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Friday Drink Links

Quittin' Time.

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The Troubadours of Drink. Thanks Kevin! ms-01.09.20

Treasure hunters salvaged liquor from a 102-year-old WWI shipwreck. ms-11.15.19

RED ALERT ms-09.06.19

Summer cocktails. dw-08.30.19

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers. dw-05.24.19

The official domestic beer power rankings. ms-04.27.19

The Irish Pub Is Dead, Long Live the Irish Pub, by Leslie Pariseau. Thanks Andrew. jc-04.26.19

"Cerro Baul was a colonial outpost at the southernmost edge of the Wari empire, in what is now Peru. Its location- on top of a steep-sided plateau with no natural water source- was totally impractical, particularly as it was also a destination for lavish banquets and beer brewing." ms-04.19.19

Beer before wine not fine. ms-02.08.19

A craft beer risograph print by East End Press. dw-11.02.18

So you know, 5 Spooky Cocktail Recipes for Halloween. ms-10.19.18

"Each house drink is featured on a single page, which is accompanied with an incantation written by co-owner Ryan Ringer and an illustration by co-owner Becky Ip." The Grimoire of Grey Tiger. dw-10.19.18

Self- described "Vinyl collector who enjoys craft beer", hip_hops is a great follow. He pairs music and beer with similar themes and gives you a taste of the music. Sorry, can't taste beer through Instagram. ms-09.14.18

So you know, the world's most haunted wineries. ms-08.17.18

It's been quite a while since we checked in on good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a pint of Yakima Grande at Conwy in Gwynedd, Wales the other night. That's 17,085 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-08.03.18

So you know, it's International Beer Day. Cheers. ms-08.03.18

Some folks in Australia are working on the world's first beer made for space. ms-07.20.18

In honor of FIFA World Cup 2018 and the hosting country Russia, Carlsberg Beer made the world's first beer caviar. ms-07.13.18

So you know, the Thrillist list of the 31 Best Beer Bars in America. Shout out to my neighborhood winner Hopleaf, seriously great mussels and frites. Oh, and beer. ms-06.15.18

Beer Coasters by Country, lots and lots of beer coasters. Via the always observant P&C. jc-06.15.18

Perfect. jc-05.18.18

Hold My Beer: How I Became a Certified Cicerone (and How You Can, Too.) ms-05.18.18

Stranger & Stranger's beautiful redesign of El Tesoro tequila packaging. jc-04.06.18

Olive, meet Blue Cheese. Thanks Andrew. See also, Perfect. jc-03.23.18

Bell's Brewery has a countdown clock for the seasonal release of my favorite summer beer. ms-03.16.18

David Graver goes inside Silver Oak Winery's new facility in Alexander Valley. jc-01.26.18

Happy Friday. "I need help here with this feather." ms-01.19.18

So you know, 12 great beers for winter hibernation. ms-01.19.18

Champagne packaging to ring in 2018. dw-01.05.18

Long read of the day, The Story Behind the Chicago Newspaper That Bought A Bar. ms-11.03.17

Printer's Ale packaging by Codo Design. Smart. jc-10.13.17

Craft Beer Branding Guide. dw-09.15.17

Ikano playing cards. dw-09.15.17

Drinking Not Drinking. dw-09.15.17

When a Boston banker sponsored a contest to coin a derogatory term for law-breaking drinkers, a Paris bartender took advantage of the buzz and created a cocktail in its honor. The Scofflaw. dw-08.18.17

Giving the classic boozer a sharpener. jc-08.11.17

IN 1814, a beer flood killed 8 people. ms-08.04.17

Robot bartenders in Las Vegas. dw-07.28.17

Work, Nap, Work, Beer! ms-07.07.17

I read that last Drink Link incorrectly as "Infused Cuties" and it turns out that's a thing you can do. bb-07.07.17

Just combine the suggested liquor and Herb and Lou's Infused Cubes for an instant cocktail. ms-07.07.17

"Letters and Liquor illustrates the history of lettering associated with cocktails. From the 1690s to the 1990s, I've selected 52 of the most important drinks in the cocktail canon and rendered their names in period-inspired design." Thanks Erica. ms-07.07.17

Lovely graphic of 77 drinks every bar person & party monster should know. ms-06.30.17

BRB, running to the store to grab ingredients to make Harry Potter's Butter Beer. ms-06.30.17

Johnny Depp for Asahi Super Dry in a spot that's only interesting for its lameness. jc-06.02.17

The consequences of too much butterbeer. dw-04.28.17

If you're in D.C., you still have a couple nights left to check out the Super Mario pop-up bar. dw-04.14.17

So you know, a Taxonomy of Common Beer Types. ms-04.07.17

Brb, going to order this for the office in honor of National Beer Day. ms-04.07.17

So you know, how beer gets its color from PopSci. See also this sold out Field Notes limited edition. jc-03.17.17

Garden and Gun magazine brings you Good Libations: A Southerner's Guide to Drinking. ms-03.10.17

A FDL early in the week. Safety Code and Requirements for Dry Martinis from the American National Standards Institute, Inc. Via John Gruber. I'm pretty sure we fall well within the guidelines. jc-02.21.17

3,000 words for drunk. jc-02.03.17

Dan Jenkins' Ten Stages of Drunkeness, from his book, Baja Oklahoma.
1. Witty & Charming
2. Rich and Powerful
3. Benevolent
4. Clairvoyant
5. Fuck Dinner
6. Patriotic
7. Crank up the Enola Gay
8. Witty & Charming, Part II
9. Invisible
10. Bulletproof jc-01.27.17

Related to the last: How Chicago bars got so many Schlitz signs, bb-01.27.17

How Chicago bars got so many Old Style signs. bb-01.27.17

An early FDL, just because. "There, in Trump's house, America had ordered itself a very bad martini." By Betsy Morais. jc-01.25.17

Now's a good time to check in with good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a pint of KickStart Breakfast Stout at the Vibrant Forest in Lymington, Hampshire the other night. That's 15,146 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-01.13.17

After this week we could all probably use a drink. What are you having? jc-01.13.17

While I was home for New Year's, I photographed my dad's liquor collection for posterity. 144 bottles dating back to the 60s, from all over the world. bb-01.06.17

Warm up with William Faulkner's hot toddy recipe. bb-12.23.16

As if you didn't have enough to worry about, fake alcohol is a thing. bb-12.16.16

25 Cool Liquor Bottles Worth Buying For the Bottle Alone. They say "Kalshnikov Vodka" is a rare collector's item, but i've seen cheaper knockoffs at Polish grocery stores in Chicago, and let me tell you, a glass AK-47 full of vodka makes a great housewarming gift. bb-12.09.16

So you know, 10 types of beer glasses to compliment your beer. ms-12.09.16

DIY Booze Dispensers. jc-12.09.16

"...and we will discuss your affairs this very afternoon, over a Christmas bowl of smoking bishop!" A Victorian Toast, by Rosie Schaap. jc-12.09.16

"This was supposed to be the joke entry, but it was f**king fantastic." It's cold out, why not try a Hot Beer? bb-12.02.16

Star Wars Beer Steins ms-12.02.16

A collection of unique beer bottle openers. dw-12.02.16

"Past Perfect: I have cocktailed." F. Scott Fitzgerald Conjugates "to Cocktail". jc-11.18.16

There Are Rules in My Bar — Yes, Even You, Who Called Yourself the Angel of Death, by Rosie Schaap. jc-11.18.16

Scotch Trooper. ms-11.18.16

Would normally post this on Friday Drink Links but it is gross and you need to know, Yes, your Beer Pong cup is teeming with bacteria. ms-11.15.16

"This is not what a bar is about. A bar is to go to get a little bit buzzed, and pleasantly derange the senses, and have a good time, and interact with other people, or make bad decisions, or feel bad about your life. It's not to sit there f*cking analyzing beer." he says. ms-11.04.16

"Established in 1911, Harry's New York Bar in Paris' 2nd arrondissement is one of the oldest cocktail bars in Europe and the birthplace of such iconic drinks as the Bloody Mary and French 75. But Harry's has a less well known tradition of hosting a straw vote for the U.S. presidential elections, which has only twice since 1924 failed to predict its outcome. ms-11.04.16

Tipsy Scoop blends the magic of artisanal, hand-crafted ice cream with the mastery of a perfectly mixed cocktail. dw-10.28.16

It sure would be nice if they parked right in front of the new HQ. jc-10.21.16

A Bar on North Avenue, by Roger Ebert. "O'Rourke's was the ultimate singles bar, it was said: You went there with a date, and came home alone." jc-10.21.16

Perfect. jc-10.21.16

There was one way to obtain alcoholic beverages legally during the prohibition years: through a physician's prescription. dw-09.30.16

This beer bottle prank Is a lesson in fluid mechanics. jc-09.30.16

So you know, who drinks what, where. jc-09.30.16

So you know, The best brew from each of the 50 states. jc-09.23.16

A Literary Guide to Whiskey. jc-09.16.16

Early Friday Drink Link because it can't wait: "We're not affiliated with LaCroix®, we just like to treat ourselves." bb-09.15.16

"The popular conception of the saloon as a 'place where men and women revel in drunkenness and shame,' or 'where the sotted beasts gather nightly at the bar,' is due to exaggerated pictures, drawn by temperance lecturers and evangelists, intended to excite the imagination with a view to arousing public sentiment." Quittin' Time: A Visit to Chicago's Saloons. Lots more where this came in our big archive of Friday Drink Links. jc-09.02.16

Summer Beer. jc-08.12.16

An Afternoon Beer by Natalie Walser. dw-08.05.16

Related to the last, 1400+ beer icons. dw-08.05.16

By celebrating International Beer Day you're joining a community of millions of men and women around the globe, all rejoicing in the deliciousness that is beer. dw-08.05.16

"Celebrities and civilians alike flocked to the Beachcomber, and Donn knew how to keep them there: Knowing customers were more likely to stay for another drink if weather was inclement, he created his own tropical rainstorm via garden hose on the roof. Soft ukulele and exotica music both live and canned was ever-present. Eventually there would be a myna bird trained to say, 'Give me a beer, stupid.'" The birthplace of tiki culture. dw-08.05.16

Star Trek Planetary Glassware. dw-07.22.16

Octopus tentacle whiskey glasses for MCJ. dw-07.15.16

Love Champagne? Thank a French widow ms-06.24.16

The world's oldest paycheck was cashed in beer. That's reassuring somehow. jc-06.24.16

So you know, it's negroni week. dw-06.10.16

Yep, we're gonna need one of these for the new space, remote controlled beer crate. ms-06.10.16

Time to check in with good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a pint of Dry Hopped Sour Non Cask in London the other night. That's 14,413 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-06.10.16

"How did the Swedes pull this off with Russia's national drink?" What Bottle. jc-06.03.16

Kraft macaroni & cheese summer cocktails. dw-06.03.16

Pour your own FDLs today. jc-05.27.16

Pretty much all the Martini recipes in a single post, except one. Thanks Andrew. jc-05.20.16

Scotch Trooper. ms-05.20.16

Now that's infrastructure I can get behind, a beer pipeline. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.16.16

The Man Behind the Bar. jc-05.13.16

On this "trip to 70 breweries, you get about 197 hours of drive time across 12,299 miles. You stop in 28 states and pass through a total of 40." Top Brewery Road Trip, Routed Algorithmically. jc-05.10.16

Local note, Chicago's 12 oldest bars have stories to tell. ms-05.06.16

"Behind the gleaming 1970s missile fuselage, three glass shelves revolve around a gold-plated spindle; while in the base, a sliding platform built from lacquered American walnut conceals an armoury of custom-made cocktail utensils." The Bomb. dw-04.22.16

Revolutionary-era drinks, "What kinds of things Alexander Hamilton himself and his cohorts may have enjoyed." Via Matt. jc-04.15.16

"Last Call," a documentary about my neighborhood bar, The Kat Klub, and the disappearance of neighborhood bars in Chicago. bb-04.08.16

3 Glasses Later, a photo series by Marcos Alberti. dw-04.08.16

Local note for National Beer Day today, Sox Vs. Cubs ballpark beer offerings. Clear winner there folks. ms-04.07.16

This look amazing, the Ultimate Bloody Mary. ms-04.01.16

How to have The Last Word on April Fools' Day. dw-04.01.16

Maybe you should apply for the internship of a lifetime. ms-03.18.16

"There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here's Why." bb-03.18.16

A quick FDL, a day early. Historic Wisconsin watering holes. The oldest is a beauty. jc-03.10.16

My Vespa gang meets up at Chicago's Tiny Lounge once a month, their Subourbon is about as good as a drink gets, in my book. bb-03.04.16

Daniel P Higgins directs us to a beer review from an ice shanty on Lake Winnebago. jc-02.25.16

How to make an ice ball cocktail. dw-02.19.16

FDL. jc-02.19.16

Chicago's Oldest Bars. jc-02.05.16

"Was the Father of His Country the host of the first cocktail hour on record? It's possible." David Wondrich digs into just how mixed drinks came to be called cocktails. jc-01.22.16

The Ultimate Traveling Bar. jc-01.08.16

Gah! Unofficial commercial for Johnny Walker, Dear Brother. Thanks to Jeff for making me cry first thing in the morning. ms-12.15.15

Not the usual Friday Drink link, 1 million beers recalled. ms-12.04.15

45 minutes of watching him drink whisky, sitting by a fire. Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log'. ms-12.03.15

Local note. Good luck with what's next Jeff. One of the best, anywhere. jc-12.03.15

Early Friday Drink Link: "This is the lamest Booze Day ever! I hate you!" bb-11.23.15

So you know, a brief history of British Pub Signs. ms-11.20.15

Now you can Shazam your Beer ms-11.13.15

Trailer for the documentary Barista. ms-11.06.15

Top brewery road trip, routed algorithmically. dw-10.30.15

For the adults who might need a drink or two tomorrow night, try these Creepy Cocktails. ms-10.30.15

Ginventory. dw-10.23.15

America's favorite bars for talking politics. dw-10.16.15

A typical oaking process can take months to years for full oak infusion. The Oak Bottle infuses the same amount of flavor in 24-48 hrs. dw-10.16.15

Every man has a dream, but few are brave or crazy enough to pursue it. "It just so happened that Mel Johnson was plenty brave enough. And he wasn't exactly short on crazy, either." Boozetown. jc-10.16.15

It's a joy to watch a true professional at work. "One of the sublime moments of life..." Fourth-generation New Orleans bartender Chris McMillian mixing the King of Cocktails. jc-10.16.15

"I like bars just after they open for the evening. When the air inside is still cool and clean and everything is shiny and the barkeep is giving himself that last look in the mirror to see if his tie is straight and his hair is smooth. I like the neat bottles on the bar back and the lovely shining glasses and the anticipation. I like to watch the man mix the first one of the evening and put it down on a crisp mat and put the little folded napkin beside it. I like to taste it slowly. The first quiet drink of the evening in a quiet bar--that's wonderful." Raymond Chandler from The Long Goodbye. jc-10.16.15

And another... "I quickly met my second wife, a brilliant graduate student who liked to brag that she had never met a man who could drink her under the table. Then she met me." Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. jc-10.16.15

FDL Classic. "Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy, by Ian Frazier. jc-10.16.15

Drinking Games for Non-Drinkers. ms-10.16.15

Travel-friendly kits that include the premium ingredients and instructions you need to craft and enjoy classic cocktails anywhere. dw-10.16.15

"He identifies 2,985 synonyms for 'drunk.' A few favorites: 'staying late at the office.' 'heroic,' 'T.U.B.B.' ('tits up but breathing'), 'back teeth afloat,' 'been too free with Sir John Strawberry' and 'Betty Ford-ed." ms-10.09.15

1800 Tequila's artist series bottles featuring the artwork of Keith Haring. dw-10.02.15

The man who makes me swoon visits the Balvenie Distillery in Scotland. ms-10.02.15

I missed the Slivovitz Festival this year but my aunt went, and she assures me a good time was had by all. bb-10.02.15

"Don't bring your Adidas tracksuit. You will only use it for three nights and then leave it in a bear-box because backpacking is not about being stylish, it is about getting to wherever the mules took your wine as quickly as possible." How to stay drunk on a dangerous camping trip. dw-10.02.15

"Jack is drunk. And something he ate or drank stained his mouth blue. So when he attempts to make a point about justice, it's hard to take him seriously." Game Day in Madison, from The Cap Times. jc-10.01.15

Craft Beer and the Rise of the Celebrity Brewer. ms-09.25.15

A brief history of drunken British sailors. dw-09.18.15

Heads up on the newest craft beer trend, Nano Breweries. ms-09.01.15

Drunk History. the rise, fall, and revival of American whiskey. jc-08.28.15

We can tell you from experience that if you want an old-school newspaper guy to give you a tour of Chicago taverns, Rick Kogan is your man. kg-08.21.15

Fictional Beers. jc-08.14.15

How to make British cocktails. dw-08.14.15

Only in New Orleans. dw-08.14.15

Happy Hour of Champions! Thanks Andrew. jc-08.14.15

Kaljakellunta is Finnish for "beer float". jc-08.07.15

Store more beer in your fridge with the Bottle Loft. ms-08.07.15

Good Libations, an animated history of booze. jc-08.07.15

Root Beer is for adults again. ms-07.24.15

Advanced Drinking Aphorisms, by Jonathan Schaff. jc-07.17.15

Local note, Happy Hour is coming back. ms-07.17.15

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is moving back to Milwaukee. ms-07.17.15

"Campari has unveiled the latest in their series of limited edition Art Labels for 2015. This year the three labels feature updated versions of Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero's iconic design for the Campari Pavilion drafted in 1931 for a 1933 international exposition to be held in Milan." ms-07.10.15

Want to start a blog about beer? Have $5,000,000.00? ms-06.26.15

Blue Moon 20th anniversary labels. dw-06.26.15

So you know, it is National Martini Day. Sure JC will post his Perfect link shortly.... ms-06.19.15

7 Ways to enjoy Campari. dw-06.19.15

"Wine, Fags, Beers" . ms-06.19.15

So you know, there's only one way to make a Dark 'n' Stormy without breaking the law. ms-06.13.15

First round is on the house. jc-06.05.15

Re-link because it is delightful, Chow's Obsessives series looks at Soda Pop. ms-06.05.15

How to clean your flask. mcj-06.05.15

So you know the Dinner Party Wine Calculator. ms-05.22.15

100 years of cocktails in under two minutes. ms-05.22.15

Women Making Whiskey: An 800-Year History. ms-05.15.15

One down, 29 to go. ms-05.15.15

It's Friday, have a round on the house. jc-05.08.15

So you know, the Chemistry of Gin (and Tonic). ms-05.08.15

Cocktail Construction Chart from the US Forest Service! Via Kottke and tons of other Friday Drink Links. Those are on us. jc-05.01.15

Too cute, Day of the Dead corkscrew. ms-04.17.15

Game of Thrones house sigil steins. Via Laughing Squid. dw-04.17.15

From the FDL archives, Dan Jenkins' Ten Stages of Drunkeness, from his book, Baja Oklahoma.
1. Witty & Charming
2. Rich and Powerful
3. Benevolent
4. Clairvoyant
5. Fuck Dinner
6. Patriotic
7. Crank up the Enola Gay
8. Witty & Charming, Part II
9. Invisible
10. Bulletproof jc-04.17.15

"Tasting neat, warm gin at eight in the morning isn't as fun as it sounds." Brighton Gin's quest to make a hangover-free gin. dw-04.17.15

Drink up. jc-04.17.15

So you know, the Chemistry of Whiskey. ms-04.17.15

The Birth of Sake. dw-04.17.15

For the scientist in your life, Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses. ms-04.10.15

So you know, what a beer will cost you in every Major League baseball stadium. ms-04.10.15

Bootlegger's Map of the United States. jc-04.10.15

Highball, an app from Studio Neat. Simple and beautiful, as you would expect. jc-04.07.15

It's an equal toss up as to which I am more excited about, National Beer Day or National No Housework Day. No Housework has a slight edge I think. ms-04.07.15

A sign of Spring, Bell's Oberon is back on shelves. ms-03.27.15

The Matrix of Gin Mixology. dw-03.27.15

Super-happy FDL, the Sam Adams beer company is throwing a party for city and state workers in Boston who worked their butts off to keep that city running this horrifyingly snowy winter. Well deserved and well done. ms-03.27.15

It's Friday, why aren't we having cocktails delivered? dw-03.20.15

Mix your own today. jc-03.20.15

Featuring my favorite upper case "C" of all time (thanks, Phineas!), Half Acre's Lead Feather hits stores this week in beeyootiful 16oz cans. bb-03.13.15

So you know, every country's most popular beer. (Hangs head in shame). Via Sploid. ms-03.13.15

Will Gordon from Drunkspin on how to be a beer enthusiast without being a beer asshole. mcj-03.06.15

Beer Cap Maps. ms-03.06.15

The man who makes me swoon make his first endorsement. ms-03.03.15

This makes me sad, the 20 Most Popular Beers in America. ms-02.27.15

A Drinker's Guide to Hunter S. Thompson, by Nathan Borchelt. jc-02.27.15

While we're thinking warm thoughts, let's tag along while John Greenfield checks out Chicago's Tiki Bar scene. jc-02.27.15

The compendium of alcohol ingredients and processes. dw-02.20.15

Fantastic collection of Vintage Canadian Beer Labels from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Via Present & Correct. jc-02.20.15

Drinking game Tapper, from 1983. Via Andrew Huff. jc-02.13.15

"It is to laf." Fantastically odd souvenir booklet from Heinegabubler's Boose (booze) Shop, 536 South State Street, Chicago, 1905. jc-01.30.15

From the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few pints this week, including a Red Spider Rye at The Pig and Porter in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. That's 12,647 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-01.30.15

Taverns. Cocktail Lounges. Night Clubs. Stock cuts from the Match Corporation of America catalog, 1958. jc-01.30.15

"23-year-old rum. Toasted wood chips. Digital smoke infusers. And we haven't even started mixing. While Japan has developed a reputation for lovingly crafted cocktails, Takumi Watanabe making a 'Rum Martinez' is poetry in motion. Oh, did we mention that the drink is served with its own cigar?" ms-01.23.15

A roundup of some Prohibition speakeasies in Chicago. dw-01.23.15

Too good to hold until Friday. Tom Chiarella's terrific feature on the Billy Goat's terrific bartender, Jeff Magill. jc-01.20.15

Our pal Phineas X. Jones illustrated the new 3 Floyds Alpha King packaging. Type and design by Jim Zimmer. Huge improvement to an already-legendary beer. bb-01.16.15

Vinepair's map of the United States of Alcohol. dw-01.16.15

Hemingway and the Cocktail. Recipes including "Death in the Gulf Steam" and "The Montgomery." jc-01.16.15

Bottoms up. The archive of Friday Drink Links and Perfect. jc-01.09.15

Something boozy to keep you warm this weekend. dw-01.09.15

"And it turns out that may not even be a picture of Sam Adams on the logo, which bears far more resemblance to the famous 1768 John Singleton Copley portrait that hangs at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts—of Paul Revere." How the Craft-Beer Movement Abandoned Jim Koch, by Andy Crouch. jc-01.09.15

The Negroni After, an ode to the ruby-red Italian cocktail. dw-12.19.14

Sadly, Kvas hasn't really caught on with American hipsters yet, but I'm predicting 2015 is going to be Kvas' year. bb-12.05.14

And here's the trifecta... "Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy, by Ian Frazier. jc-12.05.14

And another... "I quickly met my second wife, a brilliant graduate student who liked to brag that she had never met a man who could drink her under the table. Then she met me." Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. jc-12.05.14

A classic FDL and one of our favorite pieces by Roger Ebert, A Bar on North Avenue. "O'Rourke's was the ultimate singles bar, it was said: You went there with a date, and came home alone." jc-12.05.14

"The idea for this project occurred while putting a used Scotch glass into the dishwasher. I noted a film on the bottom of a glass and when I inspected closer, I noted these fine, lacey lines filling the bottom. What I found through some experimentation is that these patterns and images that you see can be created with the small amount of Single-Malt Scotch left in a glass after most of it has been consumed." ms-12.05.14

Matthew Baldwin's doing Layer Tennis commentary today, which is as good a time as any to re-link an old favorite Friday Drink Link: The NyCap. Mrs. BB has got a lot of mileage out of that one. bb-11.21.14

A scientific Friday Drink Link, Why Your Beer Gets Skunked. ms-11.21.14

Sex in a Distillery. ms-11.07.14

Which glass for which beer? jc-10.24.14

Ridiculously clever. The new way to store beer in your fridge, the bottleLoft. Via Cool Material. ms-10.17.14

"...I managed to cobble together four perfect days in Madison without a single responsibility other than trying as many new beers as possible every day while staying sober enough not to cause a scene at dinner (went three for four)." Drunkspin's fairly accurate review of Spotted Cow and the beer scene in Wisconsin. mcj-10.10.14

Droga5's very silly cider ad: "Slow-Motion Horse." sd-10.10.14

Boozy cupcakes. dw-10.10.14

Ben Franklin's 200 Synonyms for "Drunk". jc-10.10.14

Welcome to Happy Hour. ms-10.03.14

Gorgeous, the Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker. ms-10.03.14

For BB, Beer-Glazed Bacon. ms-10.03.14

"Sometimes one bar leads to the next, and even maybe to a third, in a great chain of pints and tumblers of whiskey, a chain of the people who drink them, and of the stories they tell, until you arrive at the one where you're supposed to be." An early FDL this week, Rosie Schaap's favorite bar. Fab. jc-09.30.14

The folks at Huckberry give us their picks for the best crafted and canned Fall beers ms-09.26.14

Sir George Martin makes a martini. Via Michael Kauffman. jc-09.19.14

Sam's Club is selling barrels of Jack Daniels. JC, can I borrow 10k? mcj-09.19.14

GQ names our fair town as America's Best Drinking City 2014. ms-09.17.14

Make crystal clear cubes of ice at home with the Neat Ice Kit. dw-09.05.14

"I like bars just after they open for the evening. When the air inside is still cool and clean and everything is shiny and the barkeep is giving himself that last look in the mirror to see if his tie is straight and his hair is smooth. I like the neat bottles on the bar back and the lovely shining glasses and the anticipation. I like to watch the man mix the first one of the evening and put it down on a crisp mat and put the little folded napkin beside it. I like to taste it slowly. The first quiet drink of the evening in a quiet bar--that's wonderful." —Raymond Chandler from The Long Goodbye. jc-08.29.14

Fab, How to Make Old Kentucky Famed Drinks. ms-08.29.14

Gollum Precious Pils. dw-08.15.14

Half Acre's Phineas X. Jones: "I think it's probably safe to say this guy is my biggest fan." bb-08.15.14

RC Cola + Chicago pizza. Via Gapers Block. dw-08.15.14

Paste magazine's list of 100 American Craft Beers Every Beer-Lover Should Drink. Everyone will have one they want to add to the list, I'll add Red Rock Brewery's very tasty Elephino Double Imperial Pale Ale that BB and I had in SLC. Via MeFi. ms-08.08.14

An illustrated poster showcasing a selection of Chicago's beer bars. dw-08.01.14

The folks at Bon Appetit make the argument that the U.S. Craft Beer market is way overcrowded. ms-08.01.14

Pour yourself one, maybe make it a double. jc-07.18.14

So you know, what gives beer its bitterness and flavour. ms-07.18.14

The folks from Dogfish Head beer have opened up an inn. ms-07.18.14

Found while looking for something else entirely: from 1937, an internal, silent sales promo film for Safeway's house brand of pilsner: For Good Living (Brown Derby Beer). Come for the typography and the vintage film effects, stay for the great shots of beer making machines. sd-07.11.14

Monks in Massachusetts open up the first Trappist brewery outside of Europe. ms-07.11.14

The folks over at Thrillist take a tour of the New Belgium Brewery. (FDL a day early due to the holiday). ms-07.03.14

In honor of the anniversary of the debut of Jaws, Naragansett Beer has released 1975 retro cans. Via Supercompressor. ms-06.27.14

Of interest to probably no one but me and George at Tilted: Slivovitz cocktail ideas. bb-06.27.14

Newcastle Brown Ale's great ad, If We Won. ms-06.27.14

Well, this would for sure get you an interview here. ms-06.24.14

The folks at the ever-talented Pop Chart Lab have taken their Whiskey Taxonomy and created a great Whiskey Glass Set. ms-06.20.14

Well, what do ya know? Today is the perfect day for the perfect recipe. Thanks and cheers to John for the heads up. jc-06.19.14

You could try this at your next party, but you might not look this good. ms-06.13.14

The Wines of Westeros. Which would you serve for a red wedding? Via Quips. jc-06.13.14

For the hockey fans in your life, the PuckOpener Bottle Opener. ms-06.13.14

Whiskey Cocktail Screen Prints. ms-06.06.14

Gin and Tonic, Barcelona Style. ms-06.06.14

Garden and Gun gives us their Southern Cocktail Guide. ms-05.30.14

GQ gives us America's 9 Best Airport Beer Bars. ms-05.23.14

What Are You Drinking? Let Rosie Schaap mix you a custom summer cocktail. jc-05.23.14

My Mom has been doing this for years, use an empty wine bottle to automatically water your plants. ms-05.23.14

Related to the last, so you know, Dan Jenkins' Ten Stages of Drunkeness, from his book, Baja Oklahoma.
1. Witty & Charming
2. Rich and Powerful
3. Benevolent
4. Clairvoyant
5. Fuck Dinner
6. Patriotic
7. Crank up the Enola Gay
8. Witty & Charming, Part II
9. Invisible
10. Bulletproof jc-05.23.14

The five stages of inebriation, as photographed in the 1860. Thanks Marshall. jc-05.23.14

A great collection of Blatz beer ads from their star-studded 1949-1952 "...I ought to know" campaign. sd-05.16.14

For pete's sake people, would you drink crap beer please? ms-05.16.14

"In every profession there is a pinnacle beyond which it is impossible to climb higher." Charles Dubow on The World's Greatest Bartender. jc-05.16.14

Want one glass that works well with almost any beer? Break out your white wine glasses. No, really. ms-05.09.14

Very helpful, the Dinner Party Wine Bottle Calculator. ms-05.09.14

In honor of Derby weekend, how to make a Mint Julep. Via MeFi. ms-05.03.14

Hi Consumption gives us their picks for the 15 Best Canned Beers. ms-05.02.14

Mapping the rise of craft beer in the USA. Via Heidi. jc-05.02.14

3D on the Rocks. dw-04.25.14

Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City. jc-04.25.14

The party-ready, tricked-out Apollo 70 Airstream. ms-04.18.14

What's the difference between tonic water, club soda, mineral water, and seltzer? bb-04.11.14

Pop Chart Lab's Many Varieties of Whiskey poster. Via Cool Material ms-04.11.14

Stranger & Stranger's redesign work for Dewar's. sd-04.11.14

Wine in a can, a big can. jc-04.11.14

Pallet Wood, Poplar, Cherry, Copper, Ink, Paper, Antique Portuguese Door Knocker, Leather, Fishing Sinkers, LED's. Designer Paul Kirchner's Liquor Cabinet for the Gods. This mere mortal wants one. ms-04.05.14

Mid-Century on the outside, Art Deco on the inside. Nice bar. ms-04.04.14

Even the drink doesn't seem to have cheered up Buster. jc-04.04.14

Transom.org's This is Radio, a beautifully shot video series by Andrew Norton "about the people who make radio." sd-04.03.14

"The popular conception of the saloon as a 'place where men and women revel in drunkenness and shame,' or 'where the sotted beasts gather nightly at the bar,' is due to exaggerated pictures, drawn by temperance lecturers and evangelists, intended to excite the imagination with a view to arousing public sentiment." Quittin' Time: A Visit to Chicago's Saloons. jc-03.28.14

My favorite summer beer is now back on shelves. That means summer is actually coming, right? ms-03.28.14

A conundrum observed at a bar last weekend: Sharknadoeing, a one-time random occurrence or a new, regular thing that's happening with bachelorette parties? sd-03.28.14

Load up with chicken wings, nachos, sliders, whatever you want and keep your beer close at hand. ms-03.28.14

"'Ma'am, I can't thank you enough.' He looked as if he might cry." A quick excerpt from Drinking With Men, by Rosie Schaap. jc-03.28.14

A Guy Walks Into A Bar… bb-03.21.14

Before everyone is too drunk to appreciate it, here's a lovely article on the history and trends of cocktail naming. It is definitely long enough to be read while downing the first drink of the evening. sco-03.21.14

Before everyone is too drunk to appreciate it, here's a lovely article on the history and trends of cocktail naming. It is definitely long enough to be read while downing the first drink of the evening. sco-03.21.14

"In another raucous drinking bout in a 1609 Cheshire alehouse, one drinker repeatedly blasted a trumpet to call together all the drunkards." Seventeenth-Century Drinking Songs and the Challenges of Hearing the Past, by Mark Hailwood. jc-03.21.14

Bottoms up on Fridays. jc-03.21.14

Thrillist gives their picks for the Best Irish Pubs in America. ms-03.14.14

Trying to figure out if the beer you want to order is a true microbrew? There's an app for that. ms-03.14.14

Get out, scram, go over to the Palmer House and drink. rmc-03.07.14

How the humble cocktail mixer became America's favorite personal beer delivery system. The Ubiquitous Pint Glass, by Jim Lundstrom. Cheers to Andrew B. jc-03.07.14

Emergency 4 PM Drink Link. kg-02.21.14

Bourbon Family Tree, from The Kings County Distillery's Guide to Urban Moonshining and not incorporating Beam's acquisition by Suntory last week. bb-01.24.14

So you know, how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. dw-01.17.14

Brothers III in New Orleans is a bar just a few blocks from Tipatina's. Sarah Bird spent the whole day there recently for her Diary of a 24-Hour Dive. jc-01.17.14

Illustrations from the past: Beer Belongs. jc-01.17.14

So you know, How to Choose Wine. jc-01.17.14

The Sidecar. dw-01.10.14

So you know, a listing of drinking games. jc-12.20.13

There's a new player (and intrigue!) in my favorite winter carbonated beverage market segment. bb-12.13.13

Just a song to wake me up this sleepy Friday afternoon. bb-12.06.13

Imbibe magazine gives us their 2013 Gift Guide. ms-12.06.13

For the golfer in your life, the Golf Club Wine Bottle holder. ms-12.06.13

On your next trip to London, be sure to grab the Craft Beer Map London. ms-12.06.13

The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Bar Etiquette. jc-12.06.13

Happy Repeal Day! dw-12.05.13

Hey DeskBeers, can you open up a Chicago office? ms-11.22.13

We need one of these for the studio. ms-11.22.13

The Coolist gives us the lowdown about 10 Secret Speakeasies of Modern-Day America. ms-11.22.13

NES cartridge flasks. dw-11.15.13

The Family Tree of Bourbon Whiskey by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell. Via Daring Fireball. jc-11.15.13

Need an excuse to go to the bar? Get infected by the Happy Hour Virus. jc-11.15.13

Make your own gin with the HomeMade Gin Kit. ms-11.08.13

Very nice Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker. ms-11.01.13

So you know, how to make a pumpkin pie martini. ms-10.25.13

The New Science of Old Whiskey. ms-10.25.13

We definitely have the counter space here in the studio for this. ms-10.21.13

A treat for the parents on Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Bourbon. ms-10.18.13

Check out the winners from the recent Great American Beer Festival. ms-10.18.13

So you know, which beer goes in what glass. ms-10.11.13

"You never know who you'll run into after downing a few pints in a strange dive bar, but Wisconsin's Moccasin Bar might be the only watering hole where you can run into yodeling chipmunks and boxing raccoons." dw-10.11.13

Mad at Congress over the shutdown? Drunk dial them. jc-10.11.13

Inspired by the Grateful Dead and made with organic granola, say hello to Dogfish Head American Beauty. ms-10.11.13

Bourbon, Part 2. jc-10.11.13

Bourbon. jc-10.11.13

Food & Wine gives us their list of America's Best Beer Gardens. ms-10.11.13

A handy chart on drinking on the job throughout history. jc-10.04.13

"But just because he's one of history's finest short story writers, Cheever's epic benders are considered delightful, whereas I've just got a 'serious problem with alcohol.'" How Come No One Celebrates My Alcoholism Like John Cheever's? jc-10.04.13

Drinking games, sorted by type and buzz factor. jc-10.04.13

"In All the Bars, In all the World." ms-09.27.13

Heineken's abandoned 60s plan to solve homelessness and littering in one fell swoop. bb-09.27.13

A food recipe for a Friday Drink Link, Beer-Brined Chicken. ms-09.27.13

Today's Friday Drink Links are brought to you by Stout, Amber, Lager, Pilsner, Bock, and Pale Lager. jc-09.27.13

Oktoberfest in Munich starts tomorrow and if you can't be there, you can watch it live. ms-09.20.13

Aspirational Tailgating with Bon Appetit. ms-09.20.13

No Friday Drink Links yet today? HOW DARE WE? Here's one: Texas man brews beer in own intestinal tract.. There must be some way to harness that power for the good of mankind. bb-09.20.13

A two minute Dewars spot featuring the words of Charles Bukowski, Live True is artfully shot and voiced. Via Dissolve. jc-09.13.13

Sometimes you just gotta watch this toddler trash a bar in Las Palmas. jc-09.06.13

Hamm It Up, they don't make beer commercials like they used to. See also Hamm's Club. Thanks Andrew. jc-09.06.13

If federal regulators can't force the oil industry to clean up oil spills, maybe Bell's Brewery can. bb-09.06.13

Where people drink the most beer in the US. jc-09.06.13

For the weekend, 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer. ms-08.30.13

Flavor your own vodka with the Vodkazinger. ms-08.23.13

Really important info here folks, how to chill a beer with a slingshot. ms-08.23.13

It's a joy to watch a true professional at work. "One of the sublime moments of life..." Fourth-generation New Orleans bartender Chris McMillian mixing the King of Cocktails. jc-08.23.13

Pucs stainless steel beverage stones. dw-08.23.13

Hall of Drunk. jc-08.23.13

Since we forgot to put up any Friday Drink links yesterday, here is a look at the Duvel brewing process. ms-08.17.13

A 24K gold-plated cobbler. dw-08.09.13

From the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few pints this week, including a Vixen at Nethergate in Pentlow, Essex. That's 11,009 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-08.02.13

The Western Avenue Project, the 2010 short film about walking the longest street in Chicago, drinking at each and every bar along the way. It's the film BB and I had wanted to make for years, before we knew one already existed. sd-08.02.13

"From the main stage to the man cave." ms-07.19.13

Think maybe it is time to get one of these for the studio. ms-07.12.13

7/11 was free Slurpee day, and those freeze cups (as seen on TV) will do in a pinch, but did you know you can pour a bunch of cold (non-diet) soda into an ice cream machine to make perfectly serviceable slushies? bb-07.12.13

Nice spot for Pacifico Beer, Original Explorers. ms-07.12.13

"Each print is one cocktail, screen-printed with proportionate colour blocks that represent the volume of each ingredient." Mixionary Posters. jc-07.12.13

So you know, how to say "beer" in Europe, mapped. jc-07.12.13

A music video where you can make the band as drunk as you want. Via Things. ms-07.01.13

Hoist your glass in salute, it is National Bourbon Day. ms-06.14.13

Keep your wine chilled with the Corkcicle. ms-06.14.13

Happy Bourbon Day, by Alex Balk. jc-06.14.13

The New Yorker put together an interactive map of the rise of craft brewing across the country, and the result is rather beautiful and road-trip inspiring. sco-06.14.13

The New Yorker put together an interactive map of the rise of craft brewing across the country, and the result is rather beautiful and road-trip inspiring. sco-06.14.13

Not waiting for FDL to relink this, My Perfect Manhattan, by Mr. Dawes. jc-06.13.13

For DW, a FDL a bit early, Star Trek Wine. ms-06.04.13

Heineken's lost plan to build houses out of beer bottles. dw-05.31.13

Beer wrapping paper. dw-05.31.13

Make your own cocktail sticks. Via Swissmiss. dw-05.31.13

Through June 3rd, bars across the country are mixing up their favorite Negroni variations and donating $1 from each one sold to a charity of their choice in celebration of National Negroni Week. dw-05.31.13

The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature. ms-05.17.13

"Rosebud" Butt is credited with inventing the Long Island Iced Tea while he was a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn in the 1970s. Via American Drink. jc-05.17.13

7 don't miss U.S. Beer Fests. ms-05.10.13

A look behind the scenes of Absolut Vodka. ms-05.10.13

"I approached gin with caution. Nothing happened. I felt just fine. More than fine. I came to love the stuff more than ever. And I realized it wasn't the gin that had bummed me out all those years earlier; it was life." Gin Doesn't Make You Sad, by Rosie Schaap. jc-05.10.13

It's Friday y'all. jc-05.10.13

"The mint leaves, fresh and tender, should be pressed against a coin-silver goblet with the back of a silver spoon. Only bruise the leaves gently and then remove them from the goblet. Half fill with cracked ice. Mellow bourbon, aged in oaken barrels, is poured from the jigger and allowed to slide slowly through the cracked ice..." Ol' Henry Clay knew how to make a Julep. jc-05.03.13

Retro Rocket Cocktail Shaker. ms-05.03.13

Help is here. Should I drink this f*cking beer? ms-05.03.13

So you know, 59 Budweiser-Style lagers from around the world. ms-04.26.13

Who needs a water dispenser when you could get beer instead. ms-04.26.13

So you know, how to brew sake. ms-04.26.13

Think we should get a Pedal Pub for the studio. ms-04.26.13

The retro-drink culture is officially in vogue, from the TV show Mad Men to the speakeasy-style cocktail bar. Many of today's popular cocktails originated 100, 200, even 300 years ago, but each of the following drinks has enjoyed a resurgence in our lifetime. ab-04.26.13

Rosie Schaap knows the proper way to close a bar. jc-04.19.13

"The beer, which is called Un, Kono Kuro, is made using coffee beans that have passed through an elephant" (then picked out and rinsed off). sd-04.19.13

Martini drinker? Try this Italian take on the Vesper, which uses the slightly sweet aperitif Cocchi Americano. ab-04.19.13

For your next Harry Potter dinner party, the Goblet of Fire cocktail. ms-04.19.13

Related, Brendan Dawes' Perfect Manhattan. jc-04.19.13

Six variations on the Manhattan in 60 seconds. Via ACL. jc-04.19.13

Coke, Peanuts, and Whiskey. It's a Southern thing. ms-04.12.13

Made with a liqueur called Creme de Violette, The Aviation is the most lovely shade of pale blueish-purple and has a delicate and sweet floral taste. ab-04.12.13

Pick Your Poison coasters. dw-04.12.13

Absinthiana are the trappings and accessories associated with the drinking of absinthe, the wine-based drink invented in 1797 and nearly destroyed by the Great French Wine Blight of the mid-19th century. ab-04.05.13

Drinking lamp lit. jc-04.05.13

One of our favorites by Roger Ebert, "O'Rourke's was the ultimate singles bar, it was said: You went there with a date, and came home alone." A Bar on North Avenue. jc-04.04.13

For folks who always finish the bottle, a wine bottle wine glass. dw-03.29.13

A look at 10 of the Oldest, Most Historic Bars in the USA. ms-03.29.13

The extraterrestrial world of whiskey art. dw-03.29.13

So you know, a history of wine labels. ms-03.29.13

For the adults this Easter, how to make Peep-Infused Vodka. ms-03.29.13

Lots of nice beer packaging. jc-03.29.13

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. ms-03.22.13

Mature your own Whisky kit. ms-03.15.13

Drink Stirrers and Cocktail Sticks. ms-03.15.13

"People are really beer aficionados these days. When I first started, we just had Old Style and Schlitz on tap. It was a big deal when we got Heineken -- it was imported. Now people spend more time selecting a beer than they do a car." A profile of a true Chicago classic, Miller's Pub on Wabash. jc-03.15.13

Celebrating St Paddy's Day? Then you might find some of these hangover cures from the creative community useful. dw-03.15.13

Thank you Bell's for letting me know exactly how long until my favorite beer is back on shelves. ms-03.08.13

A discussion of old beer brands of Chicago. jc-03.01.13

So you know, the history of the Long Island Iced Tea. jc-02.22.13

Old Fashioned wallpaper for SD. dw-02.22.13

The Best Bar in the World That I Know About, by Roger Ebert. jc-02.22.13

The Last Barfighter is an arcade fighting game that serves beer to who ever wins the match. dw-02.15.13

Hoist a glass at the world's highest brewery. ms-02.08.13

A collection of beer-themed paper goods. dw-02.08.13

Rosie Schaap's list of Five Boozy Novels. Via Book Riot. jc-02.08.13

Local note: Neat: The Art of the Whiskey Vessel opens tonight at Lillstreet with, you guessed it, a whiskey tasting. Via GB. dw-02.01.13

Phineas' design for Half Acre's Gossamer Golden Ale made Paste's list of the top 30 beer can designs. IMHO, some of his others are even better. bb-01.25.13

From the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few pints this week, including an American Pal Ale at The Long Man in Litlington. That's 10,365 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-01.25.13

"How do you make bourbon? You take some moonshine, put it in a barrel, and add a bunch of federal regulations." Whiskey Business, by Wayne Curtis. Via American Drink. jc-01.25.13

Shots, shots, shots. dw-01.25.13

"These are America's pre-Prohibition breweries, the ones that were founded before passage of the 18th Amendment and then somehow emerged when we came back to our senses." ms-01.18.13

Had seen this spot for Weinhard's beer running, but had no idea it was shot at Giddings Fountain in Lincoln Square. sd-01.18.13

Related to below: Chicagoist took some umbrage with Chicago's picks for best dive bars and compiled a list of their own. Having been to at least half of these, I can attest to their "dive" authenticity. Thanks Tolva. sd-01.18.13

Chicago Magazine provides a sweet interactive map for your next stumble. jc-01.18.13

While it is close to 50 degrees here in Chicago today, someone, somewhere is cold and looking for a good Hot Toddy recipe. ms-01.11.13

"Tap rooms, even the nicest ones, are about drinking and nothing but. Which makes them, in this day and age, something of an anomaly, if not an outright anachronism." Tapped Out, by Mark W. Anderson, for Gapers. jc-01.11.13

The The Beer Flavor And Aroma Wheel. bb-01.11.13

Local note. One of our favorite Chicago newspaper stories ever at a location that is now one of our favorite watering holes, The Mirage Tavern, 35 Years Later, by Marcus Gilmer. jc-01.07.13

For the space enthusiast, the Rocket Cocktail Shaker. ms-01.04.13

Step by step instructions on Homebrewing Beer. ms-01.04.13

Make cocktails like a champ at your holiday party this year with the Bar10der. ms-12.21.12

The ladies of Drunk Monkeys get drunk and review all the strange liquors you've always wondered about. ko-12.21.12

The ladies of Drunk Monkeys get drunk and review all the strange liquors you've always wondered about. ko-12.21.12

A men's clothing store with a whiskey bar in the back. ko-12.21.12

There's still time to add the Arkeg Drink n Game to your Christmas list. dw-12.21.12

Jen Altman's Hot Buttered Bourbon. dw-12.21.12

All kinds of Friday Drink Links can be found in the new Lapham's Quarterly, Winter 2013: Intoxication. jc-12.21.12

Speaking of Roger Ebert, here's a FDL Classic. "O'Rourke's was the ultimate singles bar, it was said: You went there with a date, and came home alone." A Bar on North Avenue. jc-12.14.12

Rum Winter Warmers. dw-12.14.12

"So, to order a martini 'shaken, but not stirred' would suggest that (1) if a martini were shaken one might expect it also to be stirred, and (2) in this case a request was being made for said stirring not to be done. That would be ridiculous." Geoffrey Pullman on that most famous of cocktail orders. jc-12.13.12

84.99 for a six pack helps reclusive monks build a new roof and gets you one of the celebrated beers in the world. ms-12.12.12

"The popular conception of the saloon as a 'place where men and women revel in drunkenness and shame,' or 'where the sotted beasts gather nightly at the bar,' is due to exaggerated pictures, drawn by temperance lecturers and evangelists, intended to excite the imagination with a view to arousing public sentiment." Quittin' Time: A Visit to Chicago's Saloons. jc-12.07.12

Give your hot chocolate a kick with some Guinness marshmallows. ms-12.07.12

Holiday stress can drive even the most temperate soul to drink, which is why alcohol is usually a safe gift. dw-12.07.12

Every drink ever drank on "Mad Men." Via Chris Cillizza. jc-11.30.12

"...an hour alone before dinner, with a drink." —Joan Didion. jc-11.30.12

An army man bottle opener. dw-11.30.12

Beeracuda. jc-11.30.12

"Up with the sale of it, down with a pail of it, Glorious, glorious beer!" Labatt's Employee Drinking Songs Handbook. jc-11.30.12

Bottoms Up: Wisconsin's Historic Bars and Breweries. Via gmtPlus9(-15). jc-11.21.12

Perfect for the klutzy guest at this year's Thanksgiving, the wine sippy cup. ms-11.21.12

A really nice collection of Daylight Neon signs, including plenty of liquor stores, cocktail lounges, and gin joints. ms-11.16.12

Arizona Iced Tea is releasing a new drink called Richard Prince's Lemon Fizz at the only place where that would make any semblance of sense: Art Basel, Miami. sd-11.16.12

It's a little busy here this afternoon, would you mind mixing your own drinks? jc-11.09.12

Can't wait for Friday for this one. Four More Beers, by Clay Risen. "A brief history of presidents and their preferred libations." jc-11.06.12

"We're open. That is what bars are for. When it is pitch black outside, and you've been cooped up in your lightless apartment with no one to talk to, when you have lost whole swaths of the City that you love and everyone around you is unsure of what will happen next, the glimmer of candlelight though a bar's window is one of the most welcome sights in the world." ms-11.02.12

Shades, Dives and Other Varieties of British Bar, by Martyn Cornell. jc-11.02.12

Drambuie doubles down on the weird with this crazy spot. sd-11.02.12

The Whiskey Advent Calendar. Via Cool Material. ms-11.02.12

Photos from 1932's "We Want Beer" Parade. dh-10.26.12

Zero G Stoli. jc-10.26.12

Aptly named Armageddon, a brewery in Scotland has created the world's strongest beer. ms-10.26.12

A decidedly more adult Halloween confection, Candy Corn Cocktail shooters. ms-10.26.12

Devin Leonard on The Plot to Destroy America's Beer. Thanks Andrew. jc-10.26.12

"It was not uncommon to drink the equivalent of 50 cans in a day." And yet society rolled along. Germans Used to Drink an Astounding Amount of Beer, by Alexis C. Madrigal. jc-10.26.12

E = - (0.62T2 + 39.2W2 + 62.4P2) + (21.8T + 184.4W + 395.4P + 94.5M - 90.25V) + 50(S + F + 6.4).. ms-10.24.12

Stranger & Stranger wine and spirits packaging. jc-10.20.12

How to match wine with food ms-10.19.12

Laura Beck takes an SF San Francisco Booze Cruise for The Bold Italic. jc-10.19.12

Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman, which is exactly what it sounds like, except twice as epic. sd-10.19.12

London bartender makes the world's most expensive cocktail. ms-10.19.12

A classic FDL. "I like bars just after they open for the evening. When the air inside is still cool and clean and everything is shiny and the barkeep is giving himself that last look in the mirror to see if his tie is straight and his hair is smooth. I like the neat bottles on the bar back and the lovely shining glasses and the anticipation. I like to watch the man mix the first one of the evening and put it down on a crisp mat and put the little folded napkin beside it. I like to taste it slowly. The first quiet drink of the evening in a quiet bar--that's wonderful." —Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye. kg-10.12.12

So you know, the Complete GQ Beer Guide. ms-10.12.12

Pretty sure I scored the last six-pack of Bell's Seasonal Oberon beer the other night at the store. It is my go-to summer beer and a sure sign of Fall once it disappears from shelves. Luckily, I can check their calendar of availability to see when it comes back. ms-10.12.12

Related to the last, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener. ms-10.12.12

Getting hammered in the 17th Century. jc-10.05.12

"Alcohol, discovered by Prohibition agents during a raid on an illegal distillery, pours out of upper windows of three-story storefront in Detroit during Prohibition, 1929." ms-10.05.12

My wife and I are visiting Santa Fe, which has a thriving craft brewing scene. Last month, the first annual "Art of the Brew" Festival included Green Chile Cerveza, Flemish Sour Ales, and plenty more. The Santa Fe Reporter has a video recap. dh-10.05.12

Oktoberfest 2012. ms-09.29.12

So you know, how to make Blue Moon and Corona cupcakes. ms-09.28.12

Found while looking for something else entirely: from 1937, an internal, silent sales promo film for Safeway's house brand of pilsner: For Good Living (Brown Derby Beer). Come for the typography and the vintage film effects, stay for the great shots of beer making machines. sd-09.28.12

Drinkers of Natural Light appear to just be totally refusing to bother with any of this political junk. "What Your Beer Says About Your Politics." Where favorite brands land in an index measuring voter turnout and party affiliation. sd-09.28.12

BevBuckle. "American innovation at its best since 2002." Thanks Andrew. jc-09.28.12

SDJ for Suntory Whiskey. jc-09.21.12

An unusual Friday Drink Link, the U.S. conducted atomic weapons tests on beer. ms-09.21.12

No links, just wanna say I've been disappointed with every Slurpee flavor since Watermelon Lime (WTF "Purple for the People" is Vanilla?), but all is not lost, last night I discovered the sublime "Blackberry Orange Twist" at Denny's. Free Refills. Yum. bb-09.14.12

So you know, how to make a Beer milkshake. ms-09.14.12

A quick tip for how to escape from North Korea: get drunk near a river and grab a chunk of wood. sd-09.14.12

Speaking of admiration, it's a joy to watch a true professional at work. "One of the sublime moments of life..." Fourth-generation New Orleans bartender Chris McMillian mixing the King of Cocktails. jc-09.07.12

While I don't agree with everything Brad Gadberry says in The Martini FAQ, I do admire him for his thoroughness, enthusiasm and good humor. An excellent resource, via Robert Mcnicol. jc-09.07.12

Re-link because it is a Friday Drink Link Classic: Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas. ms-09.07.12

Late to the table on these, have been linked everywhere but love them all the same, Luchador Bottle Openers. ms-09.07.12

"A full straight glass of beer was polished off in 11 minutes, on average. A full flute, by contrast, was down the hatch in seven." dw-09.07.12

Wash down your Friday Drink Links with this auto-tuned cheeseburger review!! Oh my goodness. Via soyeahduh. ak-08.31.12

The Baggy Winecoat: Inner hillbilly and inner yuppie, unite! FINALLY, a purse for your wine box. Via SheSteals. My birthday's in September. ak-08.31.12

So you know, how to make a frozen cocktail with your ice cream maker. ms-08.31.12

Very funny ad for Carlton Draught. ms-08.31.12

Lucy wrote a little song about Beer Fear. Too good to wait until FDL. ms-08.28.12

So you know, how to make an easy Margarita. ms-08.24.12

The Travelling Gin Co. Via Good. dw-08.24.12

So you know, The Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols. ms-08.10.12

Olympic drinking games with My Drunk Kitchen. ms-08.03.12

Good idea in case the party gets a little out of hand this weekend, Wine Stain portraits. ms-08.03.12

FDL Classic #2. "Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy, by Ian Frazier. jc-08.03.12

FDL Classic #1. "I quickly met my second wife, a brilliant graduate student who liked to brag that she had never met a man who could drink her under the table. Then she met me." Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. jc-08.03.12

Related to below, if you find yourself in Midtown and are hot and thirsty, check out the fab Library Bar at The NoMad Hotel. ms-08.01.12

Beer loves you no matter what you look like. dw-07.27.12

If it's Friday, there must be Drink Links. jc-07.27.12

Cube Tube is a vertical ice cube tray that prevents you from spilling water while transporting a full tray of water to your freezer. It also provides the user better control while dropping the ice into a drink. dw-07.13.12

So you know, hangover cures From 1961. jc-07.13.12

An important resource and a classic FDL. "The following is a listing of "Bewitched" episodes in which the consumption of alcoholic beverages was shown, and by whom." jc-07.13.12

Well-made homage to The Great Escape in this spot for Carlsberg: "The Crate Escape." Directed by Peter Lydon. sd-07.13.12

Fun trailer for The Book of Beer Awesomeness, a "guide to amazing beer activities, party skills, and more than forty drinking games." sd-07.13.12

All you need to know about Craft beer in cans. ms-06.29.12

Relink. A face from Chicago typographic history (and tangentially a Friday Drink Link) based on a Goudy design, Pabst Oldstyle. Lovely. jc-06.29.12

As inspiration for your weekend, a collection of the drinking-est moments from The Thin Man movie series. ss-06.29.12

Relink because another John loves beer. jc-06.29.12

"People are really beer aficionados these days. When I first started, we just had Old Style and Schlitz on tap. It was a big deal when we got Heineken -- it was imported. Now people spend more time selecting a beer than they do a car." I forgot to post this last week as a FDL. A profile of a true Chicago classic, Miller's Pub on Wabash. jc-06.25.12

The drunken art of Nicaraguan bull riding. dw-06.22.12

What's This? A Beer?, sung to the Nightmare Before Christmas classic. sd-06.15.12

The extended cut of director Johan Renck's spot for Perrier, "The Spot." sd-06.15.12

So you know: how to make beer ice cream. Via TMN. ms-06.15.12

Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM. dw-06.15.12

Beer Candy. Via Cool Material. ms-06.15.12

Zulkey's ode to a local watering hole: "My Favorite Neighbor is a Bar." sd-06.08.12

If you're in the market for a cocktail of the summer, the Kentucky Buck is a fine choice. ss-06.08.12

Hopefully you're all enjoying Poland v Greece with a nice Szarlotka or Caipi-Taxa. bb-06.08.12

If it's Friday, there mist be Drink Links. jc-06.01.12

"If you want to get people loaded in the psych building, you've got a lot of forms to fill out." On Drunk Speech by Jessica Love. jc-06.01.12

Somewhat related to the last, but sure JC will disagree. A recipe for a Lemon Cream Pie Martini. ms-06.01.12

I'm a sucker for any story with the word "revenuer" in it. jc-06.01.12

In time for the holiday weekend, 20 ways to open a beer bottle. ms-05.25.12

So you know: how to build a Keezer. ms-05.18.12

Beer and Barbecue Pairings, from the folks at Epicurious. ms-05.18.12

Scrabble Coasters. ms-05.18.12

When the label gets warm the snowflake turns into a sun. Via Brand New. jc-05.18.12

"When I read this, my inner beer snob, the one I keep chained in a cinderblock room in the basement of my brain, burst out of captivity. Coors Light for the gold? Seriously?" jc-05.11.12

Soviet era posters on the dangers of drink. jc-05.11.12

A Proud History of Canadian Whisky. dw-05.04.12

The Art & Absinthe Guide to Brooklyn. dw-05.04.12

31 New uses for beer. dw-05.04.12

Local note: Chicago's 5th annual Zombie Pub Crawl takes place this Saturday. dw-04.27.12

Looking for a craft beer? There's an App for that. ms-04.27.12

For your Man Cave, the Brew Cave. Via Bless This Stuff. ms-04.27.12

"The daiquiri is a good, hard drink. Simple, dry, refreshing, a classic sour with more in common to a Tom Collins than a Slurpee." —Albert McMurry. jc-04.13.12

"I feel like gin. Just make something up." The Subversive Charm of Day Drinking, by Rosie Schapp. jc-04.13.12

Nice new sophisticated look for Seagram's Ginger Ale by Hatch. jc-04.13.12

So you know, how to open a wine bottle using your shoe. ms-04.13.12

From the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few pints this week including a Merchant Navy at The Cottage in Somerset. That's 9516 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-04.13.12

Ace bottle opener. dw-04.06.12

My favorite cocktail of the moment: The Bourbon Sidecar (but even more lazily prepared). bb-03.30.12

Jay Brooks' homage to Michael Jackson, the beer writer, who would have turned 70 this week. sd-03.30.12

The Eight Kindes of Drunkennes from 1592. jc-03.30.12

"You'll Pop Your Top." Kebo. Brilliant. ms-03.30.12

Beer shampoo. ms-03.23.12

Rest easy SD, The Hobbit Pub has been saved. ms-03.23.12

A lengthy, epic spot for Absolut that's a cross between Tron and Madonna's Frozen music vid, and is of particular interest to owners of a specific breed of dog: Absolut Greyhound. sd-03.23.12

"Het his Kettle," "Nimptopsical," "He's got his Top Gallant Sails out." Benjamin Franklin's Drinker's Dictionary. Via The Awesomer. ms-03.23.12

Christopher Buckley's quick history of the martini. Also, Perfect. jc-03.23.12

Not that I need another daily deals site to sign up for but I just discovered a new one for wine that may prove to be a bit dangerous winestyr oh, and they're Chicago-based. vcd-03.16.12

Not that I need another daily deals site to sign up for but I just discovered a new one for wine that may prove to be a bit dangerous winestyr oh, and they're Chicago-based. vcd-03.16.12

How to round up your mates on St. Patrick's Day. ms-03.16.12

A FDL for St. Patrick's Day. A drinker with writing problem. jc-03.16.12

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, How to Pour the Perfect Guinness From a Can. ms-03.16.12

Drinks Cart might look nice hanging above your home bar. dw-03.16.12

Can't wait til Friday, great New Zealand beer ad, The Wine is Over. ms-03.12.12

Stainless steel engraved flasks. Stay classy. ms-03.09.12

For you bikers out there, the Donkey 6 pack bike bag. ms-03.09.12

Wow. That is one serious wine bottle opener. ms-03.09.12

Behind the bar with Jen Altman's Morocco. Thanks Anne. jc-03.02.12

RateBeer picks their top 100 Best Brewers in the World. ms-03.02.12

Tom Cecil's hipflask. dw-03.02.12

"My husband is in the habit of buying a quart of wiskey every other day from a Chinese bootlegger named Chin Waugh living at 317-16th near Alder street." A letter to the Seattle Bureau of Prohibition, 1931. jc-03.01.12

Thirsty? Belly up to the bar with our big, sloppy collection of Friday Drink Links. jc-02.24.12

Old Fashioned 101. Via Kottke. jc-02.24.12

In honor of National Margarita Day today, here are 49 margarita recipes for you. Crank up the blender! ms-02.22.12

Bay van der Bunt's collection of vintage liquors dating back to 1789 can be yours for the low, low price of $8M. dw-02.17.12

Generally speaking, musicians know how to drink, here's what they're drinking. Via Michael Kauffman. jc-02.17.12

"'It's a bull shot,' said event planner Randall Hall as he sipped a half-inch of vodka-infused beef bouillon off his hearty amber-colored cocktail. 'I ordered it because that's what Noel Coward served the Queen Mother.'" A Literary Salon at Musso & Frank, by Alissa Walker. jc-02.17.12

Vintage Beer Labels. An excellent exhibit for MoOM and a Friday Drink Link too. jc-02.10.12

What to do when you have beer bottles, a golf ball, an excavator, and some time on your hands. ms-02.10.12

Really great looking industrial tool bottle opener. sd-02.10.12

A visual representation of the constitutions of classic cocktails. ms-02.03.12

Apparently, only to be seen in Canada but it sure beats any Super Bowl commercial I've seen so far this year, BudweiserCanada's Flash Fans. For BB, MJ, and JC. ms-02.03.12

"One of the sublime moments of life..." McMillian mixing the King of Cocktails. jc-02.03.12

Friday Drink Links, bottoms up. jc-02.03.12

An early entry into the Friday Drink Links, Das Beer Boot commercial. I really don't even know what to say about this... just watch it. mcj-02.02.12

"Fortunately for us, when working with a single pen, a blank card, and as little time as possible, all alcohols are clear." Laurea's Fastest Possible Martini. jc-01.31.12

"Alone!" jc-01.27.12

From photographer Jonathon Kambouris: Beer Garden. ms-01.27.12

Each opener is manually machined from cold formed steel and hand stamped with the production number. Finish is a dark gun blue with a light coat of wax to prevent rusting. The strap is sewn tanned leather. It has a solid weighty feel yet small enough to carry around. dw-01.27.12

Probably not safe for work, nor anywhere else, but wonderfully written and absurdly hilarious all the same: this site for a quaint pub in England. sd-01.20.12

Speaking of mugs, we found a Thundermug while we were cleaning the photo room the other day. "This better work!" has become the new office catchphrase. bb-01.20.12

Because you really can't wait until you get out of the shower to drink your beer, Tub Mug. ms-01.20.12

As a Serb/Croat, it's my bound duty to drink Slivovitz. Most is pretty bad, but the nearly impossible-to-find Zuta Osa is the best, and the slighty more common Manastir is pretty drinkable, too. Just days ago, I finally came across this Slivovitz Cocktail recipe that makes the stuff actually taste great. bb-01.20.12

America's 100 best beer bars. Yes, I purposely anchored the Midwest in the link. let-01.20.12

Another. The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising. jc-01.20.12

Call it a "double." A Friday Drink Link and a MoOM exhibit: The Museum of the American Cocktail. jc-01.20.12

"I don't know if the nudie playing cards are absolutely essential, but this trick is pretty neat." Kottke on The Whisky and Water Trick. jc-01.20.12

Why not get your own tiki bar this year? Just be careful who you invite over to help you celebrate. ms-01.13.12

Everyone should have a bathtub champagne chiller. ms-01.13.12

Mixologist Francesco Lafranconi organized an event at this year's Tales of the Cocktail Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana to set a Guinness World Record for the world's largest Negroni. dw-01.13.12

Next time you're headed out to the pub, bring the dog along. sd-01.13.12

Arfsolut Vodka. dw-01.06.12

How 1940s whiskey ads predicted the future. ms-01.06.12

Springfield, Missouri's Mother's Brewery recreates the Laverne and Shirley opening. Via Brookston Beer Bulletin. sd-12.23.11

My Perfect Manhattan, by Brendan Dawes. jc-12.23.11

My Drunk Kitchen's Holiday Special. ms-12.21.11

Posted a day late for FDL, Where the f*ck should I go for drinks. ms-12.17.11

Based on the famous cocktails poster by Konstantin Datz, you now have the world's finest cocktails all in one greatly designed iPhone app. dw-12.16.11

Whisky Stones. dw-12.16.11

The Beer Can Christmas Tree. sd-12.16.11

AT-AT Liquor Cabinet. ms-12.09.11

I'm perfectly happy with supermarket "nog" and some Jim Beam, but maybe I'll step up my eggnog game this year. bb-12.09.11

44% of U.S. adults agree that they would never go out on another date with a person if they did not tip the bartender. jc-12.09.11

How to work miracles from the Seventies bottles in your old man's drinking cabinet, Emergency Christmas cocktails. ms-12.09.11

This one can't wait until Friday. Graphic design for suds. Oh Beautiful Beer. Via Allen Peters. jc-12.05.11

Related to the last, Chris McMillian makes an Old-Fashioned. jc-12.02.11

"The old-fashioned is at once 'the manliest cocktail order' and 'something your grandmother drank,' and between those poles we discover countless simple delights, evolutionary wonders, and captivating abominations." —Troy Patterson. jc-12.02.11

Relink. Legendary imbiber Luis Bunuel's Martini recipe. (Go here for stills from The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoise showing one of these legendary creatures being made.) cs-12.02.11

Slow motion cocktails. ms-12.02.11

Tis the season, a handy guide to how drunk you can get at your office Christmas party. ms-12.02.11

So you know, how many sips in a glass of beer. ms-11.18.11

From the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a few pints this week including a Puffing Billy at The Cottage in Somerset. That's 9085 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-11.18.11

The paper wine bottle, with "ten per cent of the carbon footprint of glass" (also, though the description would imply otherwise, it apparently doesn't leak). sd-11.18.11

"The friend of vodka is the enemy of trade unions!" and other sound advice from this collection of Soviet-era anti-alcohol posters. sd-11.18.11

A FDL on a Thursday. Just because. Bully Boy Distillers Make Vodka. jc-11.17.11

For BB, Bacon Maple Ale. ms-11.11.11

Is is Beer o'Clock? ms-11.11.11

Getting hammered in the 17th Century. Thanks Peacay. jc-11.11.11

So you know, why beer growlers are bad for your brew. ms-11.11.11

A concise timeline of beer history. ms-11.11.11

Fourth-generation New Orleans bartender Chris McMillian on how to properly make an Old Fashioned. jc-11.11.11

So you know, how to convert a mini-keg into a touch lamp. ms-11.11.11

The Breweries of the Original United States. dw-11.11.11

"The Kylie Minogue"
8 oz. Absinthe
8 oz. Wheatgrass juice
Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. What are you listening to? dw-11.11.11

Cocktails & Cologne, by Harry Sheff. Bookmarked for future FDL snagging. jc-11.11.11

A look at some of the world's top beer gardens. ms-11.04.11

Nice collection of creative and unique wine label designs. ms-11.04.11

A perfect gift for SD. ms-11.04.11

Wired takes a look at the Best Boozers in Film. ms-10.28.11

Re-link because it is silly and goofy and a perfect Friday Drink Link, the Lego Beer Song. ms-10.28.11

Beer at Work: A case for drinking on the job. ms-10.28.11

Have Siri pour you a beer. dw-10.28.11

So you know, creative ways to backpack with booze. ms-10.21.11

On a Friday afternoon, after a long week, this old favorite seems appropriate... jc-10.21.11

A crystal skull shot glass. dw-10.21.11

"Tap rooms, even the nicest ones, are about drinking and nothing but. Which makes them, in this day and age, something of an anomaly, if not an outright anachronism." Tapped Out, Chicago's fading saloon culture, by Mark W. Andserson, for Gapers. jc-10.21.11

"Step Together," a Johnnie Walker spot by BBH. See also the excellent "Man Who Walked Around the World." Via George Parker. jc-10.14.11

Free the Hooch! A look at craft booze and The Breuckeler Distilling Company, by Kim Lisagor for American Drink. jc-10.14.11

Trailer for The Swimmer, 1968. jc-10.14.11

"On any given morning I can usually determine what my blood alcohol content was the night prior based solely on what I'm wearing when I wake." By Matthew Baldwin. jc-10.14.11

Pour your own Friday Drink Link. jc-10.14.11

Seth Stevenson's piece about the significance of the the American party staple: the red solo cup. sd-10.14.11

Early in the week for a Friday drink link but worth posting today, the Metro Wine Map of France. ms-10.11.11

So you know, how beer gets skunked. ms-10.07.11

AskMen has a rundown of the Top 10 Strange Beer Names. ms-10.07.11

Beer soap. dw-10.07.11

A man walks into a bar... Some Kinda Joke. sd-09.30.11

6 PM. dw-09.30.11

My machine converts words into cocktails. ms-09.23.11

Local note for Denver folks: stop in the Ritz Carlton and get a beer massage. ms-09.23.11

Mapping the beer belly of America. jc-09.23.11

A little bourbon shop. dw-09.16.11

Starts in Munich tomorrow, everything you need to know about Oktoberfest. Wo ist das Bierzelt? ms-09.16.11

Despite being a curse word in German, the Ficken brand of schnapps has been granted a trademark. sd-09.16.11

La Famille et l'Alcool c. 1900. jc-09.16.11

Think JC may need to do a little adjustment on his recipe if he wants to use one of these. ms-09.16.11

Taxidermy and brewing collide: $765, 55% alcohol Beer packaged inside roadkill. bb-09.16.11

Sea Shanties and Drinking Songs. ms-09.09.11

It was at Tony Soma's, reportedly, that a bartender asked Dorothy, "What are you having?" and she replied, "Not much fun." Where Dorothy Parker drank. jc-09.09.11

Craft beer shampoo, Broo. ms-09.09.11

Here we go again. The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy. Via Boing Boing. jc-09.09.11

Yipes, we have never listed Dan Jenkins' Ten Stages of Drunkenness in our Friday Drink Links before. Fixing that right now, from his book, Baja Oklahoma.
1. Witty & Charming
2. Rich and Powerful
3. Benevolent
4. Clairvoyant
5. Fuck Dinner
6. Patriotic
7. Crank up the Enola Gay
8. Witty & Charming, Part II
9. Invisible
10. Bulletproof jc-09.02.11

A classic FDL. "The whole sequence is free of dialogue or music. It's just an actor and a bottle, and is one of William Holden's finest moments as an actor. If written today, the scene would probably include some Christ-awful monologue where the character describes his feelings." Modern Drunkard on Mr. Sam Peckinpah. jc-09.02.11

Bram writes, "Attached, a scan of The Sixty Happy Gloomchasers, a promo from Toomey & Cody Liquor Store in Springfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1933. Found in my grandparents' house; odd because I never knew them to take a drink." jc-09.02.11

Beer Cupcakes. ms-09.02.11

"Sober Whigs threatened respectable wives and daughters with their 'presbyterian itch...'" 17th-Century Drinking Wisdom, by Lili Loofbourow. jc-09.02.11

So you know, How to brew your own beer in college and impress all your friends. ms-09.02.11

Use your sunglasses to open your beer. ms-08.19.11

James Hopkins balancing beer. dw-08.19.11

A FDL a day early and a well-deserved re-link, the best thing in the internets, Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas. ms-08.18.11

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a report on the correlation between education level and the average annual expenditure on alcohol. sd-08.12.11

For SD and BB: the shot glass lens set. ms-08.12.11

This week marked the opening of world's smallest brewery. ms-08.12.11

Spot for UK dairy company Cravendale asks who first thought to milk a cow? sd-08.12.11

Nice, well-shot, quiet spot for San Miguel. sd-08.05.11

TGIFDL. jc-08.05.11

Mojitos, chips and salsa. dw-08.05.11

Our friends at Philadelphia's Art in the Age have just introduced a new liqueur: Rhuby. If it's anywhere as good as Root or Snap, I'll be buying bottles on a regular basis. sd-07.29.11

Bar's Open. jc-07.29.11

How about cartons of alcohol instead of bottles? dw-07.29.11

Brendan is a man who knows his typography and his Manhattans, especially Manhattans. jc-07.22.11

Today's most awesome Friday Drink Link. jc-07.22.11

FotA Erica and Fuzzy have launched the alcohol-fueled web series Drunk Monkeys where each week they'll attempt to drink things straight that usually call for mixers. sd-07.22.11

"Times for beer shall be: 6, 9, 11, 2, and 4 o'clock, not to exceed three glasses at a time." Drinking On the Job? by Whet. jc-07.22.11

Related to the last, from the FDL files. Good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a couple pints over the weekend including a Desert Aire at Ringside in Leeds. That's 8733 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-07.18.11

So you know, the Art of Champagne Making. ms-07.15.11

An illustrated guide to modern etiquette, The Rules of Going to a Bar Alone, by Christie Young. jc-07.15.11

Icobeer. dw-07.15.11

Can't wait until Friday for this one. Notcot on some truly remarkable package design for Stillhouse Moonshine. jc-07.12.11

How to stock a home bar. dw-07.08.11

A lovely FDL. The Very Very Many Varieties of Beer. Via Laughing Squid. jc-07.08.11

Silicone bottle screws. dw-07.08.11

Happy early 4th of July to My Jello Americans. Let us now quiver with patriotic pride. wm-07.01.11

The American Homebrewers Association picked their 2011 Best Beers in America. While Michigan's Bells Brewery has a few entries, my current fave, the seasonal Bells Oberon is sadly missing from the list. ms-07.01.11

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails. dw-07.01.11

Beer Spa Bahenec. dw-07.01.11

Scroll down past the photos of drunken Stanley Cup winning hockey players and check out their bar tab. ms-06.24.11

Beer Candy. ms-06.24.11

A scan of the pages from the Russian book With Joint Forces Against Drunkenness, which "was published with the purpose of agitation for Gorbachev's alcohol ban in 1989." sd-06.24.11

This liquor store wanted you to know that it was a liquor store. Via Shorpy. wm-06.17.11

Get Drunk Not Fat. dw-06.17.11

Incomparabili Vini Italiani. dw-06.17.11

So you know, how to drink like your favorite authors ms-06.17.11

Related to the last: another key bottle opener. I have it and it works great. mcj-06.10.11

The blank key bottle opener. dw-06.10.11

"...but instead of featuring a chateau, they are named for an animal, which is often doing something." Helpful advice from Matthew Latkiewicz on judging wines by their labels. jc-06.10.11

An excellent product and one I will be using at Ravinia this summer, the Steady Sticks Wine Glass and Bottle holders. ms-06.10.11

American Drink at 1. jc-06.10.11

My menu for a Laura Ingalls Wilder-themed cocktail party: Grasshoppers, vodka-spiked Dairy Queen Blizzards, and a shot of Prairie Fire. wm-06.10.11

JAQK playing cards. dw-06.10.11

It's easy to finish off a bottle of ROOT liquor very quickly (spoken from experience), but what to do while waiting for your resupply? Art in the Age shows you how to make your own bottle terrariums. sd-06.10.11

Make beer this summer at Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. dw-06.03.11

The Sidebar is a handcrafted cabinet featuring a laterally sliding panel revealing adjacent compartments for glassware and liquor storage. dw-06.03.11

Great read, The Mystery of the Canadian Whiskey Fungus. ms-06.03.11

Can't wait until Friday with this one. Five beers drunk and illustrated by Dave Murray. Via Drawn. jc-06.01.11

Hannah Hart's Drunk Kitchen. Via American Drink. jc-05.27.11

The rebranding of Red Hook Beer. ms-05.27.11

Pop vs Soda maps, always worth a repost. bb-05.20.11

The remote controlled rolling beverage cooler. ms-05.20.11

RadiCola, proud sponsor of the 1984 Olympics. Keep it away from Party Pete. bb-05.20.11

Tastes Tasty. dw-05.20.11

Cab and chocolate cake for everyone! ms-05.20.11

Beer! ms-05.20.11

Nicely shot, this spot for Captain Morgan's, but nothing to write home about. Mostly interesting because it was directed by Oscar-winning director of The King's Speech, Tom Hooper. sd-05.20.11

Local note and a FDL a day early, today is the start of Chicago Craft Beer Week. ms-05.19.11

Scotland toasts new whiskey-powered bioenergy plant. ms-05.13.11

I guess your beer choice really does say something about you. ms-05.13.11

George Washington's recipe for his Small Beer. dw-05.13.11

So you know, the story of bourbon, the Kentucky Derby, and the Mint Julep. ms-05.06.11

The Graffiti Cocktail Shaker. Via the always fab Selectism. ms-05.06.11

The Museum of the American Cocktail presents The Math of Mixology. jc-05.06.11

So you know, how to make herb-infused vodkas. dw-05.06.11

"There's a limit to the changes I'm willing to make." One bar, one man, one brand - Schumann's. jc-05.02.11

Biking to an event and need somewhere to store your bottle of wine? Jesse has you covered. Via d*s. dw-04.29.11

Great headline for a quality drink link: "Beer-Only Fast Ends with Bacon Smoothie." sd-04.29.11

Video for Lykke Li's Sadness is a Blessing. dw-04.29.11

In this promo, Budweiser claims to have "for the very first time in history" brought "soccer and nightlife finally together" with Poolball. It looks fun, but clearly they must not be aware of the existence of Foosball. sd-04.29.11

Related to the last. "From the land of sky-blue waters..." jc-04.22.11

So great. Hamm's Beer bar sign, 1960. Via Best Made. jc-04.22.11

The Saké Dance. dw-04.21.11

"...and everything by Steppenwolf." Eli Terry has an idea for a beer commercial. jc-04.21.11

A must have for the studio: the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. A fun spot for it as well. sd-04.21.11

Going to roll out a few FDLs, since today sort of qualifies as a Friday-ish Thursday with the holiday and all. jc-04.21.11

Local Note: See you tonight at Press & Pull. Because, really, who doesn't love free wine and beer? mcj-04.15.11

Like wine charms, only for your beer. ms-04.15.11

Beer bottle Labelmania. ms-04.15.11

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit. ms-04.15.11

What's a good Spring beer? bb-04.08.11

So you've finally finished your taxes, celebrate or drown your sorrows with the Income Tax Cocktail. ms-04.08.11

For when you want a cold one when you wake up, Breakfast Beer. ms-04.08.11

The drinking and linking lamp is lit. jc-04.08.11

Just what every urban cowboy needs, a holster for your beer. ms-04.01.11

Beer Wars. ms-03.25.11

"But at the same time, where is the line? What is the difference between a bar yelling NORM! and a bar mumbling, Oh God, it's Norm again..." He Was a Friend of Mine, by James Thornburg for American Drink. jc-03.25.11

"Amidst the periodic aftershocks and emergency sirens with instructions in Japanese, the decision was unanimous. We needed a drink." jc-03.25.11

F=DL. Hic. jc-03.25.11

Wine Labels in Azerbaijan. sd-03.25.11

Welcome to My Drunk Kitchen. ms-03.25.11

"6. be proactive and pray. even this may really work." Wasted German Youth Beer. jc-03.25.11

A drink link a day early, but given that it's St. Patrick's Day: a recipe for The Potato Colada. sd-03.17.11

The perfect Irish coffee. dw-03.17.11

JC's on his way to Austin, so we're all listening to Japanese metal and chugging Walgreens beer. Well, at least *I* am. bb-03.11.11

Because there isn't much better than bikes and beer, in Minneapolis, in the winter, The Stupor Bowl 2011 mcj-03.04.11

What's the perfect companion to Art in the Age's amazing Root liqueur? A limited-edition, Washed Winnimere Cheese brushed with Root. sd-03.04.11

Palette coasters. dw-03.04.11

A behind-the-scenes look at the art installation, Come On Guy, wherein the artists invited four New Jersey frat brothers into a glassed-in cube to drink beer for hours on end. sd-03.04.11

Not sure what beer to choose this weekend? Think this will help. ms-03.04.11

Particularly fun because I was just sitting at this very bar exactly a week ago, a recreation of the photo "The Stormin' of the Sazerac," originally taken in 1949 when the bar stopped denying entrance for women. sd-03.04.11

It's comforting to know that, in 1976, Pabst Blue Ribbon wouldn't challenge anyone to strap on a rocketbelt and fly without wings, unless they knew what they were doing. Via Brookston Beer Bulletin. sd-03.04.11

The Chicago Code drinking game. Via GB. dw-02.25.11

A FDL check-in on good ol' reliable John. He enjoyed a couple pints last night including a Kernal Victorian Mild at Redemption in Tottenham. That's 8371 beers since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-02.25.11

So you know, how to make a laser out of gin and tonic. ms-02.25.11

Related. NPR's Great American Writers and Their Cocktails. Faulkner and his julep. jc-02.25.11

Related to the last, "Is the alcoholic Southern writer depicted in the movie Barton Fink based on Faulkner, and is it an accurate portrayal?" and other questions are answered in the WFotW FAQ. jc-02.25.11

What Would Faulkner Drink? jc-02.25.11

For SD's impending trip to New Orleans. dw-02.23.11

Relinking from yesterday! A fine FDL if there ever was one, Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas. jc-02.18.11

Stranger and Stranger specializes in packaging and design for liquor. The whole portfolio is aces including their own holiday Absinthe. Plus check The Waxed Bat Shiraz, Innis & Glunn Beer and Maestro Tequila. jc-02.18.11

"...not everybody drank the same, and different occasions called for different beverages and required different states of intoxication, or rather inebriation, for being drunk did not stigmatize the drinker." A Drinking Bout in Several Parts (Part 1: Ale) by Anatoly Liberman. Via TMN. jc-02.18.11

We hoist a frosty mug to our hometown for topping Esquire Magazine's list of the 7 Best U.S. Cities to Drink Beer. ms-02.18.11

Public School, American Drink and a alcohol-infused winter music mix. jc-02.11.11

Every man has a dream, but few are brave or crazy enough to pursue it. "It just so happened that Mel Johnson was plenty brave enough. And he wasn't exactly short on crazy, either." Boozetown. jc-02.11.11

Filling a 'Trenta' with wine to illustrate the size of Starbucks' new 31 oz. cup. sd-02.11.11

Beer Marshmallows. No thanks, but the beer brittle on its own sounds pretty good. bb-02.11.11

Oops. dw-02.11.11

In honor of all the beer that will be consumed during the big game today, take the Beer Label Quiz. ms-02.06.11

An inspirational infographic of the perfect drink. Thanks Tomas. ms-02.04.11

Perfect for your next picnic. Yes, I said picnic, people. It WILL happen again, despite all the snow. The never. ending. snow. Or, keep one or five in the trunk for when you get stuck in the snow. The lovely and stylish WineBotas. Via Cool Hunting. ms-01.28.11

Want. The remote control snack and drink pool float. Have to get the pool first. ms-01.28.11

Mixed Reviews a clever cocktail of a poster by Moxy Creative House. jc-01.28.11

So you know, how to stir a cocktail. dw-01.28.11

Capone, Dillinger, Floyd, Kelly, Siegel and Luciano, mug shots shot glasses. ms-01.28.11

Can't wait for Friday to post this very important news about filling beers from the bottom. jc-01.25.11

Tired of the regular old wine bottle openers? Step up your game with the Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver with Corkscrew Attachment. Power tools and booze, this may be the only safe combination of the two. ms-01.21.11

Bottles of whisky abandoned in the Antarctic a century ago by Ernest Shackleton have been retrieved, will be drunk. Via io9. kg-01.21.11

If you're not a scotch whiskey connoisseur, but like to drink the stuff regardless, you'll appreciate scotch in a can. sd-01.21.11

20 classic men's movies liquerated. ms-01.21.11

A lovely little bear coaster for your beer. ms-01.14.11

Beer Catapult Fridge. jc-01.14.11

The truth about beer goggles. ms-01.14.11

Tea Duckie. dw-01.14.11

An unsettling find when comparing a small beer to the more expensive large beer at Seattle's Qwest Field. Egg on their faces, the team has announced that there will be only one size/price at the next Seahawks game. sd-01.14.11

So you know, the weirdest beers in the world. ms-01.14.11

Outside a mountain village still known for its wine-making skill, archaeologists unearthed a large vat set in a platform for treading grapes, along with the well-preserved remains of crushed grapes, seeds and vine leaves, dating to about 6,100 years ago. dw-01.14.11

Hooray for absinthe! ll-01.14.11

The underground City of Wine. ms-01.07.11

Foster Brooks appearances on the Dean Martin Roasts. jc-01.07.11

If you're short on bar supplies for a toast tonight, here are four drink recipes containing mayonnaise. Yum. sd-12.31.10

Ring in the New Year 24 times over, drinks around the world. ms-12.31.10

For every holiday party, the right drink. ms-12.17.10

Surely it must be five o'clock somewhere. ms-12.17.10

Shot Roulette. ms-12.17.10

I ♥ Beer. dw-12.17.10

Got one of these as a gift this year (thanks Jim and Leslie!) and looking forward to trying it out, the recycled windshield white wine decanter. ms-12.17.10

Snow forces eight-day lock-in at Kirkbymoorside pub. jc-12.10.10

Codex xcix on Hemingway and the Cocktail, including instructions. jc-12.10.10

Stainless steel shot glass designed to look like a shot gun shell, the ShotShell. ms-12.10.10

"It's like a grey flannel suit for your PBR." dw-12.10.10

Why wait for Friday when there's a miniature half-naked lady in your drink. jc-12.07.10

"F-- you if you don't like egg nog. F-- you if you don't like other kinds of nog.", my new favorite NSFW Christmas song from Married to the Sea bb-12.03.10

A beautifully directed Japanese spot for Shiro Sake using the whole of She & Him's Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? sd-12.03.10

College students build a robot to pour the perfect pint. ms-12.03.10

The SHIRO Cheers System. dw-12.03.10

"All I know is that we ended up racking up a $300 tab at a Belgian beer bar. This headache is the most expensive thing I own right now." ms-11.26.10

Altoids Tin Martini Kit. jc-11.26.10

Man, it's been quite a week here. It's cocktail time. jc-11.19.10

Also discovered at GLD: Milwaukee-made Bittercube Bitters, available in six varieties. bb-11.19.10

Visited the Great Lakes Distillery last weekend, makers of Milwaukee's finest vodka, gin, absinthe, and more. The tour is free ($3 extra for tasting) but good luck leaving without spending $100+ on their booze. bb-11.19.10

"One thing this country has always enjoyed is a good drink. Whether it was rum on the Atlantic, bourbon at the races or that Bloody Mary at Sunday Brunch, alcohol is the American Drink." jc-11.19.10

The Detroit Wine Truck is up, running and legal. dw-11.19.10

A sad but probably necessary note to pub patrons. jc-11.19.10

Time Out Chicago's 50 Unknown Bars, which includes my neighborhood watering hole, Ollie's. sd-11.12.10

I see a trip to the ER written all over this. Feast your eyes on the Shoot A Brew cooler. ms-11.12.10

Vino mug. ms-11.12.10

Chocolate Cherry Amaretto milkshake shots. ms-11.05.10

10 Modern highball glasses. dw-11.05.10

For BB, bacon soda. ms-11.05.10

Adult Chocolate Milk. ms-10.29.10

So you know, the worst beers in the world. Knowledge is power my friends. ms-10.29.10

Why bother with a bong when you can just drink your high. ms-10.22.10

It appears John enjoyed a glass of One Hope Cascade a couple nights ago in Alresford, Hampshire. That's 8079 pints since May of 1995, but who's counting? jc-10.08.10

Pour your own FDL's today, the bar's open. jc-10.08.10

"The classic combination of oak and bridle leather blend together superbly in these beautiful hand built drinks cases where my craftsmen work to exacting standards, moulding best leather around the oak sided and lined cabinet prior to hand sewing the seams and handles." Via Mister Crew. dw-10.08.10

Root, the world's greatest liqueur, is branching out into New Jersey and Colorado. Adds fuel to my hopes that it'll one day be available in every bar in Illinois. sd-10.08.10

COLT+RANE visits Tuthilltown Spirits. dw-10.01.10

Landlord wanted for Britain's most remote pub. ms-10.01.10

Gin and Tonic bubble tea. ms-10.01.10

Rainbow cocktails. ms-09.24.10

A look at the sleek modern headquarters of Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery. sd-09.24.10

When you're out on the tractor, skid steer or lawn mower, chances are a cool beverage would be nice. Problem is, your rig isn't a truck and you probably don't have a cup holder on it. Problem solved. ms-09.24.10

Pop Chart Lab's Many Varieties of Beer Poster. jc-09.24.10

How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe. ms-09.24.10

Oktoberfest 2010. ms-09.22.10

"Summon the children just before you mix the martini. Announce to them that it is now grownup's hour – and they are to pursue their play elsewhere. The martini hour is for those are going to drink martinis." dw-09.17.10

"Bring your own resealable bottles, Poland Spring containers, jerrycans, whatever. Or you can get one at the store. Select your grade (red, white, or rosé). Pump. Print receipt." dw-09.17.10

Cockeyed asks two important questions: "How Much is Inside a Bottle of Wine?" and "How Much is Inside a Keg?" sd-09.17.10

SD, think you might want to get Briscoe one of these. ms-09.17.10

Now you can get your cholesterol and a buzz at the same time, deep-fried beer. ms-09.17.10

"In addition to tasting they would test the brew by donning leather trousers and sitting in a puddle of beer on a stool for half an hour." Hops, Hogsheads & Horsepower, a highly-selective history of beer, by Adrian Teal. jc-09.17.10

A simple tool of great utility. One magnet captures the bottle cap; one holds opener to the fridge. dw-09.10.10

Good news for drinkers, we outlive non-drinkers. mgr-09.03.10

An empty glass resembles a meaningless colorful mosaic, until a liquid is poured into it, revealing its name. dw-09.03.10

Cork wine stoppers and pourers in one. dw-09.03.10

Friday Drink Links, an open bar. jc-08.27.10

The regularly entertaining Exercising While Intoxicated attempts to run the San Francisco Half Marathon while drinking a beer every mile. Won't spoil anything to tell you that it doesn't end well. sd-08.27.10

For the next time you're in Peru and craving some cuy: 4 Delectable Rodents and the Wines That Go with Them. Via J-Walk. sd-08.27.10

A Friday Drink Link and music vid of the moment, all in one: Riva Starr's I Was Drunk. Maybe a little too close to those E*Trade spots, but far more enjoyable and much better shot. sd-08.27.10

Put the State Fair of Texas at the top of your to-do list this summer. There will be two booths serving deep fried beer. dw-08.27.10

Remember that 100 year old crate of whiskey scientists pulled out of Ernest Shackleton's hut in Antarctica? Science aside, their first discovery was that a member of his crew had been taking secrets swigs before putting the bottles away. sd-08.20.10

Scientists have determined the best way to pour champagne. ms-08.13.10

A Peroni sponsored short film (count how many times you see their logo and that ribbon) by director Gabriele Muccino: Senza Tempo. sd-08.13.10

An unfortunately titled site, and more than a touch mean spirited, but get past that and there are some interesting taste descriptions: Bum Wine. sd-08.13.10

Perfect for a hot summer night, the beer popsicle. ms-08.13.10

Make sure your friends don't bogart the beer. ms-08.13.10

A cabinet maker, an engraver and a calligrapher walk into a bar. dw-08.06.10

Our pals at Art in the Age have just released Snap, a ginger organic spirit. If it's as good as their Root, I'll be buying a case of that one, too. sd-08.06.10

Save your beer! Beersavers. ms-08.06.10

"Fifty years ago, men ordered Manhattans, women drank Mai Tais, and no one brought guns to school. The logic is irrefutable." Margaret Mason's Case for Cocktails. jc-08.06.10

"Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy, by Ian Frazier. jc-07.30.10

Just a couple of guys, having a drink at a bar in Italy, 50 years ago. Lovely. ms-07.30.10

Watermelon Lime Sangria. Yum. ms-07.30.10

The fine folk at American Drink make me wish every day was a Friday night, and that this one was wrapping itself up at Jimmy's Corner. cw-07.30.10

Monty Python's Holy Grail beer. ms-07.30.10

Can't bear to wait until Friday on this one. Our pal Andy Adams of Flak Photo recently edited a swell piece that features photos by Carl Corey shot in Wisconsin Taverns. Idyllic. jc-07.28.10

Margarita cupcakes. ms-07.23.10

This would be refreshing today when the heat index here is supposed to hit 108 (!) The Hemingway Daiquiri. ms-07.23.10

The only t-shirt you should be wearing this summer. ms-07.23.10

Some of Ernest Shackleton's 102-year-old scotch is finally being thawed. Unfortunately "for analysis, not to be tasted." sd-07.23.10

For MS, three margarita alternatives. dw-07.23.10

"The impact of The End Of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between taxidermy, art and craft brewing. The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing - they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them." dw-07.23.10

Astound your friends by freezing a beer in seconds! bb-07.16.10

What you get when you name a dinosaur over beers. ms-07.09.10

Booktails: favorite alcoholic beverages from literature. ms-07.02.10

The world's first self-serve wine in a glass. Though reports on the taste might also make it the last. sd-07.02.10

"Drink until you not only sound like but can also comprehend and actively communicate with your Sim." 10 More video game drinking games. dw-07.02.10

Footage recently discovered by the British Cinema Institute uncovers the origins of Bros Icing Bros. sd-07.02.10

Mango Mojito popsicles. ms-06.25.10

If this is Cap Corse, we must in Corsica and other drinking travels from Kevin Dolgin. jc-06.25.10

Don't go into battle without one, the Beer Bandolier! ms-06.25.10

So you know, how to mix for Tiki Time, by The Santa Fe Barman. Thanks Bram. jc-06.25.10

I'm with Michael on High Life and its packaging. jc-06.25.10

Bros Icing Bros is no more. sd-06.25.10

Hmm, what should you do this weekend? Head on over to The Beer Festival Calendar and check out some options. ms-06.18.10

Have you checked in on the Malört Face Flickr Pool lately? bb-06.18.10

Real Simple give us their picks for 7 refreshing summer beers. I'd like to add one more to that list and it is my current fave, Bell's Oberon Ale. Flat-out made for outside summer beer gardens. ms-06.18.10

American Drink. jc-06.11.10

Which is less bad for the environment: Wine or Beer? ms-06.11.10

Daisy's Mom was wrong. jc-06.11.10

An epic animated spot for Sapporo. sd-06.11.10

Esquire magazine has come out with their annual list of the Best Bars in America. ms-06.11.10

Horse and unicorn porcelain bottle stoppers. dw-06.04.10

The Death of Beer? ms-06.04.10

Great concept for wine bottle wrapping: Back Label. sd-06.04.10

"Take a knee and chug." It was inevitable that the wonderfully stupid Bros Icing Bros would become a Friday Drink Link. sd-06.04.10

Gentlemen, what your drink says about you. ms-06.04.10

It's like an ice cream truck, but for grown-ups. ms-05.28.10

"This is not written by a connoisseur of Bourbon. Nintey-nine percent of Bourbon drinkers know more about Bourbon than I do. It is about the aesthetic of Bourbon drinking in general and in particular of knocking it back neat." -Walker Percy. jc-05.28.10

Chill your beer in minutes with the Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller. ms-05.21.10

Up There, a short documentary from Stella Artois about the dying art of billboard painting by hand. sd-05.21.10

Bulletproof strategies for always getting served at a busy bar. ksc-05.14.10

Think we should get one of these for Friday afternoons in the studio. ms-05.14.10

Martini glasses made from recycled street signs. ms-05.14.10

Beer. In cans! jc-05.10.10

"Imagine you're drinking the poisoned, bloody tears of a gila monster." Forgotten Bottles, "a spontaneous celebration of the liquor on the back shelf of the bar, by Josh Ritter. jc-05.07.10

For DW's next Nerd Night, the Klingon Korkscrew. ms-05.07.10

Something to try out this weekend, 10 drink recipes you can light on fire. ms-05.07.10

Bottoms Up doorbell. ms-05.07.10

Étiquettes Boissons. dw-05.07.10

What happens when you name your product after a state people suddenly dislike: "AriZona's from New York!" sd-05.07.10

Re-post so you can impress your friends this weekend, how to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper ms-04.30.10

So you know, the Art of the Manhattan. ms-04.30.10

Looks like we might need a mosquito net for Conference Room B this summer. ms-04.30.10

A handy chart from Lapham's outlining who was on what when? jc-04.26.10

Bottoms up. jc-04.23.10

"The Gallic culture at the time was centered on two things: fighting and drinking. Oftentimes they liked to combine the two." The Roman Empire's Hardest Drinking Legion. jc-04.23.10

So you know, how to cook your meat in a beer cooler. ms-04.23.10

Beer bottles transformed into drinking glasses. Cha-ching! dw-04.23.10

Local note: Saturday is the 3rd annual Zombie Pub Crawl. Definitely worth watching if you're not going to participate. dw-04.23.10

Keggers of Yore. ms-04.23.10

Too good to wait until Friday, the Periodic Table of Beer. Will come in handy tonight. ms-04.21.10

Employees at the Carlsberg brewery in Denmark strike over a ban on drinking at work (though it's still okay at lunch). sd-04.16.10

FotA Phineas X Jones' new tap handle, "a joint effort from 3 Floyds and Piece Brewery." sd-04.09.10

Gummy shot glasses. ms-04.09.10

"Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy by Ian Frazier. jc-04.09.10

Weekend project, build your own cocktail robot. ms-04.09.10

For BB: Finally, you can order that Lucky's t-shirt you always forgot to buy: Meet CollegeTownPints. ncz-04.05.10

Great story about Ollie Latiker, the woman behind my neighborhood tavern, Ollie's Lounge. sd-04.02.10

FotA and former Layer Tennis competitor, Phineas X. Jones, has been designing Half Acre's beer labels. He's also made animal illustrations for their brewing tanks. sd-03.19.10

The first draft of my new Bud Light commercial. By Dan Moore. jc-03.19.10

The most expensive booze in the world. ms-03.19.10

For the day, "a drinker with writing problems." jc-03.17.10

Some pretty good advice to follow on St. Patrick's Day. ms-03.15.10

Guinness chocolate pudding. ms-03.12.10

Wisconsin, apparently America's Beer Belly. ms-03.12.10

To class up your next party: The Sock Monkey Wine Sleeve. As indicated by the strange promotional photo, its appearance will result in your guests feeling a mix of joy, indifference, anger, and dumbfounded confusion. sd-03.05.10

A house built out of 6 million beer bottles. ms-03.05.10

Sweet! I knew being an identical twin would come in handy, I get a 15% discount on Half Acre's Ginger Twin beer. So you know, Phineas did the art. ms-02.26.10

Happy National Margarita Day. dw-02.22.10

Roger Ebert interviews (sort of) Lee Marvin. Who's gonna get me a beer? Thanks Michael. ms-02.19.10

Although originally discovered in 2006, Ernest Shackleton's whisky stash has finally been recovered. Footage of the find, here. Wonder what a 1907 vintage tastes like? The Master Blender has some ideas. sd-02.12.10

"Night-before feeling on the morning after. Rinse with soda instead of water if you prefer." Whiskey Toothpaste. dw-02.12.10

Europe's Alcohol Belts, via SE. jc-02.12.10

A look at the Glass Plus and the Twin Wall, two new pint glass designs developed through the British government to try and curb glass-based violence. sd-02.05.10

Putting Weird Things in Coffee is exactly what it sounds like and fantastic because of it. sd-02.05.10

Kick your martini up a notch with the Olivator. ms-01.29.10

...or with the classic method. jc-01.29.10

Zulkey interviews Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, the internet-famous and soon to be regular-famous creators of the McNuggetini and the Bloody Bacon & Cheese. sd-01.29.10

A Haiku a day, always related to beer. ms-01.29.10

A gallery of famous literary drunks and addicts. Via Jessa Crispin. jc-01.29.10

Gorgeous, the Trio Champagne cooler. ms-01.29.10

It may only be January, but I already know what my in-laws are getting for Christmas: Electronic Drink Caddie for Golf. sd-01.22.10

Carol Ann Duffy's poem "John Barleycorn," from a BBC show on pubs and pub culture. jc-01.22.10

Trailer for Spike Jonze's short film for Absolut about robots in love: I'm Here. sd-01.22.10

A schematically awesome FDL, The Engineer's Guide to Drinks. Thanks Peacay. jc-01.22.10

A little history for today's Friday Drink Link, alcohol's Neolithic origins . ms-01.22.10

If this is Friday, these must be Drink Links. jc-01.15.10

If you're looking for a bottle opener... dw-01.08.10

For those who laugh in the face of recession (or who don't have the time to fiddle with ice cube trays): Gläce Luxury Ice. More info here on its going rate of $8 per cube. sd-01.08.10

"There are certainly more bars here than one can easily count. And I don't plan on just counting the bars, I plan on having a drink at every single one of them." The San Francisco Bar Experiment, one woman's quest to visit every tavern in the city. sd-01.08.10

Huh. Trying to picture the CP crew carrying some of these around at our next meeting in conference room B. Think we just might get some confused stares. Looking into ordering immediately.... ms-01.08.10

Drinks around the world, ring in the New Year 24 times over. ms-12.31.09

So you know, how to open a champagne bottle with a saber. ms-12.31.09

Received as a gift and consumed (perhaps with too great a frequency) last night: Root, "a true pre-temperance alcoholic Root Tea." Delicious. sd-12.25.09

For foul-mouthed, whiskey-loving Uncle Kenny, the perfect gift. ms-12.21.09

"...a pair of winsome drinking buddies from Los Angeles who have ridden the McNuggetini to cult status..." Cheers Chad. jc-12.18.09

Older isn't always better. ms-12.18.09

Tie one on at the office Christmas party? Cross your fingers no one got video of you singing the Bryan Adams song "How To Love a Woman" to the mailroom lady and try these natural holiday hangover helpers. ms-12.11.09

To help you keep track of all those different drink orders at your holiday party: the On the Rocks Ice Cube Tray. sd-12.11.09

The world's strongest beers. ms-12.11.09

BB, here's your new favorite drink: The Bloody Bacon & Cheese. sd-12.11.09

For the beer lover in your life, forget the traditional stocking this Christmas, give them a Bier Boot Haus. Christmas morning just got sooo much more Ho, Ho, Ho. ms-12.04.09

Friday Drink Linkage. jc-11.27.09

Afri Cola. jc-11.20.09

Archives. jc-11.20.09

Perfect. jc-11.20.09

Booze. jc-11.20.09

Seems like it fits into the Friday Drink Link category, given how prevalent booze seems to be in most of the posts: Sorry I Missed Your Party, "pictures of other people's parties from Flickr." DW, don't miss "So...How Was Your Lady Gaga Costume?" sd-11.20.09

The Dieline chooses their 50 favorite liquor package designs. ms-11.20.09

Schott's Squiffy, Sozzled and Smashed. jc-11.13.09

"Binge-drinking, I can remember, was once praised as being safer than steady soaking." - Simon Carr. jc-11.13.09

So you know, great wines for tough times, winners of the 2009 World Value Wine Challenge. ms-11.13.09

Unintended coincidence or cry for help? Man in Breathalyzer Costume Accused of Drunken Driving. sd-11.13.09

What DW and I will be drinking later on today: Catnip Tea. sd-11.13.09

Sulfites in Wine: The Myths, the Facts, and the Truth. dw-11.13.09

Got the bases pretty much covered but where's the gyros love? The ten most delicious foods to eat when you're drunk. ms-11.13.09

Beer. dw-11.13.09

Before you order that beer this weekend, better check it's rating. ms-11.06.09

Who's up for swinging by Crazy Bruce's Liquors after work today? sd-11.06.09

I don't know if the contents are perfect but the bottle sure is nice. jc-11.06.09

The Beer-Cycle, a bottle opener built from bike parts, combines your two loves. sd-11.06.09

Chocolate shake, Vodka, Barbecue sauce and Chicken McNuggets. Alie and Georgia show you how to make a McNuggetini. ms-10.30.09

Bloody Brain Shooter. dw-10.30.09

Gorgeous packaging for A la Petite Ferme. ms-10.23.09

Kingsley Amis, Everyday Drinking, from The Hangover. jc-10.23.09

Drunken Haiku. Yep. jc-10.23.09

So you know, how much does beer consumption vary by country. Come on guys, the Czech Republic is kicking our ass! ms-10.16.09

Think we need one of these for the studio. ms-10.09.09

Too cool to wait til Friday, check out the videos for Kraken Rum. Via Liqurious. dw-10.05.09

A FDL and a salt and pepper shaker post all in one. ms-10.02.09

Neat animated wine bottle art. dw-10.02.09

So much to drink, so little time. jc-10.02.09

"Fortunately, however, tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual I shared with you in last week's column." Easy Cocktails from the Cursing Mommy by Ian Frazier. jc-10.02.09

Well, it's a day late but if you're not a dollar short, buy a Guinness tonight and raise a glass for Arthur. ms-09.25.09

Octoberfest 2009 in Munich is underway. ms-09.25.09

When in doubt at the vending machine, always go with the mystery flavor. sd-09.25.09

The history of Johnny Walker told in a really great ad. ms-09.18.09

The world's largest bottle of whisky, "105.3 litres of 14-year-old Tomintoul single malt." sd-09.11.09

A full report on last Saturday afternoon's Margarita Tour here in Chicago. sd-09.11.09

Nice wine rack. Via Swissmiss. dw-09.04.09

Clay Risen for the Atlantic, Beer Battle: America vs. Germany. jc-08.28.09

Sorta swamped here, but looking forward to Friday at 5. jc-08.28.09

Drink up! It's good for your mental health (assuming, of course, that you're Norwegian). sd-08.28.09

StripTea Tea Bags, for your more ribald tea parties. sd-08.28.09

Cute music vid for Dan Deacon's Paddling Ghost, directed by Natalie Van Den Dungen. sd-08.24.09

Carling's great beer decisions. jc-08.21.09

Chicago bartenders try to create a drinkable cocktail with Jeppson's Malört (of "Malört Face" fame). bb-08.21.09

Still don't understand why people love this show so much, but I do enjoy what they're drinking: The Drinks of Mad Men. sd-08.21.09

Mr. Huff writes, "The world's longest serving bartender -- pouring beers since the end of Prohibition -- is retiring." jc-08.21.09

The Booze Death Calculator, telling you how many drinks it would take to kill you. Now I know that I need to limit myself to just 20 White Russians. sd-08.21.09

Impress your friends at your next cocktail party and break out the Pro Bar Set. ms-08.14.09

Tonight's the last night for cocktails at the Cooper-Hewitt until next summer. I'll be there with the wife. aro-08.14.09

The Walk. dw-08.14.09

An evening project for your weekend BBQ, make some wine bottle torches. dw-08.14.09

Whatever pranks you pulled in college on friends who got a little too intoxicated and fell asleep in the middle of a party, can't possible compare to this. sd-08.07.09

If anyone needs me today, I will be wandering around eastern Switzerland, looking for Bar Bieraria, designed by Duri Vital. sd-08.07.09

Some entries for Bombay Sapphire's Designer Glass Competition. dw-08.07.09

Pub Signs. jc-08.07.09

Blue, green and red beer. jc-08.07.09

For my money, the most important beer summit of the week was today's Toledo Beer Summit, which sought to patch things up between mayoral candidate Ben Konop and angry heckler Maxwell Austin, following their very funny run-in earlier this month. sd-07.31.09

The Sherry Council of America's attempt at bringing sherry into the 21st century. sd-07.31.09

Sure to make you the king of the hipsters: the Pabst Blue Ribbon Sweater. sd-07.31.09

Beers I Have Drunk. jc-07.31.09

Bar games beer mats. ms-07.31.09

Pure. Solid. Gold. Maybe the best Friday Drink Link ever, Beer sweaters from the 70's and 80's. ms-07.31.09

Someone around here is going to get this, Ring for a Drink bell ms-07.24.09

Grolsch's Inebriation-Testing iPhone App. sd-07.24.09

A concept whiskey brand, Mr. Burglar, that uses thermosensitive paper which results in fingerprints temporarily left behind whenever a bottle is handled. sd-07.24.09

For BB, Scooter Wines. dw-07.17.09

His Dirty versus my Perfect. jc-07.10.09

A classic Friday Drink Link. "I quickly met my second wife, a brilliant graduate student who liked to brag that she had never met a man who could drink her under the table. Then she met me." Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. jc-07.10.09

Summer Drinks issue, A guide to bartending when the frost is on the glass ms-07.10.09

"We are quite proud of this assemblage of our cultural history and all of us, at one time or daily, have to be reminded to get the hell back to work and stop staring into abyss of an unfortunately long-gone and better era." Bravo, a FDL and a MoOM exhibit all on one beautiful wall. jc-07.08.09

For the tree hugger in your life, Martreeni glasses. ms-06.26.09

A funny spot for Bud Light featuring FotA Blaise Miller as the hapless customer. sd-06.26.09

Keep your whiskey cool with whiskey stones. ms-06.26.09

"The industry is in crisis - anything less than that is avoiding reality." An interesting story about the struggling Australian wine business. sd-06.26.09

Drinking in moderation just found its new spokesman: "Teenage girl sues after waking up with 56 tattoo stars on her face." sd-06.19.09

For the classy mountaineer: Trek'n Eat's red wine powder in a pouch. sd-06.19.09

What whiskey will not cure... fg-06.19.09

So you know, How to open a beer bottle with a lighter. We here at CP feel duty bound to pass along these important nuggets of knowledge. ms-06.19.09

Trailer for Blood Into Wine, a documentary about Tool's Maynard James Keenan starting a winery in Jerome, Arizona. Personal note: tried some while I was there back in April and it's pretty good. sd-06.12.09

Crack one open with Bottle Bunny. dw-06.12.09

"To call this yeast a surefire cure for a hangover would be extreme: everyone knows that's the job of a greasy burger." True dat, but a really interesting article on making wine that is hangover-free. ms-06.12.09

A terrific series of very absurd short films: Hangover Regrets. sd-06.05.09

"I'm Irish. Let's have a fight." sd-06.05.09

To make the perfect drink you need the right ice. dw-06.05.09

Bakon Vodka. Thanks Marshall. ms-06.05.09

Chocolate - check. Cayenne - check. Cryptozoological reference - check. Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout. Via ENRG. fg-06.05.09

Decemberists Drink Recipe #56. kg-06.05.09

Wondering why you can't stop drinking the stuff lately? Red Bull Cola returns to the roots of the soda industry by testing positive for traces of cocaine. sd-05.29.09

Spotted in a grocery store in China: Jieke Bojue, the second cousin to Jack Daniels. sd-05.29.09

The history of beer cans. ms-05.29.09

Too good to wait until Friday, Stella Artois' Smooth Originals campaign brings us three fab 1960's-inspired short films. ms-05.26.09

For your next party, the Gin and Titonic ice cube tray. ms-05.22.09

Got an empty wine bottle? Make a gorgeous table centerpiece. ms-05.08.09

A drink for Derby Day. dw-05.01.09

So you know, How to brew beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel. ms-05.01.09

Get your geek on this weekend with a dozen science-fiction drinking games. ms-05.01.09

Local note for SD and DW, Zombie Pub Crawl in our hood today. (Friday drink link a day late). ms-04.25.09

Ladies, be prepared when you hit the bars and keep some of these in your purse this weekend. ms-04.24.09

"The mist tastes sweet and tangy - like an excellent gin and tonic - and is actually very satisfying to breathe in. None of us are quite sure if we feel drunk." A visit to Alcoholic Architecture, "the UK's first walk-in cocktail." sd-04.24.09

"The Drunken Driver Has the Right Of Way" by Ethan Coen. jc-04.24.09

A combo bacon/Friday drink link. Thanks Marshall. ms-04.24.09

Song of the Vine an illustrated history of wine. jc-04.24.09

SD, are you and your Snuggie looking for something to do tomorrow? ms-04.17.09

"In Outer Mongolia, a pair of pickled sheeps eyes in tomato juice is thought to be the answer to a thumping head and cattle ropers in the Old West drank tea brewed from rabbit droppings." For the more adventurous, hangover cures. ms-04.17.09

For those of you who won't be with me tomorrow evening drinking beer (while watching the first Chicago hockey playoff game in 7 years) you can be watching beer in a one night only, in-theater screening and panel for Anat Baron's movie Beer Wars. jc-04.15.09

Could be a FDL but why wait? Winespeak by Ronald Searle. Delightful. jc-04.15.09

Hopefully, you won't need to use this two page apology note after this weekend. Page one and Page two ms-04.03.09

Thirsty? Browse the aisles of our Friday Drink Link archives. That reminds me, I wonder if John is still recording every beer he has drunk since 1988? Yep. Cheers John. jc-04.03.09

To help wind down after today's all-UK Layer Tennis match, make sure you ask a British woman what kind of wine to bring home, as she'll likely be the most knowledgeable on the subject. sd-04.03.09

From Pentagram, new packaging for Grey Goose Vodka ms-04.03.09

A beer glass for the current economic climate. ms-04.03.09

Kevin creates a site with just one goal in mind: to instruct people on how to make The Frosty Clementine, "a mix drink for any season." sd-03.27.09

Stella Artois' Triple Filtered Films, "the originals, before Hollywood did to them what Hollywood, sadly, does." sd-03.27.09

A nice entry for The Museum of Online Museums and a Friday Drink Link at all once, AJ Fosik's handsome collection of beer sweaters. Via The DDC. jc-03.26.09

Don't forget BYOB Kenobi (at 3:00) bb-03.20.09

Beer2-D2. ms-03.20.09

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is discovered under a fire hydrant cover in London and forces a pub to evacuate. Obviously the police didn't consult the Book of Armaments first or there wouldn't have been so much trouble. sd-03.20.09

"Like any addict, people develop passions on how the drug is delivered." Study finds coffee and tea tastes better in your favorite cup. Assume this also applies to your best frosty beer mug as well. sd-03.20.09

Ladies, that beer can not working with your outfit? Problem solved. ms-03.20.09

Cocktail recipes for the recession. dw-03.20.09

The bastard love-child of a wine geek and a record freak, VINE-YL. jc-03.20.09

Via, via Dan. jc-03.20.09

You know times are tough when even the bartender who inspired the show Cheers gets laid off. sd-03.13.09

Local note for SF: Beer Redistribution Party tonight. Thanks Roderick. jc-03.06.09

The joy of the comedic cocktail. sd-03.06.09

Great spot for Boags Draught: Pure Waters. sd-03.06.09

Keacher reviews Pepsi Natural, not to be confused with Pepsi Throwback. (BTW, is that the logo, or is this?. As a recovering cola junkie, either product could have won me back, until I saw the price, and the photo of 1/4 cup of sugar. (Thanks, Glass.) bb-03.06.09

"On any given morning I can usually determine what my blood alcohol content was the night prior based solely on what I'm wearing when I wake." jc-03.06.09

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, celebrate in style and have a place to tuck your beer to boot. ms-03.06.09

Why you should invest in wine. dw-03.06.09

Too good to wait until Friday, One Green Bottle. ms-03.03.09

In answer to our earlier request, Todd writes in with the perfect cocktail for Square Root Day, "3 Rounds x 3 Wise Men = Won't get into work before 9." jc-03.03.09

Edith writes to ask, "What's the correct drink for Square Root Day? (03-03-09) I just need to know how to celebrate." Got an idea? Drop us a line using the contact link below and if we put it in the FDL archives we'll send you a present too. jc-03.03.09

"2. Beer is not mentioned in the bible." Lots more drinking stories and lore in our Friday Drink Links archive. Hic. jc-02.20.09

Plenty of Bottle... Jonathan Chadwick's boozy and beautiful illustrations. jc-02.20.09

While making Skittles Vodka turns out to be a lot more complex than just dropping Skittles into some vodka, creating Bacon Burbon is almost as easy as it sounds. Via Denver Egotist. sd-02.13.09

Will def need something from this Friday list later today. jc-02.06.09

"Its slightly acidic chemistry may assist kidney function and remove toxins, alleviating arthritis and gallstones." Why drinking snow is good for you. Also included is a recipe for a European Snowball cocktail, which probably isn't as healthy but sounds much more tasty. sd-02.06.09

Chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes. ms-02.06.09

You guys are giving me a headache, it's just a stupid baseball game. I think I need one of these for my office. ms-01.30.09

Learn how to multi-flask. ms-01.30.09

If you are going to get trapped under your sofa for two days, make sure you have a bottle of whiskey. sd-01.30.09

Drinks your Father drank. ms-01.30.09

Spiral wine cellars. dw-01.23.09

The Shit-Faced Mondays promotion didn't work out so well I guess. jc-01.23.09

The 86 Rules of Boozing from Modern Drunkard. It's been a long week. Time for drinks and this one in particular. jc-01.16.09

A pouch full of wine. dw-01.16.09

There are two explanations: either your house really is infested with ghosts or you're drinking too much caffeine. sd-01.16.09

Dammit, there goes the afternoon. Find the matching beer caps. ms-01.09.09

Penguin plays table tennis. Nuff said. Submitted by Adam Hashemi, the spot's director. jc-01.09.09

Keeps your can cold and your hand warm. ms-01.09.09

Every guy's dream come true. ms-01.09.09

Absinthe lollipops. dw-01.09.09

Top drinks for 2009. Thanks Andrew. jc-12.23.08

Would normally post this on Friday but due to the holiday, you're getting it early. GoldStar Beer's Thank God You're a Man campaign, posted in bathrooms, Flow Chart One, Flow Chart Two, and Flow Chart Three. Brilliant. ms-12.22.08

The stylish way to mix your holiday drinks, the Aluminum Cube measuring jigger cube. ms-12.19.08

A hotel in the Netherlands that lets you sleep in 15,000 liter wine barrels. dw-12.19.08

"We have put together a handy flowchart to help you master the execution of a proper exit." How to know when it is time to leave the bar. ms-12.12.08

Flashy bartender tricks from Russia. sd-12.12.08

Speaking of skinheads and drinking, here's The Business' Drinking and Driving on a Flying V Ukulele. bb-12.12.08

Alexi Sayle is pissed. bb-12.12.08

Booze Movies, "The 100 Proof Film Guide." jc-12.12.08

"Drink up Shriner." jc-12.05.08

A MoOM entry and a Friday Drink Link all in one. Julien Gurickx's Beer Glass Collections, Mugs, Boots and Pitchers. Thanks to Mark Greenberg, a proud member of the MoOM Board of Directors. jc-12.05.08

Wine Date. sd-12.05.08

Wine that transforms into a lamp. dw-12.05.08

The front cover of the Chicago Daily Tribune 75 years ago today. ms-12.05.08

Don't throw out that beer can, recycle it into art ms-12.05.08

Bookmarked for spring, how to grow your own wine rack. dw-12.05.08

Beautiful drink for beautiful people. jc-12.05.08

It isn't technically a Friday, but it sure feels like one. Around the World in 116 Beers. jc-11.26.08

The Glenfiddich Distillery commissioned Johnson Banks to make art out of five aging barrels. Via Veer. jc-11.26.08

10 pints in 10 seconds. Think we need one for the studio. ms-11.21.08

A look at advertising for Pabst Blue Riibon beer throughout the years. ms-11.14.08

The Math on the Starbucks Gold Card. Via Torrez. sd-11.14.08

Track your drinking on your iPhone with Last Call. dw-11.14.08

Who's buying the first round this afternoon? Send us a new Friday Drink Link for today and we'll toast you if we post it. Use the 'contact' link below. Hic. jc-11.14.08

What every college student will want for Christmas. ms-11.07.08

The Myth of Fernet, the story of San Francisco's most popular liqueur, which I was just recently introduced to and am still getting slowly acquainted with. sd-11.07.08

After 24 years, the world's longest pub crawl has just reached its 14,000th pub. sd-10.31.08

Smoking ban in your city? No longer a problem thanks to Liquid Smoking, "a fruit-flavored herbal drink that claims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes." sd-10.31.08

Fizz on the origin of the phrase "dive bar." jc-10.24.08

From the back of the liquor cabinet, some classic Friday Drink Links: The Museum of American Cocktail. Sam Peckinpah, Hollywood and Booze. Regarding Beer Pong. A Special Report: Death Drinks of Rock Stars. Name that beer bottle. Vintage Beer Mats. jc-10.24.08

Tired of getting picked on for having wine of less quality than its neighbors, a vineyard in France's Lenguedoc region has made Vin de Merde, which, if translated, probably wouldn't be appropriate here. sd-10.24.08

Bar Trekkin'. dw-10.24.08

Some Friday Drink Link classics. "She had never met a man who could drink her under the table. Then she met me." A list of beers John has drunk since 1988. The birth of Tiki culture. "I like bars just after they open for the evening." The bartender who started it all. "They sardonically called the bar the Mirage, and it drew petty crooks like drought victims to a vision of water." jc-10.17.08

Cheers, Skaal, Slainte, Sante, Proscht. ms-10.17.08

Sorry the wait staff is so preoccupied, I guess you'll have to mix up your own cocktails today. I know I'm mixing mine. While you're at it, raise a glass to our Steve Delahoyde who's getting married tomorrow. Lucky guy. jc-10.10.08

Too cool to wait til Friday, strange carafes. dw-10.07.08

Guinness' Spoken Word spot. sd-10.03.08

So a man with a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "You have to stop bringing that thing in here." sd-10.03.08

Washington State's Periodic Table of Wines. ms-10.03.08

Gear up for Octoberfest with the German beer boot. ms-10.03.08

Now you can get your own bottle of La Clandestine Absinthe in the US. And now you know how to prepare it. ms-09.26.08

Forget real ones, the best pubs are in novels including, of course, The Korova Milk Bar. Dobby. jc-09.26.08

Is this a drink link? Debatable, but since my espresso machine is on the blink, it might be one for me. Pocket Coffee. se-09.26.08

The etymology of selected British pub names. jc-09.26.08

A plea to save the vanishing art of the British pub sign. jc-09.26.08

Great for the last few days of summer, the Tahiti Margaritaville frozen drink machine. ms-09.26.08

Everything you and your friends need to kick off the weekend in high style. ms-09.19.08

Good news for the Chicago Tiki set. jc-09.19.08

The Bacotini and The Bacon Mary followed by Bacon Mints. Thanks, Dave, I guess. jc-09.12.08

In case you were wondering, this is why we drink. Via swissmiss. se-09.12.08

Interesting research suggests that Jimi Hendrix pairs well with cabernet sauvignon, while Tina Turner is more of a match with chardonnay. se-09.12.08

The Gin and Titonic ice tray. ms-09.12.08

So you know. How to draw a cool glass of beer. Thanks Coop. jc-09.12.08

Unique package design for wine in a can. se-09.05.08

It's Friday, what'll ya have? We're buying. jc-09.05.08

"A snake charmer, a wine buff and a welder go into a bar - the rest is history." So cool, the chain wine bottle holder. ms-09.05.08

A Friday Drink Link and the song/video of the moment: Dancing, by The Walking Man. sd-09.05.08

A different sort of Friday Drink Link, the Scotch and Soda peacoat. ms-09.05.08

Eco friendly and unique, beer glasses made from recycled car windshields. ms-08.29.08

Martinis around the world. dw-08.29.08

Gear up for Fall football games, get a sweater for your Schnapps. ms-08.29.08

So you know, how to earthquake proof your wine cellar. se-08.29.08

Nice winery. dw-08.29.08

Perfect. jc-08.22.08

18 iPhone drinking apps. dw-08.22.08

Two drinks for a warm afternoon in August: blackberry limeade and mint lemonade. se-08.22.08

"Driving naked while speeding, drunk, high on crack cocaine and next to a naked prostitute." If you're going to break your house arrest for drunk driving, you might as well do it with gusto. sd-08.22.08

Sweet, the Cocktail Chemistry set." ms-08.15.08

"A sign placed inside the pub reads: 'If you grow, breed, shoot or steal anything that may look at home on our menu, bring it in and let's do a deal.'" Bartering for beer with food. sd-08.15.08

A well-thought PSA from France about drinking in moderation. sd-08.15.08

A list of ingredients for The Obama-Rama, a cocktail from Seattle's The Pink Door. sd-08.15.08

Tab Dance! bb-08.15.08

I don't need a university study to tell me booze makes people more attractive. bb-08.15.08

A Friday drink link that is gorgeous and charitable, the Esque Design Italian carafe and cup. Ten percent of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice. Love it. ms-08.15.08

America's hard-drinking cities. dw-08.08.08

A whiskey bottle with a label that looks a bit like a prescription label. ms-08.08.08

Buffalo Grove Police to public: "Please give back our beer goggles." kg-08.08.08

Beer ads from the late 19th and early 20th century newspapers. ms-08.08.08

Becks canvas. dw-08.01.08

Could this mark the beginning of the end of beer pong? (Closely related, from the archives, an article with the funniest WSJ graphic ever.) kg-08.01.08

Beer money. ms-08.01.08

Essential 1800. dw-07.25.08

Scientists in the UK are studying streets to make them more drunk-friendly. Likely so they won't have to deal with tipsy people getting stuck in holes. sd-07.25.08

iPint. dw-07.25.08

Perfect for a Friday Drink Link, some great examples of beer packaging. ms-07.25.08

A great summer drink, Lemonade Caipirinhas. dw-07.18.08

The right drink for the right mug. Tiki style. jc-07.18.08

Heroes of the Torah Glassware. sd-07.11.08

"A home bar should reflect both your own tastes and those of your guests and friends, and it should be suited to your particular style of entertaining. Here are a few suggestions to get started." dw-07.11.08

In other coffee-related news: The Battle of the Band Brews, AdAge performs a taste test of coffee blends by Megadeath, Styx, and Billy Bob Thorton's Boxmasters. sd-07.11.08

Is a sniff of coffee as good as a sip? Scientists in Japan say yes. sd-07.11.08

Your guests will think they've had one too many before they've even had one. ms-07.11.08

The Virtual Drinking Buddy. Via AdScam. jc-07.11.08

So you know, 7 architecturally amazing wineries from around the world. ms-07.11.08

The Greenland Brewhouse is the first brewery in Greenland, and brews beer with melted inland ice. se-06.27.08

So you know, 14 songs you should never play in a bar. ms-06.27.08

Cooking With Booze: The Blog, In Vino, Civitas. jc-06.27.08

An unusual Friday Drink Link to be sure, the demolition of a building at the Newcastle Brewery. ms-06.27.08

Five reasons to stop after one glass of wine. dw-06.20.08

Perfect for summer, a thong sandal with a bottle opener built in. ms-06.20.08

Nice collection of vintage beer labels. ms-06.20.08

Cusack and Robbins' best sobriety test ever, from the totally underrated Tapeheads. bb-06.20.08

Say it isn't so. The six most fattening cocktails. dw-06.20.08

A question I asked myself, and possibly answered, last weekend at the local tequila bistro: "What is good tequila?" se-06.20.08

The Drunkard's Looking Glass or God's Revenge Against Drunkenness. Thanks Peacay. jc-06.13.08

Not so much spooky as cool, Ghost goblets. ms-06.13.08

"Dedicated beer drinkers are fighting back, with extra vigilance about exactly how much beer they get for their buck." Via TMN. jc-06.13.08

Recipe for Long Irish Iced Tea. dw-06.13.08

Seven deadly glasses by Kacper Hamilton. dw-06.06.08

Handy and stylish, the Metrokane faucet corkscrew. ms-06.06.08

Lovely, the Varga wine centerpiece. ms-06.06.08

Unhealthy drinks. Healthy drinks! se-06.06.08

Who's buying the next round? Use the contact link below if you've got a good Friday Drink Link. jc-05.30.08

There's X, and XX, and XXX, and even XXXXXXX. Here's everything you wanted to know about X. se-05.30.08

Make your wine at home using the Winepod. ms-05.30.08

Bar/desk or desk/bar? Either way, fun-loving executives need this. jc-05.30.08

Nice collection of pub signs. ms-05.30.08

There actually is science behind shaken, not stirred. ms-05.23.08

If you print out this list, you can open a beer with it! Via Mrs. BB. bb-05.23.08

Une pause Cafe. ms-05.23.08

Maybe this should be for tomorrow morning, after a night full of Friday Drink Links. Joan Acocella on hangovers, A Few Too Many for the NYer. jc-05.23.08

Styx's Special Brew, for people who want to combine the deliciousness of coffee with the power of Styx. sd-05.23.08

The 10 best beer names ever. ms-05.23.08

We missed Bea Arthur's birtHDay (Tuesday), but OMSE! didn't. It works out fine, because it's sort of a Drink Link. bb-05.16.08

Nothing can strike fear into the heart of a craft brewer quite like a hop shortage. Hopefully, creativity will save the day. se-05.16.08

One Dam Good Bier. ms-05.16.08

A wonderful lesson in what not to do after drinking the better part of a two gallon box of wine: "Darth Vader! Jedis!" sd-05.16.08

Your choice, are you a saint or a sinner? ms-05.16.08

Mmm, 香果珍珠水晶冰! bb-05.09.08

Not so much a drink as it is a booze novelty. Beer soap. Via Modern Materialist. jsz-05.09.08

Would you believe that there are other scorpion-infused vodkas? (Skorppio, Yellow Sun) There are videos on the Youtubes, but I'm still too scarred by the Ortolan Bunting video to watch 'em. bb-05.02.08

"Scorpion vodka is best served straight from the freezer neat, but it is also a pleasant partner to a simple mixer such as tonic." ms-05.02.08

LimoncelloQuest. You guessed it, everything Limoncello. dw-05.02.08

In addition to music, Marilyn Manson also likes making an award-winning absinthe, appropriately titled, Mansinthe. nh-05.02.08

The Worldwide Bartender Database. bb-05.02.08

"Make an flawless martini: shaken, not stirred." ms-05.02.08

Where to drink and play vintage video games in Tokyo. dw-04.25.08

"Lawnmower Beer" defined. jc-04.25.08

Perfect for a Friday Drink Link, authors tell you what beer goes with their book. ms-04.25.08

Straight from the The Vodka Museum in Russia, the history of vodka. ms-04.25.08

As if diet cola isn't bad enough to begin with, the 2-year old case of it I found yesterday has apparently gone bad, didn't know that could happen. bb-04.18.08

Why do it yourself? Get yourself a beer-pouring robot. ms-04.18.08

A few guidelines for making and drinking mojitos. se-04.18.08

It's a particularly bad hangover when you also find a knife stuck in your back. "We were drinking and what doesn't happen when you're drunk?" sd-04.18.08

Vintage drink guys from Tiki Central. Via Eye of the Goof. jc-04.18.08

Co-conspirator and guest presenter at the upcoming Seed Conference, Gary Vaynerchuk has new new book available for preorder, 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World. jc-04.18.08

For SE, the Endurance Mojito Muddler. ms-04.11.08

On your way to a friends for dinner and bringing a bottle of wine? Carry it there in style. ms-04.11.08

A MoOM exhibit and a Friday Drink Link all mixed up in one glass. The Museum of the American Cocktail. jc-04.11.08

Nice label designs for Lovejoy Vodka. dw-04.11.08

Photomicrographs of cocktails. Thanks Peacay. jc-04.11.08

"Monica dear, that was a precious little story. Now, be a sweetheart and make Mommy another martini." ms-04.11.08

Droogle your next drink. dw-04.04.08

"Dustin Zebro insists he didn't throw a root beer keg party to embarrass the police. His school, yes, but not the police." The whole story and the video. sd-04.04.08

Fantastic, the Steel and Stone Man Wine Holders. ms-04.04.08

Girl With A Glass, via Boy Named Glass. bb-03.28.08

21 Amazing Alternate Uses for Vodka (some are disproved in the comments). bb-03.28.08

Warmer weather is just around the corner right? Time for some sangria. dw-03.28.08

Gorgeous, the Swivel Liqueur Glass. ms-03.28.08

Terrific idea that solves an age-old problem: a pull tab on a wine bottle to help you remember the name of it. sd-03.21.08

An arty Friday Drink link, Beer Can butterflies. ms-03.21.08

Gary V, the man who loves Diana Ross and wine. jc-03.21.08

"I like bars just after they open for the evening. When the air inside is still cool and clean and everything is shiny and the barkeep is giving himself that last look in the mirror to see if his tie is straight and his hair is smooth. I like the neat bottles on the bar back and the lovely shining glasses and the anticipation. I like to watch the man mix the first one of the evening and put it down on a crisp mat and put the little folded napkin beside it. I like to taste it slowly. The first quiet drink of the evening in a quiet bar--that's wonderful." A rare Saturday Drink Link in honor of Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye, the latest One Book, One Chicago selection. kg-03.15.08

A hero. It's so nice to check up on him every year or so and find out there is stability and sanity on the web. The list of beers John has drunk since 1988. In chronological order, by monthly total and by brand. jc-03.14.08

Everyone loves shamrock shakes right? Just add a little Bailey's to this recipe and you're set. dw-03.14.08

For BB: A Vodka Movie by Zach Galifianakis and Tim and Eric. sd-03.14.08

If you're going out to the bar tonight, make sure to get a designated driver for your tank. sd-03.14.08

If I had a working espresso machine at the moment, I'd try this tea espresso or this red espresso right now. se-03.07.08

"Ready to dispense beer within 5 minutes of installation.." Um, think we need one of these for the studio. ms-03.07.08

Lovely gallery of Chicago's century-old "tied houses", pubs associated with a single beer distributor. jt-02.29.08

Why is there no official drink for today? Submit your once-every-four-years Leap Day cocktail. jt-02.29.08

Mixology tip: If you can put it in chocolate you can put it in vodka. jt-02.29.08

Really great collection of vintage beer labels. ms-02.29.08

Ever had a tasty Italian beer? Me neither. But the country of vintners seems determined to change that. jt-02.29.08

Our pal and occasional co-conspirator John Tolva of Ascent Stage is going to play celebrity bartender and will be mixing up the Friday Drink Links today. Cheers. jc-02.29.08

Visit four charming pubs in Brittany via awesome 360 panoramics. jc-02.29.08

A shot in the dark . jc-02.29.08

That cocktail in your hand says something about you. Yipes, pretty late in the day for the first Friday Drink Link. jc-02.22.08

Have A Drink On Me. Handy. Via PCL. jc-02.15.08

Relink. "He decorated the place with his South Pacific gewgaws, along with old nets and parts of wrecked boats he scavenged from the oceanfront. He called his watering hole Don the Beachcomber." The Trader Vic's story and the birth of Tiki. sd-02.15.08

"The sensation starts with a slight burn at the back of your tongue. An innocent tingle that quickly builds into a slow- burning, skin-removing inferno in the back of your throat. By the time it hits your stomach, you're wondering if your esophagus remains intact. The liquid: moonshine, 180 proof." dw-02.15.08

"When the waiter arrives with your wine, you'll obviously need to remind him that his station is beneath you by barking demands while he pours, like, 'Keep it coming, Robespierre.'" The Non-Expert on selecting wine. jc-02.15.08

Lovely, a chandelier made from cocktail glasses. ms-02.15.08

The Colorado Beer Guide features the useful and lovely Colorado Beer Map, and helpfully suggests a few local hearty Winter Beers for your warmth needs this season. se-02.08.08

"Our specials tonight are the Chest Exploding Mojitos and our delicious Call of Cthulhu Spritzers." The H.R. Giger Bar. sd-02.08.08

No comment, other than to point out Mrs. BB sent in the link: the Booze Bra. bb-02.08.08

A list of the 12 most important drinks of the day. Ready, set, go! dw-02.08.08

Heaps-o-Budweiser "Real Men of Genius" ads, including my favorite, rarely heard outside Hawaii: "Mr. Moped Souper-Upper." bb-02.01.08

Awesome, next time I'm bringing back bottles of red from Europe I won't have to worry about them shattering in my luggage... again. The BottleWise Wine Bag. dw-02.01.08

It's Friday. Buy your friend a drink. se-02.01.08

For the truly lazy or truly brilliant? You decide, the beer belly belt. ms-02.01.08

For our office mates at 37signals: Monkey Picked Tea. sd-01.25.08

So you know, how to make a 1503 English Beer. ms-01.25.08

"There is no such thing as bad whiskey. Some whiskeys just happen to be better than others." Top Ten Drunk American Writers. sd-01.25.08

It's both delicious and practical: make a Rice Krispies Treat beer cozy. se-01.25.08

There seems to be a legal issue with serving beer popsicles, which is a pity as they sound amazing. Think I'll wait for spring to test drive a few. se-01.18.08

Almost MoOM-like in its range, Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Beer & Ale Bottles sneaks in as a Drink Link, because these are things you should know in case you're in a well-stocked but very dark cellar. se-01.18.08

Make sure your wine is the perfect temp to serve. ms-01.18.08

Leave no doubt at your next party as to where the bar is. So cool. Via Design Milk. ms-01.11.08

SD, perhaps now that the coffee machine is gone, there might be room for one of these? se-01.11.08

For those of you drinking something a little softer - A Nice Cup of Tea and A Sit Down. An empassioned guide to cake, tea and biscuits. anw-01.11.08

Gorgeous ad for Sonaka vodka by Plus et Plus. dw-01.11.08

So you know, 50 Signs You Are a Bad Bartender. ms-01.11.08

Bacon in your booze. dw-01.04.08

Whisky cocktails, perfect for cold snowy days like today. dw-12.28.07

So you know, the Five historical drinking stories that put yours to shame. ms-12.28.07

The Nonist uncovers the relics of temperance. I guess that's a Friday Non-Drink Link. jc-12.21.07

So you know, how to make a Flaming Lips Bloody Mary. ms-12.21.07

De Dolle's Stille Nacht, a Christmas beer, boasts the highest density of any Belgian beer. Yowza. se-12.21.07

Drinks inspired by Dickens. Via About Last Night. jc-12.21.07

Taking advantage of a coupon by ordering the most expensive drink at Starbucks, "a 13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel. It cost a total of $13.76 (with tax)." Via Cynical-C. sd-12.21.07

Posted without comment: an overview of the many different companies making holy drinking water. sd-12.14.07

Australian wines have come a long way since the days of Monty Python's Australian Table Wines sketch. I love them for their quality and sheer enjoyability, as well as applaud many of the producers for their embrace of the screw cap. Winorama, a particularly Australia-centric blog, has some great reviews and selections to try. se-12.14.07

Really cold beer. jc-12.14.07

Just in time for the holiday parties, smoke glasses. ms-12.07.07

Cool Hunting's Lush List. dw-12.07.07

Happy news flash from Lawrence, Kansas, for any transplanted Jayhawks out there: Free State Brewery will begin bottling beer for regional distribution in 2008. se-11.30.07

Beer bandit steals 450 kegs in Dublin. Suspect was seen swearing as he drove away after realizing 180 of the kegs were Budweiser. ms-11.30.07

"1:25: Now I'm getting into an almost fight with some foreign people. 1:40: Just had more beers." Greg Hoy, of Happy Cog filed this report from Oktoberfest. Glad Field Notes was there to help. jc-11.30.07

Good food and good drink have been aplenty this week, so I wanted to mention a couple of local Colorado standouts that I tried the other night. The fabulous Two Rivers Syrah from Grand Junction was pretty great, and then we saw the bartender pouring the thick, almost black Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout from nearby Lyons, had to try it, and found it to be one of the darkest, most intense beers I've tasted for quite a while. se-11.23.07

The New 1920 Cocktail. ms-11.16.07

Good idea that never really got off the ground, the Heineken Wobo, a beer bottle that's recycled as a brick. ms-11.16.07

There's a joke waiting to be told embedded somewhere in this news story, one that I'd be allowed to tell because I'm both Irish and Catholic: Drinking and Praying: Proposal Could Tip Irish Priests Over Legal Limit. sd-11.09.07

Blueprint has its own martini - made with "life-affirming" vodka and "antioxidant" blueberries. Yeah, right. pp-11.09.07

The Subjectivity of Wine, about two studies conducted in 2001 at the University of Bordeaux, used to prove that wine experts have no idea what they're talking about. Very funny. sd-11.09.07

Clip of and the story behind the most expensive Guinness spot ever, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, who also shot the Sony Bravia Balls spot. sd-11.09.07

Give your brunch a little punch. ms-11.09.07

Add a little sparkle to your cocktail. ms-11.09.07

"Look at your Absinthe, something is dancing into your glass." How to prepare the perfect Absinthe. ms-11.09.07

I'm teetotalling this weekend so my drink of choice can be eaten with a spoon: the Bostini Cream Pie, which is actually a cupcake that looks good in a martini glass. pp-11.02.07

Ghent? Vilnius? Cast your vote for where the beer hunters should head next. se-11.02.07

Are your wine bottles gathering dust in your basement? Send them on a little vacation.. ms-11.02.07

Say you're in Bulgaria and are looking for a nice Irish pub. No need to wander the streets aimlessly, get your answer here. ms-11.02.07

The Bartender Who Started It All by William Grimes. jc-11.02.07

So you know, how to taste wine. dw-10.26.07

Find laptop, get free beer for life. jc-10.26.07

Related to the link for SE below, Hendrick points us to a must have, All Belgian Beers. ms-10.26.07

This is for SE, All about Belgian Beer. ms-10.26.07

"Don't get me wrong, I like to think I'm a pretty cosmopolitan bloke, but I can't imagine ever feeling the need to imbibe tiny rodents. Ever." Perhaps the most off-putting drink link ever: Baby Mouse Wine. Ick. Via Cynical C. sd-10.19.07

On a crisp fall Friday, you really can't go wrong with a Unibroue or two. Try the bottle-refermented Maudite or the intense Trois Pistoles. se-10.19.07

How to Make Vodka Pills, for those who want their drinks in candy form. Via That's How. sd-10.19.07

"Communicating through the Internet, it monitors itself, checks its remaining contents of liquid refreshment and sends alerts when it's time to order." MyFountain. Via Design Crush. dw-10.19.07

20,000 beer can make some amazing opera gowns. bm-10.19.07

Drinking beer can now be considered "Green", well if your drinking Heineken Wobo's, the brick that holds beer. bm-10.12.07

If you'd like to start the Friday drinking a little early at the office you might find these useful. bm-10.12.07

Inside-Out Martini. jc-10.12.07

"It's an attempt to buddy up to buyers by pretending to share their dislike for advertising. But an anti-ad is really just an ad that doesn't have the guts to admit to what it is." The story behind, and a negative critique of, those sparse Ketel One ads. sd-10.05.07

Old Russian Beer Label Gallery. A FDL and a MoOM link all in one. Tons to check including these beautiful remnants. jc-10.05.07

If JC fave Afri Cola is too exotic for you, try the more proletarian Märka from Hungary. bb-09.28.07

Turbocharged Bar Stool. For bar-hopping without the hopping. jt-09.28.07

Cool your drink in 60 seconds. ms-09.28.07

Even the way the powder hits the damp pitcher reminds me of… a horde of black locusts staging their attack in the midnight hour. Writing things like that as I drink Ghoul-Aid makes me wonder what they put in the stuff. Am I drinking the ashes of evil warlord Hu'tarr Bezbub? bb-09.21.07

Bottled drink faves selected with refined taste and good judgment by The Morning News writers. jc-09.21.07

So you know. How to construct the ultimate all-in-one beer brewing machine, aka "The Device." Via Core77. jc-09.21.07

"This set of 4 ninjas will protect your drink and exact vengeance on any who dare steal your glass." ms-09.21.07

"The whole sequence is free of dialogue or music. It's just an actor and a bottle, and is one of William Holden's finest moments as an actor. If written today, the scene would probably include some Christ-awful monologue where the character describes his feelings." Modern Drunkard on Mr. Sam Peckinpah. jc-09.14.07

If these are drink links, it must be Friday. jc-09.14.07

Sparks Mouth, in photo, video, and Wiki form. bb-09.14.07

So you know, how to drink like a local at Oktoberfest. ms-09.14.07

WineM is designed to locate wines in a wine rack using RFIDs attached to bottles and to display which wines have been located using LED backlights behind the bottles. Via todbot. dw-09.14.07

Beer Director. jc-09.14.07

An Oktoberfest FAQ that answers my burning question, "Why is Oktoberfest always in September?" bb-09.07.07

Waiting for Friday drinks is hard, but it could be worse. Guinness designs intelligently. jt-09.07.07

If you can't describe it in 17 syllables, perhaps you shouldn't be drinking it. jt-09.07.07

No Beer, No Peace. When Drunkards Revolt: The Chicago Lager Riot of 1855. dw-09.07.07

"Why not do a heartwarming story about adoption and call it 'Rosemary's Baby' while you're at it?" The Lost Weekend: famous Billy Wilder film about alcoholism or poorly researched ad campaign for Hennessy? sd-09.07.07

The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson, passed away yesterday. Via Torrez, who is drinking a La Chouffe tonight in his honor. sd-08.31.07

Is Vodka Different? dw-08.31.07

"Those who dislike parties, pong, music, girls, trash-talking, and gambling need not apply." WSJ middle column on Beer Pong, including an illustration that belongs in the infographic Hall of Fame. kg-08.31.07

Beer Pong has a World Series? Thanks Bill. jc-08.30.07

"I don't get it. Are you guys ex-English majors or something and this is how you get your kicks?" Today's web zen is Potent Potables and includes the I Claudius Drinking Game. Bravo. jc-08.24.07

"What is it about coffee - and coffeehouses - that makes it so agreeable to the bourgeoisie?" Thoughts on Jürgen Habermas's 1962 study The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere. sd-08.24.07

Friday drink link for the writers out there. Worth it alone for the picture of Hemingway pouring himself a shot. Thanks Pete. ms-08.17.07

So you know, how to brew beer in a coffee pot. ms-08.17.07

For SE, the latest commercial for Guinness. ms-08.17.07

It's Sunday, you have a leftover mini-keg from last night and bad lighting. Here's what to do. ms-08.10.07

WFMU's Great Beer Songs. Thanks Hubs. jc-08.03.07

Kirin Beer meets YMO. jc-08.03.07

See how your favorite beer stacks up. SE and I went out for Belgian beer this week and I'd rate this one higher than 74. ms-07.27.07

Yale's Davenport College sports some notable alumni, a gnome for a mascot, and the best cheer ever. bb-07.27.07

While in Tasmania, please consider taking the Tasmanian Wine Route. ms-07.27.07

Boozy icons. jc-07.27.07

Gotta love a beer with a name like this. ms-07.20.07

Give that beer a name that starts with a B and an S. jc-07.20.07

Next spring, I'm giving up my syrup production to try making this instead. tw-07.20.07

Some people claim it's great beer, others dispute it. I might never know, but I don't care, because Stegmaier Beer has a 70 page gallery of brew advertising memorabilia. tw-07.20.07

American absinthe passes the taste test. dw-07.20.07

Bud Light + Clamato = Chelada? Nada. jc-07.20.07

Plan your trip accordingly, beer festivals around the world. ms-07.13.07

Before you travel abroad or to your favorite local, consult this guide for correctly pronouncing various Belgian beers. se-07.13.07

Mixology, an excellent resource from 1970. Via Eye of the Goof. jc-07.13.07

It sets up to be a perfect night in Chicago to tip a few outside. jc-07.06.07

Time Magazine uncorks a feature about Gary Vaynerchuk's fab Wine Library videocasts. jc-06.29.07

Internal memo to all CP employees: on the day before the July 4th holiday next week, I request that we try making our own hopsicles, beer on a stick. Or we could make them today. Via AdFreak. sd-06.29.07

Absinthe Arrives in New York. "...tastes like a much spicier, somewhat woodier version of Pernod, with a killer sinus finish." From personal experience another description would be "tastes terrible." sd-06.29.07

Forget drinking and dialing, the U.K.'s Corney & Barrow Wine Bars suggest dialing then drinking. bk-06.29.07

When I get thirsty in the summer heat, I grab a delicious Cinzano Bianco on the rocks, then sit down to watch these classic Cinzano TV spots. bk-06.22.07

A couple of print ads for Teem, Pepsi's answer to 7Up, which was later renamed Slice and more recently, Sierra Mist. sd-06.22.07

"Not since Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray has a vegetable cola concoction so captured the imagination of the world." Pepsi to release Ice Cucumber soda in Japan. Via Jean Snow. sd-06.22.07

The Potable Curmudgeon begins a multi-stage reminiscence about a Belgian beercycling trip back in 2000. The Prologue and Stage One have been posted. Sounds like a good time. se-06.22.07

BK, I like SoCo, I promise to try that, but my current fave is Bourbon and Reeds Ginger Ale. SoCo might be too sweet for that. I usually go with Beam for a mixer. bb-06.15.07

I'm the only person I know who likes Southern Comfort (neat, always). I wonder if I'd enjoy a SoCo and lime on the rocks? I'll try to find out tonight. bk-06.15.07

It's not even noon yet, but today I can't stop thinking about having a hefeweizen. se-06.15.07

Is Jack Daniels drying up? dw-06.15.07

Dude, nice hat. ms-06.15.07

Can you match all the beer bottles with the correct labels? dw-06.15.07

There's more than Bud in St. Louis. I usually go for O'Fallon's Wheach or Schlafly's No. 15. Yummytime in the summertime. bk-06.08.07

Phuket. Excuse my Thai. dm-06.08.07

So you know, Beer festivals around the world. ms-06.08.07

Do your duty, sign up for the Boag's Draught Tester Reserve. ms-06.08.07

For the do-it-yourselfer: Learn how to grow cider apples, process them into juice, ferment the juice into hard cider then bottle and store it. bk-06.08.07

To be honest, I'm not all that picky or informed about what glass is proper to use with what wine. No matter, I'm still raising a Friday toast to the Coudal crew for inviting me in as Guest Editor this month. Cheers, and here's to learning more. bk-06.01.07

Alcoholic alchemy and mixological musings from Dr. Bamboo. jc-06.01.07

36 Hours in Dublin - a culinary, cultural, historic and yes, alcoholic quick city tour. Via Luxlotus. vp-06.01.07

The Mint Julep, "There is no solace for the soul, no tonic for the body like old Bourbon whiskey." Via Jacob's Ladder. vp-05.25.07

Experiment 33 has their own version of Friday Drink Links. They make a cocktail and post the recipe and a photo each week. Cheers. jc-05.25.07

Ode to the cocktail umbrella. ms-05.25.07

Just what you need for Memorial Day. ms-05.25.07

Hard cider makes a comeback in the UK, in part due to promotional efforts by Magners, who recommend pouring theirs over ice as opposed to the traditional straight draught. Let the arguments begin. se-05.25.07

Bruce and Mo followed my instructions for achieving perfection and photographed the steps along the way. jc-05.18.07

How awesome is this, a Friday Drink Link and a Cicada post all in one. ms-05.11.07

Jan Chipchase on a non-alcoholic beer targeted at Japanese kids who want to drink along with their parents. vp-05.11.07

Bordbar, Stephan Boltz's cool airline drink carts. Via TRC. sd-05.11.07

Sunday is World Cocktail Day 2007, though the festivities seem to be scattered throughout the month. bb-05.11.07

Big Rock Candy Mountain posts the Top 10 of their Top 100 Drinking Songs. vp-05.11.07

The Great London Beer Flood of 1814. Via Look At This. jc-05.11.07

Big Rock Candy Mountain posts the Merle Haggard portion of their Top 100 Drinking Songs which gets them to #51. jc-05.04.07

The "diamond-tini", a cocktail with a hint of lime and chilled Belvedere vodka over a 1.06-carat stone, is topping the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo's beverage menu at a cool 1.8 million yen. dw-05.04.07

Three great ads for Reyka Vodka. dw-05.04.07

Looking for a nice pub? This will help. ms-04.27.07

John is still drinking. It all started with a Wet and Warm Ginger Brew at The Nethergate in May of '95 until just recently, a Red Brick Double Barrel at the Marston. You can sort his consumption other ways too. jc-04.27.07

Fans of The Princess Bride might have a problem with the letterspacing of the 10 Cane Rum logo. bb-04.27.07

A two-fer, both an FDL and in reference to a secret client project we had going on here at CP this week: The Tiki Tract, a Jack Chick parody. Via Eye of the Goof. sd-04.27.07

A well-reasoned, if a tad preachy, dissertation on the The 'Perfect' Martini and how it got that way. Robert Hess, the author, suggests conducting an experiment to determine the ideal ratio of ingredients to best suit your taste. My own opinion allows considerably less room for customization. jc-04.20.07

Friday Drink Link search engine fun, "blog while drunk." jc-04.20.07

A Special Report: Death Drinks of Rock Stars. jc-04.20.07

After a long week of swapping this might be just the ticket tonight. jc-04.13.07

Brilliant idea for a bar: Rent-a-Polaroid at the Hanger Bar in NY. sd-04.13.07

Instructions for studying wine: 1. Buy. 2. Drink. jc-04.13.07

W. M. Mendis & Co Ltd has announced the world's first ultra-premium coconut brandy priced at $1M. Via Vagablond. dw-04.06.07

A FDL and a potential MoOM exhibit, all in one. Rusty Bunch Beer Can Gallery. jc-04.06.07

Guess what you do if you call yourself The Bottle Cap Man? jc-03.30.07

Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA from 1979. sd-03.30.07

The DRAM sandal includes a built in flask and also features a shaker icon pattern on the sole, making it the perfect summer footwear. dw-03.30.07

Speaking of bourbon, I bought a friend some Pappy Van Winkle for his birtHDay, and I'm such a good friend, I've been helping him drink it, too. Good stuff. bb-03.23.07

Old fave mixed drink. jc-03.23.07

New fave mixed drink: Reed's Jamaican Ginger Beer mixed with bourbon. bb-03.23.07

Jurgen writes to ask, "Do you think he filmed this on a Friday? Fab. jc-03.23.07

Fifteen uses for vodka. dw-03.16.07

New drink invented at the dinner table last night: 3 parts Squirt + 1 part grape juice = Squape. Try it! bb-03.16.07

Recipe for a Shamrock Shake drink. Mmm. dw-03.16.07

In honor of all the drunk people wearing green that I'll see tomorrow. Play the game. Move your mouse from left to right to keep him upright and help the poor guy get home. ms-03.16.07

Like the drinking, when St. Pat's falls on a weekend, the Friday Drink Links start early. There's no better way to uncork things than with Shane MacGowan, the thirstiest of the Pogues. jc-03.16.07

Around here, it's time to start thinking about drinking outdoors again. se-03.09.07

There's nothing like getting drunk at noon watching a parade. bb-03.09.07

FDL search fun: "blogging drunk." jc-03.02.07

Beer Launching Fridge. jc-03.02.07

Arkiva Tropika, a great collection of Tikibar and related stuff. Via, it should come as no surprise, Mr. Bali-Hai. jc-02.23.07

Make mine a double. A MoOM entry and a FDL all in one. Used and Cork Lined Beer Cap Gallery. Via The DDC. jc-02.23.07

Personally, I (and the thousands of voters from over 60 countries at ratebeer.com) prefer Sam Adams (3.17 out of 5) to Stella Artois (a measly 2.56). bb-02.16.07

An update from Mike about that previous post: "You can't use that Sam Adams glass for your Stella Artois." Here's the correct way. sd-02.16.07

The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Pint Glass, "the first glass specifically designed to showcase beer as brewers intended." Hopefully it'll work with any brand, because we're more Stella Artois fans around here. sd-02.16.07

The Drink of the Future, a marshmallowy variation on the styrofoamy Drink of Tomorrow. bb-02.09.07

"There is no drink as dignified as the imperial martini. Martini sits in its glass, forged by ancient glass blowers in the ruins of tumbled cities and mounted on the tips of flame, like a king on his throne." I agree. almost completely. jc-02.09.07

Monday drink link: Lost sodas of the 90s. bb-02.05.07

The DDC sends us this sweet Friday Drink Link, a nice set of vintage beermats. Cheers. jc-02.02.07

The Beertable. "The six inverted stainless steel lined containers function as mini insulators to help keep chilled beer nice and cool." sd-01.26.07

How to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper. jc-01.26.07

Andrew writes, "Anheuser Busch wants to share a juicy secret. They've gone girly." jc-01.12.07

A solution to that problem of really enjoying a wine, then promptly forgetting the name of it as soon as you leave the restaurant. WineZap. Via Springwise. sd-01.12.07

It isn't Friday, but it starts today, so time is of the essence. Free wine in NY, LA, and Chicago, courtesy of HBO. sd-01.10.07

Brew your own beer at home. ms-01.05.07

The Scotch Doc. dw-01.05.07

It's 10am, good time to start a vodka taste test. dw-01.05.07

"I like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, after four I'm under my host." cp-12.30.06

Steve Lyon writes, "How about a Spanish Coffee? Sounds a little froofy, but packs a deceptive punch." jc-12.29.06

Brian Braker writes, "Do yourself a favor and try one of the greatest (and oldest) cocktails ever concocktailed: the Sazerac. Spare no expense on the rye. Don't have absinthe? Use an anisette like Pernod or Ricard. The oldest cocktail for the newest year -- makes perfect sense." jc-12.29.06

What are you drinking New Year's Eve? Send us a Friday Drink Link willya? Use 'contact' at the bottom of the page. jc-12.29.06

A Guy Walks Into a Bar... jc-12.22.06

In reference to a drink link last week, here's an update from Zulkey, Part One: Replacing the Cranberry and Vodka and Part Two: Picking a Better, More Masculine Name for a Cranberry and Vodka. sd-12.22.06

Another hi-tech gimmick to remind you that you'll never know how good a Guinness can be until you visit the factory. bb-12.22.06

I know I certainly have a few "finely aged" bottles in the basement. Worthington's White Shield is running a contest to locate Britain's Oldest Bottle of Beer. se-12.22.06

Quaffer. Via Make Ready. jc-12.22.06

"When you're giving a gift this holiday season--or any time of year, actually--you want it to scream class. Unless, of course, you are giving it to insufferable relatives when you'd probably opt for quantity over quality." Give the gift of big red. Via Lifehacker. dw-12.22.06

In reference to the CP holiday party the other night, including mention of BB's great suggestion, the "Al Sadder City Sling," help Zulkey help me find a signature drink. sd-12.15.06

Jurgen K writes, "Heard this on the radio this morning. then I realized that it was Friday." A NPR interview on great American writers and their cocktails. "Civilization begins with distillation." jc-12.15.06

Toohey's Catapult. jc-12.15.06

How about a tasty but non-alcoholic Friday Drink Link? Joshua Allen and Kevin Fanning review beverages of all kinds at Knowledge For Thirst. Thanks Marshall. jc-12.15.06

Not Just Booze in Bouzy, France. dw-12.08.06

Breweries in the former DDR. Their history, their beers and stats. jc-12.08.06

The Wunderbarcooler would look great on the kitchen counter next to the soft serve ice cream machine. dw-12.08.06

Writers at work, Dorothy Parker. jc-12.01.06

"...up until that time, the drinking of vinegar was relatively uncommon." The Vinegar Bars of Tokyo. sd-12.01.06

James Bond's (and Daniel Craig's) drinking habits including the Vesper cocktail, and the ages-old martini-shaking debate. bb-12.01.06

Miss Charming's Guide for Hip Bartenders and Wayout Wannabes: Your Ultimate One-Stop Bar and Cocktail Resource bb-11.17.06

"It's time to drink the motherf***ing Diet Barq's". A very short Coudal documentary, coming later this afternoon. bb-11.17.06

Muddle your next Mojito. jc-11.17.06

The intersection of two of my favorite things: Achewood and Alcohol. bb-11.17.06

Gary Regan's Hot Cocktails of 2006. bb-11.17.06

Twelve signs you drank too much last night. jc-11.10.06

Tiger Beer shorts. jc-11.10.06

"'What's the price?' the classic Thunderbird theme song, a rollicking, country tinged number, famously asked. The answer: 'Thirty twice.'" jc-11.10.06

GinFizz.net, the most complete collection of gin based cocktails. dw-11.03.06

How to make glowing cocktails without actually killing anyone. se-10.27.06

"There are so few people to drink with. The literary community is not backing me up here. I'm all alone." Out drinking with novelist Gary Shteyngart and Modern Drunkard. So great. jc-10.27.06

Types of German beer, where to find them, and how you'll feel the next morning. jc-10.27.06

The Grey Kangaroo personal liquor filter, taking the stink out of your drink. No comment. jm-10.20.06

List of beers John has drunk in the order that he drunk them. The data is sortable other ways too. jc-10.20.06

Song of the moment and a FDL all in one. The Del McCoury Band's What Made Milwaukee Famous. Via Largehearted Boy. jc-10.20.06

FotA Rick Kogan will be signing copies of his new history of Chicago's most famous bar tonight between 5-9 PM and tomorrow between Noon and 4 at the Billy Goat Tavern. Count on Royko stories a plenty. kg-10.13.06

Three millennia of German brewing, a concise history. jm-10.13.06

The earliest known definition of "cocktail" circa 1806. jm-10.13.06

Or, if you like your potato-to-beer ratio reversed, there's Potato Beer. bb-10.13.06

Beer Chips! bb-10.13.06

There's this liqueur called Jeppson's Malort. I hate to even warn you about it, because it's the liquor version of The Ring. Don't try it. The gimmick is that it's "bad." But it's not "ha-ha" bad, it's "slimy girl crawls out of your TV and kills you" bad. bb-10.06.06

Liquor bottle diversity is staggeringly complex in depth and variety: Bottle Typing. jm-10.06.06

Since 1999, ten friends have met and discussed wine in Boston. They've traveled the world and have been written up in several publications. Now they have their very own bottle. Via VagaBlond. dw-10.06.06

"Welcome to Wines and Times, the website that allows you to plan your own winery tour anywhere in the United States." dw-10.06.06

Lego Ice Bricks for your cocktails. Via Notcot. jc-10.06.06

iBar. jc-09.30.06

"Avoid the indignity of asking a bar tender for a goose instead of a gueuze" The online Belgian Beer pronunciation guide. Very helpful. Via Make Ready. jc-09.29.06

"We were totally wasted." Thanks Ang. jc-09.29.06

About a Martini and another one. jc-09.22.06

Home Tiki Bars Galore! jc-09.22.06

My lack of drink linking today will be rectified with some drink drinking tonight. bb-09.15.06

"Spectacular flower-like nanostructures grown in a laboratory in China can detect alcohol." There must be a FDL in this story somewhere. jc-09.15.06

A repost of an old favorite Friday Drink Link: "Pruno is vile. Perhaps it's the vilest beverage ever concocted. Time to see how the other half lives." bb-09.08.06

NYC's oldest bartender still pouring at 90. jc-09.08.06

Oahu's last tiki bar is for sale. Via Tiki Talk. dw-09.08.06

Alaskan wine, several varieties including Sparkling Rhubarb, Salmonberry and Wild Rose. dw-09.01.06

1950s promotional cards for Swedish soft drink brewery, Sandwalls. What I wouldn't give for a Solo right now. sd-09.01.06

America's Drunkest Cities. Congrats, Milwaukee! sd-09.01.06

Jaime writes, "Seems this would qualify as a particularly grotesque friday booze link." jc-09.01.06

Thank you, MS! Cheers! se-08.31.06

It's not Friday yet, but this is for you SE. ms-08.31.06

Vintage Spirit posters . ms-08.25.06

Rethinking the Draught-Bottle-Can Paradigm . ms-08.25.06

"We wanted this blend to have two qualities: first, a salt that was coarse enough to deliver a wonderful crunch but which dissolved almost instantly on the palate; second, earthy and smoky flavors to complement those found in the finest tequilas. This combination of Australian Murray River Salt Flakes and freshly-ground chipotles fits the bill perfectly!" dw-08.25.06

"Designed to hold whatever you feel like drinking." Uber Tap Ultimate Cocktail Tap. Thanks Brian! sd-08.18.06

Just based on their site, we'd really like to try some Flugel, vodka and black currant, designed to be hidden like a flask. sd-08.18.06

The Impact Theatre in SF had a pretty tasty idea for a fundraiser. A pin-up cocktail book. They were nice enough to include my recipe for the perfect martini too. jc-08.11.06

Remember those guys in college who always had a couple of bottle openers on their key rings and you'd think, "That probably means trouble." The Opener Hat. Probably means trouble. Via SNP. sd-08.11.06

"Brewed in small batches in a tumbledown shed by the owner and namesake, Vendelin Krkoska, the beer has a distribution zone of about two mountain meadows. It is available nowhere else, and nothing else I've ever tasted is quite like it." The Ultimate Beer Run in the Czech Republic from the NY Times. kg-08.11.06

La Petite Claudine on La Mula de Moscú. [Translate] jc-08.11.06

The perfect solution if you wind up staying out a bit too late tonight: a recipe for Pepto-Bismol ice cream. sd-08.04.06

Why some people happily pay $500 for a bottle of wine. Via Vagablond. dw-08.04.06

"This is a small gallery of good times drinking beer during our travels. We are not beer snobs, beer experts, or connoisseurs." Beers Around the World. sd-08.04.06

Skating Priests for Stella Artois. Via Mefi. jc-08.04.06

Robotic wine taster. dw-07.28.06

"Preserving endangered landscapes by turning them into alcoholic beverages sounds like a good idea to me." jc-07.28.06

"Pronunciations are intended primarily for American English speakers and make no pretense at ethnic purity; however, they should be close enough to spare you embarrassment." dw-07.28.06

I love beer mats. jc-07.28.06

After work today, why not head down to your local watering hole and order up a bacon martini? Via Cynical-C. sd-07.21.06

"Getting your point across a sea of drinks can be a monstrous feat." jc-07.21.06

World Drinking Tour. Thanks Roderick. jc-07.21.06

"Beer drinking is one of the world's favorite pastimes. So as the weather started heating up, we felt a scientific duty to investigate this burning beer-related question: what is the most effective beer can cozy?" sd-07.21.06

Ooga-Mooga is all about Tiki Mugs. A FDL and MoOM entry all in one. jc-07.21.06

Unthirsty. Thanks Howard. jc-07.14.06

Kaiser Penguin Zombie Cocktail Jamboree. jc-07.14.06

It's always inspiring to consult A Good Beer Blog on a Friday afternoon. se-07.07.06

The recipe for a Chicago. dw-07.07.06

"German brewer Karlsberg (not to be confused with Danish Carlsberg), is convinced that it can get more women to drink beer." Introducing Karla, the beer for women. Better still: it's sold exclusively at pharmacies. sd-07.07.06

Whoops. Somebody send me a Friday Drink Link willya? Use 'contact' at the bottom of the page. jc-07.07.06

The pre-prohibition Albert Pick Saloon Catalog at the Museum of the American Cocktail, via The Regans. bb-06.30.06

Lots of ways to open a beer. jc-06.30.06

Iron Age Braumeisters of the Teutonic Forests. jc-06.30.06

Love a pull-down menu labeled "Choose a type of drinking game to get wasted with." I guess we'll try Beer Die. jc-06.23.06

Try the Absolut Search and see if you can find all 82 bottles. Via A/D Goodness. dw-06.16.06

Beautifully art-directed promo site for Stella Artois, L'étranger. jc-06.16.06

America's first sake store, True Sake. Via VagaBlond. dw-06.16.06

Thanks to everyone who wrote in offering margarita advice. Think we're going to go with the Pineapple-Orange Margaritas, though I'm really hoping we don't have the same experience as the reviewer from Nashville on that site. "...my baby will have no father now!" sd-06.09.06

Brew your own organic beer. ms-06.09.06

Big cookout tonight at the SD homestead and I've been put in charge of margarita- making. If you've got any good receipes, send 'em my way. As it's Friday Drink Links today, we'll post the best of the best. sd-06.09.06

"The cans were recycled for 800 dollars, an estimated 70,000 cans: 24 beers a day for 8 years." Wow. Via YoChicago. dw-06.09.06

"The world's gaze is fixed on these two men right now." Suntory Reserve spots directed by Akira Kurosawa, with Francis Ford Coppola alongside. sd-06.09.06

Chinese Culture of Drinking Etiquette. jc-06.09.06

Pop, Soda, or Coke Map. I would have thought Chicagoland would be yellow. bb-06.02.06

It's not exactly Ten but the Tribune offers ways for Chicagoans to break the Seven Deadly Sins. kg-06.02.06

Followup: Our favorite trade-magazine beverage columnist, Gary Regan, and his wife Mardee publish a free monthly email newsletter about cocktails and spirits, from which we will surely steal many future Friday Drink Links. If that's not enough, the dude has his own brand of orange bitters. bb-05.26.06

Belgian Beer Pub Map. se-05.26.06

If you've been guzzling winners of this month's World Beer Cup (85 categories!), consider using this blood alcohol calculator before driving yourself home. gm-05.26.06

If we were publishing Friday Drink Links during the Middle Ages, this would be one. Distillerbuch. jc-05.26.06

Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America. Been to at least three...that I remember. sd-05.26.06

The Chosen Beers. jc-05.26.06

Pub Signs of the Midlands, from Midlandspubs. Wow. se-05.26.06

We had no idea that Gary Regan, the bushy-bearded beverage columnist for CP's favorite trade magazine Nation's Restaurant News, has actually co-written several handsome volumes about cocktails. bb-05.19.06

Brian Oberkirch's Perfect. I side with Brian that a martini without gin can't be perfect, and I can get away with saying that because jc's not around at the moment. bb-05.19.06

By most accounts, you'll need to be drunk to enjoy this summers' big-budget "blockbusters." The current Time Out Chicago suggests some cocktails that can be made with snack-bar items and smuggled booze, but if you're not a TOC subscriber, you can make do with The Beerbelly. bb-05.19.06

From the flickering beginnings of motion pictures to the multiplex-filling offerings of today, alcohol has played a major role in the movies. jc-05.19.06

Keg-a-Que. jc-05.19.06

Imbibe Magazine is your indispensable guide to all that's fit to drink. Via d*s. dw-05.12.06

Great moments in television advertising: Old Milwaukee finally breaks through into that difficult to reach, coveted demographic of weekend log rolling enthusaists. sd-05.12.06

Jeff Lebo's House of Beer Cans. jc-05.12.06

"Freethinking bartenders" are using "the techniques of avant-garde cooking" to make their drinks taste better. It's the tipsy science of molecular mixology. gm-05.12.06

Try a little Beer Label Origami at happy hour today. se-05.12.06

Making a shot glass out of ice. Via Chris Glass. sd-05.05.06

The 12 "cardinal flavors" of single malt scotch. jc-05.05.06

Some unique stemware by Karim Rashid. dw-05.05.06

"Dirndl-clad waitresses weave through the crowds with huge mugs, more beer is finding its way to the floor than to drinkers' lips, and even the tables seem to be moving as people sway to folk tunes played by a band." The Berg, a 12 day festival in Erlangen, Germany. Via Vagablond. dw-05.05.06

Tomorrow is Big Brew: National Homebrew Day. Join "thousands of homebrewers from around the world in brewing the same recipes and sharing a simultaneous toast at noon Central Time." gm-05.05.06

"If you had purchased $1,000 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49. If you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling refund, you would have $214." Invest in Beer. sd-05.05.06

Re: KG's post and the same tavern's previous life. "The Sun-Times opened a tavern, staffed it with reporters and photographers, and waited for the city inspectors to come and shake them down. They sardonically called the bar the Mirage, and it drew petty crooks like drought victims to a vision of water." jc-05.05.06

For anyone who watched this week's episode of Prison Break, the bar where the way too attractive prison physician falls off the wagon was known around the CP offices as Conference Room B before we moved HQ to its present location. How they managed to shoot on a day The Judge wasn't there, I'll never know. kg-05.05.06

The Knowledge For Thirst returns. jc-04.28.06

"Readings were recorded in CMY, rather than sample luminance and 2 primaries (the traditional Tintometer technique) to allow a more intuitive interpretation of the results. All measurements made with a 1 cm path length using a Lovibond Tintometer Model E. Brews are ordered approximately from darkest to lightest." The Lovibond Beer Color Database. sd-04.21.06

A simple, yet possibly very effective method of getting a free drink at the bar. sd-04.21.06

"Are there four words in the drunkard's vocabulary more heartening than those? Four simple words, yet so packed with drama and purpose." jc-04.21.06

The 2006 Tales of the Cocktail Festival. Tastings, tours of where drinks were originally invented, and even the premiere of In the Spirit, a documentary about the cocktail's role in American history. sd-04.21.06

Jasper Morrison's Cork Stool, now at the MoMA store. Via swissmiss. sd-04.14.06

After a trip to Belgium, I don't really know where to start with drink links. Much of what I tried was local, most don't have websites, but all deserve mention. Two types of beer we really explored this time, when we could tear ourselves away from beloved Rochefort, were Lambic and Gueuze. Many of those are so local that we were unable to repeat a favorite drink later in the trip. Even my friend who prefers wine loved Faro, a sweet Lambic that tastes a bit like cider, at A La Becasse in Brussels, described here (scroll down) in Roger Baylor's great beer blog. Roger also takes on the challenge of deciding whether he prefers Rochefort 10 or Westvleteren 12. As we were unable to find anyone in or around the abbey of St. Sixtus because everyone was enjoying a fabulous week of bike racing, I did not enjoy enough Westvleteren to make my own decision. Luckily, we were able to return to our hotel which served FREE Orval at the hotel bar. Nice place, Belgium! se-04.14.06

Brian writes, "Every design shop should have one, the Lazy Drinker Programmable Drink Mixer." jc-04.07.06

More tequila info... how it's made. dw-04.07.06

"Thank you for visiting Salud Tequila Lounge. We are proud to offer the best selection of 100% agave tequilas in Chicago." No, thank you Salud. dw-04.07.06

There's a "Google Map API" beer finder for Chicago, too, at beer.chicago.com, but it's not quite as cool as Toronto's. bb-03.31.06

The Beer Hunter will come in handy for this weekend's road trip to Toronto. Via BlogTO. dw-03.31.06

"1. Get a few friends, all wearing curtains..." The Sound of Music Drinking Game. Thanks to Marino500. jc-03.24.06

The Secret History of Rum. dw-03.24.06

It was at Tony Soma's, reportedly, that a bartender asked Dorothy, "What are you having?" and she replied, "Not much fun." Where Dorothy Parker drank. Thanks Erin. jc-03.24.06

The Pour, a new blog about wine, beer, and spirits by NY Times wine columnist Eric Asimov. Via Kottke. kg-03.17.06

Streams Of Whiskey. Via Shoepal. jc-03.17.06

Ladies Thirst, an exploration of history's greatest female drunkards. jc-03.17.06

Wish I could walk over to the Roisin Dubh tonight, but it would be a long walk. If you're in Galway, go and have a pint for me. se-03.17.06

Well, looks like we went from being without drink links to becoming a bunch of booze hounds. Here's Greg's Rusty Nail Recipe. sd-03.10.06

Gearing up for a trip to Belgium, I noticed that I'll be near Westvleteren, home of some of the fabulous and rare Trappist beer of the same name. No longer sold through distributors, you have to either go to Belgium and get lucky or buy directly from the abbey. I'm there. se-03.10.06

It's tradition to head down to the St. Patrick's Day parade with our friend's very handy Trav-L-Bar. That said, we'll be at the corner of Columbus and Jackson tomorrow morning, if anyone wants to stop by and say hello. By around noon, we'll be the ones who are a little too enthusiastic about the Jesse White Tumbling Team. sd-03.10.06

Velvet Crush: "And That's Kool-Aid & Gin." I assume one part each. jw-03.10.06

As long as we're posting homespun drink recipes, my invention for when you're camping in a state park that doesn't allow alcohol, the "Camping Whiskey Sour": Drink half a can of RC Cola, then pour in 1/4-can Country Time lemonade and top it off with Jim Beam. Stay away from the fire. bb-03.10.06

Not so much a link, but a drink none the less. Anne passes along this receipe for a Tokyo Iced Tea: "One measure of each:Tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, midori, fresh lime juice and coka cola." sd-03.10.06

Breweries in the former DDR and the beers they brew. jc-03.03.06

If you like vodka, but wish it cost more and tasted diamond-y, your day is almost here. Also via SNP. sd-03.03.06

"The trailer was found earlier this week at an Oak Creek trucking firm - minus the beer." sd-02.24.06

Dale's Pale Ale. jc-02.24.06

Great Movie Alcoholics. jc-02.24.06

Well-thought out and executed, but not perfect. jc-02.17.06

Say you're from the UK and enjoy the Guinness blog. jc-02.17.06

The German Reinheitsgebot and why it's a load of old bollocks. Via the always observant Make Ready. jc-02.10.06

To tie in our impromtu theme with a Friday Drink Link, I looked up the beers of my underage drinking days. It appears that Hudepohl, Hudy Delight, Burger, Schoenling, and Top Hat are all gone, but Christian Moerlein and Little Kings are still out there. Moerlein's site reminds me that last time I was in Cincinnati, there was this huge Cornhole craze and it freaked me out to see the word "cornhole" everywhere because that means something pretty different in Chicago. bb-02.10.06

Mmmmmm... Vodka with Bison Grass. kb-02.10.06

You never know when you might need a beer logo as an editable vector file. jc-02.10.06

Skinny Corp is back at it once again, this time with the "best drinking site in the history of the internet." kb-02.03.06

Fire up the looping aquarium and fireplace tapes, pop in the DVD, then have a couple drinks with Steve. Via AdFreak. sd-02.03.06

This is a lovely Merlot, what is it? It's a 2:34pm. jc-01.27.06

The Black Table says farewell and heads out on its final Beer Run: "Time to Clean out the Fridge." tmn-01.27.06

Google Maps Mania points us in the right direction. Find Beer and Wine. dw-01.27.06

So you know. Straightforward description on How to Brew Beer. jc-01.27.06

Found while shopping at Target. jc-01.27.06

Chocolate & Zucchini gives you a recipe to make your own wine glass charms. dw-01.20.06

A morning-related Friday drink link: Kiss opens a coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach. tmn-01.20.06

This beer is for you, Westerville, Ohio. ms-01.13.06

It's been all over the web for years, and probably posted here before, but today's as good a day as any to re-read what might be the greatest drinking story of all time: Sushi Pants. bb-01.13.06

"The brand's objective is to break down the stereotype that wine is reserved only for special occasions - Pizza Vino can be enjoyed anytime and especially with a casual pizza dinner." Via SNP. sd-01.13.06

"Eastern Europe has a mystifying array of strange drinks. Our correspondent, a 20-year veteran of the region, offers a guide to those with strong nerves, hard heads and sound livers." Cheers Andrew. jc-01.13.06

The Flickr of mixed drinks: Extratasty via WDIK? via Marshall. bb-01.06.06

If only I COULD clone some of my fave Belgian beer, Rochefort 8. Wait, maybe it's possible! se-01.06.06

The Bellini. It's what my parents are drinking. Not to be confused with Bellini bb-01.06.06

The Bar. dw-01.06.06

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, so delicious. dw-12.30.05

Impress your friends on New Year's Eve, learn about champagne from the people who know it best . ms-12.23.05

"But when the gentle tropical rain began falling around the turquoise lagoon, complete with flashes of lightening and claps of thunder, I had to ask my companion if he saw and heard it, too." Vagablond visits the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. dw-12.16.05

Defective Yeti's NyCap, a winter time drink for the parents of small children. jc-12.16.05

Scorpion Whiskey. Thanks Jared. jc-12.09.05

Not so much a link, but my friend in North Carolina just IMed me that he's finally started work on bacon beer, a project we've been talking about for nearly 5 years. Details to come. In the meantime, I need to try this. bb-12.09.05

Somebody send me a Friday Drink Link willya? Use the contact link down below. jc-12.09.05

No, it doesn't make any sense. Yes, we'd like to try some. Go Wodka. Via SNP. sd-12.02.05

If you can't imagine going to, say an opera or a funeral, without drinking, perhaps The Beerbelly is for you. sd-12.02.05

Take your favorite pub anywhere. ms-12.02.05

Chicago's Trader Vic's will close at the end of this year. Weird, what with this huge Tiki craze going on right now. bb-12.02.05

Stir it up, little darling, c'mon and stir it up. jc-11.18.05

"An ancient brewery from a vanished empire was staffed by elite women who were selected for their beauty or nobility, a new study concludes." dw-11.18.05

The interesting history of beer pong. sd-11.18.05

The Beer Hunter, Toronto. jc-11.18.05

To help mark the anniversary this week of the 1983 kidnapping of Alfred Heineken outside his brewery in Amsterdam, call now for reservations for The Kidnap Tour. sd-11.11.05

Homage to Catatonia or How to host a Steely Dan Drinking Party. jc-11.11.05

The Trib notes the return of the gin martini and Bill Daley offers a recipe for the perfect one. Of course the debate rages on although Jim long ago wrote the definitive dissenting opinion. [some regs req] kg-11.04.05

Cooking With Beer. jc-10.28.05

Coasters made of labels cut from the center of classic vinyl records. Via SimpleBits. mf-10.28.05

Kevin found Pete. I suppose that warrants another plug for his book. Thanks! It's pretty close to what I remembered, but I was thinking it was set in Cooper Black. bb-10.21.05

With today's baseball theme intermingling with Friday Drink Links, I went in search of a canned chocolate-like beverage endorsed in the 80s by my least favorite baseball player, and came up with nothing. Anyone out there have a photo of a can of "Pete?" . bb-10.21.05

Tired of fighting the four-deep crowd at the bar and screaming over the din into the bartender's ear? German students (who else?) invent a "smart" beer mat, which can sense when a glass is nearly empty, sending an alert to a central computer behind the bar so waiters know there are thirsty customers. mf-10.21.05

Granted, it takes forty-five minutes to get a drink in this place, but it's still kinda worth it to see the bartender's tricks. sd-10.14.05

Beerwise. jc-10.14.05

Made From Beer. Nice spot. jc-10.14.05

"Tired of drinking convenience store beer that comes in flimsy cans, and is being pushed on you by corporate suits with bottom line priorities that don't give beer it's due respect? " ms-10.07.05

Check out the Enomatic Wine Vending Machine in Chicago at Just Grapes on Washington. jw-10.07.05

IntelliScanner, barcode-enabled wine management. dw-10.07.05

"Visiting the pub will be cheaper in the long run if you tip the bartender regularly and more generously than is necessary." Rules for Drunk Bastards. Thanks EMF. jc-10.07.05

Doug Gilford has scanned 458 covers of the MAD magazine - basically all regular issues since 1952. Gilford's Mad Cover Site . Via gadgets.fosfor.se. tr-10.02.05

Japanese drinking etiquette. dw-09.30.05

Not sure what's kosher to drink on Rosh Hashanah next week? Find your answer here ms-09.30.05

On a sad local note, joyblue, a terrific bar on Irving Park that regularly played Boards of Canada b-sides, burnt down last night. Can't seem to find any info on what happened though. If you've got details, please send them along. sd-09.30.05

iPod Bartender. Via Dig. jc-09.30.05

Special Tuesday Edition of Friday Drink Links, from the liquor cabinet at SkinnyCorp comes ExtraTasty! jc-09.27.05

If you like your martinis as cold as possible, but that beach is looking mighty inviting, you have found your solution in the Cocktail Cabana. Via SNP. sd-09.23.05

"'Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink,' reads the advertising catchphrase for Kidsbeer." sd-09.23.05

It's been a busy day, almost time to head home and crack open a bottle of Valpolicella. dw-09.16.05

Play rock paper scissors with 15 different gestures. tr-09.16.05

First Cocktail Ever. jc-09.16.05

Ew, Canada! TV spot for Mac's Bloody Zit (a Slurpee-like drink). (Warning: really really gross) bb-09.09.05

David Elsewhere moves like nothing I've ever seen. tr-09.04.05

In reading just the first sentence, an innocent bit of copy for a drink mix becomes incredibly eerie. sd-09.02.05

French Wine A Day, a great French wine everyday. dw-09.02.05

Corey and Nate's staggering collection of Beer Labels. ms-09.02.05

BS Job Title Generator. tr-09.02.05

EMVF pours us Mr. Webb's Small Bragot. jc-08.26.05

RJ writes, "This is what 17 year old chav's like to down in Falaraki." jc-08.26.05

a Friday Drink Link willya? jc-08.26.05

This recipe sounds perfect for sipping during tonight's nerd night. dw-08.19.05

Weird drinks from around the world. bb-08.19.05

Beer festivals around the world. Find one near you. ms-08.19.05

The Wine Chicks dw-08.19.05

The Chicago-built Peterson Beer Bottle Organ is exactly what it sounds like, and is playable with either a keyboard or used as a MIDI device. Via Gizmodo. sd-08.12.05

An old photo of me wearing my favorite shirt led me to Funny Face Packs, a comprehensive site about my favorite powdered beverage of the '70s. bb-08.12.05

Oh, to be in Harbin, China in August. Not only do they host an International Beer Festival, but this year's event featured a Beer Fountain with a 400 ton fountain pond. Sadly, the Beer Fountain was scrapped in order to save precious resources, but who can argue with that sort of conservation? se-08.12.05

"If I was looking for a wine made from larvae, I'd choose this." Undrinkable Cocktails. kg-08.12.05

Mixed drinks you come up with when you're drunk. Thanks to EMF. jc-08.05.05

'We're all "drinking men,' because we're all mainly squishy bags of water." The NYer on A History of the World in Six Glasses. kg-07.29.05

La Fée Verte collects the world's knowledge about the green fairie, Absinthe. ah-07.29.05

Yet another in a series of terrific spots for Australia's Carlton Draught. Check out the others on their main site. sd-07.29.05

A list of worst beers in the world as rated by the thousands of beer enthusiasts. jc-07.29.05

Don't remember if you have to drink or not drink if you hit the glass when you're playing Quarters. Whatever the case, playing with this kid probably wouldn't result in a very fun evening either way (he'd be showing off all night). Via Transbuddha. sd-07.22.05

Cocktail Dashboard Widget for Mac. Thanks Jamie. jc-07.22.05

NicoShot, nicotine-laced beer, refered to as the "smoking cessation brew." sd-07.15.05

"I think this will change the way beer is poured," (Incidentally, the co-author of this article is Jonathan Eig, Chicagoan and author of the fantastic Gehrig bio, Luckiest Man. kg-07.15.05

Molo Design's Pilsner Flutes. If I was having a beer in 2001, this is what I'd have it in. Via Shoepal. jc-07.15.05

I'm not sure I'd want a pickled octopus on the side of my appletini, but suit yourselves. ah-07.09.05

Raise a glass to lunch. jc-07.08.05

Cocktail Hour on the original Bewitched. jc-07.08.05

Friday Drink Links, meet Independence Day. Bang!! bb-07.01.05

Perfect for watching fireworks, possibly dangerous before lighting them. cp-07.01.05

Alcoholix, the new way to get drunker, quicker, by leveraging the powers of your social network. jc-06.24.05

In defense of drinking expensively. jc-06.24.05

Setup your own overpriced automatic billing hotel minibar at home. jw-06.17.05

The recipes for The Oysters and The Martinis. Via Make Ready. jc-06.17.05

Inns and Taverns of Old London. jc-06.17.05

Writing while drinking or the other way round. Drink Boy. jc-06.10.05

A guide for the un-initated to buying Guinness in an Irish pub. Via JK. jc-06.10.05

'The goodness of Malt fortifies your healthful pleasures.' jc-06.10.05

"Refrain from insobriety. Your work is plenty and serious." From a series of Japanese Industrial Welfare Association Posters. jc-06.03.05

It's not every day that you discover some buried beer from WWII. dw-06.03.05

Steve and I were ogling the Tab at Bari during lunch. Sooner or later we'll break down and buy some. bb-05.27.05

What better way to waste away a Memorial Day than with a freezer full of delicious Guinness Ice Lollies. Via Waxy. sd-05.27.05

Keeping up the "jam" links, but throwing in our standard friday theme: Beer Jelly bb-05.27.05

"He usually says something about Jack Webb a few times, and then goes off on some weird tangent." Crazy Drunk Guy. jc-05.27.05

Todd writes, "I've got rhubarb growing like mad in my yard. Anything to use it up is a help." jc-05.20.05

Wes points us to Etiquette 101: Or How To Get Served A Good Drink Quickly Even When It's Busy. Very useful. jc-05.20.05

iVodka. Just because it's Friday and no one else has posted one. jw-05.13.05

Drunk stories from Hollywood. jc-05.13.05

Never be without a bottle opener again. cph-05.06.05

It's time for a refined Friday Drink Link. The Mimosa was inveted along with a host of other cocktails at The Ritz Carlton in Paris. Read about them, then make one for mom on Sunday morning. jw-05.06.05

"Avoid the indignity of asking a bar tender for a "goose" instead of a "gueuze"!" The Online Guide to Belgian Beer has audio files that teach you how to pronounce the name of the beer you want in English, Flemish and French. ms-04.29.05

Crazy Asian Drinks. jc-04.29.05

The Absinthe Buyer's Guide. I've been thinking about getting some, time to do some research. Thanks Andrew! dw-04.22.05

Beer Labels. Labels of thousands of beers. jw-04.22.05

These poems keenly recollect the good, the bad and the slippery of a night on the town. dw-04.15.05

The Culinary Institute of America offers a free online wine course. "Youíll learn about where they grow, how theyíre made into wine, how the wines theyíre made into taste, what foods they work with best, and why theyíre hot in the marketplace." jsm-04.15.05

Jump from winter into spring with a nice cold Mojito. And get some Freaky Ice for the kids. jsm-04.08.05

Aaugh! Almost forgot this drink link, i've been saving it all week. Via the Gome: The Kool-Aid FAQ v7.0 bb-04.01.05

Ukrainian language is not that small beer! I lost interest in this article before I could find out what, if anything, that headline means but it's four o'clock already and we have no drink link. Via Bookslut. kg-04.01.05

Sweet! Guess I know where I'll be celebrating on April 15th and 16th. I was just enjoying St. Bernardus, De Koninck, and Bosteels last week, where they went strangely well with the Irish stew cooked up at the Map Room. You just can't go wrong with Belgian beer. Thanks for the heads up, Ken. se-03.25.05

To wash down your take from The Bunny this Sunday, why not try a traditional egg cream? Just add brandy and top off with a skewer of pastel marshmallow goo to make a festive cocktail. se-03.25.05

As a little marketing experiment we asked people to send us a Friday Drink Link and if we used it they'd save ten bucks on a 20pack of Jewelboxing Kings. Here are the links that earned the discount. Mai Tais. The Beer History Photo Page. Google this. Daisy Bath Drink Stirrers Gallery. jc-03.18.05

Daisy Bath Drink Stirrers Gallery. That's worth $10 to Sonicboy. jc-03.11.05

CB writes, "Google this for some fun." CB+$10. jc-03.11.05

Ellen Neilson points us to The Beer History Photo Page and earns $10. jc-03.11.05

Brian Pink sets the record straight about Mai Tais and earns $10. jc-03.11.05

Retro Drinking. jc-03.11.05

Sam Spratlin writes in reference to our FDL Tiki theme, "...not really a drink link, but apparently today we mourn the passing of the world's foremost Tiki musician." jc-03.04.05

What goes better with your basement tiki bar than a ukulele? I just got a black Mahalo U30 for the wife. I'm pretty sure a better musical instrument can't be found for $24.95. bb-03.04.05

Let's make today a Tiki-Style Friday Drink Link Day. I'll start it off with this big repository of Polynesian and Tiki themed joints at Humuhumu's Critiki and of course, the obligatory link to Shag, The Call of Kapu. OK zombies, send your links . jc-03.04.05

Good beer spots with music by Devendra Banhart. erh-03.04.05

The Sacrament. jc-02.25.05

Our man in Toronto doesn't imbibe much, but when he does. jc-02.25.05

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters: God bless you Hamm’s Bear. jd-02.25.05

Chicago Bar Specials. Cue "If only the internet had been this advanced when I was in my twenties" rant. Via GB. kg-02.18.05

Frank from Modern Drunkard writes, "A listing of virtually every Tiki bar in the world, Humuhumu's Critiki." jc-02.18.05

How Bourbon Whiskey Really Got Its Famous Name. Thanks Andrew. jc-02.18.05

As much as we would like to believe that we concocted Irish Coffee, we didn't. That distinction belongs to Shannon. rch-02.11.05

I ordered a Pinot Noir at a restaurant bar a few weeks ago and I could tell the bartender was thinking, "I bet this dork just went and saw that movie." So now we're all about the Syrah. kg-02.11.05

It's a little bit late for some of the big festivals, usually held in late January or early February, but you still may be able to catch an ice wine festival here and there. Why stay indoors and drink something red by a roaring fire when you can be outside on a sleigh enjoying the icy fruits of winter? se-02.11.05

Foam Follows Function. Yes it does. jc-02.11.05

All the drunk people on Flickr. jd-02.11.05

With over 800 recipes and 100 drinking games, load this onto your friends' iPod before going to the party. You wanna come home with yours. rch-02.04.05

Drinking with JFK. Via Screenhead. jc-02.04.05

Bea Arthur stops by the Mos Eisley Cantina. Scum and villany indeed! jd-02.04.05

Bar Tricks. jc-02.04.05

For some reason, of all the things involved with wine, I've always been most interested in the spit bucket used at wine tastings. I thought I'd be clever today and link to some online shop where they have dozens of different types to buy, but surprisingly, it was difficult to find even this one. Are my Google skills just not up to par, or is the wine community just ashamed of its one disgusting habit? sd-01.28.05

Chesh writes that he made this one for himself at his birtHDay bash last weekend, the AÒejo Highball. "Quite good." Although if I found a good ginger beer, I'd use it for these. jc-01.21.05

Historical archive of Henkell 'Sparkling Wine' advertising. Via The Cartoonist. jc-01.21.05

Jeremy serves up a round, writing "I watched The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise last week, and one of the special features is BuÒuel making this martini - he also slipped it into the film. Don't miss the vivid, even shocking, illustration of what they can do at the bottom. I am making one myself this evening." If that doesn't work out Jeremy, try mine. jc-01.21.05

Drinking with Bond, James Bond. jc-01.21.05

Every year at Christmas, my family had an ongoing tradition where someone would buy another relative a bottle of Banana Liquor, the most vile substance known to man. But this year, I'm thinking it might need to be replaced with Rapazzini Winery's Chateau de Garlic, "the only wine with garlic!" A good description of the taste: here. sd-01.14.05

For your Friday night, why not gather up your friends and play ZigZag, the most frustratingly elaborate drinking game ever. I gave up on the rules about halfway through the page (and I'm nearly 93% sober right now). But stay focused and you're apt to somehow reach your ultimate goal. sd-01.07.05

Rejoice, beer snobs, Three Floyds' heavily-anticipated annual batch of Dreadnaught is now available. Like most 3F beers, it's just about impossible to find outside Indiana and Illinois, but worth hunting down. My brother in Atlanta has been emailing me twice a day reminding me to buy as much as I can find. bb-01.07.05

Perfect. cp-12.31.04

Try this tonight. The I Claudius Drinking Game. jc-12.31.04

Whiskey terms defined. Also, note to Whisky Magazine: If your publication is all about whiskey, but you have to spell it "whisk(e)y" every time the word is mentioned, just change it on the damn masthead already. kg-12.17.04

As much as I love the pirate store, they don't serve grog. Pirate grog for the ages. rch-12.10.04

Captain of US Beer Team and host of "Beer Radio" admits he hasn't had a beer in five days. [reg. req.] kg-12.10.04

Current bottle count: 2246. jc-12.10.04

Being that it's cold out. One of my favorite yuletide drinks, Egg Nog and its history. And, arguably the best Egg Nog ever. rch-12.03.04

Overserved with beer logos. jc-12.03.04

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. rch-11.26.04

With turkey. jc-11.24.04

ìMonday: Drank with the Russians. Tuesday: Almost died. Wednesday: Drank with the Russians some more. Thursday: Should have died on Tuesdaybb-11.19.04

Illustrations of hard liquor bottles. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, check out this Wild Turkey. av-11.19.04

The Top Drunks Cards. av-11.19.04

Sotheby's to auction World's Largest Bottle of Wine Saturday. Via Kottke. kg-11.19.04

In search of the perfect Hot Toddy. rch-11.19.04

So weit hast du's gebracht 13 Meter. Learn German while staggering drunk. bb-11.12.04

Inns and Taverns of Old London. via the Cartoonist av-11.12.04

Filtering works for water, now make your cheap vodka taste better by doing the same. A toast to Kottke. rch-11.12.04

Mayan hot cocoa replete with crushed chili peppers. Proceed, notwithstanding a Mayan or Aztec ceremony. rch-11.05.04

How to Ace an Intervention, from Modern Drunkard. jc-11.05.04

Soused at the South Pole, from Modern Drunkard. jc-10.29.04

Roderick of Make Ready wants us to know how to read a sake label, among other things. jc-10.29.04

Kevo S. suggests a round of La Strega and says "it's truly foul stuff. But the label on the bottle is great: replete with gold medals, art nouveau typography and witch imagery." jc-10.29.04

Robert of Daily Olive points us to The David Embury Random Cocktail Generator or 'Mixilator' I came up with a Tinkled Strapper. jc-10.29.04

For Halloween, Katy F. suggets a Dead Baby Boy. Yeesh. jc-10.29.04

Well, Red Sox fans, now that this little distraction is behind you, it's time to look ahead to next season and get back to doing what you do best: The Fenway Park Beer Guide. bb-10.29.04

"Historic but hoppy Syrah. Kicks you with french onion soup, corpulent ketchup and perceptable baked alaska. Drink now through 2012." Silly Tasting Notes Generator 1.1. Via The Food Section. jc-10.29.04

The Online Guide to Traditional Pub Games, History and Useful Information. jc-10.22.04

''I knew it was going to be old and arcane and interesting, but I wasn't expecting it to be the greatest alcoholic beverage I had ever put in my mouth." [reg. req.] kg-10.22.04

Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it made sense to put the Beer Hall of Fame in the opposite corner of Ohio. In other news, Columbus is currently preparing a proposal for the Sex and Drugs Hall of Fame. bb-10.15.04

Locate places to swish and spit. Via the Daily Olive. jc-10.15.04

Peter's Gallery of Rum Labels. av-10.08.04

Passed Out Wookies. bb-10.08.04

Ken writes, "Here's a nice set of Friday Drink Linkage from the Beeb." jc-10.08.04

You want an umbrella in that? jc-10.08.04

Mmmm. Beer machine. Via Daily Olive. jc-10.01.04

How to read a wine label - Part One. av-10.01.04

We made up our own debate drinking game rules last night, but Wonkette already had it covered, and their rules work anytime, you could get tanked in eight minutes watching FOX News Channel. As it turned out last night, I had to chug a can of Old Style when Kerry said "mission accomplished." bb-10.01.04

The classic Mint Julep. Via Make Ready. jc-10.01.04

Try a Southwestern Pimm's Cup. Thanks Jamie. jc-09.24.04

While in Michigan this weekend, I will most likely be drinking these. The perfect beach drink. av-09.10.04

Huge variety of Sangria recipes. Have a glass this weekend for Danielle's 23rd. rs-09.10.04

I've known quite a few hockey players who were also fond of the sauce, but never have the two been so seamlessly integrated. Drunken Hockey. rs-09.03.04

"Not since Bernard Berenson made his lists of true and false Italian pictures had an American expert on the arts so fundamentally changed the economics of European culture." Gopnik on Robert Parker in the NYer. kg-09.03.04

Looking to combat that hangover or add some spice to your buzz? Suck on this. rs-08.27.04

The results of my experiments suggest otherwise. kg-08.27.04

As the grilling season winds down, the Trib offers advice on which wines to pair with your hot dog. [reg. req.] kg-08.20.04

"Go drink, go eat, go party, go out, book your Scooterman" Hey bb, set it up here in Chicago. ms-08.20.04

A beautiful website for the world's most exceptional gin, Bombay Sapphire. Note the importance placed on design from the bottles to the ads, including commissioned martini glasses by artist/designer luminaries such as Milton Glaser. Delicious! rs-08.20.04

"Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground" A perfect headline for a Friday Drink Link. ms-08.20.04

Diary of a beer tasting festival. jc-08.20.04

Beer cans by country and also a cans versus bottles taste test. jc-08.13.04

Neil Lee's Soda Pop and Graphic Design. jc-08.13.04

Pub Crawl Generator. Via Ralf. jc-08.06.04

1000 Arten ein Bier zu ˆffnen. jc-08.06.04

Is thar gold in that there novelty booze? jc-08.06.04

Sam Spratlin writes, "A drinking game that... in my humble opinion, is vastly more entertaining (and complicated) than Beer Pong... Beer Die." Love the pro league logo at Warriors and the college atheletics version from Maine. jc-07.30.04

Todd "misses it so." jc-07.30.04

If I could organize the Olympics, I would mandate that all games to be played on Friday be like this one. av-07.30.04

Why Germans Drink. Duh. kg-07.23.04

Ben comes through with a round of Friday Drink Links about Honey Mead. Cheers. jc-07.16.04

The NIAAA should keep us busy for the next few Fridays. bb-07.16.04

Refreshing Limoncello. Via The Box Factory. jc-07.09.04

A collectorsí guide for categorizing and coding their corkscrews. LC, TO, and SA look mighty fine. av-07.09.04

Cheers, Cincinnati. jc-07.09.04

"He has returned home very late, having forgotten his keys he must now gain entrance to his flat and get into bed without waking his light-sleeping girlfriend." jc-07.02.04

Steady fella. Via jk. jc-06.25.04

The World's Largest 40 oz. Collection. av-06.18.04

Tommi sorting some new caps. jc-06.18.04

Register to vote. Get free beer. jc-06.18.04

Flair Devils: Exposing the Soul of the Food and Beverage Industry. av-06.11.04

Sink Ya Drink, a perfect Friday night out, in flash form and with no hangover. aw-06.11.04

Ches writes, "I've recently returned to being able to drink after a dozen years of having been prevented by allergies. Consequently I've purchased a lovely shaker and am going to learn some mixologic arts. Anyway, I was pleased (though not overly surprised) to learn that there's a drink called the Cheshire Cat. Doesn't sound too bad, either. I think I'll try it when I play bartender tomorrow night." You might wanna start with the basics first C. jc-06.04.04

A Friday Drink Link found in a great new batch of scans at Ephemera Now. jc-06.04.04

Mezcal: No, it's not the same as Tequila. Yes, some of them have a worm. No, it's not hallucinogenic. Yes, you are supposed to eat it. No, I haven't tried it. Yes, you should. arv-05.28.04

Huge vat full of wine labels from everywhere. Via Make Ready. jc-05.28.04

Passport to the Pub. Helpful instruction for the uninitiated. jc-05.14.04

Walter Chell, inventor of the Bloody Caesar. Thanks Simon. jc-05.14.04

Andrew prefers his liquor hard, and hard-to-find. jc-05.07.04

We know Aaron is an expert on Friday Drink Links because the last time he blew through Chicago, the first thing he asked the bartender at CP's Conference Room D was, "Do you have any Grain Belt?" He sends us this unpleasant but helpful advice from Modern Drunkard. jc-05.07.04

Ben has his nose to the breeze, finding the The Wine Aroma Wheel and handy reference guides to huffing on whites and reds. jc-05.07.04

Heidi from Texas pours a mean Aviation Cocktail. jc-05.07.04

The Lazy Drinker is quite simply is a computer controlled mixed cocktail dispensing device. And it's Mac compatible too. jc-04.30.04

Koolio is a traveling autonomous refrigerator robot. "Picture a cross between†R2D2 and a vending machine." jc-04.30.04

Someone needs to come up with a Fresh Signals drinking game, like "Whenever Dave mentions Live Forever, drink!" "Whenever no one but Jim posts for a whole day, two drinks!" bb-04.23.04

Air America Radio has been filling their advertising void with '80s Rockers Against Drunk Driving PSAs featuring Def Leppard and Ratt. RADD is still around, (or RAAAADD, if they acronymized it based on their full name). Stain'd and Dennis Franz are looking out for you. bb-04.23.04

Suntory / Whisky / Toys. jc-04.16.04

Drink like a felon: make your own Pruno. Sounds fantastic. bb-04.09.04

Steal great rum cocktail ideas from the man. dr-04.02.04

When jc, dr and bb head to Soldier Field to see Manchester United take on Bayern Munich this July, they may or may not drink the official beer of the Red Devils. dr-04.02.04

Why not start today? "40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do". es-03.26.04

Online drink generator, presented by the Webtender. jf-03.26.04

What do you do if you're the manager of a Hooters restaurant in Arlington, Texas and you're repeatedly denied a beer license due to the adverse affect on the, "... morals of the surrounding community and on the public sense of decency..."? Of course, you just give away the beer. es-03.19.04

Confused by all the propaganda put forth by evangelists of the low-carb lifestyle? Anheuser-Busch would like to set the record straight. Graciously, they humbly clarify that they are, "...not saying that drinking beer will cause you to lose weight..." es-03.19.04

Since it's pretty obvious the studio staff knows a thing or two about how babies are made, let's consider champagne. Thanks Josh. cp-03.19.04

Champagne myths exposed: Contrary to popular belief, champagne glasses were not modeled after Marie Antoinette's breasts, and a spoon will not stop carbon dioxide from escaping an open champagne bottle. jf-03.12.04

SabreaChampagne, for all your champagne sabering needs. jf-03.12.04

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right."--Mark Twain. A collection of Champagne quotes. jf-03.12.04

Like you, I'm always a little worried about how easy it is to access all the beer in my fridge. Luckily for us, Miller Brewing has just announced convenient 'fridge packs'. Don't miss the exciting story behind what Coca-Cola Co. calls "...the greatest innovation in packaging since the contoured plastic bottle." es-03.05.04

A race between a teapot and a champagne glass is always a close call (mpeg). jf-03.05.04

A scientific inquiry into the properties of champagne bubbles. jf-03.05.04

"I gulped a full can of Bud (yech!) to produce that." A collection of burps. jf-02.27.04

Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae) is a mold that creates enzymes that break down the starches in rice into sugars that can be fermented by yeast. "Without koji, there is no sake." Also, how to brew your own sake at home. jf-02.27.04

Reviews of sleazy bars around the globe, e.g., De Benzinebar (Groningen, The Netherlands): "If my memory serves me right: it's dark, smelly, cheap and there's a car sticking out of the wall. Open untill [sic] you fall down or black out. Don't come here for a quiet drink, people will try to persuade you to have a one night stand." jf-02.27.04

Juke joints of the Mississippi Delta. jf-02.27.04

The Wine Lexicon (including audio pronunciation for non-English words) for every wine term (including "foxy" and "dumb"). jf-02.27.04

Scrub, slurp, scrub: "As you relax in the tub, this handy rack will set the right mood. Itís equipped with a candleholder and wine glass holder." jf-02.20.04

Dude, where's my cup? jf-02.20.04

Chimpanzees in Uganda raid illegal brewing operations, get drunk, go on killing spree. jf-02.20.04

Luis BuÒuel, Spanish surrealist film director and martini mixer (how-to). jf-02.20.04

Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, "dedicated to the Gin Fizz, the Widow's Kiss, and the Singapore Sling ñ the drinks our mothers and grandmothers drank." jf-02.20.04

Scotch on the rocks, literally, via New Yorkish. jf-02.20.04

Photo gallery of old Gloucestershire pubs. Via Plep. jc-02.20.04

Library of Embossed Beer Bottles. Found alongside 792 other food and drink links. jc-02.13.04

Just Mini Vodkas. Just Mini Vodkas and Spyro Gyra that is. Yikes. jc-02.06.04

The Canadian Stubby Beer Bottle. jc-02.06.04

Washington Brewed Here. jc-01.30.04

A Lifetime in Eau Claire One Night. The Joynt. A classic saloon in a classic Wisconsin town. Via gmt+9. jc-01.30.04

Tiny chairs made from Champagne corks. Via Reenhead. kg-01.23.04

Please pay when served. Good advice, found at Ohio Breweriana jc-01.23.04

Not just a band name, but a way of life, Drunk and Disorderly. jc-01.16.04

How to make a Long Island Iced Tea and more interesting than that, a listing of the nutritional content of such a concoction. cb-01.09.04

Corey and Nate's perfectly titled Beer Labels .com calls itself the "definitive" collection and it's hard to disagree, unless of course your interest lies in Old Russian Beer Labels. There are some great design and typographic references there. Cheers. jc-01.09.04

"Lonely, I guess that's where I'm from..." ad-01.09.04

Drink responsibly for the holidays. Remember, "While standing in the middle of the road at 3 a.m. yelling expletives at your ex-girlfriend, wear light-colored clothing so motorists can see you." jc-12.19.03

"Alcohol consumption in graphic arts in the '50s and '60s is often presented as a jolly pasttime, the most dire consequences of which might be visions of pink elephants." says Gene Gable of Heavy Metal Madness. Via Veer. jc-12.12.03

Just silly enough. jc-12.05.03

The First Vintage kg-11.21.03

Another famous drinker was Charles Bukowski. Here's his Beer poem. rz-11.21.03

Advice for actors: how to play a drunk. rz-11.21.03

A huge big beer glass collection is at The beer glass net. Slurp. rz-11.21.03

Can't wait until Friday Drink Links to hook this one up. The latest feature at NoRelevance is Cult of the Goat, which is full to the brim with beeriphinalia and information about Bock Beers. Tasty label here. jc-11.19.03

John's Asian Drink Adventure. "This is an odd drink. It's got a bit of body. It's a bit like chocolate milk with far too much chocolate in it. It has a peanut butter color, and what do you know? It even smells like it. It tastes like a peanut butter sugar cookie, but wetter." rz-11.14.03

I have a confession to make. When I was in Chicago, I actually frequented this bar quite often. It happened to be just down the road from where I lived, at Ontario Place. This is sad, isn't it? rz-11.14.03

Beer as muse. jc-11.07.03

The Chicago Beer Society is "celebrating over 25 years of great beer." Meanwhile, Urban Knaves of Grain claims to be the "oldest and largest homebrew club in DuPage County, Illinois. We don't doubt them. kg-10.31.03

January 25. kg-10.24.03

Vodka turns 500. kg-10.17.03

Sadly, this would have no impact on my game at all. Thanks to kshay. kg-10.17.03

Drinkometer. How much have alcohol have you consumed? jc-10.17.03

EMF writes, "Make your own liqueurs from essences. Could also be titled 'Other ways to drink vodka.'" jc-10.10.03

"A drug created by the former KGB to keep its agents sober so that they could drink opponents under the table before stealing their secrets is being sold on the internet to Hollywood stars as a defense against hangovers." jc-10.03.03

Funny outtake videos at Touching People. For a real Friday Drink Link, scroll down and check out Orson Welles blotto performance in this Paul Mason commercial. jc-09.26.03

Belgian Trappist beers, and ephemera sh-09.19.03

We know our ABC's pretty well. Abbey Pub. Brehon, Chief O'Neils. Durkins. So does Chicago's Irish Pubs. Via Gapers' Block. jc-09.19.03

Italian liqueur labels. Rum labels. Whisky labels. Vodka labels. sh-09.12.03

Make your own shot glasses. Thanks to EMF. jc-09.12.03

To be known as the OBBD: The Oxford Bottled Beer Database. kg-09.05.03

Um, if they say so. kg-09.05.03

Passport to the Pub: A guide to British pub etiquette. "When you first enter a pub, donít just order a drink - start by saying ìGood eveningî or ìGood morningî (both are often shortened to ì íningî), with a friendly nod and a smile, to the bar staff and the regulars at the bar counter. " av-08.29.03

22LSC Chicago Presents Slaughterhouse 9 Scooters of Mass Destruction. We're sure there won't be any drinking and riding. But there will be drinking and there will be riding. More at our BB's 2 Stroke Buzz. cp-08.29.03

Apparently there are other opinions about this issue. Of course, they're all wrong. jc-08.22.03

With pregnancies on the rise in the CP family, non-alcoholic wines have become a critical weekend dining accessory. In early tastings, my wife rates Inglenook's St. Regis Reserve Sauvignon Blanc as the best white (and best overall), and Sutter Home's Fre Premium Red as the leading rouge. Top non-alcoholic beer: Kaliber. kg-08.15.03

Ultimately this is a Friday Drink Link, I guess. A site dedicated to Malcolm Lowry's "Under the Volcano." Includes a chapter summary and a nice collection of the history of the novel's book covers too. jc-08.08.03

Kevin should have posted this one. It's not that he's such a big fan of knocking back bourbon, but of Walker Percy, who was. Thanks JP. jc-08.01.03

The Knowledge for Thirst, "a beverage-centric website operated by two gentlemen who really enjoy juices and sodas," should probably be a permanent Friday Drink Link. The latest episode asks about fitness-water, "What are they trying to do to us? Did this kind of chicanery and wool-pulling test well in focus groups?" jc-08.01.03

Crown Cap Collecting. jc-08.01.03

Burd? Bloke? Either way, you can play that game where you flick the beermat on the edge of the bar and then catch it. Or try to anyway. Via Off on a Tangent. jc-07.25.03

Gapers Block explores authentic Chicago dive bars. Be sure to read the heated discussion that follows. kg-07.25.03

Cold beer on a hot day: "Having an old CaffetiÈre, a two-way switch and a thermometer is a good start." av-07.18.03

Sugar, lime, mint and rum. And what they can do when combined correctly. jc-07.18.03

A list of some of America's best wine stores. kg-07.11.03

Top 10 Summer Cocktails. kg-07.03.03

Cherry Bomb. Firecracker. Southern Sparkler. jc-07.03.03

At 90, winemaker Robert Mondavi has a few harsh words for the way his sons run the company. kg-07.03.03

The Corkscrew Museum. kg-06.27.03

The Cocktail Database has had another makeover, and just when you're looking for sophisticated Father's Day backyard bar options. kg-06.13.03

Cone top beer cans, an authoritive collection and resource. jc-06.13.03

Wine cheats. kg-06.06.03

Friend of the Agency John Hodgman on the Lost Art of Bitters. kg-06.06.03

"Sam Adams Utopias, a new extreme beer, doesn't taste anything like the Bud you drank last night." It better not at $100.00 a bottle. ms-05.30.03

Now that I am 21, I can legally post a few Friday Drink Links! Ego Media gives step by step drink recipes, filmed on location at various NY hotspots. (hint: click drinks icon) av-05.30.03

Vintage Beer Cans msk-05.30.03

"Only six breweries in the world have the right to produce and trade Trappist beer." And everything else you ever wanted to know about the subject. jc-05.23.03

"These nine songs will make you suck down the hooch like nobody's business." By Molly Simms. jc-05.23.03

For the MoOM, Marcel's International Beer Mat Collection. If that gets you excited, you might want to learn How To Buy Paper Beer Coasters. jc-05.16.03

Everyone needs a hobby. msk-05.09.03

Beertrays 'r' Us. msk-05.09.03

A Canadian's perspective on drinking in Australia. msk-05.09.03

DC bar makes the Guinness Book of World Records for stocking over 1,000 beers. kg-05.02.03

Frank Booth's favorite beer is making a comeback. kg-04.25.03

Swizzle sticks collection. jc-04.18.03

The National Inventory of Pub Interiors of Outstanding Heritage Interest. jc-04.11.03

The Battle of Burgandies. kg-04.04.03

"Recharging your cell phone might one day become a simple matter of giving it a shot of tequila." Thanks Marshall. kg-04.04.03

Brain Hemorrhage, Face Down, and other nominees for the World's Worst Cocktail. kg-04.04.03

World's Strongest Beers. kg-03.28.03

Betty Zielinski, the model for Miller's famed Girl in the Moon logo dies at 74. kg-03.28.03

Volare, whoa-oh. Campari, whoa-oh-oh-oh. dr-03.21.03

Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, Mexico's richest woman and the Queen of Corona. kg-03.14.03

"Call them bum wines, street wines, fortified wines, wino wines, or twist-cap wines."†Whatever you call them, these are beverages for economical drunkards. jc-03.07.03

This one's cool but version 2.0 will be a "full-featured, high-quality Bar Monkey." Thanks M. jc-02.28.03

In a week in which we've seen far too much of the King of Pop's undead remains, let's enjoy an old column from the other Michael Jackson, "Beerhunter". kg-02.21.03

Finally, a bar named Handlebar that's for bicyclists, not motorcyclists. A home base for the Chicago bicycle community, it will be outfitted with furniture by Blackstone Bicycle Works. Preview it tomorrow night, February 15 at 8pm, for an opening of the Critical Mass/Bike Winter Art Show. Handlebar should open for regular business by the end of the month. se-02.14.03

Norway invited to UN only so it can drive Ireland and Romania home. In other Norwegian news: "Woman who nursed puppies has no regrets." kg-02.07.03

This explanation of the drinking game "Quarters" includes what must be one of history's most gratuitous graphics. kg-01.31.03

The Beershots Photo Gallery, microscopic views of beers from around the world. Via blurbism. jc-01.24.03

Cocktail Music for Robots. jc-01.17.03

A pretty decent, if broad, guide to pairing wine with food. Includes recommendations, varietal info and recipes. kg-01.10.03

"A beer fairy "Beer chan!? It never look an adult, but actually is enough big to drink. You will hear Beer chan drinking in big gulps and cheering anytime anywhere!!" jc-01.10.03

Over in Scotland, whiskey has saved another life. kg-01.03.03

Bar Signs from Modern Drunkard. jc-12.20.02

Pick up Dale DeGroff's Martini Kit at The Red Meat Club's Martini Shop. kg-12.20.02

Apparently there was a time when vodka was a novelty. dr-12.13.02

Sweet holiday stories of drunken children. Kids who put alcohol on their Christmas list av-12.06.02

Wine Spectator announces its Top 100 Wines of the Year and an $11 Chardonnay sneaks into the top 20. kg-12.06.02

Since we won't be around for this week's Friday Drink Links, perhaps you could start a new Thanksgiving tradition. ka-11.27.02

"I, the Designated Drinker, vow to promulgate the disappearing lore of drinking. To never call anything but a gin or vodka martini a "martini." To wrest from antiquity the finest cocktails the world has ever known, and to publish such suitable refinements as have been made in the modern age." Thanks again to Kevin Shay. kg-11.22.02

Bartenders can't live off fruit garnishes and beer nuts alone. jc-11.15.02

"The British Beermat Collectors Society was founded in 1960 and its aim is to promote interest in the fascinating hobby of Tegestology." You can check out pictures from last year's BBCS National Meeting, or you can join the similarly acronymed British Brewery Playing Card Society instead. kg-11.08.02

Rosecrans digs up the recipe for Confederate General Jubal Early's favorite rum punch. Also from TMN, one day late: Scary Stories. kg-11.01.02

If you believe it, more good news for wine drinkers. kg-10.25.02

Stupid, yet funny. Oddly parallel to one's behavior after a couple shots of the stuff. jc-10.18.02

One Death Row please. Make it a double. Thanx to emf. jc-10.18.02

Brits threaten to prosecute Austrian for refusing to sell beer by the pint. Litre-loving Metric Martyrs Defence Fund rushes to her aid. kg-10.11.02

Philippe Starck's Asahi Beer Hall serves as a symbol of the Asahi Brewery in Tokyo. jc-10.11.02

Michael Miner writes about The Mirage. In 1977, The Chicago Sun-Times "opened a tavern, staffed it with reporters and photographers, and waited for the city inspectors to come and shake them down... it drew petty crooks like drought victims to a vision of water." Our connection is that the bar, at Superior and Wells, is now called The Brehon, and occasionally, by the CP staff, "Conference Room B." jc-10.05.02

"For the tradition of beer and its fizzy cousins to continue as people begin settling space, a few questions must first be answered." kg-09.27.02

"The best damn Tiki Bar within 500 miles of Chicago." Here's a Tiki Bar Review Page. and a pitcher-full of links. For your own Tiki Bar you'll need these, and it goes without saying, these. If you don't like those prefabricated Tiki Bars, you can construct your own over at TikiBosko. Find more links than you can focus on after several Mai-Tais, at jc-09.27.02

Get Optimated. dr-09.20.02

After several weeks, transfer to your still. jc-09.20.02

One (1) bottle Jack Daniels; two (2) gal Everclear; one (1) qt Chocolate milk; five (5) cans whipped cream: Pour all ingredients into large punchbowl. Spray all five cans of whipped cream on top of the bowl. Set on fire. Serve in mason jars. "This drink is a favorite at family get togethers in Arkansas." kg-09.13.02

Order your very own "Don't Mess With Texas" shot glass. jtb-09.06.02

In case you blacked out or something, the little olive icon means the entry is a Friday Drink Link. If you'd like to buy a round, send us a link at "office at coudal dot com." cp-09.06.02

This is what Ike and Orma Lee were drinking while playing pool in episode 14 of the 9th season of The Waltons. G'night John-Boy. jc-09.06.02

An old Irish toast gets straight to the point: "Too much of anything is good for nothing. Too much good whiskey is barely enough." Amen." Just don't call it Scotch. kg-08.30.02

Bourbon: "Both a symbol of sophistication (Mark Twain) and an enabler of disgrace (U.S. Grant)." kg-06.14.02

The New Scientist weighs in on the shaken or stirred question. kg-06.07.02

David Williams writes, "Here's a drink link about absinthe. This site is mucHDeeper and wider than it at first looks. In the "Historic Brands & Publicit»'" section for instance there are beautiful repros of old absinthe/pastis adverts. Lots more images throughout. jc-06.07.02

A collection of miniature liquor bottles (like the ones dolls get so drunk off of in their little dollhouses). js-06.07.02

What Are You, Drunk? KG takes the authors of the Harvard School of Public Health's survey on college binge drinking to a keg party at the offices of The Morning News. jc-05.31.02

Recipes for 4733 different drinks, and they're just getting started. The Cocktail Database. jc-05.31.02

"The unchallenged drink of democracy." From earlier this year, an American Heritage cover story on the history of beer in America explains, among other things, how beer was responsible for the first schism in professional baseball. kg-05.24.02

Sound advice from Margaret Berry in The Case for Cocktails at The Morning News. jc-05.24.02

Possets, caudles and cordials. Outdated words for drinks. jc-05.24.02

With the World Cup about to open, Bay Area soccer fans might want to take note of these bars that open at the crack of dawn. Via Footprints. kg-05.23.02

Put these in your Mai-Tai. Swizzle 1. Swizzle 2. Swizzle 3. Via the always dependable M. Sokoloff. jc-05.17.02

On the way home from the movie pick up some Qui-Gon Gin at the Star Wars Liquor Store. Via Footprints. kg-05.17.02

This Mother's Day, why not bake mom an Original Kentucky Whiskey Cake? kg-05.10.02

David Williams sends us the Cocktailian Gazette. jc-05.03.02

ScooterMan. "You drink, We Drive." Sounds good to me. bb-05.03.02

Bill Keaggy of the unstoppable xplane pours us this far-out drink link. Laboratoires Malorames. jc-04.26.02

Man with incredibly un-ironic name makes acclaimed Texas vodka. kg-04.26.02

Walking to the bar every night is soooo tiring. And driving is just out of the question. Why not just build your own pub in your backyard? Genius! bb-04.19.02

John has compiled every pint of beer he has drunk since 1988 in a sortable database. kg-04.19.02

Collecting beer and beer things. sg-04.19.02

It's reassuring to see that even the British High Court now officially recognizes that days of televised football, much like Saints' Days and other religious holidays, are very special occasions. se-04.12.02

Chicagoland beer history. The history of beer and brewing in Chicago. The breweriana page has a fine index of cans, labels, mugs etc. sg-04.12.02

It's my obligation as a local drinker to point out that the Chicago nominations for the World's Best Bars are lame. The Signature Room would be a nice place for Thurston Howell to buy Rob Roys for Monty Burns, but come on. And what's with lumping every bar in Wicker Park together in one entry? That's just lazy. kg-04.12.02

Beer glasses that tell the bartender when you need a refill. jc-04.05.02

Rrrrrration my rrrrum! Thousands of labels from rum bottles of many nations, including the infamous "Newfie Screech" and something produced by the Army Welfare Project of Bhutan. ks-03.22.02

Britain's beer drinkers will not be short-changed. Much. dr-03.22.02

If we had Friday Beef Links instead of Friday Drink Links, this would surely be the first one. jc-03.15.02

FDL Spring Training edition. College students take weekly beer class at Coors Field. Brewer picks up the tab. kg-03.15.02

St. Patrick's Day is nearly upon us, and few people embody this holiday's ethos better than Shane MacGowan, the thirstiest of the Pogues. The site has tons of article transcripts and photos. ks-03.15.02

If it's Friday, it must be time to rate some beer. Come to think of it, I'll have a Westvleteren Abt 12... ks-03.08.02

The World Beer Cup, 2002. jc-03.01.02

A decent list of drinking games, one of which requires you to yell "Barney" and turn towards Pittsburgh when somebody calls you a "wuss". This page links to the rules of over 500 games to be played along with movies, TV shows and sporting events, although I doubt Red Wings fans have been looking for an excuse. kg-02.22.02

"The drink that satisfies." dr-02.22.02

Beer Butt Chicken. kg-02.15.02

"Taste the Pride": Utica's FX Matt, the favored brewer at my high school poker games and pioneer of plastic beer ball technology, is producing Fire Company Brew to benefit 911 charities. kg-02.15.02

A beer cooler fashioned from a homemade jet engine. kg-02.08.02

Neil Lee of beatnik pad writes, "a massive collection of bottle caps, organized by country, and partially sub-categorized by the bottle's contents (spirits, beer, etc.). There's also a history of bottle caps and some collector's info. Very nice." guest-02.08.02

FDL: This could be really useful on a cold Friday afternoon at around 5pm. se-02.01.02

Friday Drink Link: Oh, no, all the ice in the cooler melted and the labels soaked off your beer bottles! What will you do? bb-01.25.02

FDL: Need a corporate spokesperson for your internationally-famous beverage? Someone who can clearly expound on the virtues of your product? Who could be better than Lee "Scratch" Perry? bb-01.18.02

Friend of the agency, Craig Davis, sends this Friday Drink Link: Microscopic views of beer from around the world. guest-01.18.02

Let's make today's drink link a double. Neil Lee of beatnik pad sends us this monsterous beer can collection. jc-01.10.02

Friday Drink Link: Two men in a Vegas casino open a bottle of wine that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson. You want a taste? It will cost you about $50,000. kg-01.10.02

Friday Drink Link: Soviet Era Anti-Drinking Posters courtesy of gmtPlus9 kg-01.04.02

Friday Drink Link: Consider yourself warned. "Drunken Christmas Parties can lead to caution being thrown to the wind with an increase in unprotected sex and a big risk of unwanted pregnancy, health workers are warning." jc-12.21.01

Friday Drink Link (special Monday edition): A neighbor brought a six of Guinness to our holiday party Saturday night, and when I was taking out the recyclables, I noticed this missile shaped plastic thing in all the bottles. Irish technology, making me proud. jc-12.17.01

From my wife Tracie, not so much a Friday Drink Link as a Saturday morning hangover link. bb-12.11.01

Friday Drink Link: "When a woman goes out to the pub, it's no longer to sit quietly sipping a port and lemon." The BBC on "A Woman's Right to Booze" kg-12.11.01

Friday Drink Link: Michael Jackson, "The Beer Hunter," has a web page with some good stuff on it. I found the Q&A on cellaring beer especially interesting, as I'd never heard of such a thing. kg-12.07.01

Friday Drink Link: They drink a lot of beer in the Czech Republic. kg-11.16.01

Friday Drink Link: At times like these, what America needs is a Brewer-Patriot. kg-11.12.01

The Belgian Beer Escort is surely the most comprehensive multi-media guide to Belgian Beer available online. Includes this handy page with dozens of wav files providing the proper American and European pronunciations of Belgian Beer jargon. kg-11.09.01

Friday Drink Link Plus: Controversy about "Polygamy Porter." Friday Drink Link: Selections from the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City Utah. "Polygamy Porter -- Why Have Just One?" kg-11.02.01

Friday Drink Link: In preparation for Halloween, I am drinking more than one of my favourite Belgian beers, FantŸme, which comes with wonderful labels featuring a ghost who seems to be a slightly more devilish version of Casper. You'll find me at The Map Room with other creative types studying these and other bottles, trying to figure out how many drinks it takes to be able to design labels like that. Or, away from the bar, you can mine the inspirational archives here. se-10.19.01

From Stephan in Germany, "The Official Iceduck Booze Guide from Denmark." guest-09.07.01

These will not--repeat--not help you see better. The site lists them as perfect for "concerts, sporting events" and "Disney World." Not sure if that last one is such a great idea. dr-08.31.01

This Friday Drink Link is Greek to me. Retsina is a traditional Greek wine flavored with pine resin. View a fine bottle here with serving instructions, and get a closeup of the interesting label. dr-08.24.01

Photo history of Sieben's Brewery, a Chicago institution from 1865 to 1967. In 1925, Al Capone took a controlling interest (following a gangland assassination of one of the owners) to supply beer to his speakeasies. kg-08.17.01

(NOTE: Michael Maxfield sends us this clarification regarding the Sieben's Brewery link): "Capone never owned Siebens. Capone may have had an interest in Mid-City Brewing and/or George Frank's Brewery, but those entities only leased the use of the physical plant and never owned the property NOR the name Sieben's. It was Dione O'Banion who was killed, but that was AFTER he "sold" his interest in the entity operating there to Johnny Torrio, supposedly the same eve, May 19, 1924 the brewery was raided by the Chicago Police. I say "supposedly" because none of the affidavits sworn out on May 20 1924 mention Torrio or O'Bannion, just George Frank. O'Bannion's Nov 1924 death was theoretically in retaliation for his selling the brewing entity's interest to Torrio while knowing that it was due to be raided. Theoretically Capone had enlisted the aid of the Genna brothers to conduct the retaliation for the stunt O'Bannion pulled on Torrio." Thanks Michael. kg-08.17.01

"Pint of View:" The Beer Blog. kg-08.10.01

Friday Drink Link: A flock o' rams at Young's Brewery. jc-07.27.01

Seems to have all the fun of beer can collecting with none of the shelf space demands. jc-07.21.01

July 4th is approaching fast and this handy Blood Alcohol Content Estimator should help you drink responsibly. According to the new DWI laws in Indiana, "irresponsible" for me is apparently four malt liquors/miniature airline bottles an hour. kg-06.22.01

We've found 65 answers to the long-standing question about Zima: "Who drinks this s*#t?" The funniest reviews come from folks who actually like it. dr-06.15.01

The American Brewery History Page. Does anyone know where I can pick up a six-pack of Student Prince Ale? jc-06.08.01

My Queenslander friend Peter used to go to this brewery every morning for breakfast. se-05.25.01

While looking for today's Friday Drink Link, I may have stumbled onto the best site on the web. Ciderjack, from fort franklin. dr-05.11.01

Today's Friday Drink Link is the Guinness Storehouse, an engaging tour through the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin. jc-05.04.01

Here's an American way to celebrate the perfect pint. Not quite the same, is it? se-05.04.01

Some great, old quart-sized beer cans for a Friday. kg-04.06.01

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