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From the original trailer for Chinatown. "You're a nosy fellow Kitty Kat."

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Trailer for The Batman ms-08.24.20

Trailer for Wes Anderson's newest, The French Dispatch. ms-02.17.20

Solar Eclipse over the UAE. ms-02.10.20

Trailer for the documentary The Booksellers. ms-02.10.20

Oscar Winners 2020: See the Full List. ms-02.10.20

Horde, an animated action motorcycle short by Brvtvs Collective. bb-02.06.20

Trailer for the film The Truth. ms-01.17.20

First Cow. ms-01.10.20

Trailer for the film Hala . ms-01.03.20

Trailer for the documentary The Times of Bill Cunningham. ms-12.13.19

Trailer for the documentary Citizen K . ms-11.25.19

Trailer for Mickey And The Bear. ms-11.06.19

Final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. ms-10.22.19

Trailer for the film Light From Light. ms-10.17.19

New trailer for the film 1917. ms-10.07.19

Trailer for The Gentlemen. ms-10.04.19

Fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the filming of director Sam Mendes' upcoming film, 1917 ms-10.01.19

Lazy Susan ms-09.06.19

Trailer for the documentary Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins. She is missed. ms-08.30.19

Final trailer for JOKER. I smell an Oscar.......... ms-08.29.19

Trailer for the film The Report. ms-08.28.19

Trailer for the film Motherless Brooklyn ms-08.23.19

Trailer for the Bong Joon Ho film Parasite. ms-08.16.19

Trailer for the film 1917. ms-08.01.19

Trailer for the film Rosie ms-07.16.19

Trailer for the documentary Jay Myself. ms-06.26.19

Trailer for the documentary Honeyland. ms-06.18.19

Trailer for Good Boys. ms-06.12.19

The Farewell. ms-05.20.19

Echo In The Canyon. ms-04.27.19

Space to Roam. dw-04.19.19

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ms-04.15.19

Wow, teaser trailer for JOKER. ms-04.03.19

Trailer for Stockholm ms-04.01.19

A (not) breathtaking film: One Breath Around The World bb-03.21.19

Trailer for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. ms-03.21.19

Finding Steve McQueen. ms-03.16.19

Moonrise Through Mauna Keas Shadow. ms-03.12.19

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. ms-03.07.19

Trailer for The Best Of Enemies ms-03.01.19

Trailer for The Kid. ms-02.27.19

New trailer for Godzilla King Of The Monsters. (please be good, please be good, please be good). ms-02.20.19

Trailer for the documentary Wrestle. ms-02.19.19

Trailer for the film Diane. ms-02.15.19

Somewhat related to the last. ms-02.13.19

Trailer for the documentary A Tuba To Cuba. ms-02.07.19

Trailer for the documentary The Biggest Little Farm. ms-02.06.19

Trailer for the film Dogman. ms-01.28.19

Partial Eclipse over Beijing. ms-01.15.19

Little Woods ms-01.15.19

Lost & Found. ms-01.11.19

Trailer for the film Cold War. ms-01.07.19

From Alfonso Cuaron, ROMA. ms-01.03.19

Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Crossing fingers this is good. ms-12.10.18

Second trailer for the new Coen Brothers film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. ms-11.08.18

Trailer for VOX LUX ms-10.25.18

Trailer for the directorial debut from Jonah Hill, Mid90s ms-10.23.18

Trailer for the film Wildlife. ms-10.17.18

New trailer for Glass. High hopes for this one. ms-10.15.18

Teaser trailer for the film Rocketman. ms-10.05.18

Trailer for the film Galveston. ms-09.24.18

Trailer for the Netflix six-part series from the Coen Brothers, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. ms-09.13.18

Trailer for the film At Eternity's Gate. ms-09.10.18

Trailer for the film The Front Runner ms-09.07.18

High hopes for this, trailer for Glass ms-08.24.18

Wormholes explained. dw-08.13.18

Growing Things: A Film Lesson in "Nature Study" (1928). dw-08.10.18

Stunning trailer for the Barry Jenkins' film If Beale Street Could Talk. ms-08.02.18

Trailer for Anthropocene. dw-08.01.18

A good glimpse at cinema history, the AV Club lists their 50 Greatest Special Effects Movies of All Time. mcj-07.26.18

Trailer for the film Boy Erased. ms-07.18.18

One hour of 80s video game commercials. dw-07.13.18

Trailer for Skate Kitchen. ms-06.25.18

Trailer for The Little Stranger. dw-06.21.18

Trailer for the film Bad Times at the El Royale. ms-06.15.18

Trailer for First Man. ms-06.12.18

Trailer for Operation Finale. ms-06.06.18

Trailer for Paul Dano's film Wildlife. ms-06.06.18

Trailer for Suspiria. dw-06.04.18

Trailer for the film Damsel ms-05.25.18

Trailer for the next Spike Lee film, BlackkKlansman ms-05.16.18

For the first time since the original release, this 70mm print was struck from new printing elements. Stunning trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey. ms-04.30.18

Dirty Computer, an emotion picture by Janelle Monáe. dw-04.27.18

Trailer for the film You Were Never Really Here. ms-04.19.18

Trailer for Design Canada. dw-04.18.18

Great footage of NYC in 1911 from MoMA, speed corrected, with added sound. bb-04.17.18

Hearing so many good things about this, trailer for the film The Rider. ms-04.13.18

Trailer for the documentary The Quest of Alan Ducasse. ms-04.13.18

Trailer for the film American Animals. ms-04.11.18

Trailer for the documentary Mountain. ms-04.10.18

Related to the last, a 4K virtual tour of the Moon created from data the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has collected since 2009. dw-04.10.18

Trailer for the film The Death of Stalin ms-04.02.18

"Also known as the 'noblewoman's laugh,' 'ohoho' in anime is an expression of amusement and condescension." dw-03.28.18

Trailer for the film Eighth Grade. ms-03.14.18

Trailer for the film Tully. ms-03.07.18

Trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet. ms-02.28.18

If you watch only one video of a remote control car chasing Dirty Harry today, watch this one. bb-02.26.18

Dunes of Sand by ionnalee. dw-01.19.18

A fight scene from Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury, with light sabers. ms-01.17.18

Trailer for the film Nostalgia ms-01.16.18

Trailer for Before We Vanish. dw-01.11.18

Testa di Morto, a microscopic portrait of one man's obsession with the life of insects. dw-01.05.18

Someone from the new Star Wars movie fighting someone else from the new Star Wars movie in 16 bit. Also, do not click if you have not seen the movie yet. ms-01.04.18

Trailer for Gringo. ms-12.20.17

Trailer for Ocean's 8 ms-12.19.17

Trailer for the film Annihilation. ms-12.14.17

So you know, how to hijack Amazon Prime Now for good. dw-12.13.17

Trailer for new horror film The Quiet Place. ms-11.17.17

Monsoon IV. ms-11.10.17

Animojis in movies. dw-11.06.17

Trailer for the documentary Quest. ms-11.01.17

Amazon HQ2 video pitches from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and DFW. dw-10.23.17

LA's Metro Manners PSA videos. dw-10.18.17

Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ms-10.10.17

Brian and Charles. dw-09.29.17

Drop dead gorgeous trailer for Blue Planet II. Full screen is a must. ms-09.28.17

Teaser for Annihilation. dw-09.27.17

Great title sequence for Star Trek: Discovery. dw-09.25.17

Delightful trailer for the documentary Faces Places ms-09.18.17

"Parks are a call to the people to rest and play in family groups, a cure which has been seriously advocated for most of our social difficulties." Park Conscious. dw-09.15.17

Teaser for an animated history of the Seven Kingdoms. dw-09.15.17

Trailer for the Guillermo del Toro-helmed The Shape of Water. ms-09.14.17

Eat the ice cream. dw-09.12.17

Trailer for the film Downsizing ms-09.12.17

Gil Bruvel explores the creation of the largest corso in the world. dw-09.11.17

Trailer for the film adaptation of Joe Nesbo's The Snowman ms-09.06.17

Trailer for the film Lady Bird ms-09.06.17

Getting revved up for this weekend's Chicago scooter rally and this helps: A French family and their Lambretta. (Thx, Jamie) bb-09.01.17

Nevada's Clown Motel is for sale. dw-08.30.17

From the makers of Marwencol, a new doc about a town in Tuscany that turns itself into a play. Spettacolo. mcj-08.30.17

The 90th Anniversary trailer for Fritz Lang's Metropolis. ms-08.25.17

A wooden domino row building machine. Via Swissmiss. dw-08.24.17

Newest trailer for Blade Runner 2049. ms-08.23.17

So you know, how neon lights are made. dw-08.22.17

Debbie Millman: Anything Worthwhile Takes Time. dw-08.15.17

From the creator of Veep comes a new film, The Death of Stalin. mcj-08.14.17

Oscar Isaac in a new short film, LIGHTNINGFACE. mcj-08.11.17

IKEA ASMR. dw-08.10.17

Trailer for first oil-painted film, Loving Vincent. ms-08.08.17

Trailer for the film Wind River. ms-08.04.17

Based on a "true story," (a trashy novel written in a few days, based on a very inaccurate newspaper story) the 1982 TV movie Mazes and Monsters is not only Tom Hanks' finest work, it's also a cautionary tale of the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons and a wonderful showcase for Chris Makepeace's weird hat collection. bb-08.01.17

Short, sweet, and gorgeous. The Most Beautiful Shots of the 21st Century (2000-2016). mcj-08.01.17

Written by the Coen Brothers, directed by George Clooney, the trailer for Suburbicon ms-07.27.17

New trailer for It ms-07.27.17

Deep Thoughts is a bimonthly animation series by MediaMonks. dw-07.24.17

Trailer for the film based on Jo Nesbo's The Snowman ms-07.21.17

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk ms-07.20.17

Trailer for The Shape of Water. dw-07.19.17

Using actual New Horizons data and digital elevation models of Pluto and its largest moon Charon, mission scientists have created flyover movies that offer spectacular new perspectives of the many unusual features that were discovered and which have reshaped our views of the Pluto system – from a vantage point even closer than the spacecraft itself. dw-07.17.17

New trailer for Blade Runner 2049 ms-07.17.17

Behind-the-scenes peek at Star Wars: The Last Jedi ms-07.16.17

Windy City Nights. dw-07.13.17

Trailer for the film Lemon ms-07.12.17

Trailer for the documentary California Typewriter. ms-07.11.17

Trailer for the film Lucky ms-07.07.17

Enter your Instagram account and watch this interactive short film with your photos in it. ms-06.29.17

Trailer for The Hippopotamus. ms-06.29.17

Making-of featurette for Blade Runner 2049 ms-06.22.17

Trailer for the documentary My Journey Through French Cinema. ms-06.19.17

Trailer for Detroit ms-06.15.17

Trailer for Lucky Logan starring James Bond, Kylo Ren, Magic Mike, Maggie Fitzgerald, and Claire Montgomery. ms-05.31.17

Trailer for the documentary City of Ghosts ms-05.25.17

Trailer for Bong Joon Ho's new film, Okja. mcj-05.18.17

Jim Gaffigan's kids' musical tribute to the Urodela family. bb-05.10.17

Trailer for the film Wakefield. ms-05.09.17

New trailer for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner 2049 ms-05.08.17

Trailer for the film The Big Sick. ms-05.02.17

Trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle ms-05.02.17

Elon Musk's boring TED talk. dw-05.02.17

Trailer for The Last Jedi ms-04.14.17

Trailer for the film Detroit ms-04.12.17

"You've probably heard the statistic that nearly half of all films produced before 1950 are entirely lost, and that's only one of the many reasons that proper restoration and preservation is so important." The Unsung Heroes of Cinema ms-04.12.17

Trailer for the documentary Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story ms-04.11.17

Trailer for Chuck ms-04.10.17

The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok looks like a lot of fun. mcj-04.10.17

Double King, a film about love and regicide by Felix Colgrave. dw-04.03.17

Trailer for The Mars Generation. dw-03.31.17

New trailer for the Netflix movie War Machine ms-03.30.17

Melting candy and classical music. dw-03.30.17

Trailer for It . ms-03.29.17

Trailer for A Ghost Story ms-03.28.17

Trailer for the film A Quiet Passion ms-03.24.17

Hey Chicago, this Thursday ChiDM is hosting a screening of Between the Folds, a documentary that "chronicles 10 stories of fine artists and theoretical scientists who are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders." Get your ticket here. mcj-03.21.17

Trailer for Dig Two Graves. ms-03.17.17

Related to the last, the long take opening scene from Touch of Evil. ms-03.16.17

Related to the last, here is a great Every Frame A Painting on How to do Visual Comedy. mcj-03.15.17

"Your name's Baby? B.A.B.Y. Baby?" Trailer for Edgar Wright's new flick, BABY DRIVER. mcj-03.15.17

Hitting theaters March 31st, the remastered Donnie Darko. ms-03.13.17

A wonderful short about the people making everything sound right in film, The Secret World of Foley. mcj-03.10.17

Trailer for Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent. ms-03.10.17

Teaser trailer for Deadpool 2. ms-03.06.17

A song made from the sounds of Harry Potter by Eclectic Method. dw-03.02.17

The trailer for Alien: Covenant. Here's hoping it'll be better than Prometheus. mcj-03.01.17

Trailer for the Terrence Malick film Song To Song. ms-02.20.17

Music video for Blondie's Fun. dw-02.16.17

Trailer for the film Dean. ms-02.16.17

Trailer for Netflix's Imperial Dreams. ms-01.27.17

Trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword . ms-01.25.17

"XX is a new all-female helmed horror anthology featuring four dark tales written and directed by fiercely talented women." dw-01.24.17

"Epoch is best experienced with a full screen, no artificial light intrusion, ample sound speakers, and an open mind free of predictions or expectations in order to allow the film to guide you on its expedition and take you to another place entirely." dw-01.19.17

"Hey Dana…" This video makes our annual IKEA expedition almost tolerable. bb-01.12.17

Barb's Revenge. dw-12.21.16

Really trying not to get my hopes up here, teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049. ms-12.19.16

M&M's dissolving in water. dw-12.19.16

Related to below, be careful who you try to resuscitate. ms-12.16.16

The Big Cloth is a short documentary about the Harris Tweed industry on the Island of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The film gives an insight into the island and the different characters who make this beautiful cloth. With over 170 freelance weavers on the island who weave this famous tweed from their own homes, it is the only cloth to have its own act of parliament protecting the industry." ms-12.16.16

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's newest film, Dunkirk ms-12.15.16

Actor Matt Gourley (host of every podcast you like) gets squibbed to fulfill a childhood dream. bb-12.14.16

Trailer for The OA. dw-12.14.16

Trailer for The Circle. ms-12.12.16

Trailer for the new film from Martin Scorsese, Silence. ms-11.23.16

Re-link because it's a favorite, the opening scene for Touch of Evil. ms-11.22.16

Trailer for the documentary Mifune: The Last Samurai. ms-11.18.16

Trailer for Ghost in the Shell. dw-11.14.16

New international trailer for Rogue One. ms-11.10.16

Teaser trailer for Luc Besson's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. ms-11.10.16

Trailer for 20th Century Women. dw-11.07.16

Unsatisfying. dw-11.04.16

Red band trailer for Wilson. ms-11.03.16

The new £1 coin. dw-11.02.16

Trailer for Jim Jarmusch's documentary on Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Gimme Danger. ms-10.28.16

Camp Sundown is a sleep away camp for kids allergic to sunlight. ms-10.24.16

Final trailer for Arrival. ms-10.21.16

Trailer for Gore Verbinksi's A Cure For Wellness. ms-10.21.16

Trailer for the film Tower ms-10.10.16

Trailer for Get Out. dw-10.07.16

Trailer for the film Paterson. ms-10.03.16

Teaser trailer for the film Split. ms-09.28.16

Teaser trailer for the film Fences. ms-09.27.16

"It's the perfect spot for what's been a brutal political season—it's violent and unrelenting and (literally) backwards." Audi's Duel. dw-09.26.16

Trailer for London Town. ms-09.21.16

Geriko's sweeping cinematic animation for Lorn. dw-09.21.16

A whimsical look at waxing. dw-09.21.16

Phone by Lizzo. dw-09.20.16

Trailer for the film Miss Hokusai. ms-09.09.16

Trailer for the film Other People. ms-09.01.16

Trailer for Christopher Guest's Mascots. ms-09.01.16

This is me commuting to work today, but with way better scenery. bb-08.31.16

Hidden Figures is the incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson — brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history. dw-08.29.16

Trailer for the film Manchester By The Sea. ms-08.29.16

The Last Punchcutter. dw-08.24.16

Trailer for Girl Asleep ms-08.22.16

Trailer for the new alien invasion / language translation film, Arrival. mcj-08.16.16

New trailer for Rogue One ms-08.13.16

How CRISPR will change everything forever. dw-08.10.16

The next best thing until 5:00 rolls around. dw-08.09.16

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest film, Dunkirk ms-08.05.16

Olympia. dw-08.05.16

Trailer for Indignation ms-08.04.16

The first road test for China's Transit Elevated Bus. dw-08.04.16

Les Spectateurs. Via Laughing Squid. dw-07.29.16

One more, the evolution of Star Trek in television and film. dw-07.26.16

Related to the last, test flight of Star Trek's U.S.S. Discovery. dw-07.26.16

The man who beat Pac-Man. dw-07.22.16

New feature short for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ms-07.18.16

New trailer for A Monster Calls. ms-07.15.16

Trailer for the 4k restoration of the Coen Brothers' first film, Blood Simple ms-07.01.16

Trailer for Voyage of Time. dw-06.30.16

Don't skip the new UK Hotels.com web ad. Clever! bb-06.30.16

Trailer for Ricky Gervais' new movie, David Brent: Life on the Road. Thanks Marshall. ms-06.28.16

Trailer for the documentary The Lovers and the Despot. ms-06.17.16

Trailer for the documentary Breaking a Monster. ms-06.13.16

Trailer for the Werner Herzog documentary, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. Shot at 2:14 is amazing. ms-06.10.16

Trailer for the film King Jack. ms-06.08.16

Alex Cornell's inner monologue while preparing a design talk. Been there, with more pacing back and forth. jc-06.08.16

Trailer for Weiner Dog ms-05.27.16

Trailer for Len & Company ms-05.25.16

Trailer for The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki. jc-05.23.16

Trailer for the documentary on the infamous NYC Kitty Genovese murder, The Witness. ms-05.18.16

Trailer for the film Captain Fantastic. ms-05.13.16

Loved the book, trailer for the film Billy Lynn's Long Half Time Walk ms-05.13.16

A touching look at a long-time marriage, trailer for the documentary My Love, Don't Cross That River ms-05.12.16

The rational part of me is all "You will never go camping so why is this scary". The irrational side of me sees the trailer for The Woods and is all "You are going to get murdered in the woods." ms-05.11.16

Miniature Madras. Wonderful. ms-05.09.16

Trailer for the film No Stranger Than Love. ms-05.04.16

Trailer for Absolutely Fabulous. dw-04.27.16

The best part of the Twilight films on repeat, for five hours. mcj-04.26.16

For 38 years, Philip Ashforth Coppola has been exploring the NYC's subway stations and sketching its mosaics in amazing detail with just a ballpoint pen. A film from GBS. jc-04.26.16

Trailer for the film Tale of Tales. ms-04.22.16

"The blurring of everyday city life." The Others, a beautiful short film by Hiroshi Kondo. Via TMN. jc-04.22.16

Trailer for the film based on the best-selling novel, The Girl on the Train ms-04.21.16

First teaser trailer for the remake (why?!) of The Magnificent Seven. Do yourself a favor and watch the original and also the original original. ms-04.20.16

Teaser for A Monster Calls. dw-04.14.16

Sherlock stars in the trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange. ms-04.13.16

The Food Surgeon. dw-04.12.16

Trailer for The Family Fang. ms-04.11.16

New trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. ms-04.11.16

Teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. ms-04.08.16

"A small puddle of excellence." jc-04.08.16

Teaser for @Bartschland, an upcoming feature documentary exploring NYC culture through the influence of nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch. dw-04.06.16

Stranded on an island: check. Using ingenuity to survive: check. A flatulent friend that comes back to life? Check! The trailer for Swiss Army Man. mcj-04.04.16

OMG, cannot wait to see this. ms-03.30.16

6 1/2 Magic Hours. dw-03.30.16

Trailer for the film Francofonia. ms-03.25.16

Animated super-spy Sterling Archer reviews every James Bond film. mcj-03.25.16

Trailer for the documentary The Music of Strangers ms-03.24.16

The trailer for the only new Batman movie you should see, The LEGO Batman Movie. mcj-03.24.16

Wonderful short film about a very unusual refugee camp in Sweden, High Chaparral ms-03.23.16

Trailer for Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. ms-03.15.16

Red band trailer for Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated movie. dw-03.15.16

Trailer for A Beautiful Planet. dw-03.08.16

Spielberg in 30 Shots. mcj-03.07.16

30 Years ago, four scientists saved New York. dw-03.03.16

Gorgeous trailer for the film Louder Than Bombs. ms-03.02.16

12 Oil paintings per second, all done by over 100 painters trained in the same style. The trailer for Loving Vincent. dw-03.02.16

A film about Vitra. dw-02.29.16

Gorgeous, newly restored 4k trailer for Akira Kurosawa's final film, Ran. ms-02.29.16

Trailer for the documentary The First Monday in May ms-02.24.16

Get a head start picking winners for your Oscar ballot by checking out the Oscar nominated Short Films here. ms-02.23.16

Related to below, the trailer for The Maltese Falcon. Great movie. ms-02.22.16

Chicago: City In Motion. dw-02.22.16

Lake Superior ice stacking. dw-02.19.16

Trailer for Colonia. dw-02.19.16

Frank Lloyd Wright on Arrogance. Via Dezeen. dw-02.17.16

Music video for Saverne's Hendrix. dw-02.16.16

New trailer for the film Midnight Special. ms-02.16.16

This videos features just a few of the movie references that have been in the Simpsons over the last 25 years. via kottke mcj-02.12.16

The Coen Brothers have made 3 diptychs from their last 6 films. Or so says The AV Club, and honestly it's a fairly solid case. mcj-02.10.16

Trailer for the film The Lobster. ms-02.08.16

As big fans of Pistol Shrimps Radio, its wonderful to put images to words: here's video footage of the L.A. Municipal Dance Squad, and the entire game where the Shrimps were cruelly decimated by NBA benchwarmers. bb-02.08.16

"This 1930s-era newsreel was recently discovered by sisters Nancy and Barbara Sleeper of Newberry, whose grandfather, Sanborn Sleeper, was the superintendent of the Luce County Road Commission from 1928 until sometime around World War II." Winter Comes to Michigan. dw-02.05.16

The last star in the universe will be a red dwarf. dw-02.04.16

Bob Dorough composed the beloved Schoolhouse Rock! songs that taught us elementary school math and grammar. This way to Conjunction Junction. dw-01.29.16

Academy Originals gives us a glimpse of what it takes to make stop-motion animation happen. Via Tested. mcj-01.28.16

Trailer for the new Laika stop-motion film, Kubo and the Two Strings. mcj-01.27.16

Music Box Theatre's 70mm Film Festival is back and showing quite a few gems. mcj-01.22.16

Trailer for the film Marguerite. ms-01.22.16

Sonni Stardust. Just watch. jc-01.22.16

Teaser for Pee-wee's Big Holiday. dw-01.19.16

Gorgeous trailer for Eisenstein in Guanajuato. ms-01.14.16

New trailer for the Coen Brother's film Hail, Caesar!. ms-01.12.16

Of Oz the Wizard. dw-01.07.16

Interesting and creepy, the trailer for HIGH-RISE. mcj-01.07.16

Trailer for Viva. ms-01.06.16

Star Colors and Pinyon Pine. ms-12.24.15

Newly restored and returning to a limited number of theaters in January, trailer for Orson Welles' "Chimes at Midnight. ms-12.23.15

Trailer for Richard Linklater's take on the 80's, Everybody Wants Some. ms-12.22.15

I can't believe this is real, but it is. BB's IMDB. mcj-12.22.15

Gorgeous trailer for the documentary The Land of the Enlightened. ms-12.16.15

A Star Wars cat video is ok to post right? dw-12.16.15

First teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. ms-12.15.15

Yes, that other movie is coming out this week but check out the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond. ms-12.14.15

SD and MCJ will love this: two hours of christmas carols set to weird family scenes via Pistol Shrimps Radio bb-12.11.15

Likely the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Can't wait! mcj-12.10.15

Quantum computers explained. dw-12.09.15

The 2015 European Bike Stealing Championships. bb-11.23.15

In honor of his birthday today, a tribute to Martin Scorsese. ms-11.17.15

Trailer for the documentary City of Gold. ms-11.16.15

Trailer for #Horror. dw-11.13.15

Trailer for the documentary Song of Lahore. ms-11.13.15

Pluto's spinning moons. dw-11.10.15

Trailer for the documentary Noma: My Perfect Storm. ms-11.08.15

New Japanese trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ms-11.06.15

Trailer for the film Rams. ms-11.05.15

Trailer for the Charlie Kaufman stop-animation film Anomalisa ms-11.02.15

Trailer for the film Hello My Name is Doris. ms-11.02.15

Trailer for the film Don Verdean. ms-10.28.15

"Yeah, we're using the Invoice Bike System now…" bb-10.26.15

Trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. dw-10.23.15

New trailer for the David O. Russell film Joy. ms-10.22.15

In case you missed it, here is the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ms-10.20.15

Trailer for Kill Your Friends. Nicholas Hoult sure Neville Longbottomed. Dang. ms-10.16.15

Terry Gilliam's deleted animations from Monty Python & The Holy Grail. dw-10.16.15

James Bond Kill Count. dw-10.12.15

Trailer for A Faster Horse, Ford Mustang doc by David Gelb. jc-10.09.15

"How long since your last confession my son?" "27 Hours." Trailer for Hail, Caesar! from the Coen Brothers. Oh boy. jc-10.09.15

Trailer for the documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue. ms-10.09.15

Our very own BB shares his music knowledge on Steve Gadlin's Star Makers. dw-10.05.15

A case study on Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. dw-09.30.15

Hey BB and MJ, here is that Dolph Lundgren shark attack movie trailer you've been waiting for. ms-09.29.15

Beautiful and intense, the second trailer for The Revenant. mcj-09.29.15

Trailer for the documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut. ms-09.29.15

Pilotpriest's The Last Goodbye. dw-09.28.15

Stunning trailer for the film The Assassin. ms-09.25.15

The oldest known footage of Chicago. dw-09.21.15

On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe. dw-09.17.15

Trailer for Our Brand Is Crisis. ms-09.14.15

SK8T DON'T H8TE. dw-09.11.15

Trailer for The Lobster. ms-09.06.15

Trailer for the documentary The Man Who Saved The World. ms-09.03.15

Related. Trailer for Polanski's Macbeth, 1971. jc-09.02.15

Gorgeous trailer for MacBeth. ms-09.02.15

Trailer for The Danish Girl. dw-09.01.15

"The light during midnight sun is a surreal and unforgettable experience. In the middle of summer, magic hour in Iceland lasts all night long with the ever present sun slowly transitioning from sunset to sunrise. Hues of pinks, purples, reds and oranges explode for hours across the sky." dw-08.31.15

Trailer for the documentary on Tower Records, All Things Must Pass. ms-08.31.15

Trailer for the film Youth ms-08.29.15

New trailer for Ridley Scott's The Martian ms-08.25.15

Trailer for The Witch. dw-08.20.15

Trailer for Tarantino's latest The Hateful Eight. mcj-08.12.15

New international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ms-08.10.15

Flight over Atlantis Chaos based on date of the HRSC on ESA's Mars Express. dw-08.10.15

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is being released into theaters as a sing-a-long. ms-08.05.15

Trailer for Stonewall. dw-08.04.15

Teaser trailer for the film Room ms-07.31.15

Trailer for the film SpotLight. ms-07.29.15

Trailer for Attack on Titan. dw-07.20.15

Trailer for Suicide Squad. If you are like me and need a primer, here you go. ms-07.17.15

Gorgeous trailer for the documentary The Look of Silence. ms-07.16.15

My kind of documentary, the global search for the best steak in the world, Steak (R)evolution. ms-07.16.15

Teaser trailer for David O. Russell's next film, Joy. ms-07.15.15

Trailer for the documentary Slingshot. ms-07.08.15

If Mexicans celebrated the 4th Of July like Americans celebrate Cinco De Mayo bb-07.02.15

Trailer for the film Ten Thousand Saints. ms-06.29.15

Trailer for the documentary Batkid Begins. dw-06.29.15

Related to an earlier post, electron microscope slow-motion video of vinyl LP. dw-06.26.15

Trailer for Diary of a Teenage Girl. ms-06.25.15

In a world where everything seems fragile, a Victorian gentlemen and a sixties cowgirl explore the kitschy depths of love and betrayal. Never betray a girl with a gun. ms-06.25.15

Trailer for the film Grandma. ms-06.25.15

Ricky & Doris. dw-06.23.15

Dawn. dw-06.22.15

Trailer for the film Runoff. ms-06.22.15

Music video for Beirut's No No No. dw-06.19.15

Trailer for the film Dope. ms-06.19.15

Trailer for the film Suffragette. ms-06.16.15

Trailer for the film The Stanford Prison Experiment. ms-06.15.15

Denali. Dust storm warning. ms-06.14.15

Cool Chicago. Via Gapers. ms-06.11.15

Jurassic Park - 8 Bit Cinema. dw-06.11.15

A 45-minute edit of Blade Runner, assembled from B-roll and unused audio. bb-06.11.15

Trailer for the documentary Best of Enemies. ms-06.10.15

Trailer for The Martian. dw-06.08.15

Björk's 360° virtual reality music video for Stonemilker. dw-06.05.15

Trailer for Z for Zachariah ms-06.05.15

Gorgeous video for Earth by Dream Koala. dw-06.04.15

Trailer for the documentary Cartel Land. ms-06.04.15

Gorgeous trailer for the 4k restoration of the iconic film The Third Man. Want to see it in a theater? Check the schedule here. ms-06.04.15

Congrats to the Kahuku Class of 2015. Nice moves. ms-06.03.15

"Mankind lost f*cking everything* (*Even Facebook)." Fictive trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid ms-06.02.15

11,000 Marbles. dw-06.01.15

Quint! On the big screen! Jaws is coming back to theaters. ms-05.28.15

Weekend project, LEGO gummy candy. dw-05.28.15

Trailer for the Bobby Fischer biopic Pawn Sacrifice. ms-05.28.15

Every Hitchcock Cameo Ever. Via MeFi. ms-05.28.15

Interesting trailer for the David Foster Wallace biopic The End of the Tour. ms-05.27.15

New trailer for the documentary Amy. ms-05.21.15

Trailer for A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence. ms-05.15.15

Trailer for the documentary The Wolfpack. ms-05.14.15

Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak. ms-05.13.15

"Shot from Mount John University Observatory, NZ. The telescope was operating at f/13.5 producing an effective focal length of around 8m." The Moon through a 61cm reflector. dw-05.12.15

Nice animation that explains the Fermi Paradox. dw-05.07.15

"The idea of this piece was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe, which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water." dw-05.06.15

Trailer for the documentary Dukale's Dream ms-05.05.15

All trailers are the same. via kottke mcj-05.05.15

Music video for The Chemical Brothers' Go, directed by Michel Gondry. dw-05.05.15

Trailer for the film Legend. ms-05.02.15

Trailer for The Stranger. dw-05.01.15

"Look how many things we've built from this simple toy." The LEGO Brick Documentary. ms-05.01.15

Trailer for The Visit. dw-04.29.15

Trailer for Chase Me, a 3D printed film. dw-04.28.15

New trailer for The Little Prince. ms-04.21.15

Trailer for Tomorrowland. mcj-04.21.15

Tarantino: The Driving Shots. dw-04.20.15

Music video for David Hasselhoff's True Survivor. dw-04.17.15

Trailer for Results. ms-04.17.15

One Bright Dot by Clément Morin. dw-04.17.15

Related to below, Siskel and Ebert defend Star Wars in 1983. Via Mother Jones. ms-04.16.15

Gah! New teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ms-04.16.15

Trailer for the film based on author Laura Lippman's book Every Secret Thing . ms-04.16.15

Trailer for the film True Story. ms-04.14.15

"Their ceiling is our stage and we're dancing across it." Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors. Via Laughing Squid. dw-04.10.15

Trailer for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. ms-04.09.15

Animated music video for ALB's The Road. dw-04.08.15

Trailer for Amy. dw-04.08.15

Guy Martin racing at the Isle of Man TT on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 will get your heart rate up. bb-04.02.15

Teaser trailer for the new Bond film, Spectre ms-03.28.15

Remember that time Anton Corbijn filmed Teletubbies? bb-03.26.15

Buckets. ms-03.26.15

Interesting trailer for the film Slow West. ms-03.25.15

Trailer for the documentary Lambert and Stamp. ms-03.20.15

Trailer for the documentary Sunshine Superman. ms-03.19.15

Trailer for the documentary Iris. ms-03.13.15

I'm from Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, Chloe's got the place figured out. bb-03.13.15

Trailer for the documentary I Am Big Bird. ms-03.13.15

Teaser for Symmetry, an opera film inside the Large Hadron Collider. dw-03.12.15

Adorable, Young Hearts. ms-03.10.15

Star Trek (ships only). dw-03.09.15

While we're talking Spitfires, here's a repost: The German. bb-03.05.15

An 83-year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time. bb-03.05.15

Trailer for Mr. Holmes. ms-03.04.15

How Jeanne Gang works. dw-02.27.15

Trailer for the documentary Dior and I . ms-02.26.15

This is what an indie label office looked like in 1991. dw-02.24.15

Andrew Bird: Echolocations. dw-02.23.15

Trailer for Welcome to Me. ms-02.23.15

Animated music video for Sleater-Kinney's A New Wave featuring characters from Bob's Burgers. dw-02.20.15

...meanwhile... dw-02.19.15

Trailer for Spring. dw-02.17.15

Tokyo Dense Fog. dw-02.17.15

The trailer for Björk's Black Lake sound and video installation at MoMA. dw-02.16.15

Surreal suburban stories unfurl from dawn to dusk in Belleville. dw-02.16.15

Trailer for Crimson Peak. dw-02.13.15

Newly restored and hitting select theaters in March, here is the trailer for the cult classic documentary Grey Gardens. ms-02.11.15

Trailer for iamamiwhoami's audiovisual film Blue. dw-02.10.15

Animated video for Cheval Noir by Equateur. dw-02.05.15

Trailer for Lost River. dw-02.04.15

Trailer for the documentary Merchants of Doubt. ms-02.02.15

Nearly a year after his passing, The Dissolve takes a look at the career of Philip Seymour Hoffman. mcj-01.26.15

Music video for Paul James' Hurricane, directed by our guest editor Todd Tue (tt). dw-01.23.15

Music video for Dancing In The Corner by Monarchy. dw-01.22.15

For BB, JC, and MJ, trailer for the documentary Red Army. ms-01.22.15

SD and I don't generally work on spec, but… bb-01.21.15

The wonderfully weird music video for Baby Love by Petite Meller. dw-01.20.15

Trailer for the documentary A Year in Champagne. ms-01.14.15

Trailer for the film Match. ms-01.13.15

"Houshi Ryokan was founded around 1,300 years ago and it has always been managed by the same family since then. It is the oldest still running family business in the world." dw-12.23.14

Trailer for the film Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. ms-12.22.14

Trailer for the film '71. ms-12.18.14

Finally, a full length trailer for Pixar's Inside Out. ms-12.10.14

Gorgeous trailer for the animated film The Little Prince ms-12.10.14

Trailer for the film While We're Young. ms-12.09.14

Trailer for Little Accidents. ms-12.06.14

Two Lands. dw-12.05.14

"Wanderers is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available." dw-12.01.14

"There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?" Mixed emotions about this. Do us proud, J.J. ms-11.28.14

Pathology, a film about snowboarding and humans. dw-11.26.14

SOLUS - A short story of loneliness, adventure, and self sacrifice. dw-11.25.14

Mac Premo is an award-winning artist and American stuffmaker. dw-11.17.14

Trailer for the first Iranian Vampire Western ever made, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. ms-11.17.14

Trailer for the documentary Monk with a Camera. ms-11.13.14

Cinefix lists their Top 10 Chase Scenes of All Time. mcj-11.11.14

Trailer for the film The Homesman. ms-11.11.14

A Little Film About... Jean Jullien. dw-11.06.14

For BB, trailer for the documentary Revenge of The Mekons. ms-11.06.14

Trailer for the documentary Ballet 422. ms-11.05.14

Trailer for Chappie. dw-11.04.14

Steve Carrell completely freaks me out in the full, theatrical trailer for the film Foxcatcher. Bye-bye Dunder Mifflin. ms-10.28.14

Trailer for the film Big Eyes. ms-10.28.14

Trailer for the documentary Antarctica: A Year on Ice. ms-10.23.14

Trailer for the documentary The Look of Silence. ms-10.21.14

Animated music video for Love by Sébastien Tellier. dw-10.17.14

Take a look inside BLAH Airlines Flight 101 from Newark to San Francisco. dw-10.16.14

Trailer for the film Leviathan. ms-10.16.14

Trailer for the film Low Down. ms-10.09.14

Trailer for the film Whiplash. ms-10.06.14

Eyes of Hitchcock. Via Laughing Squid. dw-09.30.14

Great trailer for the Paul Thomas Anderson film adaption of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice. ms-09.30.14

Not for BB's eyes. Trailer for The Babadook. ms-09.26.14

"Besides, the kids can't read anymore, they're a bunch of morons. So whadya gonna do?" Comic Book Heaven ms-09.26.14

Two, quite honestly, depressing trailers for Men, Women & Children. ms-09.26.14

Seriously, though, how many times do we have to watch Batman's parents die? dw-09.24.14

Trailer for the film Diplomacy. ms-09.23.14

Butter Fingers. dw-09.23.14

Cirque du Soleil with drones. dw-09.23.14

Presented by Terrence Malick, trailer for the film The Better Angels. ms-09.22.14

Trailer for the film Listen Up Phillip. ms-09.15.14

Trailer for Cronenberg's latest film, Maps to the Stars. ms-09.12.14

Trailer for the documentary Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets. ms-09.05.14

Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 Years of Web Design and Community. dw-09.04.14

Trailer for the film Mr. Turner ms-09.04.14

So you know, how to eat sushi. dw-08.29.14

Postcards from Stockholm. dw-08.28.14

Red band trailer for As Above, So Below. dw-08.26.14

The five best North Korean films on YouTube. dw-08.25.14

Trailer for The Young Ones. ms-08.25.14

Trailer for the film Are You Here. ms-08.22.14

Trailer for Automata. dw-08.21.14

The Film Before the Film is a short documentary that traces the evolution of title design through the history of film. ms-08.20.14

Trailer for The Babadook. dw-08.18.14

Trailer for the documentary Art and Craft. ms-08.18.14

Cosmic Flower Unfolding. dw-08.13.14

Trailer for the documentary Korengal. ms-08.12.14

Music video for Monument by Röyksopp and Robyn. dw-08.12.14

Trailer for The Theory of Everything, a biopic on Jane and Stephen Hawking. dw-08.07.14

Trailer for the documentary The Green Prince. ms-08.06.14

Lovely, Streets: New York City. ms-08.01.14

Trailer for the documentary Dinosaur 13. ms-08.01.14

For MS and BB, the trailer for the Quidditch documentary MUDBLOODS. dw-08.01.14

"A year in the making, the full six minute stopmotion short features the voice of Josie Long, one zillion hand carved tiny things, literally tens of carved foam puppets, two eye fulls of in-camera, long-exposure light trickery and a pair of tiny dolphins, smooching." Marilyn Myller. dw-07.30.14

Church of Type ms-07.29.14

Trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Full screen/volume is best. ms-07.29.14

Cars. Explosions. Post-apocolyptic waterless desert. The only thing it seems to be missing is Master Blaster (though a robot-armed Charlize Theron is a nice touch). Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. mcj-07.28.14

The Jaunt follows illustrator David Shillinglaw to Denmark. dw-07.28.14

A Film About Coffee. dw-07.25.14

Trailer for Space Station 76. dw-07.24.14

Trailer for Hector and the Search for Happiness. dw-07.23.14

Iconic Houses. dw-07.22.14

Music video for Röyksopp and Robyn's Do It Again. dw-07.21.14

Ninja Japanese schoolgirls make you thirsty for some lemon soda. (Thx, HP) bb-07.21.14

Trailer for Life After Beth. ms-07.18.14

Trailer for The Reconstruction of William Zero. dw-07.15.14

Music video for Tweedy's Summer Noon. dw-07.10.14

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! dw-07.09.14

Trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings. ms-07.09.14

Trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem. ms-07.08.14

Mother. Via WATC. dw-07.07.14

New trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl. ms-07.07.14

Trailer for The Skeleton Twins. ms-07.03.14

Trailer for Dear White People. ms-07.02.14

Trailer for the documentary A Brony Tale. Thank goodness someone can finally explain this to me.. ms-06.26.14

Ah, the things we do for love. Donation. ms-06.25.14

Trailer for The Last of Robin Hood. ms-06.25.14

Trailer for the film The Drop. ms-06.24.14

Trailer for Frank. ms-06.23.14

"Spaceship 12 calling Earth!" dw-06.20.14

Trailer for The Two Faces of January. ms-06.19.14

Trailer for Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. dw-06.18.14

Trailer for The Signal. ms-06.12.14

Trailer for the documentary Elena. ms-06.12.14

Trailer for The Trip to Italy. ms-06.10.14

Sia and Lena Dunham perform Chandelier for Seth Meyers. dw-06.10.14

Trailer for the documentary Alive Inside. ms-06.09.14

Trailer for The Giver. dw-06.05.14

Star Wars sorted alphabetically. dw-06.04.14

Trailer for Very Good Girls. ms-06.03.14

Trailer for the film Kill The Messenger. ms-05.29.14

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways. dw-05.29.14

Starring a nearly unrecognizable Steve Carell, teaser trailer for the film Foxcatcher. ms-05.23.14

Trailer for the new Michel Gondry film, Mood Indigo. mcj-05.22.14

Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat. dw-05.22.14

Trailer for the documentary about Chicago's beloved movie critic, Roger Ebert, Life Itself. The guy was a national treasure. ms-05.21.14

Trailer for The Last Man on the Moon. dw-05.21.14

Music video for Young by Air Review. dw-05.20.14

Trailer for Interstellar. dw-05.16.14

Trailer for Cold in July. ms-05.15.14

Trailer for Calvary. ms-05.14.14

The evolution of visual effects. dw-05.14.14

Trailer for the documentary Whitey: The United States of America vs. James J. Bulger. ms-05.13.14

Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova. dw-05.12.14

Trailer for Snowpiercer. dw-05.09.14

Utterly delightful trailer for the documentary Cyber-Seniors. ms-05.08.14

Earth live from the ISS. dw-05.08.14

Trailer for the documentary The Internet's Own Boy. ms-05.02.14

The Kelpies. dw-04.28.14

Hackle Scam Populator. dw-04.24.14

Trailer for the film The Discoverers. ms-04.21.14

How We Used to Live. dw-04.18.14

Trailer for Obvious Child. ms-04.17.14

A-Z of Dance. dw-04.16.14

Cinefix gives us their picks for the 12 Best Long Takes in Film History. The opening shot from Touch of Evil is one of my all-time favorites. Thanks Marshall. ms-04.15.14

Trailer for Gone Girl. ms-04.15.14

Trailer for God's Pocket. ms-04.14.14

Trailer for Borgman. ms-04.08.14

Forget Godzilla, bring on Poseidon Rex! ms-04.08.14

Here's another trailer for Godzilla. ms-04.06.14

Trailer for Lucky Them. ms-04.04.14

Trailer for Ida. ms-04.02.14

Trailer for the film The Drop. ms-04.02.14

"Prospect is the coming-of-age story of a teenage girl on a toxic alien planet. She and her father hunt for precious materials, aiming to strike it rich. When the father is attacked by a roving bandit, the daughter must take control." Via The Awesomer. ms-04.01.14

Trailer for Hide Your Smiling Faces. ms-03.28.14

Trailer for Filth. ms-03.25.14

New international trailer for Godzilla with new footage and is that you Rodan? ms-03.24.14

Trailer for the documentary Jodorowsky's Dune ms-03.19.14

Trailer for the film HateShip LoveShip. ms-03.13.14

The Puppetman. dw-03.11.14

Mars One Way. dw-03.06.14

Trailer for the documentary For No Good Reason. ms-03.04.14

Nothing Stops Detroit. dw-02.28.14

Trailer for the documentary Teenage. ms-02.21.14

Music video for Hey Now by London Grammar. dw-02.19.14

Trailer for Teenage. dw-02.17.14

It's Called Moon. dw-02.13.14

A lovely little short film for all my friends who run: Portrait of a Runner. ms-02.13.14

Valentine's Day Tip: Surely a sign of a solid relationship, you both like soup. ms-02.12.14

Trailer for Transcendence. dw-02.12.14

"The entire control room is like a group of six year olds, whose birthday is next week." Trailer for the documentary Particle Fever. ms-02.11.14

Gorgeous trailer for the documentary The Great Flood. ms-02.07.14

Delightful trailer for the Academy Award nominated animated feature Ernest & Celestine. ms-02.05.14

"In a small building in Beirut, Lebanon sits the largest collection of toy cars in the world — that's over 30,000 model cars and 400 dioramas." dw-01.30.14

Trailer for the documentary Tim's Vermeer. ms-01.30.14

Delta's '80s in-flight safety video. dw-01.28.14

A brief history of music sampling. dw-01.28.14

Trailer for The Zero Theorem. dw-01.27.14

Coffee Propaganda. Via LAIY. dw-01.23.14

#girlstour dw-01.22.14

Trailer for The Quiet Ones. dw-01.20.14

The Monster is a 1903 film directed by French filmmaker George Méliès. dw-01.16.14

Devil Baby has to be one of the best movie promotions ever made. dw-01.14.14

Hello South Africa. dw-01.13.14

Trailer for the Errol Morris documentary The Unknown Known. ms-01.09.14

Cycle. dw-01.08.14

Sherlock spoils everything. dw-01.06.14

Trailer for Like Father, Like Son. ms-12.23.13

Trailer for The Rocket. ms-12.20.13

Video for Metronomy's I'm Aquarius. dw-12.18.13

Teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's next film, Interstellar. ms-12.15.13

Trailer for the documentary 12 O'Clock Boys. ms-12.13.13

Surfing in Alaska. dw-12.11.13

What started as a communal rant in the studio this morning eventually, weirdly, ended up here. It may be my fave Christopher Guest film ever. ms-12.11.13

Gah! Teaser trailer for Godzilla. I. Cannot. Wait. ms-12.10.13

Apparently made with something approaching my yearly Girl Scout Cookie budget, SyFy's latest monster movie trailer, Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark. ms-12.09.13

If you've ever wanted to experience a botched BASE jump without the pain, now's your chance. Viewer discretion definitely advised. bb-12.06.13

Creative Spark has a great interview with designer James White. ms-12.06.13

Trailer for White Raindeer. ms-12.05.13

"Sometimes the blogosphere can become a terror dome." dw-12.04.13

Trailer for In Secret. ms-12.03.13

25 Little known facts about Thanksgiving. dw-11.27.13

Trailer for the documentary If You Build It. ms-11.25.13

Trailer for August: Osage County. ms-11.21.13

Trailer for the documentary Narco Cultura. ms-11.18.13

In case you did not spend all of Friday afternoon watching the Batkid live on your computer like me (sorry JC, came in Saturday to make up for it), you can now see/cry/sob/get inspired by watching the video. Shares in Kleenex must be gold right now. ms-11.18.13

Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Noah. ms-11.15.13

Mixtapes explained to modern kids. dw-11.15.13

Alfonso Cuaron's IKEA. Via MeFi. ms-11.15.13

Money is Material. dw-11.13.13

"By pedestrianizing some streets, building cycle tracks everywhere, and creating a unique transportation circulation pattern that prohibits vehicles from cutting through the city, Groningen actually made the bicycle -- in most cases -- the fastest and most preferred choice of transportation." Groningen: The World's Cycling City. ms-11.13.13

Tissue animals. dw-11.12.13

Trailer for the documentary Medora. ms-11.11.13

Two trailers for the movie based on the New York Times bestseller, Lone Survivor. ms-11.08.13

Trailer for the documentary La Camioneta. ms-10.29.13

Trailer for the documentary by Michel Gondry of an animated conversation with Noam Chomsky, Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?. ms-10.29.13

Jason Schwartzman narrates some Tips for Social Etiquette. dw-10.25.13

Trailer for the documentary Spinning Plates. ms-10.24.13

Halloween ghost drones. dw-10.23.13

Trailer for the documentary on extreme snowboarding, The Crash Reel. ms-10.23.13

Watch all six Apollo moon landings at once. dw-10.22.13

The Planets by Andy Martin. dw-10.21.13

Welcome to Thailand. dw-10.18.13

Trailer for the documentary The Stone Roses: Made of Stone. ms-10.17.13

Trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. jc-10.17.13

Trailer for I, Frankenstein. ms-10.16.13

For MS, the trailer for Big Ass Spider. dw-10.16.13

The worst parking lot exit. dw-10.14.13

Animated music video for Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings' Retreat. dw-10.10.13

Video for Moonchild by M83. dw-10.09.13

Gah! Such high hopes for this, trailer for Godzilla. Full screen and volume up. Via iO9. ms-10.04.13

For the Love of Mountains. dw-10.01.13

Boom! Trailer for the next Hobbit film, The Desolation of Smaug. Full screen and volume please. ms-10.01.13

Trailer for the film Approved for Adoption. ms-09.23.13

Shouldn't have taken that mescaline this morning bb-09.19.13

Trailer for the film Nebraska. ms-09.18.13

55 Unfortunately Unfinished Films. dw-09.18.13

8-Bit Dark Knight. dw-09.16.13

Ghostly presents Andy Gilmore. dw-09.16.13

Trailer for the film Mr. Nobody. ms-09.12.13

Trailer for Parkland. ms-09.11.13

Gravity. Full Screen is best. ms-09.11.13

Trailer for the documentary Sample This. ms-09.10.13

Teaser for Under the Skin. dw-09.05.13

Trailer for the follow-up documentary Herb & Dorothy 50 X 50. ms-09.03.13

New trailer for the next Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis. ms-08.29.13

Betting on an Oscar nomination for Mr. McConaughey for this, trailer for the film Dallas Buyers Club. ms-08.27.13

Trailer for the documentary Narco Cultura. ms-08.26.13

Trailer for All is Lost. ms-08.23.13

Trailer for The Book Thief. ms-08.22.13

Trailer for CBGB. ms-08.21.13

Teaser for J.J. Abrams' Stranger. dw-08.20.13

Trailer for Jane Mansfield's Car. ms-08.20.13

Travel Love. dw-08.19.13

Trailer for the documentary Spark: A Burning Man Story. ms-08.19.13

The Story of Physics. dw-08.16.13

Hyper cool or over-hyped? dw-08.15.13

First Flight of the Phantom is a stunning view of NYC as seen from Nicolas Doldinger's "drone," a quad-copter outfitted with a Gopro camera. Amazing. Via PSFK. jc-08.15.13

Trailer for the movie C.O.G.. ms-08.14.13

"If you handle the customers the right way, they'll come back again." The Birdman. Via The Casual Optimist. ms-08.14.13

"For the past decade, Chicago has been enduring a violence epidemic, with a death toll in the thousands and casualties mirroring the losses experienced by the US army in Iraq war over the same period. Allowing its subjects to take centre stage and tell their stories in their own words, Robson-Scott's film is unflinchingly honest in its depiction of life on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America." Chi Raq. Heartbreaking. ms-08.14.13

Trailer for the film Philomena. ms-08.14.13

"As the first snow flake settles on cold concrete, the ice cream vans begin to contemplate the harsh winter ahead. For, like the caribou and the grey goose, the season marks the start of a long voyage in search of sunnier climes." Gelato Go Home. dw-08.13.13

Trailer for The Monuments Men. ms-08.08.13

Teaser for AHS:Coven. dw-08.08.13

Trailer for Her. ms-08.07.13

Trailer for Diana. dw-08.07.13

Trailer for the film This is Martin Bonner. ms-08.07.13

ETERNA combines dozens of action movies into one trailer. dw-08.02.13

The world's first TV ad. dw-08.01.13

"Fully restored in 2k by Modern Videofilm under the supervision of Cohen Film Collection, this sweeping epic features the lush orchestral score by acclaimed composer Carl Davis conducting the Luxembourg Radio Symphony Orchestra. Counted among the most influential films of all time by The Library of Congress, National Film Registry, Sight & Sound and The American Film Institute, Intolerance comes to cinemas beginning August 2013. ms-07.26.13

Trailer for the film Gravity. ms-07.25.13

"Try riding a bicycle at night and picking up a moving burrito with your feet based on the sound that it makes. That is how an owl do." dw-07.24.13

Pardon My Dust. dw-07.23.13

Trailer for the documentary Rising From Ashes. ms-07.18.13

Trailer for the documentary Our Nixon. ms-07.17.13

Trailer for the film 12 Years a Slave ms-07.16.13

Trailer for Therese. ms-07.15.13

Trailer for the film Out of the Furnace. ms-07.11.13

The knife-throwing mother and her children (1950s). dw-07.10.13

Trailer for the movie Wasteland. ms-07.09.13

Trailer for the new Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis. ms-07.01.13

Gorgeous trailer for Museum Hours. ms-06.27.13

Trailer for Willow Creek. dw-06.26.13

This is Shanghai. dw-06.25.13

Trailer for the documentary Burn. ms-06.19.13

Trailer for Anchorman 2. ms-06.19.13

Trailer for the new Scorsese/DiCaprio flick The Wolf of Wall Street. mcj-06.17.13

Trailer for the documentary More Than Honey. ms-06.14.13

Deleted and alternate scenes from Blade Runner, chronically arranged. Via MeFi. ms-06.13.13

Trailer for the film Short Term 12. ms-06.13.13

Trailer for the documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me. ms-06.11.13

Celestial Dynamics. dw-06.04.13

Trailer for The Wall. dw-06.03.13

For Skyler, Doctor Puppet. dw-05.31.13

Trailer for the Sundance Film Festival winner Fruitvale Station. ms-05.30.13

Trailer for the film based on the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, August: Osage County. ms-05.29.13

Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park. dw-05.29.13

Trailer for Ain't Them Bodies Saints . ms-05.28.13

Building A Human, an instructional film made by The Visitors for Human Collaborators on Edité-Frignim (Earth). dw-05.22.13

A new Man of Steel trailer. Plus this, "What? Guys, it's O.K. It's Superman. He's the king daddy. You should all be bowing down to him." Dave Itzkoff on "respecting the S." jc-05.22.13

Chicago - Five Great Buildings. Via Chicagoist. dw-05.21.13

Video for Kid Francescoli's Blow Up. dw-05.20.13

Trailer for Europa Report. dw-05.17.13

Second City by Arne Wossink. Via Chicagoist. dw-05.16.13

Encounter. Via DWL. dw-05.16.13

Trailer for The Congress. dw-05.14.13

Trailer for The Hunt. ms-05.14.13

Claude Frisse-Greene's color footage of London in the 1920s. esm-05.10.13

The trailer for Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's third film in the "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy: The World's End. mcj-05.09.13

Trailer for Ender's Game. dw-05.08.13

Trailer for the documentary on the Master Sommelier Exam, Somm. ms-05.08.13

A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography. dw-05.02.13

A short film exploring the life of miscellaneous objects on a conveyor belt. dw-05.01.13

Trailer for Prince Avalanche. ms-04.26.13

An 8-bit tribute to your childhood in the 90's. Before it all went wrong. dw-04.23.13

Malaise explores Beelitz-Heilstätten, an 1898 tuberculosis sanatorium turned war hospital and the scene of 6 murders by "The Beast of Beelitz" in 1989. Via Fubiz. dw-04.23.13

Reposting a favorite short film: The German. bb-04.22.13

New trailer for Man of Steel. ms-04.17.13

iSteve, Funny or Die's film about Steve Jobs. dw-04.17.13

Polar Spirits. dw-04.16.13

New trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness. ms-04.16.13

Sarah DiNardo, Tape Artist. dw-04.15.13

Trailer for Shadow Dancer. ms-04.15.13

Trailer for The Way, Way Back. ms-04.12.13

Trailer for Elysium. ms-04.11.13

The character stands center frame (most of the time), looking out at some epic landscape. A collection of "back to the camera" shots. Via io9. dw-04.11.13

Trailer for the documentary Plimpton!. ms-04.11.13

The fine art of coffee portraiture. dw-04.10.13

For JC, trailer for the documentary Ain't In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm. ms-04.10.13

Trailer for The English Teacher. ms-04.03.13

The Shoemaker. dw-03.29.13

Trailer for the documentary Bert Stern: Original Mad Man. ms-03.28.13

An homage to Marvel. dw-03.27.13

Trailer for The Wolverine. ms-03.27.13

Trailer for Renoir. ms-03.27.13

"Beijing Silvermine is a unique photographic portrait of the capital and the life of its inhabitants following the Cultural Revolution. It covers a period of 20 years, from 1985, namely when silver film started being used massively in China, to 2005, when digital photography started taking over." ms-03.25.13

Trailer for the movie And Now a Word From our Sponsor. ms-03.25.13

Music video for Cosmos by Emperor Yes. dw-03.25.13

Downton Zombey. dw-03.21.13

Trailer for the documentary Sign Painters. ms-03.18.13

Not About Us. dw-03.18.13

David A. Smith is a traditional sign-writer/designer specializing in high-quality ornamental hand-crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors. dw-03.14.13

Symmetrees. dw-03.11.13

New teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. ms-03.11.13

Trailer for the Sarah Polley documentary Stories We Tell. ms-03.07.13

Life On Mars. dw-03.07.13

Music video for Husbands' Dream. dw-03.06.13

Trailer for the movie Disconnect. ms-03.04.13

For Skyler, 16-Bit Doctor Who. Via Gizmodo. dw-02.28.13

Um, not for BB and SD to watch. Trailer for The Conjuring. ms-02.27.13

Art projects where you least expect them. dw-02.27.13

Cascada. dw-02.20.13

Trailer for The Silence. ms-02.20.13

Pretty much the same thing happens when MS finds a spider in the studio. dw-02.18.13

Red Band trailer for Trance. dw-02.15.13

The Art of Illustration. dw-02.15.13

Just because we haven't posted it in a while: "I dunno, Space Floor?" bb-02.14.13

Miranda tells the story of Valentimes Day. dw-02.14.13

Happy Valentine's Day, MS! bb-02.14.13

Adam and Dog. Via Drawn. dw-02.08.13

Really interesting and very different trailer for the documentary Leviathan. ms-02.07.13

Movements in Red, an infrared time-lapse movie. dw-02.07.13

When I Grow Up. dw-02.05.13

Stardust, a short film about Voyager 1. dw-02.04.13

Sherlock shows up in the Super Bowl trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. ms-02.04.13

Trailer for the film War Witch. ms-01.30.13

Trailer for the film No. ms-01.29.13

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You. Thanks to my daughter Gracie. jc-01.28.13

Great short film, Voiceover. ms-01.28.13

Trailer for Gondry's Moon Indigo. dw-01.25.13

Cadaver: A Bittersweet Love Story. dw-01.25.13

The LA Kings banner raising from the banner's point of view. jc-01.25.13

Stop motion music video for Shugo Tokumaru's Katachi made with 2,000 silhouettes. dw-01.24.13

Cute commercial for the new IE. dw-01.24.13

Yep, people are still awesome. Via Kottke. jc-01.22.13

Exodus. dw-01.21.13

Trailer for the film Lore. ms-01.17.13

The Title, a film by The Director based on the novel by The Writer. dw-01.16.13

Trailer for Ginger & Rosa. ms-01.14.13

The Real World: Whiterun. dw-01.14.13

Trailer for the Herzog documentary Happy People. ms-01.11.13

"On average the sloth can move around three feet per minute. Which is an impressive three feet per minute faster than a dead sloth." True facts about sloths. dw-01.11.13

New trailer for 42. ms-01.11.13

So great, a mashup of the past 14 BIFA award winners ms-01.04.13

Hate Mail from Mr Bingo. dw-01.04.13

Backwards fireworks and a lovely bit from Slaughterhouse Five. jc-01.04.13

Trailer for the film The Place Beyond the Pines. ms-01.02.13

Teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. ms-12.17.12

Trailer for the documentary Sound City. ms-12.15.12

Trailer for the documentary Buffalo Girls. ms-12.12.12

Teaser trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness. ms-12.06.12

Lake Michigan Surf. dw-11.30.12

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend. dw-11.29.12

Beginning. dw-11.29.12

Trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer. ms-11.21.12

Dumb Ways To Die. Via BB-Blog. dw-11.19.12

Trailer for Holy Motors. dw-11.13.12

Video for Björk's Mutual Core. dw-11.13.12

Trailer for Heleno. ms-11.10.12

Trailer for Soderbergh's next film, Side Effects. ms-11.05.12

Trailer for Save the Date. ms-10.25.12

Trailer for the documentary The American Scream. ms-10.23.12

Trailer for Ironman 3. ms-10.23.12

Trailer for the documentary High Ground. ms-10.19.12

Holy Room demonstrates how to make soap. dw-10.18.12

Golem. dw-10.16.12

Finally saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi this weekend, it is fantastic. Highly recommended. ms-10.15.12

Trailer for Hitchcock. ms-10.10.12

Trailer for the documentary Brooklyn Castle. ms-10.10.12

Trailer for the documentary The Revisionaries. ms-10.08.12

Trailer for Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger. ms-10.03.12

Trailer for the documentary The Flat. ms-09.27.12

Trailer for the film Promised Land. ms-09.24.12

San Franciscans experience an East Coast thunderstorm. dw-09.21.12

Trailer for the film 42. ms-09.21.12

Fragments is a non-narrative short that captures the beauty and mystery of several desolated spaces. dw-09.20.12

Trailer for the documentary Knuckleball. ms-09.19.12

Video for Flying Lotus' Putty Boy Strut. dw-09.19.12

"One astronaut's journey through space and life ends on a hostile exosolar planet. Grounded is a metaphorical account of the experience, inviting unique interpretation and reflection by the viewer." dw-09.19.12

Trailer for the documentary Head Games. ms-09.18.12

Trailer for the movie Butter. ms-09.14.12

Full trailer for Spielberg's Lincoln. ms-09.14.12

Trailer for the documentary Step Up to the Plate. ms-09.13.12

Animated video for Emily Loizeau's Vole Le Chagrin Des Oiseaux. dw-09.12.12

Trailer for the documentary Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary. ms-09.11.12

Trailer for the film Francine. ms-09.10.12

Video for Metronomy's Hypnose. Via It's Nice That. dw-09.07.12

"What do you say about a man like that." Smoking hot is what I say. Full trailer for the next James Bond film, Skyfall. ms-09.07.12

Trailer for the film Cloud Atlas. Really interesting read on what it took to get it made here. ms-09.06.12

Eclipse. dw-09.04.12

Trailer for The Iceman. ms-09.04.12

Trailer for the documentary Harvest of Empire. ms-08.31.12

Before the multiple Kubrick links start, take a break and check out Orson Welles amazing opening long shot to one of my fave movies, Touch Of Evil. ms-08.29.12

Yeah. We've all had days like this. Language NSFW. ms-08.29.12

Trailer for Snowman's Land. ms-08.29.12

Final trailer for The Master. ms-08.28.12

Trailer for Antiviral. dw-08.27.12

"In the face of multiple sclerosis, lung cancer and visual impairment, New York photographer Flo Fox has continued to pursue photography and has maintained her adventurous, feisty spirit and dirty sense of humor." dw-08.27.12

For MS, Game of Thrones in 3 minutes. dw-08.23.12

Trailer for The Impossible. ms-08.21.12

Video for Garbage's Big Bright World. dw-08.20.12

Badlands. Via Gadling. dw-08.20.12

Trailer for Seven Psychopaths. ms-08.20.12

Video for Lord Huron's Time To Run. dw-08.17.12

Trailer for Neighboring Sounds. ms-08.17.12

Trailer for Deadfall. dw-08.16.12

Trailer for Compliance. ms-08.16.12

Trailer for the film For Ellen. ms-08.14.12

"Hey MS, want to go see this new movie?" "Um, no thanks." ms-08.13.12

Henri 2, Paw de Deux. dw-08.13.12

Trailer for the film Teddy Bear. ms-08.13.12

For DW, a guide to some Hitchcock films you must see, Vertigo, Rear Window, Notorious, North By Northwest, and Strangers on a Train. ms-08.13.12

Ball. jc-08.10.12

Fab: Batman: Dark Knightfall. ms-08.07.12

Trailer for the movie Goats. ms-08.03.12

Trailer for the documentary Beauty is Embarrassing. ms-08.03.12

Full length trailer for the new 007 film, Skyfall. ms-08.01.12

Relinking, just because. First, the greatest television spot of all time, Sexy Mini Super Flower Pop Op Cola by adman, artist and director, Charles Wilp. And I've just found an alternate edit, with English subtitles. Nice. jc-07.31.12

Video for Ladyhawke's Blue Eyes. dw-07.31.12

Trailer for the documentary Craigslist Joe. ms-07.31.12

Epic trailer for Cloud Atlas. dw-07.30.12

Aaron Rose & The Watts Towers. dw-07.30.12

Places Other People Have Lived. ms-07.30.12

Trailer for Middle of Nowhere. ms-07.28.12

The alternative Olympic torch relay taking place in London this week. dw-07.25.12

Trailer for the documentary Side by Side. ms-07.24.12

Trailer for the umpteenth Superman movie, Man of Steel. ms-07.23.12

135 shots that will restore your faith in cinema. Via The Awesomer. ms-07.23.12

Holy Wow. Full length trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. ms-07.20.12

Cloudy. dw-07.19.12

"I'm not afraid. I'm angry." ms-07.18.12

Mr. Wizard is OK, but he's no Julius Sumner Miller. bb-07.18.12

New York Park. dw-07.18.12

Trailer for Shut Up and Play the Hits. ms-07.16.12

Gigamesh's NSFW music video for Don't Stop using footage from Death Race 2000. dw-07.13.12

Trailer for Oz, the Great and Powerful. ms-07.13.12

Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises with Pee-wee Herman voices. dw-07.12.12

Music video for New Lands by Justice. dw-07.11.12

Kadavre Exquis' short animated film of all things now-antiquated: What Is Dead May Never Die. sd-07.11.12

North. dw-07.10.12

Watch all of the space shuttle launches at once. dw-07.09.12

Trailer for The Loneliest Planet. ms-07.06.12

Trailer for The Awakening. ms-06.30.12

Trailer for The Sessions. ms-06.28.12

Trailer for the latest from Spike Lee: Red Hook Summer. ms-06.28.12

Trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson. ms-06.27.12

Trailer for Robot and Frank. ms-06.26.12

Bicycle sounds. dw-06.26.12

Trailer for Easy Money. ms-06.26.12

Video for Beirut's The Rip Tide. dw-06.25.12

A Dutch choir sings Bangarang by Skrillex. Via TNW. dw-06.22.12

New trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. ms-06.19.12

New trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. ms-06.19.12

Sneak preview of Realm of LARP, a (not quite) reality series beginning next week on the Nerdist channel. dw-06.18.12

Video for Best Coast's The Only Place. dw-06.15.12

Trailer for the documentary Patagonia Rising. ms-06.14.12

Paper Prometheus. dw-06.13.12

Lego Inception. ms-06.12.12

Video for Pet Shop Boys' Invisible. dw-06.11.12

Handmade in Japan. Via Spoon & Tamago. dw-06.08.12

Trailer for the film 360. ms-06.07.12

The Girl and the Fox. dw-06.07.12

Video for Sigur Rós' Varúõ. dw-06.06.12

Fivedreams. dw-06.04.12

Trailer for The Bourne Legacy. ms-06.01.12

Trailer for The Imposter. ms-05.31.12

Video for Ingrid Michaelson's Blood Brothers. dw-05.29.12

Trailer for the Swedish film Wallander, based on the books by CP studio fave author Henning Mankell. Think it will be tough to top Kenneth Branagh's brilliant portrayal. ms-05.25.12

Trailer for the documentary Indie Game. ms-05.24.12

Video for Woodkid's Run Boy Run. dw-05.23.12

Trailer for On the Road. dw-05.23.12

Trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. ms-05.23.12

"The zombie apocalypse happened -- and we won. But though society has recovered, the threat of infection is always there ---and Los Angeles coroner Tommy Rossman is the man they call when things go wrong." So great, Spoiler. Via BoingBoing ms-05.22.12

Related to the last, Just R2D2, Just Chewbacca, Just the Blasters, and Just People Saying The Force. ms-05.22.12

The only way to watch Star Wars at work and not get canned. Via Wired. ms-05.22.12

Regular Guiseppe, the Third Mario Brother. dw-05.22.12

Hollywood marches on with really stupid ideas. Do yourself a favor and watch the original and the movie that inspired it. ms-05.22.12

Trailer for Dark Horse. ms-05.22.12

Teaser trailer for the next Bond film, Skyfall. Cannot wait. ms-05.21.12

For BB: the trailer for Kath & Kimderella. dw-05.18.12

"In May of 2011, Neil Young drove a 1956 Crown Victoria from his idyllic hometown of Omemee, Ontario to downtown Toronto's iconic Massey Hall where he intimately performed the last two nights of his solo world tour. Along the drive, Young recounted insightful and introspective stories from his youth to filmmaker Jonathan Demme." Trailer for the documentary Journeys. ms-05.15.12

Trailer for JJ Abram's new series Revolution. dw-05.14.12

Open House. Via Atencioblog. sd-05.11.12

Hero Complex interviews Leonard Nimoy. dw-05.10.12

Trailer for Killer Joe. ms-05.09.12

Trailer for Argo. ms-05.08.12

Bounce Bounce. dw-05.08.12

Trailer for Hick. ms-05.07.12

IV.10 dw-05.04.12

Trailer for Mansome. dw-05.03.12

Trailer for the documentary Wagner's Dream. ms-05.03.12

Unnamed Soundsculpture. dw-05.02.12

Trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild. ms-05.02.12

The Game of Thrones opening in Lego. dw-05.02.12

Gah! I. Cannot. Wait. New trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. ms-05.01.12

Video for BirdPen's Nature Regulate. dw-04.30.12

Trailer for Elena. ms-04.27.12

Trailer for Lawless. ms-04.25.12

Idle Talk. dw-04.24.12

Trailer for the documentary Samsara. ms-04.24.12

Trailer for Ruby Sparks. ms-04.20.12

Frangin. dw-04.19.12

Honest trailer for Titanic. dw-04.19.12

Video for The Shins' The Rifle's Spiral. dw-04.18.12

Bill Plympton's opening for The Simpsons. dw-04.17.12

Music video for Simian Mobile Disco's Seraphim showcasing a panorama of obsessive behavior. dw-04.17.12

Great trailer for Looper. ms-04.14.12

Trailer for the documentary Surviving Progress. ms-04.09.12

Table 7. sd-04.05.12

Trailer for Little Birds. ms-04.05.12

Music video for Garbage's Blood For Poppies. dw-04.04.12

Sanding machine + pile of paper. Via Today and Tomorrow. dw-04.03.12

Trailer for the documentary How To Grow A Band. ms-03.30.12

Video for Orbital's Wonky featuring Lady Leshurr. dw-03.30.12

Second trailer for the documentary First Position. ms-03.29.12

"This is all real, no film trickery, post-production or hidden cuts – he's just a very clever elephant." Peter plays with a Samsung Galaxy Note. dw-03.29.12

The Watchmaker. dw-03.29.12

Trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed. ms-03.28.12

Childhood of a Circle. Via The Strange Attractor. dw-03.26.12

Music video for Keaton Henson's Small Hands. dw-03.23.12

Trailer for Jesus Henry Christ. ms-03.21.12

New trailer for Prometheus. ms-03.20.12

Video for Parov Stelar's Jimmy's Gang. dw-03.19.12

TRON Dance. dw-03.16.12

Trailer for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. ms-03.16.12

Miranda explains St. Patrick's Day. dw-03.15.12

Trailer for Tout en Haut du Monde / Longway North. Via Drawn. dw-03.15.12

For DW, trailer for CatCam. ms-03.13.12

Faceture by Phil Cuttance. dw-03.13.12

SD's entry for 20x2 at SXSW: How Did I Get Here? Does the tinfoil hat look familiar? Twenty first f**king century. bb-03.13.12

404. dw-03.12.12

The missed connections of Sophie Blackall. dw-03.09.12

Fresh Guacamole. Via Public School. dw-03.08.12

"Do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back scratcher, and ten blades? Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade... and polio." The Dollar Shave Club. dw-03.07.12

Trailer for Natural Selection. ms-03.07.12

Total Film gives us their 50 Most Hated movies ever made. Debate here at the studio begins in five..four...three.... ms-03.06.12

"Stop the madness for constant group work. Just stop it." Susan Cain on the power of introverts. dw-03.06.12

Trailer for The Raid: Redemption. ms-03.05.12

Launching a LEGO space shuttle. dw-03.05.12

The 100th anniversary logo for Universal. dw-03.02.12

Second, better trailer for The Avengers. ms-03.01.12

We Are the Explorers. dw-02.29.12

Andrea Dighton dances across the UK and Europe. dw-02.29.12

Video for iamamiwhoami's drops. dw-02.28.12

The Beekeeper. dw-02.27.12

Trailer for the documentary Bully. ms-02.23.12

Snow drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen. dw-02.23.12

Video for Beirut's Vagabond. dw-02.23.12

Trailer for the documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. ms-02.23.12

The American Beer Revival. ms-02.17.12

Animated video for Bonobo's Eyesdown. dw-02.16.12

The Cryoscope shows the user exactly what to expect outside by haptically exhibiting exactly how cold or warm it is to be outside. Via get addicted to... dw-02.16.12

Trailer for The Snowton Murders. ms-02.16.12

Fantastic short film about a WWII Messerschmitt 109 vs Spitfire dogfight and its aftermath: The German. bb-02.08.12

Trailer for The Bourne Legacy. ms-02.08.12

Trailer for the documentary Splinters. ms-02.08.12

Trailer for On The Ice. ms-02.03.12

Related to an earlier post, the 10 best Soul Train line dances. dw-02.01.12

Trailer for The Kid With a Bike. ms-02.01.12

Three human shaped RC planes were flown around New York City to create the illusion of people flying. dw-01.30.12

Trailer for The Hunter. ms-01.30.12

The Meaning of Mate. dw-01.26.12

A cape for MS. dw-01.25.12

Animated video for Kate Bush's Lake Tahoe. dw-01.25.12

Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants so they did it with braille burgers. dw-01.23.12

My First Hardcore Song, by 8 year old Juliet. dw-01.23.12

Here Comes the Neighborhood. dw-01.21.12

Trailer for the movie Jeff Who Lives At Home. ms-01.20.12

The first kiss in cinema, 1896. dw-01.20.12

Trailer for The Forgiveness of Blood. ms-01.18.12

She flies until gravity hits her. dw-01.16.12

Trailer for Detachment. ms-01.14.12

7th Grade Korean students do Daft Punk. dw-01.13.12

The Light of Day. dw-01.13.12

Trailer for Wes Anderson's latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. ms-01.12.12

Trailer for Advanced Style, a documentary about stylish New York older ladies. dw-01.12.12

Trailer for the documentary Windfall. ms-01.11.12

The Page Turner by Joseph Herscher. dw-01.10.12

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall. dw-01.06.12

Trailer for the movie Thin Ice. ms-01.05.12

17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. Time is Nothing. dw-01.05.12

Typography 836. dw-01.04.12

Trailer for the film Return. ms-01.03.12

Trailer for Prometheus. ms-12.22.11

Trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. ms-12.21.11

Trailer for the documentary First Position. ms-12.20.11

Singing Christmas Hedgehogs. dw-12.20.11

Riga, Latvia in miniature. dw-12.20.11

Relink for a smile. I'm pretty sure I never laughed harder in a movie theater than I did when I first saw this. Coming at the end of Hal Ashby's beautiful film amplifies the humor by 1000% but I assume most everybody has seen it at some point by now. Peter Sellers and the end credits for Being There. jc-12.20.11

Gah, not until next summer? Trailer for the last film in the Nolan/Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. ms-12.19.11

Mite City. dw-12.15.11

Trigger. ms-12.14.11

Trailer for A Cat In Paris. dw-12.13.11

The sloths are coming. dw-12.13.11

For MS: A Krampus Carol by Anthony Bourdain. dw-12.12.11

Mr. Rogers shows us how the Cosmonaut was made. Order one here. dw-12.12.11

Trailer for London River. ms-12.09.11

Trailer for Jiro Dreams of Sushi. ms-12.07.11

Hero. dw-12.06.11

Flying robots, the builders of tomorrow. dw-12.05.11

Trailer for Wim Wender's tribute to dancer Pina Bausch, Pina. ms-12.02.11

"Look at these creatures that might have stepped out of the pages of those famous books by Beatrix Potter." dw-12.02.11

Trailer for the French documentary Lads and Jockeys. ms-12.02.11

The Night We Were Kings. dw-11.29.11

Iglu Bauanleitung. dw-11.28.11

"My Grandpa, he used to say there weren't ever a place on earth where heaven and hell were so close together." The Cull, a short film by Jonathan Harris. jc-11.21.11

Mound by Allison Schulnik. dw-11.16.11

I didn't see any dogs in this video, but the folks at Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids make some pretty nice latte art. dw-11.16.11

Una pieza más. dw-11.15.11

Trailer for the movie Being Flynn. ms-11.15.11

Trailer for the documentary Corman's World. ms-11.14.11

Stop motion kaleidoscopic fun in the music video for Hudson's Against the Grain. dw-11.14.11

HD, refurbished, smoothed, retimed, denoised, and deflickered time lapse footage of Earth. Via Kottke. nic-11.14.11

"This huge problem with structural unemployment where many people don't have the skills and there's really no role for them except as consumers. But underneath that for the sustainable economies of the future you really have a vibrant group of artists and craftspeople who will play a major role in the future in terms of sustainable economies because they are able to use tools." There's No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool. dw-11.11.11

Trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. ms-11.11.11

Trailer for the French film The Conquest. ms-11.08.11

The quickly changing subjects and scenes illustrates the deluge of information online in this (probably NSFW) video for Chatroom by The Vics. dw-11.07.11

Beauty Through Bamboo. dw-11.07.11

The Knife Maker. dw-11.04.11

Trailer for the animated film ParaNorman. ms-11.01.11

You know that thing your stomach does on a rollercoaster? Mine did it just watching this trailer. I think I need to lay down now. ms-10.31.11

Trailer for the documentary Eames: The Architect and the Painter ms-10.30.11

Another trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. ms-10.28.11

The Ninja Playhouse presents "Death of a Ninja Salesman", from the always-fun Ow! My Sweet Eyes! bb-10.27.11

Trailer for Tyrannosaur. ms-10.27.11

Trailer looks fantastic, Werner Herzog's Into The Abyss. ms-10.26.11

Zombie in a Penguin Suit. ms-10.25.11

Tokyo time-lapse with Blade Runner soundtrack, by Samuel Cockedey. Only perfect. More background. Via Mefi. jc-10.25.11

"This f**ker is my neighbor and I haven't slept in days." dw-10.24.11

Trailer for the documentary Elevate. ms-10.22.11

60-Second Adventures in Thought. dw-10.21.11

Trailer for the documentary Incendiary. ms-10.21.11

Explore some little-known properties of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (with our own SD on bongos). bb-10.21.11

Iceland's Midnight Sun. dw-10.19.11

Lots of stuff blowing up in the newest trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. ms-10.19.11

Trailer for the documentary My Reincarnation. ms-10.17.11

Betty White raps with techno dance artist Luciana, in their new music video I'm Still Hot. A portion of the net proceeds benefit the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. dw-10.12.11

Trailer for the documentary on extreme snow boarding, This Is My Winter. Full screen is a must. ms-10.12.11

Trailer for The Avengers. ms-10.11.11

"Just so you know, a macchiato is a shot of espresso with a little foam on top. It's not a giant latte slathered in whipped cream with caramel squeezed all over it." Coffee Snobs. dw-10.07.11

Trailer for Young Adult. ms-10.07.11

Trailer for the documentary The Other F Word. ms-10.05.11

Twilight Zone San Francisco: Why Is Everybody Here? dw-09.29.11

Uptown Downstairs Abbey. dw-09.29.11

Trailer for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Can. Not. Wait. ms-09.27.11

Extreme Unicycle! (Jamie 37 and MCJ are totally starting a team.) bb-09.26.11

Charles and Ray Eames' living room packed up and moved to LACMA. dw-09.26.11

Trailer for the documentary Being Elmo. ms-09.26.11

Trailer for the documentary Bombay Beach. ms-09.24.11

Trailer for The Rum Diary. ms-09.23.11

Video for Basement Jaxx vs. Metropole Orkest's Hey U. dw-09.22.11

Trailer for Fincher's version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. ms-09.22.11

5:46 am. ms-09.20.11

El Empleo. dw-09.20.11

Trailer for Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar. ms-09.20.11

Trailer for the documentary American Teacher. ms-09.16.11

Music Video Genome, a visual Pandora. dw-09.15.11

Trailer for the documentary Everyday Sunshine. ms-09.15.11

And Through the Alps. dw-09.13.11

Trailer for the film The Mill and The Cross, a cinematic re-staging of artist Pieter Bruegel's masterpiece, Way To Calvary ms-09.13.11

So you know. Fork Lift Safety, fabulous and in German, which only makes it better. Via C-Monster, who appropriately categorized it under "Sublime Ridiculosity." jc-09.13.11

FLØ. dw-09.13.11

Minute Physics. dw-09.12.11

Video for Little Dragon's Brush the Heat. dw-09.09.11

Video for The New Pornographers' Up In the Dark. dw-09.08.11

Trailer for the documentary The Man Nobody Knew. ms-09.08.11

Rendezvous' The Murf, a story about growing up in the universe. dw-09.07.11

Ray: A Life Underwater. dw-09.06.11

Video for Justice's AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. dw-09.06.11

Watch Burning Man live. dw-09.04.11

Trailer for Margaret. ms-09.01.11

For MCJ: this is Ab Fab. dw-08.30.11

Trailer for Texas Killing Fields. ms-08.30.11

Trailer for the documentary Where Soldiers Come From. ms-08.29.11

What if a director squandered an $81 million music video budget and all the band had left was a bunch of footage of themselves acting oddly in front of a CGI green screen? Music video for The Ettes' Excuse. dw-08.25.11

The Graduates. dw-08.25.11

Trailer for Blackthorn. ms-08.24.11

The Street Aesthetic of New York City. dw-08.23.11

What is up with noises? dw-08.22.11

Trailer for Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow. ms-08.22.11

Trailer for the documentary Born and Bred. ms-08.19.11

Trailer for Bird of the Air. ms-08.17.11

Poses. dw-08.16.11

Video for Moby's Lie Down In Darkness. dw-08.15.11

Trailer for Little Rock ms-08.13.11

So you know, how pencils are made. dw-08.11.11

Encountering Space: The Fire Lookouts of Montana. dw-08.10.11

Trailer for the documentary The Interrupters. ms-08.10.11

Off Book: Type. dw-08.08.11

Chicago in Miniature. Via Gapers Block. dw-08.08.11

Trailer for the documentary Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. ms-08.05.11

Video for Miles Fisher's New Romance. dw-08.04.11

3 Guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage. MOVE. LEARN. EAT. dw-08.04.11

Trailer for La Rafle. ms-07.29.11

Trailer for The Ides of March. ms-07.28.11

Trailer for Brighton Rock. ms-07.27.11

Privacy International, Data Trail. jc-07.26.11

Trailer for Dirty Girl. ms-07.26.11

Video for Björk's Crystalline directed by Michel Gondry. dw-07.26.11

Director Jim Whitaker followed five people whose lives were forever altered on September 11, 2001 for a decade and made the film Rebirth. If the trailer alone makes me cry like this, I'd better bring a box of tissues to the theater. ms-07.21.11

They've already made another Spider-Man movie? dw-07.20.11

Trailer for Dream House. ms-07.20.11

The first in a series of films chronicling the travels of The Gypsy Gentleman. A travel documentary profiling the world's greatest tattooers and the world's most fascinating places. dw-07.20.11

Teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Gah! We have to wait until next summer?? ms-07.19.11

Crack the Surface. dw-07.18.11

Trailer for The Thing Prequel. Highly doubt anything could top John Carpenter's version, case in point. Blood, Guts, Alien, and General Awesomeness warning. ms-07.15.11

Create the Map interviews Aaron Draplin. dw-07.15.11

Trailer for Martin Scorsese's latest film, Hugo. ms-07.15.11

Also for SD, get your HP recap before you see the last movie, 7 Harry Potter Movies in 7 Minutes. ms-07.14.11

Trailer for the documentary El Bulli: Cooking in Progess. ms-07.14.11

Trailer for Contagion. ms-07.14.11

Welcome to Titusville shows the impact of the 30 year Space Shuttle program on the residents of Titusville, a city that lies only a few miles from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. ms-07.14.11

Trailer for Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows. ms-07.13.11

An interview with typewriter artist Keira Rathbone. dw-07.13.11

Trailer for Restless. ms-07.12.11

Trailer for Higher Ground. ms-07.12.11

Hitch. dw-07.11.11

NSF-MS, Loom tells the story of a successful catch. dw-07.08.11

Related to the last, the first shuttle launch in 1981. dw-07.08.11

For SD, who is currently wearing his Sorting Hat in anticipation of the movie event of the summer, Hogwarts: Which House Are You? ms-07.07.11

Trailer for Mysteries of Lisbon. ms-07.07.11

Trailer for Chasing Madoff. ms-07.06.11

Trailer for Henry Waltz. dw-07.06.11

Summer Feelings, a celebration of the beauty of the French and Italian Alps. dw-07.06.11

Trailer for Another Earth. ms-07.06.11

Trailer for The Myth of the American Sleepover. ms-07.05.11

Resonance is a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios. dw-07.05.11

Trailer for the documentary Senna. ms-07.02.11

A 4th of July message from Hipster Shore. dw-07.01.11

Trailer for Spielberg's next film, War Horse. ms-06.29.11

An Artist's Statement from Charlotte Young. dw-06.29.11

Trailer for Salvation Boulevard. ms-06.28.11

Teaser trailer for Pixar's next film, Brave. ms-06.28.11

Space Miami, a documentary about the abandoned Aerojet-Dade rocket site in the middle of the Everglades. dw-06.27.11

Video for Last Known Surroundings by Explosions in the Sky. dw-06.27.11

Trailer for MoneyBall. ms-06.25.11

Video for YACHT's Utopia / Dystopia. dw-06.24.11

Really interested to see how this turned out, trailer for the film Life in a Day. ms-06.24.11

BB, here is the trailer you were so anxiously looking for, Larry Crowne. ms-06.23.11

Video for Young the Giant's Cough Syrup. dw-06.23.11

Trailer for the documentary Love Etc.. ms-06.23.11

The animated music video for Belle and Sebastian's I Didn't See It Coming. dw-06.21.11

Trailer for Lucky. ms-06.21.11

For BB and SE, newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2. ms-06.17.11

Emotions Leak. dw-06.16.11

This animation shows the geocentric phase, libration, position angle of the axis, and apparent diameter of the Moon throughout the year 2011, at hourly intervals. dw-06.15.11

Relink, because I saw it last night and loved it, trailer for Super 8. ms-06.14.11

Video for Three Trapped Tigers' Noise Trade. dw-06.10.11

Trailer for the Errol Morris documentary Tabloid. ms-06.10.11

New, awesome trailer for Super 8. High hopes for this one. ms-06.09.11

Nightsurf. dw-06.08.11

What's up with all the penises at Denver International Airport? bb-06.07.11

Trailer for The Guard ms-06.07.11

New trailer for Super 8. ms-06.06.11

A Family Portrait. Via Drawn. dw-06.06.11

Canary Sky. dw-06.03.11

Cassini Mission. dw-06.02.11

Longboard Girls Crew. Thx, 37 Jamie. bb-06.02.11

High hopes for this since it is directed by David Fincher, trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Do yourself a favor and watch the excellent original Swedish version. ms-06.02.11

Trailer for Small Town Murder Songs. ms-06.02.11

Trailer for General Orders No. 9. ms-05.31.11

Trailer for 50/50. ms-05.31.11

Video for Justice's Civilization. dw-05.27.11

Video for Goldfish's We Come Together. dw-05.26.11

Trailer for The Descendants. ms-05.26.11

Trailer for Kidnapped. ms-05.25.11

Trailer for the documentary If A Tree Falls. ms-05.25.11

Trailer for Salvation Boulevard. ms-05.24.11

Trailer for the documentary Magic Trip. ms-05.19.11

Breakfast Interrupted. dw-05.17.11

Trailer for City of Life and Death. ms-05.17.11

; john dw-05.16.11

Trailer for the black and white silent film The Artist. ms-05.16.11

Trailer for Horrible Bosses. ms-05.12.11

La Marche du Crabe. dw-05.12.11

Sumo Lake. dw-05.12.11

Ten pounds of gummy bears animating tetris, breakout, and other random stuff. Via Geekologie. dw-05.11.11

Trailer for The Future. ms-05.09.11

For BB, El Clásico Animation Barcelona vs Real Madrid. dw-05.09.11

Trailer for the latest film from director James Marsh, Project Nim. ms-05.06.11

Trailer for The Trip. ms-05.05.11

Big festival buzz on this one, trailer for the film Martha Marcy May Marlene. ms-05.05.11

Trailer for the documentary Thunder Soul. ms-05.04.11

"Painstakingly animated frame by frame, the piece is all shot in camera, by real people, in the real world, using long exposure techniques." dw-05.03.11

Amongst Giants. dw-05.03.11

Trailer for the film Road to Nowhere. ms-05.03.11

Trailer for the documentary Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff. ms-05.03.11

Trailer for the documentary Page One: Inside The New York Times. ms-05.02.11

Postcard from Bali. dw-04.28.11

Gah! Trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2. Aren't you sooo excited SD?? ms-04.28.11

The Stars on Facebook. dw-04.27.11

Not for BB or SD, trailer for Grave Encounters. ms-04.27.11

Video for Danger Beach's Apache. Via Drawn. dw-04.25.11

"The basic sounds used in this performance consist entirely of the acoustic noises produced by 8 sewing machines, amplified by means of microcontacts and process by a computer." Via Flip Flip Me Heidi. dw-04.25.11

Trailer for Submarine. ms-04.23.11

In Oil'd, Chris Harmon illustrates what would have become of the 205,000,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the Gulf last year. dw-04.21.11

"When we realized they both wanted to be together we thought about what would happen if we could somehow connect the sewing machine to the bicycle..." dw-04.18.11

Trailer for the documentary The Arbor. ms-04.15.11

New trailer for Cowboys and Aliens. ms-04.15.11

Trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. ms-04.14.11

Trailer for Lebanon, PA ms-04.12.11

Hello, I like espresso. dw-04.12.11

Relink, Touch Wood SH-08C. dw-04.12.11

Trailer for Anonymous. ms-04.11.11

Trailer for the documentary How To Live Forever. ms-04.08.11

Trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love. Great last line. ms-04.07.11

Trailer for the documentary Louder Than A Bomb. ms-04.06.11

Trailer for the documentary Armadillo. ms-04.06.11

An instructional video for making your own pinhole Hasselblad. dw-04.04.11

Wonder-Con footage of Green Lantern. ms-04.04.11

Trailer for Everything Must Go. ms-04.01.11

America's funniest congressman, Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Well, intentionally funniest. bb-03.31.11

Step, Clap, Go! dw-03.31.11

The process behind shooting What Katie Ate. dw-03.30.11

Dogboarding. sd-03.29.11

Trailer for True Legend. ms-03.29.11

Trailer for the Uruguayan horror film The Silent House. Shot in one continuous take. ms-03.28.11

Trailer for 13 Assassins. ms-03.26.11

Video for Brandt Brauer Frick's Caffeine dw-03.25.11

Trailer for Beautiful Boy. ms-03.25.11

"Do you feel that boob-stab?" T-Mobile's Catherine Zeta-Jones has nothing on Sony Ericsson's Kristen Schaal. bb-03.23.11

Video for Metronomy's The Look. dw-03.23.11

Trailer for Exporting Raymond. ms-03.22.11

Many wikipedia articles have coordinates. Many have references to historic events. Cross-reference the two and you get A History of the World in 100 Seconds. dw-03.22.11

Trailer for Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. ms-03.19.11

Snowmotion. Via Denver Egotist. sd-03.18.11

Common Thread, a case study of Apolis. dw-03.17.11

Guilty feet have got no rhythm. bb-03.15.11

Video for Kwoon's I Lived on the Moon. dw-03.15.11

Trailer for the documentary Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? ms-03.12.11

The adventures of Giants and their conflicts with the humans. dw-03.11.11

Video for Lykke Li's I Know Places. dw-03.10.11

Green Tunnel is a six month journey along the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail, condensed and reinterpreted into five minutes of stop-motion. dw-03.09.11

Related to the last, Miley Cyrus as Justin Bieber on The Miley Cyrus Show. dw-03.07.11

"These have been the voyages of the Space Shuttle Discovery." dw-03.07.11

Queen Mary 2: Atlantic Timelapse. dw-03.07.11

Camera Capture. Via Arbroath. sd-03.04.11

The The Morning News Tournament of Books 2011 starts on Monday. Just a reminder, if you want a handy way to keep track of the action, Field Notes has just the thing, and it's free with any purchase, while supplies last. jc-03.04.11

Space Hoppers in Venice. dw-03.03.11

Trailer for Meek's Cutoff. ms-03.01.11

Trailer for the documentary Bill Cunningham New York. ms-02.28.11

Cliché! France seen from abroad. dw-02.25.11

Trailer for the documentary Nostalgia for the Light. ms-02.25.11

Live the Language. dw-02.24.11

Trailer for Potiche. ms-02.24.11

Apropos of nothing, the trailer for Godard's Pierrot le Fou. jc-02.23.11

The world is obsessed with Facebook. dw-02.22.11

The Kepler Orrery. dw-02.22.11

Trailer for the documentary Circo. ms-02.18.11

So you know, how tofu is made. dw-02.17.11

"Everyone in the world has a urethra, very few people know the name and even fewer can spell it. So it is an educational exhibit in some ways." The Urethra Postcard Art exhibition (pretty SFW). dw-02.17.11

Trailer for Oliver Sherman. ms-02.15.11

I can't wait to teach my girl all the presidents tonight. She still thinks germs come from Germany. bb-02.14.11

Related to my earlier post, aerial footage of the last un-contacted people in the world. Amazing. ms-02.14.11

The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables. dw-02.14.11

Related to the last (yes, the Dick Cavett interview): The Best Fight Scene Ever. bb-02.10.11

Tall Painting. dw-02.10.11

Trailer for Putty Hill. ms-02.10.11

Trailer for Trust ms-02.09.11

Speaking of physics videos, let's hear it for Julius Sumner Miller bb-02.07.11

Related to an earlier post, Iceland: Beyond Sigur Rós. dw-02.07.11

New trailer for J.J. Abram's Super 8. ms-02.07.11

Casual, a story about a guy and a girl. dw-02.04.11

Trailer for Win Win. ms-02.03.11

For MS and SD, Red Line. dw-02.02.11

Trailer for the documentary The Sky Turns. ms-02.02.11

Trailer for Incendies. ms-02.01.11

Trailer for Cold Weather. ms-01.29.11

A stop motion animation music video using sand for Eatliz's Lose This Child. dw-01.28.11

Trailer for Beginners. ms-01.28.11

Video for Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. dw-01.27.11

Trailer for Of Gods and Men. ms-01.26.11

Je t'aime John Wayne. ms-01.25.11

There ain't nothin meaner/ than a wiener from Pasadena/ at Karl's Disco Wiener Haven. bb-01.21.11

Video for She & Him's Don't Look Back. dw-01.19.11

Trailer for Rubber. ms-01.19.11

A Visual Life: The Sartorialist. dw-01.14.11

Trailer for the documentary Strongman. ms-01.13.11

Did someone say Steve Guttenberg? I love that there was a time when Steve Guttenberg was too busy to do PR for his own movie. bb-01.13.11

Trailer for Happythankyoumoreplease. ms-01.13.11

The LCARS-inspired home computer system. dw-01.12.11

Trailer for Carbon Nation. ms-01.12.11

Sounds Of Stockholm, a film by Valerie Toumayan. dw-01.11.11

Video for Miracles Club's Church Song. dw-01.10.11

"Set mainly in Maputo, A Procura de Pancho (Looking for Pancho) is an experimental mix of animation, illustration and live action that follows the journey of a solitary student who has come to the city to explore the vibrant work of architect and artist Pancho Guedes." dw-01.10.11

The King's Speech. Brilliant. Mr. Firth is a lock for the golden statue, in my opinion. ms-01.10.11

French schoolkids analyze vintage electronics. Thanks, Heather! bb-01.07.11

Trailer for Team Howard, a curling documentary or a curling documentary parody. I'd say it's impossible to tell. jc-01.07.11

Trailer for the documentary The Last Mountain. ms-01.07.11

Trailer for the documentary Tornado Alley. ms-01.06.11

Trailer for The Time That Remains. ms-01.04.11

Vienna Christmas Lights. dw-12.28.10

Trailer for the newly restored 1925 masterpiece by Sergei Eisenstein, Battleship Potemkin. ms-12.28.10

Trailer for Cedar Rapids. ms-12.23.10

Trailer for The Way Back. ms-12.23.10

Trailer for Your Highness. ms-12.22.10

The Star Wars Christmas special.... that everyone really wanted. ms-12.22.10

Trailer for Hanna. ms-12.21.10

Nothing To Fear. dw-12.17.10

For JC, some new footage found for 2001: A Space Odyssey. ms-12.16.10

Trailer for The Mechanic. Sue me, I like Ben Foster and stuff that blows up. ms-12.16.10

Trailer for A Somewhat Gentle Man. ms-12.15.10

One movie- four frames. Movies in Frames. ms-12.15.10

Trailer for Marvel's Thor. ms-12.14.10

Video for Scissor Sisters' Invisible Light. dw-12.14.10

So great, Inception in real time. ms-12.12.10

Trailer for Kill The Irishman. ms-12.12.10

The Key. dw-12.10.10

Little Oslo. dw-12.09.10

Video for Clinic's Bubblegum. dw-12.07.10

Trailer for the Steven Soderbergh tribute to Spaulding Gray, And Everything is Going Fine. ms-12.03.10

Trailer for Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus. ms-12.02.10

Video for The Naked and Famous' Girls Like You. dw-12.02.10

Lost scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope. ms-12.01.10

Trailer for Another Year. ms-12.01.10

Teaser trailer for the next film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, Elysium. ms-11.29.10

"Gentrification in Berlin's former problem borrough. The Creative Class marches in and the founders of the first szene-pub in this corner feel unwell, guilty and overrunned. That's why this speech on their own account is necessary, long overdue and probably still too friendly." Via La Petite Claudine. dw-11.23.10

Aqua-Velvet on Destination Moon from 1950 and a gorgeous group of photos taken on set. Plus Woody Woodpecker! jc-11.22.10

Trailer for Source Code. ms-11.22.10

Trailer for Barney's Version. ms-11.20.10

Teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Cowboys and Aliens. ms-11.18.10

Russia in 15 seconds. dw-11.17.10

Trailer for Green Lantern. ms-11.17.10

Trailer for the film White Material. ms-11.16.10

The Bold and the Beautiful explained in 6 minutes. dw-11.15.10

Finally saw the 2010 Sundance Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize winner, Winter's Bone this weekend. Brilliant, very highly recommended. ms-11.15.10

Trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. ms-11.12.10

Video for OK Go's Last Leaf. dw-11.09.10

In case you missed it in the theaters, Turner Classic Movies will air Fritz Lang's restored Metropolis this weekend. Details here. ms-11.09.10

For BB and MS, Voldemort and Death Eaters take over Grand Central Station. dw-11.04.10

Influencers is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. ms-11.04.10

Trailer for Restless. ms-11.04.10

Wired has their picks for the 25 best horror films of all time. ms-10.29.10

Trailer for Blue Valentine. ms-10.28.10

Trailer for ORCS!. dw-10.27.10

Trailer for The Debt. ms-10.27.10

For SD, trailer for 2010: Moby Dick. ms-10.26.10

Trailer for Rabbit Hole. ms-10.23.10

Trailer for The Rite. ms-10.21.10

Gorgeous trailer for Biutiful. ms-10.19.10

Marc Gómez del Moral's video for El Guincho's "Bombay" is awesome sexy/weird jumpcut heaven (NSFW). bb-10.18.10

For fans of scooters, playground equipment, and european emergency rooms, check out Roundabout of Death, another Roundabout of Death, Death Roundabout, Another Scooter Roundabout, Ped on Roundabout, and Yet Another Chav Roundabout. bb-10.18.10

Trailer for All Good Things. ms-10.14.10

Trailer for Tiny Furniture. ms-10.14.10

Tonight on Design Chat, a bunch of the creative folks from Threadless. dw-10.13.10

Trailer for the documentary Boxing Gym. ms-10.13.10

"In the late '70s and early '80s Vancouver, punk music reared its ragged rancid head and let forth a rebel howl." Bloodied But Unbowed: Early Vancouver Punk. Via MeFi. ms-10.13.10

Improv Everywhere's Mp3 Experiment Seven. dw-10.12.10

Trailer for Blue Valentine. ms-10.12.10

Trailer for the movie Four Lions. ms-10.09.10

We Are From L.A.'s animated gif music video for YELLE's La Musique. dw-10.08.10

Trailer for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. ms-10.08.10

Trailer for the film Leaving. ms-10.07.10

Out of Place, a doc about surfing in Cleveland. Winner of the 2009 NYC Surf Film Festival, which is actually a thing. bb-10.07.10

Newer, longer trailer for the Coen Brothers next film, True Grit. ms-10.05.10

New trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. ms-10.01.10

The printer we highly recommend for Jewelboxing. Via Kitsune Noir. dw-10.01.10

Trailer for Warrior's Way. ms-10.01.10

Does anyone else find themselves suddenly wanting some skate shoes, an energy drink, and a subcompact car? bb-09.30.10

DUMBO Underwater imagines what it might feel like if sea levels rose to the point where parts of New York City found themselves underwater. Via Worldchanging. dw-09.30.10

Rockaway Taco. dw-09.30.10

Trailer for Skyline. ms-09.30.10

Alone in New York. dw-09.29.10

Heads up, All 6 Star Wars film to be released in 3-D in theaters in 2012. ms-09.29.10

Trailer for the Coen brothers next film, their re-make of True Grit. Looks fab, cannot wait. ms-09.28.10

Trailer for The King's Speech. ms-09.24.10

Trailer for the film Carlos. ms-09.24.10

Great new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. ms-09.23.10

As the oldest man in the world and in celebration of his 114th birthday on September 21, Mr. Breuning agreed to this exclusive interview. dw-09.23.10

What happens if you put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider? dw-09.22.10

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE is a series of short films that explore the idea of home; what makes them, how they represent us, why we need them. Via Nerdcore. dw-09.20.10

Sunday afternoon spent watching one of my all-time fave films, Michael Mann's Manhunter. It features what has to be the best use of an Iron Butterfly song in a movie scene ever. ms-09.20.10

Trailer for Red Hill. ms-09.20.10

Trailer for the documentary Who is Harry Nilsson? ms-09.17.10

Who know geometric shapes could be so emotional? mgr-09.16.10

Massimo Vignelli – A Short Documentary. Via Swiss Legacy. dw-09.16.10

Trailer for Casino Jack. ms-09.16.10

Trailer for the movie Down Terrace. ms-09.15.10

Trailer for the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. High hopes for this. ms-09.14.10

Trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest film, Hereafter ms-09.11.10

Related to the last, Detroit Lives. dw-09.10.10

Trailer for the movie Inspector Bellamy. ms-09.10.10

Trailer for the movie Priest. ms-09.10.10

Trailer for The Last Rites of Ransom Pride. ms-09.09.10

So you know, the world's oldest living things. dw-09.08.10

Little Big Berlin. dw-09.07.10

Giant bubbles over Stinson Beach. dw-09.03.10

Trailer for Devil. ms-09.03.10

Animated type. dw-09.02.10

Snow. dw-09.01.10

A boy and girl in a city with a wigglegram. mgr-09.01.10

Trailer for the film Another Year. ms-09.01.10

Trailer for 127 Hours. ms-08.31.10

Video for Bjork's The Comet Song. dw-08.25.10

Silent Star Wars. sd-08.24.10

Trailer for the documentary on the 2008 financial crisis, Inside Job. ms-08.24.10

"Our little bag has encountered one of nature's most deadly killers, the teacup yorkie. Once the yorkie has locked on to its victim there's very little hope of survival." The Majestic Plastic Bag. dw-08.18.10

Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's latest, Black Swan. ms-08.18.10

A video of a wide artwork picture made by Licoti. dw-08.17.10

Trailer for Monsters. ms-08.17.10

"Dance like no one's watching, because they're probably not." How To Be Alone. Via Swiss Miss. dw-08.16.10

A deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. ms-08.16.10

Trailer for the documentary on legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan, Drew: The Man Behind the Poster. ms-08.16.10

For JC, Ain't It Cool News has some info on Terrence Malik's next film. ms-08.13.10

Trailer for A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop. ms-08.13.10

Pat Perry's time-lapse drawing. dw-08.12.10

Video for The Weepies' Be My Thill. dw-08.11.10

Trailer for the French film Le Refuge. ms-08.11.10

Select scenes from Draplin's trip along the World's Longest Yard Sale. dw-08.10.10

Trailer for Vengeance. ms-08.10.10

Video for Fenech Soler's Lies. dw-08.10.10

Trailer for The Romantics. ms-08.10.10

Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland. dw-08.09.10

Trailer for the documentary Enemies of the People. ms-08.09.10

High on London. dw-08.06.10

Trailer for the movie The Afterlight. ms-08.06.10

y dw-08.05.10

Intersections. sd-08.05.10

"Does your man have ADHD? If he does, then here are those two tickets he bought to that thing you love and then he forgot about them and never gave them to you because he got interested in model trains." What it's like to have ADHD. dw-08.05.10

Clock. dw-08.04.10

Spent the night with Yul, Steve, Eli, Charles, Robert, and James. Try it sometime. ms-08.04.10

Red Band trailer for Let Me In. ms-08.03.10

Video for Margaret Cho's I'm Sorry featuring Andrew Bird. Via Andrew. dw-08.02.10

A co-promotion with Levi's and Alamo Drafthouse brings the 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour. Famous movies shown in famous places. Blues Brothers at the Old Joliet Prison! ms-08.02.10

Trailer for the film Catfish. ms-07.31.10

"I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week." dw-07.30.10

For Marshall, a musical comparison for Inception. ms-07.29.10

Trailer for The Extra Man. ms-07.29.10

New designers talk about their views on green design. dw-07.28.10

Trailer for Last Train Home. ms-07.27.10

Trailer for the documentary Kings of Pastry. ms-07.26.10

Trailer for Lovely, Still. ms-07.23.10

Gorgeous trailer for Howl. ms-07.23.10

Trailer for the film The Debt. ms-07.22.10

Every Doctor Who theme from 1963-2010. dw-07.22.10

Trailer for the film Stone. ms-07.22.10

Trailer for the film Mesrine- Killer Instinct. ms-07.21.10

Balloons and Dyson fans. dw-07.20.10

Trailer for the documentary Smash His Camera. ms-07.20.10

"35mm is a short film about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplify them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film." dw-07.20.10

Trailer for the silent film Louis which will tour this summer with live musical performances to score the film. Way old school. ms-07.20.10

Video for ANR's The Endless Field of Mercury dw-07.19.10

Trailer for the film The Town. ms-07.17.10

Non-Format. dw-07.15.10

Trailer for the movie It's Kind of a Funny Story. ms-07.15.10

Trailer for Devil. ms-07.14.10

Trailer for Centurion. ms-07.13.10

Trailer for EVA. dw-07.13.10

Trailer for the documentary Ready, Set, Bag!. ms-07.13.10

Trailer for the documentary The Radiant Child. ms-07.12.10

For BB: Hessian Hobbies. sd-07.09.10

Marshall, think this needs to go on our collective radar, trailer for Jack Goes Boating. ms-07.09.10

New trailer for Easy A. ms-07.08.10

The making of Chicago's "Eye". Via GOOD. dw-07.07.10

I'm Bruce Willis. dw-07.06.10

Video for Tim and Puma Mimi's Perspective. dw-07.06.10

Trailer for Let Me In. ms-07.06.10

Big Bag Big Boom. dw-07.05.10

t dw-07.02.10

Trailer for the documentary Beautiful Islands. ms-07.02.10

Conan the Barbarian: The Musical. sd-07.01.10

Trailer for the film The Dry Land. ms-07.01.10

A short film made using the iPhone 4, Apple of my Eye. ms-06.30.10

Take a look at the design and progression of Apple computers. dw-06.30.10

Ten of the best (and worst) airline safety videos. dw-06.30.10

Trailer for the animated movie Rango. ms-06.29.10

Gah! For BB and SE, new trailer for the two films that will make up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. ms-06.29.10

Trailer for the film Animal Kingdom. ms-06.28.10

You've Got to Love London. dw-06.25.10

Trailer for Valhalla Rising. ms-06.25.10

Trailer for Red. ms-06.24.10

"Sometimes it seems Europeans just have so much more fun that we do here in the U.S. Exhibit A: This slide on the stairs at a Berlin U-bahn station." dw-06.23.10

Trailer for the documentary The Tillman Story. ms-06.23.10

Trailer for the Michel Gondry helmed The Green Hornet. ms-06.22.10

Something Left, Something Taken, an animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple's encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer. Via Laughing Squid. dw-06.21.10

Music vid of the moment, Korallreven's The Truest Faith. dw-06.21.10

Super Mario beatbox. dw-06.18.10

Book tower. dw-06.18.10

Trailer for the film Farewell. ms-06.18.10

Trailer for the film The American. ms-06.17.10

Based on the true story of the guys who figured how to make money off porn on the internet, the movie trailer for Middle Men. ms-06.17.10

I dearly loved this book, it stayed with me for weeks after I read it. Ever had one of those? So, I am really hoping that this movie adaptation does it justice. Here's the trailer for Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. ms-06.16.10

Sashimi expert Keyboard Cathy's sushi etiquette. dw-06.15.10

Video for Gorillaz' On Melancholy Hill. dw-06.15.10

Trailer for the latest from Sofia Coppola, Somewhere. ms-06.15.10

Video for Mark Ronson's Bang Bang Bang. dw-06.14.10

Trailer for The Extra Man. ms-06.11.10

Japan - Heartbeats of Time. dw-06.08.10

And don't get me started on Nike's JogaTV from 2006. bb-06.07.10

Related to (and way better than) the Cantina ad: Quadrophenia meets The Italian Job on the road to Lisbon in Adidas' ad for Euro2004. bb-06.07.10

MARS!, a short narrative about human interplanetary exploration. dw-06.07.10

Trailer for the documentary The Lottery. ms-06.07.10

Archipelago, a day in the life of five New York neighborhoods. dw-06.04.10

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man. dw-06.03.10

Inspired by Iceland. dw-06.03.10

Trailer for the documentary Winnebago Man. ms-06.03.10

Trailer for The Last Exorcism. ms-06.01.10

Star Wars iPad briefing. dw-06.01.10

New trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. ms-06.01.10

Trailer for the documentary The Nature of Existence. ms-05.29.10

Trailer for the documentary Racing Dreams. ms-05.26.10

Trailer for the documentary Restrepo. ms-05.25.10

Trailer for Mademoiselle Chambon. ms-05.21.10

Trailer for The Scientist. ms-05.20.10

Video for Goldfrapp's Alive. dw-05.20.10

For SD since he's been dying for this trailer to come out, trailer for Step UP 3D. ms-05.19.10

What Would You Do (If A Shark Started Eating You). dw-05.19.10

We bleed Blackhawks Red 'round here, but playoff time is always a good time to repost Roch Carrier's The Sweater. Go Habs Go, wear out the Flyers! bb-05.19.10

A new bus for London. dw-05.18.10

Mousetrap Never Works. dw-05.17.10

A Few Days in Japan. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.17.10

Best political ad of 2010, so far. bb-05.17.10

Trailer for Easy A. ms-05.14.10

Trailer for The Adjustment Bureau. ms-05.13.10

Music vid of the moment, Florence And The Machine's Cosmic Love. dw-05.12.10

Flavorwire's got the breakdown on the trailer for JJ Abrams' latest, Super 8 . ms-05.11.10

Trailer for Cropsey. Not for SD or BB. ms-05.11.10

Trailer for the documentary Waiting for Superman. ms-05.08.10

Video for The Chemical Brothers' Swoon. dw-05.07.10

Trailer for The Father of my Children. ms-05.07.10

While sifting through boxes of film stills in his Santa Monica studio, artist John Baldessari talks about being a pack rat and discusses his attitude towards appropriating images. dw-05.07.10

Google Chrome speed tests. dw-05.06.10

Trailer for Holy Rollers. ms-05.06.10

Trailer for The American. ms-05.05.10

Best last line in a trailer, Zonad. Thanks Marshall. ms-05.04.10

Trailer for the documentary After The Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United. ms-05.04.10

Tic Attack. Via Doobybrain. sd-05.03.10

For SD, trailer for Piranha 3D. ms-05.03.10

Trailer for Winter's Bone. ms-05.03.10

Trailer for Black Death. ms-04.30.10

Random YouTube Video. Just what it says on the tin. bb-04.29.10

Trailer for OSS 117: Lost in Rio. ms-04.28.10

For BB, trailer for the documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. ms-04.27.10

Trailer for The Good, The Bad, The Weird. ms-04.27.10

Trailer for Splice. ms-04.26.10

Trailer for the newly restored Fritz Lang masterpiece, Metropolis. It's coming to a limited number of theaters, find out where and when here. ms-04.24.10

Virginia's new iPad. dw-04.23.10

Trailer for Trek Nation. dw-04.22.10

Lovely, Gig. ms-04.22.10

Trailer for the film Kisses. ms-04.22.10

Trailer for the documentary The Oath. ms-04.21.10

Video for Sia's Clap Your Hands. dw-04.20.10

Trailer for the documentary Great Directors. ms-04.20.10

Trailer for Get Low. ms-04.19.10

Trailer for Paper Man. ms-04.17.10

iamamiwhoami's first full video, o. dw-04.16.10

BBC's "The Strand" talks to Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis. bb-04.13.10

Trailer for Malice in Wonderland. ms-04.13.10

Trailer for the documentary Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo. ms-04.09.10

Trailer for the documentary Best Worst Movie. ms-04.08.10

Trailer for The Living Wake. ms-04.08.10

From director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, here's the trailer for Micmacs. ms-04.06.10

JC is going to flip out, Fritz Lang's complete Metropolis. with an additional 25 minutes of lost footage and the original score is coming to US theaters in major markets this spring. ms-04.06.10

Gorgeous trailer for I Am Love. ms-04.05.10

Great commercial for the Young Director Award 2010. Drama Queen. dw-04.02.10

I don't know, maybe it will tip over and capsize (!?) dw-04.01.10

The Internet Explained. dw-04.01.10

Galactic Empire State of Mind. dw-03.30.10

Video for Oceanship's Hotblack. dw-03.29.10

Forbidden Images, censored scenes from the early days of cinema. Via Neatorama. dw-03.29.10

"A brave attempt to sum up ten years worth of magazine publishing from beefy biannuals to niche-y newcomers." Decadism: Magazines 2000-2009. dw-03.28.10

"Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space in order to develop immersive synthasthetic environments." dw-03.25.10

The nocturnal adventures of a mini feline. tokyoplastic's Kitteh Kitteh. dw-03.19.10

Trailer for The Greatest. ms-03.18.10

Trailer for Please Give. ms-03.17.10

Trailer for the documentary No One Knows About Persian Cats. ms-03.12.10

Trailer for the documentary Dancing Across Borders. ms-03.12.10

For BB, second trailer for The Runaways. ms-03.08.10

Hollywood gets it right, for the most part. ms-03.08.10

Second trailer for Iron Man 2. ms-03.08.10

Trailer for The Good Heart. ms-03.05.10

Trailer for The Runaways. ms-03.03.10

The Same Conversation. dw-03.02.10

Trailer for the movie Shelter. ms-03.02.10

The State of the Internet. dw-03.01.10

Trailer for the movie Don McKay. ms-03.01.10

Trailer for The Joneses. ms-02.27.10

Trailer for the documentary Phyllis and Harold. ms-02.26.10

Trailer for the movie A Film With Me In It. ms-02.25.10

Pancakes. dw-02.23.10

Lost Landscapes of Detroit. dw-02.23.10

Trailer for the documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty. ms-02.22.10

Out of a Forest. dw-02.18.10

Trailer for the documentary When You're Strange. ms-02.18.10

Cat Wars, a 1980s animated Star Wars spoof starring Hello Kitty. dw-02.17.10

Trailer for the film Vincere. ms-02.17.10

New trailer for the movie Defendor. ms-02.16.10

Trailer for The Exploding Girl. ms-02.13.10

The Sweater, a classic Canadian animated short about a Maurice Richard fan's mail-order jersey debacle. Via Kate. bb-02.12.10

Trailer for the documentary Prodigal Sons. ms-02.11.10

Werewolf Protection and Prevention. dw-02.11.10

Trailer for the film Ajami. ms-02.10.10

We changed shirts over 100 times each, taking individual pictures of each unique shirt. The designs on the shirts are not photoshopped. They are real shirts for each frame of animation. T-SHIRT WAR! dw-02.09.10

Teaser trailer for The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-sec. ms-02.09.10

Mike Afsa's Hints For Better Living. dw-02.09.10

The Pen Spinning World Tournament. Via BB. dw-02.08.10

Loved this book, could not put it down. I had no idea this was even being made, trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. ms-02.08.10

Orchestral trailer for Gorillaz' new album Plastic Beach. dw-02.05.10

Trailer for The Losers. ms-02.04.10

Jarrett Lee Conaway's Foolishly Seeking True Love. sd-02.03.10

The international trailer for Kick-Ass. ms-02.03.10

The City of Black and White, some nifty aerial footage of Lubbock, TX. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.01.10

The Star Wars crawl finally reaches Earth. dw-02.01.10

Chernobyl - Lost Souls. dw-02.01.10

Trailer for the movie Repo Men. ms-02.01.10

Trailer for the movie City Island. ms-01.30.10

Trailer for Valhalla Rising. ms-01.29.10

Mixtape, a short, lovely film by Luke Snellin. jc-01.28.10

Tokyo Sky Drive. Via SNOW. dw-01.26.10

It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno Delivery. sd-01.26.10

"In 1922, Dr. Albert C. Barnes formed a remarkable educational institution around his priceless collection of art, located just five miles outside of Philadelphia. Now, more than 50 years after Barnes' death, a powerful group of moneyed interests have gone to court for control of the art, and intend to bring it to a new museum in Philadelphia." Trailer for the documentary The Art of the Steal. Poster is fabulous. ms-01.26.10

Trailer for Happy Tears ms-01.26.10

Trailer for the documentary Blood into Wine. ms-01.25.10

Trailer for Mother. ms-01.23.10

Trailer for Cyrus . ms-01.22.10

Trailer for the documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America ms-01.21.10

Trailer for The Eclipse. ms-01.20.10

The final season of Lost promises to make fans more annoying than ever. dw-01.19.10

Good times in the Slavonia region of Croatia (unless you're a vegetarian). bb-01.18.10

Cats. Who knows what the Internet would be without them. dw-01.15.10

Trailer for Terribly Happy. ms-01.14.10

Trailer for Hubble 3D. ms-01.13.10

Final Marks, a documentary by Frank Muhly Jr. and Peter O'Neill about "lettercutting, in both monumental inscriptions and on gravestones." Sweet. Via The DDC. jc-01.12.10

For Jason and John, trailer for Horrorfest 2010 ms-01.11.10

Three films, three different directors, telling one story, the search for the "Yorkshire Ripper" in NW England in the 70's and 80's. Intriguing idea, here's the trailer for Red Riding. ms-01.08.10

The T's hidden world. dw-01.07.10

Virtual Backlot. dw-01.07.10

Trailer for the film Cold Weather. ms-01.06.10

Trailer for the movie of a Tennessee William's screenplay The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond. ms-01.06.10

Related to yesterday's Field Notes news: The film Typeface, a documentary about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, is playing later this month at the Siskel Film Center. (Via STA) bb-01.05.10

Trailer for Fish Tank. ms-01.05.10

Trailer for Inception. ms-12.29.09

Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg. Via Greg Storey. sd-12.28.09

Mario vs. Pac-Man. Via Transbuddha. sd-12.23.09

Hit-Girl-centric red band trailer for Kick Ass. ms-12.23.09

New trailer for the documentary Babies. Gah, they are so cute! ms-12.22.09

So for the last 7 days, Stella Artois (a beer of choice here at the studio) has been showing 7 classic French films online for free. The catch? For our friends across the pond only. Boo. Hey Stella folks, we like French films too. ms-12.22.09

Alma. dw-12.21.09

Trailer for the film Creation. ms-12.21.09

Trailer for Daybreakers. ms-12.19.09

Teaser trailer for The Runaways. ms-12.18.09

256 km away and five years earlier: Ypres 1914. bb-12.17.09

Internet archaeologists find ruins of "Friendster" civilization. dw-12.17.09

Gah! Trailer for Iron Man 2. ms-12.17.09

Teaser trailer for the Ridley Scott helmed Robin Hood. ms-12.15.09

Trailer for The Vicious Kind. ms-12.15.09

Trailer for the film A Prophet. ms-12.12.09

A student brings a typewriter to class. dw-12.11.09

The Beatles Were Terrifying. sd-12.11.09

Disturbing. Trailer for the documentary Waiting for Armageddon. ms-12.09.09

Trailer for the film The Young Victoria. ms-12.07.09

For BB and SE, teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One. ms-12.07.09

Trailer for the movie Brooklyn's Finest. ms-12.04.09

Rotating Kitchen. dw-12.03.09

Trailer for the movie Saint John of Las Vegas. ms-12.02.09

Also for Spencer, the trailer for Battle of the Brick. dw-12.01.09

Trailer for Blur's No Distance Left To Run. dw-11.30.09

Trailer for the documentary Babies. ms-11.30.09

Trailer for the film The Last Station. ms-11.25.09

Trailer for the film Greenberg. ms-11.24.09

Related to the last, what Earth would look like if it had rings. dw-11.23.09

Trailer for the Romanian film Police, Adjective. ms-11.20.09

Trailer for the movie Ricky. ms-11.19.09

For each unique visitor it receives, Temporary.cc deletes part of itself. dw-11.19.09

"Like a funny visit with your grandparents, multiplied by a dozen." Trailer for the documentary on a community of Holocaust survivors, Four Seasons Lodge. ms-11.18.09

Trailer for the movie Crazy Heart. ms-11.17.09

Trailer for the movie A Town Called Panic. ms-11.17.09

Video shot from the top of the spire on the Burj Dubai. dw-11.16.09

Trailer for the documentary October Country. ms-11.14.09

Teaser trailer for Kick-Ass. ms-11.11.09

Kristen Wiig reads from Suzanne Somers' Touch Me. dw-11.10.09

Trailer for the movie The Yellow Handkerchief. ms-11.09.09

Trailer for the movie The Flying Scissors. ms-11.06.09

Trailer for the movie Eichmann. ms-11.06.09

New trailer for the movie Despicable Me. ms-11.05.09

Trainee. Via Transbuddha. sd-11.04.09

Trailer for the film Fix. ms-11.04.09

A look behind the scenes at one of the most lauded ballet companies in the world, trailer for the documentary La Danse. ms-11.03.09

Trailer for the movie 36 Stairs. ms-11.02.09

Trailer for the movie Love. ms-10.31.09

New trailer for the much-hyped Avatar. ms-10.30.09

Between. dw-10.29.09

Football Hero. dw-10.28.09

I've been waiting for this to hit, trailer for Eastwood's latest film Invictus. ms-10.28.09

Trailer for the movie The Green Zone. ms-10.27.09

So you know, the top 10 scariest ghost movies. JC will follow this link with a "related to" link. Trust me. ms-10.27.09

Trailer for the movie Splinterheads. ms-10.23.09

New trailer for The Wolfman. ms-10.22.09

50 Years of Mini. dw-10.21.09

A Super Mario proposal. dw-10.20.09

Trailer for the film Disgrace. ms-10.20.09

Trailer for the film That Evening Sun. ms-10.19.09

Trailer for Edge of Darkness. ms-10.16.09

Chris O'Shea's Hand from Above. dw-10.15.09

Trailer for the film The Missing Person. ms-10.15.09

Trailer for Pedro Almodovar's latest, Broken Embraces. ms-10.14.09

Inside Pixar. dw-10.09.09

Trailer for the documentary As Seen Through These Eyes. ms-10.09.09

International trailer for the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. ms-10.08.09

Trailer for the movie Nobody. ms-10.07.09

Behind every good Fiji Meat Man is a great Fuji Meat Woman. bb-10.07.09

Trailer for the film The Messenger. ms-10.07.09

Awhile back, I posted about Star Wars Uncut. Things have moved along enough that they now have a trailer. ms-10.06.09

Trailer for the documentary William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe. ms-10.06.09

Full theatrical trailer for Scorsese's latest, Shutter Island. ms-10.03.09

Trailer for John Woo's latest, Red Cliff. ms-10.02.09

Apple's got the full theatrical trailer for Up In The Air. Gotta say, it look fabulous. ms-10.02.09

Trailer for the remake of George Romero's The Crazies. ms-10.02.09

Wow. Teaser trailer for the animated film Metropia. Via Slash Film. ms-10.01.09

Frankenfashion. dw-09.30.09

New trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox. ms-09.30.09

Teaser trailer for the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. ms-09.28.09

Teaser trailer for The Attic Door. ms-09.26.09

Sesame Street pitch from 1969. dw-09.25.09

Meow. sd-09.25.09

For SD, from the folks that brought us Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, here's the trailer for MegaFault. ms-09.25.09

Trailer for the documentary Killing Kasztner. ms-09.25.09

Trailer for the movie Harry Brown. ms-09.24.09

Digital wallpaper using two projectors to map an entire wall. So cool. dw-09.23.09

Interesting to see how much this city has changed in the past 60 years. Chicago, The Beautiful. Via Chicagoist. dw-09.23.09

Trailer for the documentary The End of Poverty?. ms-09.23.09

Wow. Unsettling trailer for the film Afterschool. ms-09.22.09

Google's cute stop motion that shows how their street maps ensure privacy. dw-09.21.09

Trailer for the film Van Diemen's Land. ms-09.21.09

Trailer for the documentary on famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman, Visual Acoustics. ms-09.18.09

Trailer for the film Dorian Gray. ms-09.17.09

Trailer for the film Blind Date. ms-09.16.09

Green Porno 3 focuses on marine life. dw-09.16.09

Uh oh, not sure if I should see this one, trailer for the movie Paranormal Activity. Not for SD or BB. ms-09.16.09

Peter and Vandy. ms-09.14.09

The Archive, a heartbreaking and beautifully shot mini-doc about Paul Mawhinney, owner of the world's largest record collection. sd-09.14.09

Sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolves! For R & J, the newest trailer for New Moon. ms-09.14.09

Crossing my fingers for this one, trailer for Up in the Air. ms-09.11.09

New trailer for the film Surrogates. ms-09.11.09

Trailer for the film The White Ribbon. ms-09.11.09

Scribe Mundo de Papel. jc-09.10.09

Clip from the next film from Jason Reitman, Up In The Air. ms-09.08.09

Trailer for the movie Defendor. ms-09.04.09

Trailer for the documentary The Horse Boy. ms-09.03.09

Trailer for the film Trucker. ms-09.02.09

Trailer for The Fourth Kind. ms-09.01.09

Marionetten. dw-08.31.09

100 Years of visual effects. dw-08.28.09

Director Chris Cairns' Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. Via Denver Egotist. sd-08.28.09

Trailer for The Men Who Stare At Goats. ms-08.28.09

Trailer for Amreeka. ms-08.28.09

Jimmy Tarangelo is an effing badass. He doesn't like paying rent, but he does like living in Manhattan. So what does he do? He lives in a van down by the river, literally. Man In Van. dw-08.27.09

Six fast minutes from Sabu, Dash and Cash. jc-08.26.09

New trailer for Zombieland. ms-08.26.09

Waffles Waffles Waffles. sd-08.25.09

Wickedly cool teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's next film, Inception. ms-08.25.09

8-Bit Trip, 1500 hours of moving Lego bricks and taking photos of them. dw-08.24.09

Small Life in Cologne. Via Digital Urban. jc-08.24.09

Trailer for the movie Youth in Revolt. ms-08.22.09

Trailer for the movie The Wolfman. ms-08.21.09

Trailer for the film The Headless Woman. ms-08.18.09

Trailer for Werner Herzog's next film, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. ms-08.18.09

Trailer for the movie Gentlemen Broncos. ms-08.14.09

A Brief History of Weed Part II. dw-08.13.09

"I got an ice cream guy just like that one going down my street every night." I would hope not. The red band trailer for the movie Legion. ms-08.13.09

Trailer for the movie The Burning Plain. ms-08.12.09

Trailer for the documentary Art & Copy, ms-08.11.09

Trailer for the movie Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. ms-08.10.09

400 Blocks and 1000 buildings. Miniature Chicago. dw-08.06.09

Trailer for the movie Paris. ms-08.06.09

I read this book after the death of a very dear and far too young friend. And it gave me comfort in a very strange way. So I am on pins and needles, really hoping that Peter Jackson is faithful to the spirit of the book. The trailer for the film adaptation of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. ms-08.05.09

The Falcon. dw-08.04.09

Trailer for the documentary Earth Days. ms-08.04.09

Last week I posted the fab trailer for the documentary 45365. Thanks to Cool Hunting for pointing out that I can watch it online until August 6th over at Snag Films ms-08.03.09

In 1941, the US government asked Walt Disney and a group of his artists to visit South America as goodwill ambassadors. Trailer for the documentary about the ten week trip, Walt & El Grupo. ms-08.03.09

Gorgeous trailer for the film Still Walking. ms-08.01.09

Old school 70s skateboard tricks. dw-07.31.09

Trailer for Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox. ms-07.31.09

This made my day. Trailer for the documentary 45365. ms-07.30.09

Trailer for the latest from the Coen Brothers, A Serious Man. ms-07.30.09

Trailer for the movie The Damned United. ms-07.30.09

Hipster Job, "a short biblical epic about hipsters, finger mustaches and the wrath of God." sd-07.29.09

Trailer for the film Bright Star. ms-07.29.09

Trailer for the documentary Crude. ms-07.28.09

A behind the scenes look at Spike Jonze's take on Where the Wild Things Are. ms-07.27.09

Trailer for The Book of Eli. ms-07.24.09

Video for Imogen Heap's Canvas. dw-07.24.09

I swear to God, I had a boss like this in my former life in retail buying, trailer for the documentary The September Issue. ms-07.24.09

Snakesweat. dw-07.22.09

I love the excitement in this footage from last night's solar eclipse over Asia. dw-07.22.09

A list, because MS isn't here to post lists all day: The 9 Craziest Japanese Ads Of All Time When did HuffPo turn into Cracked.com? bb-07.21.09

Trailer for the documentary Heart of Stone. ms-07.17.09

Trailer for the movie Whip It. ms-07.17.09

Trailer for the documentary July Moon. ms-07.16.09

Two artists in Rio hanging out. dw-07.16.09

New trailer for the film Sherlock Homes. ms-07.16.09

Trailer for the film World's Greatest Dad. ms-07.16.09

Trailer for the film An Education. ms-07.15.09

Trailer for the latest from director Jim Sheridan, Brothers. ms-07.13.09

Trailer for the film Coco Before Chanel. ms-07.11.09

Trailer for the documentary Yoo-Hoo, Mrs, Goldberg ms-07.10.09

Trailer for the film Flame & Citron. ms-07.09.09

When I think of Mac and Gruber, this is not what comes to mind. ms-07.08.09

Second and much better trailer for the movie Pandorum. ms-07.07.09

Trailer for the film In the Loop. ms-07.06.09

Trailer for the film Five Minutes of Heaven. ms-07.02.09

Really hope this lives up to the trailer The Informant!. ms-07.01.09

Trailer for the movie Assassination of a High School President. ms-06.30.09

Sure we have all had mornings like this, Alarm. ms-06.30.09

IFC's 50 greatest trailers of all time. ms-06.30.09

Fantastic, Web Site Story. Via Slashfilm. ms-06.30.09

Trailer for the documentary The Way We Get By. ms-06.30.09

Trailer for the movie Daybreakers. ms-06.29.09

Trailer for Ricky Gervais' latest film, The Invention of Lying. ms-06.27.09

Pug Fight. Via Beer or Kid. sd-06.26.09

Teaser for M. Night's The Last Airbender. dw-06.26.09

Trailer for the film Amelia. ms-06.26.09

Hey MS, I found our coffee machine. So cute! dw-06.25.09

ABC Yo-Yo, a kinetic font created by yo-yo'ing. dw-06.25.09

Trailer for the French film The Girl From Monaco. ms-06.25.09

Transformer et Robot Party! pour La Poste. dw-06.24.09

"Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something." Trailer for the short film, Zero. Find out more info here. ms-06.24.09

"If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination." Ebert reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I swear, the man is a national treasure. ms-06.24.09

Trailer for the film Zombieland. ms-06.20.09

Video for Lily Allen's F*** You. dw-06.19.09

High hopes for this, trailer for the film Cold Souls. ms-06.19.09

Partially filmed here in CP's hometown, the trailer for Michael Mann's Public Enemies. HD version is best. ms-06.19.09

Gorgeous cinematography in the trailer for Last Ride. ms-06.17.09

For Mr. Tolva, as discussed over beers last night, here's the trailer for the documentary on the 1970's Australian "Ozploitation" films, Not Quite Hollywood. Totally NSFW unless your boss likes nudity, sex, and gore...so I'm guessing SFW for 99.9% of us. ms-06.17.09

Forget the espresso machine MS, let's get a sushi robot. dw-06.16.09

Trailer for the documentary The Cove. ms-06.16.09

Trailer for the movie The Time Traveler's Wife. ms-06.13.09

Trailer for the documentary Make It Count: The Element Story. ms-06.12.09

Random Acts: Singing your McDonalds order. dw-06.12.09

If you will be in Brooklyn this weekend at the Brooklyn Film Festival, be sure to check out Between the Folds, a film exploring the medium and artists of modern origami. ms-06.12.09

Trailer for Coast Modern, a journey through three modernist movements on the west coast of North America. dw-06.12.09

Trailer for the film Fifty Dead Men Walking. ms-06.12.09

Trailer for Scorsese's latest, Shutter Island. ms-06.11.09

Gorgeous visuals in the trailer for the documentary of a disciple searching for the reincarnation of his Buddhist master, Unmistaken Child. ms-06.10.09

Trailer for the film Seraphine. ms-06.10.09

"There's something wrong with Esther." Trailer for the movie Orphan. ms-06.09.09

Home, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand available for free. dw-06.08.09

Trailer for the movie Surrogates. ms-06.05.09

100 Best movie lines in 200 seconds. dw-06.03.09

Trailer for the movie Shrink. ms-06.03.09

"He was postal clerk. She was a librarian. With their modest means, the couple managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history" Finally in theaters this summer, here is the trailer for the documentary Herb and Dorothy. ms-06.02.09

For my nieces and millions of squealing teenage girls everywhere, the trailer for New Moon. ms-06.01.09

Toy Story 3 tease. jc-05.29.09

For Jason and John, the red band trailer for the Norwegian Nazi Zombie horror film Dead Snow. ms-05.28.09

Trailer for the documentary Pressure Cooker. ms-05.27.09

New trailer for the film '77. How does this not have a distributor yet? The last scene in the trailer made me laugh out loud. ms-05.27.09

Trailer for Colin, a zombie movie purportedly made for $70. jc-05.25.09

Trailer for the Italian film Quiet Chaos. ms-05.23.09

Trailer for the film Kabei: Our Mother. ms-05.22.09

A couple clips of the new V. dw-05.20.09

Trailer for the French horror film Vertige. ms-05.20.09

So you know, the History of Weed. dw-05.19.09

Trailer for the Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes. Please let this be good. ms-05.19.09

"Whether this is a bad, good or great film is entirely beside the point. It is an audacious spit in the eye of society." Ebert reviews the latest from Lars Von Trier. Ebert rules. ms-05.18.09

Find R2-D2 in the new Star Trek movie and win a prize. ms-05.18.09

Trailer for the documentary Afghan Star. ms-05.16.09

Us Now. A film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet. dw-05.15.09

A round up of the 50 best and worst twist endings in movies. ms-05.15.09

Loved the book so really interested to see the adaptation to film, trailer for the movie based on Cormac McCarthy's The Road. ms-05.15.09

Trailer for the movie Nine. ms-05.14.09

Trailer for the documentary Burma VJ. ms-05.12.09

Video for La Roux's Bulletproof. dw-05.11.09

Somewhat surprisingly directed by Ang Lee, trailer for the movie Taking Woodstock. ms-05.09.09

Sweet! Four minutes from Terminator Salvation. ms-05.08.09

A super slow motion video of a surfer in a 12 foot barrel. dw-05.08.09

Trailer for the stop-motion animated film $9.99. ms-05.08.09

Night Run II, a time lapse video made by setting a camera to take photos at six second intervals during a trip outbound on the Houston Ship Channel. dw-05.07.09

Trailer for Banksy's Coming For Dinner. dw-05.06.09

Video for Devo's Don't Shoot. dw-05.05.09

I am so going to see this film, after I watch Troll 2, trailer for the documentary Best Worst Movie. ms-05.05.09

Trailer for the movie Blood: The Last Vampire. ms-05.04.09

Stunning cinematography, trailer for Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro. ms-05.04.09

The apparently, highly anticipated trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. ms-05.01.09

Calligraphy tutorials. dw-04.30.09

Trailer for The Hunt for Gollum. dw-04.29.09

Big thanks to everyone who came to last night's Chicago premiere of Objectified. We absolutely loved it, no surprise, and we encourage you to go see it when comes to your town. You'll love it too. ms-04.29.09

Trailer for the documentary Soul Power. ms-04.29.09

One year on foot, 4646km through China. The Longest Way 1.0. dw-04.28.09

Trailer for the film Adam. ms-04.28.09

Amazing bike stunts by Danny MacAskill. dw-04.27.09

Trailer for the documentary P-Star Rising. ms-04.24.09

Trailer for the film Children of Invention. ms-04.24.09

Video for Kelley Polar's Chrysanthemum. dw-04.24.09

Trailer for the film 24 City. ms-04.24.09

Video for Moray McLaren's We Got Time. Behind the scenes video here. Wow. dw-04.23.09

Video for Blur's Good Song. dw-04.22.09

Definitely watch the hi def version, trailer for the documentary Oceans. ms-04.22.09

Trailer for the documentary Paper Heart. ms-04.21.09

HD Earth views from the ISS. dw-04.21.09

Trailer for the documentary More than a Game. ms-04.21.09

Trailer for the movie Dowloading Nancy. ms-04.20.09

Takeuchi Taijin's stop motion film A Wolf Loves Pork. sd-04.20.09

Bittersweet, elegant montage of classic Hollywood scenes cut to Diana Krall's version of I'm Through With Love. Via Year in Pictures. jc-04.20.09

Trailer for the documentary Food Inc.. ms-04.18.09

Fantastic trailer for the documentary Facing Ali. ms-04.17.09

Trailer for the Italian film IL Divo. ms-04.17.09

Trailer for the surfing documentary Highwater. ms-04.17.09

Trailer for the film Treeless Mountain. ms-04.16.09

Trailer for the movie The Hurt Locker. ms-04.16.09

Trailer for the film Lymelife ms-04.15.09

Related to the last, Moon director Duncan Jones was born with a different name. Thanks to John Gruber. jc-04.14.09

Trailer for the documentary We Live In Public. ms-04.14.09

Trailer for the movie The Stoning of Soraya M.. ms-04.13.09

Trailer for the movie Extract. ms-04.11.09

Trailer for the movie Cheri. ms-04.10.09

Trailer for the movie Moon. ms-04.10.09

Movies We Hate: Matthew wrote "I don't remember the specifics of why I hated LifeForce. All I remember is sitting in the theater and marveling at the fact that I WAS hating it, even though (a) I was a 14 year-old nerd, (b) it was science-fiction, and (c) it contained, like, 112 minutes of full-frontal female nudity." ms-04.09.09

Trailer for the documentary In a Dream. ms-04.09.09

Video for Tiga's Shoes. dw-04.08.09

Video for LA Nocturn by Daedelus. dw-04.08.09

Trailer for the movie Winter of Frozen Dreams ms-04.07.09

Gorgeous trailer for the movie Home. ms-04.07.09

Trailer for the movie Rudo y Cursi. ms-04.07.09

Bendito Machine. dw-04.06.09

Trailer for the documentary The Garden ms-04.03.09

Trailer for the French film Summer Hours. ms-04.03.09

Trailer for the film Hunger. ms-04.03.09

Red band trailer for Bruno. dw-04.02.09

Trailer for the movie Taking Woodstock. ms-04.02.09

Vincent, Tim Burton's first stop-motion work with Rick Heinrichs and the voice of Vincent Price. Via Nanthala Betancourt. jc-04.01.09

Michael Bay Eating a Bowl of Cereal. sd-04.01.09

Trailer for the movie Lemon Tree. ms-04.01.09

Trailer for Anvil. jc-03.31.09

HD + Skateboards + Nice Suits + Holy Sh*t = Claremont. jc-03.26.09

Twouble with Twitters. dw-03.26.09

Trailer for Taking Woodstock. dw-03.26.09

Tomas Nilsson's infographtastic "Little Red Riding Hood." bb-03.25.09

My sideburns are out of control, set me up with that two-zero edge. bb-03.25.09

Barcelona 1908. dw-03.24.09

Ten time-lapse videos showing nature at work. dw-03.23.09

Trailer for the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor. Could be one of the best last lines in a trailer ever. ms-03.23.09

Video for Neko Case's People Got A Lotta Nerve. dw-03.22.09

Trailer for the documentary Nursery University. ms-03.21.09

Trailer for the film Emilio. ms-03.20.09

Trailer for Valentino: The Last Emperor. dw-03.19.09

Trailer for the film directed by Jennifer Lynch, Surveillance. ms-03.18.09

Extreme sheep LED for Samsung. dw-03.18.09

Trailer for the film The Merry Gentleman. ms-03.18.09

Written by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, directed by Sam Mendes, the trailer for the movie Away We Go. ms-03.17.09

Trailer for the movie In the Loop. ms-03.17.09

Trailer for the movie The Boat That Rocked. ms-03.16.09

Trailer for the documentary Tyson. ms-03.13.09

Awhile back, I posted the trailer to the amazing looking film Sita Sings The Blues. Had not heard much about it after that but today got a nice note from Everett letting me know that it's now available to watch online for a small donation over at WNET 13 . ms-03.13.09

Trailer for the creepy thriller Orphan. ms-03.13.09

Trailer for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. dw-03.12.09

Trailer for Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell. ms-03.12.09

Red alert. LCARS for iPhone. dw-03.11.09

Finally tonight, Jesus. dw-03.10.09

Trailer for the film Is Anybody There?. ms-03.10.09

Trailer for the sci fi thriller Pandorum. ms-03.09.09

Trailer for The Perfect Sleep. ms-03.06.09

A Lego version of The Time Machine dw-03.06.09

For MS, how to make a worm composting bin. dw-03.06.09

Trailer for the latest from director Jim Jarmusch, The Limits of Control. ms-03.06.09

Behind the scenes footage from the "Comedy's New Legends" photo shoot for Vanity Fair. dw-03.03.09

Brand new kick ass trailer for Terminator Salvation. ms-03.03.09

Andrew Bird with Mucca Pazza for Fitz and the Dizzyspells. dw-03.03.09

Trailer for the movie Bart Got a Room ms-03.03.09

"A camera records it's trip around a sushi conveyor belt at a restaurant in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan. The people's reactions are wonderful." Fab. jc-03.02.09

Let's Visit the World of the Future. dw-03.02.09

Travis Pastrana's third attempt at a big Big Wheel back flip. jc-03.02.09

For BB, Punk in London 1977. Via The Cartoonist. ms-03.02.09

Trailer for the movie Goodbye Solo. ms-03.02.09

Can't wait to see this, it's gotten rave reviews all over the place. Trailer for the documentary Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. ms-02.28.09

I have high hopes for this one, trailer for the film Gigantic. ms-02.27.09

Trailer for the film American Violet. ms-02.26.09

Trailer for the film Cherry Blossoms. ms-02.26.09

Vid of the moment, Royksopp's Happy Up Here. dw-02.25.09

West Texas. Via Doobybrain. dw-02.25.09

45 years ago today Cassius Clay "shook up the world." Try not to smile watching the weigh-in from the 1964 fight. jc-02.25.09

Trailer for the movie Land of the Lost. ms-02.24.09

A long-lost masterpiece from the SD/Waki vault: Handful of Burritos. bb-02.23.09

Are you the favorite person of anybody? jc-02.23.09

For BB, trailer for the non-Richard Kelly, straight-to-DVD "sequel" to Donnie Darko, S. Darko. Does "S" stand for Sparkle? As in Sparkle Motion? ms-02.22.09

This made me giggle, trailer for Apatow's next film, Funny People. ms-02.21.09

Old Jews Telling Jokes. Watch 'em all. Via Z. jc-02.21.09

Bill Plympton's Oscar-nominated short Guard Dog. jc-02.20.09

Trailer for the movie Paris 36. ms-02.20.09

Trailer for the film Lorna's Silence. ms-02.19.09

Trailer for the film Everlasting Moments. ms-02.17.09

Trailer for the film Sin Nombre. ms-02.13.09

Video for The Ting Tings' We Walk. dw-02.12.09

Flooded McDonald's. dw-02.11.09

Teaser trailer for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. ms-02.11.09

A very funny short film lamenting Canada's cuts of funding for the Arts. bb-02.11.09

Video for Ladytron's Tomorrow. dw-02.10.09

Trailer for Fanboys. ms-02.10.09

Another trailer for the movie The International. ms-02.07.09

This is Agostina. dw-02.06.09

The District. dw-02.05.09

Trailer for the film Owl and the Sparrow. ms-02.05.09

Wired goes behind the scenes for the making of Coraline and has some amazing photos ms-02.04.09

Trailer for the French Sci Fi movie Eden Log. ms-02.04.09

Trailer for the film Gomorrah. ms-02.03.09

What, we already had an African-American president? (Nice Kubrick reference buried in there.) bb-02.02.09

Three different stories, three different directors. Trailer for the film Tokyo!. ms-02.02.09

First teaser for the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. ms-02.02.09

Wired has some scoop and great shots from Terminator Salvation. ms-02.01.09

Trailer for the movie Alien Trespass. ms-02.01.09

Trailer for the movie Sugar. ms-01.30.09

"Hi Amy, it's Maureen. And I want to tell you how terrible my life is, do you have about three hours?" Phone manners. dw-01.30.09

Trailer for the movie Taken. ms-01.30.09

Landfill. jc-01.29.09

No. That movie kept me awake at night with all the lights on for three months. No. Forget about the day right after I'd seen the movie that KG had a plaid shirt on and happened to stand in the corner of my office with his back to me as I came in. I screamed. Really. Hell no. ms-01.28.09

Brand new deliciously creepy trailer for Coraline. ms-01.28.09

Trailer for the film Mary and Max. ms-01.27.09

How bacon is made. dw-01.27.09

Trailer for the film Medicine for Melancholy. ms-01.27.09

Trailer for the movie The Great Buck Howard. ms-01.26.09

Trailer for the movie State of Play. ms-01.24.09

This documentary is pretty much how I'm expecting my daughter's 5th birthday party to go. bb-01.23.09

Quite possibly the best music video ever made, Pistol Youth's In My Eyes. dw-01.23.09

The Obama magic show. dw-01.22.09

Twitch reviews Black Dynamite and also posts trailers and some groovy ads for Anaconda Malt Liquor. "Guaranteed to put you ass in traction." jc-01.22.09

Dougal Wilson's short film Rubbish, starring The Office's Martin Freeman. sd-01.21.09

How is a film starring Dennis Hopper, Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello, Cait O'Riordan, Zander Schloss, the Pogues, Courtney Love, Tenpole Tudor and Grace Jones almost completely forgotten? Sure, it's no Repo Man, but it was better than Sid and Nancy! bb-01.19.09

Teaser trailer for the film 500 Days of Summer. ms-01.18.09

Not for SD, trailer for the remake of Friday the 13th. ms-01.15.09

Trailer for Tokyo Sonata. ms-01.14.09

Stop-motion music video for Rex the Dog's Bubblicious. dw-01.14.09

Trailer for Sita Sings The Blues. ms-01.14.09

Fantastic full length trailer for Coraline. ms-01.14.09

Trailer for the documentary Earth. ms-01.13.09

Trailer for the film Bronson. ms-01.12.09

Real life Super Mario. dw-01.12.09

Trailer for Franklyn. dw-01.12.09

An interview with Orange22 about Botanist. dw-01.09.09

Relink for my boy Spencer, flying an RC-plane through a 3.9km Swedish tunnel while piloting it from a moving car. jc-01.09.09

Bars & Tones by Adre F. Chocron. jc-01.09.09

You can't hide from Charlie. bb-01.08.09

A new Japanese trailer has hit the web for The Watchmen. ms-01.06.09

A sneak peek at the Battlestar prequel series Caprica. dw-01.06.09

Slap Chop!. Skip to 1:45 to solve your onion issues, then pop back to :54 and 2:28 for more larfs. Bless you, Vince. bb-01.05.09

Brilliant video retrospect of movies from last year; 2008: The Cinescape. Via Slashfilm. ms-01.02.09

Thanks to Fuzzy who took our list of movies from yesterday and found some online that you can view for free. Break out the popcorn. ms-12.31.08

Chris suggests The Sweet Smell of Success. Thanks to everyone who sent in their favorite classic movies! ms-12.31.08

From Jen, The Third Man, Double Indemnity, Laura, North by Northwest, Notorious, and fab All About Eve. ms-12.30.08

Nancy sends in props for Charade, Holiday Inn, The Magnificent Seven and one of my favorites, Adam's Rib. ms-12.30.08

From Mike, The Killing. ms-12.30.08

Everett correctly says we must add Treasure of The Sierra Madre. ms-12.30.08

Luke points us to Mirage. ms-12.30.08

From Bean a curve ball on the list, the silent film, La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc. ms-12.30.08

From Pam The Big Sleep. Great choice. Better add on The Maltese Falcon and To Have and Have Not ms-12.30.08

Donald's pick? Night of The Hunter. ms-12.30.08

Evan highly recommends Arsenic and Old Lace, Modern Times, and Duck Soup. ms-12.30.08

From Sam, The Wild Angels, and One-Eyed Jacks. ms-12.30.08

Mr.Walters says you must see Seven Samurai, A Fistful of Dollars, Planet of the Vampires, The 39 Steps, and The Thin Man. ms-12.30.08

Lorraine sent her list in divided by genre, here's one from each, Nosferatu, Bringing Up Baby, White Christmas, Casablanca, and Roman Holiday. ms-12.30.08

A great one from Becky, M. ms-12.30.08

From Loyd, Peeping Tom, A Face In The Crowd, The Lady From Shanghai, and Rashomon. ms-12.30.08

From Guy, The Last Man on Earth. ms-12.30.08

From Jonathan, His Girl Friday, Anatomy of a Murder, Only Angels Have Wings, Rear Window, Fail-Safe, and 12 Angry Men. ms-12.30.08

From Andrew, Singing in the Rain, 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, The Longest Day, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. ms-12.30.08

Ahem, it has come to my attention that DW is not a fan of classic movies. Let me rephrase that, he has not seen many classic movies and thinks he won't like them because they are "old". I think it is up to us to put together a list for him of must-see "old" movies so he can broaden his horizons. Send your suggestions for DW's Must-See Movie List to michele at coudal dot com and we'll post them. I'm starting with the opening shot from one of my all-time faves, Touch of Evil. ms-12.30.08

Six behind-the-scene featurettes for the film Coraline. ms-12.30.08

Filmed in and around Whistler BC, trailer for the documentary on mountain biking, On The Line. The film will be released for free online in the Spring. ms-12.29.08

Slashfilm's got the new trailer for the film to premiere at Sundance in January, Taking Chance. ms-12.26.08

Trailer for the movie Weather Girl. ms-12.23.08

Trailer for the film Spooner. ms-12.22.08

Christmas in a Box, all of it. sd-12.19.08

588-2300. Via GB. dw-12.19.08

The 2008 Dean & Company Christmas video is okay, but not nearly as good as this one. bb-12.18.08

Today's sing-a-long: Go Tell It On the Mountain. dw-12.18.08

Trailer for Mammoth. dw-12.18.08

Trailer for the movie Adventureland. ms-12.18.08

People Are Strange, a video of type and illustration by Violenn Simon. Via the Ministry. jc-12.17.08

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Hey, it's me. Disney, and I'm here to ruin your childhood memories. ms-12.16.08

"He was a postal clerk. She was a librarian. With their modest means, the couple managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history." Trailer for the documentary Herb and Dorothy. ms-12.15.08

Trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. dw-12.15.08

Trailer for the film Wendy and Lucy. ms-12.13.08

SD, how Nic Cage was not nominated for an Oscar for Con Air I will never know. For your consideration. ms-12.12.08

For BB and SD who are huge Nic Cage fans, trailer for Knowing. ms-12.12.08

For our BB, via this BB. A video of the punk scene in Boise, ID from 1985. dw-12.11.08

Trailer for the film The Great Buck Howard. ms-12.11.08

Video of the Hello Kitty maternity ward in Taiwan. Via Doobybrain. dw-12.10.08

1905 NYC subway footage from Union Square to the old Grand Central. Hmm. no Gap ads. Via Mefi. jc-12.10.08

Sweet new trailer for Terminator Salvation. ms-12.10.08

Trailer for the movie The Boat That Rocked. ms-12.09.08

Kermit the Frog sings LCD Soundsystem's New York, I Love You. Via GirlOnGauche. ms-12.09.08

Real life Mario Kart. dw-12.05.08

Coraline is directed by Henry Selick, who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas. Try "puppetlove" at the site. jc-12.04.08

Teaser trailer for the 10 minute silent film celebrating Coco Chanel, Coco Avant Chanel. Directed by Karl Lagerfeld. ms-12.04.08

Great new Levi's spot. bb-12.03.08

Another trailer for the Soderbergh-helmed biopic Che. ms-12.03.08

Teaser for Astro Boy. dw-12.03.08

People Are Strange. Illustrations for the video from artist Violenn Simon, more info found here. ms-12.02.08

Trailer for the movie Adoration. ms-11.26.08

Star Wars vs Star Trek. dw-11.26.08

Trailer for the movie Duplicity. Thanks Marshall. ms-11.26.08

For MS, the spiders in space music video. dw-11.25.08

Trailer for Wim Wender's latest film, Palermo Shooting. ms-11.25.08

Trailer for the movie Adventureland. ms-11.24.08

Trailer for the film My Playground, a film about movement in an urban space. Via David Report. ms-11.22.08

Been waiting for this to pop up online. The trailer for the movie that everyone is talking about, The Wrestler. Have to say, the trailer looks pretty damn good. ms-11.21.08

Bike Hero. YEAH! bb-11.19.08

My current favorite movie of this year, The Dark Knight is not available on DVD until December 9th. You can satisfy your Batman jones by reading the entire script online. ms-11.19.08

And on the topic of animated colorful Avant Garde television titles, just Watch Us Now. bb-11.18.08

And speaking of "In The News," here's one I remember too clearly. I figured my parents would never let me go to a rock concert after that happened, but a few years later, I saw Rush at the same arena. bb-11.18.08

Here's the video version of the last post. Now W&T needs to make an In The News shirt. bb-11.18.08

Hollywood seems determined to ruin my childhood memories. Teaser trailer for Race to Witch Mountain. ms-11.18.08

I saw Quantum of Solace this weekend, loved it. Seen in the previews was the hotly anticipated new trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. There's a crappy version floating around the internets but if you are patient, you can see the HD version today at 10:00 am PT here. ms-11.17.08

Now you can watch the entire restored director's cut of Lawrence of Arabia online. ms-11.15.08

Another trailer for the highly anticipated movie Watchmen. ms-11.14.08

Trailer for the film O'Horten. ms-11.14.08

Teaser trailer for the film 2012. ms-11.13.08

Music vid and puppet bonanza of the moment: Beck's Youthless by director Kris Moyes. sd-11.13.08

Trailer for the animated film Monsters vs. Aliens. ms-11.12.08

In reference to the Toshiba Timesculpture ad that SD posted yesterday, here's how they did it. ms-11.12.08

Trailer for the film The Lodger. ms-11.12.08

Trailer for the documentary The Betrayal. ms-11.11.08

Second teaser trailer for the next Pixar film, Up. ms-11.10.08

Trailer for the movie Nobel Son. ms-11.08.08

Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che. ms-11.06.08

Trailer for the French film The Class. ms-11.04.08

New trailer for Fanboys. ms-11.03.08

Dezeen interviews Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana. dw-11.03.08

Trailer for the film The Reader. ms-11.02.08

Footage of Toronto's first scramble intersection. Via Doobybrain. dw-10.31.08

"I know it's gonna be scary kids." Count Floyd's Monster Chiller Horror Theater presents Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes in 3D. jc-10.31.08

Trailer for the film festival circuit darling Slumdog Millionaire. ms-10.31.08

Video of the moment. From Jordan Clarke, a film student, Broadcast 2000 "Get Up and Go". ms-10.30.08

A little taste of BB and DW's trip to Austin. bb-10.30.08

Don't speak for me, Sarah Palin. Apparently there are liberal elitist hockey moms. bb-10.30.08

Teaser for Pixar's latest: Up. sd-10.29.08

Patrick Moberg's short film Pills. jc-10.29.08

Flashback to college, Headbangers Ball anyone? MTV posts thousands of music videos online. They don't have every one, this is the first music video I ever saw. ms-10.29.08

Discussed at the CP/37 lunch last week, John Carpenter's The Thing which you can now watch in its entirety and for free here. ms-10.28.08

Trailer for Urban Explorers, a doc about those who sneak into abandoned buildings. sd-10.27.08

Trailer for the next Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino. ms-10.27.08

Gah! For SE and BB, new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. ms-10.27.08

Trailer for the film Eden. ms-10.26.08

Stunning. 7 minutes underwater at Galapagos. ms-10.25.08

O!MSE!'s tribute to Rudy Ray Moore. bb-10.24.08

Not for SD or BB, trailer for the remake of Friday the 13th. ms-10.23.08

For Ryan of the 37s. Here's the trailer for one of my fave horror/sci-fi films of all time, John Carpenter's The Thing. ms-10.23.08

A rather gory Macs vs. PCs musical. dw-10.22.08

Video for Feist's Honey, Honey. dw-10.21.08

For JC and BB: Bobby Orr's MasterCard spot. sd-10.21.08

Trailer for the film Gardens of the Night. ms-10.21.08

Trailer for the documentary Dear Zachary. ms-10.17.08

Here's what you're looking for Cam. Our unsolicited response to a call for creative agency proposals, Viral Infection. jc-10.17.08

Not for SD or BB, trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut. ms-10.17.08

Trailer for the documentary Pray The Devil Back To Hell. ms-10.16.08

A new trailer for MacHeads surfaces. dw-10.15.08

Robert Hegyes' video wall. Thanks, Don! bb-10.14.08

Mr. Yuck is mean, Mr. Yuck is green. bb-10.13.08

Dee-troit Sucks! bb-10.13.08

Trailer for the film JCVD. ms-10.13.08

Trailer for the film Sunshine Cleaning. ms-10.10.08

Cool McCain by Eric and Drew from Slowtron, the guys behind the The Western State series and the always appetizing How To BBQ a Man. jc-10.10.08

Trailer for the Flaming Lips fantastical musical, Christmas on Mars. ms-10.10.08

Heavy Metal Farmer. sd-10.08.08

The Vancouver 2010 look. dw-10.08.08

Trailer for A Cross the Universe, the documentary on the band Justice. Looks like hedonism run amok, and as follows, there are some naughty bits in there, so watch out. sd-10.07.08

Music vid of the moment: Tahiti 80's All Around. sd-10.06.08

Trailer for the film Sunshine Cleaning. ms-10.06.08

Trailer for the film The Pleasure of Being Robbed. ms-10.04.08

Trailer for the horror film Shiver. ms-10.03.08

Trailer for the documentary on high school politics, Frontrunners. ms-10.03.08

New trailer for the film Let The Right One In. ms-10.02.08

I saw this infomercial once after several Beam and RCs, and thought I was just seeing/hearing things. But no, it's real. bb-10.02.08

Trailer for the documentary about illustrator Renaldo Kuhler Rocaterrania. Via Strange Maps. ms-10.01.08

Yet another trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno. The name of the porno? In a word, or two, brilliant. ms-10.01.08

Trailer for Mystery Team. Some language in there, so watch the speaker levels. sd-10.01.08

Gorgeous visuals in the trailer for the film August Evening. ms-10.01.08

Trailer for the film I've Loved You For So Long. ms-09.30.08

The Waldo Ultimatum. sd-09.30.08

New trailer for Australia. ms-09.30.08

Music vid of the moment, but maybe not so much for the "music" part: Modular Noia. sd-09.29.08

Zombies are attacking, do you survive? dw-09.29.08

Worldwide air traffic. dw-09.29.08

For the true music lover. the 30 minute documentary, Before the Music Dies. Via DRB. ms-09.29.08

New trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit. ms-09.29.08

Lovely new hi def trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. ms-09.27.08

Trailer for the new movie Inkheart. ms-09.26.08

Duelers by Min Oh. sd-09.25.08

BB and SD, this not for you to watch. Jason and John, enjoy the chills and gore, trailer for Splinter ms-09.25.08

Teaser trailer for the film Notorious. ms-09.25.08

Ben Schwartz's Job Interview. sd-09.24.08

Trailer for Flash of Genius. jc-09.24.08

John Dickerson's top five political tv ads of the last sixty years. jc-09.23.08

New trailer for the next James Bond film Quantum of Solace. ms-09.23.08

Trailer for the film Revolutionary Road. ms-09.22.08

So you know, How to Write Like an Architect. se-09.22.08

What is Graphic Design? se-09.22.08

Trailer for the film Ballast. ms-09.20.08

Gorgeous trailer for the animated film Waltz with Bashir. ms-09.19.08

Great commercial for local designer toy shop Rotofugi, The Collectors. dw-09.19.08

Assembling a cellophane house. dw-09.19.08

Trailer for the movie ELite Squad. ms-09.19.08

Hi def trailer for Frost/Nixon. ms-09.18.08

Creating a hand-drawn kitchen floor. Via d*s dw-09.18.08

Trailer for the new Charlie Kaufman film Synedoche, New York. ms-09.18.08

New trailer for the film Blindness. ms-09.17.08

Fantastic, six comic and graphic artists collaborated to make a film about things that go bump in the night and scare us silly. Trailer for the film Fear(s) of the Dark. ms-09.16.08

Relink. Presenting the 1950's Italian police motorcycle drill team. se-09.15.08

Trailer for the movie Doubt. ms-09.15.08

Music vid of the moment: the beautifully shot, very bizarre Bajzel's Window. sd-09.12.08

Trailer for Changeling. dw-09.12.08

Man, I would love to have been in the meeting where this idea was approved. jc-09.12.08

Trailer for the movie The International. ms-09.12.08

Posted without comment. How to make a squirrel sandwich. se-09.11.08

Noted without comment. Blast-Off Girls from 1967, starring Colonel Sanders. jc-09.11.08

Film tech note, related to the last. Tons more on Cinerama. jc-09.11.08

Trailer for the movie The Soloist. ms-09.11.08

For Little Britain fans, a sneak peek at the USA version. dw-09.10.08

Action-packed trailer for the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. ms-09.10.08

Related to the last. More good advice. jc-09.10.08

The complete Bill and Coo, the Oscar nominated, all-bird film from 1947. sd-09.09.08

Early Nirvana video shot in Krist Novoselic's garage. se-09.09.08

Cannot wait to see this in the theaters, new trailer for Max Payne. ms-09.09.08

FotA Amy Krouse Rosenthal's The Beckoning of Lovely. cp-09.05.08

Trailer for Milk. dw-09.03.08

Red Band trailer for Kevin Smith's latest Zack and Miri Make a Porno. ms-09.02.08

A great documentary / interview with Saul Bass: Bass on Titles. sd-09.02.08

Colliding Particles is the first in a series of films by Mike Paterson "following a team of physicists involved in research at the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland." jc-09.02.08

Trailer for the movie Real Time. ms-09.02.08

Trailer for the movie Allah Made Me Funny. ms-08.30.08

Worth another viewing: Aaron Draplin is passionate about graphic design. NSFW, unless you work in a place just as passionate. se-08.29.08

Another winner from p+p: Adobe Illustrator 88 intro video. Oh, the memories. bb-08.29.08

Trailer for the movie Sukiyaki Western Django. ms-08.29.08

Video of the really unusual Japanese Goblin Shark. se-08.27.08

Trailer for the movie Humboldt County. ms-08.27.08

Channel surfing last night led to an unexpected bonanza, one of my all-time favorite flicks, Touch of Evil. A must see for anyone who loves cinema, at the very least for one of the greatest opening sequences ever. ms-08.27.08

Video for Stereolab's Neon Beanbag. dw-08.26.08

Designer Danny Yount gets credit for the very cool opening sequence for Guy Ritchie's latest film RocknRolla. ms-08.26.08

There's nothing like a little Lego Metallica. se-08.25.08

Trailer for Good. ms-08.25.08

The DDC posts up a short about The World's Largest Record Collection. se-08.25.08

Trailer for New York, I Love You. ms-08.25.08

Trailer for the documentary Flow. ms-08.23.08

Chemical Party. Via Cynical-C. sd-08.22.08

Trailer for the documentary Walking on Dead Fish. ms-08.22.08

Trailer for the documentary The Linguists. ms-08.22.08

Music vid of the moment: Shad's The Old Prince Still Lives at Home. sd-08.21.08

Someone, please catch that monkey! A macaque is loose in downtown Tokyo. se-08.21.08

International trailer for the Ron Howard helmed Frost/Nixon. ms-08.21.08

Unboxing the Samsung Omnia. Stay with it. Thanks Jesper. jc-08.20.08

A well made anti-designer water bottle spot. sd-08.20.08

Video for Yacht's Summer Song. dw-08.19.08

Video for Sophisticated Side Ponytail by Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Niiice. Keep an eye out for the Getty Images watermark. se-08.19.08

Trailer for the movie Max Payne. ms-08.18.08

There's a new trailer for City of Ember playing before Clone Wars. Looks great. jc-08.18.08

Trailer for the movie A Thousand Years of Good Prayers. ms-08.16.08

For SD and BB who have totes been waiting for this trailer to show up online, High School Musical 3. ms-08.15.08

More Armstrong and Miller: Sacrifice the Weatherman. Brill. bb-08.15.08

A scene from the Predictive Text Commission on swearing in text messages. sd-08.15.08

New trailer for the movie Body of Lies. ms-08.14.08

Trailer for the documentary Mad About English! jc-08.14.08

Video for Bowerbirds In Our Talons. dw-08.13.08

Music vid of the moment: Cut Chemist's 1st Big Break, shot with a 360-degree panoramic lens. sd-08.12.08

Sneak peek at the collaboration between Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman on Coraline. ms-08.12.08

Azazel Jacobs' Let's Get Started. jc-08.12.08

Trailer for the movie The Lucky Ones. ms-08.12.08

Trailer for the movie Phoebe in Wonderland. ms-08.11.08

A claymation short of The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain. dw-08.11.08

Trailer for the documentary on Hurricane Katrina Trouble the Water. ms-08.11.08

Trailer for the movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. ms-08.09.08

Damn You, Batman. sd-08.08.08

Video for Ladytron's Runaway. dw-08.08.08

Trailer for the movie The Dead Outside. ms-08.08.08

Trailer for the movie Ashes of Time Redux. ms-08.08.08

Every time a new Harry Potter trailer comes out I have to go back and watch French and Saunders spoof. dw-08.07.08

Skate, a short video. se-08.07.08

New trailer for the movie Pride and Glory. ms-08.07.08

Les Machines de l'Île. More details here. dw-08.07.08

Conversations with Paul Rand. Via swissmiss. dw-08.07.08

For my niece Raegan, the second trailer for the movie Twilight. Btw, nice job on the trailer page redesign, Apple. ms-08.07.08

Trailer for the movie Appaloosa. ms-08.06.08

Life in Perpetual Beta is where filmmaker Melissa Pierce shares her process of creating a documentary exploring how creativity fuels life. She's interviewing some really interesting people along the way, Jason Fried, Gary Vaynerchuk, skinnyCorp and our very own JC. Keep checking in as she's adding people all the time. ms-08.06.08

Trailer for Made In Queens. dw-08.06.08

Trailer for the movie Role Models. ms-08.06.08

Trailer for the movie Rachel Getting Married. ms-08.04.08

Trailer for the movie Winged Creatures. ms-08.04.08

Trailer for the movie A Secret. ms-08.04.08

Trailer for the movie What Just Happened. ms-08.02.08

CERN Rap. That explains everything. dw-08.01.08

Trailer for the movie Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. ms-08.01.08

Via the boys over at AICN, the first trailer for the Steven Soderbergh film, starring Benicio Del Toro as Che ms-08.01.08

Trailer for the Patti Smith documentary Patti Smith- Dream of Life. ms-07.31.08

Trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, for MS and BB. se-07.30.08

Jimbo is 13. All he can think about is one girl, Sarah Jane. jc-07.30.08

Trailer for the movie Sex Drive. ms-07.30.08

3:49 of Clone Wars. Oh yeah. jc-07.29.08

Clip of the Oreo-dunking elevator promotion. se-07.28.08

Video for Chromeo's Momma's Boy. dw-07.28.08

Apple in the late 70s and early 80s. Wow. dw-07.28.08

Beautiful cultural contrast between this and the English/American versions: Vinni Puh, the Russian Winnie the Pooh. se-07.28.08

Not for BB or SD's eyes, red band trailer for the horror movie Quarantine. ms-07.28.08

Tarantino's Mind. Thanks Marshall. ms-07.26.08

Trailer for the movie Take. ms-07.26.08

Trailer for the movie The Brothers Bloom. ms-07.25.08

Donald Sutherland talking about Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now. jc-07.25.08

Sure to spark discussion in the studio, the top ten horrific movie moments. ms-07.25.08

Swear Jar. Pretty #%&@*%! funny. jc-07.24.08

Attention film geeks, in October, Universal is releasing the 50th anniversary edition of one of my favorite movies, Touch of Evil. The deluxe edition comes complete with a copy of the infamous 58 page memo that director Orson Welles wrote to Universal complaining about the way the film was edited by the studio. This edition will have the theatrical version as well as the version restored to the way Welles had in mind. ms-07.24.08

Video for Gnarls Barkley's Who's Gonna Save My Soul?. dw-07.24.08

Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Clean. sd-07.24.08

Trailer for Visual Acoustics, a documentary about architectural photographer Julius Shulman. sd-07.22.08

Billy Joel Parking Lot. sd-07.21.08

I saw it, along with half of America, and it was fantastic. ms-07.21.08

Trailer for the movie Sixty Six. ms-07.19.08

Trailer for the Ridley Scott helmed Body of Lies. ms-07.18.08

Note to Hollywood, this is not a teaser. It is black screen with a title. Lesson learned? Good. ms-07.18.08

Trailer for Flash of Genius. ms-07.18.08

Music vid of the moment (but not for those who are highly seizure-prone): R.E.M.'s Man-Sized Wreath. sd-07.17.08

AT&T's Bedtime starring Martin Scorsese. Thanks John. jc-07.17.08

SD, do not watch this. Trailer for the documentary Man on Wire. ms-07.17.08

I'm a huge Terminator fan so really hoping this is good, teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation. ms-07.17.08

Beautiful trailer for Harakiri from 1962. Via gmt+9 (-15). jc-07.16.08

Noted without comment. "Take Two. Cue Howard." Thanks Lindsey. jc-07.16.08

The top ten Las Vegas hotel implosions. (Curiously this list does not include my late night craps session at The Mirage in February of 07.) jc-07.16.08

Trailer for the documentary Morning Light. ms-07.15.08

Shibuya 15 Seconds. dw-07.14.08

PES' Western Spaghetti. sd-07.14.08

Trailer for the Ricky Gervais comedy Ghost Town. ms-07.14.08

The Hip Hop Files featuring photo-journalist Martha Cooper. dw-07.14.08

Cannot wait for this to hit the theaters, new trailer for the Coen Brothers next film, Burn After Reading. ms-07.14.08

Trailer for the movie Elegy. ms-07.13.08

Trailer for the movie In Search of a Midnight Kiss. ms-07.12.08

Cornstarch and water oobleck, dancing by itself, courtesy of a nice subwoofer, via Boing Boing. se-07.11.08

Punk's Not Dead. dw-07.11.08

Secret Fun Blog calls Kermesse Fanastic the "best Dutch stop-motion animated commercial from 1948 that you will see all week." No doubt. jc-07.11.08

Trailer for the movie Mad Detective. ms-07.11.08

Trailer for the movie Max Payne. ms-07.10.08

Roots in the Garden, a short documentary about neighborhood shops in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens. sd-07.10.08

"Because the Coca-Cola Company wouldn't have it any other way." jc-07.10.08

"In the early 1990's a loose-knit group of likeminded outsiders found common ground at a little NYC storefront gallery. Rooted in the DIY (do-it-yourself) subcultures of skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop & graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led." Fantastic, trailer for the documentary Beautiful Losers. ms-07.10.08

Gorbachov: The Music Video, "Bigger and Russianer." Via Transbuddha. sd-07.09.08

Joe Cocker at Woodstock: "Whoa, I left the river out and I don't know why," which reminded Jim of this great Maxell commercial. bb-07.08.08

Clip Art Movie. sd-07.08.08

A long-distance dedication to Andrew from Mrs. BB: "Feed the Deer!" bb-07.08.08

Solange channels The Supremes. dw-06.30.08

Teaser trailer for the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace. ms-06.30.08

Trailer for the new Guy Ritchie film RocknRolla. ms-06.25.08

Apropos of nothing. Iron ball falls in sand. jc-06.25.08

The Website Is Down. Pretty funny. jc-06.25.08

Trailer for the film Frozen River. ms-06.25.08

For JT, trailer for the documentary on 70's/80's Australian horror films, Not Quite Hollywood. ms-06.24.08

For SD and BB, trailer for the Zach Galifianakis film Visioneers. ms-06.23.08

Trailer for the film Taken. ms-06.21.08


Trailer for Bloodcar. sd-06.19.08

Part of being a chef is how well you can talk about your dish. Three year old Jaden watched Mark Bittman, aka "The Minimalist", make ganache, and describes his own way of making it. "I prefer the finest bittersweet I can lay my hands on." se-06.18.08

A surgeon uses remote control robotic arms to create a tiny origami crane. se-06.18.08

Klipp og Lim's Syden defies explanation but it is clearly the Citizen Kane of such films. Via Veer. jc-06.17.08

The Turkish remake of The Exorcist. Apparently, William Friedkin had a little more money to work with. (Speaking of The Exorcist…) bb-06.16.08

Apropos of nothing, Basketball Jones, 1975. jc-06.14.08

Trailer for the film Bottle Shock. ms-06.14.08

Video for Goldfrapp's Caravan Girl. dw-06.13.08

Trailer for Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna. ms-06.13.08

Video for Old 97's Dance With Me starring Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica. dw-06.12.08

Lots of controversy surrounding this movie as it's release date keeps getting pushed back but the trailer looks pretty good, Valkyrie. ms-06.12.08

Don't Walk Alone, sweet 8bit-ish promo for Sony by Santamaria. jc-06.11.08

Promo for Disarming Britain. Via It's Nice That. dw-06.11.08

Trailer for the movie I Served The King of England. ms-06.11.08

Trailer for the movie Kabluey. Annoying ad runs before the trailer, just mute it. ms-06.10.08

New trailer for the movie The Wackness. ms-06.10.08

Real, live zebra crossings in La Paz. Via Kottke. se-06.09.08

Trailer for the movie Transsiberian. ms-06.09.08

Trailer for Bill Mahr's documentary Religious. ms-06.07.08

Music vid and/or short film of the moment: Viva Calaca!!! Via Torrez. sd-06.06.08

Designers create lovely short films illustrating their last thoughts before sleep. Via swissmiss. se-06.06.08

Trailer for the movie Boy A. ms-06.06.08

The Chipmunk Song, slowed down bb-06.05.08

This Stanley Cup commercial was pretty neat, but otherwise, I don't want to talk about last night. bb-06.05.08

Trailer for the documentary on the 2006 Homeless World Cup, Kicking It. ms-06.05.08

Magnetic Movie. dw-06.04.08

Gnar Wars, snowboarding meets Star Wars. sd-06.03.08

Trailer for the documentary by Werner Herzog on Antarctica; Encounters at the End of the World. ms-06.03.08

What looks to be a fascinating documentary on Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo. ms-06.02.08

Red Band trailer for the new Coen Brothers film Burn After Reading. ms-05.30.08

RBG6's delicious spot for Konstfack College of Arts. jc-05.29.08

Trailer for the Chuck Palahniuk film Choke. ms-05.29.08

Video for Gnarls Barkley's Going On. dw-05.28.08

10,070 people on a Swiss stamp, via DO. se-05.27.08

Trailer for the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. ms-05.24.08

Trailer for the film Take Out. ms-05.23.08

Trailer for the film The Go-Getter. ms-05.23.08

Trailer for the movie Hancock. ms-05.22.08

Trailer for filmmaker Guy Maddin's "docu-fantasia" My Winnipeg. ms-05.22.08

Trailer for the film Traitor. ms-05.20.08

Trailer for the documentary on blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, Trumbo. ms-05.20.08

Trailer for the documentary Bird's Nest- Herzog and De Meuron in China. ms-05.20.08

Trailer for the French comedy OSS 117; Cairo, Nest of Spies. ms-05.19.08

Trailer for the Baz Lurhmann film Australia. ms-05.19.08

Trailer for the Italian film An Unknown Woman. ms-05.17.08

Cannot wait to see this, new trailer for the documentary American Teen. ms-05.16.08

So waiting for this to come to town, trailer for the documentary Monster Camp. ms-05.15.08

Related to JC's earlier post: Trailer for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, one of the first features to be shot on a Red One. sd-05.15.08

Gorgeous visuals, trailer for Reprise. ms-05.15.08

Video for Ladytron's Ghosts. dw-05.14.08

Trailer for The Edge of Love. ms-05.14.08

Trailer for Baghead. ms-05.13.08

I freely admit to being an X-Files geek so with that in mind, for all my fellow X-Files geeks, the official trailer for The X-Files 2: I Want To Believe. I want to believe this will be good. ms-05.13.08

Fixing celebrities. Thanks Ant. jc-05.12.08

Trailer for Savage Grace. ms-05.12.08

Winner of the Best Film award at Sundance, trailer for Sangre De Me Sangre. ms-05.10.08

Director Victor Solomon's Anthropology series of films, adapted from Dan Rhodes' short stories. sd-05.09.08

Potentially NSFW but hey, it's nature. Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno. dw-05.09.08

2 million people lost their homes to build the Three Gorges Dam. Waiting for this to get to Chicago, trailer for the documentary Up the Yangtze. ms-05.09.08

For my niece Raegan who loves these books, teaser trailer for Twilight. ms-05.06.08

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Sorcery!" bb-05.05.08

More fun with Mentos and Coke. A 1200fps video of the reaction. dw-05.05.08

"Over the course of 3 days I took over 3,000 photos of my life in and around Boston. Then played them fast and I got this video." Via Panopticist. jc-05.05.08

Sweet, new high def trailer for the much anticipated The Dark Knight. ms-05.04.08

Trailer for the movie Bottle Shock. ms-05.03.08

New trailer for The Happening. ms-05.02.08

Trailer for Finding Amanda. ms-05.02.08

Trailer for the movie The Escapist. ms-05.02.08

Trailer for Make No Little Plans - Daniel Burnham and the American City. dw-05.01.08

Trailer for the movie Baghead . ms-05.01.08

New trailer for The Incredible Hulk. ms-05.01.08

Trailer for JediGym. Movie is based on an actual gym. ms-04.30.08

If baseball games really lasted a minute and 57 seconds, I'd probably watch more. bb-04.29.08

Vintage spot for Hasbro's Pie Face. Really. Thanks Ant. jc-04.29.08

Ken Ishii vs FLR present the story of life as told through Space Invaders 2003. Fab. jc-04.29.08

Video for Matmos' Exciter Lamp. dw-04.25.08

Car of the Future, a Nova episode in six parts, hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi. jc-04.25.08

Trailer for the documentary Proceed and Be Bold. ms-04.24.08

Chad Pugh's Science Machine. A screenshot every 5 seconds for 40 hours. jc-04.23.08

Something to look forward to for Earth Day next year, trailer for the Disneynature's Earth. ms-04.23.08

Video for Mates of State's Get Better. dw-04.22.08

Amy Sedaris makes cheese balls with Martha Stewart, using an unusual ingredient. se-04.21.08

High Tech Noon. Oh yeah. jc-04.21.08

Teaser trailer for The Spirit. ms-04.21.08

The full length trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. ms-04.20.08

Trailer for the documentary on composer Phillip Glass, Glass, a Portrait of Phillip in 12 Parts. ms-04.19.08

"Speak your mind. Don't back down." IBM Linux Spot, "Prodigy" 2003. jc-04.19.08

Red Band trailer for the big hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Hamlet 2. ms-04.18.08

Two nautical-themed beauties via O!MSE!: Andy Warhol vs. Tom Bosley on The Love Boat, and Seaside singin' mit bad-album cover legend Heino. bb-04.17.08

Finally saw Gone Baby Gone last night and highly recommend it. ms-04.17.08

The Sendai District Meteorological Observatory's song to promote their earthquake early warning system. Heavy Metal or Piano versions (.wmv). Via 3Yen. dw-04.16.08

Trailer for The Wackness. ms-04.16.08

Teaser trailer for the HBO film Recount. ms-04.15.08

Trailer for Tetris: The Movie. sd-04.15.08

Sony's foam city. dw-04.14.08

Digital Grunt (Digitalous Grunteous). jc-04.14.08

Filmmaker Nanette Burstein foillowed 5 high school seniors in Indiana during their last year of high school. Here's the trailer for her documentary American Teen. ms-04.12.08

Scenes from the documentary Håkan Mild's Last Days As a Footballer. sd-04.11.08

Trailer for Quarantine. ms-04.11.08

Video for The Black Ghosts' I Want Nothing. dw-04.11.08

The American Look 1958. Via Design Related. jc-04.11.08

Posted previously but worth another look. Stunning visuals in the trailer for The Fall. ms-04.11.08

The Miser. jc-04.09.08

Trailer for Tropic Thunder. ms-04.09.08

Homeschooling of the future, via the excellent Expo Lounge. jc-04.08.08

Trailer for Battle in Seattle. ms-04.08.08

New trailer for the movie Smart People. ms-04.08.08

Death to the Tinman. sd-04.07.08

Trailer for the documentary First Saturday in May. ms-04.07.08

"Here's to the ones who see things differently." Lovely short film by Ross Ching, Eclectic 2.0. Via Neatorama. ms-04.07.08

Teaser trailer for Blindness. ms-04.06.08

Trailer for My Brother Is An Only Child. ms-04.05.08

Great video for Temposhark's Blame animated by Motomichi Nakamura. Warning for MS: spiders. Via Arjan. dw-04.03.08

Crazy Indian Video (Real Title Unknown. Subtitles added by Buffalax. Via C-Monster. jc-04.03.08

Music vid of the moment: Elbow's One Day Like This by Ringan Ledwidge. sd-04.02.08

Hillman Curtis' latest film, Stefan Sagmeister, Things I have learned in my life so far, linked up thanks to Swissmiss. se-04.02.08

Trailer for War, Inc. ms-04.02.08

Video for Goldfrapp's Happiness. Wow, that's a lot of jumping. dw-04.02.08

Stunning cinematography, trailer for Flight of the Red Balloon. ms-04.02.08

Trailer for the documentary Without The King. ms-04.01.08

Art is work. Six minutes with Milton Glaser. jc-03.31.08

Homemade stop-motion Tron. sd-03.27.08

Trailer for The Tracey Fragments. ms-03.27.08

Repurposing footage from Werner Herzog's film The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner into this music vid of the moment, KT Tunstall's If Only. sd-03.26.08

Related to the last, the sequence from DLN. Thanks Laura. NSFW unless Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie making love intercut with them getting dressed to go out for the evening is OK at your work. jc-03.26.08

For Phineas, an eight-legged Japanese tv spot for some product or other. jc-03.26.08

Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen routine in Lego. Via Transbuddha. sd-03.26.08

Brunswick Bowling Products: The Golden Years. jc-03.26.08

As the institutional memory of CP, I should point out that the lead singer of Detroit Octane, creators of Barack Obama-sistable, is old Second City hand and Friend of the Agency Jon Glaser, who, while wearing not such an appalling wig, appeared in several Coudal-produced commercials in the mid-90s, including the Emmy-winning "What Fans Want" campaign for SportsChannel. kg-03.21.08

Miranda July on How to Make a Button. Via Chris Glass. sd-03.21.08

Trailer for the Errol Morris documentary Standard Operating Procedure. ms-03.21.08

David Sedaris Delivers a Pizza. Via Transbuddha. sd-03.20.08

Another Cannon gem from O!MSE!: Rockula, the only horror film with Toni Basil, Thomas Dolby, and Bo Diddley. bb-03.20.08

Am I crazy, or is this The Big Lebowski for free on the Internet, any time I need it? Thanks NBC/FOX! Now post that "Neil Diamond and Bigfoot's Peace Train" sketch from SNL. bb-03.18.08

Trailer for the movie Tropic Thunder. ms-03.18.08

Trailer for the movie The Children of Huang Shi ms-03.18.08

C&P Letterpress does a two-color job. Via Clusterflock. If that's your sort of thing, check out 6 Colors, 1,800 Pulls and 2 Dogs and Found and Reused. jc-03.18.08

Great spot for Volkswagen's new website. Via AdFreak. sd-03.17.08

Song of the moment, Roisin Murphy's You Know Me Better. dw-03.14.08

Wow, Dorian Paskowitz quit his job, bought a camper and took his wife and nine kids on the road in search of the perfect wave. Trailer for the documentary Surfwise . ms-03.14.08

For JT and JSM , a super creepy trailer for The Strangers. SD and BB, do not watch. You won't sleep tonight. ms-03.13.08

Trailer for The Grand. ms-03.13.08

Trailer for Shotgun Stories. ms-03.13.08

Trailer for Mister Foe. ms-03.13.08

Highly anticipated trailer for the Edward Norton version of The Incredible Hulk. ms-03.13.08

Oh my Lord is he cute. New trailer for Wall-E. ms-03.12.08

"By the year 2001, man will travel about in pneumatic people tubes." Ray Bradbury via Stan Freberg for Sunsweet Prunes. jc-03.11.08

Trailer for Fugitive Pieces. ms-03.11.08

Trailer for Anamorph. ms-03.10.08

Trailer for John Woo's Battle of Red Cliff. ms-03.10.08

New trailer for Speed Racer. ms-03.10.08

Trailer for the movie Turn The River . ms-03.08.08

Also from lunch today: Trailer for 1958's A Night to Remember about the sinking of the Titanic. sd-03.07.08

As long as we're posting "eating videos," here's my favorite: Low's Breaker. I just picked up Drums and Guns on vinyl, and it's great. bb-03.07.08

Speaking of Neil: The Young Ones on Comic Relief, in 1986 with Bob Geldof as Cliff Richard (part 1, part 2) and again with the real Cliff. Bonus: Neil's Heavy Concept Album. bb-03.07.08

Trailer for Mr. Lonely. ms-03.07.08

OMSE asks: Mime if I rock out? bb-03.04.08

Not quite sure how this will pan out but here's what appears to be the trailer for The Onion Movie. ms-03.04.08

25 Brilliant Animated Short Movies. ms-03.04.08

Trailer for Meet Bill. ms-03.03.08

Another trailer for Get Smart. ms-02.29.08

Start your day with a little piece of Playtime. jc-02.29.08

If you've got an hour to spend watching your computer today (hey, it's Friday, who doesn't?) check out the truly weird collection of film clips of very odd and sometimes funny inventions spanning forty years, from the 1920's to the 1960's, Gizmo ms-02.29.08

New trailer for Iron Man. ms-02.29.08

Trailer for The Boss Of It All. jc-02.28.08

Okay, yes, Will Ferrell has like 80 movies coming out and they all seem to be using the same formula but this one has one of my fave actors as a co-star, John C. Reilly. Trailer for Step Brothers. ms-02.27.08

OMSE reminds us that some British comedy shows of the 70s weren't actually funny at all. bb-02.27.08

Trailer for the movie Sputnik Mania. ms-02.27.08

For MS, all of Eric Fensler's redubbed GI Joe PSAs in one bookmark. jc-02.27.08

Teaser for Mamoru Oshii's animated The Sky Crawlers. jc-02.27.08

A History of Evil by Ole-Magnus Saxegard. Via Laughing Squid. jc-02.26.08

Magic Highway USA. jc-02.25.08

Not great quality but posting anyway because I am an X-files fanatic , teaser trailer for X Files 2. ms-02.25.08

I don't usually post two trailers in a row, but I'm making an exception. Stunning visuals in this trailer for the movie The Fall. ms-02.24.08

Trailer for the documentary Blindsight. ms-02.24.08

Law & Order: TV Production Unit. sd-02.21.08

Fairly long but here's the trailer for the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. ms-02.21.08

Re-post after finally watching the movie, it's great. Trailer for Michael Clayton. ms-02.21.08

Teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. ms-02.21.08

Barackula: The Musical. Via Transbuddha. sd-02.20.08

Trailer for the documentary Planet B-Boy. ms-02.20.08

Trailer for the movie The Visitor. ms-02.19.08

Stuart Draper's Stuff Happens: The Looting of the Iraqi Museum. Via Remote Central. sd-02.18.08

Trailer for the movie Shiver. ms-02.18.08

The Truth About Lincoln. sd-02.18.08

Fab student film, Zoudov. Via Cpluv. jc-02.18.08

Second trailer for The Happening ms-02.16.08

Trailer for the movie Roman De Gare. ms-02.15.08

Trailer for the new David Mamet movie Redbelt. ms-02.15.08

Trailer for the movie Summer Palace. ms-02.14.08

Video for Moby's Disco Lies. dw-02.14.08

This creepy Hillary video was surely made by her enemies, or the Go! Team, or both. From Mrs. BB, who says "It makes my hair hurt." bb-02.14.08

Teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. ms-02.14.08

Gondry makes his own trailer for his movie Be Kind, Rewind. ms-02.13.08

Totally NSFW and probably not for those who dislike profanity, drug use, violence, drug use, improper references to God, drug use, and profanity. Did I mention this is a comedy? Red Band trailer for the much anticipated new movie by Judd Apatow, The Pineapple Express. I am so going to be first in line to see this one. ms-02.13.08

THX "audio mark" trailers. Via Adland. jc-02.11.08

The Hawaii Chair. se-02.11.08

A newer, longer trailer for Pixar's next movie, Wall-E. ms-02.08.08

First, watch the trailer for The Dark Knight. Then watch it again, in legos. Fab. ms-02.08.08

Trailer for the movie Chaos Theory. ms-02.07.08

Richard M. Daley in action, via Gapers Block. bb-02.07.08

Trailer for the movie Married Life. ms-02.07.08

Trailer for Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? ms-02.06.08

Hate him if you like but he single handedly re-invigorated the suspense genre with his first big film. Films since then have been spotty but I remain hopeful with each movie he turns out, so here's the teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's next movie, The Happening. ms-02.05.08

So you know, you can view all the 2008 Oscar nominated animated shorts here. ms-02.03.08

Trailer for the movie The Grand. ms-02.02.08

Trailer for Backseat. ms-02.01.08

Trailer for The Year My Parents Went on Vacation. ms-02.01.08

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film this year, trailer for Mongol; The Untold Story of Genghis Khan. ms-02.01.08

Trailer for Flawless. ms-01.31.08

Three spots for Dirty Found magazine. Thanks Andrew. sd-01.30.08

The big budget music video for Old Tom Brady. jc-01.30.08

Trailer for The Love-Ins. jc-01.30.08

This looks fantastic and made me laugh out loud, trailer for Son of Rambow. ms-01.29.08

Trailer for the horror/comedy movie The Cottage. ms-01.29.08

This "grassroots" video is so poorly shot and edited, so blurry and weird, that you have to figure the Romney campaign paid professionals a lot of money to make it. Any random college student with a cameraphone and a laptop could do much better. bb-01.29.08

The Solar Film by Saul Bass. Via 1+1=3. sd-01.29.08

Noted without comment. Semiotics of the Kitchen. jc-01.29.08

Trailer for the movie Let the Right One In. ms-01.28.08

Video for The Bird and The Bee's Polite Dance Song. dw-01.28.08

One of the most talked about movies at Sundance this year was Assassination of A High School President , a film noir mystery set in a high school. MTV has some clips to watch. ms-01.28.08

Trailer for the movie Shutter. ms-01.28.08

Sometimes our logo project brainstorming days feel a bit like this. se-01.28.08

Trailer for the movie Smart People. ms-01.27.08

Trailer for the documentary Young at Heart. ms-01.26.08

Do yourself a favor and watch this in High Def, trailer for the documentary by Jean-Michel Cousteau Dolphins and Whales Tribes of The Ocean. ms-01.25.08

Trailer for the movie Goliath. ms-01.25.08

Video for Feist's I Feel It All. dw-01.24.08

International trailer for Get Smart. ms-01.24.08

Trailer for the movie Charlie Bartlett. ms-01.24.08

Trailer for Dead On: The Life and Cinema of George A. Romero. Via Twitch. jc-01.24.08

Looks good, hope it holds up, trailer for the thriller Waz. ms-01.23.08

Sure, I like my Mac. Apparently, some people REALLY love their Macs, trailer for MacHeads the movie. ms-01.23.08

Trailer for the documentary Shoot Down. ms-01.23.08

Oscar nominated animated short Madame Tutli-Putli. Fab. jc-01.22.08

Video for The Kills' Cheap and Cheerful. dw-01.22.08

Trailer for the documentary Taxi to the Dark Side. ms-01.22.08

Trailer for the movie The Air I Breathe. ms-01.22.08

Trailer for Sleepwalking. dw-01.21.08

Trailer for the George Clooney helmed Leatherheads. ms-01.19.08

Trailer for the movie Defiance. ms-01.18.08

Video for Duffy's Mercy. dw-01.17.08

Trailer for the documentary Killer At Large. ms-01.17.08

Trailer for The Life Before Her Eyes. ms-01.17.08

Video for Morcheeba's Enjoy the Ride. dw-01.16.08

Ok, we get it, Drugs are bad for you. That said, great tagline for a horror movie, Shrooms; Get Ready to Get Wasted. ms-01.16.08

Three short films on the ABCs of Dada. se-01.15.08

Trailer for The Ruins. dw-01.15.08

"In just 3 minutes, we meet 100 different people who are arranged according to their age, starting from age 1." People in Order. Via That's How. sd-01.15.08

Paraphrase Theater Does Star Wars in "that scene in Star Wars where some old guy talks to Princess Leia and blows up her planet." sd-01.15.08

Three designers storm the beach at Normandy in pursuit of great and cheap special effects. Must see. jc-01.15.08

"Listen Jeremy, nobody threatens the Centerville Debating Society. Nobody." jc-01.15.08

More Skiddo, Jackie Gleason on acid. The theatrical poster is nice. jc-01.14.08

Trailer for the movie Romulus, My Father. ms-01.14.08

Trailer for the new movie Beaufort. ms-01.14.08

Trailer for the movie Mr. Lonely. ms-01.13.08

Trailer for the movie He Was A Quiet Man. ms-01.12.08

Video for Kate Havnevik's Unlike Me. dw-01.11.08

Beautiful spot for Sweden's ATG by Mattias Montero. Via Adland. jc-01.10.08

Trailer for the movie In The Name of the King. ms-01.10.08

Trailer for the new film from Gus Van Sant, Paranoid Park. ms-01.10.08

Trailer for Beautiful Losers. dw-01.09.08

Posted without comment: The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman. sd-01.09.08

Trailer for the documentary The Business of Being Born. ms-01.09.08

Video for Moby's Alice. dw-01.09.08

"Ah, that's the way patriot..." Via Elephants on Bicycles. jc-01.08.08

Video for Goldfrapp's A&E. dw-01.08.08

New trailer for Speed Racer. ms-01.08.08

Trailer for Valkyrie. ms-01.07.08

Trailer for the movie Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger. ms-01.05.08

This one's for John and Jason , teaser trailer for the Spanish zombie horror flick, [REC] . ms-01.04.08

The greatest eight minutes and 23 seconds in nature video history. bb-01.04.08

My Fake Baby, the extraordinary world of "re-borns" - life-like baby dolls - and the women who buy them. dw-01.04.08

Trailer for the documentary Billy the Kid. ms-01.04.08

It is most definitely not safe to go in the water, trailer for Rogue. ms-01.04.08

Trailer for The Air I Breathe. ms-01.03.08

Hey, no need to see the movie when the trailer tells you the whole story. Um, hello? What ever happened to suspense? On the other hand, the two hours I might have wasted watching this in the theater is pared down to four minutes at my desk, Thanks! ms-01.03.08

Trailer for Penelope. dw-01.02.08

Trailer for Rocket. ms-01.02.08

Trailer for The Signal. ms-01.02.08

Trailer for Pathology. dw-12.31.07

So you know, 200 documentaries you must see before you die. ms-12.31.07

Trailer for Save The Emperor. Love the guy singing with the guitar in front of the firing line. jc-12.28.07

There may be a surprise or two in here for you, He directed that? ms-12.28.07

Trailer for Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. dw-12.28.07

Gagarin/Shepard: A love story. A film by friend and occasional co-conspirator Ken Meier. jc-12.27.07

Trailer for The Bank Job. ms-12.26.07

Trailer for Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show. ms-12.23.07

Interesting premise, trailer for the new film by Adam Rifkin, Look. ms-12.22.07

Oh Meryl, what were you thinking? Trailer for Mamma Mia. Posting this for SD. You may or may not know how much he loves Abba. ms-12.21.07

Jumping. jc-12.21.07

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Poor Seth. Via Chris Glass. bb-12.20.07

Trailer for the semi-animated documentary of the trial of the Chicago Ten. ms-12.20.07

Colin and Ed look very serious, trailer for Pride and Glory. ms-12.20.07

Why 2008 Will Be An Awesome Year for Movies. Thanks to fellow movie fan Marshall who by the way has a gorgeous photo print for sale over at Gifted. ms-12.20.07

Trailer for The Great Debaters. ms-12.19.07

Video for Streetlight Manifesto's We Will Fall Together. dw-12.18.07

Trailer for the documentary Bird's Nest: Herzog & de Meuron in China, about two Swiss architects and a very big building in Beijing. sd-12.18.07

Trailer for The Good Night. ms-12.18.07

New trailer for Pixar's next film, Wall-E. Via the boys over at AICN. ms-12.18.07

1999 AD. The future we missed. Damn. Check the intro segment too. Via The Urban Observer. jc-12.17.07

Russian animated film, Wind Along the Coast by Ivan Maximov. Via Dark Roasted. sd-12.17.07

Sweet, trailer for the much anticipated The Dark Knight. ms-12.17.07

Trailer for the George Clooney helmed Leatherheads. ms-12.17.07

"I tried to become a normal person and get a normal job. But that didn't work." Wow on the visuals, trailer for the documentary on extreme big mountain skiing, Steep. ms-12.15.07

Robot High School. jc-12.14.07

Trailer for the horror film The Poughkeepsie Tapes. ms-12.14.07

Oh, please let this be good, trailer for Horton Hears a Who. ms-12.14.07

Jim Henson's 1965 short film, Time Piece. Via Transbuddha. sd-12.13.07

The best political tv ad of the season. jc-12.13.07

Poster graphic is pretty cool for a horror flick, but not holding much hope for the movie. Posting the trailer solely for BB as it has Parker Posey in it. And he loves her. Trailer for The Eye. ms-12.13.07

Video for Zoot Woman's We Won't Break. dw-12.12.07

The Crimson Permanent Assurance, parts one and two. jc-12.12.07

For BB and SE, a sneak peak behind the scenes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. ms-12.12.07

Dance, Crispin! Via O!MSE! bb-12.11.07

Pod Quiz and a look at how it was made by Bournemouth University student Talli Peled. Via Stash. jc-12.11.07

Trailer for Godard's 1963 film, Contempt. sd-12.11.07

Tangentially related to the last. "Do you want to come back to my place? Bouncy-bouncy." jc-12.11.07

Trailer for Semi Pro. ms-12.10.07

Lego Eddie Izzard!: Cake or Death, Do you have a Flag?, B-movies and Vampires. Sweet! bb-12.10.07

Trailer for the documentary about the Nanking Massacre, Nanking. ms-12.10.07

Trailer for the movie Man in the Chair. ms-12.08.07

Finally. Speed Racer trailer. jc-12.07.07

For Claire and me as we'll be the only ones watching it, trailer for the Sex and The City movie. ms-12.07.07

Video for Hot Chip's "Ready for the Floor." dw-12.05.07

For BB and SD who are huge Nicholas Cage fans and are dying for this to hit the theaters, trailer for National Treasure; Book of Secrets. ms-12.05.07

The Most Awkward Boy in the World Gets Pizza, part of a whole series. sd-12.04.07

The gruesome, yet strangely beautiful deaths of three chocolate bunnies. sd-12.04.07

Trailer for Swedish Crusades epic, Arn. Click 'video' for a larger file. jc-12.04.07

Music video of the moment, assuming the moment is 1968 Brazil. Roberto Carlos' In Rhythm of Adventure. Via Kottke. jc-12.04.07

Trailer for the movie Untraceable. ms-12.01.07

Trailer for 4 Months, 3 Weeks, & 2 Days. ms-11.29.07

Music video of the moment. Mika's Lollipop. jc-11.29.07

Trailer Club 70 has trailers from "strange films of the seventies and beyond." And what is one of those trailers listed? That's right, Matango! ms-11.29.07

Trailer for The Orphanage. ms-11.28.07

Noted without comment. Freedom River, narrated by Orson Welles. jc-11.27.07

Mike Mills' Does Your Soul Have a Cold?. Via Transbuddha. sd-11.27.07

Old news, but new to me. Ebert's letter to Werner Herzog. jc-11.26.07

Spectacular, surreal Suntory spot. Via Telekino. jc-11.26.07

Warning, language totally NSFW or for kids. Trailer for the new film In Bruges. ms-11.25.07

Hal 9000's behind the scenes look at creating the 16 billion pixel image of The Last Supper. jc-11.22.07

Trailer for the documentary about designer vinyl toys, The Vinyl Frontier. ms-11.21.07

Trailer for Woody Allen's latest Cassandra's Dream ms-11.21.07

One of my absolute faves, trailer for The Bad and The Beautiful. ms-11.21.07

New trailer for Cloverfield. I think our original analysis still holds up. dw-11.19.07

Oscar Farinetti's super-market Eataly, which opened earlier this year in Turin. jc-11.19.07

Trailer for Strange Wilderness. ms-11.19.07

Trailer for the film The Other Boleyn Girl. ms-11.16.07

Trailer for The Forbidden Kingdom. ms-11.15.07

Video for Van She's Cat & The Eye. dw-11.15.07

Interesting concept, trailer for the film Chicago 10. ms-11.15.07

Trailer for Marjane Sartapi's animated memoir Persopolis. Lovely. ms-11.15.07

What to watch. Our archive for the category "Film Feed" is full of trailers, music videos and other short-format films. jc-11.15.07

Trailer for the film Purple Violets. ms-11.13.07

Chank Fonts Across America. dw-11.12.07

Trailer for the latest Guy Ritchie film Revolver. ms-11.12.07

What my boy Spencer and I did all weekend. jc-11.12.07

The CBC takes a stroll around NYC with Woody Allen in 1967. jc-11.12.07

Trailer for the film The Air I Breathe. ms-11.12.07

Trailer for the film The Orphanage. ms-11.12.07

I Lived on the Moon. Via Ze. jc-11.09.07

Trailer for The Sasquatch Gang. dw-11.09.07

Super creepy trailer for Blood River. Via Twitch. jc-11.09.07

Trailer for the film Righteous Kill. ms-11.09.07

Trailer for the film Valkyrie. ms-11.09.07

Video for Anouk's Good God. dw-11.08.07

Based on his tv spot alone, we should elect Christopher Knight, a new hope for Rockingham County schools. jc-11.08.07

The Coen Brothers latest, No Country For Old Men opens in theaters this week. I've seen it and it is fantastic so I'm recommending it again. ms-11.08.07

Trailer for Love In The Time Of Cholera. ms-11.08.07

A very british, very funny tour of the Triumph motorcycles factory. bb-11.07.07

Teaser trailer for the movie Iron Man. ms-11.06.07

A History Of Sci-Fi Television. dw-11.06.07

McBoing-Boing. 1950 short. Via It's Nice That. jc-11.06.07

Trailer for the Denzel Washington helmed The Great Debaters. ms-11.06.07

New trailer for The Golden Compass. ms-11.05.07

Trailer for the movie Pride and Glory. ms-11.04.07

Trailer for the movie What Would Jesus Buy? ms-11.03.07

The history of LOLCats. dw-11.02.07

Maira Kalman talks about her paintings of uncertainty. pp-11.02.07

Erik Spiekermann swears like a sailor! pp-11.02.07

Lightwriting by the Lichtfaktor Crew. Via CPluv. jc-11.01.07

Here's the original trailer for my personal favorite scary movie ever, Halloween. ms-10.31.07

Trailer for The Band's Visit. ms-10.31.07

Trailer for the documentary Protagonist. ms-10.30.07

Trailer for Awake. dw-10.29.07

Trailer for the movie Starting Out in the Evening. ms-10.29.07

Stunning underwater visuals, trailer for the documentary Sharkwater. ms-10.27.07

Trailer for Mr. Untouchable. ms-10.26.07

Nine promo videos from Crush for The Gum Thief Douglas Coupland's novel. jc-10.26.07

Fantastic. International trailer for I'm Not There. ms-10.26.07

Trailer for the French animated feature Fears of the Dark. Sweet. jc-10.25.07

Randomly recommending a movie for your must see list, the 1962 version of Cape Fear. Robert Mitchum is fantastic. ms-10.24.07

International trailer for I am Legend . ms-10.24.07

"A history of world terrorist movement as told through the story of the enigmatic figure Jacques Verges." Looks fascinating, trailer for the documentary Terror's Advocate. ms-10.24.07

Director's cut of Peter Bjorn and John's Writer's Block Promo. sd-10.23.07

Doesn't Noise from MS' post below look a lot like a happier version of 1993's Falling Down? sd-10.23.07

Seriously, who among us has not wanted to do this at some point in our life? Trailer for Noise. ms-10.23.07

Withnail and I together again and always crashing in the same car. jc-10.23.07

Love shows up in the oddest places, trailer for Wristcutters; A Love Story. ms-10.23.07

Arthur Lipsett's Very Nice, Very Nice. Via GreenCine Daily. jc-10.22.07

Saw a sneak preview of the Coen Brothers latest. No Country For Old Men last night. Beautifully shot, great dialogue, stellar cast. Highly recommended. ms-10.22.07

The story of the Star Trek bus punk. Bonus: Spock with Bad Brains. bb-10.19.07

Trailer for Stop-Loss. dw-10.18.07

Trailer for the movie Gabriel, Far from Grace. ms-10.18.07

For SD, Finding t.A.T.u. dw-10.16.07

Trailer for the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. ms-10.16.07

So you know. Moebius Transformations Revealed. Via Bibi. jc-10.16.07

This getting really good reviews, the Ben Affleck directed film based on Denis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone. ms-10.16.07

Saw the Sidney Lumet film Before The Devil Knows you're Dead last night. If you like movies where the characters dig themselves deeper and deeper into impossible situations with each move they make, this movie is for you. Not for the faint hearted. ms-10.13.07

Newer trailer for Juno. ms-10.12.07

Montage from a Russian Television Academy project on the future of space travel. Via Stash. jc-10.12.07

Two guys, and acre of corn and what we eat. Trailer for the documentary King Corn. ms-10.12.07

Trailer for the Mike Nichols' film Charlie Wilson's War. ms-10.12.07

"I was a mouthy little git." For BB. Trailer for the documentary Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. ms-10.11.07

Trailer for Jumper. Hmm. jc-10.11.07

"When character actor Andy Shrub makes a wish to be a leading man, he magically begins to photograph as John Stamos." I Am Stamos. Brilliant. sd-10.10.07

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers. jc-10.10.07

Here in Chicago, the Chicago International Film Festival is going on and last night I got a chance to see one of the movies I've been waiting to see, Lars and The Real Girl. Funny, sweet, painful, intelligent. Highly recommended. ms-10.10.07

Video for Kylie's 2 Hearts. dw-10.10.07

A place for everything, and everything in its place. jc-10.09.07

Trailer for documentary Darfur Now. ms-10.09.07

"Everyone drifts, all the time. It's impossible to drive straight." The wonderfully stupid Overdrift. sd-10.08.07

Music vid of the moment: Sandrine Kiberlain's Je Suis Chanteuse by director Agnes Obadia. sd-10.04.07

Trailer for Burton/Depp film Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. ms-10.04.07

Trailer for Jimmy Carter Man from Plains. dw-10.04.07

The folks over at AICN have the teaser trailer for the new Brian DePalma flick Redacted. ms-10.04.07

Awesome. Trailer for Be Kind Rewind. ms-10.04.07

"See, no monsters." Yeah right. Trailer for Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem. ms-10.03.07

Goosebumps. Another trailer for the Coen brother's latest film, No Country for Old Men. ms-10.03.07

Vid of the moment, The Raybeats' Jack the Ripper. Via PCL. jc-10.02.07

Song of the moment, Acoustic Ladyland's Cuts & Lies. dw-10.02.07

Trailer for the documentary Oswald's Ghost. ms-10.01.07

I saw In The Valley of Elah this weekend and it's fantastic. Beautifully shot, great actors, taut and compelling story. My man Tommy Lee Jones will get an Oscar nod for this, I'm calling that right now. Written and directed by Paul Haggis, Bob Edwards had a great interview with him on Bob Edward's Weekend. ms-10.01.07

MK12's long-awaited History Of America! debuts. Via Motionographer. jc-09.29.07

Trailer for the Sidney Lumet film Before The Devil Knows you're Dead. ms-09.27.07

Do you want to make a million dollars? Pick Up The Phone! sd-09.26.07

Trailer for the HBO documentary Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later. ms-09.26.07

Video for Foundations by Kate Nash. dw-09.25.07

The Cold Rush, an animated student film from Arles, France. Via Stash. jc-09.25.07

Trailer for Atonement. ms-09.25.07

Aproposs of nothing, a sweet little bit o' video from RBG6. Via Manystuff. jc-09.24.07

Trailers for animated Vexille from Japan. jc-09.24.07

Michel Gondry's very, um, Gondry-esque spot for Motorola. sd-09.24.07

Music vid of the moment: Emily Haines' Our Hell by Jaron Albertin. Via Transbuddha. sd-09.24.07

Trailer for Wristcutters: A Love Story. ms-09.22.07

For our guest editor JT, who likes the gore. Trailer for The Strangers. ms-09.21.07

For BB, trailer for the Joy Division biopic Control. ms-09.21.07

Your gas company presents Let's Make A Sandwich. Via David Thompson. jc-09.21.07

Awesome, have been waiting for this trailer to show up for quite some time. Donnie Darko director's newest, Southland Tales. BB, sometimes I seriously doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion. ms-09.20.07

Utterly fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time. Short film documenting the devastating effects of the massive rains the Midwest received this year and the effect on local organic farmers. The Flood of August 2007. Via Ruhlman. ms-09.19.07

Awesome. Two guys move to Iowa, grow an acre of corn, then try to follow it back through our food system. Trailer for the documentary King Corn. ms-09.19.07

Ow! My Sweet Eyes! once again lives up to its name: Charles Bronson shills man-perfume in Japan. bb-09.19.07

Trailer for the movie The Counterfeiters. ms-09.19.07

Video for Mika's Happy Ending. dw-09.18.07

Noted without comment. "An SST traveling at Mach 4 is a pretty tempting target." jc-09.18.07

Trailer for the movie Run, Fatboy, Run. ms-09.18.07

Follow Twitch's instructions and click the floating robot when it appears for the Robo Rock. trailer. jc-09.17.07

Teaser for FFC's Youth Without Youth. jc-09.17.07

MS-DOS 5 promo video. Via BoN. dw-09.17.07

Trailer for the movie Rails and Ties. ms-09.16.07

Trailer for Great World of Sound. jc-09.15.07

This looks so great, trailer for the movie Juno. ms-09.15.07

Trailer for the movie Funny Games. It's a remake by the same director who first made it 10 years ago. You can watch the original trailer here. ms-09.14.07

Trailer for the movie Finishing The Game. ms-09.14.07

Trailer for Fierce People. dw-09.13.07

Trailer for Daniel Lanois doc Here Is What Is. Todd at Twitch has seen it. jc-09.13.07

Trailer for the Michael Caine/Jude Law film Sleuth . ms-09.12.07

Trailer for My Kid Could Paint That. jc-09.11.07

Trailer for the documentary How To Cook Your Life. Bring some Zen into your food. ms-09.11.07

Trailer for the movie Iron Man. ms-09.10.07

Video for Róisín Murphy's Let Me Know. dw-09.10.07

Saw 3:10 to Yuma this weekend and loved it. Highly recommend it even to those who aren't normally fans of the Western genre. You should watch the original too. Oh, and Christian Bale? That man is smoking hot. ms-09.09.07

Parts of this filmed here in Chicago, trailer for The Dark Knight. ms-09.07.07

The Hello Experiment, finally answering the question, "Is it possible to be blindfolded and sculpt the head of Lionel Ritchie in clay like the blind love interest does in the music video for Hello?" Via Transbuddha. sd-09.07.07

Trailer for the movie There Will Be Blood. ms-09.07.07

Trailer for King of California. dw-09.06.07

For anyone who has ever been in a book club, trailer for the movie The Kite Runner. ms-09.05.07

Trailer for Under the Same Moon. dw-09.04.07

Just a beautiful trailer for Heima, the documentary by Sigur Ros. se-09.04.07

Five art pieces that could kill someone. Via DesignNotes. sd-09.03.07

Phil Collins Gorilla, "created by Fallon London's Juan Cabral, one of the creatives behind the Sony Bravia 'Balls' spot." Via AdFreak. sd-08.31.07

Related to the last, a hypnotizing video by Daniel Eatock and Timothy Evans made entirely of Microsoft Powerpoint transitions running in sequence and wiping from black to white and back again. bk-08.31.07

Trailer for the movie The Mist. ms-08.31.07

For SD, M.I.A.'s Jimmy. dw-08.30.07

A lively discussion of horror films last night at dinner during which we learned that Jason says he loves them but could not name one he liked and John really, really likes the gore. This is for you guys, trailer for the movie The Signal. ms-08.30.07

FotA Bill O'Neil has been cleaning out his closet lately, finding films he made way back when. Recently, he came across the masters for his 1989 cult classic: Yuppie Rap, which he directed and stars in. Prepare to revel in its sheer, unabashed 80s-ness. sd-08.30.07

Sean Ellis' Cashback. jc-08.30.07

Trailer for the new movie Eastern Promises. ms-08.30.07

Also from this evening out, for JC and MS: Derren Brown with Simon Pegg, paying with blank paper and subliminal advertising. sd-08.29.07

Trailer for the movie Grace is Gone. ms-08.29.07

Trailer for the documentary Manda Bala. ms-08.29.07

In my humble opinion, the best of the bunch, trailer for A Shot In The Dark. Great opening sequence, tried to find it online, no luck. Help please? "Give me ten men like Clouseau and I'll destroy the world." ms-08.28.07

Trailer for the movie Reservation Road. ms-08.28.07

Trailer for the movie Great World of Sound. ms-08.28.07

Trailer for the new movie The Last Winter. ms-08.25.07

Trailer for The Brave One. dw-08.24.07

Trailer for the movie Hitman. ms-08.24.07

Ahem. So sorry to interrupt but thought I'd give the rest of us something to look at, trailer for the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford . ms-08.23.07

Trailer for the movie Trade. ms-08.23.07

A little Crazy People clip always helps me recover from a Creative Rumble. bb-08.22.07

Johnny Cool, the international murder machine they couldn't turn off. jc-08.22.07

Trailer for the movie about Bob Dylan, I'm Not There. ms-08.21.07

Trailer for the movie Weirdsville. ms-08.21.07

Trailer for Exiled. ms-08.20.07

Trailer for Woody Allen's latest, Cassandra's Dream. ms-08.19.07

Trailer for the film The Hunting Party. ms-08.18.07

Trailer for the film Closing Escrow. ms-08.17.07

Björk accepted video submissions for her new single Innocence. Here's the winning entry along with 10 others. dw-08.16.07

Trailer for the Martin Scorsese Rolling Stones documentary Shine a Light. ms-08.16.07

Trailer for Berkeley. dw-08.15.07

Trailer for the documentary Off the Grid: Life On The Mesa. sd-08.15.07

"Avoid blurring by keeping movement to a minimum." Chris Cunningham spot for Orange. Via Strange Beautiful. jc-08.14.07

Stephanie Augustine and Adam Gault's Lantern Fishes. sd-08.13.07

Trailer for the movie Ira and Abby. ms-08.11.07

Speaking of bento boxes, Sarah's still plugging away at BentoTV. dw-08.10.07

Trailer for the movie Fat Girls. ms-08.10.07

Trailer for the Steve Carrell movie Dan in Real Life. ms-08.10.07

Trailer for 2 Days In Paris. dw-08.09.07

Trailer for the documentary The Price of Sugar. ms-08.09.07

Trailer for the new Jack Black, Michel Gondry movie Be Kind, Rewind. ms-08.09.07

Have been waiting for this to show up online, trailer for the movie Lars and The Real Girl. Thanks to Marshall for sending it my way. ms-08.09.07

Video for Debbie's Two Times Blue. dw-08.08.07

Process Enacted by Jordan C. Greenhalgh. "Created with 987 polaroids and no computer compositing." Via Eyebeam. sd-08.08.07

Trailer for the movie Drillbit Taylor. ms-08.08.07

Linked up the trailer for the documentary No End In Sight awhile ago. Here's the story about how it got made. ms-08.08.07

Nick Campbell's beautifully absurd new short film, Bubbles. sd-08.07.07

Trailer for the movie Lions for Lambs. ms-08.07.07

Trailer for the Sean Penn directed movie Into The Wild. ms-08.06.07

Trailer for Stardust. dw-08.06.07

A great YouTube filter/blog from our Nerfect friends: Ow! My Sweet Eyes! bb-08.06.07

Interesting trailer for the Otto Preminger classic, Anatomy of a Murder. If you've never seen the movie, watch it, it's great. ms-08.06.07

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night and it rocks hard. Highly recommended. Waiting to hear what Marshall thinks. ms-08.04.07

Trailer for the movie Rendition. ms-08.03.07

For BB, Junior Senior's Can I Get Get Get. dw-08.03.07

Trailer for I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. dw-08.02.07

Think, Mitt, Think. bb-08.02.07

Video for Sia's Buttons. dw-08.01.07

Trailer for Danger: Diabolik! from 1968, which would make sweet double feature with Miss Blaise. jc-07.31.07

Trailer for the documentary, Deep Water. ms-07.31.07

Comic-Con featured an extended 5 minute preview of The Golden Compass. dw-07.30.07

Trailer for the new film, Dedication. ms-07.28.07

The Dark Knight teaser. jc-07.28.07

Zemeckis/Gaiman Beowulf trailer. Hmm. jc-07.26.07

Sweet! Trailer for the new Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling Limited. ms-07.24.07

Trailer for the documentary My Kid Could Paint That. ms-07.24.07

Trailer for Trick or Treat. ms-07.23.07

Video for Róisín Murphy's Overpowered. dw-07.20.07

So going to see this opening day, trailer for Superbad. ms-07.20.07

Trailer for the documentary No End In Sight. ms-07.19.07

New trailer for the documentary on the making of Jaws, The Shark is Still Working. Scroll to the bottom of the page. ms-07.19.07

Have we mused on SD's genius lately? bb-07.18.07

Music vid of the moment: The Willowz' Take a Look Around, directed by Paul Gondry, Michel's 16 year old son. sd-07.18.07

Let the viral marketing begin. Apparently, this site holds some secret information regarding JJ Abrams hush-hush, top secret, totally confusing new project, Cloverfield. ms-07.18.07

The making of the Wieden/Psyop coke spot, Inside the Happiness Factory. jc-07.18.07

Trailer for the movie The Last Legion. ms-07.17.07

Carlitopolis (click on "Images" to see the film). Via PingMag. sd-07.17.07

Trailer for Cashback. dw-07.16.07

Trailer for the movie And When Did You Last See Your Father. ms-07.16.07

Wow. Trailer for the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. ms-07.15.07

Making SD and BB go see this with me but don't think I'll have to try very hard. Trailer for the documentary King of Kong; Fistful of Quarters. ms-07.14.07

Trailer for In the Valley of Elah. ms-07.13.07

Trailer for the anime Tekkonkinkreet. ms-07.13.07

Trailer for the remake of Sleuth, both of which starred Michael Caine (he's now playing the older role). Here's the trailer for the original. sd-07.12.07

Trailer for 10,000 BC. Wow. dw-07.11.07

Teaser trailer for Get Smart ms-07.10.07

Music vid of the moment: Spoon's The Underdog, by Keven McAlester. sd-07.10.07

Even the boys over at AICN don't know what to make of it. Mysterious trailer for the new JJ Abrams project, 01-18-08. ms-07.10.07

Beautiful trailer for Josh Raskin's animated short film I Met The Walrus. sd-07.09.07

Trailer for Gone Baby Gone. ms-07.07.07

Have you seen Hallam Foe? ms-07.06.07

Trailer for the new movie from Ang Lee, Lust, Caution. ms-07.06.07

Trailer for the new movie The Hunting Party. ms-07.03.07

Trailer for the new movie Ghosts of Cite Soleil. ms-07.02.07

Cate Blanchett returns as Elizabeth. Here's the trailer for the new movie The Golden Age. ms-06.29.07

Trailer for the new movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. ms-06.29.07

DW, look out for Donny Osmond on your ride home today. bb-06.28.07

Trailer for the new David Cronenberg movie Eastern Promises. ms-06.28.07

Relink. Flying an RC plane through a 3.9km long tunnel from moving car. If you can stand the accompanying music selections, it's pretty impressive. Via That's How. sd-06.25.07

Trailer for the new movie Talk To Me. ms-06.25.07

Pyrats. jc-06.24.07

Trailer for the new movie Michael Clayton. ms-06.23.07

Video for The Volcano Song by The Budos Band. dw-06.22.07

Trailer for Noah Baumbach's latest: Margot at the Wedding. sd-06.22.07

The sexiest chess match of all time. Via La Petite Claudine. jc-06.21.07

Music vid of the moment by an all time favorite band: Blue States' Allies. sd-06.20.07

Observation of the Cat State. "There is a difference between a shaky or out-of-focus photograph and a snapshot of clouds and fog banks." jc-06.18.07

Daniel Day Lewis in Paul Thomas Anderson's latest based on the book by Upton Sinclair, There Will Be Blood. ms-06.18.07

You'll have to wait a year but here's a teaser trailer for the next Pixar film, WALL*E. ms-06.16.07

Can We Kiss? So French. So great. jc-06.15.07

Hey BB, Parker's in a new movie, Broken English. dw-06.15.07

Trailer for the Coen Brothers new film No Country For Old Men. ms-06.15.07

Trailer for the movie Rocket Science. ms-06.14.07

Saved by the Rave Olympic Remix. bb-06.12.07

Who doesn't love a good vampire flick? Trailer for 30 Days of Night. ms-06.11.07

Trailer for The Invasion. dw-06.11.07

Anthony, Nick and the rest of the crew at DK Chicago present Designer Slash Model. jc-06.09.07

Trailer for Shoot Em Up. ms-06.08.07

Trailer for Vantage Point. ms-06.08.07

Trailer for La Vie En Rose. You can find a great documentary on Edith Piaf here. ms-06.07.07

Music video of the moment, Miho Hatori: Barracuda. ms-06.07.07

Don't ask me how I got here but here's the trailer for the original Gamera. And here's the trailer for the new version, Gamera The Brave. Might as well give you Matango too. ms-06.05.07

Noted without comment. "Mamika, The Agent." jc-06.05.07

FF's ClipODay, animation from Ivan Maximov. jc-06.04.07

Stop-motion history of the Vespa scooter. bb-06.04.07

Trailer for the new documentary Crazy Love. ms-06.02.07

Here's the trailer for the new documentary on the Salton Sea, Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea. Looks terrific. Head on over to our Swap Meat and pick up one Marshall's gorgeous photo prints and have the Salton Sea in your very own living room. ms-06.01.07

Trailer for the movie Vitus. ms-05.30.07

Today's programming on coudal.com is brought to you by the Sexy Mini Super Flower Pop Op Cola. jc-05.30.07

Trailer for the movie Fido. ms-05.25.07

Trailer for Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko. ms-05.25.07

For BB, trailer for the Joy Division movie Control. Via TMN ms-05.25.07

"I have no life, my future is at stake, in architorture there is no break." For Matt. ms-05.24.07

Typographics, an animated course in typography by Boca and Ryan Uhrich. sd-05.24.07

A guilty pleasure, jahero. dw-05.23.07

Trailer for the film Paris, Je T'Aime. 18 vingettes by different directors celebrate the City of Love. ms-05.23.07

Trailer for the film Peirrepoint: The Last Hangman. ms-05.23.07

Trailer for the documentary Potential Partners. ms-05.22.07

Five clips from the Coen Brothers latest No Country For Old Men, currently at Cannes. Via AICN. ms-05.22.07

Trailer for The Golden Compass. ms-05.22.07

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers. Via Green Cine Daily. Fab. jc-05.21.07

Copy Shop. Via Papel Continuo. jc-05.17.07

Hypnotic trailer for Studio Flying's animated Forest of Nemi. Via Twitch. jc-05.16.07

Trailer for Joshua. ms-05.15.07

Infographics come to life: spot for Areva. Via Zach Klein. sd-05.14.07

Trailer for Rock the Bells. ms-05.11.07

Trailer for Day Night Day Night. ms-05.11.07

Trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum. ms-05.09.07

Trailer for The Hawk is Dying. ms-05.08.07

Godfrey Reggio filmed a group of young children watching tv to make this film. Evidence. Thanks Ant. jc-05.08.07

"Time is a strange mistress." New Spinal Tap short in support of Live Earth. jc-05.08.07

Trailer for Duck. ms-05.07.07

Video for The Bird and The Bee's Again & Again. dw-05.02.07

Trailer for Fantastic Four; Rise of The Silver Surfer. ms-05.01.07

Oh, they have video on the internet now: The Battle of Wits. bb-04.27.07

Speaking of Björk, here's the video for Earth Intruders. dw-04.25.07

Mod inspired video for Scissor Sisters' Kiss You Off. dw-04.24.07

Like A Bird On A Wire. jc-04.23.07

For SE and BB, trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. ms-04.23.07

A Lonely Sky, a beautiful short film by Nick Ryan. "There is approximately 5 minutes of entirely CGI effects in the finished film of 10 minutes. This was all completed at HD resolution for projection in theatres. I completed all the effects work in the film by myself..." jc-04.23.07

Trailer for the film The Bourne Ultimatum. ms-04.20.07

Los Alamos Video Postcard #2. jc-04.20.07

Trailer for the film Fay Grim. ms-04.19.07

Trailer for the documentary Show Business; The Road to Broadway. ms-04.17.07

BentoTV, ideas for your bento box. dw-04.16.07

For BB, trailer for the Joe Strummer documentary The Future is Unwritten. ms-04.16.07

Trailer for the movie Atonement. ms-04.16.07

Song and vid for a Thursday evening. Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Me and My Imagination. dw-04.12.07

Tronic's "Art for All" spots for target: 1, 2 and 3. Via DiK. sd-04.11.07

Ugh, trailer for No Reservations. Do yourself a favor and watch the original instead, Bella Martha. ms-04.10.07

The Truth In Ad Sales. Funny stuff. jc-04.10.07

Trailer for Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan's Superbad. "Freaks and Geeks" was the best show ever, btw. ms-04.09.07

Charlie goes to Candy Mountain. dw-04.09.07

Trailer for Away From Her. ms-04.07.07

The Secret of Drawing. jc-04.06.07

Trailer for The Savages. ms-04.06.07

Crappy video but the movie looks good anyway, trailer for Diggers. ms-04.04.07

Eric Helin, former CPer and Western State co-creator, reports that this is all he watches nowadays. jc-04.03.07

Trailer for Sukiyaki Western. ms-04.03.07

Music vid of the moment: El Corazon by Hard 'N Phirm. sd-04.03.07

By request, a repost of the fabulous Pitch 'n' Putt with Jim Joyce and Sam Beckett. jc-04.03.07

Frank is waiting for something interesting to happen. Now and Nowhere. Via Stash. jc-04.02.07

Trailer for the new John Cusack film War, Inc. ms-04.02.07

Trailer for the new film Eagle Vs Shark. ms-04.01.07

Video for MOTOR's Bleep #1. Via Arjan. dw-03.30.07

Trailer for the new film The TV Set. ms-03.30.07

Trailer for Black Book. dw-03.30.07

Trailer for The Namesake. dw-03.29.07

Pull My Daisy, a film written and narrated by Jack Kerouac in 1959. Via Bright Lights After Dark. jc-03.29.07

The DDC calls this film about letterpress "required viewing." We wholeheartedly agree. jc-03.29.07

Trailer for Radiant City, a documentary on suburban sprawl. dw-03.27.07

Trailer for Vacancy. dw-03.27.07

The Cameraman, a short by Chris Ware from This American Life. se-03.26.07

Fab spot from Partizan for Shell V Power. Thanks Marshall. jc-03.26.07

Eighty-year-old home movies of pre-Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown, NY. kg-03.26.07

Small world, last week we linked to Greenfuse Films' "6 Artists on Origami", about six origami artists from around the world, what we didn't know was that the film was distributed in our Jewelboxing cases designed by - you guessed it, Jeff Rutzky. cp-03.23.07

For SD and BB, trailer for the documentary Air Guitar Nation. ms-03.22.07

Trailer for Journey From the Fall. ms-03.21.07

"Under that beam, you taste the wine." Another short film by Hillman, Table. jc-03.21.07

For my nieces and DW, trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End. ms-03.20.07

Ricky Gervais Goes to Africa. Via AdFreak. sd-03.20.07

Trailer for Lonely Hearts. ms-03.19.07

Trailer for Color Me Kubrick. ms-03.16.07

Trailer for the documentary The Prisoner or: How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair. ms-03.10.07

Trailer for the film Talk to Me. ms-03.09.07

Zima's Mom My Ride. dw-03.09.07

Video of the moment, Don Juan Dracula - Take Me Home. dw-03.08.07

Trailer for the film Jindabyne. ms-03.07.07

Song and vid of the moment, Kosheen's Overkill. dw-03.07.07

Soldiers, a brilliiant new short film from Hillman Curtis. jc-03.06.07

Magnetosphere. Hypnotic. jc-03.02.07

Trailer for the Japanese anime film Paprika. ms-03.02.07

Trailer for the documentary In the Pit. ms-02.27.07

Trailer for the movie Vacancy. ms-02.26.07

Trailer for the movie The Wind That Shakes the Barley. ms-02.25.07

Trailer for Commune, documentary about the hippie enclave, Black Bear Ranch. Via Green Cine Daily. jc-02.22.07

Gorgeous trailer for the documentary Iraq In Fragments. ms-02.21.07

Trailer for the This American Life tv show. sd-02.21.07

Studio AKA animated film for Guinness. Via the CR Blog. jc-02.20.07

Video for Gotan Project's Diferente. dw-02.19.07

Since we seem to be in trailer mode, I found the theatrical trailer for Matango or Attack of the Mushroom People. BB and Dawson can testify to it's awesomeness, SD has it on his Netflix. Put it on yours, you won't regret it. ms-02.16.07

The trailer to end all trailers. A great way to waste a few minutes at the end of the week, a relink to Wisit Sasanatieng's Tears of the Black Tiger. Via Twitch. jc-02.16.07

Trailer for First Snow. dw-02.16.07

If there was a category for the infamous agency.com video and our Unsolicited Response, it might include this agency pitch video from Cliff Freeman and Partners too. jc-02.16.07

Creepy and amazing, Doll Face. Via Wooster. jc-02.15.07

Noted without comment. It's just like, it's just like, a mini-mall. jc-02.14.07

Roznov: The Time-Lapse. jc-02.14.07

"The last chord, but by no means least, is the G-major neutral zero." Thanks, Cy. bb-02.12.07

Teaser trailer for Eye Candy, er, um I mean Oceans 13. ms-02.12.07

Transparent City. jc-02.12.07

Video for Scissor Sisters She's My Man using the Kuroko style of Japanese puppetry. dw-02.11.07

Ulysses S. Grant #1 and #2. sd-02.09.07

I am SO going to see this opening day. Trailer for The Host. ms-02.08.07

Tronic's Vista display at JFK airport. Via DiK. sd-02.05.07

Trailer for An Unreasonable Man, the Ralph Nader documentary. Can't wait. sd-02.04.07

Trailer for Lasse Hallstrom's new film, The Hoax. ms-02.03.07

Video for Matinee Club's Discotheque Francais. Via Arjan. dw-02.01.07

Clip from Eagle vs. Shark. jc-02.01.07

What do you do when Woody Allen fires you? Make a movie out of it. ms-01.31.07

Brand New School for Jeep. jc-01.30.07

Trailer for 1408. ms-01.29.07

Trailer for Seraphim Falls. ms-01.29.07

Video for The Shin's latest groove Phantom Limb. ms-01.27.07

When it gets icy in areas where it doesn't usually get icy. Needs a waltz track. jc-01.26.07

Trailer for Luc Besson's Angel-A. ms-01.26.07

"Nothing's ever easy." The Max Brixton Chronicles: Box of Blood, from Chicago's 3to1 Studios. jc-01.26.07

A quick morning exercise. jc-01.26.07

Timelapse of the 2006 Reno Hot-Air Balloon Race. Via 30gms. jc-01.25.07

"My Hands Are Bananas." Everybody knows the best krautdisco comes from Montana. bb-01.23.07

"The distinguishing feature of the project is that all the works are shot in one single take." Single Shot. Check George Barber's Automotive Action Painitng and others. jc-01.23.07

Harvey Pekar gets banned from Letterman. Bonus: Toby Radloff goes to White Castle bb-01.22.07

Children See. Children Do.. Searing. jc-01.20.07

Video for The Shin's latest groove Phantom Limb. ms-01.20.07

"Candid video of my girlfriend's feet while sleeping 8". It would be better with some P.J. Harvey music in the background. bb-01.19.07

Mesmerizing. Videos of various final appraoches and landings, from the cockpit POV. Like this MD-80 into Aeroparque, Argentina Via Paperholic. jc-01.18.07

You saw it here first: To all CP readers whose votes helped make it a winner in the Film2Music online competition, The Bear and the Geisha will be making its Sundance debut on January 23. kg-01.17.07

30 Seconds with Phone Guy. jc-01.17.07

Mograf spot by Marcelo Garcia for the Virtuosi International Music Festival. jc-01.17.07

After a few years off Sophie returns with Catch You. dw-01.13.07

Speaking of Reno 911... Miami. dw-01.12.07

Trailer for the new movie The Lookout. ms-01.11.07

Tears of the Black Tiger trailer. Glorious. Via Very Short List. jc-01.11.07

American Look part one, two, three. Via Core77. dw-01.10.07

Zidane playing 5-a-side. jc-01.09.07

So simple, so lovely. What Happened to Me on Friday.... Via Zach Klein. sd-01.09.07

Trailer for Into Great Silence. dw-01.05.07

Trailer for Shooter. dw-01.03.07

I've posted the trailer before for Alfonso Cuaron's The Children of Men but I saw the movie this weekend and it's brilliant. Thought provoking, harrowing and heartbreaking, it's the kind of movie that stays with you for days afterwards. It's in limited release now so if it's near you, do yourself a favor and go see it. ms-01.02.07

Hillman Curtis' Roof. jc-12.30.06

Trailer for the movie The Lives of Others. ms-12.29.06

Trailer for Miss Potter. dw-12.29.06

Rise of the Silver Surfer trailer. jc-12.28.06

Trailer for the movie The Dead Girl. ms-12.27.06

Trailer for the documentary God Grew Tired of Us. ms-12.22.06

Trailer for the Jane Campion documentary Abduction; the Megumi Yokota story. ms-12.22.06

Maybe I'm just getting punchy after a long stretch at the mouse, but sometimes it's great when nothing happens. jc-12.21.06

PAM makes kinetic pictures with noises. Via NT. jc-12.21.06

Flow, 100% full CG water from R&D to final. jc-12.14.06

Remember What It Was Like Before Southwest Airlines? from '72. Via Swissmiss. sd-12.11.06

Cornelius Music Video. Sweet song. jc-12.11.06

A Christmas must: Mr. Bean's manger. bb-12.08.06

Germany vs. Greece. jc-12.08.06

"My grandfather, Al Hirschfeld creates a Paul Newman caricature." jc-12.06.06

Trailer for the movie Perfume. ms-12.05.06

Trailer for The Architect. dw-12.03.06

Sundance announces the films chosen for this year's festival. ms-11.30.06

Gorgeous trailer for the Cimatics 06 Festival. Via Cpluv. jc-11.30.06

Le Pivot by Director Takeo Hatai and Sound Artist Junichi Oguro for PS3. jc-11.28.06

Gianluigi Toccafondo's La Coda is made of "about 1200 drawings about the movings of Buster Keaton, which I photographed and xeroxed on small sheets, then painted and filmed with a 35mm camera." Sweet. jc-11.28.06

Viral Learning Center video. Genius. Via jc-11.27.06

Un Homme et Une Femme Project's La Falaise (The Cliff), by Francois Nemeta. jc-11.27.06

Vintage German TV spots. jc-11.24.06

Pearls Are a Nuisance, a minidoc on designer Art Chantry. Via The DDC. jc-11.22.06

GCD coverage of Robert Altman, 1925-2006. I'm with Ebert, "Robert Altman has made a dozen films that can be called great in one way or another, but one of them is perfect." Time to watch McCabe & Mrs. Miller again. jc-11.21.06

For SE and BB, the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. ms-11.20.06

Trailer for the movie The Aura. ms-11.17.06

Brilliant, trailer for David Fincher's Zodiac. ms-11.16.06

Vid of the moment, Faithless' Bombs. dw-11.16.06

Trailer for the film Factory Girl. ms-11.16.06

Rubiks, Eggs and Babydoll. By Asylum for PS3. jc-11.16.06

Teaser for Damian Nenow's next animated film, Paths of Hate. Via cpluv. jc-11.15.06

Ant writes, "I hate to admit it... but it looks like a blast." Darkon, the trailer. Weeeh. jc-11.14.06

Trailer for Kon Fai Bin (Dynamite Warriors). Via Green Cine Daily. jc-11.14.06

For Kev and bb, trailer for The Simpsons Movie. ms-11.13.06

"In appreciation of the stylists of America who work in line and color, forms and textures and colors." Via Netdiver. jc-11.13.06

High T3ch lists twenty spots each from Japan and France. Fun. Via Adland. jc-11.10.06

Vid of the moment. Muse's Knights of Cydonia. jc-11.09.06

Trailer for Guca. jc-11.08.06

The State's "First Election" Sketch. sd-11.07.06

Spot for the VW Touran. Via Cpluv. jc-11.07.06

Sexual Consent. jc-11.03.06

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but who says creepy has to be kept to just one day? Paul Williams' beautifully shot It's Okay to Drink Whiskey. sd-11.01.06

Bath Time. jc-11.01.06

Chris Sargent's Storms spot for WWF. Via AdFreak. sd-10.31.06

Trailer for the film Smokin' Aces. ms-10.30.06

Envisioning data and data dumps. Via Cpluv. jc-10.30.06

The best of Pitagora Suicchi. Via One Last Word. jc-10.30.06

Noted without comment. The Bear and the Geisha. jc-10.27.06

Gilliamesque promo animation for Fuzzy Warbles. Here's an interview with Partridge, from earlier this summer. jc-10.24.06

Heads up Jason. An Audi spot without an Audi, directed by David Ruiz. jc-10.23.06

Trailer for the film The Good German. ms-10.19.06

Trailer for the film Unknown. ms-10.18.06

Dove Evolution. dw-10.18.06

Making of 300. jc-10.17.06

Why I didn't like Cabin Fever. dw-10.16.06

Elegant, hypnotic timelapse footage, and some not so much like that. Via GaB. jc-10.16.06

Sweet Mannix intro, from the aptly named Main Title Heaven. Via PCL. jc-10.15.06

Ricky Gervais on Room 101 with Paul Merton. Parts one, two and three. jw-10.14.06

You Big Fat Liar! jw-10.14.06

Godard's 1986 Meetin' WA. Smart post about the film too. jc-10.13.06

Trailer for the documentary So Much, So Fast. ms-10.11.06

Trailer for 300. Woah. jc-10.11.06

Noted without comment: the IFOCE Thanks, AsianMack. bb-10.09.06

Cheezy but entertaining trailer for that other New York, New York. jc-10.09.06

Moby & Debbie Harry New York, New York dw-10.09.06

Jumping through Tokyo. dw-10.06.06

"Let's do a classic physics experiment called The Ruben's Tube. It involves open flames and some people have issues with open flames. So..." jc-10.06.06

Speaking of tours, check Finkbuilt's. "Sometime around 1988 I stuck my thrift store Bauer Super 8 camera out the sunroof of a VW Bug and squeezed the plunger of the shutter release cable, taking single frames all the way from Olympia to Seattle." jc-10.03.06

Beauty is the Promise of Happiness, a short film by Jon Yeo. jc-10.02.06

Chris Milk's latest for Gnarls Barkley's Gone Daddy Gone. I feel itchy. jc-09.29.06

Video of the moment, Flowers by Emilie Simon. Via Arjan. dw-09.28.06

Karramarro writes that Don Justo, linked earlier, appears in an Aquarius beverages tv spot. all-09.26.06

Two new Aaron Ruell spots: "Miranda" and "Terrance." Via AdFreak. sd-09.26.06

Psyop for Shell. jc-09.26.06

Chris Glass created a nice little video review of Ed Emberly's Make a World book series. "Maybe I just got sucked in right away by the trippy dude-ly handwriting of the title." jc-09.23.06

An oldie but a goodie, randomly remembered. MC Solaar's Le Nouveau Western. sd-09.22.06

A nice day out, at 1000fps. Green Spirit by Ramon Bloomberg. sd-09.21.06

The Joy of Living With Fragrance. From Coop. all-09.21.06

Japanese trailer for Godard's À bout de souffle (Breathless). Via Kevin Broome's search for master filmmakers on youTube. jc-09.21.06

Trailer for Fur. dw-09.19.06

Two posts without comment: QVC sword sale and a Knorkator music vid. sd-09.18.06

Music vid of the moment: Alpen's Start Now, by Nelson Alves. sd-09.18.06

"Advertising. An exciting vocation for any person who yearns to have their creativity ignored by thousands, maybe even millions of people." Enter the Copywriter from McCann. Via Russell Davis. jc-09.18.06

Song of the day. Baby Blue '65. jc-09.15.06

Trailer for The Treasures of Long Gone John. Can't wait. sd-09.14.06

Dael Oates' vid for Telemetry Orchestra. Via Feed. jc-09.14.06

"Here's a spot to promote Creativity's No Spot Film Fest done by the smart alecs at Creativity, Randy Krallman and Lowe." Only perfect. From Åsk. all-09.13.06

This Casino Royale trailer actually looks promising. If it's a bust, we'll always have the old posters and gadgets. jc-09.13.06

Japanese Nintendo spot. Cool stunts, cooler soundtrack. jc-09.12.06

Airside's UEFA Cup idents for Sony Bravia. So nice. Via Feed. jc-09.11.06

Shynola's the Littlest Robo. jc-09.11.06

Mark Frauenfelder interviews artist Coop. jc-09.07.06

"Most people in the world are nice but unfortunately there are some strange ones. These strange ones are sick, not sick with colds or measles, but sick in the mind." jc-09.06.06

Maas Digital Mars Exploration Rover Animation. Thanks Carlos. jc-09.05.06

Crime Scene Greenpoint is a short, haunting, wordless doc by Christopher Arcella. jc-09.04.06

Sweet London timelapse clip. Via Fosfor. jc-09.01.06

Music vid & song for the morning. Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancin'. dw-09.01.06

Music vid of the moment: Bob Dylan's When the Deal Goes Down, by Bennett Miller. sd-08.31.06

Brilliant. Trailer for the next film in an ongoing documentary series of films following British kids from age seven on up. This entry is 49 Up. ms-08.31.06

Wow, goosebumps. Trailer for the documentary The Bridge. ms-08.30.06

Trailer for Curse of the Golden Flower. ms-08.30.06

Wondrous Oblivion. dw-08.29.06

"The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film represented Richard Lester's first effort as a film director. At 27, he was an overeducated American-born whiz kid and pop culture polymath who'd made good across the Atlantic." Via Green Cine Daily. jc-08.28.06

Music vid of the moment: Of Montreal's Wraith Pined to the Mist. Via Chris Glass. sd-08.28.06

The Queen. dw-08.26.06

Trailer for the documentary Jesus Camp . ms-08.25.06

Trailer for Todd Field's Little Children . ms-08.25.06

For sd... Shakira. dw-08.23.06

Trailer for All the King's Men . ms-08.23.06

Stash Magazine presents the winners of the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards. The three category winners and runners-up were selected from among hundreds of entries by an international panel of 16 judges from all parts of the animation, vfx and motion design industry. Hotness. av-08.22.06

Jump in "The Hoff's" car. dw-08.21.06

Trailer for Infamous. ms-08.18.06

Trailer for Fast Food Nation. ms-08.16.06

How Are Crayons Made? sd-08.15.06

TMNT trailer. jc-08.14.06

Perfect Image. Perfect Spot. jc-08.12.06

You don't need to speak Dutch to appreciate this web design recruitment video from Rhinofly. jc-08.11.06

Baby C'mon. jc-08.11.06

Music video made from over 16,000 digital pics. Via Blurbism. jc-08.09.06

Ahree Lee's Me. Via DO jc-08.09.06

Edie Sedgwick: The Ciao Manhattan Tapes. jc-08.05.06

A nice and simple Nike spot based a concept by South African artist Robin Rhode. av-08.05.06

"Too fat on the beach? OK, I have my coach Zazon who helps me! At the end you will discover a course of collective aerobics directed by Veronique, the most famous of the professors of aerobics in France." Bonjour America #28. dw-08.04.06

Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager. Via Clicked. jc-08.03.06

Trailer for The Grudge 2. ms-08.03.06

OK Go's return to the choreographed dance routine. sd-08.02.06

The mighty Light Stage 6. A technically gorgeous lighting rig. If the multiple pictures don't impress you, check out the demo movie (well worth the wait). av-08.02.06

And lest we forget that other Stranger Than... film, a Japanese trailer for Stranger Than Paradise. sd-08.01.06

Trailer for Stranger Than Fiction. ms-08.01.06

Trailer for Martin Scorsese's new film The Departed. ms-07.30.06

From the director of the brilliant Amores Perros and 21 Grams , the trailer for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's new film Babel. ms-07.28.06

787 Cliparts in a loop. Thanks Ant. jc-07.28.06

Trailer for Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia. ms-07.28.06

Trailer for Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox. Via Torrez. sd-07.27.06

Trailer for The Quay Brothers' "The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes". ms-07.26.06

Half an hour of lost footge from the film Ciao! Manhattan. Totally fab. Via America's No. 1 Website. jc-07.26.06

Orson Welles was a hero. But not for everything he did. Thanks DF. jc-07.25.06

Day Dream, sweet spot for the Mini-Cooper from Bl:nd. jc-07.25.06

1952 animated Orangina spot from North Africa. Via Chris Glass. jc-07.25.06

Three Japanese students use everything in their apartment as dominoes, even the toast. jc-07.24.06

Flat Life. jc-07.21.06

Trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men". ms-07.21.06

Trailer for the visually stunning "Climates". ms-07.20.06

Fab original trailer for Bonnie and Clyde. jc-07.20.06

Trailer for "Renaissance". ms-07.19.06

Song of the moment. Solla Enna Perumai. Oh yes. jc-07.18.06

Human Space Invaders. jc-07.17.06

For Coop. "OK Susan, how many fingers am I holding up?" jc-07.17.06

Invisible Boards. Via Lorbus. sd-07.13.06

Burning Safari. Via Clicked. jc-07.13.06

Mandatory viewing. Identity package for Channel 4 in the UK. Via 1+1=3 which is not to be confused with 1+1=1. jc-07.12.06

Helios' spot for Nokia. Boom. sd-07.11.06

Song of the moment, Cansei De Ser Sexy's Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above. jc-07.11.06

Trailer for "American Hardcore". For BB. ms-07.11.06

Zorlonn of the River. sd-07.10.06

Diversion. Via 30gms. jc-07.10.06

It's a movie. You should do something. Via GCD. jc-07.10.06

Science of Sleep trailer. jc-07.08.06

Just because it's entirely too quiet today, everybody "Jump". ms-07.06.06

Trailer for "Hollywoodland". ms-07.06.06

Hidden footage of the 2006 Italy Training Camp. (Actually a 2004 ad for the Guardian) bb-07.05.06

Draw the Pirate. sd-07.05.06

Ruben Fleischer's Phone Tag. sd-07.05.06

Japanese children foundation ad. jc-07.05.06

Crash & Sue's Kickboxing video. Very short and very sweet. Via Stash. jc-07.03.06

Ark trailer. A film by Grzegorz Jonkajtys and Marcin Kobylecki Via Stash. jc-06.30.06

Trailer for Renaissance. ms-06.30.06

"Happiness Factory," noted by Ant, "Speechless on this one. Psyop is killing it lately." jc-06.29.06

The Little Girl Giant woke up in her deckchair at Horseguards Parade after another good nights sleep, took a shower from the Sultans Elephant, got dressed, and wandered off for a play in St James' Park. cg-06.28.06

"In love, a blaze of passion. In action, a blaze of fury. In dress, a blaze of elegance. In all things, Modesty." Modesty Blaise. Via EotG. jc-06.28.06

Tyger. jc-06.28.06

Starlings. se-06.27.06

Stanley Goes For a Drive by Craig Frazier. jc-06.27.06

Song and music vid of the moment. Dungen Festival, produced by Zeroh. jc-06.27.06

Design Barcode, a Titanium Lion winner at Cannes. Thanks Sergei. jc-06.26.06

IBB. jw-06.25.06

Trailer for Luc Besson's Angel-A. jc-06.23.06

More philosophy and football from Monty Python. bb-06.22.06

Monty Python's International Philosophy match. se-06.22.06

Noted without comment. The Horror of BodyFlex. Via America's No. 1 Website. jc-06.22.06

Heather Powazek Champ's 10 seconds. A 10 second video clip each day. cg-06.20.06

All's Fair. Thanks Ches. jc-06.19.06

Video clips from the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. Via Byrdhouse. sd-06.19.06

Music vid of the moment: Rainer Maria's Catastrophe. sd-06.19.06

Tango, winner of the '83 Oscar for animated short. sd-06.16.06

Three soldiers in Iraq film their year in combat. ms-06.15.06

Noted without comment. Via America's No. 1 Website. jc-06.14.06

IN Gear. Fab. Via Veer. jc-06.13.06

Ahh, client meetings. jc-06.12.06

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Foutaises. Fab. Via TMN. jc-06.07.06

Ant writes, "The new Scion spots are dope. By Shilo, Stardust and Blind." jc-06.07.06

The Guardians of Childhood trailer. jc-06.07.06

This man is making lots of changes in New York. A movie, via Negatendo. cg-06.03.06

Drum balls. Thanks Carlos. jc-06.01.06

Trailer for a music vid for every song project for Sean Lennon's new album. sd-05.30.06

Heartbreaking and elegant vid for Holly Throsby's We're Good People But Why Don't We Show It? by Mike Daly. "A single shot of thousands of shots. Recorded using the MPEG Movie function of a small cheap digital stills camera." jc-05.30.06

A few hundred music videos from '80s bands. Promise you won't match them to book titles. bb-05.26.06

"Sort of like the Shaggs, GWAR, Donny and Marie, ER and Jerry Falwell all rolled into one". Clip from Danielson: A Family Movie. se-05.25.06

Another long-lost video clip turns up on YouTube: Me and my Vespa club buddies on WTTW's Wild Chicago in 2000. bb-05.24.06

Incomprehensible, disturbing, beautiful French trailer for György Pálfi's Taxidermia. Via Twitch. jc-05.20.06

Tim writes, "Check this Faithless video set to an amazing show put on in North Korea called The Games. Especially love the human pixels." jc-05.19.06

A journey through the evolution of Western dance from the Twist to the Hey Ya, Judson Laipply: History of dance. Thanks Dad. bb-05.18.06

Couple of clips from the new Channel 4 series Dog Almighty. Via BBLinks. sd-05.16.06

Ant writes, "Sci-fi/western anime hybrid at its absolute best."' jc-05.15.06

Christopher Phin reports, "The BBC inadvertently mistook a cabbie at the studio there to collect technology expert Guy Kewney for technology expert Guy Kewney..." jc-05.15.06

Harry Shearer's "The Making of You Wouldn't Believe Our World. Via America's No. 1 Website. jc-05.12.06

Sinatra and Jobim. Fantastic. bb-05.12.06

TYGER by Guilherme Marcondes. dw-05.11.06

Stuff getting shredded. jc-05.11.06

I was excited to see Adidas' World Cup advertisement during the Red Sox/Yankees game last night. It features UK artist Jim Noir, managed by our friend and partner in The Show, Richard Jones. Jim will be performing in Chicago at Lollapalooza this year. jw-05.10.06

Ken Webb's '93 student film, The Waiters, made with most of the members of The State. sd-05.09.06

Zappa on Crossfire '86. Frank's nod at the camera is worth a look all by itself. Via FF. jc-05.09.06

More time-lapse video. This time, FedEx planes avoid a thunderstorm. jw-05.09.06

Haunting and methodical, Anthony Kurtz's Which Side Is Real?. Check his excellent photo series too. jc-05.08.06

Retro Broadcast IDs. jc-05.02.06

Oliver Laric's Flying Dropkick. sd-05.02.06

Hmm. John Hodgman playing a PC is the best thing in yet another boring, unimaginative set of new Apple spots. Not as lame as this but it does make you sort of long for the good old days. Or even for the days when they at least tried. jc-05.02.06

Saint & Mather's Prey Alone "is almost entirely digitally created. In fact the only elements of live action in the movie are the actors and some hand props." Don't miss the trailer. Phew. jc-05.02.06

Teaser trailer for the documentary Wordplay. ms-05.01.06

Genesis Fountain of Salmacis 1971. Wow. Via WFMU. jc-04.28.06

Studio Dialog Spring Reel. Via NetDiver. jc-04.27.06

Sikhs On A Train. "Chaiyya Chayyia" from the film Dil Se. Fab. Give Greg credit and/or blame for the pun. jc-04.27.06

The best four minutes of A Hard Day's Night: "That pose is out, too, Sonny Jim!" bb-04.26.06

Video of the moment, Imogen Heap's Goodnight & Go. dw-04.26.06

Trailer for Pagan Island. Via YBNBY. jc-04.25.06

Panique au village. jc-04.25.06

The complete documentary, Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority Study. Via this comprehensive entry at WFMU's Beware of the Blog jc-04.24.06

TOBTM, '83 Clampdown. jc-04.21.06

Trailer for the documentary Sketches of Frank Gehry. ms-04.20.06

Westinghouse '68 Match Your Mood. Great score. Hang in there until the chick in the green dress. So sexy. Via Firewheel. jc-04.20.06

Glossy's spot for Knorr. Try not to smile. jc-04.19.06

More people voting for a pop idol than for a president? Say it isn't so. The trailer for American Dreamz. dw-04.19.06

Music vid of the moment: Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push. Lots of recognizable locations nearby the CP studio. sd-04.19.06

ASCII movie clip of The Incredibles. dw-04.17.06

Airport by Iain Anderson. jc-04.17.06

The Infadels Love Like Semtex. Via Arjan. dw-04.14.06

Ne-o's Humanity for Toyota. jc-04.14.06

The long-awaited first music vid by Boards of Canada: Melissa Olson's Dayvan Cowboy. sd-04.13.06

Pink. jc-04.12.06

Aaron Ruell's beautiful short, Everything's Gone Green sd-04.12.06

Trailer for Benjamin M. Piety's The Lonely Lights. The Color of Lemons. jc-04.12.06

A Meditation On the Speed Limit (stick around for the end). Via Byrdhouse. sd-04.11.06

Banksy outdoor. jc-04.11.06

Music vid of the moment: Tiga's Far From Home sd-04.10.06

Legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko reminisces about his life, his father's bar and 16-inch softball in a film by pal Scott Jacobs. Royko at the Goat. jc-04.10.06

Looks like rain. jc-04.07.06

Little Miss Sunshine trailer. jc-04.06.06

Three Years in Three Minutes. jc-04.06.06

Trailer for 4. jc-04.05.06

Gorgeous and stupid. The Call. jc-04.05.06

The Simpsons Movie teaser trailer. Via AdFreak. sd-04.03.06

A favorite of the moment: Jon Watt's music vid for Switchfoot: We Are One. Waverly does it again. sd-03.30.06

Build an Airbus A380 in 7 Minutes. bb-03.27.06

Music video of the decade. Just not this one. Wir 6 von der Müllabfuhr! jc-03.27.06

Unheard Film. jc-03.24.06

Trapped In The Web Of Love. jc-03.24.06

Trailer for Fidibus. No idea. jc-03.23.06

Interpretive Juggling to Abbey Road bb-03.21.06

La Linea. jc-03.21.06

The Beastie Boys gave 50 audience members cameras to record their 2004 Madison Square Garden concert. Here's the trailer for the resulting film, "Awesome..I shot that!" ms-03.20.06

Ant writes, "Karni + Saul's music video for Micah P Hinson's Beneath the Rose is quite charming." jc-03.20.06

Great ad: German Coastguard. bb-03.17.06

"My name is Sjan, I'm a food photographer for one of the big three: IHOP, Norm's, Denny's." Via AdRag. sd-03.16.06

Don't know much about this, other than this is how I like my sc-fi space-ship tracking shots. jc-03.16.06

Cashback. jc-03.15.06

Music vid of the moment: Mellowdrome's Oh My. sd-03.09.06

Trailer for Layer Cake. jc-03.09.06

Trailer for 10 mph. jc-03.08.06

Spot of the moment, Final Fantasy 12: Potion. Via Airspace Workshop. jc-03.08.06

Dyson Reversal of Fortune commercial. dw-03.07.06

Makes perfect sense. Trailer from Frank Zappa's cult classic 200 Motels. sd-03.07.06

Trailer for the yet-to-be-released Matthew Barney documentary. Via Happy Accidents. sd-03.06.06

Big, sloppy Charlie from TOBTM, in Tokyo. Pretty good year, all things considered. jc-03.02.06

Trailer for "Thank You For Smoking". ms-03.02.06

Dove's extended spots. All we ask is to just watch them for the seemless edits. Very impressive. AdFreak. sd-03.02.06

Johnny Hardstaff's History of Gaming and his Archive 06. jc-03.01.06

Inside a Bathing Ape. jc-02.28.06

Trailer for Lonesome Jim. On a personal note, can't wait to see it because they shot it on the same cameras we shot Copy Goes Here with. sd-02.28.06

"Three middle-aged 'girls' who were International Checkers of the Year in the early sixties demonstrate how to check out groceries." Go Rose go. If you're really lucky, maybe you can get a job in this beauty. jc-02.28.06

Trailer for Tachiguishi Retsuden. Mamoru Oshii's animated film made up almost exclusively of cut-outs from 30,000 photos taken over 5 days. Wild. Via Cartoon Brew. jc-02.27.06

Microsoft redesigns the iPod packaging. se-02.27.06

Project 15 trailer. Very weird. sd-02.27.06

We've added a new category and icon to Fresh Signals, it's Film Feed and it contains links, mostly without comment, to interesting short films, musicvids, spots, trailers and the like. Think of it as CPTV for those who share our brutally short attention span. A key to the icons can be found on Page Two. jc-02.27.06

We are sinking. jc-02.27.06

2000 pix spliced together to simulate video promoting UrbanMedium & DJ Spider's The Heavy Ammunition Project. jc-02.24.06

Haunting trailer for War by Jake Mahaffy of Handcranked. Via Twitch. jc-02.24.06

We'll be right back after this message from our sponsor. jc-02.24.06

"I am the devil, but you can call me Toby if you like." jc-02.21.06

Swedish metal and curling. Hearts On Fire. It seems so obvious, why didn't anyone think of that combo before? Via Linkbitch. jc-02.16.06

Sizing-Up Lebowski. Via GCD. jc-02.15.06

The final cut of Chris Milk's extrafly video for Kanye West's Touch the Sky. jc-02.15.06

Stay On the Clown. jc-02.14.06

Trailer for Film Geek. jc-02.10.06

Lucky. Er, maybe not so much. jc-02.09.06

Nice mini-doc on the making of Jamie Caliri's United Airlines spot, Dragon. Via Airbag. jc-02.08.06

Trailer for Wim Wender's film, "Don't Come Knocking". ms-02.07.06

Trailer two for Christian Volckman's animated, bxw, sci-fi film Renaissance. jc-02.03.06

Bob Dylan, a film by Andy Warhol, 1965. jc-02.02.06

Warhol TDK commercial. jc-01.31.06

I Use Magic: Morning. Shot entirely on a digital SLR still camera. Via Shoepal. jc-01.26.06

A rare exception to the 'don't post clumsy Real links' rule. John Lennon interviewed on Swedish TV, 1964. Fun. jc-01.25.06

Scratch 'n Spin the world. jc-01.25.06

Trippy Dutch TV footage of The Soft Machine from 1967. jc-01.25.06

Sublime. A teen-aged Jodie Foster, singing in French. jc-01.20.06

CP alum Ant points to flying dogs in slow motion with laser beams. But he would. jc-01.18.06

Trailer for Renaissance, French. Animated. Sci-Fi. All in hi-contrast, beautiful bxw. jc-01.16.06

For dw and ms: Bathroom Monkey! bb-01.13.06

Siskel vs Ebert AND the Movies. bb-01.13.06

All the Swiss bloggers in thirty seconds. Via Paperholic. jc-01.13.06

Trailer for Cache. Creepy. jc-01.13.06

We're suckers for 'how things are made' videos, like Sharpies for example. Thanks Ches. jc-01.12.06

A sexy ode to the microwave. Via Screenhead. bb-01.06.06

The Super Bowl Shuffle studio musicians reunite two years later in Calgary. bb-01.03.06

Chouque, a short film by Nacho Vigalondo. Bumper car road rage. Fabulous. Via (of course) Twitch. jc-01.01.06

Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's "Bubble". ms-12.29.05

Just in case you've forgotten how not to be seen. jc-12.28.05

Annushka has already spilled the oil: Russian TV's Master and Margarita site/trailer. bb-12.22.05

"Happy Christmas your ass, I pray God it's our last." Pogues, A Fairytale Of New York jc-12.22.05

Simple, perfect spot for 'The 2 Second Tent' jc-12.22.05

Behind the video, Closerlook's holiday production. With pal Ryan with the riding crop. jc-12.21.05

Styling Sushi-tutorial. Cute. "In a group of 3 say 'three', however in a group of one you should always show a little guilt in your eyes." jc-12.20.05

The Cathedral. jc-12.19.05

Happy families relaxing with firearms. jc-12.16.05

"So what do you want?" jc-12.15.05

If you're going to start your day with a cartoon, this is the one for today. Arthur De Pin's A Bed of Roses. "C'est fini." jc-12.15.05

Creey Beeb 'head of heads' spot. jc-12.14.05

"The Da Vinci Code" trailer ms-12.14.05

Theatrical trailer for Kazuya Konaka's Mirrorman: Reflex. jc-12.14.05

Good corporate advice. Disconfirmation. jc-12.12.05

Sometimes it feels like this on a busy Jewelboxing day. jc-12.12.05

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers. Thanks Ant. jc-12.11.05

Trailer for Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" ms-12.09.05

Jimi, Wind Cries Mary, '67 Stockholm. jc-12.09.05

Outlaw Biker Terminology. (nasty) jc-12.08.05

Cute: Terri Timely's "Persistent Vision." sd-12.07.05

Amazing Motorola spot by Smith & Foulkes. sd-12.07.05

Another Moment Machine favorite: "Born Into." sd-12.07.05

One long, gorgeous take, from Moment Machine jc-12.07.05

Man of Action, 1955 jc-12.07.05

Monster House trailer, written by the Channel 101 guys. sd-12.06.05

Simple and beautiful: Trioon I sd-12.06.05

X-Men 3 teaser trailer ms-12.06.05

Another reason to save trees jc-12.06.05

Honda Goes La Mancha sd-12.05.05

Channel 102's surprisingly funny Cat News. dw-12.01.05

Beautifully bad: Seward Highway Winter Driving PSA. sd-11.29.05

Music vid of the day: "Baby C'mon." sd-11.29.05

Original trailer for Chinatown jc-11.25.05

Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's "Lady in The Water." ms-11.22.05

Once again: Walk The Line. ms-11.21.05

Clever new video for Weezer. sd-11.21.05

Smart tv spot for Now Magazine. jc-11.21.05

Spike Jonze's How'd They Get There? jc-11.21.05

"Ah, this is the Detroit I know and love." jc-11.21.05

Music vid: The Rumble Strips' "Motorcycle." sd-11.17.05

Tony Roche's How To Tell When the Relationship is Over. jc-11.16.05

Aardman's terrific spot for Johnnie Walker. sd-11.14.05

Music vid: John Vanderslice's Exodus Damage. sd-11.11.05

Trailers: Steven Spielberg's "Munich" and Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain" ms-11.10.05

Music vid: Gondry's latest for the White Stripes. sd-11.09.05

Claude Lelouch's amazing 1978 Ferrari-mounted film. sd-11.09.05

No idea what's going on in this trailer for Kamikaze Girls. jc-11.04.05

Trailer for some little movie about an giant ape and a girl. ms-11.04.05

Great little promo film for new ad agency, Pocket Hercules. jc-11.01.05

A clever spot for Alto. sd-10.27.05

Sweet trailer for 5-25-77. jc-10.24.05

Music vid: Hello Kate Bush. jc-10.24.05

Best thing seen at RESFest this past weekend: Jared Hess' Winner Take Steve. sd-10.11.05

Screwback, a short, wicked gangster flick by Brian O'Malley. jc-10.08.05

Chris Milk's new music vid for Audioslave. sd-09.27.05

Music vid: Hard 'n Phirm's "Pi" by Keith Schofield. sd-09.27.05

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