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Ben Fry's Distellamap.

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Since actual travel has basically come to a halt, take virtual world tour with live webcams of famous places around the world. ms-04.27.20

The History of the URL. jc-03.09.20

DIY Chicago Transit Authority schedule kiosk instructions. We might need to make one for the studio! bb-02.13.20

The point of the matter. Found while reading One Design's post on custom cursors. jc-01.24.19

Sweet color wheel gizmo. jc-07.18.18

Related to the last, see you in a few hours. jc-05.21.18

Canada Modern, a great, browsable resource of design work and a beautiful site. Here's some background from Believe In. jc-05.04.18

Software Library: Macintosh. Run "a collection of emulated software for the early Macintosh computer" in you browser. People who like this sort of thing will find it exactly the sort of thing they like. Via Jim Dalrymple. jc-04.18.18

Windows of San Francisco. Fantastic interactive piece by Jon Murray, Matthew Pullen, Andrew Pullen & Pete Blaszkiewicz. jc-02.13.18

RIP Dean Cameron Allen. A true hero of the early web. jc-01.19.18

Vintage Computer Graphics is great, especially The Xerox Star User Interface: Parts One and Two, from 1982. jc-01.17.18

"Each transaction requires the same amount of energy used to power nine homes [for a day]." Wired looks at Bitcoin's carbon footprint. bb-12.06.17

Quipsologies says so long after an admirable record of unearthing interesting, mostly design-related stuff. I probably pinched more links for Fresh Signals from there, than from anywhere else. Will be missed. jc-10.25.17

It's a few years old, and totally juvenile, but Pointer Pointer can still enrapture my entire family for a good half hour. bb-04.19.17

"This year, it was Reddit Place, a collaborative canvas of one million pixels. You can color any pixel, but only one pixel every 5-10 minutes. It ended 72 hours later. This is what happened." From Waxy. jc-04.04.17

Upcoming is back! A great tool for discovering interesting events. Congrats Andy. jc-03.31.17

See NYC's holiday windows using Google's Window Wonderland ms-12.12.16

I am a shapeshifter. jc-10.18.16

This is Paper. Lovely site. jc-09.30.16

Ramsophone, by Robert Vinluan. Beautifully simple and tons of fun. "Turn on sound, push buttons, refresh page." Via Kottke. jc-09.06.16

Good long nerd-read: The Rise and Fall of the Gopher Protocol. bb-08.12.16

Remind me to come back and erase this web site later. jc-08.01.16

It's Friday, so Tina's weekly Link Pack is up. jc-07.29.16

Thngs is a simple tool for the preservation and structuring of data about physical things. jc-05.26.16

Jheronimus Bosch "The Garden of Earthly Delights", an interactive tour. Beautifully written and presented, via Kottke. jc-05.03.16

Sebastian Ly Serena's Rube Goldberg Macine, crafted from HTML elements. jc-05.02.16

Our pals who are behind The Noun Project have just launched an ambitious and beautiful-looking new tool, Lingo, for organizing and sharing visual assets. jc-03.22.16

Legacies: Five Years after @MayorEmanuel, By Dan Sinker. Beautiful. jc-02.23.16

US political poetry generator. jc-01.28.16

Here's the future. Interactive mapping and user interface, by Dennis Schäfer. Yowza. See everything else on his site. jc-01.21.16

An awesome time machine. Oldweb.today. jc-12.14.15

For a fee, you can find out how many potential ghosts you have in your home: Died In House. sd-10.29.15

Blip, blob, ding, zing, boing. Adi Robertson goes long on sound design and audio branding. Great piece to read and hear. jc-10.09.15

What Happens Next Will Amaze You, a text version of a whip-smart talk by Maciej Ceglowski on ad-tech and privacy. jc-09.23.15

History of Icons, lovely, informative scroll, by Futuramo. jc-07.27.15

Hossein Derakhshan on what the web looks like after he spent years in an Iranian jail. It's not pretty. jc-07.16.15

Give Z file hierarchies, or give him chaos. Right on. jc-07.13.15

If you haven't been listening to Starlee Kine's new podcast, Mystery Show, you really should be. Of the three episodes so far, it goes from good to great to amazing, in that order. sd-06.11.15

"The chumbox aesthetic broadcasts our most basic, libidinal, electrical desires back at us. And gets us to click." A Complete Taxonomy of Internet Chum, by John Mahoney. jc-06.04.15

lolol, lmao, lololol, lolz, lmfao. Emojineering Part 1: Machine Learning for Emoji Trend. jc-06.01.15

My website is 20 years old today. —Jeffrey Zeldman. jc-06.01.15

How does it work? "You text 'heyyyyyy' to 551-333-7865. Then at 2am on Saturday night (Sunday morning), we text you something great to buy drunk." jc-05.18.15

An amazing interactive 3D map of the Warhammer 400000 universe. I wish someone would put that sort of time and effort into an interactive 3D map of the actual universe. bb-04.23.15

Excellent, new NASA site. jc-04.23.15

15 Years of Apple homepages and one from way, way back. jc-04.16.15

It's been 15 years since the publication of John Allsopp's A Dao of Web Design, which turned out to be more than a little prescient. Here are some thoughts and reflections on the articles legacy by lots of smart people, and also, yours truly. jc-04.07.15

The Worst Internet Things bracket. jc-03.18.15

Unindexed. "The site is constantly searching for itself in Google, over and over and over, 24 hours a day. The instant it finds itself in Google search results, the site will instantaneously and irrevocably securely delete itself." jc-03.09.15

Poetweet. Just try it. Fab. jc-01.30.15

Tumblr's Year in Review. jc-12.15.14

An Illustrated History of Mac OS X from Fabricio Rosa Marques. Dig the illustrations. jc-12.05.14

A brief history of web design for designers, by Sandijs Ruluks. jc-12.04.14

Can you be found in a Dutch Golden Age painting? jc-11.26.14

"Are we going to have things that pass down through the generations? Or does no one care anymore? Is it irrelevant?" John O'Reilly chats with Brendan Dawes about his Six Monkeys project for MailChimp. jc-11.20.14

The Good Web Bundle, the best of the web, half of the price. Great sites, great idea. jc-11.20.14

Wildcard is a really interesting, and perhaps slightly ahead of its time, app, designed by our pal Khoi Vinh. jc-11.19.14

Stephen Thomas on Metafilter, "the internet's first family." True that. jc-11.04.14

Panda Daily Inspiration and News for Designers and Hackers. Nicely done. jc-10.28.14

The Deja Vu Blog at Lapham's Quarterly is proof positive that what goes around comes around. See Serfin' USA for example. jc-10.28.14

"The modern social web is a miracle of progress but also a status-driven guilt-spewing shit volcano... Back in the 1990s—this will sound insane—some of us paid a lot of money for our tilde accounts, like $30 or $40 a month or sometimes much more. We paid to reach strangers with our weird ideas. Whereas now, as everyone understands, brands pay to know users." The Story of Tilde.Club, by Paul Ford. jc-10.10.14

"It's part of a research project with the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University that focuses on how unverified information and rumor are reported in the media. Emergent is a real-time rumor tracker." Via MeFi. ms-10.02.14

Daily Non Sequitur on Instagram, by Spencer Charles. jc-10.01.14

You Are Listening To. Choose locations and feeds. Hypnotic. Via Things Magazine. jc-09.30.14

"Yahoo was started nearly 20 years ago as a directory of websites that helped users explore the Internet." G'night Directory. jc-09.29.14

Smart thinking from Anthony Bourdain. jc-09.24.14

"By placing email within our everyday physical spaces it may get us to look at the familiarity of email in a new light; we may even learn to love it again." Six Monkeys explores our interactions with email through physical Internet connected objects. Only brilliant, as expected, since it comes from Brendan Dawes. jc-09.23.14

Zulkey's received one too many requests lately, so she put together these policies on free advertising for her site. sd-09.10.14

Knit lets you leave hidden notes at a location for your friends to discover the next time they're nearby. Smart. jc-08.14.14

Sound Transit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography. On this site, you can plan a sonic journey through various locations recorded around the world, or you can search the database for specific sounds by different artists from certain places. Via Morning Edition ms-07.29.14

Norse IPViking: real-time cyber attack data. Crazy. bb-06.25.14

From Woot to Meh, the story of Matt Rutledge and what's next, by Tim Rogers. jc-06.25.14

rebeccapurple. Right on. bb-06.23.14

Cutting and pasting worked! Cutting and pasting worked! Cutting and pasting worked! Cutting and pasting worked! Cutting and pasting worked! Cutting and pasting worked! Paul Ford checks out Kinja by posting in Kinja. Delightfully nerdy. jc-06.23.14

Bounce.js lets you create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time. So fun, Via Rands. jc-06.10.14

"...computer programmer and poet Adam Parrish set out to tweet every word in the English language in alphabetical order, amassing 95,000 followers along the way. On Friday 7 June, the project will finally be complete." The story of @everyword, by Ruth Spencer. jc-06.04.14

"In fact, when you're using a URL shortener, you give away part of your content to that company." —Frederic de Villamil. jc-05.27.14

Six suspects, two murders, one 40-year-old mystery, The Reykjavik Confessions from the BBC. jc-05.16.14

Screw the "sunset" let's bring back Upcoming.org. Click the "Hell, Yes." button. jc-05.07.14

Happy belated birthday to Basic. Great pics. jc-05.06.14

Three pages from an ARPANET Information Brochure, 1978. A nice piece of web history. jc-04.16.14

On its 20th anniversary, Brian McCullough has put together an oral history of Netscape's founding. People who like this sort of thing will find this exactly the sort of thing they like. jc-04.03.14

It is decidedly very, very NumberWang that NumberWang is now online. sd-03.26.14

An explanation of bitcoins from the 1990s. sd-03.26.14

For the most fun you'll have with your keyboard this year, check out Patatap and we'll see you in an hour or two. By Jono Brandel and Shawn & Yoshimi. jc-03.26.14

Craig Hockenberry on where it's at with regards to "@". jc-03.25.14

"A new way of thinking about icons, their structure, aesthetic and abilities." Iconic. Very smart thinking and execution from Waybury. jc-03.14.14

"So raise a glass proudly, and do us all a favor: paste a shit ton of nbsp;s into your next pull request, just to fuck with your team a little bit." Only 90s Web Developers Remember This, by Zach Holmam jc-02.26.14

"Our goal is to give mobile phones a human scale understanding of space and motion." Piece of cake. Johnny Lee and company at Google's ATAP Group describe their work on Project Tango. Via Waxy. jc-02.24.14

Easily the best Contact Page ever. jc-02.11.14

Z reminds us to "know our web design history." Right on. jc-02.06.14

Downworthy: "A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean." Sadly only for Chrome at the moment. bb-01.24.14

"@Sweden is run by a different Swede each week. But what are the other @countries and @territories up to?. Yowza, Andrew Huff's comprehensive Mefi post shows you how to follow the world. jc-01.21.14

My prediction for 2014 is already coming true: All the linkbait sites will start posting refutations of other sites' linkbait "news," creating an endless vortex of anti-anti-journalism that should pretty much kill off the internet by the end of the year. bb-01.02.14

Fold the web. jc-12.10.13

Passive Aggressive Notes. jc-11.27.13

"More likely, the truth is somewhere in the middle." FotA Andy Baio offers up the definitive guide on this week's internet-gobbling topic: Goldieblox and the Three MCs. sd-11.26.13

Tab Closed; Didn't Read. jc-11.26.13

Many of these movies are better as 40 second Gifs. jc-11.08.13

Good ol' Mac OS System 7, running in a browser, thanks to James Friend. jc-10.30.13

Kiss today's productivity goodbye: turn English phrases into emojigrams with Emojisaurus. bb-10.21.13

They funded, created, published, printed, and distributed a book in three days at XOXO. jc-10.16.13

Martin Braun recreated MacPaint in HTML and called it Cloudpaint, and my brain just went careening back in time. Via Daring Fireball. jc-10.09.13

Nerd alert. the best thing ever posted at Stack Overflow. Via Joel Spolsky. jc-10.09.13

Nerd alert. Tear-able Cloth, a sweet web demo at CodePen. jc-10.02.13

Each frame of an animated Gif hosted on a separate web site, by Olia Lialina. So cool. jc-09.19.13

The Origin of Tweet, by Craig Hockenberry. jc-08.02.13

Today's front page blunder by the Chicago Tribune reminds us a bit of when we changed all of the text on our site to "Copy Goes Here" when we launched our short film, Copy Goes Here. sd-07.30.13

Isometric Cubes, an experiment by W. Xavier Snelgrove. Nice. jc-07.30.13

Relink: "Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. Instead, the entire decade of the 1970s loops ad infinitum." The brilliant Scarfolk Council. A collection of ephemera from a place that doesn't exist. sd-07.11.13

Zulkey's relaunch, back home at Zulkey.com sd-07.09.13

Jellytext by Matt Round allows you to edit and share teletext-ish pages. So fun. I dig the wallpaper in the main image too. jc-07.03.13

The app is great but the tagline is golden. Collect your thoughts. jc-06.07.13

Excellent work by Christopher on the redesign of Colossal and the launch of its affiliated shop. jc-06.03.13

The Dissolve, a new film site coming from Pitchfork with a great staff including Keith Phipps, Scott Tobias and Nathan Rabin. Sweet. jc-05.30.13

If you have an attentive Mom or Dad entering all the stats and the awesome app GameChanger, you can watch games with live updates. Fab. ms-05.29.13

James White gets The Great Discontent treatment and in case you missed it, last week was Jason Fried. jc-05.21.13

Textastrophe. Prank calls for the modern era. sd-05.13.13

The Hedonometer is " an instrument that measures the happiness of large populations in real time." For example, why Saturdays have a higher average happiness that Tuesdays on Twitter. jc-05.10.13

Felt, handwritten cards, stamped and mailed from your iPad. Smart. jc-05.06.13

Helpful pointers. Via HP. bb-04.17.13

Zulkey's interview with Blair Koenig, editor of STFU, Parents. sd-04.10.13

Status Board from Panic. So smart. jc-04.10.13

Cool idea from Bubs and the crew at Creative Market, you can now access design products from inside Photoshop. Yowza. jc-04.09.13

The Making of Medium.com, a nice long look at how a web design project by Teehan+Lax got started and completed. Oh, hello there Field Notes! Thanks for that. jc-04.09.13

The Calvert Journal, a daily briefing on the culture and creativity of modern Russia. Bookmarked. jc-04.04.13

Archery, "a perspective on mathematics, the pattern, and the abstract." Freaky jc-04.02.13

It's not very often when one of your go-to sites comes back after a five year hiatus but that's just what's happened with PingMag, a Japanese art and design mag from Tom Vincent and company. Sweet. jc-04.01.13

"From kanji, he took the ability to express abstract ideas like 'secret' and 'love' in a single character." Jeff Blagdon on How Emoji Conquered the World, for The Verge. Related, from an experiment we did recently and titled "The Dada Poetry Project" Compose a message made up only of Emoji. Ask Siri to read it. Repeat as necessary using different messages and voices. Have fun. jc-03.05.13

Related. This is the color picker you have always wanted. color.hailpixel. Via Ryan at 37s. jc-02.18.13

No Time for Love, "a worldwide regrets counter for misplaced priorities." Made by Chris Barr. jc-01.25.13

"We need an app! No, you need a punch in the face." Crap Brapps. sd-01.18.13

"The Bomb Sight Project is mapping the London WW2 bomb census between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941. Previously available only by viewing in the Reading Room at The National Archives, Bomb Sight is making the maps available to citizen researchers, academics and students. They will be able to explore where the bombs fell and to discover memories and photographs from the period." ms-01.11.13

The most visited pages on Wikipedia in 2012 list is both interesting and serves as proof that a large segment of the world's population still doesn't quite know how the internet works. sd-01.04.13

Sugar Bush is easy but I can see needing help with Oconomowoc. Speak proper cheese-head with Miss Pronouncer. Thanks Andrew. jc-12.18.12

With its annual release, receiving the free Buick Dimensions floppy disk, essentially an interactive new product catalog sometimes with a free car-related game included, was somehow roughly equivalent to a holiday. Here's a walkthrough of the 1990 edition, the '89 edition, a spot to download three years' worth, and images of six years of disks. sd-12.17.12

Christmas Gifs. sd-12.14.12

This Is Not an App. ko-12.07.12

Birds on Twitter. Real birds, tweeting. Really. Via Kirstin Butler. jc-11.30.12

"Here you go, child-bot. Have fun at the mall with the other bots. Don't spend it all in one place!" Darius Kazemi's Random Amazon Shopper. Via Kottke. jc-11.29.12

Timepiece Rounded is an OpenType-Font, which displays time as an analogue timepiece, in three different varieties. sd-11.15.12

Worldcam, search Instagram by location. jc-11.13.12

Enlist is free from Campaign Monitor and turns an iPad into a beautiful subscribe form that's perfect for a store counter or event display. Nice. jc-10.31.12

Cowbird Stories. Lovely execution of an idea that photos can tell stories, and photographers can too. Matching personal audio narrative to individual shots. Thanks Marshall. jc-10.29.12

site44 turns Dropbox folders into websites. So simple. So smart. jc-10.22.12

Disney has announced a new grant program for storytellers. According to the FAQ, participants will retain ownership of their work throughout the process. Via Sara Thatcher. dh-10.18.12

Anton Repponen's iOS '86. I am so ready to upgrade. jc-10.11.12

A couple of weeks ago, NY Tech Meetup sent a letter to the Obama and Romney campaigns, asking them to explain how their policies would benefit the start-up community. Both responded with details. Via Dan Sinker. dh-10.11.12

So you know. Scrollbars through history. jc-09.26.12

I'm only posting this because of its innovative mashup of technologies, not because it happens to feature scantily clad women gyrating in the desert sun. So you know. jc-09.17.12

Didn't foresee posting this: The Milwaukee Police Department website rocks. jc-09.11.12

Turn off music and guidance, then relax. Calm.com. jc-09.11.12

Ascii Street View. Real-time conversions of Google Street View panoramas. Yowza. Via Waxy. jc-08.01.12

Browsers Jason Kottke has known, 1994-2012. jc-07.27.12

Noisy Typer lets you make your computer sound like a typewriter. Install it on all your machines and recreate an authentic-sounding office pool of days gone by. sd-07.16.12

The story behind the first photo ever posted on the web. sd-07.12.12

Alot Has Been Hard and other e-book titles generated from YouTube comments that are flooding the Kindle store, thanks to two artist-coders' "small army of bots." sd-07.02.12

The major news outlets took a 50/50 gamble with their Twitter feeds when it came to the Supreme Court's health care ruling, and it came back to bite them, CNN in particular. Fortunately "Breaking" can apparently now be overturned with "New Breaking News." sd-06.28.12

Geometry Daily. Via Glass. jc-06.26.12

Blacknegative. An innovative and involving site that brings together media, type and design in an organic, cinematic way. Yowza. Via Yewknee. jc-06.25.12

For The Awl, Mark Allen chats with one of our original co-consprators on the web, Jennifer Sharpe, proprietor of "America's No. 1 Website" for a string of years. Jennifer also is responsible for one our favorite things ever, The Kriegsmann Files. jc-06.01.12

Very cool. Ditto uses 3D imaging to help you shop for sunglasses. Via Ryan Singer. jc-05.15.12

FotA Steve Gadlin, who will appear again tonight on ABC's Shark Tank, has made the next logical step in his growing, Mark Cuban-financed, cat-drawing empire: a monthly subscription service. Animation by yours truly. sd-05.11.12

Feel Me, "a sweet, playful connection with the person on the other side." Brilliant. Via Jason Fried. jc-05.03.12

"Atomic Northern Lights: I love it. Great high, great smell, awsome taste and an amazing high. Great to have sex while using. I recommend this strain to anyone." Finally, crowdsourced reviews of weed. jc-04.23.12

A preview of Nick's new plugin for Cinema 4D: Transform. Can't wait to give it a spin. sd-04.18.12

Juicy historical gossip from Perez Hamilton. sd-04.09.12

If Twitter would have been invented in the 80s, Fab, Via Waxy. jc-04.04.12

The website for Novalight will change the way you think about the internet. Welcome to the future. sd-03.30.12

Eric Moneypenny has found the site's one fatal weakness: a Kickstarter project to buy Kickstarter. sd-03.20.12

What Jason Kottke said about Nick Kwiatek's site experiment. jc-03.20.12

Microwhat. bb-03.15.12

I was drafting a longish post on "via" links and how we determine where and how to provide links back to people and places where we find things. After more than 40,000 items in Fresh Signals, I imagine we have included as many "vias" as anyone. But, I probably won't finish the post. Marco Arment has already said what needed to be said. Via Daring Fireball. jc-03.13.12

Dan Hill chats with Nicholas Felton, he, of the fabulous series of Annual Reports, oh, and some feature for Facebook too. jc-03.12.12

Oh my, this is going to be good. Maria Popova is editing Explore, a new "discovery engine" from Coursekit. Expect to see a lot of "via"s from this. jc-03.01.12

Kern And Burn, an ambitious new publication about design entrepreneurship, by Jessica Karle Heltzel and Tim Hoover. jc-02.20.12

EveryBlock hilarity. bb-02.14.12

"Each score was then plotted on a color spectrum. I then made a wax bust of myself for each person in the color that corresponded to their score. The result shows how close I am to my Facebook friends." Via It's Okay To Be Smart. jc-02.09.12

Can't make any friends? SocialCobra.com will buy them for you. Are corporate social media executives writing these guys checks from their personal accounts to keep their jobs? bb-02.03.12

Darius and the ColourLovers team are up to something new, Creative Market, an idea whose time has come (or at least will real soon.) jc-01.11.12

CreativeApplications lists the Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2011. Great stuff, via Waxy. jc-12.23.11

A year-end list of the 20 Unhappiest People You Meet in the Comments Sections of Year-End Lists. sd-12.14.11

I'm having fun playing around with this but it will be helpful in work situations too. Piezo from Rogue Amoeba, a dead simple way to record audio from just about any source on your Mac. jc-12.09.11

Plenty of Colour. Nuff said. jc-12.02.11

Other late-90s video games that need to be reissued STAT: Total Distortion, The Daedelus Encounter (starring Wayne's World's Tia Carrere), The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway, and Devo's Adventures of the Smart Patrol. As you can tell, I'm also waiting for another issue of Mondo 2000. bb-11.22.11

A video game even less likely than Desert Bus to be released for iOS: Duelin' Firemen. bb-11.22.11

"Out of curiosity, I tried to see who the mystery blogger was." Think You Can Hide, Anonymous Blogger? Two Words: Google Analytics, by Andy Baio. jc-11.16.11

Mixel your pixels. A sweet new iPad app from Khoi. jc-11.10.11

Got a lot of work to get through today, so I'll be with the balloon if you need me. sd-10.25.11

As soon as I sign up for Jotly, I'm going to give this post an A+. sd-10.24.11

K10k was the original design blog, before there were such things. It was an inspiration and model for us at Coudal in many ways. Thanks to Michael, Toke and Per for making it and thanks for letting us participate. If we had a Hall of Fame for these sorts of things... jc-10.22.11

Terrific portrait photo and a fun and insightful interview at The Great Discontent with our pal and occasional co-conspirator, Mr. Chris Glass. jc-10.18.11

Cool idea, PeepCode watches Ryan Singer from 37s sketch and code a UI from scratch. jc-10.17.11

"Siri, what does John Gruber think of you?" jc-10.12.11

When your fridge know what ingredients you need and where to get them cheapest. In My Fridge, a project developed at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. jc-09.29.11

Hypmotized! Falling Falling by Rafael Rozendaal. Via Folkert. jc-09.14.11

I'm digging just about everything that Thrive Software has done with Solo, an innovative and beautiful project management tool for freelancers. Check the screens. jc-08.31.11

I am sure that Stefan felt the pressure of having to make all the monsters. So he made an app and now you can make your own. jc-08.12.11

Jonathan's Starbucks Card, an experiment. "Get a coffee, give a coffee." Via Waxy. jc-08.09.11

Don't have a clue what half of any of this means, but it all seems interesting none the less: the SIGGRAPH 2011 Technical Papers Video Preview. Via John Nack. sd-07.22.11

Persona, a concept email client by Ali Seckin Karayol, Harsha Vardhan Ramesh Babu, Marco Triverio. Brilliant. Build it already and I'm in. Via Ryan Singer. jc-07.14.11

For its 12th anniversary, MetaFilter collected stories from its members. Warning, major time-suck. jc-07.14.11

Stocktouch looks sweet, it's an innovative visualizer for monitoring stock performance. And I'm not just saying because there's a Field Notes Brand cameo in their demo video. jc-07.11.11

What? No music? No clicking around for hours or menus? What the hell kind of a restaurant web site is this? The people responsible are Oat Creative Design. Via Yewknee. jc-07.08.11

Cargo's big, ambitious new release, Enhanced Personal Networks. Looks great, I especially love the "front and back" visual metaphor. Cargo is a member of our advertising network, The Deck. jc-07.06.11

A big congrats to FotA Claire Zulkey, who has just transitioned her long-running and popular blog into the growing WBEZ empire. sd-07.05.11

Angry people in local newspapers. Nuff said. jc-07.05.11

As mine has always just been my real name, either I was just ahead of the curve or completely missed out on all the fun. For everyone else: The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle. sd-07.01.11

What Maria Popova reads. Thanks for that. jc-07.01.11

If you were at Jim's talk this morning and were wondering, this is as far as we got with that one. bb-06.24.11

"...there's a very close relationship between interface and content: sometimes they are even one and the same thing, which is where our unofficial motto 'the content is the Cargo' comes from." Folkert Gorter and Josh Pangell chat about the development of Cargo. Smart thinking and a nicely illustrated post. Cargo is a member of our advertising network, The Deck. jc-06.09.11

.ugh, a great idea from David Friedman. jc-06.09.11

Just launched. Ask Cool Tools, from Kevin Kelly, now this could get interesting. jc-05.24.11

What is Bitcoin? Wow. jc-05.16.11

What's going on in the background of my girlfriend's voicemail message? jc-05.16.11

Man, somebody swiped the new web design scheme for our redesigned coudal.com even before we launched it. Via Phil Henderson. jc-05.12.11

Eric's Fleeting Fixations Tumblr changes its theme every few days. Right now it's "Portraits of Steve Zissou." bb-05.06.11

Super smart new Post Family home. Yay. jc-05.05.11

@Hungry_birds are real birds from Latvia typing on a keyboard made from fat. See them live. dw-04.27.11

Hmm. I think that if we had meetings here we might have to have a meeting about this. The Newspaper Club is now available in the US. jc-04.26.11

Underconsideration's FPO Awards are now open for submission. Armin and Co. have assembled a great roster of judges and a very smart series of categories. Get moving. jc-04.25.11

When multimedia was black and white, published in 2005 and great from the title screen onwards. Via Grant Hutchinson. jc-04.14.11

A couple of the members of The Deck, our advertising network for web, design and creative professionals, have been nominated for Webby Awards this year, and damn the luck, they're going against each other. Congrats to Letters of Note and Laughing Squid. jc-04.12.11

Groupmeh, for the "tragically apathetic." jc-04.05.11

"When it comes to email we still rely on outdated technologies, like the keyboard and mouse." Google has solved this problem with Gmail Motion. mcj-04.01.11

To help preserve one of the world's endangered languages, Google has added Cherokee as an interface language. dw-03.28.11

"...and this is a picture of an at sign flying out of a fireball with binary code behind it." The Brother IntelliFax 2800 App Store. Found while searching the internet for awesomeness with E-Z-Fynd. jc-03.22.11

I will share this link with you for $5 bb-03.21.11

"A lot of people missed my talk so I recorded it in my office as soon as I got home from Austin. It covers mainly moderation tips and ideas for building tools for more effective moderation." Matt Haughey's talk from SXSW. Via JK. jc-03.15.11

Fractal Lab's Interactive WebGL Fractal Explorer. What day is it? How long have I been playing with this? Where am I? Mom? jc-03.09.11

Ambient music mixed with a live police radio feed: You Are Listening to Los Angeles. Via J-Walk. sd-03.08.11

The NY Times pits you against a computer in this game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. No matter your skill level, the computer likely has the advantage, drawing on statistics of over 200,000 previous matches. sd-03.07.11

Watching the Collectors, Things Magazine on digital assemblage and organization. jc-03.07.11

Apropos of nothing. Hockey Boy! jc-03.03.11

"The Comeback Stillborn" and "Hijack Friars." Just a couple from ten-thousand statistically grammar-average fake band names. Via Mefi. jc-02.25.11

Local note, need a place to get some work done? Our pal Sam Rosen's Desktime lists shared desks and coworking opportunities in Chicago. Smart. jc-02.25.11

For the single ladies (and gents) Breakup Notifier. dw-02.21.11

Every day, movies expire from Netflix Watch Instantly. This account lets you know ahead of time, so you can watch 'em while you've got 'em. dw-02.16.11

"The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out - then simply save them as WWF." Via Swiss Miss. dw-02.09.11

What is to prevent me from believing in the dream of the theater when I believe in the dream of reality? Will Schofield, of the excellent Journey Round My Skull has joined Folkert and Atley in posting to But Does It Float. jc-02.07.11

Best part of the Super Bowl: seeing Frank Zombo on the field and being reminded of the best website of 1999, Zombo.com. The infinite is possible. sd-02.07.11

"Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces." Art Project by Google. ms-02.03.11

MTA.ME dw-01.31.11

"The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way." Via J-Walk. sd-01.24.11

Private poking indeed. One in five divorces involve Facebook. jc-01.24.11

Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman tracks down angry internet commenters and calls them at home. sd-01.24.11

Slaughterhouse 90210. You'll see. Via Large Hearted Boy. jc-01.20.11

"For 12 months, I will only buy Canadian products, eat Canadian food and consume Canadian media." One Year, One Canadian. sd-01.18.11

Cuban Council: Propaganda on the Agenda. The firm's new site. jc-01.07.11

FotA and Layer Tennis battler this season, Jessica Hische, explains: Mom, This is How Twitter Works. sd-12.31.10

Give yourself more time to relax and send your parents a tech support care package before you head home for the holidays. dw-12.22.10

Let's Swap. Via swissmiss. jc-12.16.10

Thomas Houston writes, "We've got a new video series where we present a designer with a specific challenge, and film the process. Behavior's Michael Surtees is up first, and we had him build a weather app in three hours." jc-12.15.10

Caleb Thorson has launched a cool iPhone app called Trickle, it's a passive Twitter client. Here's a video about it featuring his wife's song, which she generousaly let us use once too. jc-12.13.10

How the octothorpe (or #) became the sign of our times. sd-12.10.10

House of Buttons. Like it says, via Cameron. jc-12.07.10

Traveling this Thanksgiving? Be sure to check in and get your FourSquare Baggage Handler Badge. ms-11.24.10

For World Toilet Day (who knew?) Flushtracker tracks your flush as it winds through the sewer system. dw-11.19.10

Things Magazine may very well be "a matchbox within a shoebox tucked into a drawer at the back of a bureau in a locked box room at the end of an upstairs corridor." But that doesn't make it any less valuable or appreciated. jc-11.15.10

How Google Works: in Gory Detail. Via Cabel. jc-11.12.10

Mesmerizing Scroll Clock. So nice how the color changes depending on if it's in an active window or not. jc-10.26.10

Yes, Cabel from Panic is more than a little obsessive, but he's our more than a little obsessive. jc-10.18.10

The Web Seer, a clever method of comparing Google Suggest results. sd-10.04.10

A new main company site for 37signals. Beautiful. jc-10.01.10

Chromaroma is an online multiplayer game played out in London as participants travel the city on public transportation using their Oyster Cards. Smart. jc-09.30.10

Find out what the f#@! is everyone swearing about. Richard Henry's new and improved Cursebird is live. jc-09.27.10

A London Salmagundi: "Being a Hotch-Pot or Gallimaufry of Divers Things. To which there shall be posted a variety of Links, Pictures, Tweets, Videos, and other Kickshaws." Right on. jc-09.24.10

Explore the beauty of the web as Friends of Mighty take you through the Lost World's Fair. mgr-09.15.10

Sorry I Haven't Posted... Inspiring apologies as selected by Cory Arcangel. Via Mefi. jc-09.14.10

Jonathan Puckey creates portraits using delaunay triangulation and scriptographer. Sounds complicated, looks cool. mgr-09.09.10

Blobs, the real reason why HTML5 exists. mgr-09.03.10

"Tweets are boring when they come from your colleague in risk management, but they are something else altogether in the voice of the great Danny Bonaduce." Bob Garfield talks about the Hollywood is Calling for the internet set, Shoutomatic. sd-08.24.10

"Look for something, find something else." The Accidental News Explorer, a news discovery app for iPhone by Brendan Dawes, who, incidentally, will be playing Joshua Davis in the Friday's live Layer Tennis match. jc-08.23.10

After months of teases, the first episode of Paul F. Tompkins' Pod F. Tompkast has finally been released. sd-08.04.10

Someone in Cyprus just bought The Good Soldier Svejk. David Barnett on book voyeurism and a sweet, new mapping feature from The Book Depository. jc-07.29.10

I'm a little late to the game, considering they just finished their second season, but Superego: Profiles in Self-Obsession has become my new favorite podcast. sd-07.22.10

The Big Lies People Tell in Online Dating. Via J-Walk. sd-07.14.10

MS, we laughed about Prince saying that the Internet is completely over this morning, but after reading "How I Used Twitter to Live-Blog the Opera," I'm inclined to agree. sd-07.06.10

Draft for iPad from our office mates at 37signals. Simple and simply great. jc-06.23.10

Best interactive World Cup calendar I've seen, organizing teams, dates, groups, and stadiums all in one place. (thanks, mrs. bb) bb-06.10.10

"Every threaded pass. Every errant shot, Every block, formation and goal- every moment of every 2010 Champions League brought to life in a stunning new way." Totally cool and sure to preoccupy BB for some time, the Adidas Match Tracker. Via Information Aesthetics. ms-05.27.10

"When top advertising creative directors Googled themselves, they got a message from me asking for a job." Clever. Via @jasonfried. jc-05.13.10

Deck member Veerle Pieters has launched a complete redesign of her site including a section on Belgian graphic design. Fab. jc-05.10.10

"I am widely credited as the inventor of the blink tag." jc-05.10.10

An appropriate theme for the 48 Hour Magazine project. Now get to work. jc-05.07.10

A new addition to 5by5's growing network of podcasts, The Big Web Show debuts with Zeldman, Veen, Dunham and host Dan Benjamin chatting about type and the web. jc-04.30.10

Meet 48 Hour Magazine: "As the name suggests, we're going to write, photograph, illustrate, design, edit, and ship a magazine in two days." With your help. ncz-04.29.10

House of Buttons. Like it says on the tin. jc-04.21.10

Open source software for studying the motion of graffiti. Graffiti Analysis is the bomb. jc-04.16.10

SeoLOL, showing you the stupid things people search for when they think nobody is looking. Via Boing Boing. jc-04.07.10

"This barrier to entry means that you can't really dabble in audio storytelling. You have to commit on day one." Monle, a mobile non-linear editor for the iPhone and iPod touch. Yowza. By Ochen Kaylan. jc-04.06.10

Poker Surface, combining mobile phones and a multi-touch surface in interactive card games. sd-03.29.10

The software analyzes your face while you are working and if it detects a smile... jc-03.24.10

Unfolding Forms: Minnesota Ice Fishing. A sweet story, beautifully told. Created by Invoko, a three-discipline team with some fresh ideas about multimedia web presentation. Via Glass. jc-03.05.10

Artist Daniel Eatock's Quarter Mile Groove, using a vinyl record as an illustration of distance. Via Peachfuzz. sd-03.01.10

Color Scheme Designer. jc-02.22.10

Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. Sweet. I dare you to click this: 5z8.info/nic_cage-naked_a6n7_gain-inches. Via 5z8.info/IE-exploiter_q8q3_trojan jc-02.18.10

A team on our best pals have just launched SitBy.Us, a cool iPhone app for finding your friends at the confusing and massive SXSW Interactive. Fun. Now if they only had a setting for "I am pacing in my hotel room feeling like I am going to throw up because my speech is going to be a disaster..." jc-02.17.10

The BBC's Jason Fields has launched a blog dedicated to finding the best design-y iPhone apps: App.itize.us. sd-02.17.10

Sweet new publication, beautifully executed. TPUTH, The Socially Generated Newspaper for Geeks, Designers and Venture Capitalists. From the unstoppable iA. jc-02.10.10

Dan Meyer's 2009 Annual Report. Not as detailed as Felton's yearly offering, but nicely animated. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.10.10

Your Flickr Stats Explained. sd-02.09.10

Not to be clicked on after lunch on a Friday afternoon: Sound Sleeping's Drum Sleep Aid / Relaxation Tool allows you to mix your own batch of sleep-inducing loops. Via J-Walk. sd-02.05.10

AIGA's 50 Books/50 Covers has been nicely redesigned. jc-02.05.10

Related to below: the new This American Life iPhone App. sd-02.04.10

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Via Glass. bb-02.03.10

For people who know who Peder Norrby is, you'll find it amazingly cool that Nick interviewed him. sd-01.30.10

The McSweeney's iPhone App: The Small Chair, "a weekly selection from all branches of the McSweeney's family." sd-01.30.10

"In search of a less bleak playground, the toddler pedaled faster." A site devoted to making fun of Dwell Mag photos. Really good so far but more wooden slats would be appreciated. Via @mattyglesias. jc-01.26.10

"my minimalist tumblr is more minimalist than your minimalist tumblr because it is white and has lowercase letters and has very little to say about very little." jc-01.25.10

Matt's iPhone running Mac System 1.0. Sweet. Via Cult of Mac. jc-01.25.10

From the Department of "People Who Like This Sort of Thing Will Find This Exactly the Sort of Thing They Like," Mike Rundle on crafting subtle and realistic user interfaces. jc-01.21.10

Hyperlink to Internet Online Website! jc-01.21.10

Bill has a website. ms-01.21.10

The D&AD have put together all their award winners of the past decade to watch and "reminisce about the good old days." 10 Years of Black Pencils. Via If This is a Blog. sd-01.12.10

A Peek Into Netflix Queues, "rental patterns, neighborhood by neighborhood, in a dozen cities." sd-01.11.10

For all you Cornify fans: Wonkette sums up their main contribution to political humor with A Decade of Blingees. bb-12.18.09

"The two videos below show the traffic to NYTimes.com on June 25, 2009: the day that the singer Michael Jackson died. The 24-hour period is compressed into a little over a minute and a half." Kaboom. Via SAI. jc-12.17.09

Part 2 of Jenni Leder's Noughtie List at Kottke. jc-12.16.09

An affiliate of our Deck Network and a long-running and consistent home for taste and inspiration, Computerlove gets a sweet, clean overhaul. Beautiful details all around. jc-12.09.09

Ikea launches its newest catalogue as an iPhone app. ms-12.03.09

Google Labs' Image Swirl. jc-12.03.09

I see you Knocking and you can come in. Great idea for an iPhone app. jc-12.01.09

Don't forget to wear your bluest hat today in support of web standards. jc-11.30.09

Tasteful web design and excellent user interface. Thanks Marshall. jc-11.24.09

Scroll Clock by Toki Woki. So cool. jc-11.18.09

Build a query to see who's watching what on YouTube. Via Peter Kafka at All Things D. jc-11.12.09

"WTF is going on here? Quite simply, I've grabbed about 2,000 photos in each location from Flickr, determined the dominant color in each, mapped those colors, and interpolated liberally." Via Flowing Data. jc-10.29.09

Best use of YouTube HD full screen mode to date, Kuroshio Sea at Japan's Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Via Peacay. jc-10.26.09

Our officemates at 37signals unveil what they've been working on, Haystack, an awesome new listing service for web designers. jc-10.21.09

"...not simply a record of everything but a very careful edit of something." Things on "inspired" visual weblogs. jc-10.21.09

Ouch. Entertaining Mefi thread on "Under Construction" graphics, including a mea culpa from the guy responsible for the very first animated one. Via Waxy. jc-10.15.09

In the spirit of the Kashiwa Mystery Cafe, you get what the person before you searched for with Mystery Google. jc-10.14.09

Visualizing conversations on Twitter and Flickr, Concept Lens. Via Information Aesthetics. ms-10.08.09

"Hey @towerbridge. When are you going to do something again? You're even more boring when you're just sitting there. Yawn." London's heated bridge battles. Via I Like. sd-09.24.09

On the Origin of Species, the preservation of favoured traces, a visual data experiment analyzing how the text of Darwin's book evolved over its six editions. Fascinating. Created by Ben Fry, who writes more about the project here. jc-09.22.09

Demo of a location-based timeline of field recordings by Christopher Stoll and an explanation. jc-09.16.09

Sorry to not be included but happy to click away. jc-09.10.09

Combining data visualization and music into one absurd interactive map. "88 counties in Ohio. 88 keys on a piano." Ohio is a Piano. Via Peachfuzz. sd-08.28.09

A clickable imagemap version of Alfred Barr's Cubism and Abstract Art diagram found in Edward Tufte's book Beautiful Evidence. jc-08.26.09

Great moments in UI writing from Cabel. jc-08.25.09

Yum. dw-08.25.09

How the internet sees you. Personas, a fascinating installation by Aaron Zinman. Via Waxy. jc-08.20.09

The first ever video-in-print magazine ad. sd-08.19.09

But Does It Float is on a tear lately. jc-08.18.09

Follow along with Marc and Peter as they go on a virtual road trip. They were interviewed this past week on Weekend Edition Sunday. ms-08.18.09

Qwitter notifies you when someone stops following you on twitter, and it quotes the tweet that made them stop. aro-08.10.09

A really great companion interactive website for the documentary WaterLife. Via Cpluv ms-07.30.09

Ikea's new interactive ad campaign. Via Cool Hunting. ms-07.30.09

For curatorial excellence check Things Magazine's new Tumblr. jc-07.29.09

Ben Terrett on The Newspaper Club, a new project continuing what Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet started. Here's the NC blog. jc-07.20.09

This ought to be included in 37signals products, The Meeting Ticker. Via Mefi. jc-07.17.09

It takes Rob considerably more than 140 characters to do it, but I think he gets right to the heart of the Twitter thing. jc-07.10.09

Noted without comment. Sweet gifs. jc-07.09.09

SlickMap CSS by Matt Everson, is a free, super-clean and easy sitemapping tool for web developers. jc-07.08.09

Overlapr from Hivelogic. Who do you have in common? jc-07.07.09

Bike Hugger is liveblogging and hosting chats on the Tour de France. Think of it as MST3K for international cycling. jc-07.07.09

Search the ten million 'most interesting' images on Flickr by color. Sweet. jc-06.24.09

A great graphic illustrating the race to the bottom in online advertising. For a saner, more effective approach see The Deck. Via Sofro. jc-06.24.09

Olivier Otten's fun interactive short film series: selfcontrolfreak. Sort of feels like the web version of Len Cella's brilliant Moron Movies. sd-06.18.09

Shaun Inman launches Fever, a beautiful and innovative new RSS tool that might just get me back to reading feeds. By the way, Shaun is playing in the morning match of our Layer Tennis playoff doubleheader Friday and we won't hold it against him that he moved us from "sparks" to "kindling" in the Fever video demo! jc-06.17.09

Hello Cargo. jc-06.08.09

Bing. jc-05.27.09

Pick One. Via Waxy. jc-05.27.09

Great overview of his excellent (and much needed) redesign of the cover page of Talking Points Memo by Alexander Shaw. jc-05.21.09

New FBI Bandit Tracker will help you keep your Duffel Bag Bandits from your Bomb Lady Bandits from your Cross-Dressing Bandits from your Foul-Mouthed Bandits and so on. kg-05.20.09

"If print is dead, what are we all still doing here?" A fair question and a brand new concept and answer from Under Consideration. The nicely titled FPO. jc-05.05.09

So you know. Why text messages are limited to 160 characters. jc-05.04.09

JC's @startwithagrand stock market experiment is featured in the Chicago Trib today. kg-04.29.09

Aw, jeez. jc-04.13.09

Roo reynolds has been browsing his browsing. Via waxy. jc-04.10.09

Tom Z writes, "When you click on it, just keep waiting." jc-04.08.09

Peter Mendelsund tracks the steps needed to go from his own design work to a photo of a naked lady on ffffound. "I think there's a really decent drinking game in all this." sd-04.02.09

For MS: TasteSpotting, "a community driven visual potluck." sd-04.01.09

Regarding the LYT qualifier, from undressmejfk via Twitter: This is why you're fat. bb-03.20.09

You gotta see this. Browser Ball. Via Chris Messina. jc-03.18.09

We were chatting about this yesterday and realized we hadn't linked it up lately. Enjoy. If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. jc-03.18.09

Twitter can be dangerous. jc-03.18.09

What was happening when the Google van drove by 8 Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh. jc-03.02.09

Deskography. Where people work. jc-02.27.09

"The One Mile Scroll transforms virtual space into an actual, physical distance. Take your computer for a scroll." sd-02.13.09

A quick video sample of Drumbo, a text editor powered drum machine Andre is putting together in his spare time. sd-02.12.09

The Making of Mini's Augmented Reality Ad. A pretty remarkable combination of 3D motion tracking and print advertising. Via Denver Egotist. sd-02.09.09

"The image at the centre of each map is the seed. Images from the pool that are most compositionally similar to that seed image are connected to it by a series of lines." Similarity Maps. jc-02.04.09

The 2009 Oscars interactive photo hunt. Via BB. dw-01.31.09

"We're leaving disposable cameras around the world, in the hope they'll be picked up; passed on; and eventually return home full of photographs." The Disposable Memory Project. Via Monster-Munch. jc-01.31.09

It's been almost six days and five people are still mousing around at the Volkswagen Hands On Challenge. dw-01.29.09

Coroflot, the design jobs & portfolio site just got a major renovation. Lots to browse here, even if you're not looking to hire or get hired. jc-01.28.09

"Imagine the launch of truly recognition engine, a new business tool that is seen as the litmus test for brand recognition." Things Mag takes the new "reverse image search" application TinEye (reg req) for a spin and comes to some interesting conclusions. jc-01.23.09

Netdiver Magazine's Best of the Year 2008. The seventh edition of an eclectic and inspirational list of projects assembled by Carole and company. jc-01.22.09

Web design trends for 2009. ms-01.16.09

2008 was the year of seeing for Taylor Deupree, this year it's listening. A Sound a Day. More from jc-01.15.09

Work on stuff that matters. Via Kottke. alw-01.15.09

An awesome visual conversation: but does it float? alw-01.14.09

A Yelper is slapped with a defamation lawsuit after a bad review. Via Eater LA. alw-01.08.09

Daily Routines, how writers, artists and even drug users organize their days. alw-01.08.09

Shopping online in Holland is pretty exciting. (Thanks, Andrew!) bb-01.06.09

My Day, Yesterday. jc-01.05.09

I'll never look at ppt. in the same way after watching this. Via superlocal. mst-12.30.08

One idea a minute for 27 minutes... mst-12.23.08

Learn how to save Grandpa's life and more with your iPhone over the holidays with 10 iPhone Apps you might not know about. mst-12.16.08

Three posts that I think should be required reading if you're looking for some context about the death of print (or how information is flowing today, and it's not from paper) 1. The Newspaper Industry and the Arrival of the Glaciers, 2. Content and Its Discontents, and 3. Change Happens. mst-12.10.08

Search Flickr photos by color. dw-12.01.08

That Was Epic, decontextualized video comments become modern pieces of poetry. Via Made In England by Gentlemen. jc-11.25.08

"When Willard Psychiatric Center in New York's Finger Lakes closed in 1995, workers discovered hundreds of suitcases in the attic of an abandoned building. Many of them appeared untouched since their owners packed them decades earlier before entering the institution." Link submitted by MoOM Board of Directors member Lyn Palmer. jc-11.20.08

Another fab idea from Magnetic North, Fill your Biscuit Tin with photos. "Random is good." jc-11.10.08

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover. Fun. jc-10.27.08

Cooliris, a rad browser add-on for image viewing and searching. Very slick. jc-10.15.08

Dust Bunnies. Work By designer Joannie Wu. Love the stark home page. jc-10.08.08

For the past several months Eric Baker has been emailing one image to friends every day. Splendid. jc-10.06.08

Search Google in 2001. dw-10.02.08

iPhone app RJDJ, a musical "digital drug" that interacts with your environment. Neato! bb-09.30.08

"I work at a major stock photo company cataloging images... As an amateur designer, I occasionally can't help but play around with the images I see floating across my desk..." Schtock is fab. Ride the "previous image" button a while. jc-09.16.08

SideTaker doesn't seem like the ideal way to settle lovers' quarrels, but it's fun to watch. jc-09.12.08

Via Mrs. BB: feel-good luddite Dentyne ads. bb-08.22.08

"Constant Setting is a simple website that displays in real time, any sunset images taken and posted to Flickr as creative commons that correspond to the cities where the sun is setting at the moment." Via Waxy. jc-08.18.08

Maybe an idea for our next Field-Tested Books reading? Telemegaphone Dale. "When you dial the Telemegaphone's phone number the sound of your voice is projected out across the fjord, the valley and the village of Dale below." sd-08.08.08

Cool tiled background maker, BgPatterns. Via Authentic Boredom. se-08.06.08

Need a break? Go over and play in the fontpark. se-08.06.08

After countless hours spent the last few days, growing ever more frustrated by clipping and general flatness, it's nice to learn that I'm not going insane after all: YouTube has screwed up their audio compression. sd-08.05.08

Rotation demo over at Shaun Inman. Via the Ministry. se-08.04.08

Reload for unnecessary knowledge. Via Big Contrarian. jc-07.30.08

I made tea. dw-07.28.08

"A techno-crutch for the chronically indecisive." Torn between two options? Get an answer at icantdeci.de. Brilliant. Check the blog too. Or don't. Whatever you think is best. jc-07.25.08

Long time Deck advertiser Squarespace has just released version 5 and it's a huge leap forward. The interface for building a site on the fly is amazing and super clean. Check the video. Congrats to Anthony and the team. jc-07.24.08

DoodleBuzz by occasional co-conspirator Brendan Dawes, is "a new way to read the news through an experimental interface that allows you to create typographic maps of current news stories." And it's also lots of fun. jc-07.21.08

Drive around Google Maps. dw-06.27.08

Adventures in Stock Photography. jc-06.26.08

Whoops. I was in a bit of a trance there. Sorry. Kashiwa Soto is responsible. jc-06.24.08

Awesome Highlighter lets you highlight text on web pages and then gives you a small link to the highlighted page. dw-06.13.08

"You've Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family." A new service that will send an email to loved ones six days after The Rapture. Really. Via Waxy. jc-06.05.08

Given how many clients and friends we've turned onto our office mates' products, it's too bad the brand-spanking new 37signals affiliate program isn't retroactive. jc-06.04.08

Kottke's When Obama Wins. Surely influenced by Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle and Is Barack Obama a Muslim? bb-06.04.08

Remember how the whole selling point of Ananova was that it was supposed to be video news read by its green-haired CG eponym? They ditched her ages ago. bb-06.03.08

I wanted to see all of the news from today, by Martin John Callanan. Via vvork. jc-05.29.08

The 2008 Eddys, The Morning News editors' awards for online excellence. jc-05.23.08

ColorFlip. jc-05.20.08

David Lu makes lovely computational drawings. He's posted a motion render of one on Flickr, which to me is the best use of video on Flickr to date. nh-05.07.08

Dickipedia. jc-05.07.08

Totally digging The New York Moon. Bookmarked. jc-05.02.08

Addictomatic, a swell new news and links aggregator. jc-05.02.08

As LOLcats and Tay Zonday songs proliferate, we must never forget those who paved the way. CP presents the first in a series of nearly-forgotten fin de millénaire internet memes: Fight! Kikkoman. bb-04.30.08

Airbag's excellent idea for the formation of a sort of trade-guild. The Web Standards Design Development, a group of interactive craftsmen. jc-04.29.08

Fun, coverflowish image results from Searchme. jc-04.24.08

Dyslexflix, a wrong-headed recommendation engine from Armin and Company. If you're looking for a movie that you can return after it has sat unwatched on the coffee table for three weeks, we'd suggest BB's not-yet-implemented concept, Notflixing. jc-04.07.08

Straightest freehand horizontal one pixel black line contest. Via Waxy. jc-04.03.08

The Whale Hunt. Jonathan Harris is a genius. Via Naz. jc-04.03.08

Early Designs, a project by Andy Whitlock in which he asked a variety of designers to show some examples of their early work and talk about how it compares to the work they're producing now. Via Made in England by Gentlemen, who shared a bit too. jc-03.27.08

VoiceThread, post an image or video and talk about it. Smart. Via C-Monster. jc-03.27.08

Metafilter comments vs. Youtube comments. Via Cynical C. sd-03.25.08

Search app compfight will raid Flickr for whatever tag you'd like. Fun stuff. se-03.13.08

Lego for my iPhone? Sweet! se-03.10.08

A smart, simple idea from Kitsune Noir, The Desktop Wallpaper Project. New downloads each Wednesday. The first three are awesome. jc-03.05.08

Project Smile, by Firstborn and Digital Kitchen, an outdoor generative art project for Microsoft. Via Visual Complexity. jc-03.04.08

Peacay writes, "The New York Public Library now has a multi-author megablog that dips into their rich collections. Background." jc-02.23.08

Beautiful wooden Take-G Toys. Found with 99 other cool links in Netdiver's best of 2007 listings. jc-02.12.08

"I have invited fellow designers to tackle the issue of personality in a world of depersonalisation, and to reflect on the state of transition from physical to digital, by recording their visual reaction to the letter (and it's subject matter) that I sent them." Craig Oldham's letter project. Thanks B. jc-01.29.08

Bring a camera to the polls tomorrow in Florida so you can contribute to the Polling Place Photo Project, hosted by the NYT and created by Design Observer with AIGA. jc-01.28.08

Congrats to Adrian and Co. on the launch of EveryBlock. Here's the skinny for the CP/37s HQ at 400 North May. jc-01.23.08

Mostly dreary and boring but somehow fascinating because of it, random live webcams from all over the place. Also, so you know, where the sun is shining. jc-01.23.08

Nice way to remember who's who in your family. Kindo. dw-01.14.08

I can't decide whether I love or hate Epic-Fu's stream-of consciousness news and media videocast, but I suspect it might be the future of broadcast news. bb-01.11.08

A fun way to walk through photo sets, Airtight Interactive's TiltViewer. jc-12.20.07

The deadline for entries for the SXSW Web Awards is tomorrow. Austin in the spring sounds pretty good on a nasty, wet, cold Chicago day like today. Can't wait. jc-12.13.07

The Human Calendar. dw-12.13.07

Airbag as seen from around the world. jc-12.13.07

North Pole, Inc. jc-12.12.07

Surf all you want at work. An oldie but goodie. bb-12.11.07

Face your pockets just keeps growing and growing and it's almost impossible to keep from clicking and clicking. jc-12.11.07

Congrats to Deck member Colour Lovers on a tasty redesign, launched this weekend. jc-12.10.07

"...an entire poem could be arranged on a circular path. The diameter of the circle is based on the length of the poem." jc-12.07.07

This online tool for precise vectorization of bitmap images, VectorMagic, produces impressive results quickly. Via Finkbuilt. jc-11.24.07

"...a digital stay of five consecutive days in a fictional room in our exclusively rendered spa hotel, situated in a stimulating, generated scenery." Hotel Vue des Alpes. A project by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg. Via vvork. jc-11.21.07

Just a reminder to periodically have a scroll at If Charlie Parker was a gunslinger, there'd be a whole lot of dead copycats. jc-11.07.07

Make your own flag. Great idea at We Are Multicolored. jc-10.25.07

A List Apart's Web Design Survey results have been posted. jc-10.18.07

Check the sweet new look for Naz's Weightshift. Note to self, invite that guy to play Tennis. jc-10.03.07

Sketchcasting is pretty much what you'd expect from the name. jc-09.26.07

"An unread email is hairy and swims fast; a read email has less hair and does not swim so fast anymore; a responded email is hairless and barely moves." Visualization of My Email Inbox by Carolin Horn and Florian Jenett. jc-09.25.07

The whirring, shifting, beeping portfolio of Kashiwa Sato. Via Layer Tennis Opening Day artist, Shaun Inman. jc-09.20.07

Spamrecycler. jc-09.20.07

Aza and the crew at Humanized have added "pirate" to the languages available in Translate Anywhere, a tool which allows you to instantly translate to and from eight languages in any application. It's a tool I would totally love, if I had a PC. jc-09.19.07

MotionPortrait turns still photos of people into creepy, animated 3D versions of themselves. sd-09.19.07

Finally, Photoshop for iPhone, via DF. bb-09.17.07

Smashing Magazine's list of great 404 Error Pages ms-09.13.07

A fine visualization tool for your listening habits as cataloged by Last.fm, echoing the Baby Name Voyager. jt-09.12.07

The Art of Microsoft Office. Sure, it's a contradiction in terms but still... Via Anil. jc-08.31.07

The Robot Co-op Should Do This. jc-08.24.07

Car breakdown? Need a flashlight and don't have one? Do you have a pencil? ms-08.20.07

The highly-competitive world of PC shareware awards. Via DF bb-08.17.07

Lovely portfolio in a perfect package for Nothing: Something: NY. jc-08.14.07

Inkling Markets attempts to harness the wisdom of crowds through a fascinating stock-market based system. Among other things, they are currently trying to decide if making a buy on our ad network, The Deck, would be a worthwhile investment. Disclaimer: I drove up the prices a bit today by way of some insider trading. jc-08.13.07

Desktoptopia is a new idea that allows you to pull images for your Mac desktop from a submitted and reviewed collection online. jc-08.13.07

Felix Jung writes, "Astronaut is a visualization of my friend's song, with random photos appearing at set keyframes. The images I'm pulling in come from Flickr photos whose tags match the lyrics of the song." jc-08.01.07

"I weep for tomorrow." Thanks Marshall. jc-07.30.07

Everyone just got a new Backpack. Love the "move stuff" stuff. Congrats to our sleepy office-mates. jc-07.25.07

Posted without comment. 3D Mailbox. Via Torrez. sd-07.19.07

"Jacki sent generic white paper napkins and charged more than 30 people, across a wide range of artistic media, to doodle to their hearts' content." The Napkin Project. Via Design Boom. jc-07.10.07

Wikipedia's lamest edit wars. Via Torrez. sd-07.04.07

Stuck for a color palette for a project you're working on? Steal from the Masters. jc-06.25.07

"We realized there was all this amazing humanity hiding on the web, but most people considered it to be a cold, inhuman space." Dreaming in Code, a profile of programmer-artist Jonathan Harris, by Andrew Blum. Check We Feel Fine. jc-06.21.07

"It's not necessary to dress up in a suit, but you probably don't want to show up as a troll or a mermaid." The Wall Street Journal's rules for your Hewlett-Packard job interview in Second Life. kg-06.20.07

BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype. Stack, lasso and drag with physics. jc-06.15.07

Akamai's Real-time Web Monitor, sort of a weather report for the internet. Cool. Check the other data at Visualizing the Internet. jc-06.11.07

The Machine is Us/ing Us by Michael Wesch. jc-06.10.07

Toogle whoever you like. jc-06.07.07

Unlike most 12 year-olds Zeldman.com really does know everything about everything. jc-06.06.07

Justin writes to say that he doesn't like the 2012 logo and that he doesn't like the fact that we like the 2012 logo, but aside from all that he says, "I made this yesterday. I have yet to align and rotate those pieces to look any better, please give it a go and prove me wrong." Fab. jc-06.05.07

Blaise Aguera y Arcas runs a demo of Photosynth at TED. You must see this. Thanks Carlos. jc-06.01.07

The best inadvertant urban snapshots captured by the new Google Maps street level photo tool. jc-06.01.07

22pop, an idea for a technophobe Mom and the enduringly beautiful Olivetti Lettera 22. Via Efimera. jc-05.23.07

"The global brain as an extension of our own..." George Por's brilliant visulization of how harvesting boosts collective intelligence. Via Parking Lot. vp-05.11.07

Gilbert and George put free original artwork on internet. Today only, at The Guardian. Via Harlan Erskine. vp-05.10.07

An interesting visualization method, enter a url and walk2web. jc-05.03.07

Like browsing the magazine rack at a Swedish bookstore without being in Sweden, or in a bookstore for that matter. Via Notcot. jc-05.01.07

In answer to a question from Toronto, we use Campaign Monitor to manage our Infrequent Mailings. We have tried lots of other apps and services and CM fits our needs perfectly. Nice guys too. jc-04.26.07

Coda from Panic. The web development tool we've been waiting for. Gruber's take. jc-04.24.07

Say hello to Mister Dawes kids. "Hello Mister Dawes." jc-04.11.07

The brand-spanking new IconBuffet is up and running and looks great. Check the forums and John Marstall's Dresden set too. Sweet. jc-03.22.07

We know how hard they've been working on this, they've all had their headphones on all day long recently. Congrats to our officemates at 37signals on the debut of Highrise, their shared contact manager and task list. Super smart, as usual. jc-03.20.07

Arawareru, Inspiration Server. A stunning presentation by Futurismo Zugakousaku. jc-03.05.07

Ahhh, that's better. The AIGA site gets cogified. jc-03.01.07

HyperDither is a free image processing utility that converts color or grayscale images to beautiful 1-bit black & white. This image is from one of our current MoOM exhibits, The Gallery of Girls in 60's Car Ads and it has been 'dithered.' jc-03.01.07

Twingly visualizes global weblog activity in real time. Very cool looking demo. jc-02.26.07

What Noise?, public service site from Singapore on behalf of children with hearing problems. Beautifully done. jc-02.23.07

Tree-Nation is planting a giant heart of 8 million trees in the sub-Saharan desert. dw-02.19.07

This is your Mac on drugs. Working on your gamma and fixing the color space you work in. Via Byrdhouse. sd-02.16.07

The Museum of Modern Betas, "The 50 most anticipated applications in the webosphere, as measured by the number of bookmarks at del.icio.us for apps which are not publicly released yet." sd-02.15.07

Time to make some CP Kleenex. dw-02.13.07

Emminently bookmarkable. Cultural and personal observations by Tom Sutpen, Stephen Cooke and Richard Gibson, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. jc-02.13.07

Our officemates at 37signals are always busy, but we've noticed an extra helping of hours and determination lately. And here's why. jc-02.12.07

Release the Freaks, Die Gestalten's brand new, super cool online toy store. Via DiK. sd-02.12.07

Draft studio portfolio. Wow. Via Cpluv. jc-02.08.07

Make an animated scrolling text LED sign. jc-02.08.07

Night Haunts, a nocturnal journal through 2006 by SukHDev Sabdhu. "Is real darkness possible any more?" jc-01.31.07

Noted without comment by #D04611. There are currently 148,264 rays of light. jc-01.29.07

Making it even easier for us to pinch links from them, Armin and company at Speak Up have spun off their mini-links blog, Quipsologies into its own site and are inviting readers to join in by quipping responsibly. jc-01.15.07

Images saved from 1600 webcams every ten minutes then placed on a geographical world map and animated over time. jc-12.26.06

I've been elfed! bb-12.20.06

"Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher." jc-12.04.06

Tiny Icon Factory. Like it says. jc-11.20.06

Listpic lets you browse just the images on craigslist posts rather than headlines. Cool. dw-11.16.06

"This blog represents the end results (good or bad) of an exercise wherein I allow myself up to two hours to complete a book cover design that is based on a song." Brian Kroeker's Cover Songs. jc-11.15.06

Super simple but cool. 9-Interactive makes a PDF of any web site. Just like that. jc-11.08.06

Markus Dressen has a lot of very cool design and art books in his collection and has opened them up to particularly interesting pages so that we can drag around, gawking at the layout. Make Ready. jc-11.06.06

The Bulls open the NBA season tonight against the Heat so this seems like a good time to mention that the Firewheel crew has just launched This is the Slam. Dig that logo. jc-10.31.06

Demo of Phillips' Readus system a functional electronic-document reader using 'rollable' polymer displays. Cooler than I make it sound. jc-10.25.06

My printer, my social letterbox. An idea so simple it should have been done already. Via Waxy. jc-10.18.06

Just enter the URL of a photo and Color Palette Generator will spit out a palette of color codes for you. Via Lifehacker. dw-10.06.06

Winners from Netdiver's First Digital Art Competition. jc-09.26.06

Working on something for next week I have reason to hail The Texture King. jc-09.16.06

Ty Lettau's Sound of Design. Wow. jc-09.12.06

"Click anywhere within the rectangle below. You'll then see where others clicked." Via Infosthetics. jc-08.31.06

Whatever you think about Ikea, at least they're putting a lot of money into the hands of developers of inventive web sites. Kom in I Garderoben. Via Lounge72. sd-08.21.06

Congrats all around to our friends at The Morning News and Drawn! for making it onto Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites in 2006. sd-08.17.06

Worried you're spending too much time on our site at work and your boss is getting wise? Worry no more. Thanks Stan. jc-08.02.06

Immortalize yourself with a 45 or 78rpm vinyl record. jc-08.01.06

The Guardian's previously announced printable newspaper, G24 is now available. jw-07.27.06

Fun flickr idea. Tell a story in 5 frames. Via SvN. jc-07.25.06

Buy and sell handmade stuff. Etsy. jc-07.24.06

LogoPond. jc-07.20.06

The Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time. Via Torrez. sd-07.19.06

Wonderfully self-serving, provincial and proud of it. The Brooklynites, a great project by Anthony LaSala and Seth Kushner. jc-07.18.06

DesignKlicks from Spiegel Online, is an experiment to search for new aesthetics via "swarm intelligence." Post, view, tag and rate. [translate] Via Witold. jc-07.14.06

Canada discovers the ultimate form of protest. bb-07.11.06

Call your mother. jw-07.03.06

How to do a Pixel Head. Via 30gms. sd-06.28.06

Yutaka Loves London. jc-06.26.06

Oh, don't forget... jc-06.22.06

An Interview with AskJeeves. Via Design View. sd-06.22.06

The Guardian shows how smart they are yet again. Rolling updates of the paper as a PDF, every 15 minutes, all day long. jc-06.21.06

Be Jackson Pollock, without all the drinking and the mean streak. Unless that's your thing. Via DO. jc-06.20.06

The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society. "Our interests extend to the wondrous, the curious, the singular, the esoteric, the arcane, and the sometimes hazy frontier between the plausible and the implausible." jc-06.17.06

Websites as graphs, including coudal.com. jw-06.13.06

Design Observer has just launched a lovely redesign, and they've joined us in The Deck too. More on that soon. jc-06.10.06

Geoff writes, "Check out Korean site Cyworld. People create these Sims-like homes and actually pay for the wallpaper, furnishings, and decorations. Click on the images of the members and then click on their home and miniroom. They've got 90 percent of 20 to 25 year-olds in Korea and are launching in the US in August." jc-06.07.06

For Flash animation fans: See Flash destroyed from within. bb-06.06.06

Amazing. Light and especially Information by Andries Odendaal. A party of Getty's 10 Ways series. Via Netdiver. jc-05.30.06

The Alien Duck X-Ray. And Contest from Veer. jc-05.30.06

The Morning News Annual Awards for Online Excellence. Nice finds and even nicer categories, like "Favorite Way to Further Degrade the Publishing Industry." jc-05.25.06

We Feel Fine, an exploration of human emotion, in six movements. Via I Like. jc-05.23.06

We've often wondered if there was a way to track internet traffic. Well, there is. bb-05.22.06

"24 Sony digital projectors, an eight-channel audio system and ultrasonic motion tracking technology": it's the future of the border, the future of war, and the future of simulation. It's The War Room. gm-05.22.06

Geeky for sure, but this TextMate demo shows off some very cool innovations. Via SimpleBits. jc-05.19.06

Robowerx. jc-05.18.06

A new data-organization system was directly inspired by the moving structures of bird flocks. gm-05.18.06

A Friday Drink Link that can't wait for Friday. Dan and Dan get Cork'd! jc-05.17.06

New York City's parks prepare to become WiFi hotspots. gm-05.17.06

How to create OS X-looking desktops. sd-05.15.06

Kevin Kelly discusses the literary fate, technical strategy, and long-term consequences of scanning and digitizing every printed book: NYT Magazine. gm-05.14.06

"Through large scale blog analysis, Lovelines illuminates the topography of the emotional landscape between love and hate, as experienced by countless normal humans keeping personal online journals." From the creative forces behind the fab Oral Fixation Mints. Mmmm. Via Waxy. jc-05.10.06

Mostly busy. Occasionally interesting. Every once in a while, brilliant. The Scratchpad. jc-05.09.06

'Disco,' the best Lightboxing match yet, at Veer. jc-05.08.06

Sweet Ikea Stockholm site. Do yourself a favor and skip the intro. jc-05.04.06

Hrraaghp-ting! Randomly great, but be careful, anything can happen. "Using programming developed to connect image filenames to sound filenames readily available on the web, the piece establishes an infinite chain of associations." Via The Skinny. jc-05.03.06

The Web Design Trend Obituary & Death Clock from Ping Mag. Via Chris Glass. sd-05.02.06

"It seems to me this over-use of the 'more is more' aesthetic creates a sort of self-fullfilling prophesy in terms of internet reading habits and attention span." JMorrison on the new, brilliant Nonist design. jc-05.01.06

The University of Berkeley is offering tons of its classes for free on iTunes. jw-04.28.06

Instead of asking me where you can find a good web developer, ask all the web developers on the new SvN Job Board. jc-04.25.06

Josh and the crew at Firewheel announce Blinksale Reloaded this morning. jc-04.25.06

"Several weeks ago, I finally signed up for an account, and within seconds I was instantly put-off by what had been created for me: a hastily-designed 'profile page' with uninspired colors, misaligned tables, and a mish-mash of extraneous cruft and design elements which made this feel more like a halfway house than a 'home.'" Newsvine's Mike Davidson builds a more tasteful MySpace. I still won't join, but this looks much more palatable. Via Chris Glass. sd-04.19.06

"Screening Circle adapts the cultural tradition of the quilting circle into an online format. Visitors to the site can enter the drawing area to compose loops of graphics and affect and edit each other's screens." jc-04.17.06

Perhaps I'll send them one. I hope they'll accept it. Via Veer. jc-03.21.06

Bureau of Workplace Interruptions is a time-stealing agency with a big new idea. jc-03.14.06

Cooper-Hewitt considers a roll-your-own museum. Hmm, Is there an idea here for our MoOM?. Via Dan Pink. jc-03.14.06

If you like to waste time playing with web-based isometric image toolboxes, you'll love wasting time playing with Veer's "Veer World" web-based isometric image toolbox. bb-03.09.06

Glen Liberman is part of the team behind Android 8, one of our fave shops on the web, and the place to get your limited-edition Rustboy vinyl toy. Anyway, Glen just released his new portfolio site and it is super sweet. Check the videos. jc-03.02.06

Addictive, simple visual sequencer toy. 9dots. Start in the gallery and then we'll talk to you around lunchtime after you start making your own. jc-03.01.06

"After 42 monthly editions of WellVetted and a number of special editions it's time for the project to take a break..." Shoot. jc-02.20.06

Yugop. jc-02.17.06

You Make Me Feel, a weather-controlled, dynamic music video. Via Textonic. jc-02.17.06

Ben Fry plots the code of Atari cartridge games and the methods by which the graphics are mixed in to come up with singular works of art in Distellamap. My fave is Air Raid. jc-02.15.06

Pawel Wojcik's My Grandfather's Girls. jc-02.15.06

When companies change their identities it's usually a methodical decision, but apparently 2nd Site (a Deck advertiser) is going through the process as the result of a murder. jc-02.14.06

"Kubikfoto3 is a technique for digital presentation. The realms of photography and computer programming fused into a single virtual entity." I don't know about that, but the Making Of section is very cool. Via DDB. jc-02.13.06

A fine way to burn through a Friday. Netdiver's Best of the Year Linkapalooza. jc-02.10.06

The liberation of admitting you're a bad designer. tmn-01.30.06

Well Vetted's SOTY Issue is up and includes our selection Amana Communcations Evolved. jc-01.16.06

Drawball. jc-01.14.06

We're way into MacRumor's AJAX enabled keynote update page. So I enjoyed reading about how they do it. jw-01.10.06

The Supershapes Calendar. Perfectly simple. Simply perfect. Via Newstoday. jc-01.10.06

WellVetted number 41 is up, including our selection, Their Circular Life. jc-01.09.06

Portable Gallery, art, film and music for the PSP. Inventive work, nicely presented. jc-01.05.06

"Live images from New York City traffic cameras are filtered through a digital ecology to create an ever-changing grid of pixels. Like the elements of the real city moving in front of us, each of these pixels interacts locally with their neighbouring pixels." jc-01.03.06

Jacqueline Steck says, "Nothing is hotter than chaos attractors created by a designer." jc-12.22.05

Jonathan Harris' Phylotaxis. "The individual beads of the Phylotaxis represent an ever-changing zeitgeist of science news in our world, populated automatically every few hours..." jc-12.22.05

Help the crew at LayerMatch trim their tree. Super nice. jc-12.17.05

Vodafone UK's The Life of a Mayfly. jc-12.15.05

More fun than it seems at first. Qlam. Click, snip, drag. jc-12.12.05

WellVetted #40 is up. Including our selection, Design Magazine 1965-74. jc-12.06.05

"Come for the advice, stay for the interrogation." Don't mess with MetaFilter. Thanks Coop. jc-11.28.05

DropSend lets you store and email large files easily and securely. jc-11.25.05

Learned about last night at the CGH party: "'More Space' presents nine current business bloggers writing in their own unique styles. Each author challenges the premise that places of business can only be cold and uninspiring." sd-11.17.05

Might've made the rounds already, but it was too terrific a read not to pass along: "The Big Fish" - the story of Suck.com. sd-11.09.05

Flash Face is eerie but may be helpul in reconstructing witness reports. jc-11.08.05

"I want to (do this) on the web." jc-11.02.05

Benjamin Fry's Processing "is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound." jc-10.28.05

The coolest screensaver/clock ever. Via Airbag. sd-10.20.05

Wow, Barack Obama has a podcast! (also available on Apple Music Store). bb-10.20.05

"Can a group of random people, each contributing a teensy weensy bit, make a coherent piece of art/design/garbage?" Pixelfest collaborative artwork. Via Infosthetics. jc-10.19.05

Random live webcams from the Net. jc-10.18.05

Timeline of time. jc-10.17.05

Google will eat itself. jc-10.10.05

WellVetted #38 is up, including our selection, Amana, Communication Evolved. jc-10.06.05

Mefi posts that have been deleted and why, such as "as fascinating as nude push-ups are, this needs more than one link to amazon." Via Shoepal. jc-10.04.05

Leave it to our officemates to sneak it out on a Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, Writeboard, a new kind of collaborative writing and revision tool, is live. jc-10.03.05

The collective consciousness is attempting to create a chair. Should the pink pixel be black or white? Via Bearskinrug. jc-09.26.05

Former CP crew member and current mograf hotshot Ant (watch his work on the title sequence for Ghost Whisperer on CBS tonight) sends us this link to this fab promo for Ikea. jc-09.23.05

Mediamatic installation in which visitors text keywords to an app which pulls related Flickr images and projects them in the space. Via BB. jc-09.22.05

To continue the theme from the post below Ultimate Flash Face is at once a fun little time-waster while also serving as a slightly eerie method of creating realistic police sketches. sd-09.20.05

Kinetic Type by Zach Lieberman, created using 'processing'. tr-09.20.05

It's almost impossible to count the number of FoTAs who took blue ribbons in the Business Week Best of the Web Survey. Even against established internet heavyweights, Defective Yeti won in the humor category, Mighty Goods was victorious in shopping, and our friends and roommates at 37signals came in first and second in the collaboration category with Backpack and Basecamp. The 37s also won an Editor's Choice award. (Okay, perhaps not impossible but impressive nevertheless.) kg-09.18.05

Netdiver 3.0 is up and the galleries are open for business too. jc-09.16.05

Thinking Machine 4: Chess - a Java applet chess simulator, it shows you how it's thinking. Via Gadgets.Fosfor.Se tr-09.12.05

Wellvetted Number 37 is up, including our nomination, Media Mirror 2005. jc-09.07.05

Mint is launching soon and pieces of the new stats app by Shaun Inman are showing up all over the place. We'd be excited about the whole thing except for the fact that we weren't asked to be beta testers. jc-09.05.05

New skinnyCorp site. Plus here's a fun interview with Jake, Jacob and Jeffrey at Coolhunting. jc-09.01.05

Texone Link Forest, an online, three-dimensional tree visualization, based upon the syntactic structure of a user-chosen website. Via Infosthetics. tr-09.01.05

A great interview with SpeakUp's Armin Vit. sd-08.15.05

The crew at Firewheel are launching Blinksale today, "the easiest way to send invoices online." My offer of June 21 still stands. Ahem, might be worth a little hunting to someone. jc-07.26.05

"One problem in trying to turn this into a communal space is the number of weapons around." Guy tapes talk show inside Halo 2. kg-07.25.05

A clever bit of photography and video using Flickr and a batch of people. Via Waxy. sd-07.19.05

QT demo of the TactaPad. Whoah, so long mouse. jc-07.18.05

You are using Veer's Shuttleboard, aren't you? jc-07.13.05

Texone's Tree. "Tree accesses the source code of a web domain through it's url and transforms the syntactic structure of the web site into a tree structure represented by an image." Via c77. jc-07.13.05

The Patent Room and weblog. jc-07.12.05

Health conscious CP crew members will be glad to know that the walk to Bari's and back to pick up a huge sub sandwich for lunch totals .401662 miles and should burn off 18 or 19 calories. jc-07.07.05

Former CP intern Ryan Sievert writes, "Saw this today and thought you'd love it. Someone wrote a script to generate images using code. It's pretty amazing, even if I don't understand it all." jc-07.05.05

Paulasaurus Rex has created a new campaign called Too Cool for IE. Excellent! dw-07.01.05

Daniel Kuo has written a little app that displays the latest 40 images posted to Live Journal. Reload it a few times. It's fascinating and frequently not at all safe for work. Via Yay. jc-07.01.05

"The Sexchart is an ascii representation of everyone you have kissed, either directly or vicariously. it started with just one person - me, in fact. So you've got my name, & all the people I've kissed are connected to my name via dashes & pipes. Then all the people THOSE people have kissed are linked to them, and so on. It has evolved into an enormous mess of web-like horror, & I couldn't be more proud." Sexchart, Version 9.41 is up. jc-06.28.05

We saw Brendan Dawes's presentation at the How Design Conference last week and he showed a lot of experiments including this one. Play-Doh as Interface. jc-06.24.05

Our friends at Firewheel Design are getting ready to launch a new web-app called Blinksale, described at "the easiest way to send invoices online." You can sign up to be in on the beta or to get news first. Here's the deal. The first person to send Coudal Partners a ten-dollar invoice using the system, gets paid! jc-06.21.05

Just purchased my CityKitty. We'll see how it works out. dw-06.17.05

Bitkraft Digital Theatrics from Phillip Glofcheskie, a stylish site built around some great little experiments in geometry and code. Via the Presurfer. jc-06.17.05

You are reading The Big Noob, aren't you? jc-06.15.05

New XL5! jc-06.15.05

Thank God for Jewelboxing: "Stephen Foster dropped about $4,000 hiring designers to create a logo for his small, real-estate development company. Unsatisfied after several attempts--"they never grasped my idea"--he finally hit the Internet, where he turned up LogoWorks.com. (At LogoWorks) entry-level designers get paid $25 per project; midlevel, $30; and experts, $40." kg-06.15.05

If you run a blog, do this guy a favor and help him finish his PHD thesis by filling out this quick MIT Weblog Survey. sd-06.14.05

Saturday is a UK design agency. Their work is top-notch and the way in which you access on their site is very smart and new. jc-06.10.05

Gravatar means 'Globally Recognized Avatar.' In case you were curious. jc-05.29.05

We knew that some of the Icelandic National Team were up to something, since we were unable to pinch excellent design links from them for the last couple months. And then we got a note from Ragnar. Welcome Form Islandia. Prepare to be pilfered. jc-05.27.05

Thomas Weber of the WSJ takes a look inside Backpack and like what he finds. Front page of Marketplace no less! Go 37s. Go. jc-05.26.05

Nicole says "This is cool." Nicole is right. jc-05.25.05

Yay! The Journal on our studiomates from 37signals latest, Backpack. "Beautifully simple, elegant and intuitive tools that make an Outlook screen look like the software equivalent of a torture chamber." jc-05.20.05

Never let it be said that we were late to the party when it came to subverting a new technology for our own nefarious advertising goals. jc-05.20.05

Just about everybody here switched IM clients yesterday. We all moved to Adium. Great, highly-customizable app that makes maximum use of screen real estate with tabbed chats. jc-05.20.05

Desktop Battle Royale "We attacked each other's desktop backgrounds with creative ferocity rarely seen in cubicled office environments." Vicious. Almost makes me want to restart Photoshop Tennis. jc-05.18.05

The Ultimate Blogger Internet Cage Match. jc-05.18.05

Chicago Crime, an amazing database of current crime statistics by neighborhood. Via Waxy. sd-05.17.05

The Golden Age of BBSes. A list of now useless BBS phone numbers. All from the wonderful archive at TextFiles. jw-05.10.05

Well Vetted 33 is up, including our selection, Berlin Soundscapes. jc-05.08.05

Nobody Here. Thanks Tiberio. jc-05.05.05

Yay. Subsystence Volume 5: Balance is up and its full of new features and sports a yummy new look too, compliments of CP alum Anthony Vitagliano. Check Lara Adler's Stuck/Unstuck, "a short book about feeling connected or disconnected to where you are at any given time." jc-05.03.05

"In the gallery you will find a digital projection and a set of wall mounted stereo speakers. The screen is black and the speakers are silent, until it receives information from a website. This website features a multi-user drawing interface where people all around the world can draw at the same time - displaying their actions in real time." Beauty and Chaos Through Time and Space from Eric Deis. Via Plastic Bugs. jc-04.28.05

Dontclick, no clicking required. jsm-04.26.05

We are lucky enough to share studio space with 37signals and to have watched them create their latest tool. We are using Backpack right now. It is only the smartest little organizational thing to come around, pretty much ever. You can see a tiny sliver of it today and the whole thing very soon. I'd sign up for the notification list if I were you or failing that, check back here often as we'll have lots more to say about it in the next few days. jc-04.26.05

The Zoomquilt, a collaborative art project. You will click and drag up or down to zoom in and out. Yes you will. Via Cool Hunting. jc-04.25.05

Floppyswop: "a place for sharing any files small enough to fit on a conventional floppy disc (1.44meg)." Via Things. sd-04.22.05

Smart new online interview magazine from Chuck Anderson of NoPattern and Benjamin Gott of Benjamin Edgar, ladies and gentleman, behold The Brilliance. A great debut and a nice look too. jc-04.12.05

From Blu Dot. Watch the movie, download the clock. jc-04.06.05

The mighty Adland is nine years old. Phew. To celebrate, try this quiz. jc-04.06.05

No joke -- this new Google offering is pretty impressive. RideFinder shows all the available cabs in real-time on a map, along with the dispatch phone number for the available car. jw-04.01.05

Google unveils its new soft drink. But it's only in Beta. And you'll need a friend to invite you to try it. jw-04.01.05

Texone's interesting, inventive, and best yet, fun to play with, experiments with Java. Make sure to check out the source code tree generator. Via Unbeige. sd-03.25.05

Support Mechanism partner Icon Buffet has recently rolled out Tower Grove, a sweet new set that looks great in a sort of dusty aqua and orange. In fact, I copped the scheme for today's CPVCP™ (Variable Color Palette). jc-03.24.05

Memefest/05. "Each year, Memefest singles out a text and/or image that serves as a focal point for a critical take on the current media environment." Check the previous winners. jc-03.21.05

"Each of the hands of The Last Clock are made from a slice of live video feed. As the hands rotate around the face of the clock they leave a trace of what has been happening in front of the camera. Once Last has been running for 12 hours, you end up with an easy-to read mandala of archived time." Via Byrdhouse. sd-03.14.05

The design site that's been at the top of my bookmarks forever, issues their 100th edition today. Congrats to the mighty, mighty Shift. jc-03.10.05

Chris Barr is available on Thursday. jc-03.08.05

NID Gallery Collection 2005, People & Works from Nagaoka Institute of Design. Excellent excerpts from larger projects in an ingenious and playful interface. Via WDIK. jc-03.08.05

Well Vetted 31 is up including our nomination, Comparative Morphologies. jc-03.06.05

Poke around in Matthew Mahon's life for a few minutes. Via our man in Toronto. jc-02.28.05

JK jumps off the grid, making his blog his job. We're happy to have added a few things to his contest prize list. jc-02.22.05

Historic Tale Constuction Kit, write you own historic tale based on the tapestry of Bayeux. Very nicely presented. Via Slanted. jc-02.16.05

Jeff from Life Outtacontext, gives Zoomify a close-up. jc-02.12.05

Well Vetted 30 is up, including our selection for the month, Redesign De La Westfalia. jc-02.09.05

No offense to all the designers of photo community sites and individual portfilios out there but they all seem pretty mediocre compared to Fotologue out of Japan. Make sure to click through to the individual galleries. jc-02.03.05

Any Black and White film (there are still over 100 different emulsions available) and any developer (over 100 of those as well). Push 1 stop or 2 or 3, Pull 1 stop or 2, Full Strength, 50% dilution, 33% dilution...no matter, you'll find the exact time and temperature to soak it in the Massive Development Chart, a brilliant reference tool that eliminates endless hours of discussion while encouraging almost reckless experimentation. mr-01.30.05

"All happy families are more or less dissimilar; all unhappy ones are more or less alike," -- Yes it's the opening of that greatest Tolstoy novel which my wife just finished reading to our 17 month old daughter (every last word, although she did cheat on the Proper Names). But did you know it is also the opening of my favorite novel, Nabokov's Ada or Ardor, which is now available free online in this fully annotated version? mr-01.28.05

"Guldagget is a competition with the best advertising made in Sweden in 2004." Although you might not have any idea of what you're reading, you'd be hard pressed to find a site more fun. (click on "Valkommen in" to get started) Via Lounge72. sd-01.10.05

Well Vetted #29 is up. Our link for the month is Short Films About Flying. jc-01.06.05

What do you want to do with your life? Congrats to the robots on the launch. jc-01.03.05

A brand, new rug. Kevin Cornell's Bearskinrug that is. "The harmonious unification of design, art and lackluster humor." jc-12.21.04

Obsessive web traffic monitoring for the Sim generation: Welcome to VisitorVille. Can the "Simternet" be far behind? bb-12.16.04

Icons galore. Thanks Armin. jc-12.04.04

Homeostatic. jc-12.02.04

Aeiou has always been on my regular morning rounds and now I find that their English is much better than my French. jc-11.29.04

Art in context is sometimes difficult to comprehend. Have a look see at Artcontext, home to collaborative art, net art, and concept art. Let's start with Boxplorer and Icontext and see what transpires. rch-11.24.04

Doing good. ThinkCycle is "an academic, non-profit initiative engaged in supporting distributed collaboration towards design challenges facing underserved communities and the environment." rch-11.19.04

Samizdata's glossary of blog-related terms. bb-11.18.04

DYSTSOTT jc-11.17.04

"Floral Display is the first ambient media link built with the developing One2One framework. It is a flower pot with a big pink flower that blooms when Cian's girlfriend, Ciara, logs into her computer at her university, and closes when she leaves." A human connectedness project from Media Lab Europe. jc-11.16.04

Former Chicagoan and friend of the agency, Charles Foreman has recast his Setpixel into a forum for a team of code-artists to display individual experiments. Check Glen Murphy's Robot Mirror and Foremans's own I Love Water. jc-11.16.04

Sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, always well-designed ladies underthings from the new (and local) iseefrance. rs-11.15.04

Right to the top of the 'designmag' bookmarks file, the recently relaunched Stylegala. jc-11.10.04

3 years ahead of 10x10, there was the less flashy but equally as cool, Fascinum. av-11.09.04

Geographic origins of spam, viruses and DHAs. via Merzhase. av-11.09.04

10x10 ('ten by ten') is an interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. This Is Now. av-11.08.04

Oz writes, "Please head to the gallery, your flight has been called." The finalists in the Design for Chunks contest to create the world's most beautiful airsick bag have been posted. jc-11.08.04

Welcome to the Lounge Delicatessen Site. Irresistible cuteness. jc-11.03.04

Dan Noe's sweet Nodesign site, with built-in quick key recognition, proof-of-purchase and cool sound effects too. Via Netdiver. jc-10.28.04

For good or ill, it's the banner ads tenth anniversay. Check the first one and the ATT campaign that went with it at Adland. Check the guy in "License," he later got a job writing for Larry Sanders. jc-10.27.04

The latest coolness from Brendan Dawes, "Create random design based on a collection of images - all composited on the fly. Just who is the artist? You, me, the machine or all three?" jc-10.14.04

"The user breathes onto the surface of the interface, where a sensor is telling the video camera to take a snapshot. The camera sends the signal to the computer where a Java application is preparing the image... The user sees of his back coming out of his breath." --The Other Self. jc-10.08.04

When I get spam containing the phrase "Large quantities of bacon were trailed in the wake of the ship, to the great satisfaction (I must say) of the sharks," I've just gotta look it up. Gregory Ng does, too, thus Iambic Spamtameter. bb-10.06.04

"Welcome to Flashenabled, a personal journal of past, current and future technologies with my attempts to predict the future by trying to invent little parts of it." Tons of geeky 'how-to's' from whizkid Phillip Torrone. Via Creative Post. jc-09.27.04

"I have kept every single piece of spam and virus email since mid-1997... occasionally I use it to build a chart." Via Waxy. jc-09.20.04

Link o' the month. Ecotonoha. Join today's tree. Spectacular fusion of concept and application. Plus it's beautiful too. Via Collision Detection. jc-09.17.04

When search for CP on the new a9 engine you get an interesting set of thumbnails in the right hand rail. I'm not sure how some of them get selected but there are some nice juxtapositions. jc-09.15.04

Ruff ruff ruff ruff. Ruff ruff ruff ruff RUFF! bb-09.01.04

"Understandably, the "O" and the "L" are the easiest to deal with. The "O" has become a Halloween pumpkin, a Nobel Prize medal, the Korean flag symbol and the planet earth. The "L" has been used as a flagpole, the Olympic flame cauldron or a snow ski. The first "G" is the most difficult to deal with, and I don't think the "E" has gotten much action because of its location." An interview with Dennis Hwang, a 23-year-old Korean computer artist in the United States, who has been drawing the face of Google for almost four years. av-08.17.04

Well Vetted Second Anniversary Edition. Looks like the wrapping paper got a bit torn at the birtHDay party. jc-08.16.04

Were'd ya get that color scheme? jc-08.13.04

So a guy named Oz starts a collection of the art from airsick bags (an early entry at our MoOM) and the next thing you know he's running a contest called, ahem, Retch for the Sky, sponsored by Virgin Atlantic at Design for Chunks. jc-08.12.04

Lot's of new stuff at Jason Koxvold's Bubble & Squeak including Quicktimes and stills from Thailand, Chicago, Cuba, Norway and Britain in My View: A Travleogue. jc-08.12.04

Shift 093 is up. The cover interview is with Yugo Nakamura, also found a link to the incomparable DQ Magazine Issue 2 there. jc-08.11.04

These phonecam snapshots are contributed by the public, the page reloads every five seconds with a new image. This is not nearly as dull as anticipated. Created by Sixspace. jc-07.21.04

"Coma Division is a project that gathers thirteen Polish designers that create in a variety of styles, using different techniques." Talent is an asset. Via How Bizarre. jc-07.14.04

Marshall points us to William Fawcett's Web Sketch thingy. The playback feature is the coolest. jc-07.13.04

"This project began with a very short sketch (a few hours) that I created because I was curious about how the numbering works for zip codes in the states." Ben Fry's sweet Zipdecode. Found in a list of other stuff. jc-07.13.04

"Our exhibits - or, if you wish, inhabitants - are often just a shadow of what they used to be before they met a hostile, faulty router." Museum of Broken Packets av-07.12.04

Doesn't it seem, with certain searches in Google, that it's like looking for a needle in a very, very large haystack? Well, here are some not well known operator commands that might help you along. sd-07.07.04

Marshall writes, "If I was a 'Svenska Grafiker' I might get more out of this site... but nonetheless there are some great links here." I'll say. jc-07.07.04

Code as a Musical Behavior by Cocoe from Born Magazine's Summer update. Only perfect. Via K10k. jc-07.02.04

Lounge Seventy-Two has updated their 2004 PDF Calendar. July's featured artist is Chuck Anderson of NoPattern. Hang it on your fridge willya. av-07.01.04

"For people who appreciate and value the beauty that exists in the imperfect, inconspicuous and overlooked details of life." A great idea, Abbie's Passing Notes. jc-07.01.04

All new and amazing. The virtual community of ultra awesomeness, Yay Hooray. jc-06.25.04

"Posting your email address on a website is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of unsolicited email advertisements." But you knew that already. Dan Benjamin's ingenious solution, The Spam Enkoder has been updated. A must have. jc-06.22.04

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Reed Design. And you too Jason. jc-06.15.04

"Our mission is to build a dotcom in 24 hours. We will then sell the company on eBay and get rich." 24 Hour DotCom av-06.15.04

"Are they making you, your image, or your reputation?" Good questions. Great idea. Unlabeled. Check the video. Perhaps there's a consumer products equivalent? Are you listenting SE? Via Veer. jc-06.15.04

"The Scribbler takes simple vector based input (in the case of the online toy, your drawing) and creates its own drawing on top of it based on a number of simple rules. When a new scribble line is created it chooses a few numbers at random that eventually determine what sort of line it will draw." Here's some pix of a custom Scribbler installation by ZeFrank at NeoCon here in Chicago. jc-06.09.04

"Welcome to Bitkraft Digital theatrics" say the dancing puppets, and I'm lost for hours watching devil puppets demonstrate neat flash and jpg tricks. Great stuff, and a little creepy. aw-06.08.04

4: a competition to celebrate 4 years of Favourite Website Awards. jc-06.04.04

Viewing someone's portfolio, is sometimes like looking into their head. Greg M. Washington looks back at you as he presents his work. Watch those eyes move. Neat. aw-06.02.04

KShay writes, "Some brilliant interactive Flash work under "Amusements" here: Andy Foulds." jc-05.21.04

Finally, somebody made it easy to shop for an intern online. Via K10k. jc-05.21.04

In the best bout to date, the new Lightboxing Match at Veer features the work of Chris Scrivens and Chiraag Bhakta. jc-05.19.04

Experimental Shockwaves by Geert Mulder. Found this at the excellent Creative Post out of Amsterdam, who said "Be sure to check out 'today', which is noticeable because of the interesting menu guidance. Short music and videoclips combined with a nice interactive aspect: the user determines the speed, the tone as well as the arrangement and number of windows. The user thus becomes the video Jockey." jc-05.18.04

Test drive a Macintosh running system 7.0. jc-05.11.04

Kevin Cornell's Bearskinrug is full of great stuff, work that shows talent, taste and hours of labor. Perhaps the site's most important feature however is that it allows you to unintentionally set a bear on fire. jc-05.05.04

"I spend a small but significant piece of my weekday mornings making lunch boxes for my two children, just one of the many ephemeral everyday labors of domesticity. Here is my attempt to capture this stream of life, and to give me some hints on those days when I wake up uninspired." Love and food, assembled daily. You can say a lot with a camera phone. And you don't need to make a call to do so. jc-04.30.04

Everyone talks about it but nobody ever does anything about it. Designerstalk presents Security, a new contest. jc-04.29.04

Wonderbureau created this super-sweet site for Chicago creative recruitment firm Twisscr. Thanks Scott. jc-04.28.04

"The Rasterbator is a web service which creates huge rasterized pictures out of relatively small image files. The pictures can be assembled into extremely cool looking posters up to 5 meters in size." Just made a 15 sheet poster of my boy Spencer. Works great. jc-04.27.04

Click on 'Atlas Copco - COGP for some dramatic, super clean new motion work from our friend, and former PsT player, Joost Korngold of Renascent. jc-04.23.04

Bishop, The Comeback. GUI Galaxy returns. jc-04.12.04

Join us on April 29th, when we'll be hosting seriouSeries No. 3 here at CP. The evening's main event will feature Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners / Photoshop Tennis / Jewelboxing, Jason Fried of 37signals / Signal vs. Noise / Basecamp, Naz Hamid from Gapers Block / Absenter and Jake Nickell, Jacob DeHart and Jeffrey Kalmikoff of Skinnycorp / Threadless / Yayhooray. Enjoy a great presentation and discussion, and have a chance to win a Jewelboxing system and a hand-screened Field-Tested books poster, a one-year Basic subscription to Basecamp, poster, pins and other ephemera from Gapers Block and a $50.00 certificate for threadless.com. Find out more and we'll hope to see you on the 29th! se-04.05.04

The intern formerly known as 'The Coudal Kid' writes, "If only I had a teleportation machine... Eh, I guess this link will suffice: Weeeeeee!" Amazing stuff, check the Modern Paris collection and Inside a Wind Tunnel too. jc-03.30.04

BD4D relaunches in a big way. Nice new site with lots of features to compliment the series of real-world events that have been hosted all over the globe. Maybe a BD4D Chicago is in the works for the late summer. Yes. Maybe it is. jc-03.26.04

Nice update to the incredibly useful and time-sucker that is Technorati. jc-03.22.04

This is a chart of icons from various interfaces. Interesting to see them all together. Via Magnetbox. jc-03.18.04

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. The Stanford paper that led to Google. Suprisingly accessible, sort of. jc-02.26.04

Brett is not a design firm. Brett is me. I am Brett. Via Netdiver. jc-02.26.04

Lightboxing #3 at Veer. The Girl vs. The Geek featuring Jen Funk Segrest and Nate Steiner. jc-02.23.04

Deluxe Inc, nice work and experiments from Thomas Baert in Belgium. jc-02.17.04

Spare your fingers with chordbook.com's virtual guitar. nc-02.16.04

Papel Contnuo (Continuous paper) is the new home of Vudumedia's archive of design linkage. jc-02.13.04

Well Vetted 18 is up and this site for Vodaphone is all over it. And rightfully so. jc-02.09.04

Our officemates from 37signals are justthisclose to launching thier new project management tool for creative types. It's called Basecamp and if the success of the product is in any way related to the amount of time they've put into developing it, this is gonna be big. Congrats to Jason, Matt, Ryan and David. jc-01.29.04

Digiquarium is a new shockwave design and animation work created by Kibook. It's an aquarium populated by difital lifeforms, inspred by waterlife. Dig the 'cultivators.' jc-01.29.04

I'm a sucker for this sort of thing. Lovely toys to play with, like Good 'Ol Spyrograph. jc-01.20.04

For a million reasons I wish I were in pre-production for a film to be shot in Italy. If I were, I'd start at Scout it to research locations. With its beautiful implementation, clear thinking and friendly presentation, this site changes everything about the business. Way, way, way ahead of the curve. If they archived their jobs using Jewelboxing, they'd be just about perfect. Via NetDiver. jc-01.19.04

Well Vetted's Special Edition Site o' the Year List is up. Our choice was the documentary about Body Moves, an interactive architectural installation. In related news, FWA has posted their 2003 winner. jc-01.16.04

Marian Bantjes from Vancouver and Davin Risk from Toronto square off in Veer's Second Lightboxing Match. In case you're wondering, I'm still not bitter about the judges' decision in the previous match in which I 'lost' to that other guy. Really I'm not. jc-01.15.04

Wellvetted #17 is up. Lots of great stuff including this and this. jc-01.07.04

Eugene Mirman's web site features funny short films and the marvelous crooning child. cz-12.10.03

I don't usually link up design sites just because of the way they're structured but there's nothing usual about EyeballNYC. jc-12.09.03

Terminus1525 is a collaborative work space from Canada "brought to life on the web and on the street." Via Blurbism. jc-12.09.03

Well Vetted #16 is up and includes some gems, like this and this. jc-12.08.03

Jim lost to Armin Vit in the inaugural match in Veer's new Lightboxing feature. He's not bitter. Really. cp-12.05.03

Hot Java: create your own artificial intelligence models. Let them race against each other. Define the gravity. At sodaplay. rz-11.13.03

Ian from Notes From The Box Factory writes, "Kneel down for thy iMac. Here's an interesting piece via the Guardian UK on an interactive exhibit at The Tate, that provides an online blessing." jc-11.07.03

Actor Jeff Bridges has a vanity site that gives fans the impression he's making direct contact with them and does it elegantly. kg-11.03.03

The intern previously known as "The Coudal Kid," Anthony Vitagliano writes, "Crazy mathematics and geeky graphic fun. Jason Salavon was doing this kind of stuff back before the stuff was hot... Circa '96." jc-10.23.03

"Feed consumes the web. A play on the technical term 'data feed', Feed does not supply information, it consumes information, reducing structure, meaning and content to a stream of text and pixels." Brilliant jc-10.21.03

Ghost Sites: 1,221 screens captured from approximately 900 defunct Web projects. RIP. jc-09.23.03

Fray Day 7 is fast approaching. Local details here. Tell stories. Hear stories. Make up stories afterwards. jc-09.19.03

Dear Jim, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling badly about your approaching 60th birtHDay. Just remember that you've done the best you can and there was always the possibilty that you never would have got to read this email at all. Love, Jim. June 17, 2020. jc-09.19.03

I'm not exactly sure how the AIGA Los Angeles is running for Governor, but I do know that Greg from Airbag did a nice new skin for their site. jc-09.12.03

Build your own little pixely town without all that bothersome Photoshop work, at City Creator. Via Pixelsurgeon. jc-09.11.03

"yes, mmhm, okay, yeh, alright, good, yuhu, ja, suresure. this is a brief archive of animation, photography and graphic work done over recent years. i have tried to assemble it in a way that isn't too bothersome to browse." jc-08.12.03

Blogstop is a playful application in which the last word in one sentence must be used as an acronym for the one that follows. For Other Language Lists, Others Will Search. Silly Efforts Abound, Reasonably Comical, Ha. (And then we started a little Blogstop game of our own at Metafilter. Only at Mefi could a thread less than 24 hours old be "already legendary.") jc-07.30.03

Everyday Life. First round winners are posted, (great work) at the competition sponsored by Scene360 and Nervousroom. jc-07.28.03

Interesting interview with Gedeon Maheux, one of the principles at the consistently amazing IconFactory. Even if you don't know them, you click on their work all day long. jc-07.21.03

Ergonomic keyboard for pirates. kg-07.11.03

"Now with ten times more polar bears." GUU is the home of all design things Norwegian. The Photography Section includes some really interesting work, especially Arild Danielsen's portfolio. jc-07.10.03

A series of 25 assignments to be completed by volunteers, Learning To Love You More. "You are known for your tenderness. The critics have said that you move them deeply, and your parents have always believed in you." jc-07.08.03

"And so began one of the longest redesigns in web history." Less aqua. More grey. The revised and repackaged Pixelsurgeon looks only great. jc-06.30.03

Went for a northerly browse this morning and checked out HorizonZero, a bilingual online publication that commissions Canadian digital artists, designers and writers to do some really interesting work. se-06.27.03

"Vedo is an online seller of limited-edition, historical prints from collections such as The Vatican Library and The New York Botanical Gardens. This sub-site complements the companys main site by presenting the prints in their collection in the linear and educational form of a traditional timeline." From an article on the thinking and process behind this excellent application at Design Interact. jc-06.09.03

We've seen Times Square and visited a shipwreck with Panoramas.dk before but there's something incredibly powerful and intimate about visiting the Gherasim Family in the Danube Delta of Romania via a series of linked 360 Quicktime VRs while listening to an interview with Mrs. Gherasim. jc-05.07.03

Every program has its bugs... Use the arrow keys to navigate this completely original and hypnotic site. Via Styleboost. jc-05.07.03

Beautiful, elegant Flash and photography in My Tiny Garden. msk-05.05.03

Update to the continually amazing Versus Project and other great stuff at Cubadust. jc-04.28.03

You work hard at a good idea and good things come from it. Simple as that. jc-04.23.03

PBS has built a really nice site to promote an upcoming documentary about the famous racehorse Seabiscuit. Be sure to take the Santa Anita track tour. kg-04.07.03

Joost renews Renascent with a new look and tons of new work. jc-04.07.03

(+.+)(-.-)(_ _) ..zzZZ jc-03.20.03

Anti-Anti-Aliasing. Or, Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Hear About Anti-Aliasing in Mac Os X Web Browsers. From Daring Fireball. jc-03.20.03

We're proud to be a node on the Loopland map of the internet. And we love the little cartwheeler too. jc-03.18.03

Why buttons? Everyone loves buttons, that's why. The Button Project.Via Blurbism. jc-03.17.03

Shift 076 is up. jc-03.10.03

Well Vetted #7 is up. A top-shelf list of inspirational links. Tons of great stuff. jc-03.06.03

Chicago's own skinnyCorp relaunches YayHooray! featuring a smart new point system and clean sweet interface. Tons of hard work and attention to detail. Beautiful. jc-03.05.03

Rodeo 27, splash screens of infinity. jc-03.03.03

Playcation, a second-hand tour of the US. From the unstoppable Feltron. jc-02.27.03

Vandalsquad is fighting on-line graffiti. We hope we won't get caught for this one, either by the authorities or whoever made the rules about how a car can be decorated. Excellent site and execution from lessrain. jc-02.24.03

The internet comes to remote villages via bike-powered computers. Very cool. se-02.19.03

Levitated Daily Source, computational species collection. Interesting series of tech/biological experiments. Via Webgraphics. jc-02.10.03

Shift 75 features a cover and interview with Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyin'. jc-02.10.03

The Cuban Council. Superb. jc-02.07.03

Back from maternity leave and ready to go. Parenthood is certainly an interesting design experience, mostly made up of avoiding having to buy navy blue things with bear patterns, but it can be done with a bit of effort. I've tried to give my daughter Ella a sense of good design and try to see what's well done from a baby's perspective. If I were a baby and had learned to grab a keyboard, I'd appreciate the colorful web fun at Kneebouncers, certainly the site I've found that best targets the under 1 set with easy-to-use games that teach simple keyboard skills. Online peekaboo, anyone? se-02.06.03

Wellvetted and well worth a vist. jc-02.05.03

GUI Galaxy relaunches with new features and a sweet new look. jc-02.03.03

Marker made by GE, borrowed from tmn. jc-01.31.03

Surprisingly, I'm still alive in Computer Love's "Survivor" game in which 20 editors post links and each day someone gets voted out until there is only one left. Whew. jc-01.07.03

Hungry? In LA? Click. Via Neal. jc-12.19.02

This collaborative project from Anarchitect, features the contributions of 16 designers from a wide variety of fields. jc-12.18.02

Misterpants has lots of nice things going on at his place, not the least of which is this collection of lovely artifacts. jc-12.13.02

Fledgling reseller Veer has already become one of the better places to shop for stock and fonts, but now you can see real detail on any image before you buy. Try that at the clumsy Getty behemoth — no can do. sc-12.12.02

Issue 73 of Shift from Japan is up and features an interview with Katsuki Tanaka. jc-12.10.02

Wow. Amsterdam Real Time. Residents are encouraged to wear a GPS tracer unit for two months, their movements are tracked and plotted onto a map, producing an entirely new kind of visualization of the way people interact with space and place. Brilliant and terrifying. jc-12.03.02

David Crawford's Stop Motion Studies is a photographic series of "web-based animations exploring movement, gesture, and algorithmic montage." Via NewsToday. jc-12.03.02

Toke from K10k has assembled a list of impressive, online personal portfolios. There goes the morning. jc-11.22.02

Awesome. Scanning the crowd at the Tokyo Game Show 2002. Via PS. jc-11.12.02

Nomads.nl. Imagery for the Hungry, a visual collective. 1000x1000px digital canvas, all original content, no limitations. jc-11.07.02

Glitch Art. The aesthetics of digital corruption. Via Xplane. jc-10.31.02

Pepepue. Whoops, there goes 40 minutes. jc-10.30.02

See that nice cableknit sweater? It would really look great on you. Oh, what the heck, go ahead, buy it, you deserve it. Click. Click. Grrrrr. A 37signals Research Brief jc-10.24.02

Amazing site for the Swarovski Kristallwelten Amusement Park in the Tryol. jc-10.17.02

Sharpeworld returns. Don't miss the current MP3 and Scopitone of the Week. jc-10.11.02

From Eric Jordan and 2advanced, a stunning demo/promo for Swift3D. jc-10.09.02

Stomp. Very original. Blackdrop. jc-10.02.02

For some, the task of assembling a pallette of colors for a project is an obsession that involves tearing stuff our of magazines, crayons, sweat and color chips. For others, it's about as much simple joy one can get out of Photoshop. If you don't fall into either of these groups, the ColorMatch 5K color matching palette is for you. jc-10.01.02

Straight outta the Philippines, the full version of the new Halfproject. jc-10.01.02

An old friend in a new place, Mr. Mark Arcenal jc-09.27.02

Friend of the agency, Jason Perkins want to know know what your workspace looks like. At the moment, mine looks like a SuperFund site. jc-09.24.02

guimp.com - The ORIGINAL World's Smallest Website. jtb-09.23.02

Smart people. Smart site. Scene 360, an online magazine, journal, gallery sort of thing. jc-09.19.02

Totally solid. Sharp inteface. Good taste. Superhere. jc-09.14.02

As predicted below: Emoticons pre-1982. Thanks to Boing Boing. kg-09.13.02

This will be everywhere in no time, but it's too good to pass up. The original thread from 1982 in which the smiley was first proposed as a marker for jokes has been uncovered on a 20-year-old back up tape. Expect others to claim they came up with it earlier. Via MeFi. kg-09.13.02

An amazing messaging and community application that involves flying around like a hornet and dropping your thoughts into a lovely red and white world. The Dream Domain by randommedia. Bzzz. jc-09.09.02

The Random Hall Bathroom Server at MIT. Now if we could only tie this into a personal-bladder-fullness server database, we might really have something. jc-09.06.02

Typorganism is a collection of intriguing flash applications based on the belief that "type is an organism." We used the ASCII-O_Matic to generate the portraits in the CP About Section and you probably ought to get in touch with your feelings with the EmoType Chat interface. jc-09.02.02

Stop over at Crumbsworld on your next space flight. se-09.01.02

A strong sense of style infuses and unifies this gorgeous portfolio site from Cyclone Design. It's great to see this type of texture and illustration online. se-08.30.02

Web designers in Chicago interested in learning how to "make mistakes well" and design for when things go wrong, should check out this seminar on contingency design by our friends at 37signals. jc-06.11.02

South Park Home Studio. kg-06.10.02

DEN BREDE DEGN 1998-2002 jc-06.03.02

We're suckers for pixely, animated trains, so you can imagine how cool we think Tongsville is. All aboard. Produced by the preloaded crew. jc-05.28.02

A great new feature at Amazon includes hundreds of Chicago restaurant menus online. Today's lunch, if you're curious, is from office fave Bari. kg-05.23.02

Baasch : An American Original jc-05.22.02

1994 Web Usability Study by Jacob Nielsen. I don't know if the Web is more usable now than it was in 1994, but it sure looks better. mls-05.21.02

JK from Renascent, who will be playing Photoshop Tennis in two weeks, has updated his site. Dark and beautiful jc-05.17.02

Susan Kare created the original Mac icons, fonts, and screen graphics. Most of them have disappeared over the years to be replaced by more "realistic" images, especially with 16- and 24-bit displays becoming commonplace. The hold-outs as of MacOS X: The smiling start-up icon and the ubiquitous northwest-pointing black arrow cursor. mls-05.16.02

Our friends at vudumedia need a bit of help decorating the front of their stainless fridge... jc-05.15.02

"And you won thought, and 5pieces with us talk the inside one between the Pixelfury why." Staggernation's slow launch continues with the Roundtrip Translation Script, a tool that translates your web site into, say, Korean, and back again in one step. kg-05.09.02

If the way every weblog is linked to other weblogs seems like an indecipherable tangle of connections, then visit Casey Marshall's A Picture of Weblogs and see how chaos can be lovely if it's only given a chance. Via Boing Boing. jc-05.08.02

BoyGirlBoy Design from New Zealand. Check out Web Immersion listed under Non-Fiction. "New worlds exist on the shimmering surfaces of our computer screens, in our pockets, besides our beds." Via the all-new AirKiwi. jc-04.28.02

When Noel says, "hover on logo for navigation," you should listen. A very nice implementation. jc-04.26.02

Benjamin Mace, and Ron Thompson had an idea for Open, a multimedia developers forum and community in Virginia. They talked about the process of launching it recently at Design Interact. jc-04.26.02

From Montreal, Reservoir Media's new site is a Viewfinder. jc-04.24.02

Linoleum Studio de communication crative has organized their work in the fridge. I found the vegetables crisp and tasty. jc-04.19.02

Fresh Signals is now being syndicated at stereotypography. Thnx Luke. jc-04.09.02

Make your favorite pixelated London and Tokyo based artists dance and pass gas as you group them into categories based on their interests. Much fun. kg-04.04.02

The portfolio and playground of Kevin Cornell, bearskinrug is full of surprises including "Plotless Cartoons" and "The Last Will and Testament of Matthew Vito." jc-03.28.02

One of the many interesting facts in the 2001 Google Zeitgeist Summary is that on the morning of 9/11, the search engine averaged 6,000 searches per minute for "CNN". Seriously. How did these people find Google? kg-03.26.02

It's hexablobs and floo, and a bit of liquid typography math homework. Check out Flong for a wealth of innovative online projects. There's even an unusual fingerbahn for our transportation enthusiasts. se-03.26.02

Remember that "How to Dance" movie that enjoyed a brief vogue among compulsive email forwarders last year? It was created by Ze Frank, whose site features a ton of brilliant Flash movies and toys, art projects, and statistics compiled from the emails people sent him during the "How to Dance" craze. ks-03.26.02

Are you a millionaire pundit who often makes glib predictions about the future? At Long Bets, other millionaire pundits (or maybe even Ted Danson) can make you put your money where your mouth is. kg-03.26.02

Like all brilliant human inventions, Fresh Signals can be used for good or evil. dr-03.25.02

Tree-Axis. Four short interactive pieces about vegetables and sound. jc-03.25.02

Confess your sins at redberger's�The Preaching Season. jc-03.21.02

Friend of the agency, Craig Davis sends us this bigger box of crayons. cp-03.20.02

More spring redesign work. This time from Pascal at gouw.nu. jc-03.19.02

Surfstation relaunches with a fresh new look. jc-03.18.02

Modify me. Commodify me. Either way it's cool clicky fun. kg-03.15.02

"A small, honest, agile team of experts with tons of experience." And a new, super-clean layout too. jc-03.05.02

D5. jc-03.01.02

BMACE.COM | V4 jc-02.28.02

We haven't had much of the real thing here in Chicago this winter, so I gues we'll have to just make our own at the snowflake experiment. jc-02.18.02

Better Living Through XHTML sounds like an imposing treatise aimed squarely at code wonks. Not so. "You can learn the rules of XHTML faster than Dominos delivers a medium pizza with black olives and fresh mushrooms." Says Z at today's A List Apart. jc-02.15.02

Project 9 is up at 5 Pieces. Take the elements, including a piece sponsored by the Secret Lens Flare Lover's Society , recombine them, and you might win a SuperSampler Lomo Camera. jc-02.10.02

Love, Karen. jc-02.08.02

I'm a couple days late with this but if you haven't seen it already, Iconverge 3 is up. A great collection of icons including a new fave, "Japanese Schoolgirl" from David Brasgalla of the Icon Factory. jc-02.05.02

The picture to HTML converter. jc-01.25.02

No Sleep Tricknologies. jc-01.21.02

Insert Silence. jc-01.16.02

It's time to register and cast your vote in Monson Snowboard Design Contest. jc-01.15.02

I defy you to stop playing with this spectacular action scripting experiment, by Macoto Yanagisawa. jc-01.08.02

Interesting tale at Salon about "The geeks who saved Usenet." jc-01.08.02

Sniper 1972 at Subakt. Yow. jc-01.06.02

New media is always an adventure, especially if your school is built on an island and is housed in an old prison. Hyper Island School of New Media Design in Sweden sounds like an intense and exciting way to jumpstart your studies. se-01.06.02

A just about perfect thing. jc-12.26.01

Pinhole Spy Camera: if you can set aside a bit of time for this one, they're recruiting agents. jc-12.26.01

One of these days we gotta start a list of great blogs. When we do, we'll be sure to include Acts of Volition. jc-12.21.01

Danny at DesignBivouac has tiny parcels of blue sky available for renovation. jc-12.20.01

The latest project of our friends at 37signals, Design Not Found, has been found. And by the NY Times no less. jc-12.20.01

A sweet Chicago site drawn competely by hand and all hopped up on sugar, the candystations. Plus, a slick site they created for local recording facility, the soma electronic music studios. jc-12.18.01

Color System is a research tool to study the interaction between colors, at Point Pixel. in Switzerland. jc-12.17.01

A small sign of things to come from Mark and Co. at Caffemocha. jc-12.17.01

Google has now archived over 700 Million Usenet messages going back 20 years. Here, they have links to some "historic posts" including the first mentions of Windows and Madonna, the first thread about AIDS, the first discussion of the Apple "Big Brother" spot, and the first post by an AOL user. kg-12.12.01

Totally solid and perfectly lovely, RefluxDesign.com. jc-12.06.01

"This is Frank's trick, his sincerity. Sincere people are usually the best liars, and Frank lives up to his name." Make sure you have a few spare moments before you dive into Kill the Messenger, at krening.com. jc-12.05.01

Tracie Bedell writes, "The Internet Archive's collection of old-school web pages at the wayback machine. Take a look at the first Amazon.com pages." guest-12.03.01

Susan and I are sitting in front of my monitor with expressions on our faces like those open-mouthed, bald guys in Apple's "1984" commercial. Holy smokes, this could really change things: Movtv. jc-11.30.01

Design Not Found, The best and worst of contingency design. A much needed resource, artfully assembled by the mighty 37signals jc-11.27.01

Charles Forman of setpixel writes, "Using about $10 USD in parts, I was able to make a simple rig. Jake Nickell photographed this truck using the homade rig. It took about 5 mins to photograph, put it into Director and output the DCR file you see there. Obviously with a bit more time, the ObjectVR of the truck could look very nice." guest-11.21.01

Designers Apartment. Via gmt+9. jc-11.15.01

A little 4ad, a little Henrick Drescher, and when I get my new glasses, I'll pass judgement on the type, but it looks nice from here. I like how it's not presented as random illustrations, but as a cohesive story, even though there's not really a narrative, they all work together. One Eye Black. The logo's cool, too. bb-10.25.01

Red Bean. Stunning. jc-10.24.01

The chaotic and beautiful 10pm. jc-10.12.01

Brian Taylor of rustboy writes, "Some interesting stuff going on at French site Turbolapin. Be sure to check out Plinplin the movie too." guest-08.31.01

Lou writes: "When you get a chance, let me know what you think of the new screamingcactus, I got laid off and will be doing the freelance full time now and needed a semi-respectable site." And we thought Lou was already semi-respectable. guest-08.24.01

Project99, a slick portfolio of web projects by Ka Wai Cheung. jc-08.22.01

One of our favorite French sites, crtl alt f is taking some well-deserved time off. Sometimes the online translation tool makes poetry: "I will be able to go to lay down before midnight and that made 2 years that I dream some." jc-08.20.01

Eric Helin writes: "Good interface, great archives. The Directors Bureau." guest-08.08.01

Quorporation is an experiment in branding, corporate identity and a bunch of other less identifiable concepts. jc-08.07.01

Loopland, Allan Sanders portfolio site of illustration from London is splendid. Don't miss the movie house. jc-08.01.01

Some Finnish madness at Kaputski including rpsonc which features a sound track that I fear has now been permanently engraved in my brain. (Teemu, who runs these sites, points us to koneisto, where you can replace the rpsonc tune stuck in your head with a host of others.) jc-07.25.01

The UK's twelve:ten design has launched a site for the game developers at Core with a fluid 3D interface and a lovely blue and olive soul. jc-07.24.01

The Morning News just posted an enlightening interview with Mr. Mike Cina. jc-07.18.01

The guy with the coolest alias, pixelfarmerondope, has redesigned the indispensible gouw.nu. Very fine. jc-07.16.01

Between Design, from Stanley in Hong Kong, features a slick transit map-looking interface. jc-06.29.01

Know your style and know your self. The ongoing self portrait at hoogerbrugge. se-06.28.01

I've got my eye on lot #23. It's in a nice neighborhood and I won't have to worry about my kids be exposed to anti-aliasing, at Icon Town. jc-06.27.01

Tracie Bedell sends us this: Le Piano Graphique. guest-06.26.01

The phrase of the day is "unified design," and a great example can be found at pixel-imp, an Irish design firm that has a great sense of style and blue-grey soul. jc-06.26.01

I've just had an out of body experience while visiting Jose's Redberger 2: The Preaching Season, from the Phillipines and when I landed safely back in my desk chair I was filled with a profound inner peace as I communed with aleart from Alessendro in Italy. Whew, some morning. jc-06.14.01

Take a snap of yourself in a reflective surface and send it to the Mirror Project. Formerly known as Friends of Jezebel's Mirror, the reboot of this concept is very nice. jc-06.08.01

From a submission to the design culture network, Bill Cahalan presents the epic story of Golden Boy, the Citizen Kane of "baby in a corrugated cardboard box" movies. jc-06.04.01

Signals from Milan: Lucca Co. jc-06.01.01

*ellumination, nice design portfolio from the Netherlands. jc-05.29.01

GMT+9 from Osaka turned two yesterday and Andrew rolled out a bunch of highlights for surfers, including cool rockets and "Go, baby! Go!" from the classic movie Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill! jc-05.24.01

You can't use internal combustion engines, but Flash is ok. bb-05.23.01

Our friend Lou has redesigned screaming cactus and, as usual, it's only great. jc-05.14.01

Whizzing, whirring, geeky 3D, flashified boy thing. Truly amazing work at dform1shiftfunc. jc-05.10.01

Wow: Before and After. jc-05.01.01

A really smart and functional redesign at xplane. jc-04.02.01

Nik is looking for a summer internship in NYC. Check out his nuthing.com. jc-03.08.01

Bill from mellowvision writes: "Just finished up the site, it's been a lot of fun doing a time based project... the design can take on such a different feel from hour to hour. Play with your keyboard... press 't' for time." guest-03.05.01

Usually when I feature a design link I expect people to bang on it, take a quick peek and go on to something else. Do yourself a favor before you visit this one, make sure you have a little time to spend exploring and then turn off all the lights and turn up the volume. All praise the almighty conclave obscurum. jc-03.02.01

twelve:ten design studio from the UK displays a smart site, great work and an interesting tour of their space. jc-02.27.01

Anthony of launch interactive writes: "Where design and literature meet, Born Magazine." guest-02.21.01

Anthony of launch interactive writes: "All you web marketing people definitely have to link up to the web BS generator at dack.com." guest-02.06.01

Really useful and smartly designed jumpstation at superbe. jc-01.31.01

From the UK, Magnetstudio is a very clean, very smart site that includes a download area featuring desktops that are tasteful and delicious. jc-01.18.01

Terrific flash teaser for Motiongraphiks. Plus, an old-tech but very effective way "to make your web page always visible" from 2ganz.gorod.ru. jc-01.17.01

Yowza. Surfstation redesigns for 2001. Great color scheme and cool new features from Thomas and the crew. jc-01.16.01

An original personal design site from Ivan Jureta in Belgium. Very stylish and fresh. jc-12.22.00

Clean, slick personal and portfolio site at bmace.com. jc-12.15.00

Check the firmlist.com. A smart web listing of thousands of design companies. jc-12.14.00

Independent Chicago site, version 1.0 has some interesting stuff going on. jc-12.07.00

"We ask, what would we sound like if we ran a soviet communist state?" Check the CCAS, comrade. jc-12.01.00

Alternativa, a thoughtfully-organized jumpstation from the UK. Thanks to Dom for the link. jc-11.29.00

"The Visual Thinking Weblog" Check XPlane's thoughtful daily notes on interface design and more. jc-11.25.00

Infourm, from Fourm Design in Milwaukee, spotlights artists and designers. Be sure to check the work of Max Estes, who would like to hear from "people who are not from the bank asking for student loan payments." jc-11.18.00

From Istanbul (used to be Constantinople) comes plus v.2, a web firm with a totally amazing site. jc-11.15.00

Signal vs. Noise, from 37 signals is a lean, smart weblog about interactive design and other stuff. Also from the same crew, check out eNormicom. jc-11.01.00

Web navigation as if sites existed in physical space. Urbanpixel will attempt to map the web by category of interest. As with other big cities, it's probably best not to wander into the wrong neighborhood. 10.10.00.jc jc-10.10.00

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