographic "Collection" prints available from the Jim Golden Studio in Portland. See also his new "Relics of Technology" series. Via Chris Glass. jc-04.29.14

Photos from Seph Lawless's Black Friday: The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall. Thanks Marshall. jc-04.29.14

The Shot I Never Forgot, photographers share the "one". Via Things. jc-04.28.14

Nice timelapse of our beloved Chicago. Thanks Jeff. ms-04.28.14

Trailer for the second iteration of the Lytro camera. sd-04.24.14

Musical instruments photographed from inside, by Bjorn Ewers. Thanks Marshall. jc-04.21.14

Pictures made with the first-generation SX-70 by Life photographer Co Rentmeester. See also Harry McCraken's seminal 2011 essay on the SX-70 and The Art and Science of the Nearly Impossible. Also this. jc-04.17.14

From photographer Greg Briggs, his series Melbourne Cleaners. Via My Modern Met. ms-04.17.14

Macro photos of insects by John Hallmen. Via The Fox Is Black. dw-04.16.14

Meals from literature, photos of Fictitious Dishes, by Dinah Fried. jc-04.16.14

New York Numbers. dw-04.15.14

TMN features Frontcountry, photography by Lucas Foglia that "finds people living in a boom cycle as a result of mining, one that's producing a new, modern take on the Wild West." jc-04.15.14

A look inside the fridges of 11 top New York chefs. ms-04.14.14

Jamie Kripke's beautiful photos of the Mesa Lab, the I.M. Pei designed home of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (and location for Woody Allen's Sleeper). sd-04.11.14

"Elegance found inside an Arizona parking lot of retired B-52 bombers, where function and form are both disturbing." How I Learned to Love the Bomb, TMN on photos by CP pal Marshall Sokoloff. jc-04.11.14

Selections from The Public Library: A Photographic Essay, by Robert Dawson. jc-04.10.14

London and the U.K. From Above. ms-04.10.14

Just now ran across this great piece by Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante on photographing John H. White for the magazine News Photographer. sd-04.09.14

Better late than never, Happy One Year Anniversary to the always amazing National Geographic Found tumblr. ms-04.09.14

Making copper wire in Russia. Via NotCot. ms-04.09.14

The finalists for the Smithsonian 11th Annual Photo Contest have been announced. ms-04.09.14

Spring cherry blossoms. dw-04.08.14

"A set of kodachromes shot by a Porsche engineer as he took a mercedes sedan around the Nurburgring in 1967." Via SuperCompressor. ms-04.07.14

"...the oldest trick in the special effects book." Kottke on Scale Americana, a clever photography project by Michael Paul Smith. jc-04.02.14

"I am a collector. The beach is my flea market and found objects my inspiration." Barry Rosenthal's Found In Nature photo series. Via Feature Shoot. jc-03.27.14

"I bought 2,500 rolls. My studio in Holland has three floors and there's a fridge on each floor, all full of Tri-X. They must all be near their expiry date now. I don't know what to do." The TRI-X Factor, by Bryan Appleyard. "Grain is life." jc-03.27.14

Amsterdam By Night. ms-03.25.14

"Earlier this week Hindus greeted the turn of winter into spring with a massive display of color. They call their celebration the festival of Holi, and Hindus across India and throughout the world share prayer, camaraderie, special food, and a general sense of mischief as they douse each other in dyes and colored water.. ms-03.21.14

"A girl broke Frank Relle's heart, but a city captured it." New Orleans by Streetlight, on the NYT Lens Blog. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-03.20.14

Otsuchi, Japan, Three Years After the Tsunami, amazing photographs by Argentine photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg. Thanks Marsh. jc-03.14.14

2014 Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race. ms-03.13.14

Time-lapse and other land and skyscape photography by Matt Molloy especially this Smeared Sky Sunset. jc-03.13.14

From photographer Kris Vervaeke, Fortune Market. Via Feature Shoot. ms-03.11.14

Daily Life: February 2014. 22 and 26 are my faves. ms-03.11.14

"I have yet to build a space ship so I got the next best thing, a couple of Hasselblad cameras and some space suits, and away we went." dw-03.10.14

NASA's amazing Flickr set "Gravity". Via My Modern Met. ms-03.10.14

Carnival and Mardi Gras 2014. ms-03.06.14

"High in the Himalayan foothills of central Nepal Gurung honey hunters gather twice a year, risking their lives to harvest the honey from the world's largest honeybee. For hundreds of years, the skills required to perform this dangerous task have been passed down through the generations, but now both the bees and traditional honey hunters are in short supply." ms-03.05.14

Headshots, the ones where objects fly and eyeglasses are unbreakable. dw-03.05.14

Tyrone Turner's thermal imagery of jets for National Geographic. More thermal images here. bb-03.04.14

"Never going dark these institutions permeate beyond their physical boundaries. This encroachment symbolizes a powerful tension that implicates the very nature of social priorities. I seek to explore this uneasy relationship through my photographs." From photographer Stephen Tourlentes, Of Length and Measures. Via Feature Shoot. ms-03.04.14

Wow. Northern Lights Illuminate the UK. ms-02.28.14

Selfie City. jc-02.25.14

Suzanne Heintz's photo series Life Once Removed, wherein she decided to give herself a family by buying a couple of mannequins and traveling with them. sd-02.24.14

"You're gonna miss me one day." dw-02.21.14

A look at the abandoned Gulliver's Theme Park in Japan. ms-02.21.14

"For the first time in five years, Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, has frozen enough to allow visitors from northern Wisconsin to walk across the lake to the ice caves of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore." jc-02.19.14

Marva by Patrick McPheron. So awesome. More here, plus a project being Kickstarted. jc-02.18.14

Michael Surtees' photo flow. jc-02.18.14

Reaching the Podium. ms-02.14.14

Who owns this image? jc-02.14.14

The winning images from the 57th World Press Photo Contest. jc-02.14.14

Real Estate Ladies by Arne Svenson. dw-02.12.14

A look at the 2014 Westminster Dog Show. ms-02.12.14

Great photos of cities around the world by Josef Hoflehner. dw-02.11.14

No, you cannot use my photo for free, by Seth Anderson. Via Gapers. jc-02.10.14

Gorgeous, a collection of photos of Chicago at Sunrise. ms-02.09.14

"In 'Bari Vecchia' - the old town - there are two short alleys (Via dell'Arco Basso and Via dell'Arco Alto) where women of all ages sit in the street, outside their houses, making orecchiette like their mothers and grandmothers did." From photographer Valentina Piccinni, Pasta Divas. Via Feature Shoot. ms-02.07.14

Action figures IRL. dw-02.06.14

I'm in 100% agreement with Nick Heer's assessment of the VSCO Cam as the best photo editing app for the iPhone, and not just because what he's chosen for his sample pic. Via Daring Fireball. jc-02.06.14

The shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced. ms-02.06.14

Gotham, 1934. Chicago. by Don Wallace. jc-02.06.14

Winter Storm causes havoc in US South. Brings back memories. ms-01.31.14

If you're buying your cameras based on their physical size, then you'll appreciate the Camera Size Comparison site. Me, I'm going to stick with my trusty jean jacket camera. sd-01.28.14

From FotA Jeremy Quinn: a Bicycles of India calendar. sd-01.23.14

A collection of random images from Japan from the 1980s. sd-01.21.14

Brighton fog. dw-01.21.14

Fun Instagram experiments, by Javier Perez. jc-01.20.14

Aerial photos of Botswana wildlife by Zack Seckler. Via iGNANT. dw-01.20.14

"My transport of choice in NYC is definitely a road bike. When you cycle on the streets you see city and it's habitants in a very different point of view. Let me share with you some photos I took last year - NYC through the eyes of a road bike. NYC through the eyes of a road bike." Via MyModernMet. ms-01.20.14

"The competitors have traveled more than 8,000 km during their journey. They travel via motorcycle, quad bike, car, or truck over extreme terrain in three countries in South America. Competitors and support crews come from more than 50 countries to challenge their mechanical, driving, and orienteering skills." Dakar Rally 2014. ms-01.18.14

Jan Erik Waider keeps an keeps an eye on the north. dw-01.14.14

Irelandscapes by Zoltan Bekefy. Via WATC. dw-01.14.14

Apropos of nothing, old photos of people looking through windows. dw-01.14.14

Frozen bubbles. dw-01.14.14

10,000 nudes. jc-01.14.14

"To make my original photogram negatives, I layer acetate drawings on top of light sensitive paper. I then expose the paper to light at intervals, removing a drawing at the end of each interval." Everywhere All at Once, a fantastic series of photographs by Vanessa Marsh. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-01.14.14

And... Pretty much any excuse will do for a relink to The Branding of Polaroid 1957-77, Paul Giambarba's first-hand account of the company's corporate image and product identity development. jc-01.14.14

Frozen Chicago from a Cessna, an amazing photograph by Mike Lavoie. jc-01.13.14

One photograph by Mike Stacey. jc-01.10.14

Ivan Cash travels to different cities and asks strangers about the last photo on their phone. dw-01.09.14

"A million Flickr photos tagged 'spring' are collected, and each photo is turned into one pixel with an average color. The one million pixels from one million photos compose an image of Spring. The images of the rest of the seasons are created the same way." jc-01.09.14

10 places where polar vortex weather is just "winter." dw-01.08.14

Amen. jc-01.08.14

Japanese parade floats from the 1800s. dw-01.07.14

This should warm you up: Elena Chernyshova photographs Norilsk, Russia. bb-01.07.14

"I have always loved getting lost in London, finding life in its unexpected corners." From photographer Philipp Ebeling, London Ends. Via Feature Shoot. ms-01.06.14

Erupting Volcanoes. ms-01.06.14

Happy New Year, World. ms-01.02.14

"The fishes depicted here have been specially treated to make the stained skeletal tissues visible through the skin and flesh. The technique uses two vital dyes - Alcian Blue to stain cartilaginous elements a deep blue and Alizarin Red S to turn mineralized tissue crimson. The specimen is then lightly bleached with hydrogen peroxide to remove dark pigments, leaving a snow-white fish." Lovely, Cleared. Via My Modern Met. ms-12.23.13

"The costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity. Enjoy!" ms-12.23.13

Phil Jones recreated his local Faces of Real Estate. dw-12.19.13

Abandoned Santa Parks. ms-12.19.13

Photos from turn of the century Russia. ms-12.19.13

Gorgeous 3-D panorama of the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats at dusk and at night. Via MeFi ms-12.19.13

I just kicked Elliott Landy's new project, a book of his photographs of The Band. jc-12.18.13

Hand-colored photographs of 19th century Japan. dw-12.17.13

"When the outer shell has been illuminated with bright colours, the interior looks even darker. Is it the grim reverse of the American dream that is lurking in the shadows and behind the curtains? The Christmas lights throw their shadows on the facades. The paint is flaking." From photogrpaher Markus Henttonen, Silent Night . ms-12.16.13

Ben Thomas creates Inception-like skylines. jc-12.16.13

Lighting Up the Season. ms-12.16.13

Snow blankets the ground in Cairo for the first time in 112 years. dw-12.13.13

"The purpose of this booklet is to present an honest and clear picture of Fond du Lac and the delightfully prosperous section of Wisconsin in which it is located. New citizens, boys and girls as well as those throughout the nation, read it seriously. Christian Patterson's Bottom of the Lake is simple and perfect. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-12.13.13

Relink because they are drop-dead gorgeous, LE MANS Classic 2012. That first one is my fave. ms-12.13.13

"The Swiss photographer Andri Pol spent a year in close contact with the scientists who run the particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva. He went to the canteen with them, shared their breaks in the corridors, observed them while they played ping-pong or challenged one another in balancing acts in the garden." Inside CERN. Via NotCot. ms-12.13.13

The Farne Islands counts its Puffins and other seabirds. ms-12.10.13

Photographer Antonio Olmos took photos of every murder site in the greater London area over the course of two years. ms-12.10.13

"Each of these photos is strictly Henry's idea. He chooses the location and the pose. I take the photo of him and then he takes the photo of me. Henry is two and a half. ms-12.06.13

A list of lists of the best photos of 2013, from jason Kottke. jc-12.06.13

Whet Moser on JCH Grabill, a Chicago photographer who captured scenes from Deadwood and life on the rugged frontier in the 1880s. Then disappeared. Hmm, abducted perhaps? jc-12.05.13

X-ray couples by Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi. jc-12.05.13

Wired takes a look inside North Korea's Subway System. ms-12.05.13

Routed South, the road less traveled, to Hana, lovely photo essay by our pal Naz Hamid. I love what's going on with the beta of this new Exposure platform. jc-12.03.13

Photographing an African Safari. ms-12.03.13

Everyone has a junk drawer. dw-12.02.13

Last week, a rare temperature inversion caused an amazing site at the Grand Canyon. ms-12.02.13

From photographers Rene & Radka, their series Come Play With Us. ms-12.02.13

Von Swank visits another estate sale in Los Angeles. sd-11.26.13

Gorgeous photos of snowflakes from photographer Alexey Kljatov. ms-11.25.13

First, look at photographer Sasha Leahovcenco's lovely series People From the End of the Earth. Then, watch the the behind-the-scenes video. Fab. Via My Modern Met. ms-11.22.13

Overnight in an East German Bunker. ms-11.20.13

Stephen Wilkes' "Day To Night" series of photographs are so fun. Check the Flatiron Building. Via Gapers Block which points to this one of some minor league ballpark. jc-11.20.13

Winter Olympics 2014: Carrying the Flame. ms-11.18.13

French newspaper Libération removed all images from its current issue "to show the power and importance of photography at a time when the industry is facing unprecedented challenges." Thanks Marshall. jc-11.18.13

Super-macro shots of snowflakes. dw-11.15.13

Gorgeous photos of fish. dw-11.15.13

Devastating photos of the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. ms-11.15.13

Oessa strives to capture and share the beauty of the world one view at a time, using Street View as a medium for exploration and discovery. dw-11.11.13

Autumn Around the World 2013. ms-11.06.13

Klaus Pichler has been taking photos of people wearing costumes in their own homes. dw-11.05.13

Kermit, 1979, by Kenneth McGowan. Via Wandrlustr. jc-11.01.13

Nikon's Small World 2013 Photomicrography Winners. ms-10.31.13

Made Not Manufactured, a photo project by Steve Kenward featuring craftspeople in the UK. Lovely. jc-10.25.13

Funny coincidence on my favorite photo blogs: creatives often (and in this case, fairly) complain about cheapskate clients yet we also often don't pay other professionals fairly. bb-10.23.13

"Often, inside each one of us, opposing drives make themselves felt and alternate within as light illuminates and shadow darkens our minds. Black and White. Good plays Evil. Chess figures offer an opportunity to explore this dualism. They provide a set of archetypes that convey different aspects of human nature." Artist Francesco Ridolfi's Chess Portraits. Via Visual News. ms-10.21.13

Harvest 2013. ms-10.18.13

A wonderful shot of an el train making the turn at Wabash in 1967, by James L. Stanfield. Via Chicago Past. jc-10.18.13

Photos of My Models, via Chris Glass. bb-10.16.13

Nature prints by Kate Miss. dw-10.15.13

A Breathtaking Tribute to a Fallen Farmer. Via Jezebel. ms-10.15.13

From photographer David Nevala, his series Amish Farm. Via Feature Shoot. ms-10.14.13

"Two professional colorists have combined their skills with photographs and fascination with the American Civil War to create a remarkable series of color photographs from the era." Thanks Marshall. jc-10.14.13

"A ghost has appeared in Ginza. It's not a scary ghost — in fact, it's quite often comic and delightful. But it is, nonetheless, a ghost, the ghost of Tokyo past." PingMag looks back at 1970 Tokyo through photography. jc-10.11.13

Oktoberfest 2013. ms-10.11.13

"It's right beneath our feet, rarely thought about, but it can be quite useful, destructive, or even used in sport. Add water and it takes on a sticky form." Dirt. ms-10.07.13

The contents of Ikuru Kuwajima's pockets are a lot more interesting than yours, hipsters. bb-10.07.13

And you thought it was just point, shoot and filter. Jessie Webster's iphoneography process. Via Swiss Miss. jc-10.02.13

Thinking about Chicago and winter while looking at Satoki Nagata's Glowing Silhouettes of Strangers series. Plus, here's an insightful interview with him at the Leica Camera Blog. jc-09.26.13

Stunning photos from Reuben Wu's cross country road trip. Via ISO50. jc-09.26.13

"Smith Island is the last inhabited island in Maryland, a place where residents, hearty watermen who make their living catching oysters and blue crabs, still speak in the Cornish dialect of their ancestors. Many Smith Islanders can trace their ancestry back 12 generations to the English colonists who settled here in the 17th century." ms-09.26.13

Love Before Breakfast, a photograph by Walker Evans, 1936. jc-09.25.13

So great, what the Monopoly properties look like in real life. ms-09.23.13

National Geographic's FOUND photo Tumblr is one of the best things on the internet, now they've added a great new photo blog, PROOF. bb-09.20.13

"For two days each year one week after Orthodox Easter the dead in cemeteries Moldovan gather the family to spend several hours in joy. Relatives arrive serene and smiling, full of cloths and food and prepares the tomb ready for Lunch With the Dead. Via Feature Shoot. ms-09.19.13

Photographer Marc Hermann superimposed vintage NY Daily News crime scene photos onto modern photos of the same location. His other work as a news photographer/historian is great, too. bb-09.16.13

Atom bomb tests seen from Los Angeles, 1951-55. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-09.16.13

Instagramming, by Noah Kalina. jc-09.16.13

Frog in Space. No, for reals. ms-09.12.13

Tom Junod's piece for Esquire from 2003 on Richard Drew's iconic 9/11 "Falling Man" photograph. jc-09.11.13

"...we were looking for a way to print digital photographs from a phone." Raising money to build Enfojer, a smart idea, well presented. jc-09.11.13

Schools Around the World. ms-09.10.13

Un Petit Monde. dw-09.09.13

First Bridge Over Leatherbark Creek. ms-09.04.13

Last House Standing, a photo series by Ben Marcin. jc-09.04.13

Last House Standing. dw-09.03.13

From Craig Deman, The Drive-In Project. ms-09.03.13

There are some amazing shots here, the winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2013. ms-08.30.13

"The mining town of Chiatura, Georgia, surrounded by steep cliffs, is criss-crossed by a network of aging Soviet-era aerial tramways that are still in use today. In the early 20th century, after the U.S.S.R. annexed Georgia, Soviet authorities were intent on extracting the vast manganese deposits beneath Chiatura. In the 1950s, planners began work on what locals call the 'Kanatnaya Doroga,' or 'rope road,' that still connects almost every corner of the town." Stalin's Rope Roads. ms-08.23.13

Looking to dip my toes in some Tintype processing, came across a great vid of Will and Norm of Tested.com, making tintypes at Photobooth SF. Now I want a 4x5 camera. bb-08.22.13

The photography of Sean Ryan Pierce. sd-08.19.13

"Unlikely, but not impossible." Giuseppe Colarusso's Improbabilità series. jc-08.19.13

Dawn of the Underground age: Fascinating archive pictures reveal the backbreaking work that finally gave London the Tube. ms-08.15.13

10 New free hi-resolution photos every 10 days at Unsplash. dw-08.14.13

From photographer Weilun Chong, Please Mind the Gap. Via My Modern Met. ms-08.12.13

Edward Knowles' From Below. Airliners seen from below landing at Heathrow. Via Things. jc-08.06.13

Winners from the National Geographic Traveler 2013 Photo Contest. ms-08.06.13

Vaguely related to the last (though far more political and confrontational): Cop Selfies. sd-08.05.13

"I was looking for some kind of hope. As somebody who redeemed himself, I have always been interested in that journey." Photographer Joseph Rodriguez shares memories of his 1994 assignment for the NY Times photographing both police and gangs: "Searching for Hope and Humanity in L.A." sd-08.05.13

Von Swank visits a beautifully rundown estate sale in Los Feliz, CA and, fortunately for us, brings her camera. Parts One, Two, and Three. sd-08.05.13

Smart idea, an app to explain DSLRs, CameraSim. Thanks Marshall. jc-08.05.13

Anja Niemi's Starlets photo series. Via iGNANT. dw-08.02.13

Oh MeFi, I did not need to see this first thing in the morning. ms-08.01.13

A 150-gigapixel interactive panorama of Tokyo. dw-07.31.13

The places that they were and the places that they are, photo composites of abandoned Detroit. Wow. jc-07.25.13

Delivering a dinosaur to the Boston Museum of Science, Arthur Pollock, 1984. jc-07.23.13

Jim Golden photographs collections of things. Via (appropriately) Things Mag. jc-07.23.13

The Guardian's remarkable multimedia piece, "Firestorm: The Story of the Bushfire at Dunalley." sd-07.19.13

"Resnais' refusal to work with the camera as an instrument for the representation of reality, but as 'the best means to approaching the working of the mind.'" Ten Photographs by Alain Resnais, an essay by Ehsan Khoshbakht. jc-07.19.13

Peter Schafrick's "splashes and crashes" are made with hi-speed photography of objects spinning, flying and spewing paint colors. They are made possible by his custom tool, The Spinster. Via Colossal. jc-07.18.13

If you must take selfies... jc-07.17.13

London above the waves, a neat series of photos by Rupert Jordan who chatted with PetaPixel about how they were made. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-07.17.13

San Fermin Festival 2013: Running of the Bulls ms-07.16.13

Relink. Vesa Lehtimäki's fantastic Star Wars Hoth in Legos photo series and some background on how they were done in the comments of his Flickr set. jc-07.15.13

Tour de France 100th edition: Part One. ms-07.08.13

From "Carl Zeiss" to now just "Zeiss", the lens company takes a look back at all of its branding changes from over the years. sd-07.02.13

The Big Fat List of Documentaries About Photography. Nice resource to keep on hand for a rainy day. sd-07.02.13

Summer Scenes 2013. #21 looks like heaven to me. ms-07.01.13

"Whatever the circumstances under which these essential, seminal negatives were corrupted, the resulting visuals, as this gallery illustrates, offer an eloquent (if wholly unintentional) commentary on the disruption, decay and loss inherent in all analog photography— and, in a broader sense, in the physical world as a whole." jc-06.28.13

What two newspapers look like on the same day, comparing one who has staff photographers and one that doesn't. sd-06.27.13

The Creepiest Photo Album: Part I and Part II. bb-06.26.13

"At a time when digital manipulation of photographs is taken for granted, von Holleben takes matters into his own hands." SPD goes behind the scenes for Jan von Holleben's great prop and model work for PopMech. jc-06.26.13

Google has taken Street View to the top of the Burj Khalifa. Neat, via John Nack. jc-06.26.13

UK photographer Tom Hunter recreates and redefines famous paintings. jc-06.26.13

Supermoon 2013. ms-06.25.13

"Who'd you rather hang out with? The sausage party watching the trailer for the next season of Jersey Shore while their buddy fist pumps by himself behind the couch - or the idiot couple comparing dental work while listening to Cranberries CDs at a loft party?" Getty Critics. "Every stock image has a flaw, we're here to point them out." Via Quipsologies. jc-06.21.13

Exploring an abandoned theme park in Berlin the night before summer solstice. jc-06.21.13

100 years ago, "Chicago photographer George R. Lawrence shot incredible panoramic images of major events in US cities from his 17-kite Lawrence Captive Airship." jc-06.20.13

Panolapse, a clever piece of software that allows for movement using rotational panning with perspective correction if you shoot your time lapse with a wide angle lens. sd-06.20.13

Summer is Here. jc-06.19.13

After falling 200 feet out of a hot air balloon, George R. Lawrence rigged a series of up to 17 kites to take these gorgeous aerial photographs of cities in the early 20th century. sco-06.19.13

A look at Graduation Season 2013. Try not to smile. ms-06.17.13

Black and White photos of vintage NASA facilities. ms-06.14.13

Four Planet Sunset. ms-06.13.13

Unsettle your day with Jon Crispin's eerie photographs inside the suitcases patients brought with them to the upstate New York mental asylum where most of them would spend the rest of their lives. sco-06.12.13

Stunning life-sized photos capture close encounters with whales. ms-06.11.13

The Big Picture has some amazing photos of the Flooding in Europe. ms-06.10.13

"Rob Hart was replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, so he is documenting his new life with an iPhone, but with the eye of a photojournalist trained in storytelling." Laid Off From the Sun Times. ms-06.05.13

The Big Picture takes a look at the Protests in Turkey. ms-06.05.13

About to pass out just looking at the pictures. ms-06.03.13

Photographer Robyn Von Swank has given her site a big update, and just in time for her trip to Europe. sd-05.31.13

Climbing Mount Everest. ms-05.30.13

2013 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake. ms-05.29.13

Relink, because it is great, Underground New York Library. ms-05.29.13

Christopher Jobson on photo-manipulations by a 14-year-old photographer. jc-05.28.13

Finland in World War II . ms-05.25.13

Photographer Michael Wolf's series of toy factory worker's portraits. ms-05.23.13

Photos from Giro d'Italia 13, Stage16. Yowza. Via Veerle. jc-05.22.13

For 600 days Yu Yamauchi lived in a hut near the summit of Mt. Fuji, getting up while it was still dark to photograph the sunrise every day, from the same location. dw-05.21.13

Macro shots of bugs by Nicolas Reusens. dw-05.20.13

Maria Popova's "semi-accidental" discovery of gorgeous black-and-white photos of vintage NASA facilities. jc-05.20.13

Colossal on Ondu Wooden Pinhole Cameras from industrial designer Elvis Halilovic. Check the video. More at ondu.si. jc-05.20.13

A look at some of the entries for the 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. ms-05.17.13

13thwitness. jc-05.17.13

From photographer Ilya Pitalev, North Korea 2012. ms-05.16.13

The 'ghosts' in these machines are just folks, dwarfed by the technology that pervades their lives." A photo series by Mark Crummet. Via My Modern Met. jc-05.16.13

Not a new conversation in the slightest, but a good article from Spiegel about the fine-line photojournalists walk with Photoshop: "Enhanced Reality: Exploring the Boundaries of Photo Editing." sd-05.15.13

Photographs of cut food by Beth Galton. dw-05.15.13

"Literally, before our eyes. rest stops are vanishing from the landscapes of America. All over the country, rest areas are losing the fight to commercial alternatives: drive-thrus at every exit and mega-sized travel centers offering car washes, wi-fi, grilled paninis and bladder-busting sized fountain drinks." From photographer Ryann Ford, Rest Stops: Vanishing Relics of the American Roadside. Via Feature Shoot. ms-05.15.13

Sugar and Salt. ms-05.14.13

7 Photojournalism Tips, by Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj. sd-05.13.13

From photographer Richard Silver: his fabulous series Tilt Shift. Via My ModernMet. ms-05.09.13

Photographer Peter Belanger shoots for Apple and is profiled in The Illusion of Simplicity by Michael Shane for The Verge. jc-05.08.13

A really great round up of incredible pictures of early science labs. ms-05.08.13

Women in Windows, the story of Ormon Gigli's best photograph. Via John Coulthart. jc-05.06.13

Ben Roberts visited the massive Amazon fulfillment center in Rugeley, Staffordshire UK. He brought his camera. Amazon Unpacked. Via It's Nice That. jc-05.06.13

Photos of crashed planes by Dietmar Eckell. esm-05.06.13

LIFE magazine's rare photos from the '55 Run For The Roses. ms-05.03.13

"Thanks Miriam, now no one will notice my new fob watch." Ridiculous indie rock band photos. dw-05.03.13

A look at the effects of Hurricane Sandy: 6 months Later. ms-05.02.13

From photographer Kevin Cooley, his lovely series Take Refuge. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-05.02.13

Photos of what famous musicians eat and drink backstage by Henry Hargreaves. dw-05.01.13

Hasselblad has discontinued their "V" system of medium-format SLRs. They were used by the world's best-known photographers, but their biggest claim to fame was when two amateur photographers took a photograph of every photographer in the whole world, all in one frame. bb-04.30.13

Polaroids that are Polaroids and not some Polaroid-ish filter thing that makes them look sort of Polaroid-y. Bastian Kalous' fab photostream. jc-04.29.13

The photography of Carsten Güth, The Private Bunker Series. Don't bother knocking, we won't answer. Via The Fox Is Black. jc-04.25.13

A look at the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013 submissions ms-04.25.13

Our Exquisite Corpse teamed up with the Huichol people of western Mexico to produce these intricately beaded skulls, each decorated by various artists using traditional symbols and designs arranged within the patterns. ab-04.25.13

"The concept is to confront the viewer with the image of an object (filmrolls) and in doing so recall images from the spectator's memory. By reading the movie title, I want to generate emotions and images from our memory." From photographer Reiner Riedler, The Unseen Seen. Via Feature Shoot. ms-04.23.13

The Looking Glass, Disney Parks as seen through the eyes of selected photographers. For example, Noah Kalina's Seriously Goofy. jc-04.23.13

From photographer Daniel Picard, 1:1 Toys. Via My Modern Met. ms-04.22.13

A photographer adds herself into historical photos. Zelig style. jc-04.22.13

"It is probably Ansel's most famous picture. And I was very fortunate to be there when it was taken." jc-04.22.13

The remarkable Nat Geo Found image stream. jc-04.19.13

It's innovative, if perhaps a little slow, but watch Gary Hustwit and John Pack install The Olympic City photo exhibit at the ACAC live on Ustream. I'm betting BBQ for lunch. jc-04.18.13

Star trails photographed from the International Space Station by Flight Engineer Don Petit. Thanks Marshall. Amazing images. jc-04.15.13

Fine-art photography from one of the snowboarding world's best practitioners. An interview and gallery at TMN, A Sense of Snow. jc-04.15.13

From Below, photographer Michael Rohde's look at rooms from the POV of the floor. sd-04.12.13

Zulkey's interview with Mary Ellen Matthews, Saturday Night Live's staff photographer. sd-04.12.13

"Juxtaposing giant billboards against seemingly miniature humans in everyday street scenes," photographer Natan Dvir's series, Coming Soon. sd-04.12.13

Is the only camera you need an iPhone? Jamie Dihiansan asks around the office. jc-04.12.13

Curtis, aka Moose, selectively scrubs dirty, derelict city property (tunnel walls, sidewalks) so that words and images are formed by the cleaned bits. "It's refacing, not defacing. Just restoring a surface to it's original state. It's very temporary. It glows and it twinkles, and then it fades away." ab-04.10.13

Vice takes a look inside the Abandoned Radioactive Towns of Japan. ms-04.10.13

From photographer Dylan Martinez, Last of the Trawler Men. ms-04.10.13

Tokyo Escalators are Stairways to Heaven. PingMag chats with Miha Tamura. jc-04.10.13

NYC Cinemagraphs. dw-04.09.13

"The danger of this device is that you're going to want to shoot Scorsese's famous Copacabana shot from Goodfellas every time you pick this unit up." Vincent Laforet on Movi, a new handheld stabilization system jc-04.08.13

"William Miller's broken Polaroid SX-70 camera, grinding film through its gears, yields a surprising amount of fleeting beauty." Elegy, a gallery at TMN. jc-04.08.13

Confounded in the kitchen? With a little help, your strange and surplus food could be dinner! Submit a photo of what's stumping you, or leave comments to help someone else out. Round 1 ends April 14. ab-04.05.13

Mysterious hands in vintage photographs, and reconnecting two photos by way of said appendages. sd-04.04.13

Lovely. From photographer Kevin Cooley, long exposure photos of airplane trails; Nachtfluge. Via NotCot. ms-04.03.13

"The major cities of the world as they would appear at night without light pollution. using methodologies employed by early 19th century photographers..." Photographs of Darkened Cities, by Thierry Cohen. Fantastic. jc-04.02.13

1,129,177 Images from the International Space Station. dw-04.02.13

Usually confined to the bin at this stage, this beautiful set of photographs of decaying orchids, roses and leaves, were shot by Billy Kidd, who captures their immense beauty, faded colors, wrinkles, and fine details. ab-04.01.13

Chemist and photographer Jon Smith fills light bulbs with unusual objects like chalk dust, candies, sprinkles, or even beer caps, shoots the bulbs with a pellet gun, and captures the moment using high-speed photography. dw-03.29.13

Delightful. From photographer Cereise Doucede, Egaremenst. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-03.29.13

The Olympic City, an ongoing photography project by Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit that asks what happens to a city after the Olympics are gone? "The cities we've photographed for this phase of the project are Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Helsinki, Mexico City, Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Lake Placid, Rome, and Sarajevo. Images from these cities will appear in our first book to be published in May, 2013." jc-03.27.13

Photographer Chris Buck takes pictures of celebrities hiding. Via FastCo. ms-03.27.13

"He shot nearly 2,000 images between March 1968 and May 1969 before taking the negatives home. And there they sat, out of sight, but not out of mind, for 45 years, until a chance meeting brought them out of dormancy and into a digital scanner." A Soldier's Eye: Rediscovered Pictures From Vietnam. ms-03.26.13

Given the current political climate, either a really good time to sneak on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt to take some photos or an extra dangerous risk. Either way: great pics. sd-03.26.13

"Watching these old streetcars pass by is always a time-warp. They're colorful, elegant, and very functional, which is why they're one of my favorite additions to the fabric of the city." Via DRB. ms-03.22.13

After a decade of war in Iraq, a group of photographers pick The Images That Moved Them Most. Fair warning, some of these photos and stories are very difficult to witness. ms-03.22.13

Crane's eye view. ms-03.19.13

From photographer Jeffrey Milstein, AirCraft: The Jet as Art. Via My Modern Metropolis. ms-03.19.13

Oliver Latta went out last week and it snowed the whole day. Luckily he had his camera with him. Symmetrees is the achingly beautiful result. Lucky for us, I'd say. Here's Oliver's site. Via Heather Armstrong. jc-03.17.13

Photographers Ilona Karwinska and Lila Allen's Neon Style in Cold War Poland. jc-03.15.13

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2013. ms-03.15.13

Speaking of photos of Chicagoans, check these hearty souls, captured beautifully by Satoki Nagata. jc-03.14.13

Don't know how we missed this until now: I Am Chicago, hundreds of portraits of Chicagoans sorted by neighborhood. Start with K-Town bb-03.14.13

"Beyond words." iGnant on the epic landscape and architectural photography of Matthias Heiderich. jc-03.13.13

"The richest children were more possessive. At the beginning, they wouldn't want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them. In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn't really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside." Toy Stories. dw-03.13.13

"Most explorers are guided by a code of ethics not to disturb what they find, as illustrated by their main credo: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." Abandoned Apples. ms-03.13.13

From photographer Dominik Smialowski, The Pilot's Melancholy. Via The Khooll. ms-03.13.13

FotA Julie and Andy's bright, happy kitchen. dw-03.12.13

"Drawing its inspiration from the depression era Farm Security Administration photography project, project photographers created a portrait of America in the early-and-mid-1970s. They documented small Midwestern towns, barrios in the Southwest, and coal mining communities in Appalachia. Their assignments were as varied as African American life in Chicago, urban renewal in Kansas City, commuters in Washington, DC, and migrant farm workers in Colorado." National Archives: Searching for the Seventies. ms-03.11.13

Jamie37 found FOUND, a tumblr-esque collection of images from the National Geographic archives. bb-03.08.13

Japan Earthquake, 2 Years Later: Before and After. ms-03.08.13

"Outside of higher education, Dr. Podlich was a prolific amateur photographer and he documented his family's experience and daily life in Kabul, rendering frame after frame of a serene, idyllic Afghanistan. Only about a decade before the 1979 Soviet invasion, Dr. Podlich and his family experienced a thriving, modernizing country." Remembering 1960's Afghanistan. ms-03.08.13

The Armory documents the ever-changing sets of the pornography company Kink.com. Private spaces are constructed for a public gaze and appear both familiar and strangely foreign. Devoid of people, the spaces allude to an activity, but leave the viewer to imagine the scene." ms-03.07.13

The finalists for the Smithsonian 10th Annual Photo contest have been chosen, you can vote for your favorite here. ms-03.05.13

Ahn Jun's self-portraits are sure to make your heart beat just a little bit faster. dw-03.05.13

North Korea now has an unofficial Instagram feed, courtesy of AP photographer, David Guttenfelder. sd-03.05.13

Loving the Silver Screen ms-02.27.13

The Willard Asylum Suitcases. Via Lisa Congdon. jc-02.27.13

Good images to look at on a snowy day here in Chicago: photographer Kate Mathis' series, Olive Harvest. sd-02.26.13

I'd say photographer Adnan Bubalo has got the scenic-atmospheric-terrific thing down cold. Agree? Via Joe Hanson. jc-02.26.13

Shot from the top of the BT Tower in 2012 this 360 degree panorama of London is the largest shot of its kind and is a blast to explore. Via John Coulthart. jc-02.26.13

"In the summer of 2012, Chicago City Council approved grant funding towards the initiation of a new project to identify and signify dangerous or structurally-compromised buildings in the City of Chicago, as a means to preemptively warn any firefighters and first-responders that this building is not safe and may collapse in a fire." Gabriel X. Michael photographs these buildings. Via Gapers Block. dw-02.21.13

The Afghan Photography Network, an online resource for Afghan photography. sd-02.19.13

A look at the winners of the 2013 World Press Photo Contest winners. ms-02.18.13

From photographer Alexander Dragunov, gorgeous photos of Stockholm Metro stations. Via The Coolist. ms-02.18.13

Beautiful, majestic landscape photopgraphy by Alexandre Deschaumes. Via ISO50. jc-02.18.13

This engagement photo shoot in Golden Gate Park kinda went off the rails. bb-02.14.13

Photographer Bill Gekas uses his daughter as a model in his photos that look like 18th century paintings. Via My Modern Met. ms-02.14.13

Two of my favorite things: photography and settin' stuff on fire. bb-02.13.13

Local note: Ben Shapiro's documentary Brief Encounters about photographer Gregory Crewsdon is playing at Northwestern's Block Cinema on March 8 bb-02.12.13

So you know, the Dogs of Westminster. ms-02.12.13

From photographer Tom Broadbent, At Home With the Furries. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-02.12.13

"An estate owned by descendants of the 19th century British aristocrat for whom Earl Grey tea was named is turning history on its head by selling English tea to China. The Tregothnan estate in the southwestern English county of Cornwall started selling tea from its tiny plantation in 2005 and last year produced about 10 tons of tea and infusions." ms-02.11.13

Flickr set of the moment: aerial photos of tulip fields in Anna Paulowna, a town in the Netherlands. sd-02.08.13

Some of the shortlisted winners of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards. ms-02.07.13

"In 'Love and a Question' by Robert Frost, the poet writes 'Let us look at the sky, And question what of the night to be, Stranger, you and I.' There may or may not be answers there for us or for Frost's bridegroom, but the simple pleasure of gazing skyward is a profitable pursuit." ms-02.07.13

"With each passing year the physical evidence and memories fade a little more. Each landscape is a witness to war and the passing time, each with a story to tell, whether it is one of unfulfilled defiance or one of tragedy." From photographer Marc Wilson, The Last Stand. Via MeFi. ms-02.06.13

"The views into private homes and secret retreats bring up associations of the ubiquitous observation camera. The notion of surveillance is systematically played out by the artist to hint at society's voyeuristic urge that popular culture has made mainstream." Menno Aden's fabulous Room Portraits. jc-02.05.13

Love that Imme van der Haak book. jdr-02.04.13

Lovely, Earth As Art. Via Book of Joe. ms-02.04.13

"The crown jewel of the Balaban and Katz theatre chain, the Uptown, with its marble floors, intricate frescoes, and 24-karat gold and silver leaf designs, reflects the period's extravagances. Its opulent grand entrance is adorned with ornate pillars engraved with angelic figurines at eye level. Higher up, these creatures transition into gargoyles that glare down at the patrons." Decaying Beauty. ms-02.04.13

Seeing the world through an airplane window. Via Look at This. ms-02.01.13

"The numbers 1 to 100 going about their business somewhere out there in the world." Rick Poyner on Herbert Spencer's The Book of Numbers. Via Dan Wagstaff. jc-01.31.13

"The old press of the Statesman Journal has gone dark. For the first time in 161 years, a daily newspaper will no longer be printed in Salem. I spent one of the last nightly runs with the pressmen, my Hasselblad and ten rolls of film." Via Feature Shoot. ms-01.29.13

Photographs taken from inside Brooklyn's decaying Kings Theater. We have a few of those here in Chicago, too. sd-01.28.13

Tuesday night here in Chicago, a giant warehouse fire brought nearly one third of our firefighters out in the bitter cold to try to contain the fire. Some amazing photos of the results. ms-01.25.13

Tilla Buden chats with photographer Leonid Tishkov about his own private moon. "She shone to me personally, and brightened my loneliness." Lovely. Via My Modern Met. jc-01.22.13

360° London. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.21.13

"That space in time between [taking the photograph] and looking at it after is a really important thing. It's kind of like counting to ten when someone makes you really mad." The Cut interviews photographer Norman Jean Roy who makes convincing arguments for both shooting film and for exercising patience. sd-01.21.13

"Momo is hiding in every one of these photos." Find Momo. Via Colossal. ms-01.17.13

A look at this year's Dakar Rally. ms-01.17.13

Great photos of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2013. ms-01.15.13

Brock Davis, "I took a lot of iphone photos in 2012. This is a selection of my favorites from the year." Very nice, I love "At Ease, Soldier." jc-01.09.13

Whoops, sorry about that, I got caught in a local time vortex. So great. jc-01.08.13

Marilyn in Nevada. jc-01.08.13

A look at the winning photos from the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest. ms-01.07.13

The White House releases a year in photos from 2012, many from the official White House photographer, Pete Souza. If you like these, check check out the documentary, The President's Photographer. mm-01.07.13

Gah! My palms are sweating and I think I am going to hurl. ms-01.04.13

Chris Hadfield posted a very nice photo of our fair city yesterday, from way the hell up in the sky. jc-01.03.13

SI's 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time. jc-01.03.13

2012, The Year in Photographs. ms-01.02.13

From photographer JeanYves Lemoigne, Human Project: War. Via Feature Shoot. ms-12.28.12

Fire Breathers in Paris. ms-12.28.12

An interesting study of photographing the same object at different times and in different places over the course of roughly five years: My Friend, The Dead Tree. sd-12.27.12

The Big Picture takes a look at 2012 in pictures, Part I, Part II, Part III, and the best Nature pictures. ms-12.26.12

"Somewhere in Portland, there's a very old building, and that very old building has a very, very old basement. An incredible basement, a video-game-level basement, a set-decorator's dream basement... The Basement, words and photos by Cabel Sasser. jc-12.23.12

"I find the mundane to be extravagant and I find the beauty in the expired; This is my Los Angeles." The Expired LA series, by photographer Vicky Moon, is spectacular. Via Yewknee. jc-12.21.12

Relink to one of my absolute favorite pics from NASA this year. Ridiculously cool. ms-12.21.12

So you know: How to Spin a Camera Around the CN Tower. sd-12.20.12

LIFE's gallery of photos of very famous actresses when they were young and on the brink of fame. ms-12.20.12

MoMA is now selling prints of Iwan Baan's The City in the Storm, the remarkable New York cover photo taken from the air of Manhattan right as Hurricane Sandy hit. sd-12.19.12

"Appealing to their natural cooking care and their inevitable pride in their best recipe, common factors to all grandmothers in the world, Gabriele persuaded them to do their best in the kitchen. This means moose stake in Alaska and caterpillars in Malawi, delicious, but ferociously hot, ten-spice-curry in India and sharks soup in the Philippines." Delicatessen with love. dw-12.19.12

"This gigapixel image of the Khumbu glacier was captured by David Breashears during the spring of 2012, from the Pumori viewpoint near Mount Everest." Ridiculously cool. Via NPR. ms-12.19.12

Spiderman flings web at helpless President. jc-12.19.12

X ray Christmas presents. ms-12.18.12

Fujifilm X-Pro1. jc-12.17.12

Abandon hope all ye who enter these abandoned places. Photography by Andre Govia. Via The Fox Is Black. jc-12.11.12

"From a 10-year study of London's bus stops, Richard Hooker's photographs resemble Renaissance tableaus—brief congregations of people never to be repeated." By the Bus Stop, from TMN. jc-12.10.12

Abstract Photos of Bodies in Motion. ko-12.10.12

LIFE Rides with the Hells Angels, 1965. ms-12.08.12

JC, be sure you don't mix up Vincent Fournier with Vincent Furnier. bb-12.06.12

Selections from the terrific series, Space Project by photographer Vincent Fournier. See also this episode of the video series Picture Perfect. jc-12.06.12

From photographer Tom Olesnevich, NYC By Bike. Via The Khooll. ms-12.06.12

Planned cities seen from space. jc-12.03.12

What it looks like inside Amazon. ms-12.03.12

CNN's sports photos of 2012. jc-12.03.12

Photographer Dwight Eschliman series 37 or So Ingredients breaks down what makes a Twinkie. ms-11.30.12

We received a copy of Robert Burley's The Disappearance of Darkness from the Princeton Architectural Press at the studio. It's a fantastic project that chronicles the swift demise of analog photography. Check this trailer. Highly recommended. jc-11.29.12

Ever feel this way? A somewhat unlucky house, by Beata Rydén. Via swissmiss. jc-11.29.12

Great round up of some incredible photos of volcanic eruptions. ms-11.28.12

Film + Photography = FILMography. ms-11.28.12

Photographer Navid Baraty's fabulous photos of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade shot from rooftops. Via My Modern Metropolis. ms-11.27.12

In celebration of what would have been his 70th birthday, Time gives us some great photos of Jimi Hendrix. ms-11.27.12

"Sworn to secrecy, unconditionally there, unjudgementally fair and almost always a bear." ms-11.26.12

Iconic photos uncropped. Via Glass. jc-11.26.12

Dark Sand Cascades on Mars. ms-11.26.12

Some great photos from the golden age of space exploration. More here. ms-11.20.12

Lovely panoramic photos of New York churches. ms-11.17.12

China gets a new leader. ms-11.17.12

Veerle Pieters published some of her beautiful biking photography in a Mosaic Book, which looks like a terrific way to turn your iPhone shots to a sweet printed object. jc-11.16.12

Lovely, photographer Timothy Allen's series, Forget Your Past. ms-11.15.12

The photography of Timm Kölln. Spend some time on his bike racing series. So great. Via Mefi. jc-11.14.12

Venice Under Water. For those folks swimming? Eeew. ms-11.13.12

"What's in our food? What's the difference between a bird's-eye view of a remote vegetable crop and a microscopic swath from a pineapple leaf? How distinct is a pile of table salt from miles and miles of icebergs?" Photographer Caren Alpert uses an electron microscope to take photos of food in her series Terra Cibus. ms-11.13.12

Apropos of nothing, a young girl getting her picture taken in a photobooth at Union Station in 1948. Via Chicago Past. jc-11.13.12

Panoramas of New York churches. dw-11.12.12

"This fell off the cheeseburger tree today." jc-11.09.12

Election Day in America. ms-11.08.12

Alejandro Guijarro's photographs of blackboards at universities and research centers studying quantum mechanics. Via Rosecrans' facebooks. bb-11.05.12

"In transient, with time to kill, and often amongst strangers, each collection of these individuals proves completely unique from the next. The way people take ownership of the space, how they congregate, is often better than anything an art director or photographer could ever deliberately replicate. Each collection provides a little insight into London's incredible diversity, how we relate to our surroundings, and each other." By the Bus Stop. Via MeFi. ms-11.02.12

Wow, those are some gorgeous caves. ms-11.01.12

Hurricane Sandy: The Superstorm. ms-10.31.12

Chicago's Union Station, 1943, as photographed by Jack Delano. jc-10.31.12

The Atlantic has a helpful article sorting the real Sandy photos from the fakes ms-10.30.12

Relink: New photos of terror from Nightmares Fear Factory. dw-10.29.12

Behind-the-scenes photos from some classic horror films. dh-10.29.12

Scenes from 21st-Century China. ms-10.29.12

20 incredibly bizarre vintage Halloween costumes. dh-10.29.12

Balloons of the World. ms-10.26.12

"The sinister curiousness of modern America." Iconic Photos on Joel Sternfeld's shot from McLean, Virginia, December 1978. jc-10.25.12

"1503," from photographer Christian Tagliavini. A series of images inspired by the masters of the Renaissance, in particular, Bronzino. Just terrific. jc-10.25.12

"Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models." From photographer Menno Aden, Room Portraits. Via Feature Shoot. ms-10.24.12

Hello, Autumn. ms-10.22.12

High Octane and a Princess. ms-10.22.12

In the early morning mist. ms-10.19.12

"Possibly the most important American photograph ever taken." The earliest surviving photo of any American city, the magnificent Cincinnati. Yowza. jc-10.19.12

"Some set out to march through the picture demonstratively unperturbed, some approached the magic spot carefully and stood in attention dutifully. Others decided to improvise a small act to be captured and conserved." From artist J. Scriba, Pinakothek. ms-10.18.12

"A Photochrom is a color photo lithograph, produced from a black-and-white negative. The final prints were created using different color impressions from multiple lithographic stones." And doesn't the greatest city in North America look swell in photos using that process? jc-10.17.12

Life Magazine archive of classic stroboscopic photos. Via Yewknee. jc-10.16.12

You know that one image? The one with the blonde kid hanging on that wall? Yeah, that one. jc-10.15.12

A series of photos mostly taken with a home-built microsecond guided spark flash. Via Feature Shoot. ms-10.11.12

Birds by photographer Bob Croslin. Via Zoocoup. dh-10.11.12

Bob and George play tennis, 1969. jc-10.10.12

Ghosts, of the early daguerreotype variety, from Paris and London. sd-10.09.12

Bill Finger builds intricate dioramas, photographs them, and then destroys them. dh-10.09.12

Pete Souza's Portrait of a Presidency. ms-10.09.12

From photographer Evan Prince, Days of Empire. Via NPR. ms-10.05.12

Frank, Dean, Sammy. Rat Pack photos from the Life Magazine archives. Love this one. jc-10.04.12

Related to an earlier post, pretty much any excuse will do for a relink to The Branding of Polaroid 1957-77, Paul Giambarba's first-hand account of the company's corporate image and product identity development. jc-10.03.12

"In July 1944, they promoted him to private first class (Pfc) and assigned him to the Signal Photo Corps, bound for the Pacific to document the war. This is his collection, never before published. All comments in quotes are Pfc Eve's, written on the back of the photo." Via MeFi. ms-10.02.12

"One summer night Catherine Balet was inspired by the sight of a young couple, standing in the sea bathed in moonlight, shooting a self-portrait with a mobile phone." Strangers in the Light. Via gmtPlus9(-15). jc-10.01.12

Ten of the most famous photo hoaxes through history. jc-10.01.12

The photograph is quite lovely, but I agree with Joe Hanson who says that it's "hard to imagine a more superbly magical photo caption than that." jc-10.01.12

Christian Ruhm's beautiful in-camera multiple exposures of American and European landmarks. Via Dooce. jc-09.28.12

Revealing More of North Korea. ms-09.28.12

"Due to the current economic, social and cultural crisis in The United States of America today, I have decided to do a photographic project consisting of a series of studio portraits of superhero and celebrity impersonators that live and work in the city of Los Angeles. Making them pose in their costumes against a colorful backdrop, I ask them to manifest feelings of genuine sadness - honest emotions that are a consequence of our current times." dw-09.26.12

Portraits Génétiques by Ulric Collette. Merging photos to highlight genetic similarities between family members. Via Twisted Sifter. jc-09.25.12

"The photographs in this series, Fictitious Dishes, enter the lives of five fictional characters and depict meals from the novels The Catcher in the Rye, Oliver Twist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Moby Dick." Via John Coulthart. jc-09.25.12

"Beauty is indeed fleeting, especially when it is frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on a hard surface." By photographer Jon Shireman. jc-09.21.12

Music Festivals: Summer 2012. ms-09.20.12

"Sitting in the shadow of Manhattan, Hoboken is only a mile square and has a long and proud history. I grew particularly fond of the old Mom & Pop shops that I encountered. Many of these establishments have existed for generations and within their walls I found a quiet contemplation of a cherished history." From photographer John Delaney, Hoboken Passing. Via Feature Shoot. ms-09.20.12

Stunning photos of a volcanic eruption. ms-09.18.12

Awesome Mops of China. ms-09.18.12

Fascinating look at classrooms around the world. ms-09.15.12

Get out the tissues: Grooms seeing their brides for the first time. Via biorhythmist. er-09.13.12

Related to the last, Guys?. Thanks Joseph. jc-09.12.12

A selfie from Mars. jc-09.12.12

Colored chronicles of Paris 1914. Via DRB. ms-09.11.12

Transform your digital iPhone images into real instant photographs with the Impossible Project's Instant Lab. dw-09.10.12

"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home." ms-09.10.12

La Tomatina 2012. ms-09.08.12

Portraits of Chicago L riders. Via Gapers Block. dw-09.07.12

Related to the last. "There are places around the country where beloved ballparks once stood during what might be called baseball's Golden Age." See them from above on American Footprint. jc-09.05.12

Great photos from London's Paralympics 2012 ms-09.05.12

Dutch Astronaut Andre Kuiper has an amazing Flickr set of photos he took in space. Via Presurfer ms-09.05.12

"These plates had been stored for decades in the deepest of basement storage rooms at the Tribune Tower, five levels below Michigan Avenue street level. Protected in paper envelopes, the plates were filed haphazardly. They were only recently located and brought up to the newsroom for scanning. Some of these digitized glass-plate images have never before been published." Photos of Al Capone ms-09.04.12

Akos Major Photographic Works. dw-08.31.12

From photographer Adrian Storey, fascinating photos of people sleeping on the streets of Tokyo, Let The Poets. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-08.31.12

"Early on August 28, 2012, the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the Suomi-NPP satellite captured this nighttime view of Tropical Storm Isaac and the cities near the Gulf Coast of the United States." ms-08.30.12

Artist Candice Milon has taken photos of Classic Movie Outifts. See how many you can guess correctly. Via Materialicious. ms-08.30.12

Spiti Valley, Himalaya. dw-08.29.12

Surprising things Google Street View saw. jc-08.29.12

Spectacular time-lapse footage, Yosemite Nature Notes: Night Skies shot by our pal Chris Pritchard and other photographers invited by the NPS. jc-08.29.12

In Flight. ms-08.29.12

Local note, not to be missed. Public Works presents Storm Thorgerson "Computers Have A Lot To Answer For", a retrospective of the influential Hipgnosis designer's photographic prints. September 7 through November 2. jc-08.27.12

Curiosity on Mars: Mt. Sharp in View. ms-08.27.12

"Although the concept of recreating historical images is not original, I believe I have put a new twist on the idea. Cloned Photos uses Clone Troopers and other Star Wars characters to recreate important and historical images." Cloned Photos. Via MeFi. ms-08.21.12

A look at the winner of the National Geographic National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012. ms-08.17.12

"Growth is a project in which I reconstructed and re-photographed pictures that my dad took of me and my three little sisters when we were children. I tried to make the new photograph look as similar as possible to the old one: the place and the composition are the same, and so are our positions and facial expressions." dw-08.16.12

Nice collection of photos of London's churches and graveyards. ms-08.14.12

Gorgeous work from photographer Hengki Lee. ms-08.14.12

"This project is designed to look at the topography and migrations of London: To explore the increasing diversity of a major Western City as the movement of people continues to change both the urban landscape and the community within it." from photographer George Georgiou, Invisible London. ms-08.10.12

"Produced with a camera-obscura technique, Lutter's images are negatives - they never get to leave that negative space, that anteroom of photography, so well known from analogue photography." An illustrated review by Joerg Colberg on the newly published Vera Lutter. jc-08.10.12

Artists in their studios. jc-08.08.12

"It's about being lucky and not screwing up, and trying to be ready for some moment if you happen to be the right place." Sage advice from photographer David Burnett, who is currently shooting his eighth Summer Olympics. jc-08.08.12

Ornithological photographer Todd R. Forsgren captures the "fragile and embarrassing moments" of birds caught in his mist nets. Via Stacey Thinx ak-08.07.12

Tintype portraits of people who walked into my shop. Beautiful, via Scott Belsky. jc-08.06.12

Lovely. ms-08.06.12

NASA's Curiosity Rover has already sent back photos from Mars. ms-08.06.12

This is now! Awesome real time way to browse Instagram by city. Via Mel. jc-08.03.12

The Big Picture takes a look at the London 2012 Olympics. ms-08.03.12

"Imagine if the advent of the atomic era occurred during today's information age. Tourists would gather to view bomb tests, at the 'safe' distances used in the 1950's, and share the resulting cell photos online." Via Adverve. ms-08.03.12

An avenue of colorful umbrellas in Águeda, Portugal. dw-08.02.12

"I photographed them not only in color with my digital SLR cameras, but also in black and white, using a 4-by-5-inch field camera and a 100-plus-year-old Petzval lens. Each black-and-white portrait was exposed onto black-and-white photographic paper, processed in a darkroom and scanned into a computer. Via The Khooll. ms-08.02.12

"It took two minutes in all. Miracles exist, I experienced it." Willy Ronis' iconic nude photo of his wife Marie-Anne, standing at a sink. Lovely. jc-07.31.12

From photographer Gray Malin, A La Plage, A La Picine. Via The Coolist. ms-07.31.12

Danny Evans transforms celebrities into regular people. dw-07.30.12

Ash and Lightening Above an Icelandic Volcano. ms-07.30.12

Olympics Opening Ceremonies. ms-07.30.12

Two Chicago Greats: Nordic Thunder, air guitar champion, and Chicago photographer, Jim Newberry. tl-07.27.12

Related, Calumet 412, a delicious archive for photos like this. jc-07.25.12

Catharine Maloney took some photos of men in homemade Star Trek outfits. Via Little Paper Planes. dw-07.24.12

Photographer Dona Schwartz captures images of both expectant parents and empty nesters. tl-07.24.12

Beon Sleeps. dw-07.23.12

"All images are done 'in-camera' while shooting with a Nikon D700. After processing, the contrast and tones were adjusted." We Are Nature, multiple exposure portraits by Christoffer Relander jc-07.23.12

Manhattanhenge Sunset. ms-07.21.12

Olympic athletes in training. ms-07.19.12

Street fashion photos from Edwardian times. ms-07.18.12

From artist Eszter Burghardt: Edible Vistas. ms-07.17.12

Vilnius, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Riga, Heraklion, Fira, Milan, Cinque Terre. Eurolapse. Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast. ms-07.17.12

Let's go to the beach! Wait, I have to wear all of this? *stays home* dw-07.12.12

A great short documentary, or possible clip from a TV special, from the late-70s/early-80s about how photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant shot and chronicled graffiti in New York. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.03.12

Captain Alfred Buckham, adventurer, painter, photographer. 1879-1956. Check these splendid examples of his aerial photography. Via Things. jc-07.03.12

Menno Aden photographs rooms from above. Via Mefi. jc-07.03.12

"Daguerrotype," "Collodion Process," "Albumen Process," and "Woodburytype" Four great photographic process documentaries from the George Eastman House. The remaining two, "Platinum Print" and "Gelatin Silver Print" should be available soon. bb-07.02.12

Great photos of seafood by Bill Sallans. Via 2Modern. dw-07.02.12

Barry Rosenthal's Found in Nature photo series. dw-06.30.12

For BB and JC: pics from the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship. Photo number one: "I'm gonna chew on your leg, nom,nom,nom." ms-06.29.12

From photographer Mitch Payne, his series Visual Exploration of the Periodic Table Families. Via Feature Shoot. ms-06.28.12

You can't really look away because, well, they are vintage car crash photos . Via Look At This. ms-06.27.12

Photographer Edward Horsford has a great series of photos of water balloons taken at the second they pop. Perfect viewing for a very hot and sunny day here in Chicago. ms-06.27.12

From photographer Christopher Herwig: Soviet Bus Stops. Via White Noise. ms-06.26.12

A great collection of photos of the Russian army from 1892, which was perhaps the most gilded age for hats and head-ware. sd-06.26.12

A look at some of the entries for this year's National Geographic Traveler Magazine Photo Contest. ms-06.26.12

"What was I doing, standing shivering and stark naked - except for a shimmering layer of gold body paint - in the middle of Munich at six on Saturday morning? I wasn't even drunk." A personal report from a Spencer Tunick photograph taken this weekend in Munich. sd-06.25.12

This guy lost his camera with more than 2800 photos in Amsterdam. Who knows him? bb-06.25.12

"A YouTube video of a chainsmoking Indonesian toddler inspired me to create this series, Smoking Kids." Via This Is Awesome. ms-06.25.12

Kiev in infrared. dw-06.22.12

"A poor beautiful woman is rescued by a wealthy prince. Before they can happily live together both protagonists have to go through many obstacles and deal with many evil people. The plot is known as the 'Cinderella' story, and Telenovelas are the Latin American soap operas that endlessly apply this plot to a hugely successful form of entertainment." From photographer Stefan Ruiz: The Factory of Dreams. ms-06.21.12

Camera Comics. Capturing the razors-edge action and drama that faced photographers in the '40s. bb-06.21.12

Scans from an Austro-Hungarian photo album from 1914, four years before it would cease to exist. sd-06.21.12

Totally cool pictures of jets smashing the sound barrier. ms-06.20.12

"...the most interesting part was that the bee's abdominal tissue that lingered behind." A rare, and recently award-winning, macro photo of a bee sting in action. sd-06.20.12

A handful of photos of the Nicosia International Airport, which has sat abandoned in Cyprus since 1974. sd-06.20.12

Photographer Heikki Leis' lovely series, Morning Mist. ms-06.19.12

Miss Ruth Kellogg demonstrates the correct postures for housework. dw-06.18.12

From Mishka Henner: Tulips. ms-06.15.12

For BB and JC, who have been watching at work: Euro 2012 Soccer Championship, Part One. So, if you guys can watch soccer at work, does that mean I can catch up on missed The Killing episodes without penalty? Cool! ms-06.15.12

Fab photos of 1950s Las Vegas. ms-06.14.12

"It prefers to present absurd situations, and not merely for the sake of the joke, but to unwrap from them, with attention and affection, the humanity of the actors." A great post on Sergei Maximishin and Russian photojournalism in general. sd-06.13.12

What are New Yorkers reading? Check the Underground New York Public Library. Via Adverve. ms-06.13.12

Shots through the windows of closed down businesses in Los Angeles: Shuttered. sd-06.11.12

Great, newly launched collection of archival newspaper photography: the Detroit News Archivist. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.11.12

A photo of Earthly lightning seen from the ISS. dw-06.11.12

Let's see what George the Trooper is up to today. Absolutely wonderful. mcj-06.11.12

"Hosting the Olympics has become a way for a city to show itself off on an international stage and generate toursim dollars, and cities spend millions or billions for the privilege. But after the events are over, the medals have been handed out, and the torch is extinguished, what's next? What happens to a city after the Olympics are gone?" FotA and filmmaker Gary Hustwit has a new project. Give it a Kick. ms-06.11.12

"The estate sale marks the final moment of a home and the last time the house exists in all its parts with rooms and objects intact in the way the owner intended. For two days everything stands still. The rooms exist in a suspended state of reality - a kind of time warp - in which the past, the present and the future meet." Via It's Nice That. dw-06.07.12

Photos from the Diamond Jubilee Celebration. ms-06.06.12

DW, you're a year or so late with getting BB to use his phone to trigger a camera. Remember that day he and I locked ourselves in the conference room to solder together our DSLR.Bots? Good times. sd-06.06.12

For BB: use your phone to trigger your camera. dw-06.06.12

Take two or more pictures at different anglesand those "become facets of an interactive, three-dimensional object." Stilla, a gyroscopic 3D camera for the iPhone. jc-06.05.12

How the Wild West really looked. Gorgeous. Via DRB. ms-06.04.12

A look at the river pageant celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. ms-06.04.12

Former MTV VJ Tabitha Soren spent two and a half years taking pictures of people running. Vanity Fair has excerpts from the exhibit currently on display at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. ss-06.02.12

Carrying the Flame. ms-05.31.12

"Avedon traversed the country from migrant grape fields of California to NFL headquarters in Park Avenue and returned with an amazing portfolio of soldiers, spooks, potentates, and ambassadors..." The Family, 1976, by Richard Avedon for Rolling Stone. jc-05.31.12

The colorful inhabitants of the White Sea. dw-05.30.12

So you know, The SLR Camera Simulator. jc-05.29.12

A link that BB and I will now likely be talking about all day: "Will Video Cameras Kill Still Photography? Red Epic Vs Hasselblad." sd-05.29.12

How Michael Chow made the photo of the recent eclipse. jc-05.29.12

"Smell Good for the Cars, Holla at yo boy!" bb-05.25.12

Car Poolers. dw-05.25.12

InstaCRT is delightfully analog. Take pic, it gets sent to Stockholm, projected onto a CRT which is then photographed by a digital camera and that image is sent back to you. Yowza. jc-05.25.12

Explore the hi-res of New York circa 1903. East River and Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan for signs, type and other details. A truly remarkable image from an 8x10 glass negative. Via If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger... jc-05.24.12

"These portraits were discovered by Dan Oppenheimer, a stained-glass designer in Memphis. They are the work of the late Jack Robinson, who shot celebrity portraits for Vogue in the 1960s. Later in his life, Robinson took up a career in a stained-glass, where he worked for Oppenheimer. When Robinson died in 1997, Oppenheimer handled his effects. In that closet in Memphis, he found approximately 150,000 prints from Robinson's 17-year photography career." Via Retronaut. dw-05.23.12

Knock, Knock. "Who is there?" "Oh hey, I just stopped by to say hi." ms-05.22.12

So Chris Glass and some friends were in Yalta… bb-05.21.12

From photographer Tadao Cern: Blow Job. ms-05.19.12

"I hate getting assigned to shoot baseball, so I decided to mess around instead. More info here. ms-05.18.12

West Green Road, N15. dw-05.18.12

"The Kowloon Walled City was a singular Hong Kong phenomenon: 33,000 people living in over 300 interconnected high-rise buildings, built without the contributions of a single architect, ungoverned by Hong Kong's safety and health regulations, covering one square city block in a densely populated neighborhood near the end of the runway at Kai Tak airport." ms-05.18.12

Re-link: the fantastic Le Mans Classic 2010. ms-05.17.12

Vintage photos of exotic pets. dw-05.15.12

Aerial Nudes. Nuff said. Via Feature Shoot. jc-05.15.12

Cool Hunting visits Michael Shindler's tintype portrait studio in SF. Fascinating. jc-05.15.12

Miller Mobley's series of Civil War re-enactors, with behind-the-scenes at Strobist. bb-05.14.12

This 1923 Leica recently sold at auction for $1.9 million, making it the world's most expensive camera. sd-05.14.12

Fantastic Tumblr from the New York Times, The Lively Morgue. ms-05.12.12

Related to the last. The Inconvenient Flaw of the Y-Wing, a look behind the scenes on shooting Lego on Hoth. jc-05.09.12

Relink. I know, I know, there is no end to the collections of SW Lego photos. But, this series by Vesa Lehtimäki from Helsinki has been art directed and lit like no other, Lego on Hoth is fantastic. I just wish he'd do a few more of the books. Via Gavin Rothery. jc-05.09.12

Very nice Flickr collection of limited production vehicles. ms-05.09.12

Beautiful dynamic compositions. "It is a fusion of two individuals which occurs when the people engage each other, influence each other and love above all." Imitations, "a photographic exploration of love," by Franz Gruenewald. Via DMiG. jc-05.09.12

Great shot. Shuttle Enterprise Over New York. ms-05.09.12

High in Himalayan foothills, fearless Gurung men risk their lives to harvest the massive nests of the world's largest honeybee. Via koikoikoi. dw-05.07.12

We could not see it here in Chicago, (thanks fog!) but here is what the super moon looked like around the world. ms-05.07.12

James and other apes. Via Boing. jc-05.07.12

It doesn't tell you what to do when the cops are called on you *cough* BB *cough* but here are some helpful tips on how to photograph lightning at night. Via GB. dw-05.04.12

Cassini visits Enceladus and Dione. dw-05.04.12

Beginning in 1935, the Farm Security Administration team (Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Ben Shahn, Russell Lee, etc) captured at least 175,000 b&ww images of cities, towns, and the countryside throughout America's heartland. Some of the photographers also images using a film called Kodachrome. No one knows exactly how many frames they shot, but only 1,615 survive. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.02.12

Photographer Robert Voit's series capturing the somewhat subtle methods of hiding antennas: New Trees. sd-04.30.12

Potatoes in the street. dw-04.30.12

"It is not the number of pixels that matters, but the quality of those individual pixels!" A 1-Bit Camera for your iPhone. jc-04.30.12

Funny, the stuff that sometimes grows in our fridge here at the studio never looks this pretty. ms-04.27.12

Corolla. dw-04.26.12

"The expedition's photographs, from dry plates or panoramic film, were the first close-up images of Everest ever published." Great post from Jim Hughes on Early Expedition Photography. jc-04.23.12

Space Shuttle Discovery rolls into new home. ms-04.23.12

The City on the make, as it was being made. jc-04.21.12

The man on the bus. jc-04.19.12

Photographer Shelby Lee Adams's Salt & Truth. jc-04.18.12

A collection of 1:12 scale food. dw-04.17.12

Nocturnal pictures of Kenyan villages. dw-04.17.12

Selection from French photographer Franck Bohbot's series Respect the Architect. jc-04.16.12

From photographer Navid Baraty: Intersections. Via Materialicious. ms-04.16.12

Edison, Ford, Firestone and President Harding go camping in 1921. dw-04.16.12

"The silence of the world, like a quotation, is suddenly endowed with an oppressive eloquence..." Silent World, photographs by Lucie & Simon. jc-04.13.12

Early Everest expedition photos. ms-04.13.12

Jay B. Sauceda photographed Mike Querner of Alpine, Texas for his All-Around Cowboys series, Then he got him to recite a poem. Charming. jc-04.13.12

North Korea marks 100th anniversary of founder's birth. ms-04.12.12

"If it had not been for an intransigent Jesuit Provincial, our understanding of life abroad the doomed oceanliner would have been all the poorer." Father Browne on Titanic. jc-04.12.12

Full Moon Rises Behind New York City. ms-04.11.12

The portfolio of Montreal photographer Sofia Ajram. jc-04.11.12

Bobby Solomon on the Pentax K-01 Camera, designed by Marc Newson. Looks great. jc-04.09.12

StickyGram turns your Instagram photos into magnets. dw-04.09.12

Daily Life: March 2012. ms-04.06.12

From photographer Jay B. Sauceda: All Around Cowboys. Via Feature Shoot. ms-04.05.12

When I was 12 I spent a couple long weekends baling hay in the hot August sun. I complained a lot at the time about how cut-up my arms were getting. Turns out child labor can be much worse than anything I experienced. mcj-04.04.12

Photos of Los Angeles in the late 1880s. dw-04.04.12

Tungurahua Erupts. ms-04.02.12

A small newspaper in Jasper, Indiana with an internationally recognized photo section. cj-04.02.12

Nine Eyes, what the Google Street View Cam saw, by Jon Rafman. Here are some favorites as chosen by The Partners. jc-04.02.12

Will Pearson's 360 Interactive Panoramas are splendid, especially this one of Sheikh-Zayed Road in Dubai. Via David Airey. jc-04.02.12

Errors in Production. dw-03.30.12

Apropos of nothing. Black and WTF. jc-03.30.12

Great set of photos of the process of decommissioning the Space Shuttles. sd-03.29.12

"One Third" goes past the sell by date in order to document the full dimensions of the global food waste. dw-03.28.12

From Simon Ianelli: La Vent. Via MeFi. ms-03.27.12

"My photographs portray the dark side of life in the Dream House: Barbie's obsession with her body, Ken's quest for sexual gratification, all the dirty little secrets they attempt to hide as they present themselves as icons of the American Dream." dw-03.27.12

Myanmar. ms-03.27.12

"At 2:20 a.m. on April 15,1912, the 'unsinkable' R.M.S. Titanic disappeared beneath the waves, taking with her 1,500 souls. One hundred years later, new technologies have revealed the most complete--and most intimate-- images of the famous wreck." ms-03.22.12

"The Tutu Project began in 2003 as a lark. I mean, really, think of it. Me photographing myself in a pink tutu, how crazy is that?" dw-03.21.12

Mystical Landscapes Photographed at Paintball Sites, by photographer Katja Mayer and art director Peter Chadwick. jc-03.21.12

A fab place to find all kinds of stuff you didn't know you were looking for. NASA on The Commons' Photostream. Via ISO50. jc-03.20.12

Erik writes, "Regarding the B&W trays and closed labs - why not start your own? In fact, that's what me and my girlfriend did. We're both photographer and shoot almost everything on film. Ergo - we started our own lab. We bought a state of the art production scanner from Fuji, and kicked off our own small service for fellow photographers in Stockholm. Say hello to the Black Lab." Right on. jc-03.19.12

From photographer Jasper White: Brothels. ms-03.19.12

Related to the last. Richard Nicholson's beautiful survey of London's remaining professional darkrooms. jc-03.19.12

"I am photographing available developer trays so that the photography community will remember specific, tangible printing tools that have been a seminal part of photographic experience for the past hundred years." -John Cyr. Awesome. Via It's Nice That. jc-03.19.12

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2012. ms-03.16.12

Related to the last, over 1000 Victorian Cartes-de-Visite, fronts AND backs. bb-03.15.12

A survey of Cabinet Card Backmarks, beautiful Victorian studio advertisements that appeared on the back of photographs, made up of "excessive borders and ornamentation and outlandish display faces that were simultaneously both horrifying and awesome." Love this one, "Negatives Preserved for Future Orders." jc-03.15.12

Damn, I've done it again, I've run into a photo/recipe feature by Nikole Herriot while I was hungry. This time it's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, for Oh Joy! Now ravenous. jc-03.13.12

Double exposures by Florian Imgrund. jc-03.13.12

Colossal's Flickr Finds. See you in an hour. jc-03.12.12

Japan's nuclear refugees. ms-03.12.12

"Now, in a series of extraordinarily eerie pictures, the lost world of North Brother - quarantine zone, leper colony and centre for drug addicts - had been brought back to life." ms-03.09.12

The Dark Hedges, a photo by Stephen Emerson. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-03.07.12

Photos of springtime in the Zagros Mountains between Iran and Iraq. sd-03.07.12

"When I walked in the office George Gaylin (Washington Newspictures Manager) almost had a heart attack. I have never seen a man that mad. He turned red then white. Yelling and screaming that I did not go to Arlington. I kept telling him I had the picture of the funeral." —Stan Stearns, who died recently on hismost famous photograph. jc-03.07.12

A handful of color photos of Antarctica from 1915, taken by Frank Hurley, Ernest Shackleton's photographer on the ill-fated Endurance. sd-03.05.12

"I'm most drawn to things that have fallen to decay or age within my lifetime. Perhaps it is a reference to my own decay, or the dreams of my generation." Marshall Sokoloff's photo series, How I Learned to Love the Bomb. jc-03.05.12

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong shows us how he lights a man on fire for the sake of art. Relax, it is not as macabre as it sounds, do I really need to say don't try this at home? ms-03.03.12

Photographer Alessio Romenzi is documenting The Syrian Civil War. ms-03.02.12

The Robot. Via MeFi. ms-03.01.12

Watch this short film in which photographer Isa Leshko talks about what inspired her to take photos of elderly animals, then go see her heartbreakingly beautiful work here. ms-02.29.12

Related to the last and linked previously, the photographic constructions of Lori Nix, especially the "Accidentally Kansas" series. jc-02.29.12

Sannah Kvist's "All I Own" photo series. jc-02.29.12

Lost in The Lively Morgue. jc-02.28.12

Trailer for Brief Encounters, a film about Gregory Crewdson's elaborate photographic portraits of small-town American life. Via Chris Glass. jc-02.27.12

F*ck Yeah Aerial Photography. Via MeFi. ms-02.27.12

While drinking at the pub one night I started wondering "What if babies could fly?" Here's my answer. dw-02.24.12

Showbiz Imagery and Chicanery, a fun browse. Via Michael McKean. jc-02.23.12

From photographer Rachel Hulin, The Flying Series. ms-02.22.12

A collection of photos from a sci-fi convention held in Los Angeles in 1980. sd-02.21.12

Mardi Gras 1907. Via Michael McKean. jc-02.21.12

FotA Henry Cline great essay on holding and using Berenice Abbot's last camera. sd-02.20.12

Matthew Frye Jacobson's photo series, Space Available. FotA Rob Walker interviewed Jacobson about the project, here. sd-02.20.12

A collection of images from the ghost photography fad of the late 1800s. sd-02.20.12

Copyrighted Suns. Via Waxy. jc-02.20.12

Un Petit Monde. Delightful. ms-02.18.12

Lovely diptych and triptych formatted photography by David Hilliard. Via Yewknee. jc-02.15.12

Photographer Bill Vaccaro's series about fireworks stores of all shapes and sizes: Boomtown. sd-02.13.12

Not for JC or SD: Dennis Maitland's Life on the Edge. ms-02.13.12

LIFE photographer John Olson's series from 1971 of rock stars with their parents. Can't decide what I like more: the pairings or the '70s decor. sd-02.10.12

Photographer Willson Cummer's series, Parking Garages. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.10.12

A series of photos taken by the New South Wales Police Department photographers between 1910 and 1930. These are "mugshots" in a sense, but the composition, diptych formatting and hand-lettering make them quite compelling and artistic. They're like characters from a gangland movie epic that has never been made. jc-02.10.12

L.L. Bean has taken a catalog cover illustration from 1933 and recreated it as a photograph. Via Chris Glass. jc-02.09.12

"But - all the people in the photographs are acting in their business of everyday life, a life which is constantly oblivious of the monitoring eye of the state. That makes every photograph taken in Iran layered and maybe politically subversive, even the most innocent ones." From photographer Anoek Steketee, Frontstage. ms-02.09.12

From photographer Franck Bohbot: There Are Places. ms-02.06.12

Jamie 37 and I are fans of DigitalRev and Kai's silly but insightful camera reviews. He's put out this great video about Street Photography Dos and Don'ts. bb-02.03.12

"Some agencies go paint-balling together, or quad biking, group bonding days... We invite everyone to come and dress up and get into character for a day." The Isobel Agency's Fantastic Christmas Cards. Bravo. jc-02.03.12

From photographer Alan Sailer, Explosions. ms-02.02.12

A Global Portrait of Red Tape. Maria Popova on Jan Banning's portraits of bureaucrats. jc-01.31.12

Pictures of the Day, "Rooftopping" in Toronto. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.31.12

The country habit has me by the heart... calling these "flower photos" does them no justice, by Erwan Frotin jc-01.30.12

Photos from the 1900 Paris World Fair. dw-01.30.12

A city falling apart or a time when it still had some authentic grit? Photographer Steven Siegel's shots of New York in the 80s. Via Doobybrain. sd-01.27.12

Lunar New Year 2012. ms-01.23.12

A look at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. ms-01.20.12

Ryan Enn Hughes' 360 Project. 48 cameras in a circle around dancers, triggered simultaneously. jc-01.20.12

Alfabeto delle Pianure. dw-01.20.12

Dennis Manarchy's 35-foot-long camera is so large that a person can work inside it. jc-01.20.12

When you hear the description you think, "well, that's no big deal," but when you see them, they sort of are. Historic black and white photos colorized. jc-01.19.12

The Importance of a Good Crop. jc-01.19.12

Amazing colorized photos by Sanna Dullaway. dw-01.17.12

Related to the last. "I made my first picture using camera obscura techniques in my darkened living room in 1991. In setting up a room to make this kind of photograph, I cover all windows with black plastic in order to achieve total darkness. Then, I cut a small hole in the material I use to cover the windows. This allows an inverted image of the view outside to flood onto the walls of the room." It's been a while since we checked in with Abelardo Morell. jc-01.17.12

So you know. How to make your own room-sized camera obscura. Via Melissa Pierce. jc-01.17.12

Time magazine says Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali with a look at 70 iconic images for 70 Years. ms-01.17.12

Vacuum-packed couples. dw-01.16.12

Colossal's Flickr Finds No. 12. jc-01.16.12

From photographer Stuart Gibson: Wineglass Bay Freycinet. ms-01.13.12

Happy at 100 by Karsten Thormaehlen. dw-01.12.12

Vintage photos of trolleybuses in Eastern Europe. sd-01.12.12

A look at the winners of the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest. ms-01.11.12

"During its heyday, Kodak had one of the most innovative research departments in the world, and in 1975 it developed the digital camera – a product that would eventually be its undoing." dw-01.11.12

"For his 1948 feature 'Country Doctor' -- republished here, in its entirety, for the first time online, with all of the photos -- LIFE magazine photographer W. Eugene Smith spent 23 days in Kremmling, Colorado, shadowing general practitioner Ernest Seriani. ms-01.10.12

Old parked cars. dw-01.09.12

Playground is a long-term project in which Jeroen Hofman photographed the training facilities of the Dutch fire brigade, police force, and ministry of defense. Surreal, from the TMN Galleries. jc-01.09.12

Matthias Schade's (un)defined space. jc-01.06.12

"Most of the time these Diners are isolated islands of food supply in an ancient surrounding with plenty of cultural heritage. Isolated both in the sense of appearance as well as in resisting global operating fast-food chains. But the 'improper' their architecture and appearance may appear, the much heritage they actually hold themselves." Eiterquellen. ms-01.06.12

A really long photo of the Yukon Delta in southwestern Alaska. dw-01.04.12

For JC, Stanley Kubrick's New York. dw-12.29.11

The year in pictures, parts I, II, and III. ms-12.23.11

A collection of great shots by photographer Leonard Freed as he tagged along with New York police officers in the 1970s. sd-12.23.11

"But the cheap, widely used 'fake snow' used back in the day -- i.e., often just cornflakes painted white -- simply would not do; director Frank Capra wanted believable snow." Photos from a never-published article on the innovative process used to create believable snow for the movie It's A Wonderful Life. ms-12.23.11

From photographer Andrea Bricco, Food Series. ms-12.23.11

Take a last look at the Space Shuttle Atlantis. ms-12.22.11

National Geographic's Best Pictures of 2011. ms-12.22.11

Reuters picks their Best Photos of 2011. ms-12.20.11

For BB: a mother with a camera teaches you that being a professional photographer is a lot easier than you think. Need to watch all the episodes now, as it's clearly the new You Suck at Photoshop. Make sure to read the comments. sd-12.16.11

After nearly a full year with no updates, Antarctica resident Anthony Powell has finally posted some new photos, explaining that he's been busy "flying around in helicopters to the tops of mountains to install radio repeaters." He also includes some terrific, downloadable panoramas. sd-12.16.11

A 'ghost hunter' video from the 'ghosts' point of view. bb-12.15.11

Upload your photograph for just one dollar more than the person before you. The Most Expensive Picture. Via It's Nice That. dw-12.15.11

"The show was late due to Iggy being arrested earlier in the night - and then bailed out by band members." Photos of Iggy and the Stooges at Farmington High School, December 5th, 1970. ms-12.15.11

Vintage Utah. dw-12.14.11

When I saw this link I thought, "Oh Jeez, I'm not going to waste my time on that, it has be so done, year after year after year." But then I gave into the temptation. You will too. Awkward Family Holiday Photos. jc-12.14.11

China's Abandoned Wonderland. ms-12.14.11

Take a Photo. ms-12.13.11

Made by Matt is full of inventive projects like a paper CCTV camera and this paper Pinhole Lieca M3, "at a fraction of the cost of the exclusive original." jc-12.13.11

"One of my upstairs neighbors in those days was David Byrne, of The Talking Heads. The building had a communal mail box mounted under a slot on the front door and I have a strong memory of sifting through all the postcards from adoring fans addressed to Mr. Byrne, looking for my Con Ed bill." ms-12.13.11

From photographer Chip Rountree, Fortunetellers. ms-12.09.11

Mircea Gutu's Team Camelot on the Rallye Allgäu-Orient 2010. "an endless leporello fold with 340 pages and 700 photos. Its total length is about 100 metres." Beautiful. jc-12.08.11

A look at the Parliamentary elections in Russia. ms-12.06.11

A new edition of Christopher Jobson's Flickr Finds is up. Pay attention. jc-12.05.11

"These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales, involve site specific interventions in the landscape, 'wrapping' trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera's viewpoint." dw-12.05.11

American Tint. dw-12.05.11

"Meet strangers - get to know them - take three personality-matching body shots - make them one." Triptychs of Strangers by Adde Adesokan. Via Glass. jc-12.05.11

"The phrase a photo or it didn't happen is very much of this time..." A Shift From the Visual by Jan Chipchase. jc-11.30.11

Curiosity Rover Lifts Off for Mars. ms-11.30.11

Bad paid-for photos. dw-11.29.11

Branson DeCou's color photos of Odessa from 1931. sd-11.28.11

Stanley Kubrick's New York. VandM offers up a collection of photo prints for sale. Here's a classic. Via Mubi Notebook. jc-11.28.11

Inside Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. ms-11.28.11

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle, photos of meticulously disassembled gadgets by Todd McLellan. Via Boing Boing. jc-11.25.11

"...inside movement there is one moment at which the elements in motion are in balance." Open Culture on Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Decisive Moment, words and pictures in film. jc-11.23.11

An interview with Joe Capra, the photographer behind the recently much passed around time lapse film, Midnight Sun. sd-11.22.11

A look at some of the entries for this year's National Geographic Photo Contest. ms-11.22.11

Gorgeous photos of Bolivia's Uyuni salt flats. ms-11.22.11

This couple really likes Star Wars. Congrats kids! ms-11.21.11

Since 2009, the NYPD has been shooting panoramic photos of crime scenes. The NY Times has received a handful and posts them with commentary by a detective familiar with each case. sd-11.21.11

From photographer Albert Bonsfills: Living in a Ping Fang. ms-11.21.11

Sadly, there is no sign of Marty McFly. Back to the FuturePart 1 and Part 2. (NSFW) nic-11.19.11

Every day, dozens of residents salvage a living by scouring the massive dump for scrap metal. Facing the threat of mudslides, collapses, and disease, they can potentially earn twice the daily minimum wage. The Mine In Guatemala City. ms-11.17.11

"As the 1960s came to an end, the rapid development of the American postwar decades had begun to take a noticeable toll on the environment, and the public began calling for action. In November 1971, the newly created Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a massive photo documentary project, called DOCUMERICA, to record these changes." Images of America in Crisis in the 1970's. ms-11.16.11

"Once upon a time in Siberia, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in a warm bed in a small town, a little girl woke up from a dream. It was morning, but it was still dark out, for the little town was so far North that the sun would not show itself for many months." The town was called Tiksi. dw-11.16.11

From photographer Chris Dorley-Brown: The Corners. ms-11.16.11

Photographer Misha Maslennikov's shots of life in the villages outside of St. Petersburg. Via Poemas. sd-11.14.11

Basketball on an Aircraft Carrier. ms-11.12.11

Photos of individuals representing Paris Metro stations. dw-11.11.11

For BB: playing with a 5D with an internal infrared conversion. sd-11.11.11

On this Veteran's Day, Time brings together 50 photos that brought the war home. Some images are graphic. ms-11.11.11

Jonathan Rosen's great NY Times piece about Richard Barnes' photos of Rome's swarms of starlings. Happened to see this in action last week and it was incredible. Video here. sd-11.09.11

"Seeing the Black Dog" is a term that truck drivers use to describe hallucinations that are experienced on the road as a result of long periods of sleep depravation. When the hallucinatory black dogs appear on the highway, the trucker knows to pull over and rest pull over and rest. ms-11.09.11

Cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin spent 163 days in space. He brought a camera. jc-11.09.11

Bob Arihood, who ran the consistently entertaining and interesting Neither More Nor Less, which profiled the various denizens of NY's East Village, has passed away. Here's a nice tribute from the Village Voice (and includes, I think, the first photo I've ever seen of the man himself). sd-11.08.11

From photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva, Following the Reindeer. ms-11.08.11

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. dw-11.08.11

The world's population: where it's thick and where it's thin. ms-11.08.11

Thousands of people ran the NYC marathon yesterday, quite an accomplishment. For Maickel Melamed, it was an amazing journey. Congrats. ms-11.07.11

Photo hijinks in Montmartre. bb-11.04.11

A Lesser Photographer. CJ Chilvers reevaluates what it means to be a photographer in this manifesto. Most of the points apply to virtually any creative endeavor or obsession. "The real show is outside the viewfinder." jc-11.04.11

Proposition One depicts obsolete technology products for producing and communicating art. ms-11.04.11

"Over 6000 athletes from 42 nations in the Western Hemisphere competed for gold, silver, and bronze medals in many of the same events that will be seen during the Olympic Games next summer in London." A look at the Pan American Games 2011. ms-11.04.11

Joerg Colberg flips through and chats about a new photography book by Andreas Meichsner, Alles in Ordnung (Everything is Fine). Here's Meichsner's site. jc-11.03.11

Stunning, Lost Images From a Grand Ball. ms-11.02.11

From photographer Heinz Maier, Splashes. ms-11.02.11

Rudiger Nehmzow's photo series, Cloud Collection, taken from a plane with the doors wide open. Beautiful. Via My Modern Metropolis jc-11.01.11

From photographer Jon Crispin, an ongoing project in which he photographs the contents of suitcases found in an attic of the Willard Psychiatric Center. Via This is Colossal. ms-10.31.11

When on Endor, never ever leave your back unguarded. It only takes a second... dw-10.28.11

The long shadow of Mt. Rainier. jc-10.28.11

When Jim Hughes publishes a new entry at Codex 99 titled The Leica and 35mm Photography, you don't screw around, you go read it now. jc-10.27.11

A photo by Noah Kalina. jc-10.27.11

"Good evening, Major. My name is Muybridge. Here is the answer to the message you sent my wife." Muybridge's Motion Studies at Iconic Photos. jc-10.26.11

Yowza, you can shoot 360° panoramic videos with your iPhone with GoPano Micro. jc-10.26.11

Fab photos showing the construction of the Hoover Dam. ms-10.26.11

"On the far side of Red Hook Park's soccer and baseball fields, locked-up behind a fence made of enormous concrete blocks, lays the last vestige of Red Hook's industrial grandeur: The New York Port Authority Grain Terminal. . Via Wired. ms-10.26.11

Chip Kalback's great photos of the recent Denver Zombie Crawl. Via Denver Egotist. sd-10.25.11

From a joint research effort between the University of Washington and Adobe: Candid Portrait Selection from Video. sd-10.24.11

In Russian, so reading the captions are a bit tricky, but the photos are more than enough in this blog dedicated to abandoned places outside of Moscow. These two buildings are remarkable. Via Poemas. sd-10.24.11

Forgotten Palaces. ms-10.22.11

Santa Fe in Kodachrome. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.21.11

Stunning photos of North Korea's Massgames. ms-10.21.11

"Here, a synthetic glowing sphere illuminates the room, reflecting in mirrors and casting shadows." Kevin Karsch, Varsha Hedau, David Forsyth and Derek Hoiem propose a method for inserting objects into legacy photographs without access to the scene, or multiple photos, or even measurements. In-effing-credible. jc-10.19.11

Photos of young artists. dw-10.19.11

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera seems like a fun invention until you imagine a terrifying future where there are crowds of tourists throwing hundreds of camera balls in museums, at landmarks, in restaurants, etc. sd-10.17.11

French historian Jacques Dupaquier's photos of Moscow from 1956. sd-10.17.11

From the John Hancock roof. Via Gapers Block. ms-10.15.11

Heaven Never Sleeps... a photo by Joel Sjaarda. jc-10.14.11

Photographer Heather Parker asks, "Will you work for free?" bb-10.13.11

From Adam Voorhes: Animals. ms-10.13.11

Photographer Rion Sabean has flipped the pin-up calendar model by including a different gender entirely, but in very familiar poses: Men-Ups. Thanks Claire. sd-10.12.11

Brothers Tim and Matthew Bowditch team up to give us a look at what it is like to serve in Afghanistan with their project Afghanistan Blueys. ms-10.11.11

Inserting huge photos of nature onto billboards in Tim Simmons' Urban Land Project. Via Doobybrain. sd-10.10.11

"On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by." By Diego Goldberg. Via Things. jc-10.10.11

A look inside the Svalbard Seed Vault. ms-10.10.11

From photographer Eric Curry, American Pride and Passion. ms-10.10.11

The photographs of Yevgeny Khaldei, the "Soviet Robert Capa." sd-10.07.11

Photographically documenting neglected and abandoned theaters throughout the United States: After the Final Curtain. ms-10.05.11

A look at some of this year's photos from Nikon's Small World 2011 contest. ms-10.04.11

Instagram ancestors. dw-10.04.11

A look at protests around the world. ms-10.04.11

"I'm not going to ask again, where are my f*cking Cheerios?" ms-09.30.11

Jan Kriwol and friends. jc-09.29.11

From photographer Mahesh Shantaram: Matrimania. ms-09.29.11

A mesmerizing photo stream, Le Clown Lyrique. I. II. III. Via This Isn't Happiness. jc-09.28.11

Photos from a vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooter race on Fiat's old Lingotto rooftop test track. bb-09.28.11

"These pictures have been waiting for more than fifty years for a person to have a look at them. The people represented on them are already all dead, and none of them has ever seen any of these photos." Souvenir of Hiroshima. sd-09.28.11

Diving the Antarctic. ms-09.27.11

A photographic series by Eric Curry, American Pride And Passion, takes a mythological and dream-like approach to subject matter, composition and color. Details and more can be found on Curry's photostream. Via Things Mag. jc-09.27.11

"Monette and Mady are identical twins. They have lived their whole life closely together and are, as they say, inseparable. I would see them on the streets near my house now and then but mainly on Sundays at the local fruit and vegetable market. I was instantly fascinated by their identical outfits and synchronized corporal language." dw-09.26.11

"I work with what I have in front of me. It's not made up, but it's put into play. It's an alibi for creating situations, and telling stories..." The fourth episode of Picture Perfect features photographer Vincent Fournier. More information in this article by Susan Labarre. jc-09.23.11

A new advertiser on The Deck and a new idea for a conference, check out 1197, a one-day conference dedicated to mobile and iPhone photography. Attend in-person or remotely. Cool. jc-09.22.11

Related to the last: Jim Tenner on H. H. Bennett for the Wisconsin Magazine of History. jc-09.22.11

Appuru Pai's long exposure photos, taken from the front of trains passing through Tokyo. sd-09.21.11

Mongolian nomads see photos of themselves for the first time. Try not to smile. Via Gizmodo. ms-09.20.11

Corner portraits by Irving Penn. dw-09.20.11

Heroes and Heroines, Alejandro Maureira's photo series from Madrid, portraying parents as superheros. jc-09.20.11

Photos taken between 1894 and 1905 on Sakhalin Island, located on the far eastern coast of Russia. sd-09.19.11

NASA Astronaut's Photography Manual (pdf) from Hasselblad. Via Make. jc-09.19.11

A glimpse of North Korea. ms-09.19.11

Seattle to Maine in 7 days. ms-09.19.11

Photographer Ezra Shaw might want to steer clear of diving tournaments for a while. (Thanks, Heather.) bb-09.16.11

City of Shadows, photos by Alexey Titarenko. Beautiful and haunting. Background information. jc-09.15.11

The ocean's giants. ms-09.15.11

Fiberglass Giants. ms-09.15.11

Ilya Varlamov's great photos of daily life in an Afghan street market. sd-09.15.11

From photographer Laurent Laveder: Nuit. ms-09.15.11

Dear America, 50 states 50 photographs, from Zara. Terrific. jc-09.14.11

Photographer Mitch Dobrowner's stunning photos: The Storms. ms-09.13.11

A look at Japan, six months after the earthquake. ms-09.13.11

Selected Mark Richards' photos for Core Memory: The Art Book of Computers.. Fab. Via Jon at ISO50. jc-09.12.11

Relink: Kim Jong-IL looking at things. ms-09.09.11

Mastergram. "Remarkable photos made better (or worse) using Instagram." sd-09.07.11

From photographer Julie Hassett Sutton, Trucks and Mountains. Via Fast Company. ms-09.07.11

At galleries and exhibitions, Photographing the Photo Takers. sd-09.06.11

Christopher Jonassen's Devour Series. "Investigation of worn-out fryingpans." So great. Via The Fox Is Black. jc-09.02.11

Adrian Curry on the story behind the marketing and posters for Altman's The Long Goodbye. Plus, a never-used (and great) poster for McCabe. jc-09.02.11

"Most are familiar with a parliamentary hall from the perspective of the spectators tribune, however only a few have seen the space from the physical vantage point of the Chairperson. It is my general interest in policy that inspired me." Luca Zanier's Corridors of Power. jc-09.01.11

A blogumentary of outdoor painting in the Southwest desert and California coast: The Westfalia Project. Via Things. ms-08.31.11

A look at the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship competition. ms-08.31.11

Silencio. dw-08.30.11

Chronicles of a Stuffed Robot. ms-08.30.11

A look at the effects of Hurricane Irene. ms-08.30.11

Scandybars. dw-08.26.11

Puzzlewood is said to be one of J. R. R. Tolkien's inspirations for Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings. dw-08.25.11

The quiet despair of the Starship Enterprise, Space Trek. ms-08.25.11

For BB, Iain McKell's portrait series The New Gypsies. Via Public School. dw-08.24.11

Stunning photos of National Parks From Space. ms-08.24.11

From photographer Rudiger Nehmzow, his fab series, Hydro Power Projects II. ms-08.23.11

Best engagement photos ever. ms-08.22.11

Recreating stock photography, because Stocking is the New Planking. sd-08.22.11

The Art of Architectural Photography. ms-08.22.11

Photographer Charles Le Brigand has been wandering the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx over the past couple of months to document Summer in the City. Via Doobybrain. sd-08.19.11

From photographer You Li, Latitude of Silence. Via Lost at E Minor. ms-08.19.11

Photographer Simon Harsent's beautiful and haunting Landscapes series. sd-08.18.11

Dogs shaking water off. Hilarious. mcj-08.18.11

Richard Barnes goes behind the scenes at the museum. He brought his camera. jc-08.17.11

"Each person creates their own character they play, and so has complete freedom and creative control over whom they are, how they develop, and the world they inhabit - even how they die (or 'retire' their character). From photographer Brian Shumway, Modern Medieval. ms-08.17.11

An afternoon with... dw-08.15.11

I love this shot by Craig Lee. The recent Atlas V Juno launch as seen from Playalinda Beach at Canaveral National Seashore. It sort of reminds me of Rocket Summer. jc-08.15.11

A settlement has been reached in one of the more interesting recent intellectual property debates: the suit concerning the photo used on a Vampire Weekend album. We'd previously posted this great read about the case from Vanity Fair. sd-08.14.11

Picturing the American Drought. ms-08.11.11

Caribbean Nightlife Under the Waves. ms-08.11.11

"As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street." Check the tray the officer is holding. ms-08.09.11

A collection of ripped up pictures along with something reflecting back on the missing parts, Torn Lives. ms-08.09.11

A look at the London Riots. ms-08.08.11

The first digital camera designed by Steven J. Sasson in 1975 weighed 8lbs, recorded black and white photos to a cassette tape and took 23 seconds to record or read an image. dw-08.08.11

For BB, a look at North Korea. ms-08.05.11

Astronaut Suicides, by Sara Phillips, Neil Dacosta and Saskia Thomson. jc-08.04.11

For BB: Photographer Bill Daniel is selling selected (and inexpensive) prints from his shooting punk shows, train graffiti and skaters in and around Austin from 1980 to 1984. Tri-X-Noise. sd-08.03.11

Abandoned remains of the Russian Space Shuttle Project Buran. ms-08.03.11

Vincent Fournier. Space Project. jc-08.02.11

For fifty years, photographer David Plowden "has documented America's vanishing landscapes and artifacts, his stunning black and white photographs forming an image of life in 20th-century urban and rural America." The collection is beautifully scanned and presented and unfolds like an epic movie about America. I. II. III. Via Andrew Abb. jc-08.02.11

Photographer Stacy Arezou Mehrfar's American Palimpsets. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.29.11

The Noise and Dust Through The Viewfinder Pool. jc-07.29.11

A photo history of the Space Shuttle Program. ms-07.29.11

Plane Trails. Lovely. ms-07.29.11

Planking is so early-2011. The thing everyone's doing now is the Leisure Dive. sd-07.26.11

Before and after shots of joggers. dw-07.25.11

Caren Alpert's macro-photography is amazing. Via Jason Kottke. jc-07.21.11

Robyn Von Swank's behind the scenes photos from the shoot for Weird Al Yankovic's Perform This Way music vid. sd-07.21.11

Magnified by more than 250 times, these photos reveal the hidden charms of ordinary sand. Via Design Info. sd-07.20.11

PDN's photos of the day. Wow. ms-07.20.11

Why Jim Goldstein hates HDR "photo technology porn." jc-07.20.11

Nice collection of cinemagraphs. dw-07.19.11

"The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can." Via Michael Lopp. jc-07.18.11

Vintage sugar cube packets. Via Public School. dw-07.18.11

The McCaghy Collection spans the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, and explores early burlesque/vaudeville to modern strip clubs and the neo-burlesque movement. dw-07.18.11

The annual San Fermin Festival. ms-07.14.11

Andris Feldmanis photographs what the tv sees. Via Booooooom. jc-07.08.11

Not sure why, when you've reached the point where you're already lugging around lenses, you wouldn't just bring your whole camera, but it's still kinda interesting: the iPhone SLR Mount. sd-07.07.11

Along the El on Wabash, then (1907) and now. Nice, by Pete Anderson, via Gapers. jc-07.06.11

A time-lapse of yesterday's massive sand storm in Phoenix. And here's someone driving straight into it. Makes me a bit homesick. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.06.11

"My Electronic Instant Camera, is a combination of an analog b/w videocamera and a thermal receipt printer. The device is something in between a Polaroid camera and a digital camera." —Niklas Roy. Via T and T. jc-07.06.11

Owen Silverwood's photo series, Inner Space. jc-07.05.11

Glastonbury Festival 2011. ms-07.05.11

Saikat Biswas' Holga D prototype, turning the toy camera digital. Via Design Info. sd-07.05.11

The history of the Space Shuttle, in big, beautiful photos at The Atlantic. Terrific. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.01.11

From photographer Wonford St. James, The Dead Photos. ms-06.29.11

Wow, 70 lightning strikes in one shot. ms-06.28.11

"70 California State Parks are slated for closure. Two photographers have given themselves 70 days to document them all." 70 in 70. ms-06.27.11

Really great collection of photos taken by Linda McCartney. ms-06.27.11

Jay B Sauceda's Austin Sign Painter project. Via bb-blog. jc-06.26.11

A tour of Michael's Camera Shop and Museum in Melbourne. Reminds me of the best camera shop in Chicago, the Central Camera Company. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.23.11

Love of the Game. So, so great. jc-06.22.11

The "light field photography" link that went around several years ago has since been built into a company and will be introducing its own camera later this year. "Lytro's Camera Lets You Shoot First and Focus Later." Thanks Henry. sd-06.22.11

"Sanna Kannisto's photographs go behind the scenes of the natural sciences. A test tube full of nectar enticing a bat to pose for the camera is as beautiful and instructive as any textbook image or documentary film." Nicole Pasulka's new TMN Gallery, "Fieldwork." jc-06.22.11

A great feature on war photographers from the Guardian: "The Shot That Nearly Killed Me." sd-06.21.11

Photographer David Mayhew's Storm Chase Log 2011. Just amazing. Via Skilling. jc-06.21.11

A digital camera lost at sea has been found and amazingly all of its photos were still intact. Now the trick is finding the original owner. sd-06.21.11

Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s. sd-06.20.11

"I take the conventions from the fashion world and apply them to the underclass barnyard animal." ms-06.20.11

MAD Magazine, a history in photos. Via Phil McAndrew. jc-06.16.11

Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present. dw-06.16.11

Related. Polaroid SX-70 Promotional Film, created by Charles and Ray Eames. jc-06.16.11

Japan: three months after the quake. ms-06.16.11

Abduzeedo collects some mighty fine example of aircraft wing-view photography. Fab. Via Cameron Moll. jc-06.15.11

Inside the ghost ships of the Mothball Fleet. ms-06.14.11

Local note for NYC. Polaroid PX680 is in stock at Dijital Fix. Nothing's impossible. jc-06.13.11

The fine art of Yarn Bombing. ms-06.13.11

The Empire Strikes Back, a photo by Sebastian Allan and a headline by Peteski. jc-06.13.11

Welcome to Pyongyang, a great series of photos by Charlie Crane. jc-06.13.11

Michele Petruzziello's photo project Good Bye My Love captures immigrants from the past in modern-day New York. dw-06.10.11

More amazing pictures of the erupting Puyehue-Cordon volcano chain in Chile. ms-06.09.11

"La Belle Époque from the late 19th century to the start of World War One is considered a high point of Parisian life, and this life was captured by an eccentric photographer named Eugène Atget." Via Gadling. dw-06.07.11

Amazing photos of the erupting Chilean Puyehue volcano. ms-06.07.11

From photographer Owen Silverwood, Inner Space. ms-06.02.11

Two week timelapse of the construction and awards show for the Much Music Video Awards, by Sam Javanrouh. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.02.11

Actress Sean Young's collection of Polaroids she took while filming Blade Runner. Via Swiss Cheese and Bullets. ms-06.01.11

The photography of Keith Davis Young. Via Public School. jc-05.31.11

"A few days ago, I ordered a new, but used, camera from online digital imaging superstore, B&H Photo. I found a used CF card which was left inside the camera. It offers a brief glimpse into the clandestine operation that is B&H." sd-05.26.11

Grimsvotn volcano. ms-05.25.11

The One Who Got Away, as if we needed more evidence that Laura's Pictory is the most honest, beautiful photographic storytelling thing ever. jc-05.25.11

Photographer Zack Herrera's Stripland Nights was shot in and around Los Angeles, but none would be out of place in most any other American city. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.25.11

"There are many pictures of Lincoln; there is no portrait of him." Interesting read about Mathew Brady's use of photo manipulation tricks in his shots of Abraham Lincoln. sd-05.24.11

Regarding that Space Shuttle photo. Yeah, that one. "The mere act of taking a photograph means the photographer holds the copyright for that picture. Sharing it on a social media site does nothing to limit or reduce that fundamental right." When Is Sharing Stealing? by Bob Sullivan. jc-05.24.11

Toronto's Flatiron in the rain, by Sam Javanrouh. jc-05.24.11

Photos of the devastating damage caused by the tornado that hit Joplin, MO yesterday. ms-05.23.11

From photographer Jiri Makovec, Around St. Petersburg. ms-05.23.11

A very helpful letter to the editor about photography. So valuable is this advice that I believe it's how all future CP photos, of anything, should be taken. sd-05.21.11

Best news all week: despite last year's notice that he was going to stop posting, Bob Arihood has resumed his photographing and writing about NY's East Village and its various denizens at Neither More Nor Less. It's been greatly missed. sd-05.20.11

Amazing photos of homemade dams made by residents living in the Mississippi River floodplain. ms-05.20.11

Hard to believe this is a photo, it looks like a Kevin Dart background. bb-05.19.11

"By treating artifacts of consumer culture as readymades, I create assemblages to form pseudo monuments, or totems, that serve as precarious externalizations of culture as social biography. The totems speak of accumulation and materiality and encourage debate about consumption, media, class, gender and the ways in which we feel compelled to consume." ms-05.19.11

Road trip across America (and back) in 66 days. ms-05.19.11

A big and beautiful scan from an 8x10 inch glass negative, Wabash, along the El in 1907. "Primo" Cigars! Via Gapers. jc-05.18.11

Posing With Friends posts pictures of people taking pictures next to tourists taking pictures. dw-05.18.11

Hello Wembley, over one thousand hi-res photos stitched together from the 2011 FACup Final. Totally awesome, fans can zoom in to find and tag themselves and tons have. Can't stop looking. jc-05.18.11

Libya: Rebellion continues. ms-05.17.11

"If there is no possibility of getting underneath the surface then the answer was to photograph the surface itself." Charlie Crane's Welcome to Pyongyang. sd-05.17.11

Tom writes, "A friend of mine hand-built a giant camera with X-ray film that creates 14x36-inch negatives. I had a chance to play with it and you have to stand a good foot away from the viewfinder to take the shot in." Darren's Great Big Camera. jc-05.17.11

Five photographers, a writer, two weeks and a bus. Postcards From America. jc-05.17.11

Writers and their typewriters. ms-05.17.11

Chris Gergley's Vancouver apartment foyers. jc-05.16.11

Recreating a 150 year old process, wet plate photographer Douglas Harding "time travels" to 1861 by attempting to keep the art of wet plate alive, both chemically and psychologically. ms-05.16.11

Victory Day, May 9th, marks the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War. ms-05.13.11

"I inherited the original photographs in a leather bound album titled Snap Shots Along the Invasion Route by an American Queen and Her Court. The American Queen was the horse Lou Dillon." Vintage Photographs of Moscow 1909 and an interesting story to go along with them. Via Design Info. sd-05.11.11

High Speed, Alan Sailer's photos are shot that way. Via Bumbumbum. jc-05.11.11

Fallen Princesses, a photo series by Dina Goldstein. jc-05.11.11

A look at the Mississippi River flooding. ms-05.11.11

When we tested Nuclear bombs. ms-05.09.11

Great photo essay, War Dog. ms-05.06.11

Champagne, milk, eggs and some leftovers from last night are in mine, what's In Your Fridge? dw-05.06.11

"So my wife sent me on a side trip to ikea this weekend. my friends and I started asking ourselves- what if you lived in Ikea?" ms-05.06.11

"None of the cameras were incinerated in the process." Terrific illustrated and annotated piece at SPD with background and production notes. The Last Blast, Dan Winters photographs the shuttle launch for Texas Monthly . jc-05.05.11

Vintage British Argos 1976 catalogue ms-05.05.11

Relink because it's awesome, and I'm hungry. Scanwiches. jc-05.04.11

Tiny Moscow. ms-05.03.11

Bernard DeCou's color photos of Tsarkoe Selo, or "Catherine's Palace," located just outside of St. Petersburg. Taken shortly before it was "plundered and destroyed" during WWII. sd-05.03.11

From photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes, Vertebrata. ms-05.03.11

Photos of Earth taken from space. ms-05.03.11

"Since I started pin-holing the world, I have had the strong desire to make a special camera, with the purpose of shooting just one photograph." My Journey to Build an Egg Pinhole Camera. Via bblinks. sd-04.29.11

The same storefront in Harlem, photographed from 1977 to 2004. Via J-Walk. sd-04.29.11

Stunning photos of the massive damage caused by the tornadoes that ripped through the Southern States. ms-04.29.11

This stunning 360 degree panorama of the night sky was stitched together from 37,000 images by a first-time astrophotographer. He will be selling posters on his site. Waiting. ms-04.28.11

A Developing Story, a photo series by John Cyr. Thanks Marshall. jc-04.28.11

Industrial Scars is an aesthetic look at some of our most egregious injuries to the system that sustains us in hopes that the viewer will come away with an innate understanding of her complicity and a will to make a difference. ms-04.28.11

Sideways looks at the Moon like you've never seen it before. dw-04.27.11

We have linked a few of these before, but here are even more Stanley Kubrick photos of Chicago from a 1949 Look magazine photo shoot. Via Largehearted Boy. kg-04.27.11

"A visit to Creative Engineering, Inc., the birthplace of the Rock-afire Explosion of Showbiz Pizza Place fame. Owner Aaron Fechter was kind enough to give us a tour and walk us through the history of this infamous animatronic band." So great, via Brandflakesforbreakfast. ms-04.26.11

New, beautiful Pictory showcase, Handmade, an appreciation of the art of craftsmanship. Amen. jc-04.26.11

"In most cultures around the world, perspective in art is aerial. It is not the egocentric perspective of European Renaissance art. The aerial perspective that the aborigines used in their art was a way of showing that nature, the land, life, the earth, all living things, and all creative forces are greater than us, but we are tied to and interconnected to all things around us as spirits floating in a time continuum." The Dreamtime. dw-04.26.11

From photographer Matt Sartain, Misadventures. ms-04.26.11

GB Station, ketchup cup and Vader. dw-04.25.11

Vincent Skoglund's beautiful photo series, Lightyears. Via ignant. jc-04.25.11

Cecelia Webber's Butterflies. dw-04.21.11

A look at the early issues of Cobetckoe Φoto, the Soviet photography journal founded in 1926. sd-04.21.11

Shooting Gallery. Like it says. jc-04.21.11

Nozlee Samadzadeh chats with food stylists at TMN, To Make the Mouth Water. jc-04.21.11

Photographer Jan Banning's series Bureaucratics, shots of various types of government administrators from around the world. Love this shot. sd-04.19.11

"Two For the Road is an editing experiment based on the visual similarities that can be found when photos are presented side by side." By James Turnley. Via It's Nice That. jc-04.19.11

Lizzy Oppenheimer's Rest Stop, a collection of photographs of rapidly vanishing roadside rest areas across the US. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.18.11

Places, Strange and Quiet, an exhibition of photos taken over the last 30 years by director Wim Wenders while location scouting. sd-04.18.11

A photo tour of Facebook's new datacenter. ms-04.18.11

Photos of a cemetery of Russian Jet Fighters. ms-04.15.11

Gorgeous photography from Michael Schlegel. ms-04.15.11

From photographer Matthew Brandt, Color photographs that are soaked in the specific lake or reservoir water that they represent. ms-04.14.11

17 year-old British photographer Louis Lander-Deacon. More including one per day in his stream. jc-04.14.11

If you aren't feeling hungry now, maybe you'll have to think about that a little more if you spend any time on Nikole Herriott's photostream or site, Forty-Sixth at Grace. jc-04.13.11

The announcement of the Re-35, a series of digital cartridges for analog 35mm cameras was a very successful April Fool's Day hoax. So successful that the company is now looking into how to actually build the thing for real. Via Byrdhouse. sd-04.12.11

The world inside Stephen Gill's camera, an interview and images at the TMN Galleries. jc-04.12.11

Posing With Potholes is exactly what it sounds like. sd-04.11.11

San Francisco to Paris in two minutes. Via Cynical C. ms-04.11.11

Photographer Emma Phillips' gorgeous series, Salt. Via Doobybrain. sd-04.08.11

Underwater Experiments. ms-04.08.11

Red Square at night. ms-04.08.11

Fantastic 2008 Canon 40D advertisement, making the photo-blog rounds today. Man, I know that feeling! bb-04.07.11

"My grandfather worked in Hollywood between 1914 and 1932 as a still photographer. ms-04.07.11

A calendar from an Italian coffin manufacturer. Part of the fabulous Object Project. Found among other Things. jc-04.06.11

Condition One App "A new way to photograph war?" Watch at least to the 50 second mark to get the way it works, then imagine the potential. Thanks Marshall. jc-04.05.11

How Hubble images are made using a "graphics editing program." sd-04.05.11

A super cool infrared camera controller packaged in an app: DSLR.Bot. BB, we need to make a run to Radio Shack at lunch. And bring your soldering gun tomorrow. sd-04.05.11

360° panorama of the Strahov Philosophical Library in Prague. "This image was created from 3,000 individual photos stitched together into a single image that is 280,000 x 140,000 pixels." Wired on how the image was made. jc-04.05.11

Where The F*ck Is This? ms-04.02.11

Fab, from photographer Richard Kolker, Night. ms-04.01.11

"The use of motion-triggered 'camera traps' has become an incredibly useful tool for scientists to answer an enormous range of conservation and ecological questions. Researchers attach these unique cameras to posts or trees, often along forest trails, and when a camera's sensor registers an animal's body heat and movement, a photograph is taken." ms-03.31.11

This week we saw the first image of Mercury from orbit. ms-03.31.11

From photographer Matthew Reamer: Scraper Bikes. ms-03.30.11

The world's largest photo ever taken indoors. ms-03.30.11

Andy McMillan's PTL series: what remains of Pastor Jim Bakker's former ministry. Thanks Marshall. ms-03.30.11

The Metropolitan Transit Authority's recycling program has been involved for the past decade, retiring over 2500 subways cars to the ocean to help rebuild underwater reefs along the eastern seabed. These are my images, seconds before these mass transit vessels join history in building homes for life under the sea. ms-03.29.11

Valles Marineris: the Grand Canyon of Mars. ms-03.28.11

Dog sledding season- coming to a close. ms-03.28.11

Action Figures. ms-03.25.11

"Mrs. Walker said she thought it was the lighting in the photograph that gave Tennis Girl its magic." Yeah, maybe it was that. jc-03.25.11

"By constructing these scenes in miniature, I project representations of the sex industry onto the medium of the conventional dollhouse." From artist Leanne Eisen, Play ms-03.24.11

Toys say the funniest things. ms-03.24.11

Really great Flickr pool of photos from around the world of last week's super moon. ms-03.23.11

Cartoonist Saul Steinberg, with himself as a Little Boy, Long Island, 1978. Perfect. (Bio.) jc-03.22.11

Melisaki, fabulous photo stream. "Pulse Pause Repeat." jc-03.22.11

"A guidebook for the NASA Photography Training Program," Hasselblad's Astronaut's Photography Manual (pdf). Via PetaPixel. sd-03.22.11

Toy Stories by Aled Lewis. dw-03.22.11

Sad models abandoned on country roads with vintage luggage, via Heather Parker. bb-03.22.11

Japan, one week later. ms-03.22.11

Ken Ardito took four steps then took a picture 743 times. Via Urban Tick. jc-03.21.11

You are following the Pictory Blog, aren't you? jc-03.19.11

"If you want your baby to look like a riverboat gambler's third ex-wife, we've got you covered." Etsy child abuse. ms-03.19.11

Michael Galinsky's shopping mall photos from 1990 bb-03.17.11

Photographer Yann Gross' road trip by moped in the Rhone Valley of Switzerland. Horizonville. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.15.11

Blurry Pictures of My Friends is "a place for all the beautiful but 'bad' photos you tried to take of your friends at dimly lit parties and social gatherings." dw-03.14.11

"Photographs depicting ordinary American lives in the twenty-first century." From photographer Mike Peters, The Dream. ms-03.12.11

Collections of photos from the Japanese earthquake from both Alan Taylor's In Focus and the National Post. sd-03.11.11

Carnival 2011. ms-03.11.11

Also, an autobiography written in a photo booth, A Life in Pictures. jc-03.10.11

Related to the last, Four for a Quarter, by Kenneth R. Fletcher. jc-03.10.11

Instaprint, a location based photo booth. Smart. jc-03.10.11

It has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with being turned on by the past. Retrogasm. dw-03.09.11

The Photograph by Luis Camnitzer, 1981. From Language To Be Looked At and/or Things To Be Read. jc-03.09.11

Lots of great photos of Egypt, in the 1920s, in color. sd-03.08.11

Sexy. From this month's Guest Editor Jim Hughes and his excellent illustrated post on animal locomotion and Eadweard Muybridge which includes a salacious story about the photographer that we bet you've never heard. jc-03.07.11

"Documenting primeval forests and cultivated nature, these images explore the tree in its many connotations—as a graphic form, an evocative emblem, and vital evidence of the natural world in which we live." dw-03.07.11

As-Found, the image as it is. dw-03.07.11

Dubai from a Skyscraper. ms-03.04.11

From photographer Christopher Lane, his fab series Miss Senior. ms-03.04.11

Jay B Sauceda writes, "I like what you do up there in Chicago. I was hoping you might like what I did down here in Texas." Yep we sure do. Check his All Around Cowboys. jc-03.03.11

"Growing up, I was always told to be somebody. In an attempt to find myself, I tried 85 personas. I'm still confused." Commercial director Clay Weiner's personal photography project, Try-Ons. sd-03.03.11

Stills of the excellent art direction for the film Farewell, and some real photos of Moscow from 1981. Often tricky to tell the difference. Via Poemas. sd-03.02.11

Libya: Unrest and Uncertainty. ms-03.02.11

"So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future " mcj-03.01.11

The Camera Collection. "A collection of 100 pixelated camera illustrations for anybody to download and use in whatever way they see fit." sd-03.01.11

RELIC. dw-02.28.11

The Light Painting Pool on Flickr. I. II. III. jc-02.28.11

Selections from the Missouri School of Journalism's annual Pictures of the Year International awards. sd-02.24.11

For Adventures of the Kimono Cowboy in the Far-West, Anthony Cannon Walker traveled around Japan dressed as a cowboy and had his photograph taken with "real people who each have a distinctive outward appearance associated with their positions in Japanese society." Fab. jc-02.24.11

Natsumi Hayahsi takes photos of herself levitating. ms-02.24.11

Perhaps the best photo yet of the English Loch Ness Monster, or 'Bownessie' was taken last week at Lake Windermere. The photographer was a man named Mr. Pickles. sd-02.23.11

Thomas Birke's Urban Photography Series. jc-02.23.11

From photographer Eugene Kuo, Croatia on the Cusp of Winter. ms-02.23.11

A look at the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Best of the Best. ms-02.22.11

"The image was the first publicly exhibited photograph of a nude, the first major art photograph and the first photo-montage." The Two Ways of Life, at Codex XCIX. jc-02.22.11

A few aurora photos from the recent solar storm. dw-02.18.11

A behind the scenes look at photographing the Super Bowl for Sports Illustrated. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.18.11

AROUNDER gives travelers a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a a full immersive view of the cities. You can also visit Mars. ms-02.18.11

Polish photographers Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga have created a series called "Plan" which essentially tears the roof off domestic scenes. It's impossible not to start filling in a backstory, take this large version for example. Totally intriguing, in a Big Brother sort of way. jc-02.18.11

Amateur Wedding photography. Leave it to the professionals folks. ms-02.18.11

A look inside the Kungur Ice Cave. ms-02.17.11

Moa Karlberg's Watching You Watch Me. "I have taken portraits of people through a mirror, when they are totally unaware of the camera inside. This way I get shots of people watching themselves." Via Casey Dunn of Public School. jc-02.16.11

"Stand on a bench. Make sure it's Monday. Wear something pretty." Once Upon by Heidi Lender. Only brilliant. jc-02.15.11

Echoism, "Making people symmetrical since 11/1/11." jc-02.15.11

Irina Werning's "then and now" photos, Back To the Future. Cool, but sorta creepy. Via Waxy. jc-02.15.11

Photos of the last un-contacted people in the world. ms-02.14.11

The Big Picture looks at the recent revolution in Egypt. ms-02.12.11

"What does it mean when different sites, at particular points in time that they are photographed, can easily substitute for the same place?" Landscape Permutations, a series by David Semeniuk jc-02.11.11

Mike Mike combines photos of faces from around the world into composites. For example Koln Cathedral in Germany. jc-02.11.11

The photo from Cairo yesterday. Broken Bones Not Spirit. I don't know who to attribute it to but it was submitted to AJ by @ghazalairshad. jc-02.11.11

Matthias Heiderich's photo series Snow Blind. sd-02.10.11

Stunning work from photographer Hengki Koentjoro. ms-02.10.11

Vanity Fair has a look at the photos from the last roll of Kodachrome. ms-02.10.11

Todd McLellan disassembles things. dw-02.10.11

Danish photographer Kim Høltermand's series Deserted City is terrific. Via Public School. jc-02.10.11

360-degree panoramas of 14 airplane cockpits. Via Boing Boing. ms-02.09.11

Adam Voorhes Photography, exploded. jc-02.08.11

Try not to click on this link. I dare you. Spacesuit on Fire in Front of Radio City Music Hall. Via Super Punch. jc-02.08.11

Chinese New Year, 2011. ms-02.08.11

Hauntingly lovely photos of an abandoned paper mill. ms-02.08.11

Gas Stations, a lovely photo set by Notley Hawkins. Via Things Magazine. jc-02.07.11

From photographer Christopher Stoll, Epic. ms-02.07.11

Cutaway cooking photography, by Ryan Matthew Smith. Via Public School, which is absolutely on fire with great finds lately. jc-02.05.11

Lake Shore Drive 2-2-11. ms-02.03.11

Robin Cook's Star Wars photoshoot. Via Geekologie. dw-02.03.11

Kenneth O'Halloran's photos of Gaelic nomads: Fair Trade. sd-02.03.11

A harrowing, historic week in Egypt. ms-02.03.11

A look at what we are dealing with here in CP's hometown. ms-02.02.11

Artist Heidi Lender's self-imposed weekly photo assignment: "Stand on a bench. Make sure it's Monday. Wear something pretty." Via J-Walk. sd-02.01.11

"She still had a last name at that point, and when I told her I worked for the Voice, she said, 'Oh, that's so funny. They're reviewing my first single this week.'" Rosecrans Baldwin chats with Amy Arbus about her "On the Street" photo-column that ran in The Village Voice between 1980 and 1990. jc-02.01.11

Stormtrooper RIP. ms-01.31.11

Atomic Antiques, Mark Stevens' collection of images, pop culture and assorted ephemera. Thanks Marshall. jc-01.31.11

For BB, more pictures of North Korea. ms-01.28.11

"Do you have a best side?" Symmeytrical Portraits by Julian Wolkenstein. Via It's Nice That. jc-01.27.11

Andy Westlake looks at the new Fujifilm FinePix X100 which is beautifully designed based on 1970s rangefinder classics. Want. Via Jamie D. jc-01.25.11

A look at the Ivory Coast's election stalemate. ms-01.25.11

Note to Self is why I love Pictory. jc-01.21.11

"Those who serve and die on the battlefield in Southern Afghanistan are tended to by a small group of dedicated soldiers who have been trained to provide dignity and respect to their fallen comrades." Soldiers' Angels. ms-01.21.11

"I was skiing in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and I found a roll of film. I had the film developed and this is what I found. ms-01.21.11

A series of stellar photos and a good history of New York's long abandoned North Brother Island and Riverside Hospital. sd-01.20.11

New from photographer Eugene Kuo, A Coney Island Winter. ms-01.20.11

Hi-res photos of Brisbane before and after the flood, presented using cool 'slider-bar' reveal technique. jc-01.20.11

Alan Taylor, who launched The Big Picture for the Boston Globe, has moved to the Atlantic and has just started editing the similar In Focus for them. sd-01.19.11

Mariel Clayton is a doll photographer with an apparent penchant for violent images. sd-01.18.11

For MS, 10 of the world's weirdest spiders. dw-01.18.11

Rides A Bike, a photoblog of movie stars and their self-propelled vehicles. dw-01.17.11

It's summer in Antarctica and that means Anthony Powell is back to taking photos. sd-01.14.11

Dakar Rally 2011. ms-01.14.11

"...This book deals with one family's attempt to solve one of the great mysteries of photography: how to shoot a black dog." In Almost Every Picture #9, by Eric Kessels. Via Andrew Abb. jc-01.13.11

From photographer Jordan Matter, Dancers Among Us. ms-01.12.11

Landscape photos in the round by Marco Suarez. Via d*s. dw-01.10.11

Local note: The first solo exhibition of a small sampling of Vivian Maier's 100,000+ photos opens tonight at the Chicago Cultural Center. dw-01.07.11

Photographers James and Karla Murray's fantastic series Storefronts. I. II. III. jc-01.06.11

A New Year rolls in. ms-01.01.11

Afghanistan, December 2010. ms-12.30.10

"In the late '60's I worked for Bell Labs for a few years managing a data center and developing an ultra high speed information retrieval system. It was the days of beehive hair on the women and big mainframe computers. One day I took a camera to work and shot the pictures below. Via MeFi. ms-12.30.10

Gorgeous work from artists Robert and Shana Parkeharrison, Architect's Brother. ms-12.30.10

Fairs & Expos, snapshots from Brussels 58, New York 64 and Montreal 67, collected by ElectroSpark. Via Mefi. jc-12.24.10

Creepy Santa Photos. Creepy indeed. ms-12.23.10

IBM Computers, 1969 collected by Aqua-Velvet. jc-12.21.10

Today in the TMN Galleries, Shinichi Maruyama's "Throwing Water" Photo Series and a really cool, super slo-mo video on how he does it. jc-12.20.10

Appropriate, given the retail nature of the season, Erik Holmberg's photo series, Sorry, We're Closed. jc-12.20.10

"Beginning with the government's failed response to the flooding of New Orleans in 2005, the American people suffered through a series of devastating corruptions of their traditional structures of support. Stranded is a meditation on the despondence of the American psyche as this collapse of certainty left the country stuck in an unfamiliar space between distress and relief." Via If it's hip, it's here. ms-12.20.10

Winners of the National Geographic 2010 Photo Contest. ms-12.17.10

It's beginning to look a lot like like Christmas. ms-12.17.10

From Sam Jacob, Alphabet Spaghetti. ms-12.17.10

From photographer Alan Powdrill, Greasy Christmas. ms-12.13.10

"On a huge four-meter wide and eight-meter long blackboard that I set up in Beijing Film Studio in 2003, many Chinese and English terms and sentences about changes in Chinese history and culture selected from English-training textbooks were scribbled in chalk." Wang Qingsong's epic Follow Me. jc-12.09.10

CP fave, photographer Michael Wolf's amazing new series, Tokyo Compression. jc-12.09.10

Jacob Krupnick spent the day after Art Basel Miami Beach inside the convention center. jc-12.08.10

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig precipitated a catastrophic chain of events that endangered the waters of the Gulf and the people of the region. The devastation on the water was reflected in the faces of the people, and at that point, the most important story to tell was the story of the people." From photographer David Zimmerman, Gulf Coast. ms-12.08.10

French photographer Olivier Valsecchi's series of nudes in motion, "Dust." jc-12.07.10

Reuters best images of 2010. ms-12.06.10

A photo every day of Natalie, from birth to 10 years old in one minute and 25 seconds. Via Kottke. jc-12.03.10

The Before and After Series is mesmerizing. Just one category from the always great If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. jc-12.02.10

"Never before or since had a series of photographs been this throughly analyzed." jc-12.02.10

"After discovering some negatives at a flea market and scanning them onto her computer, Teeuwisse then went to each of these Amsterdam locations to take more recent shots. She then merged the two together to make the past come alive." ms-12.02.10

Viewers of Jason Travis' Persona Diptychs "take a voyeuristic delight in not only glimpsing the items usually tucked away in bags and pockets, but in identifying with strangers by relating to the tokens they carry with them." Fab. jc-11.30.10

The recently announced shortlist for the Prix Pictet prize for photography. Pulling for Michael Wolf, but they're all stellar shooters. sd-11.30.10

"I'll say it again: you should totally get to choose what you find hot. Alas. You do not. It always chooses you." This Shouldn't Seem Hot, a gallery curated by Merlin Mann. Via Matt Haughey. jc-11.30.10

Photos of organ grinders (and the occasional monkey) from the late-1800s, early-1900s. sd-11.29.10

Heather Champ's terrific Home (Away From Home) series of photographic collages depict a single viewpoint in a variety of locations. jc-11.24.10

Damon Winter's photos of troops in Afghanistan, shot with an iPhone. sd-11.22.10

From photographer Klaus Pichler, Skeletons in the Closet. ms-11.18.10

Friend and occasional co-conspirator, Jason Koxvold's photography project, Everything and Nothing: Photographs of the Future. jc-11.16.10

Reflecting the Bright Lights, Walter Hugo resurrects 19th century studio techniques to "capture a moment with silver nitrate." Via It's Nice That. jc-11.16.10

A look at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Asian Games. ms-11.16.10

Alieh Sadatpur's photos of bicycles in Isfahan, Iran. sd-11.15.10

"Nestled three miles east of Hwy 111, at the foothills of the Chocolate Mountains in the Colorado Desert, lies a small community of year round campers called Slab City." ms-11.15.10

Using both light-enhancing and heat-seeking cameras British photographer Martin Dohrn was able to capture rare footage and stills for the National Geo Wild and Nat Geo Wild HD documentary 'Night of the Lion'. ms-11.11.10

Photographer Christian Tagliavini's 1503. jc-11.10.10

RIP Joseph Sterling. He was a student at the Institute of Design at IIT and studied under Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Frederick Sommer. Selected work at the Stephen Daiter Gallery. More from Andrew Abb. jc-11.10.10

Great Migrations. ms-11.08.10

LIFE in the Laboratory. Nice collection, this one looks exactly like our studio when DW is testing Field Notes! Via Boing Boing. jc-11.05.10

The oldest known photograph of an aircraft. ms-11.03.10

Gizmodo on shooting with the lens off. Awesome. jc-11.02.10

Alexander James has been "creating a series of 17th century still life images depicting the work of the Dutch masters. A body of work created entirely underwater with ebbing waves of light refracting off the scene." Sublime. Here's James' portfolio site. jc-11.02.10

"...but Paris I don't find so exciting. There's nothing to go and photograph really. It's full of cliches that have been photographed millions of times so I holed myself up and started looking at Paris through Google in an attempt to figure out another way of looking at the city." Michael Wolf's "Iseeyou" in TMN Galleries. jc-11.01.10

Checking back in on What Katie Ate, a foodie photography blog from Sydney. Also, check Katie Quinn Davis' portfolio site, it's very tasty. jc-11.01.10

From photographer Elena Kalis, Alice in Waterland. ms-10.29.10

"In the series Sudhoff creates large-scale color photographs of stained fabrics from trauma scenes and discusses the invisibility of death in our culture." Fascinating, At the Hour of Our Death. You can see Sarah's work here. ms-10.28.10

Simple and beautiful approach to visualizing recipes from Kochhaus (Cookhouse) in Berlin. jc-10.27.10

So you know, how to make to multiple exposures on a Polaroid SX-70. Ingenious. Via Heather. jc-10.26.10

Morocco and Spain, 1000 miles, 2 weeks, 4000 photos, 2 minutes. By Mike Matas. Via Goodmorning & Goodnight. jc-10.25.10

The NYC subway over the past century, The Subway in Pictures. Via MeFi. ms-10.22.10

The winners of the 2010 Nikon International Small World Photomicrography Competition. Because you wanted to know what a mosquito's heart looks like. (Yes, you did.) pxj-10.21.10

Diptera, Lepidoptera, Odonata and Arachnida ms-10.21.10

Love this site on The Story of Phoot Camp. jc-10.20.10

Disassembled Household Appliances, a set of photos by Brittny Badger, done as a senior thesis high school project. Also, see the Junk Drawers of her friends. Via Strange Attractor. jc-10.20.10

Iconic Photos. Like it says, and annotated. Bookmarked. jc-10.19.10

Marijuana. ms-10.19.10

From photographer Rachel Bee Porter, The Joy of Cooking. ms-10.16.10

"Hey Ivan Ibex, what's up?" "Oh, you know, just going for a walk." I feel dizzy. ms-10.15.10

Just Like Heaven, the latest showcase from Pictory. Ahhh. jc-10.13.10

From photographer David Rochkind, Pollution: The Human Cost. ms-10.12.10

A North Korean anniversary and debut. ms-10.12.10

Lovely wedding photos by Hoffer for Erin and Tim. We don't know any of the parties involved but we're glad the groomsman (scroll down) are there to protect us. jc-10.11.10

Soldier. Nine American soldiers photographed at Fort Drum, NY between tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. dw-10.11.10

Russian computer centers of 1980's and 1990's. ms-10.07.10

A flood of toxic sludge ms-10.07.10

The photo shot by Mark Pain milliseconds before Tiger Woods' ball hit his camera. sd-10.05.10

Rarely seen North Korea. ms-10.04.10

"Boom and bust residential development has drastically affected parts of southwest Florida for decades now, and I spent some time (with the help of Google Earth), looking around the area." Human landscapes in SW Florida. ms-10.01.10

"The recipes are presented as graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colourful stage. And when you turn the page you see the fantastic result." Lovely and imaginative photography for an IKEA coffee table baking book. Via Today and Tomorrow. ms-10.01.10

What is normally mundane, even ugly, when looked at from a different angle can be surprisingly beautiful. ms-09.30.10

From photographer Alain Delorme, Totem. ms-09.30.10

Take me home (I ♥ Tokyo cabs). dw-09.29.10

1965 Life Mag photos by Bill Ray, from a story on the Hells Angels that never ran. Great shots and story by Joe Bride. Via Boing Boing. jc-09.29.10

Photographer Martin Roemers' series Relics of the Cold War. Via White Noise of Everyday Life. ms-09.27.10

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. ms-09.27.10

Animals in the news. Maybe you'll get further than me, could not get past number one. Gah! ms-09.24.10

Aqua-Velvet on Modern Photography from October, 1965. Sexy. jc-09.24.10

Inside the world's most opulent private jets. ms-09.24.10

"He paid Berlin officials 40.26 deutschmarks an hour for the privilege of photographing the still-furnished, recently-mothballed relic." Some shots from Thorsten Klapsch's new book, Palast der Republik, a collection of the last photographs taken inside the former East Berlin structure shortly after it had been sealed off in the early 90s. sd-09.23.10

With a snow storm blanketing Norway causing long delays and canceled flights, photographer Helmut Dietz passed the time by shooting Profile Silhouettes at the Oslo Airport. sd-09.23.10

I think you can see where this is going just from the name, Hatecation. jc-09.23.10

Check the images produced when a 102 year old lens is retrofitted onto a Canon 5D DSLR. Via Daring Fireball. jc-09.23.10

For SD, gorgeous photography of Norway from photographer Rune Werner Molnes. Via SurfStation. ms-09.22.10

Photos and descriptions from Odessa, the city of marvels. sd-09.20.10

Michael Wesely's super long photographic exposures. jc-09.20.10

"From 1945 to 1962, the United States military detonated hundreds of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere. Photographers struggled to document the nature of the explosions and their destructive effects." Capturing the Atom Bomb on Film. ms-09.16.10

"In this project I have downloaded pictures of 'friends' that I only know through the Internet, and given them a new context." From photographer Johan Rosenmunthe, Off II. ms-09.15.10

Classic cars of the 1950's and 60's. ms-09.14.10

Photographer Matthias Heiderich's gorgeous series, "Meanwhile, Back in Berlin." Via Doobybrain. sd-09.13.10

A look at the winners of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich's Astronomy Photographer of the Year for 2010. ms-09.13.10

Kiel Johnson's cardboard cameras. Love the Twin Lens. Via Lost in E Minor. jc-09.10.10

Detroit 2010. ms-09.10.10

Awesome REF campaign poster photo courtesy of Heather Parker. bb-09.09.10

Christian Houge's photos of Arctic Technology. Via BLDGBLOG. dw-09.07.10

London through the viewfinder. Via The Cartoonist. ms-09.07.10

No Country for Small Men. ms-09.07.10

Gorgeous foggy photos by Kim Holtermand dw-09.03.10

"While viewing people on one of the wealthiest streets in the world, I was looking for private and surreal moments, shapes and reflections, the look of people and their faces." From photographer Michael Butler, Rodeo Drive. ms-09.03.10

18 places to feel dwarfed by nature. ms-09.02.10

A boy and girl in a city with a wigglegram. mgr-09.01.10

A look at some of the amazing rainforest wildlife photographs of Guido Sterkendries. ms-09.01.10

"With her fertile imagination, Eckert brilliantly pictures what makes a home, how different its meanings are to different eyes, and how little or much it takes to create the image of the home you want, your image of perfection." From photographer Amy Eckert, Manufacturing Home. ms-08.31.10

"Zoom in on a spectacular national park photo to reveal hundreds more photos making up the original." National Parks Infinite photo. ms-08.30.10

A great read on the controversy over former model Ann Kirsten Kennis and how a photo of her appeared on Vampire Weekend's latest album without her permission. sd-08.26.10

City of Ambition, Ferit Kuyas' photos of Chongqing, China's fastest growing city, and its most foggy. sd-08.26.10

Malls serving as Churches. The New Cathedrals, a photo series by Estan Cabigas. Via Concientious. jc-08.26.10

In addition to being a famous senator, Barry Goldwater was also an accomplished photographer. sd-08.25.10

So you know. How to make La Guillotine Camera, A.K.A The Adidas Camera by Steven Monteau. A bit more info from Shelby at ISO50 jc-08.25.10

From artist Ben Innes, Separations. ms-08.24.10

Post-Dispatch photographer Robert Cohen took his very last roll of Kodachrome 200 to the Missouri State Fair. Sweet. Via Will Sullivan. jc-08.23.10

Wang Yuanling's photo series The Subjective City. A must look for anyone who has read Peter Hessler's River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze. More photos here. sd-08.23.10

Dan Eckert's fantastic time lapse footage from the California/Arizona border. Also, some behind the scenes of his homemade railroad track dolly which was used to shoot a lot of it. Via CheesyCam. sd-08.23.10

Thanks Marshall. Really. ms-08.21.10

All we are is just a star. dw-08.20.10

Russia in color, a century ago. ms-08.20.10

"It represented the blood-filled arteries of a city pumping with organic, authentic, city-brewed culture. It was covered with tags and pieces while filled with people of every size, shape, age and color. It was reckless and untamed and most importantly, it was New York City." NYC subways in the 80s. dw-08.20.10

American Cities: Pre-1950. ms-08.20.10

In Deep, the latest issue of Pictory is only fantastic. jc-08.18.10

Fubiz on photographer Dan Tobin Smith going upper case. Sublime. Lots more innovative work can be found at Trainset Ghetto in the TMN Galleries. jc-08.18.10

Amazing photos of space taken by amateur photographer Martin Pugh. ms-08.18.10

Photos of Russian firefighters from the late 1800s to the early 20th century. sd-08.16.10

The work of Melinda Sue Gordon, film production photographer. Thanks Henry. sd-08.16.10

Two states away, but Sweet Juniper's photos from the Monroe County Fair look like they were taken in the same place as where we shot our short film at the Monona County Fair. sd-08.13.10

How beaches looked 100 years ago. dw-08.13.10

The desert indoors. dw-08.12.10

So you know, the longest photographic exposures in history. ms-08.12.10

Nick Gleis' photographs of gaudy private jets that belong African dictators and other heads of state. sd-08.12.10

Amazing scanning electron microscope photos of insects and spiders. ms-08.12.10

Life magazine has 25 never-seen photos of the Rat Pack. Via Mental Floss. ms-08.11.10

"A repository for photos you can not live with any longer, a place for them to exist without being destroyed." Too Hard to Keep. ms-08.11.10

The Big Picture takes a look at the utterly devastating flooding in Pakistan. Heartbreaking. ms-08.11.10

"Jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can cause severe physical harm resulting in extreme bodily harm and/or death." Hey, anyone want to go to the beach? ms-08.11.10

Stunning images of the human eye. ms-08.10.10

From photographer Guido Mocafico, Guns and Roses. ms-08.06.10

These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on America's rural and small town populations. dw-08.05.10

A look at the current Russian wildfires. ms-08.05.10

From photographer David Leventi, a series showcasing the world's most famous opera houses, Bjoerling's Larynx. ms-08.04.10

Lots of portraits of Jeff Wang Murphy's string figures, including this set taken by student photographer Robin Moore of her classmates' projects. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-08.03.10

Scott Rhea's underwater photography. dw-08.03.10

Relink. Sublime photos from photographer Laurent Nivalle, Le Mans Classic. ms-08.03.10

Sergey Larenkov melds the present and the past in this powerful and evocative set of photo montages. I. II. III. jc-08.02.10

Lost America, a great big update to Troy's repository of night photography of the abandoned West. Fab. jc-08.02.10

A beautiful photo series by Gigi Cifali for Polar Inertia, Absence of Water documents abandoned swimming pools. jc-08.02.10

"...items detained or seized from passengers or express mail entering the United States from abroad at the New York airport." Photographs by Taryn Simon. jc-07.30.10

If you're a photographer who nerds out on how to caress every single pixel—or even if you just like your photo pr0n nice and juicy—have I got a detailed breakdown of film scanning for you. (Via Kernspiracy.) cw-07.30.10

"This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it." Via SpaceInvading. dw-07.28.10

Related to the last. Carl Corey's Wisconsin Tavern League, Installments 1-4. Light, atmosphere, composition and longnecks. Fab. jc-07.28.10

This is the official Flickr account of the British Monarchy. dw-07.27.10

Stormy Skies. ms-07.27.10

From photographer Tom Hussey, A Day at the Dog Show. ms-07.26.10

"It's definitely the end of an era." Photographer Steve McCurry spends two months shooting with the very last roll of Kodachrome. Thanks Henry. sd-07.26.10

Vroom. Grain Edit on Laurent Nivalle's fab photography of the Le Mans Classic 2010 and Saul Bass's opening titles forGrand Prix. jc-07.22.10

Layer Tennis champion Chris Glass spills a secret (well, one of many) to his terrific photos: a free Photoshop action set called Vintage Film Effect. cw-07.21.10

Photographer Siegfried Wittenburg looks back on forbidden photos of everyday life in East Germany. Via Nick Denton. jc-07.21.10

From photographer Peter Brown, West of Last Chance. ms-07.21.10

Photographer Barbara Crane's Chicago Loop series from 1976-78. Sublime. Via Conscientious. jc-07.19.10

New York City from above. dw-07.19.10

Gorgeous photos by Bae Byung-Woo. dw-07.19.10

"...what does it mean to say that reality looks Photoshopped?" German photographer Julian Faulhaber, in the TMN Galleries, Low-Density Polyethylene. jc-07.16.10

Related to DW's bird post below, stunning hi-def photos of birds by Andrew Zuckerman. ms-07.15.10

Citizen-fan Alan Light photographed a slew of celebs in his day, but this set of Polaroids from the 1976 premiere of A Star Is Born is pure, fuzzy gold. cw-07.14.10

Hipsters, Hustlers, and Handball Players, Leon Levinstein's NYC photographs, 1950-80. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-07.12.10

The mirrors and I, making the cover for CR's Illustration Annual. jc-07.12.10

The only thing more fun than riding old trains is looking at pictures of them. cw-07.12.10

This is not America. dw-07.09.10

Summer is here. ms-07.09.10

An interesting read on what it's like to work with collodion photography. sd-07.07.10

From photographer Laura Blight, The Human Trace. ms-07.07.10

For a shot of wayback, DOCUMERICA, the EPA-commissioned photography project from 1971-77. Via HOW. cw-07.07.10

Photos taken by LIFE photographer David E. Scherman in and around Piccadilly, London, during the wartime blackout, February 1944. Via Doobybrain. sd-07.02.10

Astronauts, a photo series by Hunter Freeman. Awesome. jc-07.02.10

Since the book costs $1000 and there will only be 1,500 made, flipping through it online might be your best bet: Taschen's Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967. sd-07.01.10

Glastonbury Festival 2010. ms-06.30.10

Amazing underwater photos of surfers from photographer Mark Tipple, The Underwater Project. ms-06.26.10

Life magazine has some never-seen- before photos from The Korean War. ms-06.25.10

Over 600,000 CDs were put into position by hand to create a sea. dw-06.25.10

From fab photographer Jan von Holleben, Journey to Everywhere. ms-06.24.10

From photographer Jamey Stillings, his gorgeous series The Bridge at Hoover Dam. ms-06.23.10

Images from the world's most failed states, Postcards from Hell. ms-06.22.10

"In 2009, it will be among the last settlements to be evacuated of people and submerged under the waters of the Three Gorges Dam, uprooting its inhabitants forever. Kaixian, the 1800 years of my childhood home's history, expunged." ms-06.22.10

For BB, football fields around Europe. dw-06.21.10

Photographer Joshua Hoffine is interested in the psychology of fear and explores that in his horror photography ms-06.21.10

Ridiculously cute pictures of babies learning to swim. Via MeFi. ms-06.18.10

"I've always loved this building. Sid Barnett's Machine Shop. No one on the mountain can remember it being open. Today I finally stopped and took a few pics." Via Dinosaurs & Robots. jc-06.17.10

Gorgeous photography from Michael Napper, Objects/Still Life. ms-06.17.10

Fab portraits from everywhere, the photography of Reed Young. Check "Life After Sumo," and "Sturgis." Via 40fakes. jc-06.17.10

Opening weekend at the 2010 World Cup. ms-06.16.10

Li Wei's people are flying all over the place. jc-06.14.10

To go with Acquired Taste and Tastespotting, check Pretty Foods & Pretty Drinks. When's lunch? jc-06.10.10

Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's Polaroids, taken between 1979 and 1984. Thanks Henry. sd-06.09.10

"Over a four-year period Bain Hogg documented different aspects of the underworld, from exile in Tenerife to the broad spectrum of activity in the United Kingdom." The Firm. Some images NSFW. ms-06.08.10

Great work by the photographer Andrew B. Myers. Start with his latest for 2010 and go from there. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.07.10

Unintended Light, a photographic series by Zoltán Vancsó, text by Virág Böröczfy. jc-06.07.10

Photographer Dulce Pinzon's series The Magnificent Migrants. sd-06.03.10

The magic of a London night. ms-06.03.10

Unbelievable pictures of that giant sinkhole in Guatemala. ms-06.03.10

Yowza, big special New York City edition of Pictory, designed by Nicholas Felton and curated by Josh Haner. Best issue yet! jc-06.02.10

Photographer Alan George's series on mobile homes: Wheeled Estate. Via Doobybrain. sd-06.02.10

From photographer Alec Soth, Dog Days, Bogota. ms-06.02.10

Dennis Hopper, Behind The Camera And The Canvas. jc-06.01.10

"Between 1986 and 1990, I made approximately 8,000 color, Hasselblad images on the streets of Communist Europe." From photographer David Hlynsky, Communist Store Windows. ms-06.01.10

The Secret Life of Toys. ms-05.27.10

Photographic series by Juergen Chill. "Bordelle" and "Zellen" take an unconventional and claustrophobic perspective to document the lives of prostitutes and prisoners. "Remain Behind" is simple and devastating. jc-05.26.10

Mike and his friend traveled to Nepal and tried to drive a rickshaw 2000 miles to the bottom of India. Here is their trip in 3 minutes. Via This is Awesome. ms-05.25.10

From photographer Ross Mantle, In the Wake of the American Dream. ms-05.24.10

Oil reaches Louisiana shores. ms-05.24.10

Transit of ISS and Atlantis in front of the Sun. ms-05.24.10

Gillian Laub's newly-award winning photos chronicling the last few days of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. sd-05.21.10

Crackdown in Bangkok. Some images are disturbing. ms-05.21.10

What clouds look like from above. ms-05.19.10

The photography of Andrew Moore, take note of the Detroit series. Fab. jc-05.19.10

Great work from photographer Fulvio Bonavia, be sure to check out his Paris Market series. J'adore. ms-05.18.10

We are the family in the photo that came with your new picture frame, by Colin Nissan. jc-05.17.10

NatGeo's tumbler. jc-05.17.10

Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico. ms-05.14.10

From photographer Bryan Schutmaat, his series Heartland. Fab. ms-05.13.10

Conscientious asks what makes a great portrait photograph? jc-05.12.10

BDiF's Some destinations are moving away while others are approaching. The work of Swedish architectural photographer Rasmus Norlander. jc-05.11.10

Lynette and James love the movie Up. So, when they were having their engagement pictures taken, they decided to use the movie as their inspiration. Lovely. ms-05.11.10

Flooding in Tennessee. ms-05.06.10

From photographer Eugene Kuo, gorgeous photos of Uxbekistan. ms-05.06.10

Get Back In Your Book. ms-05.06.10

Smitten Kitchen's "Our Approach to Food Photos." sd-05.05.10

"As members of this generation pass away, their personal history becomes commodified; but this project counteracts the disposability of an accumulated life by prolonging the existence of the domestic environment and the items it contains." Forget Me Not. ms-05.04.10

One black olive? designer James Reynolds shows us what a real last supper looks like. ksc-05.04.10

From photographer Abby Wilcox, her fab series Haight Space. ms-05.03.10

From National Geographic, photos showing the effects of the Gulf oil spill on land and wildlife. ms-05.03.10

"Over 5,000 men and women have died serving the United States in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This is a project about who they were – sons, daughters, sisters, brothers – and the bedrooms which they once called their own." Bedrooms of the Fallen. dw-04.30.10

Jump! jc-04.29.10

Speaking of Polaroids, that's all JSM is shooting this month. jc-04.28.10

Related. Wow, a man takes a Polaroid picture every day for two decades. jc-04.28.10

Related. "...essentially a one-of-a-kind object, like an oil painting or daguerreotype." Gone in Sixty Seconds, an excellent essay by Phil Patton for AIGA, on the legacy of Polaroid jc-04.28.10

We would have visited for sure a few weeks ago. The Impossible Project Polaroid Store to open in NYC. jc-04.28.10

I could stare all day at A Continuous Lean's amazing and growing Kodachrome collection. ncz-04.27.10

"I meet two or more people on the street who are strangers to each other, and to me. I ask them if they will pose for a photograph together with the stipulation that they must touch each other in some manner." Richard Renaldi's Touching Strangers. dw-04.27.10

"This panorama of San Francisco in ruins was taken by George R. Lawrence using a kite, on Monday 28th May 1906. This was about six weeks after the earthquake and fire which caused the devastation." ms-04.27.10

This is the first image ever taken of Earth from the surface of a planet beyond the Moon. It was taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit one hour before sunrise on the 63rd Martian day, or sol, of its mission. dw-04.26.10

Huge collection of photos of New York in the 1940's. ms-04.26.10

Hauntingly beautiful photographs of wrecked and abandoned airliners, The Fall. Via Beautiful/Decay. ms-04.26.10

Hubble 20th anniversary photos. dw-04.23.10

Signs of Use, a photo series by Andy Sawyer. Lovely. jc-04.23.10

So this is what is causing my allergies to go haywire this spring. Incredible microscopic images of pollen. Pretty, but can you please just go away? ms-04.23.10

"When we understand more about the realities of American power, we can make wiser choices about energy through conservation and civic action." From Susan Bell and Mitch Epstein, the fabulous What is American Power?" ms-04.22.10

"Waspy people doing waspy things in Connecticut. Summer of 1948 & 1949." Summer in Fairfield County Connecticut. ncz-04.21.10

From photographer Andy Bloxham, his series Polaroids. Fab. ms-04.20.10

Stages of a Photographer (via Heather Parker) bb-04.19.10

Amazing pictures of the volcanic ash currently covering Europe. ms-04.19.10

Craig is scanning his life. Via Mig. jc-04.19.10

From photographer Martin Adolfsson, Suburbia Gone Wild. ms-04.19.10

"Open spaces become completely accessible then and reveal the details of a standardized world which usually escape us." From photographer Jean-Pierre Attal, Cells. ms-04.17.10

A stunning, curated Flickr gallery of the Icelandic volcano. ncz-04.16.10

From 600,000-year old Siberian bacteria to two-leaved tree tumbo in the Namib desert, Rachel Sussman has travelled the world taking photos of ancient organisms. dw-04.15.10

Turn any Flickr set into a printed magazine with (current Deck advertiser) MagCloud's smart new feature. jc-04.15.10

360 Cities, panoramic photography. The "Editors Picks" is a good place to start. jc-04.13.10

Stuck in a creative rut? Head to your local library and wander through the stacks, choosing at random. Works for us every time. ncz-04.13.10

Poland in Mourning. ms-04.12.10

Hypermarket by Denis Darzacq, in the TMN Galleries. Beautiful. jc-04.12.10

Two brothers took a picture of the recent earthquake in Mexico as it lifts a layer of dust off a mountain range. Wow. ms-04.09.10

"Of course you can tell by the age of these signs that the businesses were around for some time. That's the saddest part of it all." Pinkiestyle looks at two fading beauties in Columbus. ncz-04.08.10

A look back at Youngstown. ncz-04.08.10

The International Space Station flying through the Aurora at 28,000 kmh. Spectacular. Via @astro_Soichi. ncz-04.07.10

Signs of Spring from The Big Picture. Beautiful, as always. ncz-04.07.10

EmptyLA. ms-04.07.10

Where else can you find the "Australian contingent at Handoub", "Ching Hook in fighting attitude", or "Hiram Maxim's Glider"? It's The National Archives UK on flickr. Via A Continuous Lean. ncz-04.06.10

Northeast Ohio is a signage fan's dream. Our personal favorite? The hand-painted signs at Alesci's, a nearby Italian grocery. There really is quite a bit to see on Ohio's north coast. ncz-04.06.10

Either the greatest business team of all time or overuse of a stock photo. sd-04.05.10

With baseball season upon us - go Cleveland - the Library of Congress takes a look at our national pastime. ncz-04.05.10

Easter celebrations around the world. ms-04.04.10

"she gave me a warm pat on the shoulder and complimented my friend on her beautiful smile, and then, as we were parting ways, she thanked me for doing this project. funny... because i thought i had her to thank." Joshua hearts strangers. ms-04.01.10

"Phone-sex is theatre. An artificial passion-play in real-time, directed by a skilled verbal fantasist, with only one possible conclusion." From photographer Phillip Toledano, PhoneSex. ms-03.30.10

The Big Picture: Earth Hour 2010. dw-03.30.10

Almost famous cats. dw-03.30.10

Amazing photos of insects covered in morning dew taken by an amateur, yes, amateur photographer. Via MeFi. ms-03.29.10

"Whereas prior series have juxtaposed humanizing details within the surrounding geometry of the urban landscape, in The Transparent City, his details are fragments of life--digitally distorted and hyper-enlarged--snatched surreptitiously via telephoto lenses: Edward Hopper meets Blade Runner." Photographer Michael Wolf's series on our hometown, The Transparent City. ms-03.29.10

President Obama looking at awesome things. dw-03.28.10

"At a walkthrough of an exhibition of the big collection, a young student asked, 'Why did I have to own them?' Deathless pause. 'Because then they're mine!' It is a monument to covetousness." Jörg Colberg chats with photography collector Bill Hunt, at the smartly redesigned and reformatted Conscientious. jc-03.26.10

Neighborhood Treasure, the hidden charms of 31 communities told in pictures and words. Another outstanding edition of Pictory. jc-03.24.10

Had this come a few weeks earlier, we could have used it for this ref video, but better late than never. The Impossible Project is set to release their new Polaroid film on Thursday. Thanks Henry. sd-03.23.10

Rivers seen from space. dw-03.22.10

NYCPP, New York City Polaroid Project by Andrew Faris. jc-03.22.10

"Essentially, it is a camera that - using a mobile communication device - takes other's photos. Photos that were created by someone who pressed a button somewhere at the same time as its own button was pressed." Via Jan Chipchase. jc-03.17.10

Sam O'Hare's "The Sandpit," a day in the life of New York City, in tilt-shift and time-lapse. Spectacular. Via John Nack. jc-03.16.10

Photographer Paul Octavious' stacked books series, The Book Collection. Via J-Walk. sd-03.15.10

"If you can smell the streets, it's a good photo." WNYC's mini-doc about photographer Bruce Gilden. So many good quotes and such an uncomfortable shooting style. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.15.10

Lego scenes and sins by legojeff. dw-03.15.10

On the Spot with Kim Jong-il. ms-03.15.10

For SD, Hipster Puppies. dw-03.12.10

2346 single photos stitched together to make the impressive interactive panorama Paris 26 Gigapixels. Autoplay music warning. ms-03.12.10

For the Documerica Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970's. ms-03.12.10

"The pictures were shot mainly in twilight. The magic hour, where the houses are shining as bright as the residual daylight in the sky and the colorful neon signs melt with the green-blue of the beginning night." On Tokyo- the future of urban living. ms-03.12.10

Southern Depictions, an exquisite set of black and white portraits by Donna Pinckley. jc-03.10.10

Chile, nine days later. ms-03.09.10

Gorgeous, check out photographer Michael Massaia's series Afterlife. ms-03.04.10

Frozen in flight and in time. jc-03.04.10

If the newest Polaroid Film you have at the studio has an expiration date in 2002, it's probably not going to work for that funny project you had in mind. Rats. Oh well, it does however provide an excuse to link to Paul Giambarba's excellent The Branding of Polaroid. jc-03.03.10

Another great series by photographer Chris Mottalini: The Mistake by the Lake, shots of makeshift winter enclosures built for kids waiting for the bus in Buffalo, NY. sd-03.03.10

A photographic journey showing how airplane food is made at Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport. ms-03.03.10

Chile, three days after the earthquake. ms-03.03.10

Old New York in a modern world. ms-03.03.10

Toy Story 365, a photo of a figure every day. Simple, fun and totally saturated. jc-03.02.10

"Before there was vinyl printing there were big brick walls and craftsmen who covered said walls with their commercial artwork." From photographer Jay B. Sauceda, Sign Painters. Be sure to check out the rest of his work, great stuff. Via SuperDuper. ms-03.01.10

These remind me of all the guys I used to hang out with in junior high, old school BMX photos. ms-02.27.10

Crochetdermy. ms-02.27.10

Just What Greg Schmigel Sees. jc-02.26.10

"What started out as an exercise in model building and photography, ended up as a dream-like reconstruction of the town I grew up in." Paul Smith's awesome Photos of My Models. jc-02.25.10

"These portraits of children confront us with reminders of our own childhood, whereby a homemade costume can transform you into a superhero, princess, cowboy or soldier, poised for adventures and hours of fun and excitement." The Birthday Party. Via SurfStation. ms-02.25.10

Backstage during Fashion Week. ms-02.24.10

"For me, the construction of panoramic photographs, comprised of various single images, acts as a visual language. Focal planes shift, panel by panel." -David Hilliard. jc-02.23.10

Issue 4 of the photo magazine Unless You Will is available for download. jc-02.23.10

Fab, a huge collection of photos of 1960's London. Via The Cartoonist. ms-02.23.10

Related to an earlier post, Olympic venues as seen from space. dw-02.22.10

"I am driven to ask people I meet on the street if I may take their picture." Stranger, a photo series by Benoit Paillé. Via Curved White. jc-02.19.10

"It was a small separate world, which had nothing to do with the surrounding reality. People literally lived there - from dancers to floor ladies and stage technicians." From photographer Gleb Kosorukov, The Last Days of the Bolshoj Theatre. ms-02.19.10

Ken Lee's photos of Japan's abandoned Battleship Island, which "remains untouched in the nearly forty years since its 5000 or so occupants vacated by boat, taking with them only a few scant possessions." sd-02.18.10

Two wars, five perspectives. Five photographers document the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, amazing work. ms-02.17.10

"Don't talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance." Great scans of the bizarre Dating Guide for Single Women from 1938. sd-02.16.10

Very cool pictures of New York at the beginning of the 20th Century. ms-02.16.10

Lovely work from photojournalist Ikuru Kuwajima. ms-02.15.10

Lovely, Moth trails. ms-02.11.10

A portion of Polaroid's collection which includes works by Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol and founder Edwin H. Land is going up for auction in June. dw-02.11.10

Black and WTF, proof that the past was just as absurd as the present. Via bblinks. sd-02.09.10

Relinking From the Pocket, for Chicagoan Jeremy Edwards. seven tips. jc-02.09.10

Photographer and mathematician Nikki Graziano's Found Functions. Via J-Walk. sd-02.09.10

"It took two months to store up enough fireplace ash to create this lunar landscape. The darker rocks are made of mixed tile grout, flag crumpled paper & wire. The Earth is a video still projected onto the wall." Matthew Albanese makes detailed miniature models. Fantastic, via Notcot. jc-02.09.10

From photographer Jo Broughton, Empty Porn Sets. ms-02.09.10

From photographer Ryan McGinley, The Highfliers. ms-02.08.10

"All of the images featured on this site were captured using Apple's second-generation iPhone and Apple's iPhone 3Gs cameras. Images were processed using various iPhone photography applications only." Fab, from photographer Jeremy Edwards, iPhoneography. ms-02.08.10

@Astro_Soichi's twitpics from space. dw-02.05.10

"What these boards refer to lies outside the sphere of the pictures; we can only speculate. In addition, the billboards were also stripped of their writing and logos during postprocessing." Sign Out, by Josef Schulz. Via Peter Nidzgorski. jc-02.05.10

Amazing photos of a Russian power plant that exploded, then froze over. ms-02.05.10

Tough Guy Challenge 2010 . ms-02.04.10

Journey to the Center of Manhattan, a collection of photos of a rail construction project 100 feet below the city's surface. Unfortunately, no sightings of the Manhattan Pillar. sd-02.03.10

More remarkably lifelike miniature model photography, this time by artist Matthew Albanese. Via Design Info. sd-02.03.10

"Rubikon is a cut-out, which becomes a functioning camera (camera obscura) after putting together." Download the PDF and assemble yours. jc-02.03.10

For The Documerica Project, the Environmental Protection Agency hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems and life in the 1970s. Via Mefi. jc-02.03.10

Mars and a Colorful Lunar Fog Bow. ms-02.03.10

A brief history of the computer. dw-02.02.10

Michael Paul Smith's incredible scale model photography. Via Design Info. sd-02.02.10

"These photos attempt to capture the mystery and romance of this very pursuit-- the sincerity of the scientific endeavor, the pathos of its visible failure, and the beauty of the attempt to engage with nature." From photographer Debbie Carlos, her gorgeous and slightly unsettling series Human Nature. ms-02.02.10

A house moving in Chile. Via Archinect. ms-02.02.10

You can see from the page title why I stumbled on this set of photographs. A happy accident. jc-01.29.10

Amazing photos of Kamikaze strikes of WWII. ms-01.29.10

The Big Picture takes a look at two fiery festivals, Up Helly Aa and Feast of Saint Anthony the Great. Amazing. ms-01.28.10

From photographer Sandra Dyas, This Is Where I'm From. ms-01.27.10

Kevin's great photos of Marcel Breuer's Atlanta Fulton Country Library. sd-01.27.10

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer recently visited Antartica and took lots of great photos. sd-01.27.10

Photographer Dennis Stock died last week. Maybe you don't know the name but you probably know the image. Found at the excellent Iconic Photos. jc-01.26.10

Sleeping on Tokyo streets. dw-01.25.10

I've been using Photoshop daily since 1988, but some of these shortcuts are totally new to me. bb-01.25.10

Some nice Utah 360-degree panoramas. bb-01.25.10

Antonia's beautiful photograms are now published in a book, Affectionately, which is dedicated "to the light and to the flowers." jc-01.25.10

Millennium Annular Solar Eclipse. ms-01.22.10

Coming Home, the latest showcase from Pictory. Fab. jc-01.21.10

Over at the TMN galleries, Hospice Behind Bars. ms-01.20.10

"The quality is pretty gritty, but I find them interesting, not the least because they are glimpses of these people without their artistic personas showing. Just another traveller submitting to the demands of the state." Passport photos of famous artists. Via MeFi. ms-01.20.10

From photography team Morini and Montanari, their series Lunch Special. Hmm, time to order lunch I think. ms-01.19.10

Earth's icy extremes seen from space. dw-01.19.10

Amazing work from photographer Matthew Albanese. ms-01.19.10

"For six weeks in 2005, photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen lived in a tiny sweltering room in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya." Planet Slum. ms-01.18.10

Hey, SD: $30 camera dolly made from an IKEA "Ivar" shelving side panel and skateboard wheels. Via Gizmodo. bb-01.15.10

Jörg Colberg on Photoshop before there were computers and The Art of Retouching and Improving Negatives and Prints. jc-01.15.10

Photographers have taken to packing guns in their camera bags to ensure their equipment is not lost during air travel. Thanks, Heather. bb-01.14.10

Upside Downy Face. dw-01.14.10

Great shots of the 2010 Dakar Rally (which was held in South America for some reason) from the always-great Boston Globe "Big Picture." bb-01.13.10

Dakar Rally 2010. ms-01.13.10

From photographer Peter Ross, William Burrough's stuff. Via Cool Hunting. ms-01.12.10

From photographer Karin Jurick, Museumgoers. ms-01.11.10

The Looking Into the Past gallery is always worth another look. For example, Someday My Cafe Will Come. Via A Whole. jc-01.07.10

Nick Veasey's x-ray art. jc-01.07.10

"Boonville connects six American small towns, their diverse landscapes, and unique individuals, into one unifying view of America." From photographer Timothy Briner Boonville. ms-01.07.10

Amazing photos of the Harbin Ice and Snow Scuplture festival. ms-01.07.10

A roll cloud over Uruguay. ms-01.06.10

From FotA Bill Keaggy: "This is a short film made from all of little video clips recorded when I accidentally tried to take a photo in video mode using my point-n-shoot." All the OOPS from 2009. sd-01.05.10

Matt Logue's eerie and beautiful series, Empty L.A.. sd-01.05.10

He pointed "to a small photo album, embossed with the words Dubin at Work. I picked up the album and opened it, and my eyes nearly jumped out of my head." jc-01.05.10

A series of photos from underneath Paris, in several of the abandoned Metro stations known as Les Raccordements. sd-01.04.10

"100 photographs from one hundred different places around the world in risk of disappearing or seriously threatened by climate change." Via David Report. ms-01.04.10

Welcoming 2010. ms-01.03.10

Photographer Jim McGuire's Nashville Portraits, taken in the mid-1970s. sd-12.28.09

A nice tribute to "the man considered by many to be the greatest set photographer of all time." Goodbye, Bob Willoughby. sd-12.22.09

"Gloaming, or twilight, the time before sunrise and after sunset." Scotland in the Gloaming. Lovely. ms-12.22.09

The East Coast snow storm from space. dw-12.21.09

"In December 2006, I decided to capture historic photographers and their images in one 20"x24" print." Tim Mantoani's Behind Photographs. sd-12.21.09

Related to below: with a resolution of 297.500 x 87.500 pixel (26 gigapixel) , here's the world's largest picture, taken on a rooftop in Dresden. Thanks Henry. sd-12.21.09

For KG, Homer. ms-12.21.09

The world's largest spherical panorama taken from Prague TV Tower. ms-12.21.09

From The Big Picture, the decade in news photographs. ms-12.19.09

Last Suppers, a series of photographs by James Reynolds documenting former Death Row prisoners' requests for their last meal before execution. Via Trecool. jc-12.18.09

Polaroid SX-70 Promotional Film, created by Charles and Ray Eames. sd-12.18.09

Photographer Luke Humphrey's beautiful Going to California, "footage taken on a road trip from Seattle through California last winter, visiting Redwood, Sequoia, Yosemite, and Death Valley National Parks." Also proves that adding a little Boards of Canada always does the trick. sd-12.18.09

Mojave Desert fireball. ms-12.18.09

For BB, from photographer Jimmy Kets, Match of the Day. ms-12.17.09

Beautiful series of photos of cafes and nightlife in a particularly swinging City of Light: Paris, 1962, taken by former Vogue and Bazaar photographer Tom Palumbo. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-12.17.09

Found while hunting around after hearing this story this morning: Eric Lafforgue's stunning photos of Eritrea, the former Italian colony in eastern Africa. sd-12.17.09

Henry writes about photographer W. Eugene Smith and his Jazz Loft project, "40,000 photographs, many of which were taken from a single vantage point out of a broken window pane." sd-12.17.09

Creepy Santa photos. dw-12.16.09

Pictory Showcase 2, San Francisco. Guest designer, our man Naz. Yay. jc-12.16.09

Life magazine picks their 2009 photos of the year. ms-12.16.09

Katarina's Dreamland. A photo set with geographic notes. Fantastic, as in fantasy. jc-12.16.09

Susanne Ludwig's Feasibility Fantasies. Photos and video loops. Via It's Nice That. jc-12.16.09

From photographer Robbie Cooper, his series Alter Ego in which he juxtaposes a photo of a real person with their online gaming avatar. ms-12.16.09

Lovely snowflake photos. ms-12.15.09

Legos on Hoth. Find out how he did it here. ms-12.14.09

Over the TMN galleries, FotA Brian Ulrich's Ghosts of Shopping Past. ms-12.10.09

Amazing, Into the Frozen Deep. ms-12.10.09

Seeing San Francisco by Zeppelin. sd-12.09.09

From photographer David Bowman, State Fair. ms-12.05.09

Gentlemen of Bacongo, Daniel Tamagni's photos of "the 'Sapeurs', the elegant and immaculately dressed dandies from the heart of the Congo." Via Design Info. sd-12.04.09

A chat with Adam Voorhes about his photographic "Exploded" Project. jc-12.04.09

Related to below: Lauren Greenfield's book Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood is still near the top of my list for favorite photography collections. sd-12.03.09

Dubai's Improbable Tale, photographer Lauren Greenfield's view of the rise and fall of the place that was once "more Las Vegas than Las Vegas." Via Archinect. sd-12.03.09

100 Days in Glacier National Park. ms-12.03.09

It's just an hour old and it's the best new photo site of the year, Laura Brunow Miner's Pictory. jc-12.02.09

Photos from a marijuana harvest. ms-12.02.09

"Guttenfelder is the chief Asia photographer for The Associated Press and over the past seven years has offered the general public a close-up, intimate look at the lives of troops fighting in the mountains and remote regions of Afghanistan." ms-11.30.09

Glasgow in panorama, photographs taken in 1907. ms-11.30.09

"In 1973, Gladys accepted a job as a math teacher at the Gelinas Junior High School on Long Island. Growing up in America as part of the 'Baby Boomer' generation, Gladys strongly believed in the moral values of The United States and was forever optimistic about her future; a belief held by the majority of Americans in the 1950's." From photographer Thomas Holton, check his series After 35 Years Gladys is Retiring. ms-11.30.09

"I should say it is the most complicated photograph I have ever made..." jc-11.28.09

Great collection of photos of Former Fotomats. ms-11.25.09

Hey SD, check these amazing photos of the most beautiful places in China. ms-11.24.09

Entries from the National Geographic's International photography contest 2009. ms-11.24.09

Apropos of nothing. Charity, a candid pic by Paul Russell. jc-11.24.09

Crescent Earth from the departing Rosetta spacecraft. ms-11.23.09

From photographer Lori Nix, Accidentally Kansas. ms-11.23.09

"These prints were recently uncovered by Denver Post librarians, tucked away in a folder in a file cabinet. The captions were hand written on the back of each print." Gorgeous prints of Native American Indians from the early 1900's. Via Cynical C. ms-11.23.09

Stereoviews of late 19th and early 20th century Japan. animated. jc-11.21.09

Anders has an ongoing project where he takes pictures of his hometown at sunrise, Good Morning Malmo. ms-11.20.09

Los Angeles without traffic. dw-11.19.09

With 20 body colors and 5 grip colors to choose from, you should have no trouble picking out your favorite combo for your new Pentax camera. Via Materialicious. ms-11.19.09

Don't quite fully understand this photo set, but I like it none the less: Every Book G.M. Stewart Has Given Me. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-11.18.09

Twitter's new headquarters as shown off by employees. ms-11.18.09

Watching the H1N1 flu pandemic. ms-11.18.09

Bunch of interesting info collected over at MeFi about Michael Lesy's book Wisconsin Death Trip. Had no idea it was also made into a film, by Man on Wire's James Marsh no less. Via J-Walk. sd-11.17.09

In the silver moonlight growing thou wilt see a pale-eyed flower. jc-11.16.09

Nice shot of a crescent Earth. dw-11.13.09

The stunning photos in Andrew Zuckerman's series Bird. Worth it to watch the "Behind the Scenes" video to see how he got the shots. Via, as coincidence would have it, Byrdhouse. sd-11.12.09

Photographer Mark Menjivar's series, looking into people's refrigerators, You Are What You Eat. And an interview with Menjivar about the project. sd-11.12.09

Hong Kong- Day and Night. ms-11.12.09

Four Days in Dubai. dw-11.11.09

A Stonehenge panorama. dw-11.11.09

From photographer Li Wei, lovely photos of the people of Inner Mongolia, The Earth. ms-11.11.09

A very touching photo essay chronicling Scottish photographer David Eustace's 3 week road trip through the US with his daughter: In Search of Eustace. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-11.10.09

For BB, photos of The Clash playing a gig in London in 1979. ms-11.10.09

From photographer Salva Lopez, L'Aquatic. ms-11.10.09

For BB: Everyone who has played or coached for Arsenal from 1913 to 2006, together in one very large group photo. Via Denver Egotist. sd-11.06.09

"This is how an American soldier is made." ms-11.05.09

Satellite eye on Earth: October. dw-11.05.09

So fab, photos of the very lucky 6000 people who had breakfast on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. ms-11.05.09

Last days of Gourmet. ms-11.04.09

Blue sun bristling. ms-11.04.09

"Situated at the base of sacred Mount Fuji, the dark, grotesque and eerily silent forest of Aokigahara is the worlds leading suicide destination. Often depicted in Japanese literature as haunted and deathly, it was described in Waturu Tsurumi's The Complete Manual of Suicide as 'The Perfect Place to Die.'" ms-11.04.09

Days of the Dead. ms-11.03.09

The Sea of Salty Lakes. ms-11.03.09

Halloween in the time of Cholera. ms-10.30.09

"This work began through my own travels in Vietnam with my Vietnamese cousins, from whom I had been separated for thirty years. As members of the burgeoning middle class in Vietnam - wealth made possible by the movement of global capital - they dragged me to gaudy amusement parks that cater to locals with disposable income. As a wholly socialized American, I dragged them to places like Khe Sanh battlefield and China Beach." Via Mint. dw-10.29.09

Afghanistan, October 2009. ms-10.28.09

The fabulous Eyewear Set from the fabulous Superbomba. jc-10.28.09

Everyday objects under the x-ray machine. ms-10.28.09

Stitching old photo booth photos together to form fun animated gifs. sd-10.28.09

"Between 1986 and 1990, I made approximately 8,000 color, Hasselblad images on the streets of Communist Europe." David Hlynsky's brilliant series, I Shop: Communist Era Store Windows. Via gmtPlus9 (-15). jc-10.28.09

Photographer Anthony Powell reports that the sun and the people have returned to Antarctica. Also, don't miss his time-lapse of flying by helicopter back to McMurdo Station. sd-10.27.09

Building the Golden Gate Bridge. dw-10.27.09

From photographer Eugene Kuo, gorgeous photos of the Labrang Monestary in Xiahe, China. ms-10.27.09

Ross Mantle's In the Wake of the American Dream. Via Conscientious. jc-10.27.09

In 1968, photographer Howard Bingham spent six months photographing the Black Panthers which he has chronicled in his new book, Black Panthers 1968. Check out a really great interview with him here. ms-10.27.09

Alex's dad was a pilot and he took pictures of his travels. Here's Prague 1968-1969. Via Design You Trust. ms-10.26.09

Burning Man 2009. ms-10.22.09

Some old photos of Chicago. Via Gapers Block. dw-10.22.09

Moscow in the 1960's. ms-10.22.09

Super Heroes in war photos. Via MeFi. ms-10.21.09

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but "These photographs of albatross chicks were made just a few weeks ago on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young." dw-10.20.09

The Landscape photo of the year 2009. ms-10.20.09

Artforms of nature. dw-10.19.09

Agan Harahap's photography project called Super Hero consists of memorable political and wartime scenes from the mid-20th century featuring beloved superheroes. dw-10.16.09

"Susan Anderson creates terrifying photographs that document the bizarre world of child beauty pagents." Creepy. ms-10.15.09

So great, check out photographer Jan Banning's series Bureaucratics. ms-10.14.09

With new management at Polaroid (and Polaroid fans rebooting an old film factory) One Step cameras and film will be back in mid 2010. Which gives us another excuse to link to The Branding of Polaroid. bb-10.14.09

From photographer Christian Chaize, Praia Piquinia. ms-10.14.09

The Illusion of Sex. jc-10.12.09

Lost Istanbul: 1950s and 60s, photographs by Ara Güler. jc-10.12.09

Where automobiles went to die. ms-10.12.09

Crossing a microscope with a camera gives you a micrograph, a tiny photograph that allows artists and scientists to show the beauty inaccessible to the naked eye. dw-10.08.09

Superbomba asks "Who would win in the ultimate gang war?" It's a tough call but I sure wouldn't want to tangle with this group. jc-10.08.09

From photographer Nick Delaney, Urban Landscapes. ms-10.08.09

Has tilt-shift jumped the shark? sd-10.07.09

Swiss Cheese Makers, a photography series by Fabian and Istvan Scheffold. sd-10.07.09

The Vault by Neil Pardington. Via NOTCOT. dw-10.07.09

The winners of the Best BLT Photo contest. Via J-Walk. sd-10.07.09

Photographer Lisa Jack's series Barack Obama: The Freshman, taken at Occidental College in 1980. sd-10.06.09

Glued: 1963. jc-10.06.09

The international space station over Earth. ms-10.05.09

A day at the circus. ms-10.01.09

If you have not been around the CP studio, you would not know that BB and I have joined JC in having recently been prescribed glasses. We play it off as "oh, yeah, glasses are cool" But the fact remains, if someone takes a pic of us, we might as well be eligible for Photos of Old People. ms-10.01.09

Saturn at Equinox. ms-09.30.09

Gorgeous but super creepy, photos of the abandoned Pilgrim State Asylum. ms-09.30.09

A photo series featuring Miranda July posing as extras from classic films. Thanks Jennifer. jc-09.29.09

Cool behind the scenes video from NatGeo on making a composite photo of an entire redwood. Via TMN. jc-09.29.09

Fantastic aerial photography by Jason Hawkes. Via Cult of Mac. jc-09.28.09

Merkelizer. dw-09.28.09

"The aim is to produce a photograph that is "faithful to the subject", where the emphasis is placed on description rather than interpretation." Record Pictures. ms-09.25.09

"In each city Ami asks 50 of its inhabitants to hand-draw a map to a place of their choosing, a place that is significant or important to them personally, for any reason. She then uses the maps to navigate to each location and take a photograph to represent each location." Paris 48°49N 2°29E. dw-09.24.09

"Step out of your comfort zone to a new level of portrait photography: take 100 portraits of people you don't know." The 100 Strangers project. You can check out the group pool here. ms-09.24.09

Nice work from photographer Kate Hutchinson, be sure to check out her Irish Grandmother series. ms-09.24.09

Nick's elegant shot of where we went bowling last Friday. jc-09.23.09

More shots of yesterday's massive dust storm in Sydney. Looks downright apocalyptic. Via Peachfuzz. sd-09.23.09

Today, designers (like me) who convinced themselves iStockphoto wasn't hurting the photography industry get a chance to rethink their rationalizations. bb-09.23.09

"As I write this, there's an insane dust storm that's sweeping over Sydney." Red Dust, a photo set assembled by Tom Coates. Via Waxy. jc-09.23.09

Gorgeous photography from Brian Bielmann. ms-09.23.09

Photoset of the moment: Cuba Landscapes. sd-09.22.09

Senior class picture from the White House. Smile everyone. Via Swampland. jc-09.21.09

"This is a list of all* the people I have portroided (*not all)." Via Mefi. jc-09.21.09

PhotoInduced has uncovered all the original tapes of the 1978 TV program Talk About Pictures. Hosted by Life photographer Leigh Wiener and sidekick George Fenneman, the show interviewed photographers, both amateur and professional, about their work and their process. The site has has assembled this series of clips to help generate interest in hopes of getting all 130 episodes re-released. Via Design Info. sd-09.18.09

"Living With Taxidermy" at Kenny Trice photography. Via Conscientious. jc-09.17.09

If you still have your glasses laying around from viewing our 3D experiment with the Ref, put 'em on now for this huge collection of anaglyphs. sd-09.17.09

Horrible engagement photos which inevitably lead to weddings and then awkward family photos. Via DO. jc-09.17.09

Dust, a photography/art collaboration between Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards. sd-09.16.09

Awesome photos of cave diving. ms-09.16.09

The reason for multiple bowling-related links posted this week will be revealed later. For now, enjoy some bowling alleys. ms-09.16.09

Amazing, Normandy 1944- Then and Now. ms-09.14.09

"These photographs are taken on an 8" x 10" camera and the negatives are scanned to produce digital chromogenic prints. The exhibition prints measure approximately 4' x 5' and are available in an edition of seven." Would love to see these in real life. Record Pictures, photography by Michael Collins. Thanks Marshall. jc-09.14.09

Some images from the 2010 Lego charity calendar. dw-09.14.09

You might be tired of tilt shift photography, but I'm not. ms-09.11.09

Ryan McGinley's Moonmilk photo series shot in caves around North America. dw-09.10.09

The photography portfolio of Jason Florio, lots to appreciate, especially the series on Beijing artists. Via Heading East. jc-09.10.09

I forgot to eat lunch today and just saw Matt's delicious post at 37. Mmm Scanwiches. jc-09.09.09

Life imitates art.. ms-09.09.09

Rare photo of a Snow Leopard. No, not that Snow Leopard. ms-09.04.09

Some really great photos of rice terraces. ms-09.04.09

"So rapidly is the landscape of the city transforming that at the time of writing this statement, the oldest among these photographs is just a year old and is already outdated as a piece of documentary evidence." Bangalore: Steady State 2012. ms-09.03.09

Discovery's Rainbow. ms-09.03.09

From photographer Danny Wills, Brooklyn on a Bike. ms-09.02.09

I'm tired of seeing tilt shift everywhere lately, but these toy soldiers really do it justice. aro-08.31.09

Photos of Hong Kong, then and now, Old HK Island. Via MeFi. ms-08.31.09

90 years of air travel. Via Look At This. ms-08.28.09

Relink. "After several days without seeing a wild one he had to be talked out of renting a trained fox to run through the streets for the camera." Something, Something, Something, Detroit, Vice Mag on why "lazy journalists love pictures of abandoned stuff." jc-08.28.09

An anonymous wedding photographer documents her meals. bb-08.27.09

A Dark Sky over Sequoia National Park. ms-08.27.09

50 Photos from air travel's glory years. Via Neatorama. dw-08.26.09

A collection of photographs and photo illustrations by Jan Dibbits. sd-08.26.09

Revisiting Stormtroopers 365 to see the newest shots. ms-08.26.09

"Si Dios Quiere... which means 'If God Wants', attests to the fact that relationships are inherently difficult. Closer proximity to the people we love can be just as complex as distance." ms-08.26.09

A selection from Richard Ross' Waiting for the End of the World featuring photos of bomb shelters across the world (though mainly in the American states you'd figure they'd be in). Had no idea that building a shelter is mandatory in Switzerland. sd-08.25.09

Morning Glory clouds over Australia. ms-08.24.09

Erupting volcanoes on Earth, as seen from space. ms-08.24.09

From photographer Carissa Russell, Ruined Nation. ms-08.24.09

Pulp Art Book by Neil Krug. A collaboration with model Joni Harbeck using expired Polaroid film and an amazing eye for style. Via Made in England. jc-08.20.09

So you know, Urban Outfitters is selling a limited edition 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits starting tomorrow. dw-08.20.09

Wolfgang Uhlig's ocean photographs. Keep hitting 'next'. sd-08.19.09

Reiner Riedler's Fake Holidays. dw-08.19.09

Rare Star Wars photos. ms-08.19.09

Something, Something, Something, Detroit. Lazy journalists love pictures of abandoned stuff. dw-08.18.09

Forty years after the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, photographer Elliott Landy describes the event and the photos he shot there. dw-08.18.09

"We take it in turns to photograph a word made of things, each word somehow relates with the word that has gone before." We Make Words. dw-08.18.09

The Milky Way over the Badlands. ms-08.18.09

"Leica à la carte enables buyers to put together their own unique camera, with more than four thousand variations." Via Daily Icon. aro-08.18.09

A collection of photos of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers and their writing spaces; Where I Write. ms-08.17.09

Richard Mosse's large-format photographs of Saddam Hussein's palaces, converted into military camps. Thanks Henry. sd-08.17.09

A spectacular photo essay from David Zaitz, Rust Belt 2009. jc-08.13.09

Amazing photos of the devastating damage and flooding in China and Taiwan caused by Typhoon Morakot. Can't get number 29 out of my head. ms-08.13.09

Navy helicopter by Andreas Feininger, 1949. jc-08.13.09

AFC on The Nine Eyes of Google Street View. Via Today and tomorrow. jc-08.13.09

I've lived on a dirt road all my life. ms-08.12.09

Lawrence Harley "Larry" Luckham's great photos of Bell Labs in the 1960s. Lots of retro computing goodness. sd-08.12.09

Astroid impact craters on Earth as seen from Space. ms-08.12.09

The Crystal plant of Gus-Khrustalny. ms-08.11.09

AgeMaps by Bobby Neel Adams, "a jump-of-time is established at the tear." jc-08.10.09

"We had a massive lightning storm in Toronto last night. I set my camera to do 15 second exposures at 17 seconds intervals for three hours and from 660 shots more than 60 of them had lightning in them." Via Blurbism. jc-08.10.09

Collected Clouds. jc-08.07.09

Take a look inside a Soviet Northern Fleet B-413 submarine. ms-08.06.09

Photographs by Aaron Schuman, Once Upon a Time in the West "photographed on the eroding sets and locations of Sergio Leone's celebrated 1960's 'Spaghetti Westerns.'" Via gmt+9m(-15). jc-08.06.09

"The journey to the top of Mount Snowdon begins five miles below in Llanberis station, where Britain's only rack-and-pinion mountain railway train waits to be boarded. ms-08.05.09

Fires around the Mediterranean. ms-08.05.09

Some very, very very small cars. dw-08.04.09

"Danbo and I plot to invade the world! First Boston, Paris and Normandy, soon England... what next!" ms-08.04.09

So great, from photographer Kevin Tachman, his series Route 66. ms-08.04.09

CP's beloved hometown as viewed from the sky. ms-08.03.09

Chicago, from the top of a huge construction crane. jc-07.30.09

600 costumes from Comic-Con. ms-07.29.09

Some photos of exploding water balloons. dw-07.29.09

Photos from 2009 Tour de France. ms-07.28.09

Invading the Vintage. ms-07.28.09

Explanation of each part of the NorCal Super Dead Drop, a complicated, two day, photography-based scavenger hunt in Northern California. sd-07.27.09

PetaPixel interviews Sam Javanrouh whose Daily Dose of Imagery is a long-time bookmark and one of our fave photoblogs anywhere. jc-07.27.09

A collection of really great train-related photos. ms-07.27.09

"People who shoot film simply do because they choose to, and the photo culture of Tokyo is full of film camera users. When I meet them out on the streets I ask to photograph their camera, and usually post it here the same day." Tokyo Camera Style. dw-07.24.09

Flags from London. dw-07.24.09

Forget the shots, and the copier at your office Holiday party, check out I Bum. ms-07.24.09

Photographer Jennifer Greenburg's series The Rockabillies, documenting people who chose to live in the past. sd-07.23.09

Winners posted from the Eye on the Strand Photography Contest. Love the Grand Prize shot and this finalist too. jc-07.23.09

"Yeah, I like people... more or less." Lee Balterman's Chicago. 60 years in black and white. More here. jc-07.22.09

Prcssd, a luscious set of super-saturated and manipulated pix, by Kevin Balluff. Via X-Factor-E. jc-07.22.09

Vincent Fournier's Space Project photos. dw-07.21.09

Battlespace, a collection of photographs and photographers' stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. sd-07.21.09

"A Woman's Camera in a Woman's World," a piece about photographer Lillian Bassman from the April, 1951 issue of Popular Photography. Via Design Info. sd-07.21.09

Photographer Frederic Lezmi's series From Vienna to Beirut, "searching for the border between Europe and the Orient." sd-07.21.09

West Norwood Cemetery catacombs. Via Look at This. ms-07.21.09

An explanation of NYU's dark flash photography, which uses infrared and ultraviolet light instead of the familiar quick, bright flash. sd-07.20.09

A series of HDR shots of the Christo-like curtains hanging from Chicago's El tracks. sd-07.20.09

Acck! There is no need for this sort of thing. ms-07.17.09

LIFE magazine goes inside today's KKK. ms-07.15.09

For BB, check out photographer Stephan Zirwes series Fields. ms-07.14.09

Moons and Jupiter. ms-07.14.09

From photographer Christophe Beauregard, Technomades 2008. ms-07.14.09

Director Mark Romanek's photo blog makes it seem like it would be fun to be Mark Romanek. sd-07.13.09

Photos from the commute between New Haven and Manhattan in 1961, newspapers, cigarettes, bartenders and all. sd-07.13.09

For SD. "Have you ever seen a picture that simply makes no sense. Here we have collected pictures from around the web that left us scratching our heads and saying 'wut'." Explain This Image. ms-07.13.09

What's in my dorm fridge? ms-07.10.09

Warning, some photos are disturbing. Ethnic clashes in Urumqi, China. ms-07.09.09

From photographer Christoph Morlinghaus, amazing photos of Mega-Churches. Via CoolBoom. ms-07.09.09

"Dark Zoo" by Nicolas Evariste. As Rands points out, "everything looks better in black and white." Gorgeous. jc-07.08.09

A robot does the laundry and lots of other interesting things in Thomas Jackson's photo series. Via Conscientious. jc-07.07.09

A post-interview JJ Abrams geeks out about camera gear. sd-07.07.09

Underwater fairytale. ms-07.07.09

What would be a very funny joke from our friends over at Zacuto, except that it isn't one: the Zgrip iPhone Pro, a stabilizing handgrip system for shooting video on your phone. sd-07.06.09

Mount Rushmore's starry night. ms-07.06.09

"Robert Buelteman works indoors in total darkness, forsaking cameras, lenses, and computers for jumper cables, fiber optics, and 80,000 volts of electricity. This bizarre union of Dr. Frankenstein and Georgia O'Keeffe spawns photos that seem to portray the life force of his subjects as the very process destroys them." dw-07.02.09

So you know, 10 fascinating last pictures taken. ms-07.02.09

Gah! A huge collection of gorgeous photos of food from fab restaurants. ms-07.01.09

Photographer Raul Gutierrez's Travels Without Maps series, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Via Andy Rutledge. sd-06.30.09

Glastonbury 2009. ms-06.30.09

Nice work from photographer Marleen Sleeuwits. ms-06.30.09

Photographer Anthony Powell and his wife Christine are back in Antarctica. The last plane out left weeks ago and they still won't see the sun for another couple of months, so expect a lot more activity on Frostbytes for the foreseeable future. sd-06.26.09

Stunning shot from space of an eruption of the Sarychev Peak Volcano. ms-06.26.09

IBM 360 Model 30 Tape Drives 1965 by Mark Richards. Beautiful. jc-06.25.09

Doorbell instructions. Via Grow a Brain. ms-06.25.09

The Fallen Earth. ms-06.25.09

Century-old color photos of the Russian Empire by Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky. Via Scott McMillin. fg-06.24.09

Pretty much any excuse will do for a relink to The Branding of Polaroid, Paul Giambarba's first-hand account of the company's corporate image and product identity development. Required reading. jc-06.23.09

Artist Helga Steppan took all her belongings and organized them by color pallette. ms-06.23.09

DirJournal's picks for most interesting abandoned places in the world. sd-06.22.09

Nice work from photographer Trevor Traynor. ms-06.22.09

You have got to be kidding me, the most terrifying mountain bike trail on Earth. ms-06.22.09

Gorgeous color photos from early 20th century Russia. Via CPluv. ms-06.18.09

The Big Picture takes a look at the election turmoil in Iran. ms-06.18.09

Winners of the Best Aquatic Views from 2009 contest. ms-06.17.09

"I began to imagine Disney's perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues." From artist Dina Goldstein, Fallen Princesses Via Jezebel. ms-06.16.09

Nine extraordinary clouds. dw-06.16.09

Stunning 360 degree panoramic photo from the Sydney Luminous Festival. jc-06.15.09

"None of these photos were taken by me or were taken after about 1990. How I find them will remain a mystery because mysteries are fun." Superbomba totally rules. jc-06.15.09

Abandoned stages large and small. dw-06.15.09

One Night in Beijing. ms-06.15.09

Photoset of the moment: Toys, a collection of beautifully art directed shots of action figures (mostly from Star Wars). I, II, and III. Via Transbuddha. sd-06.11.09

"Make every frame count." Martin Williams uses every bit of each roll of film he takes to produce his art. Check Oranges and Lemons. Via Czeltic Girl. jc-06.11.09

From photographer Louis Helbig, Beautiful Destruction. ms-06.10.09

New York's High Line park opens today and looks amazing. dw-06.09.09

Photos of courts by Elliott Wilcox. dw-06.09.09

Mercury and Messenger. dw-06.09.09

From the Abkhazia region in Russia, the abandonded Prince's House. ms-06.09.09

From photographer David Zaitz, Texas 2009. Via Not Cot. ms-06.08.09

Lovely. Animals of Africa from photographer Nick Brandt. Via Look at This. ms-06.08.09

This also. jc-06.08.09

"Violence and debauchery run rampant in a small town called Pleasantville." ms-06.05.09

Photos of an old Russian sub. dw-06.05.09

"A Scottish adventurer, inventor, and photographer named Neville Colmore claimed to have constructed a device capable of '...parting the veil of Faery...'. The device, which he called the 'Spectobarathrum', produced beautiful photo graphic plates he called 'fatagravures', through a now lost process." dw-06.05.09

Local note/reminder: Sam Shoots at the Post Family tonight. bb-06.05.09

From photographer J Bennett, No Lifeguard on Duty. ms-06.04.09

Rubber ducks. Lots of rubber ducks. ms-06.03.09

Some school lunches from around the world. France FTW with their plates of frites. dw-06.02.09

Time lapse of the galactic center of the Milky Way rising over last month's Texas Star Party. sd-06.02.09

Local note: Sam Rosen's epic photography project, Sam Shoots, opens Friday night at The Post Family's "Family Room." bb-06.02.09

Pentecost at the Parthenon. Via Not Cot. ms-06.02.09

Not sure what to make of these four pix from Hit&Miss but I'm not sure understanding is important. jc-06.01.09

"In a tradition that dates back at least 200 years, possibly much longer, groups of fearless competitors chase an 8 pound (3.5 kg) round of Double Gloucester Cheese down an extremely steep and uneven hill, with a 1:1 gradient in some parts." The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling contest. Warning, some dudes like to chase cheese in the buff. ms-05.30.09

Nice photo set of 1940s New York. dw-05.29.09

Beautiful work from photographer Denis Dailleux. ms-05.29.09

Asher Penn's photo series: Portrait of a Girlfriend. sd-05.28.09

Moon in the Mullica. ms-05.28.09

More photography projects discovered in Beijing: Floriane de Lassee's ongoing Night Views (some of which has been published in this great book) and Liu Lijie's Another Episode II. sd-05.27.09

While in China, I discovered the work of photographer Wang Qingsong, who creates these amazing, very busy, very wide shots. I picked up a signed copy my favorite: Follow Me. sd-05.27.09

Happiest People Ever! ms-05.26.09

Mesmerizing, photos of the Kings of Africa. ms-05.26.09

"...consumerism's tombstones of defunct, ghost-box stores..." Lyle Rexer on Brian Ulrich for Photograph Mag. jc-05.25.09

"The idea was to juxtapose the world of Mexican wrestlers with the grey and sad reality of Polish streets. As it happens, the project got out of control. Luchadores figures, which were originally made as part of the diplomma work, started to show up in different, faraway countries." Welcome to El mas Santo. Via Design You Trust. ms-05.22.09

"Commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany 64 years ago, in 1945, Victory Day is both a day of remembrance and recently, for the Russian government, an opportunity to revive the nation's armed forces and global clout." Russia observes Victory Day. ms-05.21.09

Robert Frank's "The Americans" at SFMOMA. Here's a small sampling of his photos, including this fave. jc-05.20.09

Had a couple hours in between things today, so I rented a bike and ran across a very eerie abandoned hotel/hostel: Charley Johng's Dune Guesthouse. I'm frankly a little surprised that I wasn't eaten by zombies. Very spooky. sd-05.19.09

"STS-125 astronaut Andrew Feustel selects his next tool to use while participating in the first of five scheduled spacewalks to perform final hands-on servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope. ms-05.16.09

The only image ever taken of a transit of a space shuttle (Atlantis) and the Hubble Space Telescope in front of the Sun. dw-05.15.09

Photographer Mark Menjivar takes a look at people's refrigerators in You Are What You Eat. ms-05.14.09

Fab photos from the Volvo Ocean Race. ms-05.12.09

Great photography by Tim Walker. dw-05.08.09

Spreading the awkwardness. Via Zulkey. jc-05.07.09

Exploring an abandoned men's clothing factory in Baltimore. Thanks Sofro. jc-05.06.09

Find "Megalopolis Shanghai" in the gallery section of Horst and Daniel Zielske's site. It's a spectacular photo series by the father and son team. "World's End" is amazing too. Via Daily Icon. jc-05.06.09

Titan Beyond the Rings. ms-05.05.09

Nice blog to browse this afternoon, Old Photos of Japan. dw-05.04.09

"This project depicts a photographic assembly of the ongoing process in this particular social development." Photographer Andres Marroquin Winkelmann's series Zapalla/Yurinaki series. ms-05.01.09

Take a virtual tour of Rio. dw-04.30.09

Traffic! dw-04.29.09

Human landscapes from above. ms-04.29.09

The White House has posted a great set of photos from the President's first 100 days in office. ms-04.29.09

Take a look inside a Russian nuclear power plant. ms-04.29.09

The red, yellow and blue planet, how the Lumiere brothers invented color photography and what Albert Kahn did with it. Slide show and video from the 07 BBC series. jc-04.28.09

"From the advent of photography in the 19th century and into the 20th century, medical students, often in secrecy, took photographs of themselves with the cadavers that they dissected: their first patients." I want this book while simultaneously want nothing to do with it: Dissection: Photographs of a Rite of Passage in American Medicine 1880 - 1930. sd-04.27.09

Life in a Block of Flats: Suburban Slovakia, photography by Andrej Balco. jc-04.27.09

We are having great weather here in Chicago, for now, which has me pining for open air farmers markets. Will have to get my fix by looking at some great photos of the Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona. ms-04.25.09

50 Years ago, fraternity brothers at the University of Arkansas were suffering from a shortage of chairs. In protest, they took to hunkering. dw-04.24.09

From photographer Jeff Barnett-Winsby, his Safe Harbor series. The fascinating back story can be found here. ms-04.24.09

Encarnacion Rodriquez and His Wife, Hortencia 2009. From the series "The Box (Texas)" by Coke Wisdom O'Neal, created with the San Isidro community and framed in an oversized specimen box. More on the project here. jc-04.23.09

Gorgeous HDR photos of Paris. ms-04.23.09

Photographer Peter Funch's Composite Photos of New York Street Scenes. sd-04.22.09

The NASA Earth Observatory's look at 25 Years of Growth in Las Vegas. Will be interesting to see what happens going forward, now that the city has fallen on particularly tough times. sd-04.22.09

Photographer Stephen Mallon's incredible shots of the recovery of Flight 1549 (the one that landed in the Hudson River). sd-04.22.09

Lovely, Cassini sends back more pictures of Saturn. ms-04.22.09

"West German photographer Karlheinz Jardner took fascinating photos during a trip through East Germany in the spring of 1990, capturing a world that would soon disappear forever." ms-04.20.09

NYC Grid 1969 vs 2009. dw-04.17.09

Spent this past week on a shoot in San Francisco with a great cameraman who likes to spend his free time photographing abandoned buildings. Make sure to keep him bookmarked, as he mentioned some very interesting upcoming urban expeditions. sd-04.17.09

Heartbreaking, documenting the return of the U.S. war dead. ms-04.16.09

Gorgeous photochrom travel prints from 1890. dw-04.16.09

Brad Elterman went to a lot of LA parties in the 70s and hung out with famous and not so famous people. Brad Elterman took a ton of great photos. Thanks Jennifer. jc-04.16.09

Castle and Full Moon. ms-04.16.09

So you know, photos you won't believe aren't photoshopped. ms-04.14.09

Find yourself in the Dork Yearbook. This looks a lot like me growing up. dw-04.13.09

Driving While Standing Still at TMN Galleries. dw-04.13.09

Lucha Libre. ms-04.13.09

Great news for our pal Chicago photographer Brian Ulrich who has been awarded a well-deserved 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship. Congrats Brian. jc-04.10.09

Stunning photos of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Central Italy earlier this week. Warning; some photos may be upsetting. #27 is just devastating. ms-04.09.09

Neon sign boneyard. ms-04.08.09

Lovely, from photographer Jan Von Holleban, Dreams of Flying. ms-04.08.09

Photographer Chris Anthony's series Venice. sd-04.06.09

"The principal objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper." From photographer Dulce Pinzon, Superheroes ms-04.06.09

Behind the scenes at Netflix. ms-04.03.09

"Each photographer lives in one of the 50 States and during the year long project each photographer will represent the State where they live. Every two months each photographer will be sent an assignment by e-mail, they then have two months to produce one image in response. The images must represent both their style and the State in which they live." The 50 States Project. ms-04.03.09

Fantastic, photographer Matt Hoyle's series Barnumville. ms-04.03.09

Sharks!. ms-04.01.09

The Big Picture's fading Earth Hour photos. dw-03.31.09

100 Abandoned Houses. dw-03.30.09

"Images are made by finding old photographs of places, printing them out, and then holding the print up in the modern day location that the original photograph was taken." Looking Into the Past, a simple and brilliant idea from Jason Powell, inspired by Souvenirs by Michael Hughes. Via Things. jc-03.30.09

Whose Father Was He? part one of a photographic investigation for the NYT by Errol Morris. jc-03.30.09

Local note: here's your chance to meet the photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold, as he'll be here Friday for an exhibition of his ongoing "Fish-Work" series at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery. sd-03.25.09

Academic Landscapes, a photo series at Polar Inertia by Vaughn Wascovich. jc-03.25.09

A handful of photos from inside an Amazon distribution warehouse. Via Sit Down Man. sd-03.24.09

Can't link them individually but Gregg Segal's photo series "Superheroes" is sweet, especially Spidey doing his laundry. Via The Letter. jc-03.24.09

Vector Portraits by Andrew Bush. "Photographs made while traveling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States." Via It's Nice That. jc-03.24.09

Vintage supermarket photos. ms-03.23.09

Fab, the Photographic Dictionary. ms-03.23.09

"Every Saturday, if I can, I go to my local greenmarket (at Grand Army Plaza), buy some goodies, take them home, and scan them." Lovely. Via Grow a Brain. ms-03.23.09

Um, you gonna eat that?. ms-03.20.09

Gorgeous photography from Clark Little. Via Josh. ms-03.20.09

Want to know what an underwater volcanic explosion looks like? Done. ms-03.19.09

Saturn: Moons in Transit. ms-03.19.09

Tons of people jumping on hotel beds. jc-03.19.09

Really funky and definitely fabulous work from photographer Brian McCarty. ms-03.18.09

An amazing collection of Science and Tech ads from the 50's and 60's. ms-03.18.09

Looking into the past. dw-03.17.09

Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre's beautiful and haunting series The Ruins of Detroit. sd-03.17.09

"We weren't really tired by the time we had reached our south destination so we kept on walking." Michael takes a tour of The Bowery and lots of great photos along the way. sd-03.17.09

Stores that are no more. ms-03.17.09

"In today's age of post-production computer conjuring, we decided to create some good, old-fashioned smoke and mirrors optical illusions." Behind the scenes look at some photo trickery for Wallpaper magazine. sd-03.13.09

Brooklyn in the 70s. dw-03.12.09

"Please tip! We are trying to raise $700 billion to help rich folks." Slate's Shoot the Recession project. jc-03.12.09

Shore pounding bliss. dw-03.12.09

House Names. ms-03.12.09

"Are You There God,? It's Me Mantis", Edith plays with her food. ms-03.12.09

Vintage Soviet Science magazine covers. ms-03.12.09

"I've experimented with replication, reversing the locations of the digital and the Polaroid, and using the Polaroid to tell what happened in the recent past." jc-03.10.09

Dog Sledding. Just had a flashback to when I took my nieces to see 8 Below. Hmm, could have done without that. ms-03.10.09

Little Planets: 30 polar panoramic photographs. ms-03.10.09

Relleno De Mono's photostream is full of monsters, plush toys and Kodachrome. Via Nikisees. jc-03.10.09

For Spencer. "We have a new pet. He's got the Empire in him that one. His name is ATilla. Via Slashfilm. ms-03.10.09

The Bad Translations Flickr pool. ms-03.09.09

Jarr takes pictures of posters in Amsterdam, lots of pictures. ms-03.09.09

Nice work from photographer Karen Morgan. ms-03.06.09

"Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them." Strictly No Photography. ms-03.06.09

From photographer Justin Newhall, his series on WWII re-enactors, Axis and Allies. ms-03.05.09

Really great, quirky work from photographer Julie Blackmon. ms-03.04.09

Slate magazine's Shoot the Recession project. ms-03.04.09

"It's hard to say whether Eastman is really capturing a disappearing America, or whether he's preserving an American sentiment. Either way, his images are stunning." Use the full-screen mode. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.04.09

From photographer Levi Wedel, Invisible City. Via Fubiz. ms-03.03.09

Stunning panoramic sunset from the La Silla observatory in Chile. Via DRB. ms-03.03.09

Gwenael Nicolas' wonderfully sparse photography project Light-Light, Tokyo Wonder. sd-03.03.09

"What does that man want from you and why is he hidden behind a mask?" The latest project by the photography team of The Los Vocalino Brothers: Turista. sd-03.02.09

From photographer Christopher LaMarca, Pool Hustlers. ms-03.02.09

Photochaining, "the art of leaving memory cards in public places to be picked up and used by others, who then do likewise." jc-03.02.09

Some really gorgeous landscape photos. ms-02.26.09

A great series of stylized and composed NYC street photos by Peter Funch called "Babel Tales." jc-02.25.09

The Arctic Circle. ms-02.25.09

The photography of Kudasz Gabor Arion. Via Another Company. jc-02.25.09

Really great photos of factories in Japan. ms-02.24.09

A photo retrospective of Pontiac: every year from 1948 to 1971. ms-02.23.09

At work. jc-02.20.09

Thank goodness for cell phone cameras, 71 pics of odd things on the subway. Via Mental Floss. ms-02.18.09

The photography of Nadav Kander, especially "Arctic Circle" and "I Wish I Were Near You." Via Moon River. jc-02.17.09

"The most beautiful fairy tales in the history of Modernism." Trailer for Eric Bricker's film on photographer Julius Shulman, Visual Acoustics. jc-02.17.09

Photo essay from Anthony Suau, Struggling Cleveland. The World Press Photo Awards named this shot Photo of the Year. ms-02.17.09

360 degree panorama of a Moon Halo. ms-02.14.09

Really great quirky photography from Ryan Robinson. ms-02.13.09

Super creepy, Icicles of Brick. ms-02.11.09

Related to the last, firefighter David Tree shares his water with an injured Koala. dw-02.10.09

Photos showing the incredible devastation caused by the bushfires in Australia. ms-02.10.09

Fantastically creepy photography from Joshua Hoffine. ms-02.10.09

The Caustic Cover Critic sifts through the huge dust jacket collection at the NYPL and comes up with some beauties. jc-02.09.09

Fantastic work from photographer Lauren Dukoff. ms-02.07.09

Gorgeous fashion photography spanning the 1930s through the 1960s from photographer John Rawlings. Via Things. ms-02.04.09

The work of Dominique Baynes, Prop Stylist. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-02.03.09

Duke's The New Road: I-26 and the Footprints of Progress tells the story of the construction of a highway in rural North Carolina through Rob Amberg's photos. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-02.03.09

Photos of Leningrad under siege in the early 1940s partially imposed on pictures of the current day city. Via Andrew Simone of Clusterflock. jc-02.02.09

Eric Tabuchi's photo series, Twentysix abandoned gasoline stations. jc-02.02.09

Really great work from photographer Emily Shur. ms-02.02.09

Amazing photos of rural America in the 1940's from Disfarmer. Via DRB. ms-02.02.09

From photographer Alexander Heilner, stunning Aerial Landscapes. ms-01.31.09

Discover Africa. dw-01.30.09

A Josef Muller-Brockmann Flickr pool. dw-01.30.09

LA1980, photos of Los Angeles taken 29 years ago by Larry Gassan. alw-01.30.09

Wow. The view from the seven highest peaks on Earth. Via the always fab DRB. ms-01.30.09

Photographers Roth & Ramberg on creating Antarctica in Western Canada. Via Nack. jc-01.29.09

Amazing color photos of Soviet soldiers in WWII. ms-01.28.09

More aerial night images of London, by photographer Jason Hawkes. Simply stunning. jsz-01.28.09

The new site for The Impossible Project, the group hoping to bring instant film back to the market, now that Polaroid has gotten out of the business. sd-01.28.09

Errol Morris talks to three photo editors at major wire services about photographing the Bush administration, including several examples of the same image from different photographers. sd-01.26.09

Photographer David Bergman's 1,474 Megapixel Inaugural Address Photo and how he made it. sd-01.26.09

Photographer Erik Madigan Heck beautifully recreates Hitchcock's The Birds for Nomenus Quarterly (click on "The Row"). Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-01.26.09

The new book Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie. alw-01.26.09

Really great work from photographer Greg Williams. ms-01.26.09

Justin Quinnell's six month long exposure compresses the time into a single ghostly image of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol UK. jc-01.23.09

This downturn in the economy affects everyone, but nowhere is it more obvious than on Coudal Partners' breakroom table. bb-01.22.09

Discovering the original photo Shepard Fairey used to create his Obama poster. And then, um, solving the mystery again. Via Byrdhouse. sd-01.22.09

The trippy, funhouse-like cityscapes of Jeremy Kidd's Fictional Realities, opening this week in LA. (Thanks, Michael.) alw-01.21.09

No surprise, The Big Picture has a fantastic collection of photos from the inauguration yesterday. ms-01.21.09

Gorgeous examples of long exposure photography. ms-01.21.09

Amazing view from above the inauguration yesterday. ms-01.21.09

Our friends at WBEZ are collecting scenes from Chicago on inauguration day. Info on how to contribute here. sd-01.20.09

Inaugural preparations. ms-01.20.09

"The following portfolios were made on the eroding sets and locations of Sergio Leone's celebrated 1960's 'spaghetti Westerns', deep in the deserts of southern Spain." Once Upon a Time in the West from photographer Aaron Schuman. ms-01.20.09

Visual Acoustics, a gorgeous new documentary about photographer Julius Shulman. alw-01.19.09

Really great Flickr set of photos from the Land O' Lincoln. ms-01.18.09

Sailing, around the world. ms-01.17.09

Nice shot of how Lake Michigan looked this morning on the drive in. Almost made the sub-zero cold worth it. Almost. Another couple of good ones here. sd-01.15.09

The first ever Presidential portrait taken with a digital camera. ms-01.15.09

Amazing photos of a train graveyard in Bolivia. Via Grow A Brain. ms-01.15.09

Taken with an ordinary digital camera in the South Of France, rising above the Alps, the largest full moon of 2009. Stunning. ms-01.15.09

Oh my Lord, I so love the internets. Effusive thanks to Doug. ms-01.14.09

Haunting photography from Desiree Dolron. ms-01.14.09

Gah! Evil intentions yes, but cute as a button. ms-01.14.09

"On June 17, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by." jc-01.14.09

This is Japan. Brilliant. ms-01.13.09

Nice collection of photos from an abandoned paper mill. ms-01.13.09

My Year in Outfits. Via NotCot. ms-01.12.09

NSFW if your work has a policy about pixelated nudes in highly suggestive poses. Photos for Amusement Magazine by JeanYves Lemoigne. Via Computerlove. jc-01.12.09

"The city of Guiyu is home to 5,500 businesses devoted to processing discarded electronics, known as e-waste. According to local websites, the region dismantles 1.5 million pounds of junked computers, cell phones and other devices a year." China's Electronic Waste Village. My current computer is headed there any minute. Via Cynical-C. ms-01.12.09

Portraiture Now: Feature Photography at The National Portrait Gallery. jc-01.12.09

Gorgeous photos from the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China. ms-01.12.09

TiltShiftMaker, a free online app to convert your photos into miniature. sd-01.09.09

Sweet rock-n-roll photography by Lauren Dukoff soon to be published in the book Family. alw-01.09.09

Nick and Tom's lomo accidents. Lovely. Via Monoscope. jc-01.09.09

"The rules: 1. Shoot a new photo every day. 2. Each day increase the focal length one millimeter. 3. Post this new image before going to sleep. 4. No cheating." 1 millimeter a day. Via Josh. ms-01.09.09

Fantastic, 19 breathtaking examples of tilt-shift photography. ms-01.09.09

Photos of the first days of the Nazi invasion into Russia taken by German soldiers. ms-01.08.09

Film is not dead it just smells funny. Thanks Frans. jc-01.07.09

"Was that sky more the same sky than the sky pictures taken in Europe?" Rolu on David Horvitz and his 2008 image set of daily sky photos. jc-01.07.09

Sweet product photography portfolio by Michael C. Eng. Via c77. jc-01.07.09

Fantastic portraits from photographer Sam Bassett. Via NotCot. ms-01.07.09

Thousands of photos of 45 rpm vinyl singles. Via Things. ms-01.06.09

Photos of an abandoned London. dw-01.05.09

Lovely photos of books at an Indian street market. Via Grow a Brain. ms-01.03.09

Sadly this is the last of my quick link drops for Fresh Signals, thanks Steve and Coudal Partners for letting me try some things out. Photo: Untitled. Via Chris Glass. mst-01.02.09

From The Big Picture, Israel and Gaza. ms-01.02.09

One year in 40 seconds. ms-12.30.08

Beautiful high speed water photography. ms-12.30.08

So you know, The Best of Christmas photos from around the globe for 2008. ms-12.30.08

Abandoned cars in Russia. ms-12.30.08

Gorgeous photos of Serbia. Via DRB. ms-12.29.08

Vintage photos from the dawn of the Soviet era ms-12.23.08

Round trip with the Endeavour. ms-12.23.08

Following JC's post below: Denise Joyce and Nancy Watkins' new book Scared of Santa: Scenes of Terror in Toyland, a collection of all those great photos. sd-12.19.08

Hey look, it's the Alphabet Truck! mst-12.19.08

Stormtrooper Christmas: Star Wars toys pose for the festive season. dw-12.18.08

As a recent greyhound adopter and longtime building buff, photographer Barbara Karant combines two of my favorite things: Architecture vs. Greyhounds. sd-12.18.08

Big collection of photos by Ken Derry from atop his crane, the one that's helping to build the new Trump Tower here in Chicago. Beautiful and utterly terrifying. sd-12.18.08

Dogs chasing my car in the deserts. Via Grow a Brain. ms-12.18.08

2008's most beautiful HDR images. ms-12.17.08

The ruins of Detroit industry. dw-12.17.08

The New York Public Library joined Flickr's Commons yesterday, releasing more than a thousand archived photographs. The Ellis Island set is particularly good. sd-12.16.08

Bulgarian "Squat Shops" are operated out of floor-level cellar windows. From the new edition of Polar Inertia. jc-12.15.08

Route 66 Neon. ms-12.15.08

Wow. Photos of the Annual Hajj Pilgrimage. Via Grow a Brain. ms-12.15.08

Selected photos from Wallpaper Magazine. jc-12.12.08

From photographer Louis Porter, Wires at Night. ms-12.12.08

Top shots for National Geographic's World in Focus photo contest. dw-12.11.08

London Shop Fronts. Via d*s. dw-12.09.08

Art can make you jump for joy. ms-12.09.08

Love these, Better Views. ms-12.09.08

From one of the most iconic photos of the Great Depression (Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange), one of the children reminisces about how her Mom felt about having the image taken. Via design:related mst-12.08.08

"Potential 'husbands' for an attractive Eastern European girl were all asked to pose with her so she could see what kind of couple they would make." Katarina Radovic's A Husband in Paris. jc-12.08.08

"Personal family snapshots erased layer by layer with a rubber eraser to expose the white base of the photo paper. The title of each piece is a memory that the photograph recalled." From artist Cody Trepte, his series Erased Photographs. ms-12.08.08

The photography of Kim Boske, "decay can be very slow." jc-12.05.08

Alec Soth's photography series: Sleeping by the Mississippi. Via bblinks. sd-12.05.08

Two Stormtroopers' Day at the Beach. Exactly what it sounds like. sd-12.05.08

Welcome to MidCentury Illinois. ms-12.05.08

Venice under water. ms-12.04.08

A smile in the heavens, a happy sky over Los Angeles. ms-12.04.08

Amazing photos of the repairs in progress to the International Space Station. ms-12.02.08

Really great photography from Daniel Fell. ms-12.01.08

Autoportraits by Vladimir Nikolic. jc-11.29.08

The photography of Adrian Parfene. Really dig the "Road" and "Dark Blue" galleries. sd-11.26.08

Very cool, a 360 degree view of an A380 flight deck. Via Grow A Brain. ms-11.26.08

Who knew that actor Jeff Bridges is also a talented photographer? Check out his behind the scenes photos of Ironman. ms-11.26.08

So you know. A local public service announcement. The photo-booth at Diversey River Bowl is old-school and currently in just about the perfect state of disrepair to produce great, gritty images. jc-11.25.08

Posted before, but it keeps growing: the awesome "Malort Face" Flickr Pool. bb-11.25.08

Sorry I Missed Your Party. jc-11.25.08

Russia, from a plane. ms-11.25.08

"Domo prepares his attack." A lovely photo that reflects well on us and artist Billy Davis too. jc-11.24.08

Selections from the George Eastman House collection of James Jowers photography, beautiful NYC street images from the 1960s and early 70s. Thanks to Pochemuchka for sending us this link. jc-11.21.08

Mike Wachs writes to ask, "Have you seen this?" The answer is yes, but we're sure enjoying seeing it again. jc-11.20.08

The Zappas. jc-11.20.08

The last photographs of celebrities, public figures, and impending disasters. bb-11.20.08

"Summer nights encompass some of the most unforgettable times of our lives. There is a certain mystery contained in the darkness & tension. In 48 photographs, 'WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS' eludes to the stories of youth, isolation & nearly supernatural experiences during this annual epoch." From photographer Brooks Reynolds, We are Sleeping Giants. Fab. ms-11.19.08

"Instead of painting on canvas, I install a canvas behind real objects." Forest for the Trees, an interview with Myoung Ho Lee in the TMN Galleries. jc-11.18.08

Amazing photos of the wildfires in California. ms-11.17.08

Nice vintage photo collection of celebrities. dw-11.17.08

From photographer Richard Renaldi, Touching Strangers. Via Grow a Brain. ms-11.13.08

Some stunning examples of night photography. ms-11.13.08

Design Observer has a great post about Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs. ms-11.12.08

Photographer Bruno Quinquet's fab series Salaryman Project. ms-11.12.08

"Naomi Campbell was once sued by a former friend, after the supermodel had punched and kicked her for wearing a similar outfit. Inspired by this and other unspoken fashion faux pax, Trinh spent an afternoon posing with strangers who happen to be wearing the exact same cardigan as the one he had on." Same Same. ms-11.11.08

Poladroid, turn your pix into Polaroids. Sort of. jc-11.11.08

Nick's friends and their favorite things. jc-11.10.08

"...there were many kids who opted for the permanent awesomeness that was the laser background." Thanks Whet. jc-11.10.08

Digitizing the photographic archives of the Sechtl & Vosecek Studios, a pioneering European enterprise. A great collection, full of surprises and historical information. jc-11.10.08

Fantastical photography from Li Wei. ms-11.10.08

"Every road leads you somewhere." ms-11.10.08

Behind the scenes with the Obama family on election night. Via DF ms-11.07.08

From photographer Bruce Gilden, Foreclosures. Via MeFi. ms-11.07.08

Photos from the set of Star Wars. Via Cynical-C. ms-11.07.08

A complete set of Flintstones 3D ViewMaster Slides from 1962. Via Drawn. sd-11.06.08

Holy crap, I just clicked on Hell. ms-11.06.08

Nick tries to "emulate that accidental, random fun of shooting film" with his two double exposure photo technique challenges. sd-11.05.08

Today's Big Picture features our next President. sd-11.05.08

Cool little animated promo for Hot Shots, a new book about photography by Kevin Meredith. Via I Like. sd-11.05.08

Welcome to Motel Hell. ms-11.04.08

Clever photography in this series of Career Builder print ads. Via The Denver Egotist. sd-11.03.08

In honor of election day, FotA and Field-Tested contributor Michael Surtees is opening up his Ten:15 project to include both 10:15AM and 10:15PM. Take a photo at either of those times, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, and send it in. sd-11.03.08

NYC and Paris, reflected in puddles, the photography of Robin Soulier. Via Booooooom. jc-11.03.08

Fab photography by Carlos Serrao. ms-11.03.08

Gerard Maynards 17 Gigapixels of Yosemite. Yowza. Make sure to check the Zoomify version too. jc-10.31.08

Jack the Ripper and the East End. ms-10.31.08

Plastic Life. Via Happy Cavalier. ms-10.30.08

From photographer Corinne May Botz, Haunted House. Accompanying audio files of ghost stories are here ms-10.30.08

Underwater 360°. dw-10.30.08

Amazing, the winners of Nikon's Smallest World Competition. ms-10.30.08

Moscow, the roof view. ms-10.30.08

The Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands has begun posting their collection to Flickr. Via Byrdhouse. sd-10.29.08

"She creates cinematic moments as if they were movie stills from the 40s/50s." Bethany Obrecht's White Manor. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-10.29.08

PopPhoto has their choices for the 100 Best Photo Album covers. ms-10.29.08

Halloween in the Time of Cholera. Via Wired. ms-10.28.08

"In winter afternoons, thousands of birds, attracted by the warmth of the refinery, start a dance that lasts until dusk." Refinery Flock, a series of photographs for File by Massimo Cristaldi jc-10.27.08

From photographer Danielle Van Ark, The Mounted Lifems-10.27.08

Caleb Charland's photographs are made with variable exposures and feature mechanical contraptions made from power tools and everyday items. Via It's Nice That. jc-10.25.08

"Nick Veasey uses x-ray technology to create mesmerizing and intriguing art. In a world obsessed with superficial appearance it is a refreshing change to be able to look beyond the surface." Via Cool Hunting. jc-10.24.08

-ing. jc-10.23.08

Building homemade digital cameras from low-end flatbed scanners. Here's how to do it from Make. jc-10.23.08

Dialogue Among Giants, Carleton Watkins and the Rise of Photography in California, at the Getty. jc-10.22.08

Callie Shell has been traveling with Obama for Time Mag and has posted a terrific series of candid photos with captions. I love "these two boys," and "pull-ups." Via Kottke. jc-10.22.08

Photoset of the moment: a trip to Iceland. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-10.22.08

Bernd Hagemann's collection of photos from Shanghai of people publicly sleeping in strange positions, getting some shut eye wherever they can. Via Arbroath. sd-10.22.08

Douglas Cruickshank's Literature Without Words, a massive round-up of photography sites at Readerville. Thanks Karen. jc-10.21.08

A terrific site dedicated to The Art of the Photogravure. Contains an amazing collection of images and features, plus definitive historical and technical resources. jc-10.21.08

The terrible beauty of the salt mine. ms-10.20.08

Days of Autumn. ms-10.20.08

The United States/Mexico border station in San Ysidro in 1925 and the present. ms-10.17.08

Related to the last. Our favorite photo from this time of year. jc-10.16.08

Domesticated, a photo series by Amy Stein. "Modern dioramas of our new natural history." Superb. Via the always observant That's a Negative. jc-10.16.08

Melbourne Today. dw-10.16.08

Aaron Hobson's Cinemascapes, sequential narrative images. Via Booooooom. jc-10.16.08

Beautiful, perfect set piece photography by Dan Tobin Smith. Check the alphabetical compositions and the wide-screen "Sabotage." jc-10.16.08

Spend the afternoon browsing the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library. dw-10.14.08

Gorgeous, from photographer Irina Rozovsky, This Russia. ms-10.13.08

Some fantastic examples of high speed photography. ms-10.11.08

In answer to a couple emails, the images that are currently rotating on our cover page come from Jennifer Sharpe's amazing Kriegsmann Files, which were found in a Venice, CA alleyway. But let's let Jennifer tell that story herself. jc-10.10.08

"This project researches the visual traces that are left in public places. In our daily lives we dwell in public spaces, where our journeys are filmed and stored as CCTV records. The omnipresence of the gaze of surveillance turns the city into a spectacle, and us into actors." From photographer Manuel Vazquez, Traces. ms-10.09.08

Hand-colored black and white photos by Cali. dw-10.08.08

The Lomographic Society International's new Horizon Cameras for taking panoramics. Thanks Henry. sd-10.08.08

"Love is short, but longer than oblivion." The Postman Series by Maleonn, whose bio states that he is "engaged in independent creation of art." I'll say. Via ffffound. jc-10.08.08

Images from How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb by Peter Kuran. Found among other things. jc-10.07.08

Lovely, photographer Andy Mattern's series Buildings at Night. ms-10.07.08

Yeah, those jeans are cool. Ever wonder how they got that artfully distressed? Photographer David Friedman took his camera into the Denim Factory. ms-10.07.08

"During recent years, with the growing sophistication and consumerism of the modern Chinese, public parks have evolved in a strange, limpid, direction towards what I would describe as 'pseudo-theme parks', where 'fairground' style mechanical games or attractions are built." Photographer Dustin Shun's series It Isnae Disney. ms-10.06.08

So you know, the Best Science images of 2008. ms-10.04.08

Photos of Internet Cafes Around the World. sd-10.03.08

The photography of Magdalena Bors. sd-10.02.08

Jason take pictures of his kids, really fantastic pictures of his kids. ms-10.02.08

Interesting story on Policing Flickr, largely about the work of FotA Heather Champ. Via I Like. sd-10.02.08

Artists Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Rottger's series Flying Things. ms-10.02.08

Photographer Lucas Foglia's series on Re-Wilding, "the process of creating a lifestyle that is independent of the domestication of civilization." Interesting, but it's strange that some of these people have websites. sd-10.01.08

John Chiara not only has a great name for a photographer, but he also has a truck-sized camera. se-10.01.08

Stroll the White City. dw-10.01.08

Pre-1962 America in Color. Totally fab. Via A Continuous Lean. jc-09.30.08

For your inspiration, the world's best photos of bento box lunches. ms-09.30.08

"My work explores the persistent mark of individuality in a culture that brands, packages, and relentlessly promotes conformity." Brilliant, photographer Paho Mann's series Junk Drawers and Medicine Cabinets. ms-09.30.08

Photos of the Moscow Zoo from the 1920's. ms-09.29.08

Amazing photos from Sunday's Formula One Racing Singapore Grand Prix ms-09.29.08

Brilliant, Lighting Out For The Territory from the book Square America. ms-09.29.08

"Maria and Joakim went to the Norwegian mountains and fjords to investigate light and time. With them they had 100 reflectors. This is what happened." ms-09.29.08

"I wanted to take aerial shots over the streets New York so I spent the last few months designing, building, and rethinking of ways to not only get my camera up in the air, but to make it fire some shots when it was up there." The Balloon Project by David Trawin. Via DesignNotes. jc-09.26.08

Lovely work from photographer Franck Juery. ms-09.26.08

Library Finds. Books meet camera. jc-09.25.08

Amazing shots of slime molds. ms-09.24.08

Add this one to my Christmas list—where retro and digital come together beautifully. jsz-09.24.08

Great stuff from photographer Aaron Farley. ms-09.23.08

Some really great examples of macro photography. Seriously, did they have to have so many spider shots? ms-09.23.08

Wired has the winners for their reader submitted portrait photo contest. And the winner is stunning. ms-09.22.08

Good design on paper. ms-09.22.08

Fantastic photos of surfers from the 1970's from photographer Jeff Divine. Via Happy Cavalier. ms-09.22.08

Ooohh, look at the pretty colors. ms-09.22.08

Gorgeous photos of the Highlands and islands of Scotland. Via Grow a brain. ms-09.22.08

Observing Ramadan. ms-09.20.08

Beside the Seaside, snapshots of British coastal life, 1880-1950. Via I Like. sd-09.18.08

17 Years of photos, two per day, rotating in sync with Earth around the Sun. dw-09.18.08

New Scientist on the future of photography. jc-09.17.08

Holding the sun. dw-09.16.08

Quirky photography from Luke Stephenson. Be sure to check out the amazing World Beard and Mustache Championship series. ms-09.16.08

How photographer Jill Greenberg really feels about John McCain. The story of a photo shoot for The Atlantic. The comment thread on this PDNPulse entry is worth exploring. jc-09.13.08

Images in Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke's Lightmark project are created by using long-exposures and "painting" with a light source. Fab. Via Daily Icon. jc-09.12.08

The photography of Toby Glanville (check out "Portraits"). sd-09.11.08

"Hey Gladys, meet us on the Lido deck. It's Limbo time." ms-09.10.08

Really great collection of photos taken with a Holga 120SF. ms-09.10.08

FILE magazine's current featured project is John Loomis' series Doubleheader. ms-09.09.08

I guess you don't want to talk to me anymore. ms-09.09.08

Tim Gasperak's Iceland. Via Projectionist. jc-09.09.08

Stunning, hurricanes viewed from space. ms-09.09.08

Toys on Roids. dw-09.08.08

Inspirational accidents are some of my favourite things. iPhone cubism. se-09.08.08

Cucumber pickers of Belarus. ms-09.08.08

A fantastic collection of protest photos from outside the DNC and RNC conventions by three freelance photojournalists. Via Design Info. sd-09.08.08

Photoset of the moment: Jug of Tea, an abandoned snack shop in the UK. Via I Like. sd-09.08.08

"Excuse me, could you take a picture of me?" ms-09.08.08

"Photographer Laura Peters went behind the scenes at mortuaries, funeral parlours and crematoria to find out about the 'death industry'" in her series Behind the Last Closed Door. ms-09.08.08

Some images of London from above, at night, by photographer Jason Hawkes. se-09.05.08

Eric Etheridge's Breach of Peace. Mugshots of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders set against current photos and interviews. Heroic. jc-09.05.08

The photography of Tod Seelie. jc-09.05.08

Gorgeous work from photographer Bill Steber. ms-09.05.08

Nakki Goranin talks to Smithsonian Magazine about the once ubiquitous photobooth and about her new book, American Photobooth. se-09.04.08

Funky and very cool photography by Jeffrey Vanhoutte. ms-09.04.08

Fab collection of graphic design books. ms-09.04.08

Far out, HD from the sixties and seventies. ms-09.03.08

Interesting photographic notes from the field from the crew making the upcoming documentary about surfing in the Middle East, God Went Surfing With the Devil. se-09.02.08

The August 1st eclipse of the sun as seen over the Great Wall in China. ms-09.02.08

Lovely, vintage photographs of everyday life in America. ms-09.02.08

Fantastic photograph by Kevin German, which I extra like for obvious reasons: "Steve the Chicken." More of German's work here. sd-08.29.08

Yet another travel-related link for today. A Motorbike Adventure is a gorgeous photographic journal of a trip across India by motorbike. se-08.28.08

Great work from photographer Aldo Sperber ms-08.28.08

For BB. With reviews being posted of the long-awaited Nikon D90 and the upcoming Canon 50D, I was forced to spend a few hours online last night fantasizing about new cameras. se-08.28.08

Hitting the road this Labor Day weekend? Here's to the road trip. ms-08.28.08

Sexy People. Only funny until someone finds some old photo of you from high school and sends it in. sd-08.27.08

Liu Bolin's Camouflage series of photographs. (Xie xie, Mrs. BB.) bb-08.27.08

To complement our Back To Schoudal savings-a-bration, the gorgeous Old School flickr set from Uppercase. se-08.27.08

Rachel Papo's Serial No. 3817131, a photo essay about eighteen year old women drafted into the Israeli army. sd-08.27.08

Amazing work from photographer Ola Bell. ms-08.27.08

Brilliant, photographer Steve Schofield's series Land of the Free. ms-08.27.08

So you know, the beauty of motion blur photography. ms-08.26.08

So you know, some essential Flickr groups for abandoned properties. ms-08.25.08

Fantastic, photos from the Beijing Olympics. ms-08.25.08

Huge collection of examples of 1970's packaging . ms-08.25.08

Silent World. Photographs by Michael Kenna. jc-08.22.08

Spencer Tunick is a photographer who documents the live nude human body in public, often with hundreds of volunteers. The work is site-specific, and presents people en masse and in unusual places, like on a glacier. se-08.22.08

"Sailing over a cardboard sea..." jc-08.22.08

"Two different movie stills are brought together in a way that a perspectively coherence is kept and/or established. The two 'destroyed' images come together in a new way that plays with our imaginative capacity to project and create identities within what we see." Behind the Scenes. ms-08.22.08

The photography of Nicolas Mikolaj Grospierre shows empty, quiet and crumbling Soviet era buildings. Bitter and sweet. Via Conscientious. jc-08.22.08

Lovely photos of St. Petersburg in the 19th century. ms-08.22.08

Other Simulated Worlds, fascinating photos from the The American Museum of Natural History, many showing exhibits being prepared. jc-08.21.08

Big collection of photos of the abandoned Edgewater Medical Center, birthplace of both Hillary Clinton and John Wayne Gacy. sd-08.20.08

Stan und Ollie. ms-08.20.08

I'm always debating which camera to carry, video or still, and after a barrage of Olympic television coverage, the photographs on the Visions of China blog make a great argument for the power of a single moment in time. se-08.20.08

Revisiting these photographs of architectural patterns in Hong Kong by Michael Wolf. Via the Ministry. se-08.19.08

Life's railway to heaven. ms-08.19.08

Society in Decline's Intrastate Commerce photoset. Thanks, Paz. se-08.19.08

Polar submarines. ms-08.19.08

"David Maisel's photographs of nearly 110 funereal copper canisters are a mineralogical delight." Library of Dust. jc-08.18.08

Somewhat related to the last, Yearbook Yourself. dw-08.18.08

The good folks over at wejetset have a fab GR Holga starter kit. So you know, they happen to carry Field Notes too. ms-08.18.08

Spies, Lies, and Alibis. ms-08.14.08

Photographer Branislav Kropilak's "Billboard" series is a perfect example of the fact that how you look at something is at least as important as what you look at. Beautiful. jc-08.14.08

Photographer Amy Stein's fab series Domesticated. ms-08.14.08

Nice collection of vintage pulp sci-fi books. ms-08.14.08

Kitchen gadgets disassembled starting with the juicer. dw-08.14.08

Photographer Andrew Emond's Worksongs. ms-08.14.08

Speaking of traffic signs. ms-08.14.08

Photos from DefCon 2008. ms-08.13.08

Gorgeous archtitecural photgraphy from Iwan Baan. ms-08.12.08

Lovely photography from Fernando Arias. Here is my fave. ms-08.12.08

Nice photography from Caleb Charland. ms-08.11.08

Hopefully you watched at least part of the Olympic opening ceremonies, they were truly spectacular. The Big Picture has some stunning photos. ms-08.09.08

Enter at your own risk, Freak Circus. ms-08.07.08

Do yourself a big favour and browse the amazing photography of Michael Eastman. Via bb. se-08.07.08

Rich people rooftops in NYC. dw-08.07.08

For Spencer, The. Best. Cupcake. Ever. ms-08.07.08

Fabulous photos of workers in a factory in France taken between 1966 to 1971. ms-08.06.08

This site houses the ongoing documentation of banana skins in the urban London landscape. dw-08.05.08

"Extremely detailed representations of 10 private apartments. All of them were photographed as if the ceilings were taken off." Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga's "Plan." Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-08.05.08

Ovation TV has great interview with photographer Gregory Crewdson. His work is surreal and arresting, you can view some of his photos here. ms-08.05.08

From the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk, Russia great shot of yesterday's solar eclipse. ms-08.02.08

Nice collection of photos of classic cars. ms-08.01.08

Great photos of center pivot irrigation sites. ms-08.01.08

Gorgeous, Moon games. ms-08.01.08

From photographer William Lawson, Intervention ms-07.31.08

Bar none, the best photo taken at a CP event ever, by Kory Westerhold. jc-07.30.08

Brent Humphreys shot some unique images of the Tour de France 2007, under "projects." se-07.30.08

"I'd found a way to see the world as a camera does. However fake the subject, once photographed, it's as good as real." Hiroshi Sugimoto's fab Diorama Series. More about the artist at Art:21. jc-07.30.08

Some beautiful behind the scenes photos of exhibits being assembled at the Field Museum. se-07.29.08

Artist Stephanie Syjuco's The Village (small encampments). ms-07.29.08

This is how we played when I was a youngster, old school playground toys. ms-07.27.08

Gorgeous, photographer Noah Kalina's Labs at Night. Via DRB ms-07.25.08

Lia Halloran, photographer, artist, skateboarder. Via DesignNotes. jc-07.25.08

Follow up to a previous post, more bird's eye landscapes in Russia. ms-07.25.08

Flora Olbiensis by Erwan Frotin. Via d*s. dw-07.22.08

Three weeks to go. ms-07.22.08

Photos of lost cities. dw-07.21.08

Eugenio Recuenco's fresco and other photographic works. dw-07.21.08

Some gorgeous images by Kai Yamada taken with plastic cameras, among many other photos, techniques and ideas at Kai's dianacamera.com. se-07.21.08

A saturated, hyperstyled, cinematic, staged series of portraits. The Big Valley Photographs by Alex Prager. Via La Petite Claudine. jc-07.18.08

Human aerial design as protest art, Circle Up Now. ms-07.18.08

Opacity, abandoned photography and urban exploration. Thanks Marshall. jc-07.17.08

Vintage cookbooks from 1898 to 1978. ms-07.16.08

Fab, Moscow from the bird's sight. ms-07.16.08

Photos from the recent Chap Olympics, which is described as "for the perfectly dressed, under-achieving dandies with no interest in sport." Even more photos here. Via Arbroath. sd-07.15.08

More wood paneling than you have ever seen, old wedding photos found near a garbage can in an alley next to an old mattress. ms-07.14.08

Lovely, photos from a ship graveyard. ms-07.14.08

What are you wearing today? ms-07.12.08

Orbs. dw-07.11.08

"Cadillac," beautiful black and white photographs by Stephen Salmieri. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-07.11.08

Begin with this startlingly beautiful image and progress right through the whole set, shot at a Chinese space program museum. The Photography of Markku LaHDesmaki. jc-07.10.08

It appears that Iran has clone-tool technology. bb-07.10.08

Lovely, planets and fire by moonlight. ms-07.10.08

Party like it's 1959. ms-07.10.08

Photos of fans watching the Euro Cup games in Vienna by the always great Bernhard Wolf: I , II, III, and IV. sd-07.09.08

Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta. Photographs by Ed Kashi, who was interviewed on Weekend Edition from NPR. Via C-Monster. jc-07.08.08

PingMag on the The Death of My Little Dead Dick. Art and relationships sometimes rise together. And sometimes fall that way too. jc-07.08.08

Photographer David La Spina's History of a Village. ms-07.08.08

"Consumer Actions involves a consumer object replacement using a selection of specific consumer items, carving and painting scale replicas, and inserting them back into their original consumer context." Fab, from artist Conrad Bakker. ms-07.07.08

Steve Schofield's Land of the Free, photographs of costumed fans (mostly sci-fi) in their homes. Via bblinks. sd-07.07.08

Photographer Joakim Eskildsen's beautiful "Fireworks" from his Nordic Signs series. sd-07.07.08

"This image is the result of driving a few thousand kilomers, then one minute of happy shooting --and two days of work in Photoshop CS3." Klaus Nordby in Northern Norway. Via John Nack. jc-07.07.08

"I met the bear in person once, at a dive bar in Greenwich Village." The Bear in Repose at TMN. jc-07.07.08

30 amazing abstract satellite images of earth. se-07.07.08

Lovely work from photographer Stephen Gill. be sure to check out A Series of Disappointments. ms-07.07.08

What we did last night with about a million other people. jc-07.04.08

Meena Kadri's photos of Coca-Cola Graphics in India. Via 1+1=3. sd-06.30.08

Something new to try: Yosemite in 3D right on your monitor. Via BoingBoing. se-06.30.08

For a bit of quiet inspiration, check in on 3191, a year of evenings. se-06.28.08

Photographer Nick Veasey's X-Ray series. ms-06.28.08

"Parade" is a series of photographs distilled from 8mm home movies shot by my mother in the late 1950's and early 1960's." ms-06.27.08

Gunter Borgemeister's Iceland panoramas and some shots. Just gorgeous. jc-06.26.08

"In a photograph that is pared down, one ends up with slightly hyper-realistic imagery --precise and clear, but the meaning is elusive." An interview and slide show with Edgar Martin in the TMN Galleries, Topologies. jc-06.26.08

Amazing photos from a surfing trip to the Amazon. ms-06.26.08

There is always cinema. ms-06.26.08

Defaced at Square America. jc-06.25.08

Saw a cool photo in a 20-year-old National Geographic while I was getting an oil change yesterday, and thought "I wish I could buy a print of that." bb-06.25.08

The Book of Sleep. dw-06.24.08

"Whilst on a job in Bishop, California I came across this 'old' NASA unit. It's beautiful and still stands on the edge of this small town traveling from LA to Las Vegas." Via Sci-Fi Hi-Fi. jc-06.23.08

Jason Tozer's Bubble Photos and how he captured them. sd-06.23.08

Experiments in 3D photography, Girls & Guns. jc-06.23.08

Lots of people caught the huge, double rainbow over Chicago yesterday evening. jc-06.23.08

Fantastic, photographer Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books. ms-06.23.08

The Smithsonian Institution has begun posting archival photos on Flickr, check out this great collection of portraits of artists. ms-06.23.08

Gorgeous, solstice moonrise in Greece. ms-06.21.08

Automotive monogamy. ms-06.21.08

The photography of Joe Wolek. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-06.20.08

The perfect past. ms-06.20.08

"It was like putting a child in front of an audience and saying: Go and do a little curtsy." Ed Ruscha's best shot. Fab. Via my new favorite photography weblog, Chas Bowie's That's A Negative. jc-06.19.08

Want to sell your photography? Photoshelter has assembled a helpful School Of Stock. jc-06.19.08

Photographer William Hundley's Friends of Spot. ms-06.19.08

Chris Jordan's photographs tell, among other things, of the magnitude of American consumption and waste. Check out his "Running the Numbers" series. se-06.19.08

Young Me - Now Me. se-06.19.08

"...essentially a one-of-a-kind object, like an oil painting or daguerreotype." Gone in Sixty Seconds, an excellent essay by Phil Patton for AIGA, on the legacy of Polaroid. jc-06.19.08

Alexey Titarenko's City of Shadows. Via It's Nice That. dw-06.19.08

Too cute, Lego Wall-E. ms-06.19.08

Amazing. A remarkable photo from tornado country. ms-06.18.08

A brilliant new body of work from photographer Meg Wachter who a captures a split second of time when a food product is dumped on her friends' heads. Via Shape + Color. jsz-06.18.08

Fantastic, photographer Denis Darzacq's series Hyper. ms-06.17.08

BldgBlog on "City of Shadows," Alexey Titarenko's haunting, long-exposure shots of crowds in St. Petersburg, Russia. jc-06.16.08

There is beauty at the Car Wash. ms-06.16.08

For some reason, my rainy days don't look this pretty. ms-06.16.08

Photographer Sam Taylor-Wood shot pictures of famous Hollywood actors in the Crying Men series. ms-06.15.08

"Chokito gets you disgoing" Really bad cover art. ms-06.15.08

Nice collection of photos of Jazz musicians. ms-06.14.08

A Library of Congress series, 1930s-40s in Color. Described as "pretty much the best Flickr set, ever" by a source as reliable as they come, The DDC in Portland. You'll find no disagreement from Chicago. jc-06.13.08

Stunning, The Sky from above. ms-06.13.08

Great collection of vintage album covers. ms-06.13.08

Lovely, photos of Tehran. ms-06.13.08

Striking photos from Branislav Kropilak. ms-06.12.08

Joe Kral's huge collection of book covers. Thanks Jeff! ms-06.11.08

Lovely, photographer Eric Schubert's series, Same As It Ever Was. ms-06.10.08

Over at the TMN galleries, Phone Sex Operators. ms-06.10.08

Fab, photographer Kotama Bouabane's Melting Words. ms-06.09.08

Fab, photographer Mandi Gavois' Cars. ms-06.09.08

A photo series of blank façades. se-06.06.08

Great photo of migrating stingrays. Via Towleroad. dw-06.05.08

Nick Veasey's X-Rays and Under My Skin. Via Ace Jet 170. jc-06.05.08

Wow, a man takes a Polaroid picture every day for two decades. ms-06.05.08

"Sometimes I am in real danger; I have to hang myself high with steel wires and people do get a little worried for me, but I am fine." The gravity-defying photography of Li Wei. jc-06.04.08

"The city that they lost." Photos of Moscow in 1960. ms-06.04.08

Photo tampering throughout history. dw-06.03.08

Lovely photography from John Mann. Particularly fond of Folded In Place. ms-06.03.08

"I couldn't change my perspective. I just had to grab it, if I could." Photographer Paul Fusco talking about shooting crowds through the window on the RFK funeral train. Thanks Henry. sd-06.02.08

Assisted by data from amateur satellite observers, Trevor Paglen created The Other Night Sky "a project to track and photograph classified American satellites in Earth orbit." More information at greg.org. jc-06.02.08

"In this series from Los Angeles, I am using images that underscore the cyborg nature of the city and its environs..." David Maisel's Oblivion. Thanks again Marshall. jc-05.29.08

Adland highlights photographer Francesco Nencini's awesome ads for Detective Magazine, "Garden," and "Library." jc-05.29.08

It's in the eyes and expressions. nh-05.29.08

A panorama of Moscow in 1901. ms-05.27.08

Bernd and Hilla Becher: Basic Forms at the Getty. "Rendered with absolute precision in the palette of cool grays characteristic of medium-contrast gelatin silver prints, each structure is centered against a cloudless sky, filling the picture frame." Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-05.27.08

"When I started shooting bankrupt offices I found it to be more archeology than photography. Everywhere I went I found signs of life, interrupted." Via Boing. jc-05.27.08

Of detached interest to some. Stuff of sweaty palms, jerky breaths, and heart palpitations for those like me. ms-05.27.08

"Pressing the photographic paper against the tube, heat and light emanating from the television are relayed. Producing its own light, the television image is self-inscribed, fulfilling the desire to span distances, making illusions more present." Photograms by Matthew Gamber; This is (Still) the Golden Age. ms-05.26.08

"That clown looks like he had 2 vodkas and is ready to hit you if you don't give him is 3rd." Yes, he does. ms-05.22.08

Photographer Stefan Abrams has some great stuff here. Be sure to check out the After Cinema series, fab. ms-05.22.08

Automotive Monogamy, a photo project by Matteo Ferrari. Via Perpenduum. jc-05.22.08

Eighteen years of daily photos till the day of his death. It floored me. Via Glass. nh-05.22.08

Andreas Wolkerstorfer's cameras: "mouseover for pic of the camera & click for photos taken with this camera." Via It's Nice That. jc-05.22.08

Paul Fusco, a young photographer on assignment for Look Magazine, was aboard RFK's funeral train as it made its way down the eastern seaboard towards Arlington National Cemetary on June 5, 1968. These are some of the pictures he took. jc-05.21.08

In an homage to my all time favorite 5mph sign, which was formerly posted near the Cortland Street bridge in Chicago, a photo pool of fives and a set of fives. se-05.21.08

License plates of the Caribbean Islands. ms-05.21.08

Fantastic, huge collection of Veloce books covers. ms-05.21.08

Photos of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake and fire. ms-05.20.08

Obama Does Portland. The scale is stunning. That's a lot of people. Via the DDC. nh-05.19.08

Corey Arnold fishes. But he's also a photographer. Via BySoAndSo. nh-05.19.08

Lovely, One night in Beijing. ms-05.19.08

Fantastic collection of photos, Life in Soviet Russia; Private Moments. ms-05.18.08

Lovely Flickr pool, The Architecture of the Piano. Via Grow a Brain. ms-05.17.08

Here in Chicago, we play Monopoly for real. nh-05.16.08

"When the night comes to this small town in Russia it's dwellers dress their into their best cloths and go to the promenade by the city river bank among the steel horror sculptures erected by unknown genius." Horror by the river. ms-05.16.08

Lovely photography from Alan Cook. ms-05.16.08

The adventures of the Middleman. nh-05.15.08

The Disappearing World of Soho's Independent Record Shops. nh-05.15.08

Catching the sun. jc-05.15.08

Lovely work from photographer Juliane Eirich. The Schools set is fantastic. ms-05.15.08

Patterns are everywhere and Fitting in society's box. nh-05.15.08

Andrew Huff finds a new use for a lazy susan -- a fake dolly. nh-05.14.08

What's left. nh-05.14.08

Great photos from photographer Martin Beckett, 360 degrees. ms-05.14.08

So great, vintage classical album covers. ms-05.13.08

Happiness, the book. nh-05.12.08

Great photos of a Russian abandoned tank base. ms-05.12.08

Ansel Adams Yosemite slide show, narrated by his former assistant, Andrea G. Stillman and a related travel article from the NYT. jc-05.12.08

Great collection of paper ephemera. ms-05.11.08

Lovely, Chalk. ms-05.10.08

Whimsical photos by Robert Wechsler. ms-05.08.08

Free Readymech Pinhole Cameras from Corbis. Designed by Fwis in NYC. jc-05.08.08

Andy Warhol's Photo Booth Self-Portrait. Linked as a hint to the new subscriber-only contest that's part of the Infrequent Mailing that goes out today. Not on the list? Give us your email address under "Puzzled" on the left. jc-05.08.08

Lovely, The Gegenschein over Chile. ms-05.08.08

Take a peek inside Communist North Korea. ms-05.08.08

Photos of the moment: Lightning vs. Erupting Volcano. It doesn't get much more impressive and/or scary than that. sd-05.07.08

Fabulous hi def photos of San Francisco. Via Dark Roasted Blend. ms-05.07.08

Some of the creepiest photos ever taken. dw-05.07.08

This and the bottom row of this give me an idea. Someone out there, do it, so I don't have to. bb-05.07.08

Nice collection of vintage record labels. ms-05.07.08

"Federally subsidized subsitinance." nh-05.07.08

The best photo on the internets? Saturday Night! Via Cynical-C. ms-05.07.08

Lovely photo set, Multiples. ms-05.06.08

Sorry I Missed Your Party. Pictures of other people's parties from Flickr. dw-05.06.08

Close Up, portraiture by Martin Schoeller. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.06.08

Photographer Alexander Petrosian's gorgeous photos of urban decay. ms-05.06.08

A nice surprise to run into: Preston Davis just started The Jewelboxing Group, a Flickr pool of case designs, several of which have been featured over at our Jewelboxing blog. sd-05.05.08

Check the latest at DQ Books, Beneath a Steel Sky. jc-05.03.08

Photobombing, via Glass. bb-05.02.08

Lovely seaside photos. Via DRB. ms-05.02.08

Great photo sets of abandoned buildings. dw-05.01.08

Vibrant photos from a supermarket. ms-05.01.08

Related to my earlier post about street graffiti, thanks to Eugene for sending a link to his street graffiti shots. ms-04.29.08

Huge photo set of street graffiti. ms-04.29.08

Nos Vies Invisibles (Our Lives Invisible) a beautiful series by French photographer Yann Orhan. Via Concientious. jc-04.28.08

Nice collection of vintage shortwave radio ads. ms-04.28.08

Gorgeous and creepy at the same time, the work of photographer Joshua Hoffine. Via Dark Roasted Blend. ms-04.28.08

Appropriate for today in Chicago, photos of a rainy day. jc-04.25.08

"Flash Cube? Flash Cube!" Spot for Kodak's Instamatic (with Flash Cube) from the 1960s. Via Cynical-C. sd-04.23.08

Artist Lilly McElroy walks up to strange men, asks if she can throw herself at them and photographs the moment. Via Swiss Miss. ms-04.23.08

Gorgeous photos of China from the air. ms-04.23.08

Lovely photography over at Au fil de... ms-04.22.08

Gorgeous, the Aurora Borealis in Murmansk. ms-04.22.08

Check back in with Polanoid, who are "building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography." se-04.18.08

Extra relevant for today: San Francisco Earthquake Panoramas from 1906, which, strangely, also happened on April 18th. sd-04.18.08

Great collection of vintage sci-fi comic books covers. ms-04.18.08

Nice collection of Pulp Fiction book covers. ms-04.17.08

Stunning 360 panorama of The Great Wall in China. ms-04.17.08

Storm Troopin'. ms-04.17.08

Chicago-based photographer Dawoud Bey. Slow to load, but check out the "Class Pictures" project. se-04.16.08

Beautiful wall. se-04.16.08

Giant collection of illustrations from vintage children's books. ms-04.16.08

Local note, two of the nicest people we know, Andy and Julie from Letterform are having a showing of photography this Saturday here in Chicago. Details are here. If you're in town, get yourself over there. ms-04.16.08

Lovely Flickr photoset, The Street as Graphic Novel. ms-04.15.08

Fantastic, photos of food that takes the shape of it's container. Via Swiss Miss. ms-04.15.08

So you know: How to Make a Pop Up Photograph. Via Brand Peel. sd-04.14.08

Great print ad for Polaroid. Via bblinks. sd-04.14.08

Photos of a 1968 Fender Catalog. ms-04.14.08

Vintage ads from comic books. ms-04.13.08

I tried my hand at underwater photography when I lived in the Caribbean. Sadly, nothing looked as remotely breathtaking as this or this. jsz-04.12.08

Great collection of Stick Figure Signs. ms-04.12.08

Yuri's Planet. ms-04.12.08

Firefox logo spotted in deep space by the Hubble Telescope. sd-04.11.08

Lovely, Aged to Perfection. ms-04.11.08

Worried that maybe I'm the last person to hear this tale of stock photography gone awry, but here it goes anyway: The Everywhere Girl and her back story on the whole thing. Via AdFreak. sd-04.10.08

Cinemas of Italy. ms-04.10.08

Lovely, Bits of Things. ms-04.09.08

Transformational Light, the photography of Christopher Talbot. jc-04.09.08

Lego recreation of Henri Cartier-Bresson's "Behind the Gare Saint Lazare." Check out the set-up shot too. By Balakov, who "takes a lot of pictures of Legos. Thanks Alison. jc-04.09.08

Nice collection of Indian Street Graphics. ms-04.09.08

The history of computer data storage, in pictures. dw-04.08.08

"Good afternoon, I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I'll be back later this evening to pick it up." dw-04.08.08

"I am not a photographer, yet taking pictures has given me a sense of unity and personal satisfaction. They are relics of my life. Souvenirs of my wandering. All that I have learned concerning light and composition is contained within them." Land 250 Polaroid Photographs by Patti Smith. jc-04.08.08

Megalopolis Shanghai, a photo series by Horst and Daniel Zielske. Via gmt+9(-15). jc-04.08.08

Nice collection of Lomo Fisheye photos. ms-04.07.08

one.eye dw-04.07.08

Want to see how the Space Shuttle gets ready for liftoff? Some great images for my space-obsessed daughter, via Kottke. se-04.07.08

Consumer Reports Vintage Photo Gallery. ms-04.07.08

13 Fabulous Photos of a Rainy Day. ms-04.07.08

"Not Quite Dead Enough" and "What a Body!" are just a few of the titles in this cover gallery of 1940's Paperback Mysteries. ms-04.05.08

In many ways Chicago in the '60s is the star of this exhibition, American Horizons: The Photographs of Art Sinsabaugh. Extreme wide-format bxw photography. Awesome. jc-04.05.08

"Each piece is built out of just two shapes, a "stick" and a "stone" (for example: box/cube, box/sphere, cylinder/sphere), that are positioned and arranged according to various simple rules. The resulting agglomeration of shapes is often much more complex than the simple shapes and rules would suggest." Sticks and Stones. ms-04.04.08

This breaks my heart, An Abandoned Library. ms-04.04.08

"When the bullet hit, Murphy never batted an eye." Bullet Proof Vest Testing in 1923. sd-04.03.08

The white space wednesday photo pool. Via swissmiss. jc-04.03.08

Great photoset of Supermarket photos. ms-04.03.08

The photography of Popel Coumou of The Netherlands. Dramatic and simple, to the point of abstraction. I. II. III. Via Joachim Baan. jc-04.02.08

Nice collection of Extra Large Panorama photos. ms-04.01.08

SeoWoo and Her Pink Things. Jake and His Blue Things. jc-03.31.08

Louise Dahl-Wolfe's photography for Harper's Bazaar. Via Dinosaurs and Robots. jc-03.31.08

Chicago never looked so good. Great collection of HDR photos of the city. Via YoChicago. dw-03.31.08

Really great fashion photography by Mark Gong. ms-03.31.08

"Just One More!" ms-03.28.08

Lastlightbender has been experimenting with Polaroid transfers, parts one and two. jc-03.27.08

David, who won our Creative Relativity Formula Contest last week, received his prizes and the giving continues as he starts his own "Shoot Joe" contest, to give away one of the Field Notes memo books he won. Nice. jc-03.27.08

For BB: Per our long conversation about it a month ago, here's a review of the Sigma DP1 camera. If you buy it, pick me up one too, huh? sd-03.27.08

Blah Blah Blah America a File Mag gallery by Aaron Santos. jc-03.26.08

Rich, beautiful large-format Kodachromes from 1941 and 42 by photographer Alfred Palmer. Lots more here. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.26.08

Photobiennale 2008, the 7th international photography month in Moscow. Via gmt=9 (-15). jc-03.26.08

Nice photos by Estelle Hanania. dw-03.24.08

A collection of HDR Pics of Graffiti. sd-03.24.08

"Subjects are unaware of the exact moment they will be photographed and of the photographer's identity. Instead, the subject is photographed completely naturally, living life as normal." MethodIzaz, your own personal paparazzi. Via bblinks. sd-03.21.08

The new version of the Rolleiflex MiniDigi, "a digital replica of the original classic twin reflex camera." sd-03.19.08

Typology: study of or analysis or classification based on types or categories. See Matthias Petrus Schaller's photography. Via Conscientious. jc-03.19.08

A lovely view of Chicago from 36,000 feet at night. ms-03.19.08

Maya Newman's "Doubles," a fab photoset. Plus her Lomo portfolio. Via The Cartoonist. jc-03.19.08

Lovely Flickr set of German Graphic Design. ms-03.18.08

Nice Flickr set of Eastern European Poster Art. ms-03.18.08

The ten legal commandments of photography. jc-03.17.08

Moon over Byzantium. ms-03.15.08

Lovely photography of an abandoned satellite facility. ms-03.15.08

The Dazzling Beauty of Horror. ms-03.14.08

Your Camera Doesn't Matter versus Your Camera Does Matter. se-03.13.08

Chicagoan and occasional co-conspirator Brian Ulrich is currently showing his photography at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Check out "Consuming Imagery," an audio slideshow. jc-03.13.08

The iHole, "the revolutionary analog photographic device constructed from the recycled packaging of digital technology." Thanks Henry. sd-03.13.08

"This ongoing body of work examines the chair of the New York psychotherapist from the point of view of their clients." I'm not sure how that makes me feel. Via c77. jc-03.13.08

Related to the last. And Andrew brought his camera and stylish specs. jc-03.13.08

Lovely miniature photography by Erin Tyner. ms-03.13.08

Beautiful new collection of Jacob Holdt's photographs: United States 1970 - 1975. Via We Made This. sd-03.11.08

The Shutter Sisters is a collaborative blog of women photographers, both pros and amateurs. Check out the The Daily Click. ms-03.11.08

Lovely, Typography Photography prints. ms-03.10.08

Lovely Flickr set of Long Exposures. ms-03.08.08

Aerial photography by Alex MacLean. Via Things magazine. ms-03.07.08

The architectural photography and installations of Renate Buser. Smart. Beautiful. Surprising. jc-03.06.08

Photos from a Russian Police School. ms-03.06.08

Nice collection of roller coaster photos. ms-03.05.08

Lovely photos taken with a Holga camera , Holga Heaven. ms-03.03.08

Fantastic Flickr set of vintage Star Wars related materials, including the photographer's original movie ticket stub. ms-03.03.08

Nice collection of photos from Chicago's World Fair in 1893. ms-03.01.08

The Scattered Image, a sort of Cubist, Hockneyesque approach to photography. Via CPluv. jc-02.29.08

Lovely Flickr set, Nightography. ms-02.29.08

Night Aerial Photography by Jason Hawkes, at File Mag. jc-02.28.08

For SE who loves rusty items, Abandoned Frozen Ships. ms-02.27.08

China eats crow over faked photo of rare antelope. Via Clusterflock. jc-02.26.08

Sometimes There Are No Words. ms-02.25.08

Architectural photographs by Andrew Raimist, Architecture of the Sun. ms-02.24.08

Bauhaus. ms-02.22.08

The wonderful Photography of Catherine Ledner. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-02.20.08

Galeria Cuba. ms-02.19.08

Makes me want to hop in the car and hit the road, fab Vintage Road Trip related ephemera. ms-02.18.08

The photography of Oyvind Hjelmen. jc-02.18.08

Fascinating, artist Mark Michaelson collects mug shots of ordinary people dating from the 1870's to the 1960's. He calls them the Least Wanted. Listen to the Weekend Edition interview here. ms-02.17.08

Homemade Bellows Lens for $25. sd-02.15.08

Fab photography by Miles Aldridge ms-02.15.08

The photography of Kim Holtermand. Via Kitsune Noir. jc-02.15.08

The photography portfolio of JeanYves Lemoigne is in turns witty, funny and beautiful. Check these selections at Le Club Club. jc-02.14.08

Fantastic photos from Pakistan. ms-02.12.08

Various Works by Kevin Bewersdorf kvb-02.08.08

Great collection of Scholastic Book Club covers from the 60's and 70's. ms-02.08.08

From this month's Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, photos of famous scenes from Hitchcock movies shot with current stars. ms-02.07.08

"Each artist contributed six photographs of the person(s) who is most important to them, taken outdoors in a natural setting. The goal of the website is to portray the people who are loved, cherished, and inspirational to these artists, and also showcase the differences and similarities in the photographs each of them took within the same guidelines." The project is called The Ones We Love. Via Swiss Miss. ms-02.07.08

Great photo set of Mid-Century Modern house plans. Via Materialicious. ms-02.07.08

Fabulous architectural photography over at Kurt & Walter. ms-02.06.08

Lovely, Nigel's photoset of bookstores. ms-02.05.08

"It's never been opened. Ever. It hasn't seen the light of day since before it was shipped on May 5th, 1988." Dan opens his most recent Ebay purchase and takes pictures for us. Via Boing Boing. ms-02.05.08

Don't forget your camera tomorrow, Super Tuesday voters: AIGA and Design Observer have relaunched their Polling Place Photo Project with the support of the New York Times. bb-02.04.08

Just because. A really great winter photo. se-02.01.08

"Even though they were essential to farming, most farmers could only buy a tractor by paying a substantial bribe. Necessity forced farmers to become inventive, and to defy the system that imposed limits upon them." Tractors in Poland. Via Transbuddha. sd-02.01.08

Photographer Lewis W. Hine documented Child Labor in America 1908- 1912. ms-02.01.08

Great photo set, Swiss Graphic Design History. ms-01.31.08

Fun with Smoke. ms-01.30.08

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera. Smart. Thanks JSM. jc-01.30.08

Artist Yeondoo Jung takes children's drawings, recreates them in real life and photographs the results. ms-01.30.08

Great collection of vintage ads, the I Love My Electric Appliance!! photoset. ms-01.30.08

Lovely little photoset of vintage book covers. ms-01.29.08

"Great Falls, Montana. Return after 3 wks Vacation. June 27, 1964." ms-01.26.08

Weegee Collection, great group of documentary photos from the 1930-60s. Via gmt+9(-15). jc-01.25.08

Lovely photography by Kevin Cooley. ms-01.25.08

Need an industrial fix? Check out a few of Bluejake's urban photo essays: In the Dogpatch, Domino Sugar Refinery, Greenpoint Terminal Market, Glendale Power Station. se-01.24.08

MS needs one of these. If she can't catch the raccoon on her deck, she could at least take embarassing photos of it and post them on the internet. bb-01.24.08

Fantastic photos of Barcelona. dw-01.22.08

Great Chicago dawn photo by Phil Dokas, while flying in for Seed on Friday. More. jc-01.21.08

Fantastic, photos of 50 Great Film Directors at Work. ms-01.21.08

HDR photography is already fairly surreal, but when combined with subject matter like this or this or this, it's another thing altogether. The Japanese HDR Flickr pool. se-01.21.08

The Phoenix Art Museum has a fabulous exhibit of photos from iconic photographer Richard Avedon. His In the American West collection features photos of drifters, miners, bartenders, housekeepers. Ordinary people whose images are evocative, rich in character and even a bit confrontational. ms-01.18.08

Some interesting photographic imagery and style over at Cornershots. se-01.17.08

Two photos, taken 3191 miles apart, placed side by side each evening for a year. Following their year of mornings, Stephanie and Mav begin A Year of Evenings. se-01.15.08

Lovely collection of photos of vintage fabrics. ms-01.15.08

New over at the TMN galleries, Psychics. ms-01.15.08

Holly Ormrod works well with paper. Via d*s. dw-01.15.08

A peek inside Taryn Simon's new book An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar. dw-01.14.08

Flat Roof House Night Sky. ms-01.14.08

Fantastic photos of computer equipment by photographer Mark Richards. Via MeFi. ms-01.14.08

Ellen Susan's Soldier Portraits are made using a 150 year old wet-plate collodion process, which was popular during the Civil War era. Awesome. jc-01.11.08

Lovely, Birth and Death of Stars. Via Grow A Brain. ms-01.11.08

No digital. No retouching. No color-balancing. No cropping. No nothing. Just 36 frames to tell a story. The 36 Exposures Contest, a File/Flak/CP Joint. jc-01.11.08

Derek Powazek's thoughts on How to Shoot Events. se-01.10.08

The folks over at City of Sound have cooked up an interesting idea. It's a collaborative project searching for the World's Best Urban Spaces and Places. Open to all, the best photo entries will be available in a free pamphlet form or you can pay for a higher end printed piece. Take a peek at some of the submissions so far here. ms-01.10.08

The perfect photo of a Chuck Wagon Cook. Imagine the stories he'd tell around the campfire. ms-01.09.08

Lovely photos of Old Jerusalem. ms-01.08.08

Gorgeous photos of the abandoned Castle of Miranda in Belgium. ms-01.06.08

"Most of these are intended to be viewed "from a distance" as a whole, not studied in detail up close (though you are welcome to do that too if you like) -- so scoot your chair back a few feet from the monitor for best effect." Fantastic, Density by Dave Bollinger. ms-01.02.08

Great portrait studio photos and wicked commentary to match. ms-12.31.07

Cool Hunting picks their top five photographers of 2007. ms-12.31.07

Flower arrangements frozen with liquid nitrogen and then photographed at the moment of explosion Stunning. ms-12.31.07

Amazing photography by Jody Morris. ms-12.29.07

Bending Light, a photo set of refraction patterns made by light passing through various glass and transparent objects. dw-12.28.07

Continuing the photography themed links, fantastic and slyly funny photos by Matt Stuart. ms-12.28.07

Snowflake photos by Yaroslav Gnatuk. Via DRB. jc-12.28.07

Melissa Kronenthal's The Traveler's Lunchbox. Delicious. Via Veerle. jc-12.27.07

"I just walked around the car holding the light stand, and firing it off with my master PW which I held in my other hand. I just tried to keep a steady rhythm around the car. My arm is sore." Via Ben Hammersley. jc-12.27.07

Lovely photos of Northern Ireland. ms-12.26.07

Fotoalfabeto. ms-12.23.07

How to Photograph the Holidays, a valuable series of tutorials from Photojojo. Via bblinks. sd-12.21.07

Photoset of the moment: Ampersandland. Via 1+1=3. sd-12.21.07

Beijing artist Hong Hao scans and assembles the things of his life, transforming mundane objects into a document of a sort of personal archeology. Via Cool Hunting. jc-12.21.07

Lake, Mountain, Sky and Mist. ms-12.21.07

Jacques saw me tomorrow morning, by Lieko Shiga, 2004. jc-12.19.07

1976, a photographic and musical journey "through the ghettos, farmlands and lifestyles of Cuba." Thanks Marshall. jc-12.19.07

Reuters picks their Photos of the Year 2007. ms-12.19.07

Reuters' selections for Pictures of the Year. sd-12.17.07

Crochet, crochet and more crochet in the 20th Century Comfort Room. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-12.17.07

Wow, fabulous photos by David Giral. Check out all his sets, lovely. ms-12.17.07

"Taking photographs with 'intent'?" Miguel Garcia-Guzman on our 36 Exposures Challenge. jc-12.17.07

Chris Strong. jc-12.14.07

The photography of Bryan Schutmaat. jc-12.14.07

Great photos of underwater sculptures. dw-12.13.07

How come peeling paint looks so much better in French? Magnifique. ms-12.13.07

Gorgeous photography by Maciej Duczynski. ms-12.12.07

Sort of related. George Seurat's "Saturday in the Park" on the banks of the Rock River in Beloit Wisconsin. jc-12.11.07

The photography of Johannes Twielemeier. Via JSM. jc-12.10.07

Lovely, Cosas Minimas. ms-12.08.07

Terrific Flickr pool of Brisbane's painted traffic signal boxes. Via Grow A Brain. ms-12.07.07

"Library of Dust depicts individual copper canisters, each containing the cremated remains of patient from a state-run psychiatric hospital." David Maisel's Library of Dust project. se-12.06.07

Yay film! We'll have much more to say about this soon, but we're happy to be collaborating on an analog photo contest with the crew at File Magazine. Get a head start on The 36 Exposures Contest, a File/CP joint. jc-12.06.07

Photographer Noel Kerns' gorgeous Flickr photoset, Night Work. I love Bumper Crop. ms-12.06.07

For the narcissist on your holiday gift list, the self-portrait camera extension arm. ms-12.06.07

"A digital photograph, on the other hand, can be a Photoshop fairy tale, containing only a tiny trace of a small fragment of reality." Peter Plagens, Is Photography Dead? jc-12.05.07

Face Your Pockets. ms-12.04.07

Curiously Incongruous, a great collection of photos of everyday London. Nice stuff. Thanks to 30gms. se-12.04.07

Photographer Martin Waugh's Liquid Sculptures. Lovely. ms-12.04.07

Rusty, decaying, dying, abandoned, photos. So hard to choose but this could be my fave, Rusted Doughnuts. ms-12.04.07

Check out photographer Jeff Lieberman"s fantastic Frozen series. Wow. ms-12.02.07

I think I just became a vegetarian, Mystery Meat Macrophotography. ms-12.01.07

Fantastic Flickr photoset of typography. ms-11.30.07

Photographer Nicolas Chorier uses kites to take his aerial photos. Lovely. ms-11.29.07

"Secretly Creepy is a collection of photographs I have collected from Ebay over the past five years." Ah, yeah, creepy is right. Some photos NSFW. ms-11.29.07

Great collection of magazine covers. dw-11.28.07

Eerie but lovely photography by Nicholas Hughes. ms-11.28.07

For SE, All things rusty. ms-11.27.07

I do love the internets. Saw a road sign last weekend, appreciated it, and before making it back to shoot some images without getting run over, found that someone had taken that risk for me. Awesome. se-11.26.07

Traveling Babo Uglydoll Adventures, see where he's been! ms-11.26.07

Strictly No Photography, sets of photos from places where photos are prohibited. Via Cynical C. sd-11.26.07

Lovely photos by Matthew Schenning. ms-11.26.07

Photos and history of Ghost Signs in Toronto. ms-11.25.07

Gorgeous shot of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in San Francisco. ms-11.21.07

Lovely photos by photographer Joe Reifer. ms-11.21.07

An exhibition of vintage and contemporary prints from the Conde Nast archives go on display at the National Portrait Gallery in February. Here's a sneak peak. ms-11.21.07

Joseph O. Holmes' silhouettes of people visiting the American Museum of Natural History. Via Kottke. jc-11.20.07

"The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can." Running from the Camera. ms-11.19.07

Living In Three Centuries: the face of age. dw-11.19.07

Sweet polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts by Hilary Hitchcock. Found among other things. jc-11.19.07

Kevin's ride through Koolhaas' acoustic tube at IIT. sd-11.16.07

Abandoned swimming pools. dw-11.15.07

Lovely panoramic view of Krakow Military Cemetary on All Saints Day. ms-11.15.07

Slightly off kilter but fascinating photography by Rachel Cartwright. ms-11.15.07

It is somewhat well known that I dislike insects. That said, photographer Igor Siwanowicz has some pretty fabulous bug photos. And I can't believe I'm saying this but whose the cutest bug ever? Dorcus! ms-11.14.07

John Law's Panoramic Projects 2006-07. Make sure to click through to the gorgeous full-screen files. The Bath Abbey might be a place to start. Found among other things. jc-11.13.07

Robot Gathering. jc-11.12.07

Japan gives us the first HD shots of the moon. Via Oh Gizmo. ms-11.12.07

Photoset of the moment: Sean Wood's street photography. Via Jean Snow. sd-11.08.07

Lovely photos from photographer Beth Evans. ms-11.07.07

Lovely. 1960's Polaroid pictures of signs. ms-11.06.07

The Adventures Of Mr. Fly. dw-11.05.07

Lovely photos by Nikolai Cornell, Shadow and Light. ms-11.03.07

John Huck's large series of people and their breakfasts is more interesting than it sounds. Via I Like. jc-11.02.07

My army of the undead. jc-11.01.07

Santa Muerte photo essay. jc-10.31.07

"Ursine", Jill Greenberg's series of bear photos at TMN. dw-10.31.07

Scary, funny, goofy. Get some inspiration for your pumpkin carving. ms-10.30.07

Deleted Images. jc-10.30.07

The Awkwardness of Adolescence. Amazing photoset from Julia Fullerton-Batten. bm-10.25.07

Find tons of great work in the sets of photographer Tommy Oshima. jc-10.24.07

Two shots of the gorgeous sunset out the CP windows right now. sd-10.23.07

Lovely. Photographer Stephen Gill takes pictures, buries them where they were taken then digs them up to see how the place has left it's mark on the photo. Buried. ms-10.23.07

Film is not dead it just smells funny, a place for photographers who are not using a digital camera. jc-10.23.07

The lyrical long-exposure photography of Alexey Titarenko, plus an audio interview. jc-10.22.07

X-Ray photography by Nick Veasey. Via It's Nice That. dw-10.22.07

Some photos from this weekend's Lights Out San Francisco. Via Eyebeam. sd-10.22.07

PingMag interviews film maker, photographer, animator and artist Michael England . ms-10.19.07

Heidi over at 101 cookbooks just got back from Rome. Check out her lovely photos here. ms-10.16.07

"The flash was more powerful than the spirit." Thomas Dworzak's Taliban studio photography. Really interesting slideshow. Via Byrdhouse. sd-10.15.07

Lovely photography by Dan Montgomery. ms-10.15.07

White Stripes-branded Lomo/Holga cameras. Coming soon: Coldplay-brand oral contraceptives. bb-10.15.07

"Assuntina donned a suit of long, heavy woolen underwear to make her look more treelike and skipped out to pose in the olive grove." jc-10.12.07

HiRISE adds 143 new color images of Mars. dw-10.11.07

Fantastic underwater photography by David Doubilet. Been there, done that. ms-10.11.07

Checking out Thinking Picture - some really wonderful images. se-10.08.07

Photoset of the moment: Lonesome Spring Rocker Animals. "They cannot move, but they rock like hell." Via I Like. sd-10.08.07

Photographer Hans-Christian Schink's Verkehrsprojekte (Traffic Project). jc-10.05.07

The $10 Fisheye Lens, made from a spare front door peephole. Via DesignNotes. sd-10.04.07

Photographer Peter McReady takes you on 360 degree tour of The Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator. Via Archinect. ms-10.04.07

Lovely photography by James Shanks. ms-10.04.07

See what your tongue sees. Fantastic photography project, The Mouthpiece Pinhole Project. Via Engadget. bm-10.03.07

"In fact, the technical limitations of these lenses tend to lead to the kind of snapshots that the photographer presumably bought an SLR to avoid." Gary Voth has some advice for a Zoom Nation. jc-10.03.07

"I look for the beauty in these places, imagining what's behind closed doors." Liz Kuball's photo series at File Mag, "In Store." jc-10.03.07

Related to the last, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest in 1995. ms-10.03.07

So much for the morning. Spending my time taking a look around. ms-10.03.07

Lovely pinhole photography. ms-10.02.07

The photos certainly live up to the name of the site, Fabpics. ms-09.28.07

A photographic series, Daido Moriyama's Kyoku/Erotica. Sublime, check all four parts. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-09.25.07

Amazing insect photography by Igor Siwanowicz. dw-09.24.07

A Metropolis Magazine slide show annotated by recent quotes from seminal architectural photographer Julius Shulman. Splendid. jc-09.21.07

Skyline-strained sunbeams. jt-09.21.07

Triops, the digital camera that can be thrown. sd-09.19.07

Retrievr searches flickr based on your sketch. Neato! Via pica+pixel. bb-09.19.07

"It's a Barnum and Bailey world, Just as phony as it can be, But it wouldn't be make believe, If you believed in me. Via Drawn. jc-09.18.07

"Every year New Beetles from all over the country caravan to Roswell, New Mexico for the Roswell2K New Beetle car show... This year, our caravan was a special Route 66 caravan of 20 or so cars, hitting the Mother Road in search of the Mothership, from Chicago to L.A., more than 2000 miles on the way." dw-09.17.07

New over at the TMN galleries, Cinemascapes. ms-09.17.07

An installation of 12 knives, with sentences etched on their blades. dw-09.14.07

Zena Holloway, underwater photographer and director. jc-09.14.07

"The license plate is almost as large as her automobile, but Miss Mary Bay likes her car because it is easy to park." dw-09.13.07

Photography indexed by emotion. jc-09.13.07

Harlem in 13 gigapixels, now that's some serious stitching. jc-09.12.07

Straight lines rarely look as good as they do in this photoset by photographer Grant Hamilton. Via 2 or 3. sd-09.07.07

"I am naturally compelled to create architectural, industrial and landscape photographs. I use lines, atmosphere, movement and light to capture the essence of my subject matter." The portfolio of Kristopher Grunert. Sublime. Here's a profile at Behance. jc-09.06.07

QT panoramic of The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles by Laurent Thion. Stunning. Lots more 360 degree photographs at Panoramas.dk. jc-09.06.07

In the summer of 1957, Glamour Photography Magazine went out on the road looking for "fresh new faces" in The Great Cross-Country Girl Hunt. By today's standards it's pretty innocent and also pretty hilarious, Here's the entire magazine scanned. Via PCL. jc-09.05.07

Breakfast, a photo project. Via swissmiss. se-09.04.07

"Yesterday at the flea market I picked up a small cosmetics case stuffed with photos almost all of which were of the same woman." Sort of like the real life version of Happy's Jane Lloyd short. Via Transbuddha. sd-09.04.07

Mister Aitch on the ineffable art of photographer Didier Massard. jc-09.04.07

For BB, good references for next week's all night city shoots: Tim Rudder's Nightime in Central Tokyo and 8mm shooting at night, both via Jean Snow. sd-08.31.07

Beth Budwig's sweet shot of a Chicago sunrise, found in the AEA Chicago photo pool. jc-08.31.07

Lovely, ethereal photography from Bart Julius Peters. jc-08.30.07

Occupied Territory, the photography of Lynne Cohen. jc-08.30.07

Select shots from John Londei's new book of photographs: Shutting Up Shop: The Decline of the Traditional Small Shop. Via I Like. sd-08.29.07

"Movie theatres and theatres of all kinds have always fascinated me, and I always photograph any that I see." Via Bibi. jc-08.28.07

Automatic content-aware image rescaling technology blows my mind, despite its vast potential for misuse. bb-08.27.07

Grant Hamilton's Polaroid Portfolio. Via The Miss Who Is Swiss. jc-08.24.07

Camera Toss revisited. jc-08.24.07

Over at the galleries at TMN, Monsters. ms-08.23.07

"I'm fascinated with the idea of anonymity - and what better place to find it than in an office?" Mr. Toledano will see you now. jc-08.23.07

Check the "Not People" gallery of Stockholm's Sannah Kvist, and her photoblog is great too, She Broke My Heart So I Broke Her Face. Via Another Company. jc-08.23.07

Photographer Robert Vizzini brought a fresh perspective and a toy camera to something millions of other people have shot before him. Five Hours On The Rock at File Mag. jc-08.22.07

So you know. How to create your own planets using panoramic or landscape photos. jc-08.21.07

Stunning photos by Galen Rowell. Found while reading Three Cups of Tea. ms-08.20.07

Posted his photos the other day but over at the TMN galleries, they have a nice interview with Martin Klimas. ms-08.16.07

The real thing looks pretty neat too. dw-08.15.07

Kathleen Connally takes us on a walk through Durham Township, Pennsylvania. dw-08.14.07

San Francisco, 1971, a panorama from the Bay Bridge by Bruce Steinberg. Via GaB. jc-08.14.07

The photography of Sharad Haksar. Check the "superhero" series for Stori clothing. Via Computerlove. jc-08.14.07

Lovely photos of northern Norway by Thomas Laupstad ms-08.13.07

Other PotDs. Botany, Earth Sciences, NASA, Earth, Sunset. jc-08.13.07

Lovely photo-set from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. ms-08.10.07

Wow. Gorgeous photography by Martin Klimas. ms-08.10.07

Looking through a friend's untitled photo gallery just now, I wondered "What does everyone else's IMG_3544 look like?" bb-08.09.07

A guided tour of Hemingway's house in Cuba. Via bblinks. sd-08.08.07

The Items We Carry are the small things we put in our pockets or on our persons -- the essentials we need to function daily at a basic level. dw-08.07.07

Lovely urban landscape photos over the Dramatic URBAN vistas flickr pool. ms-08.07.07

Gorgeous photography by Nick Guttridge. ms-08.02.07

"Tree" by Myoung Ho Lee, "an elaborate series of photographs that pose some unusual questions about representation, reality, art, environment and seeing." Also, a quick look behind the scene. jc-08.01.07

The photography of Todd Hido. Of note, the series "Homes at Night." Sublime. jc-07.31.07

Sofia Leverbeck hates gravity. Via Netdiver. jc-07.31.07

Bob Kessler's Western Ave. Project. "I created this project by walking Western Ave. in Chicago. I began at 127th St. and walked in five-block increments over a three-year period. I created hundreds of images." Via Time Out Chicago. jc-07.30.07

Still in the thick of my epic trip through Nebraska. And when you're anywhere near Alliance, you don't have a choice but to make a pilgrimage to Carhenge, a replica of Stonehenge but with 38 cars. sd-07.30.07

Underground at the Titan Missile Museum, a photo tour through the former launch site. sd-07.29.07

Video from Cool Hunting's visit to artist Lori Nix's studio. We featured Nix a while ago in our Depth of Field series, "Lori makes pictures that force the viewer to confront the world as she has made it." jc-07.27.07

The photography of Heiko Rintelen. Note the grocery product still life series. Via Conscientious. jc-07.27.07

When we linked this up a few days ago there were just a couple dozen entries, now there are over 500 people showing The Items They Carry. Smart, that Naz guy. jc-07.26.07

Our SD is on a winding trip through Nebraska. He's taking photos along the way. ms-07.26.07

Bees, Bees and more Bees. dw-07.25.07

Life in A Microcosmic World. Lovely. ms-07.24.07

Go fly a kite, but first attach a Nokia N95 to it with duct tape. Via Digital Urban. jc-07.24.07

Been looking to find a complete collection of this for the past couple of years and here it is: color photographs from the Russian Empire by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, taken between 1909 and 1915. Via Cynical C. sd-07.20.07

A touch unsettling, but beautiful none the less: Photographer Vee Speers' The BirtHDay Party series. sd-07.20.07

Gorgeous Friday photo at Globorati. dw-07.20.07

Really interesting photos by Joshua Dalsimer ms-07.19.07

Eight photographers were invited to live in John Hejduk's Wall House and shoot the building however they saw fit for the Thought Provoking, Sense Provoking series. Via Archinect. sd-07.19.07

Gerard Maynard's huge panoramic, taken from his Harlem rooftop. Via Mefi. jc-07.19.07

Photographs from Hemingway's Cats, an illustrated biography. Via Cynical C. sd-07.18.07

Wow. Gorgeous photography from Marcel Lam. ms-07.17.07

Not sure exactly what it is, besides just the obvious high level of talent, but it's quite easy to kill off an long batch of time with the photography of Bernhard Wolf. "Serious business." sd-07.13.07

I love Deleted Images. se-07.11.07

Appropriate for a post made from T3 at ORD, The Windowseat, photography on the fly. jc-07.11.07

"Dark Space," a lovely series by photographer Brendan Austin. Via Another Company. jc-07.09.07

Browse all of them but especially DQ Books #4, Beneath the Steel Sky, analog photography of NYC by Festo. jc-07.09.07

"This was a 258 truck-ballet in which the contractor placed 11,500 yards of concrete in one monolithic pour that got started at five in the morning and finished by three in the afternoon." San Diego Concrete Pour. Great shot. sd-07.08.07

Star Wars in Paris by Cedric Delsaux. jc-07.08.07

Wow, my dollhouse did not have near this detail. ms-07.05.07

With no real plans for the 4th, we decided to aimlessly drive alongside Lake Michigan for most of the day. When we saw an abandoned mini golf course somewhere near Zion, Illinois, we stopped, wandered around and took photos. sd-07.05.07

Photoset of the moment: History of San Pedro Punk. Via Torrez. sd-06.28.07

Vernacular photography, by definition, is made up of mostly unspectacular images. But John and Teenuh Foster's collection, Accidental Mysteries, is pretty damn spectacular. bk-06.28.07

Pierre Petit's photos of the 1910 Paris flood. bk-06.28.07

Courir les Rues (Run the Streets). Sweeping, cinematic, panoramic images, capturing movement and distance. By Gwenaël Bélanger. jc-06.27.07

One Day in Space, a series of photos from the Atlantis. sd-06.27.07

Billboards by Stephen Gill. "Whatever the product, we read the visual signs in a flash and absorb the meaning in spite of ourselves." Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-06.27.07

That's how you pay a bill. Via MB Chicago. dw-06.26.07

"Just because you own a camera and take pictures of your buddies when you're drunk doesn't mean you're a great photographer. It's actually very difficult to take a photo that's interesting to anyone beyond the other drunk people in the photograph but Sanna Charles has this rare talent." Fab photos. Via Kripy. jc-06.26.07

Andrej Belic's scuba photography. dw-06.25.07

A directory of the U.S Government's free stock photo sites: Uncle Sam's Photos. Too bad it's not searchable. bk-06.25.07

A nice, and quite extensive, list of online photography tools and resources. se-06.25.07

Polar Inertia #28. jc-06.25.07

Tim Rudder bought a fast new lens for his camera and took these beautiful shots on a night out in Tokyo. Via Jean Snow. sd-06.24.07

Camera Hacks features how-tos on everything from building bicycle or vehicle camera mounts to doing video transfers from digital cameras to camcorders. bk-06.23.07

Photos of an abandoned and overgrown amusement park in Ohio, Chippewa Lake Park. Awww. jc-06.22.07

The photography of Sally Gall, see also a selection of her work at MoFAP. Via Moon River. jc-06.22.07

Autochromes, The World Goes Color-Mad, a new exhibition on the history of color photography at the American Museum of Photography. jc-06.22.07

Over 600 slides from the 1950s - 1960s. dw-06.21.07

Photographer Manny Diller's Phoenix Suburbanscape. My first job in high school took place within the confines of that 23rd photograph. Via Polar Inertia. sd-06.21.07

Sam's fabulous King's College Circle photo, and how he made it. Thanks Marshall. jc-06.20.07

The eerie photography of Grace Weston. "Staged Vignettes and Photo Illustration." Via bblinks. sd-06.19.07

Marshall writes to tell us of a possible alternative to our RinseCam 9000™. jc-06.19.07

The photographs of Virginia Beahan, Cuba Now, at the Joseph Bellows Gallery. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-06.18.07

Earth Album is a neat Flickr/Google Maps mash-up. dw-06.18.07

Manila Carnival, a vintage photoset. jc-06.16.07

I've been enjoying The Plastic Lens for a while, and when I came across some of the very cool recent images rescued from a lab-induced light leak, I'm just hoping that some of my vacation photos come out as well next trip. se-06.15.07

Lens Culture interview with plastic camera evangelist, photographer and author Michelle Bates. jc-06.15.07

The Hubble Heritage Gallery. Lots of stunning imagery like the Cat's Eye Nebula and V838 Monocerotis Light Echo. dw-06.13.07

Nic Nichols in London on May Day with camera. jc-06.13.07

Buildings of Los Angeles, photographs by Julius Shulman. jc-06.13.07

New at the galleries over at TMN , Working With Family. ms-06.12.07

Gorgeous photos by Paul Nicklen. ms-06.12.07

What the World Eats, a photo series in Time Magazine taken from Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio's book Hungry Planet. Via Design Info. sd-06.08.07

Fog, Water, Fire/Light, Wind, Sand. Lovely photography by Ned Kahn. ms-06.05.07

Huge panoramic of San Francisco in ruins, after the 1906 earthquake. Simon Baker describes how the image was made using a "Captive Airship" suspended from an array of kites. Via The Presurfer. jc-06.05.07

"It is likely that only 6 to 10 of the 2000 images herein will ever have a commercial or fine art life." Photographer Chase Jarvis' Hasselblad Masters. Via Tropist. sd-06.04.07

Bill Wadman has taken it upon himself "to shoot and post one portrait every day of 2007. The photo will have been taken that day, and each day will be a different person." jc-06.04.07

Eric Helin, former CP Crew member and co-Western State creator, describes a feeling of vague and regretful longing, "Wisconsin, I miss you." jc-06.01.07

"Since 2004," says artist Mickey Smith, "I have photographed bound periodicals and professional journals in public libraries. These publications are being replaced their online counterparts, and in many cases the printed versions are no longer bound... I do not touch, light, or manipulate the books and words - preferring to document them as found in the stacks, created by the librarian, and positioned by the last unknown reader." Via Personism. vp-06.01.07

"From founding member David Seymour to younger lights such as Martin Parr, Claudia Donaldson has chosen ten photos from each of the six decades of Magnum's life." Wallpaper celebrates photography collective Magnum's 60th BirtHDay. Via Eyebeam. sd-05.31.07

Retrievr is a Flickr Labs project that allows you to conduct a search from an image or a sketch. Here are the results I got by uploading the CP "Croix" as a jpg file and these by uploading the original gif. Try it with other images, the results can be wonderful and cool. vp-05.31.07

For Hidden Town, Gregor Graf applied removed all graphic elements from his photographic images of Linz. For more on the project see Text. Via Bezembinder's. jc-05.31.07

Sara Wight Photography, check the series, "Beyond the Horizon." Via Conscientious. jc-05.29.07

"Spiders Strategy," the photography of Osamu Kanemura. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-05.29.07

"To create the Internet Images series, we downloaded hundreds of pornographic pictures and then selected groups of 54 that fit our theme. We then used digital processing to obscure and otherwise alter the images." Via I Heart Photograph. vp-05.28.07

The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss, a new book by Claire Nouvian contains 220 stunning images, many of creatures never before caught on film that seem as if a gifted Pixar animator made them up. Via Coolhunting. vp-05.24.07

Our studio looking dramatic and our officemates looking like a band, in Time Mag. Photo by Chris Strong. jc-05.24.07

Maggie Taylor's digital photography collages evoke magical childhood memories. Via Dream Tree. vp-05.23.07

Munetaka Tokuyama, a young Japanese photographer from Brooklyn redefines fashion photography. Via Luminescene. vp-05.22.07

Chinese backpage crime stories are reconstructed, staged and photographed. Via TMN. vp-05.22.07

Beautiful roadtrip and NYC photos by Alex Reisner. Via Kottke. vp-05.22.07

Dragonfly and damselfly images by Glenn Corbiere. dw-05.21.07

Inside the Digital Dump, a photo essay by Natalie Behring. Via Design Info. sd-05.21.07

East of a New Eden - Infrastructures, a photographic documentary of the new European Border. The photography of Yann Mingard. Also check the ongoing Twilight series. jc-05.21.07

After a weekend spent with some friends from Seville and Granada, I happened upon these great shots of the Alcazar and the the Alhambra over at the always interesting 360 Pixels. Nice, especially the night shots. se-05.18.07

Food, Travel....and More Food. Check out the photo gallery. ms-05.18.07

Photographer Troy Paiva's shots of Bodie at Night. ms-05.18.07

The Muybridge Cyanotypes, posted to Flickr as a part of an effort to make more public, the public domain images in the Smithsonian. For more info, read the memo, "Dear Internet, Re: Smithsonian Images." jc-05.17.07

Industrial silhouette photographs by Alexandre Vitkine. jc-05.17.07

Embedded 360 degree QTVR of last week's Prague Marathon. Via Neatorama. jc-05.16.07

Stripper polaroids photos taken from the late 1960's thru the early 1970's. Real retro. Via gmt+9 (-15). vp-05.15.07

For her ID Series, Japanese photographer Tomoko Sawada took multiple self-portraits via a photo booth, altering her physical appearance to create more than 400 "versions" of herself. Via I Heart Photograph. vp-05.15.07

Walid Raad's work explores the representation of war and other traumatic events through film, video, and photography. Via Newsgrist. vp-05.15.07

"American Beauties," and other iconic subjects are at the center of David Levinthal's photographic works. He creates his scenery with figurines toys. vp-05.14.07

Jay Peg's four years of lomography highlights, organized by hue, on one big wall. jc-05.14.07

Over Mexico City. jc-05.14.07

Get on board with Branislav Kropilak photography, out of Barcelona. So great. jc-05.14.07

I've spent a few weeks every Christmas on Catalina Island since I was a kid, so here's a personal photoset of the moment while having to sit helplessly and repeatedly check the fire status: Catalina. sd-05.11.07

Domestic Landscapes, Bert Teunissen Photography. vp-05.11.07

Excellent and provocatively titled photoblog from Sannah Kvist. She broke my heart so I broke her face. Via A Visual Society. vp-05.10.07

Cao Fei's UN-Cosplayers photo series. Beijing residents wearing role-playing costumes. Sublime. Via Personism. jc-05.10.07

We have held a few photo contests of our own, and will likely do more of them. Kate writes to point us to Jen Bekman's, it's called Hey Hotshot, and the deadline for submissions is May 14th. Click. jc-05.10.07

The photographs of Hiroshi Watanabe. vp-05.08.07

The images on this page were taken by Jason Gulley, a glaciologist studying the hydrology of glacial caves, in Alaska and Nepal. dw-05.07.07

Friend of the Agency (FotA), Marshall Sokoloff has a photoseries and interview entitled Dreamland featured at The Morning News today. One of the photos from the series is also available as a limited-edition print through our Swap Meat. jc-05.07.07

Arin Ahnell only shoots his night photography under a full moon. It's difficult to get more than five shots in one of those four nights each month. As psychedelic, "distorted" and "worked" as they may seem, Aric says no computer editing tools are used. vp-05.04.07

Nelson Hancock's Portraits from the Edge of Europe. Fab. jc-05.04.07

Improve your photography with classical art. bb-05.03.07

Stunning photograph of the Queen taken by Annie Leibovitz. dw-05.03.07

The Ghost Cowboy features photographs of the old west. Via Headingeast. vp-05.02.07

Photographer Amy Stein's beautiful series Halloween in Harlem. Amy, please make prints available for sale immediately. Via Swissmiss. sd-05.02.07

Sean Kennedy Santos Fotographie. jc-05.02.07

Lost America gets a major update to its collection of "night photography of the abandoned West." jc-04.30.07

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the top, a full-screen 360° panorama by Peter Murphy. jc-04.27.07

The photoblog of Julien Roumagnac. Been checking in on this one for a while, and his images are always great. se-04.25.07

German Indians by Andrea Robbins and Max Becher. Huh? Via LuckyPix. jc-04.24.07

Rehearsals for Departure, a photo story by Tim Carpenter. jc-04.24.07

Josef Hoflehner photography portfolios. Via Moon River. jc-04.18.07

Long, interesting story on the first digicam, The NC2000. Via Marshall. jc-04.18.07

Lars Bober's Verödete Landschaften photo series. [translate] "Living and work landscapes in the new Lands of the Federal Republic." Via Conscientious. jc-04.18.07

The photography of Marianne Engel. Via Another Company. jc-04.17.07

Mrs. Deane has a nice idea for a project, The Last Image Ever Made On... jc-04.16.07

"All that remains is silence, unknown circumstances, hidden motivations -chilling absence. This was my father, the subject of my indefatigable investigations." A State of Silence, personal history through objects and photos by Indre Serpytyte for Seesaw. jc-04.11.07

Justine Cooper's Saved By Science. Beautiful photography from behind the scenes at the Museum of Natural History. Via bblinks. sd-04.10.07

Laura Levine's music photos with notes, including this iconic image of Bjork. jc-04.09.07

Related. We featured Philippe Carly's rock photos for our Depth of Field project. Get ready to lose a couple hours in his archives. jc-04.09.07

A different perspective on portraiture, Montaje Exposición Carne de Identidad. Montage Exhibition, The Meat of Identity by Catalina Riutort. jc-04.06.07

The mugshot as art, Arresting Faces at Smithsonian. Via La Gatera de Beguemot. jc-04.06.07

Martin Luijendijk's Conitinuation Series, "focuses the attention on the beginning and the end of the life of buildings: construction and demolition." Via Bezembinder's. jc-04.04.07

A Visual Jouney, photographs by Lisa Law 1965-1971. Via Rashomon. jc-04.04.07

Photoset of the moment: Stick Figures in Peril. Via Andy Rutledge. sd-04.03.07

"Near Union Square, two people in this truck were throwing boxes into the crowd and people were pushing each other to get one. I asked one of the pushers what was inside the boxes and he replied, "Who knows, man?!" sd-04.03.07

Naz has a lot of shoes. Via Chris Glass. sd-04.03.07

3191. "We are Stephanie and Mav. We live 3191 miles apart. We like to get up early. Mav: left. Steph: right." Via Dooce. jc-04.02.07

Artists Kourtrajm and JR spent a year in Clinchy Montfermeil, documenting its residents for The 28 Millimeters Project. Via The Skinny. sd-04.02.07

Carlo Van de Roer's Pools photo series. Via Conscientious. jc-04.02.07

"...an uncanny feel of estrangement in its depiction of an abandoned town, devoid of people, litter and personal details, like a perfect backdrop for stage sets before or after a performance." Steffi Klenz's Nonsuch. Via Archinect. sd-03.29.07

Fantastic gemstone photos by Bill Atkinson. dw-03.27.07

Pruned on "the beautiful rhyming scheme of anti-avalanche fences.'" Photographs by Lois Hechenblaikner. jc-03.23.07

If you just happen to be in Times Square today, and just happen to see this photo on the Kodak marquee, know that the photographer is my mother. jw-03.23.07

Shorpy, the 100-year-old photo blog. Heading west from there, check Ghost Cowboy. Via JK. jc-03.23.07

The Silent The Complete, modern ruins in Finland. Via Aardvarchaeology. sd-03.22.07

Sticks and Stones: Architectural America, photographs by Lee Friedlander. jc-03.22.07

"The sight offered an exceptionally varied and almost undecodable configuration. If I were an alien, I'd land here." Gábor Kerekes' Over Roswell-2/2005. (Scroll down a bit.) Via Moon River. jc-03.21.07

Good viewing for those days when I can't spend all day out shooting signage and rusty metal: Letters. Numbers. And other great Flickr sets from Leo. se-03.19.07

Photo series of an abandoned elementary school in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-03.19.07

"Every Saturday, if I can, I go to my local greenmarket (at Grand Army Plaza), buy some goodies, take them home, and scan them." jc-03.17.07

Really nice underwater photography. ms-03.15.07

Zhu Yunwei's portraits. sd-03.14.07

148 vintage photos taken in and around the Uptown and Tower theaters in Kansas City. The Joseph Redmond Photo Collection. Excellent. Via gmt=9 (-15). jc-03.13.07

Great photos of Urban Ruins. ms-03.12.07

Gorgeous food photography by Lou Manna. ms-03.12.07

A handful of great storm photos. dw-03.12.07

Gorgeous photos of caves by Peter Gedei. ms-03.09.07

Outdoor Photographer has the winners to their Incredible Journey competition. Don't miss the other entries. ms-03.07.07

The VbV image above comes courtesy of Sam Javanrouh's Daily Dose of Imagery which is a fave photographic diary and a place for an occasional tip too, like how to take snow pictures. jc-03.07.07

Futurelab's Tourist Remover. Improve your travel photos, but be careful, the tourist you remove might be someone you know. Via Nag on the Lake. jc-03.03.07

Posters seen on the streets of Lille, France. Via Wooster. sd-03.01.07

The photography of Turkish film-maker Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Fantastic wide, horizontal images. Via Rashomon. jc-03.01.07

Photoset of the moment: Security Patterns from envelopes. Via The Style Press. sd-02.27.07

40 Under 40, photos of British architects in their offices, by Timothy Soar. Really dig Amin Taha's space. Via Things. sd-02.23.07

New York City at night, by Arnold Pouteau. jc-02.21.07

Stephane Couturier's Melting Point is a series of time-exposure photos taken in a French Toyota factory. Sublime. jc-02.21.07

"When the social elevator is broken you have to know how to bounce." Denis Darzacq's "La Chute" photo series. jc-02.20.07

Why Your Camera Does Not Matter, a great essay from Ken Rockwell. Remind yourself to read it the next time you're looking at a new toy. sd-02.19.07

The Bright Buildings of Ramenskoye, outside of Moscow. Via Designboom. sd-02.19.07

There goes the morning. Finalists have been announced for the 2007 Photobloggies. sd-02.19.07

Photoset of the moment: 163 Beach Huts. Via Things. sd-02.16.07

Franck Juery, photographer. jc-02.16.07

Inside the Notre-Dame-de-Reims cathedral, From Seb Przd's excellent set of panoramic photos, presented flat. Via Clicked. jc-02.16.07

Our man in Vancouver writes, "Fred Herzog has a photographic collection of over 80,000 shots-- most of which have never been displayed due to print technology's inability to duplicate the depth and tone of Kodachrome slide film... until now. Digital tech has allowed faithful reproductions of the artist's work, in all its glory at the VAG." jc-02.14.07

Free printable cardboard lens hoods. BB, let's try this out today. sd-02.13.07

"I'm fascinated with the idea of anonymity -and what better place to find it than in an office?" Mr. Toledano photography. jc-02.12.07

Obsessional on the 120 style Fujipet "Thunderbird" toy camera, 1957-63. Via gmt+9(-15). jc-02.12.07

China. Cuba. India. Archive. Igor Askarov. jc-02.09.07

Craig Ferroggiaro's photography site Trails of Light has some truly wonderful images, and great variety. Here, here, here, and here. se-02.09.07

"My internal question-and-answer session leading up to this vision went something like this: 'Suppose you shoot a whole movie in a single frame?' The answer: 'You get a shining screen.'" Hiroshi Sugimoto's Theaters series. Via Spy's Spice. jc-02.09.07

Photography by Pinxit, Ambient. jc-02.09.07

The Design Disease Pool. jc-02.08.07

Stuck In Customs, a great travel photography site. Via I Like. jc-02.08.07

Some really wonderful plastic lens and homemade camera images over at Susan Burnstine's outafocus and in her portfolio. Inspiring. se-02.07.07

Lovely photography by Todd Hido. Check out his Homes at Night series. Slightly melancholy with a sly undercurrent of creepiness. ms-02.06.07

"The city shape-shifts from gleaming steel and glass to grimy neon-lit concrete everywhere you look." Hong Kong Gotham. dw-02.05.07

Victoria, BC has a much more beautiful winter going on right now than we do around here. Photos over at Wink. se-02.02.07

"Starting in 2007, we'll be seeing a lot more of the Earth from space." Seed Mag on Our Expanded View. Via TMN. jc-02.01.07

The photogtraphy of Nick Koudis, including "The Private Lives of Superheroes." jc-02.01.07

So you know. How to shoot infrared photography with a Digital SLR. jc-01.26.07

Philippe Chancel's DPRK photo series. A finalist for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for 2007. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-01.23.07

"I have nothing against cropping as a moral thing but I like playing a game within certain rules, within certain boudaries..." Short film about influential American photographer Stephen Shore. Via Conscientious. jc-01.22.07

"The scenario consisted of someone passing through a subway turnstile. At the moment that the subjects passed through the turnstile, unknown to them, I took their picture stationed at a distance of eleven feet." Bill Sullivan's More Turns. jc-01.22.07

Flickr: The My Happy Soviet Childhood photo set. Awesome. Via Plep. jc-01.22.07

"...she's zeroing in on 'the experience of disappointment amidst celebration.'" Photographer Mara Bodis Wollner's series "The All Girls School." sd-01.18.07

In the middle of an animation project for a client and we were looking for some reference images of the sun. Happened upon SOHO Realtime Sun Data, images from NASA taken on a daily basis, searchable by day and photography methods. Amazing. sd-01.18.07

Relink. Shotaro Shimomura was the President of a Japanese department store chain. On a tour of American and European cities in 1934-5, he also proved himself quite a talented photographer. An Eye for the World at the American Museum of Photography. Check Magasin du Nord of Copenhagen. jc-01.18.07

Portraits. jc-01.18.07

New in the galleries at TMN , Love Hotels. ms-01.17.07

"The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on two seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can." jc-01.16.07

"Mars Society," a photo series by Vera Hartmann. At the Mars Society Desert Research Station in Utah "six space explorers are demonstrating their training for life on Mars." Via Conscientious. jc-01.16.07

"I'm particularly fascinated by underground infrastructure and environments, as well as all of the forgotten, invisible, and abandoned places that exist in cities." ms-01.15.07

Scott Howard's sweet, huge panoramic of the most beautiful skyline in the world and some background on the making of it. Via Gapers. jc-01.12.07

"For the most part Soviet architecture and design is remembered for its heavy block buildings and functionally Spartan designs. A notable exceptions to this is in the transportation sector." 19 Soviet Era Roadside Bus Stops. Via Reluct. sd-01.11.07

Gorgeous photography by Floto + Warner Studio. ms-01.10.07

FotA Nick Campbell takes this shot of two of our pals, the one in the red shirt and the one in the tray. sd-01.10.07

Moon River on the photography of Vera Lutter. "Using room-sized cameras, Lutter often inhabits the camera during the exposure which can last hours, days or even weeks." jc-01.08.07

Above Paris by Jean Louis Cohen, now showing in TMN Galleries. dw-01.03.07

JP Trenque specializes in underwater photography. dw-01.02.07

Some lovely New Year's Eve photos, Sydney's Harbour Bridge, Barcelona's Agbar tower, Hawaii and Greaker, Norway. ms-01.01.07

"Don Hong-Oai studied with the famous 104-year-old master, Long Chin-San in Taiwan. Here he learned to work in a Chinese "pictorial" style, using several negatives to compose a picture and perfecting his landscape work." Sublime. jc-12.29.06

Bad Food Gone Worse and a wide variety of other titles from Kesselskramer. jc-12.28.06

Nikolai Cornell's Shadow and Light. 90 photographic studies of composition, proportion, light and shadow. Great bxw architectural photography in a delicious map-based interface. jc-12.28.06

Ian Baguskas' "Search for the American Landscape," a photo series. Via Conscientious. jc-12.27.06

London at night from the International Space Station. Tokyo at twilight from various upper-story windows. jc-12.27.06

Previously featured as a part of our Depth of Field series, artists Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick have created a new site for their incredible photography work. Particular favorites of ours are Scotlandfuturebog and The Apollo Prophecies, both singular panoramas which relate a complex narrative through elaborately staged, propped and costumed scenerios. jc-12.26.06

Drop Dead Gorgeous, photographs by Daniela Edburg, in the TMN Galleries. jc-12.22.06

Dave Hill Photography. Epic. Make sure to click "behind the scenes" for a ton of interesting background information. jc-12.21.06

If you're only going to submit to one category for JPG Magazine's Issue Number 9, submit to "Elegance." You might win a Jewelboxing 20pack and more importantly, the respect your photography deserves. jc-12.20.06

Emily, Celine, Mirai and Yerim and their pink things. Jeongmee Yoon. jc-12.20.06

BldgBlog on an "architecture on the edge of surreality," by photographer Frank van der Salm. jc-12.20.06

Mario Klingemann's Flickeur retrieves images from Flickr and creates an "infinite film with a style that can vary between stream-of-consciousness, documentary or video clip." It's all completely random. Via Ashley B. jc-12.20.06

"A Place in the Sun: Photographs of Los Angeles" by John Humble at Jan Kesner Gallery. Great. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-12.18.06

Sweet photoset of the space shuttle Discovery night launch. Via Paperholic. jc-12.18.06

Julie Blackmon's photo series, "Domestic Vacations" tells the truth. Via Netdiver. jc-12.15.06

Hans van der Meer's splendid series, European Fields: The Landscape of Lower League Football. jc-12.13.06

Absolut Lomo, a nice participatory promo that includes a ton of interesting photos in a fun-to-browse interface. jc-12.12.06

Hangin' out in Dayton, Nevada in the late '70s "The following photographs were found in a photo album that we purchased at the legendary Golden West Swap Meet in wonderful Huntington Beach, CA." Via PCL. jc-12.12.06

So you know. How to take infrared photos with your digital camera. jc-12.07.06

I have seen the future of magazines and its name is JPG. Issue 7 arrived in yesterday's mail and it's a real thing of beauty. Highly recommended. jc-12.05.06

Jeffrey Milstein's 'Aircraft' series. Simple. Brilliant. More from Mr. Abb at gmt+9 (-15). jc-12.04.06

Lenticulations are animated 3D multiple lens photographs. Via A Whole. jc-12.01.06

"Making a photograph is in itself a socially aware gesture. It is the depth of that gesture that I get excited about." Conscientious talks with Todd Deutsch about his series, Gamers and Family Days. jc-12.01.06

Paris by night. Wow. Via Neatorama. mo-11.30.06

Picture China. Just fabulous. se-11.29.06

Taking 360° panoramas and then projecting them so that the end result looks like a wee planet. These look fantastic as in "wonderful or superb; remarkable." Via Wilson. jc-11.29.06

This photo series by Ken Rosenthal is "at once true and fictitious, remembered and reconstructed, seen and not seen." Via Exclamation Mark. jc-11.29.06

Busy airport composite photo. Nice. Via Kottke. jc-11.28.06

Kristopher Grenert's series of backlit photos, Viaduct(s), at the Lumen Gallery. More at the his site, "I use lines, atmosphere, movement and light to capture the essence of my subject matter." jc-11.28.06

"A happy traipse through England's most excellent cemeteries with a lumpy Kodak." jc-11.24.06

Some interesting panoramas from the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria. Via Dezain. sd-11.22.06

A Life in Pictures, "A sequence of photobooth photos documenting the life of one woman over the course of ten years or so from the early 50s through the early 60s." Try to not write her life story in your head. Impossible. jc-11.21.06

Matthew David Powell's great photoblog from New York. Especially good photos of people. mo-11.21.06

Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour at the V&A. "This exhibition focuses on eight contemporary artists whose photography and installations are made at, or suggest, the fleeting state of the world at dusk." jc-11.20.06

Element Insites / Los Angeles, CA. The portfolio of Zach Schrock. So sweet. jc-11.16.06

A six-year project, shot in Russia and Ukraine, Michal Chelbin's "Circus of the Strangely Familiar" and other photographic series. Via Our Man in Vancouver. jc-11.16.06

The Making of a Christmas Card. Via Chris Glass. sd-11.16.06

"The idea is to create a collection of 100 different views from individuals around the world." The View From Your Window. sd-11.14.06

Michael Hughes' Souvenirs are photo of photos held in just exactly the right place. Via 30gms, who reminds us that "Trompe L'Oeil is not a place in Paris." jc-11.14.06

"A past world recorded with affectionate participation." The Eugenio Goglio photographic collection documents life in Northern Italy in the years between 1890-1926. Thanks Anna. jc-11.14.06

Staring straight up. NYC photography by Dave Martinidez. jc-11.14.06

"This exhibition focuses on eight contemporary artists whose photography and installations are made at, or suggest, the fleeting state of the world at dusk." Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour. sd-11.10.06

François Brunelle's I'm not a look-a-like photo project. Via HaHa. jc-11.08.06

Marshall writes, "Unbelievable photography of the aftermath of Katrina. All using HDR (high dynamic range) techniques that give the work an otherworldly illustrative look." Dan Burkholder's Shadows of LIves and Loss at the Vancouver Gallery of Photography. More of the work here. jc-11.08.06

"When the presence of a doorbell isn't enough and instructions are deemed necessary." Photoset of the moment: Dave Gorman's Doorbell Instructions. Via 30gms. sd-11.07.06

Some things are worth a closer look. ms-11.05.06

"Through my work, I seek to engage people, enabling them to see and experience old objects in new ways, focusing our attentions on the radical changes that are affecting society." ms-11.05.06

360° panoramic photos of dozens of Japanese locations at night. Fab. The Night Views of Seto. For example, Imabari. jc-11.03.06

Amos Power Plant, Raymond, West Virginia, 2004 by Mitch Epstein. From "Ecotopia," the current exhibition at the International Center of Photography. jc-11.03.06

A peek at how the other half lives. The Black and White Pictures from the Society Exhibition by Dafydd Jones. Via Things. sd-11.02.06

Architectural Decay, Interiors, from the photography portfolio of Sean M. L. Galbraith. Thanks Coop. jc-11.02.06

The Polling Place Photo Project is a nationwide experiment in citizen journalism and aims to collect pictures of every Polling Place in America on Election Day, November 7th. jc-11.02.06

Michael Hughes' book project in the works: Souvenirs. Brilliant. sd-11.01.06

Haiko Hebig's self-portrait. Sweet. jc-11.01.06

Lots of great Halloween costume photos over at the Snapatorium blog. se-10.30.06

David Maisel's Oblivion series and an illuminating interview with the photographer at Archinect, conducted by Geoff Manaugh. jc-10.27.06

A stunning image of Siena and one of Florence over at the always fabulous Daily Dose of Imagery. se-10.26.06

The photography of Ellen Kooi who "works in the manner of a film director, making preliminary sketches, designing the location and lighting, and positioning her human subjects." Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-10.23.06

There are always some really nice recent finds over at bighappyfunhouse. se-10.18.06

Nice portfolio site from Brad Harris, and the mouseless nav feels just right for his images. se-10.18.06

Impactist is well known for their motion graphics but check out their photography portfolio. Awesome. BTW, we interviewed Daniel for the first Jewelboxing case study and the most recent one was published last week, featuring Big Star NYC. jc-10.17.06

"Unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn't have any optical parts. It allows you to capture your moment but in doing so, it effectively seperates it from the subject." Sascha Pohflepp's Blind Camera. Check the video. Via El Hombre Que Comía Diccionarios. Yum. jc-10.15.06

1,300 different antique Photochrom images of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. jc-10.14.06

The photography of Thomas Weinberger. Cold. Austere. jc-10.13.06

Brian Lesteberg, "My photographs are witness to this ritual and its place in the layered order of the natural world." Beautiful. jc-10.13.06

Dulce Pinzón's "The Real Story of the Superheroes." Via 1+1=1. jc-10.09.06

"My first scanner camera was made from lots of duct tape, a cardboard box, and the cheapest flatbed scanner that I could find. I expected this to be a quick little art project, one that would take a week or two at the most. But when I got my first homemade digital camera to work, I noticed that some wonderful things were beginning to happen." Via Inman. jc-10.09.06

Kids with Cameras. dw-10.06.06

"Using specialist techniques, thousands of portraits of individual people have been compacted to provide a representative male and female "look" for the 160,000 residents of Sydney." Via Infosthetics. jc-10.04.06

Peter Garfield's photo series of falling houses were made by shooting, um, houses falling. jc-10.02.06

Noted photographer Alec Soth has launched a personal weblog. Bookmark this one. Via Swissmiss. jc-09.30.06

The cinematic, photographic, enigmatic art of Gregory Crewdson and an interview with the artist at Kultureflash. jc-09.29.06

Nice stuff at Messy pics. Here are