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Embroidery tattoos. dw-08.02.19

"Explore five iconic spacesuits in 3-D and more than 50 years of spaceflight in a dialogue between The Washington Post's space industry reporter Christian Davenport and fashion critic Robin Givhan. How to Dress for Space. ms-07.22.19

Sotheby's Sneaker Auction has sold out with the exception of one lot, the 1972 Nike Moon Shoe. The Nike "Moon Shoe" is one of the most significant artifacts in the history of the multi-billion dollar athletic brand. One of only a handful of pairs known to exist, this Moon Shoe is a handmade running shoe designed by Nike co-founder and legendary Oregon University track coach Bill Bowerman. Bidding starts at $80,000.00. ms-07.17.19

Our pal Phineas made a t-shirt of the Mueller Report, and you need it. bb-04.18.19

Clint Howard's "Eaglebauer" jacket in Rock and Roll High School sent me down a Watkins Sportswear rabbit hole. bb-02.05.19

The Great Recession inspired minimalism in clothes, homes, and branding. ms-01.17.19

"The Royal Ascot is an annual five-day horse-race meeting held on a course outside of London, England, with racehorses competing for nearly $18 million in prizes. It is a major event for both racing and fashion fans, and is regularly attended by Queen Elizabeth II and other royalty. Parts of the racecourse maintain a "top hats and tails" rule for men, while many women dress in eye-catching outfits, often topped by hats that can be described as architectural, whimsical, grandiose, sculptural, or just over-the-top. ms-06.25.18

The theme for this year's Met Gala was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". You can take a look at the Vogue Best Dressed List here. ms-05.08.18

Chromatin is the animated variation of Medina Dugger's Chroma photo project which celebrates women's hairstyles in Nigeria. dw-09.27.17

Wonderful article, Fashion, the Beauty (and Challenge) of looking Back ms-09.19.17

"In 1973, Lella and Massimo Vignelli invited a number of other star designers to join them in making proposals to American Optical for a new 'Designer's Line.'" bb-08.17.17

Comic book jewelry. dw-08.14.17

A huge collection of vintage sewing patterns. ms-07.10.17

Friend of the Agency, Jeremy Quinn noticed that the Dodgers logo could be slightly altered to look like something else. "Since I am way more into space stuff than baseball, I whipped up some shirts in memory of Sputnik I." sd-06.26.17

The peacocks are out at Pitti Uomo 2017. ms-06.19.17

A trip to the Russian bathhouse the other night got me searching for the perfect sauna hat: saunahats.com, Expert Sauna, and borvf.ru all have some pretty great ones. Prepare yourself for the fashion trend of 2018! bb-05.19.17

Somewhere out there, a retail copywriter hangs his/her head in shame. ms-03.16.17

"A piece of fabric described as the Holy Grail of fashion history will become one of the star attractions at Hampton Court Palace after it was identified as the only surviving piece of clothing worn by Elizabeth I." ms-01.10.17

"Found this knitting pattern book in a second hand book sale – felt the need to share them with the world. No, I won't post patterns, buy the book if you want to make them." Wit Knits. dw-11.07.16

"The St. John's IceCaps today proudly revealed design details of their new Royal Newfoundland Regiment tribute jersey which will be worn during Military Appreciation Weekend, November 25th-26th at Mile One Centre." Want. jc-10.11.16

Uni-nerd alert. The annual NHL Uniform Season Preview by Paul Lukas. Dig the new Panthers identity, not sure what to make of the Flyers 50th Anniversary sweater. Toronto St. Pats! jc-10.07.16

My Son, The Prince Of Fashion, by Michael Chabon. Great piece. jc-09.28.16

"...does not signal striving. Maybe this is why people wear it on weekends or days off; it's not associated with work, even though it's supposedly utilitarian." What Fashion Anthropologists Think About the Relentless Cargo-Shorts Boom. by Drake Baer. jc-09.26.16

Chris Hughes "gathered the most popular beer that originates and is brewed from each country competing at the Euro 2016 championships in France. The kits were redesigned to represent each beer." Nice job. Spain is pretty sweet. jc-06.29.16

"The Indians wore numbers on the sleeves of their baseball blouses which tallied with those opposite their names on the scorecard." 100 years ago. jc-06.24.16

Illustrated wooden jewelry by Kate Rowland. dw-06.20.16

"The sudden popularity of the Beehive is hard to explain, as though it stepped fully formed out of its first editorial into every bathroom in America, only to die slowly, entombed in grandma's Jello 'salad.' But the super stacked style was one woman's conscious creation." dw-06.16.16

Licensed pro-sports-team merchandise targeted at women is the worst. bb-05.11.16

So you know, why the Vans Classic Slip-On will never fall off. Wearing mine today. ms-04.06.16

2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. jc-03.08.16

Every color scheme in Major League Baseball history, by Chris Creamer (of course). Thanks Andrew. jc-02.25.16

"I didn't want it be a design column that happened to be about sports, I wanted it to be a sports column that happened to be about design." The Minutiae Man: Paul Lukas and the Uni-verse, by B. David Zarley. jc-02.25.16

Maybe we need to get these cat head motorcycle helmets for the office. eg-02.15.16

Celebrating what would have been 50 Years of California Golden Seals Hockey. jc-02.10.16

For BB, Converse launches their Chuck Taylor Sex Pistols collection. ms-01.08.16

The NBA Christmas Day throwback uniforms are swell. jc-10.30.15

GQ takes a look at how The Smiths pioneered Normcore. ms-09.21.15

Even the model is like "Are you f*cking kidding me with this coat?". ms-09.08.15

"Vogue 100: A Century of Style will showcase the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916, with over 280 prints from the Conde Nast archive and international collections being shown together for the first time to tell the story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world." ms-09.08.15

"...by 1880 she was the most celebrated actress in Paris - she had become la devine Sarah." jc-09.01.15

Gear Patrol gives us their picks for the 50 Best Menswear Shops in America. Lots of Field Notes retailers on that list. ms-08.27.15

Leslie Schilling, the costume designer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, discusses the show's most memorable looks. dw-08.06.15

GQ takes a look at 10 Models who look totally bummed to be modeling at this week's first-ever Men's Fashion Week in NYC. ms-07.17.15

The Stylehunters of Soviet Russia. ms-06.01.15

An animated history of 20th century hairstyles. dw-04.22.15

BADDIE, stealing your man since 1928. dw-04.17.15

"Men never wore shorts when I was young. There are few things I would rather see less, to tell you the truth. I'd just as soon see someone coming toward me with a hand grenade." Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz. jc-03.25.15

Classy, new soccer kits for Team Norway by Nike. Not as understated as that other Norwegian team's uni, but nice all the same. jc-03.20.15

"Their company is called —what else?— Final Frontier Design. But before we join them in their East River atelier, we should discuss why the problem of what to wear in space has become so pressing." jc-03.17.15

Tis the season but the Fug ladies take March Madness to a new level with Fug Madness. Four brackets, Cher, Bjork, Madonna, and Charro. Get ready to tip that ball, y'all. ms-03.03.15

Jimmy Kimmel celebrates Photoshop's 25th birthday. bb-02.19.15

Cool bags by Jump From Paper. dw-02.16.15

Handmade LEGO masks by Isamaya Ffrench. dw-01.14.15

A dress for MS. dw-01.12.15

The Tokyo subculture of 1950s Rockabilly gangs. dw-01.07.15

"The shop window was stacked floor to ceiling with old blue Adidas boxes. Stuff from the '78 Argentina World Cup and before. I started having palpitations." jc-11.06.14

J. Crew's Madewell brand and how it got that way. Hint: it has nothing to do with 1937. Via TMN. jc-09.29.14

100 bucks to any CP guy who wears this to the office for a day. And allows pictures. On social media. And goes to Bari for subs in it. *Gauntlet Thrown* ms-09.25.14

Trey Wright's pop serenade to the almighty zipper. dw-08.29.14

On the fringes of London's street style with Damien Frost. dw-08.12.14

Just thought you should all know MS is wearing a Telnyashka today. bb-07.16.14

Air Max Lunar 1. Sweet. jc-07.07.14

Protect your noggin in style with these fashionable helmets for bikers and horseback riders. Via Cool Hunting. ms-06.27.14

The Guardian has a great interactive guide to World Cup Kits Throughout the Ages. ms-06.11.14

ACL on perhaps the greatest baseball uniforms of all time. jc-05.22.14

Hipsterbait, algo-generated hipster goading tees you can buy. jc-05.21.14

My go-to the night after the Met Gala for the always-important Fashion Critique, the Fug Ladies break it down. ms-05.06.14

Lovely, NASA images printed on silk and made into scarves. Via Another Something & Co.. ms-04.18.14

Unsure how to describe Jeans and Sheuxsss so maybe it's best to just not. sd-04.11.14

For the guys here in the office, The Worst Jerseys in the History of the NHL. Good Move, Mike. ms-04.03.14

Paul Lukas on all the uniform changes for this baseball season, including lots of new alternates and throwbacks. jc-04.02.14

Designer Neville Brody's work for the uniform for England's World Cup team. sd-04.01.14

Apropos of nothing, the big suit. jc-03.26.14

"You read Eyescream if your closet looks like you play in a Tokyo based mathrock band, with a floral jacket for every rainy day, plaid longshirts, and creeper soled Doc Martens." Navigating the World of Japanese Magazines, from ACL. jc-03.26.14

"I like the idea that one doesn't need their clothes to make a statement," says a person making a statement about the lack of statement their clothes are making. An article in New York about a fashion thing that could only be 'a thing' in that city: "Normcore." sd-02.27.14

Paul Lukas grades the Olympic hockey jerseys. jc-02.13.14

How a Simple Fabric Pattern Uplifted a Post-War Finland or, why Alissa Walker is the bomb. jc-02.10.14

A fun Style piece from the NY Times: "The Fashionable French Quarter." sd-01.28.14

Adidas and Run DMC paired up to create a sneaker based on Christmas in Hollis. Check the details here. ms-12.24.13

Link o' the month. Sad Etsy Boyfriends. Dedicated to the wretched creatures abused for economic gains by their Etsy girlfriends. Via Waxy. jc-10.18.13

This is either publicity for an upcoming William Gibson novel or R.U. Sirius ended up in the fashion world: Avoid facial recognition with RealFace Glamouflage. bb-10.07.13

Lovely. A Day in the Life of a British Clothing Factory. ms-09.17.13

Steve Ott of the Sabres decided to unveil Buffalo's new jerseys on Twitter this morning. So far people are hating it, I'm not so sure... jc-09.04.13

Guys with fancy lady hair. dw-08.26.13

"The store closed up when my great grandmother fell ill. She ran the store as long as she could until she passed away. They closed shop and it remained this way for over 40 years, mostly untouched." A look inside, after the family decided to unlock the door to see what might still be there. sd-08.19.13

Hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne. bb-06.11.13

Newspaper hats. dw-05.17.13

The Griz Coat, the original grizzly bear coat. sd-05.07.13

Eugène Séguy (1890-1985) was a French entomologist who published many portfolios of illustrations and designs from the turn of the century to the 1930s who worked in both the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. He then transformed these beautiful illustrations into textile designs. ab-04.26.13

Mario Troise specializes in product and brand development, and recently published a short video showing some of the process behind the famous Hermes scarves. ab-04.24.13

"This is Ali. He walks past my work every morning wearing great clothes." What Ali Wore. Via MeFi. ms-03.28.13

No, dammit. No. NO. ms-03.04.13

Overlook Hotel carpet knit cap. jdr-02.21.13

Brooklyn DIY Spacesuits. jdr-02.14.13

Fashion Film starring Lizzy Caplan. mcj-02.12.13

GQ interviews Macklemore about his thrift store shopping habits. You've seen the video, right? ms-01.31.13

I don't know which one I like better, this one or this one. ms-01.30.13

Hey, somebody get that dog some Field Notes. ms-01.29.13

Meet MAC Makeup's new model. Just don't piss her off. mm-01.08.13

So great, Sherlock and Moriarity tees. Via The Awesomer. ms-10.29.12

Did you really enjoy Moonrise Kingdom? Check out this line of Boy Scout-themed fashion accessories. dh-10.18.12

Vintage Workwear discusses the period costumes of Moonrise Kingdom, and how Wes Anderson came to borrow his boots. dh-10.17.12

Hey MS, you should get these shoes. dw-10.12.12

Little Artists Halloween costumes for kids. All around $15. dh-10.09.12

Space suit of the week, by Emilio Pucci, for Braniff Airlines, 1965. jc-10.08.12

Put This On, a web series about dressing like a grownup, visits Milan, a world fashion capital. dh-10.04.12

Nice new site for our occasional co-conspirators, Portland's Tanner Goods. jc-10.02.12

"And now, a selection of pieces from the just-released Hill-Side FW12 collection paired with GIFs that express how I feel about them." More reviews like this please. ms-10.02.12

For the lady who is both nerdy and fancy, dinosaur high heels. er-10.01.12

Gap stores have teamed up with GQ and will launch a capsule collection today featuring designs from the magazine's recently featured Best New Menswear Designers in America. You can check out some of the designers and their collections here. ms-09.27.12

It looks like the fashion company Prada just bought a green screen and is teaching itself iMovie. Good for them. sd-09.26.12

Pamela Love's Fashion Week pop-up tattoo parlor. er-09.16.12

Um, hello fashion industry, are you listening? First you tried to get us to buy Sasquatch boots, now you are telling me that this is a fashionable bag? Be right back, going to the store to buy a box of garbage bags and start my new handbag line... HoboHip. ms-09.12.12

Helvetitee, Type Here. dw-09.11.12

Sweet new site for United Pixelworkers. Yowza, that's a lot of tees. jc-09.11.12

Noted without comment, Sexy Sweaters. dw-08.31.12

"Bow on the top of her head means that Ann Mitchell is 'out to get herself a man.'" dw-08.28.12

Not only are Stutterheim's raincoats drop dead gorgeous, they have what may be the best company tagline in the garment industry. ms-08.28.12

Noted without comment, the facekini. dw-08.23.12

An excellent look at the History of 1960's fashion and textiles. ms-08.21.12

It's optimistic to post a tumblr with six entries, but Famous Album Covers Recreated with My Socks is going places. bb-08.08.12

Icethetics. Hockey unis and logos. jc-08.05.12

Andrew Lewicki made a Louis Vuitton waffle maker. Via Booooooom. dw-07.24.12

Posted without comment: a fashion show at the Barcelona Aquarium. sd-07.20.12

"Kate Moss was dropped from Burberry's ad campaigns after she was caught doing cocaine on camera. In 2011, their ads came under attack once again when Emma Watson's leg was Photoshopped out of a photo." Fashion Gossip: 12 Houses, So Much Drama. dw-07.11.12

Phil Hecken grades this year's "Throwbacks" for Uni Watch. Love the Houston Colt .45s. jc-06.19.12

"It's like the '90s all over again!" John K. for Stussy. sd-06.15.12

Nothing says "I'm a good listener" like wearing ear-shapped earrings. It also telegraphs, "I really like ears." sd-06.11.12

Drop dead gorgeous fashion photo spread for Vogue UK celebrating the upcoming London Olympics. Via Materialicious. ms-06.07.12

Great idea. Give it a Kick: Snug Organics. ms-05.31.12

The Skartorialist. ms-05.21.12

29% Blue, 1% Checked. dw-05.15.12

Runway to Win. Bags, clothing, and various other merchandise from famous designers supporting the Obama campaign. sd-05.14.12

Really great talk from Outlier's co-founder Abel Burmeister, How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience, Just Punk RockSpirit (And The Web). Via Selectism ms-05.09.12

A man's guide to dressing for the Kentucky Derby. dw-05.03.12

Diet Coke is launching a new set of bottles inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic creations. dw-04.17.12

Just unveiled, the official Team Great Britain Olympic kit designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas. Fab. jc-03.22.12

Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses, from the Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board. bb-03.21.12

Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Bryony and Armin. jc-03.21.12

Lucky for us Dan Shepelavy found For You! Girls!, a comprehensive guide to the Soviet Girl, in a U-Haul self storage warehouse. jc-03.13.12

Middle Earth Hockey Logos. via @mendelsund kg-03.07.12

Lovely Memento pocket watch. Via Cool Material. ms-03.05.12

"Let's see: Do we think Paz Vega is merely brushing away her hair...or wiping away the agonized sweat of a lady whose hip is crowning with a newborn Kling-On?" The fabulous ladies of Go Fug Yourself take on the recent Oscar fashions. ms-03.02.12

Always the highlight of the season: Dave Hill vs. Fashion Week 2012. sd-03.02.12

Huh. Coffee & the Newspaper. jc-02.23.12

Designed with skin sensitive conductive material, the Glove Tip passes the static electricity from your finger, through your glove, to your touch-screen. dw-02.20.12

Disney couture at Fred Flare. dw-02.15.12

Zulkey interviews Tavi Gevinson, the teen fashion sensation behind The Style Rookie and Rookie. sd-02.10.12

"...we've put together a gallery of the original packaging art to the G.I. Joe action figures... and sent Chris Sims and resident fashionista Bethany Fong into the trenches to see who has the most style!" G.I. Joe Fashion. Via Mefi. jc-02.03.12

"A digital park bench." Intel Visual Life looks at The Sartorialist. ms-01.27.12

Prada's 2012 Spring collection includes shoes modeled after classic cars of the 1950s. dw-01.13.12

Simple leather wallets by Southern Field Industries. dw-01.11.12

Our buddies Jen and Naz have started a new company that makes lovely pocket squares: Michael James Milton. You need one, so go buy one. ms-01.10.12

I kinda hate Van Halen, but I'm having a hard time not ordering these. bb-01.06.12

Dress like Bond. jc-12.19.11

"One hundred blank T-shirts have passed under the hands of Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare. Miss Clare has used her extraordinary spiritual powers to predict the destiny of the future wearer." Via It's Nice That. dw-12.13.11

Steve Gadlin, FotA and creator of the popular I Want to Draw a Cat for You, has finally found a solution to the age old problem of only being able to show your appreciation for one film at a time with Two Film T-Shirts. Because we so believe in the product, BB and I shot an epic commercial for it. More info here. sd-12.12.11

Gah! Get your own Stormtrooper Motorcycle suit. Cannot wait to see one of these on the road. ms-12.08.11

Nice spot from DDB London for Harvey Nichols, Avoid the walk of shame this holiday season. jc-12.08.11

"That's the Red Bird, glarin' from somewhere you shouldn't be starin'." dw-12.07.11

Happening this weekend in NYC, the fabulous Pop Up Flea and Esquire's got a sneak peek. Hey, who is that at 1:31? ms-12.02.11

"Oh, I'm sorry son- I must have confused your Woolrich for some actual goddamned wood-cutting skills." Real Men Swear. Via GB. ms-11.28.11

Local note. Threadless vending machines! jc-11.23.11

A couple of weeks ago, we posted the Apple Gift Catalog from 1983. Here are some scans from the 1986 edition of The Apple Collection. sd-11.18.11

Dress like The Tap, a suggestion from Nerd Boyfriend. jc-11.18.11

Convoy. jc-11.08.11

Apple Gift Catalog circa 1983. jc-11.02.11

Winter's coming, time to pick up some touchscreen gloves. dw-10.26.11

Are you a bike enthusiast searching for a new look? Nerd Boyfriend shows you how to dress like Mr. Pither, as seen on a cycling tour of North Cornwall. jc-10.20.11

Trailer for the documentary about the Central Saint Martins fashion program, alma mater to hundreds upon hundreds of well-known British designers: I Hate My Collection. sd-10.14.11

So you know: how to wear a lab coat. jc-10.14.11

"A striking melange of vibrant colors, this plush, tufting bryophyta brings a soupcon of pep to any moistened rock or tree trunk." Anthroparodie. Funny even if you don't know the catalog. Thanks Claire. sd-10.10.11

Michael Williams on Self Edge and their new/old Union Special 43200G. Cool. jc-10.01.11

8 bit Fashionary. jc-09.22.11

Levi's shows off the world's oldest pair of jeans. ms-09.22.11

Dave Hill explores Fashion Week for Put This On. sd-09.19.11

NY Fashion Week. dw-09.14.11

9 Iconic sweaters. dw-09.13.11

"Inappropriate hair color: Blond or, optimistic." An Architect's Dress Code by Jody Brown. Great. Via Kelli Evans. jc-09.13.11

Jango Fett wears Comme des Garçons, etc. By Johnny Woo. jc-09.12.11

A great, simple teaser from Nike for their self-lacing Back to the Future-inspired Marty McFly Air Mag shoes, to possibly be officially unveiled tonight. sd-09.08.11

Related to the last. Paul Lukas' annual and awesome comprehensive NFL season uniform preview. jc-09.07.11

WinniJets jerseys. jc-09.07.11

The Barbour Steve McQueen collection. dw-09.06.11

Jenn makes the most awesome bike helmut ever, and she hates spiders too! ms-09.02.11

A peacock farm in Linyi, northern China's Shandong Province, has created a wedding gown made out of more than 3,000 peacock feathers. dw-08.25.11

For BB and SD, Kim Jong Il is taking an armored train tour of Russia. No doubt he'll have his requisite parka that you guys covet. ms-08.24.11

A behind-the-scenes look at the workshop for Quoddy Handsewn shoes. ms-08.18.11

Local note: Head to the MCA this month for Anne Elizabeth Moore's Garment Work, a collective performance project during which she deconstructs jeans with visitors by hand. The performance creates connections between Cambodia's garment manufacturing industry, where the jeans were made, and Michigan Avenue, where the jeans were purchased. dw-08.16.11

A made to order R2D2 sweater. dw-08.15.11

"A supporter had approached Exit with the idea, saying he had developed a special fabric ink for concealing hidden messages." A very clever stunt with the intention of trying to get neo-Nazis to change their ways via free souvenir t-shirts. sd-08.12.11

Parts may be a bit too close to home for current events but lovely all the same, Levi's Legacy. The poem is Charles Bukowski's The Laughing Heart. ms-08.10.11

A handy guide to keep while shopping, Pantone's Fashion Color Guide for Fall 2011. ms-07.30.11

New Winnipeg Jets Logo. I will reserve snark until I see the sweater and, of course, consult my 10 year-old hockey-uni consultant. jc-07.22.11

Flannel Of The Month, "a monthly spotlight on one historical baseball shirt and the story behind it." Here's a great post on team names. Man, that Kirksville Osteopaths vs Omaha Kidnappers was some rivalry. Via Always With Honor. jc-07.22.11

I always forget that I like ketchup on my fries. I need this shirt from the Nerfect Garage Sale. bb-07.19.11

Illustrations for the Burkman Bros autumn/winter 2011 collection. dw-07.15.11

Glenn Jones, of the always surprising Glennz Tees, shows his illustration process in a cool three minute time-lapse video. Via Asianmack. jc-07.15.11

Out of Print Clothing, a really great idea. Just look. I. II. III. Via Quipsologies. jc-07.14.11

Seems like there might be some not-quite-legal copyright issues here, but for now, the Steve Buscemi Dress and the Jack Nicholson in The Shining Dress are both available. Thanks Claire. sd-07.13.11

Dig the tee that the DDC made for United Pixelworkers. jc-07.12.11

Illustrations depicting the history of fashion. dw-07.05.11

Behold: The boy who grew up to be RuPaul. wm-06.14.11

Shirtgeeks, "For the discerning defunct retail enthusiast." jc-06.02.11

Sporting the brand new DDC Railroad Tee today. Got yours yet? jc-05.24.11

The Cosby Sweater Project tracks the often intricate and interesting patterns worn by Dr. Huxtable and family. Thanks Claire. sd-05.18.11

New from our partner in Field Notes, The DDC presents the Freight Train Torso Cover. Fantastic. jc-05.13.11

For BB, The Dude Shawl Cardigan. ms-05.13.11

"It inspired a Facebook fan page and an Internet meme, and now you can even own Princess Beatrice's flesh-toned Victorian-Goth-toilet-seat topper, if you've got the money." dw-05.13.11

For BB, the Urban Quiver camera bag. ms-05.06.11

For us ladies, how a Chanel bag is made. ms-05.05.11

Disney Storybook Fashions circa 1961. Via Dinosaurs & Robots. jc-05.04.11

It's nothing new really. Dads are the original hipsters. mcj-04.27.11

The Brooks Brothers blog Of Rogues & Gentlemen helps the modern man in comprehending copious collars. ms-04.27.11

You'd think he might be a little too occupied at the moment for something like this, but no, Muammar el-Qaddafi is very concerned about getting his wardrobe into an exhibition at the Met. sd-04.21.11

Leave it to Vice to create this fashion piece. Copy Sluts. Probably NSFW to view, definitely NSFW to mimic, at least during business hours. jc-04.18.11

"Harper will pretend this shirt is from a thrift store. She does this a lot. She actually did try shopping at Goodwill, once, but then she got bored and went to Jamba Juice instead." Five Garments On Sale at Urban Outfitters and The People I Imagine Wear Them, by Jillian Bell. jc-04.14.11

"More importantly, she also spent her Vogue-era mornings dictating memos to her staff. From her bathroom." Telexes to the staff from Diana Vreeland at Letters of Note. jc-04.14.11

"I think culturally we reached a point of the sort of nadir of wussiness." Fun ACL interview, Glenn O'Brien on How To Be A Man. jc-04.11.11

Behind the Seams documents the pointy boots fad currently sweeping through rural Mexico. Posted on April 1st, but apparently it's a genuinely real fashion trend. sd-04.11.11

A history of Silicon Valley failure written in T-shirts: Abandonwear bb-04.06.11

"Even though Roseanne is a nervous wreck, she remains a vision in her teal two-piece and baby's breath hair inserts!" dw-03.31.11

I wish I'd seen this at the start of winter, but there's still some valuable information to keep in mind for next year. The four and a half minute tutorial, How to Put Yourself Inside of a Coat. Via Doobybrain. sd-03.29.11

Chicagoan Cody Hudson is the guest artist for the Stussy Spring Collection. jc-03.25.11

Thanks a million to Glennz Tees for carrying our Field Notes in their pop-up shop in Austin this week, and thanks for the Too Many Donuts tee too. jc-03.15.11

Nicely done pro-Derrick Rose shirt at Low Marks. bb-03.11.11

When designers wore lab-coats, Hmm, thinking... jc-03.05.11

So you know. The difference between a sport coat and a blazer. jc-03.02.11

The International Pageant of Pulchritude & Annual Bathing Girl Review, Galveston, Texas. 1926, 1927 & 1928. jc-02.18.11

The latest episode of Put This On: "Grooming." sd-02.16.11

FotA and poster designers/artists extraordinaire Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Tom Stack, and Jason Harvey have just this morning launched Flinchy, a new t-shirt company. Our SD directed the introductory film. bb-02.14.11

Contra, in sweater form. Using the Konami code makes it a turtleneck. Via Doobybrain. sd-02.09.11

Shopping with Steve McQueen, from ACL. jc-02.08.11

A fun spot for the Spanish fashion line, Bershka. sd-02.07.11

Briana made a T-shirt to celebrate Chicago's "Dibs" tradition. bb-02.04.11

Paul Lukas lists ten things you should know about the aesthetics of Sunday's Super Bowl, regarding the uniforms, logos and field design. Note, no cheerleaders this year. jc-02.04.11

Lego cufflinks. dw-02.02.11

Hypebeast's anatomy lesson and dissection of the Converse Addict Chuck Taylor All Star. jc-01.25.11

I wonder if he had a date during that time. ms-01.24.11

The process used to create a single pair of jeans used to take 42 liters of water. It is now reduced to 1.5 liters. Introducing Levis WaterLess jeans. Via Josh Spear. ms-01.21.11

The Warby Parker Colonel Monocle Frame. Stock up for all those times you think you might be shocked by something. Via Design Info. sd-01.19.11

You might want to be on the Field Notes mail list before tomorrow. jc-01.10.11

Few fictional characters have inspired men to wear a suit to the extent that James Bond has. This blog is committed to providing all the answers one needs in order to dress tastefully in the manner of 007. dw-01.10.11

The Ref is lobbying for a retro cricket-jumper and tie look for next season. Or at least an orange stripe for his other arm. bb-01.05.11

Like a MoOM entry where you can actually buy stuff: Classic Minnesota Hockey Jerseys. bb-12.22.10

For BB: to go along with that bonus, still-sturdy tinfoil hat you accidentally found you'd made after we shot that Ref video, here's how to make an insulated duct tape winter coat. sd-12.08.10

What all the stylin' dudes will be getting for Christmas this year. jc-12.06.10

W+K spot, directed by Kosai Sekine for Google featuring "sort by color" and "similar images." Via Today and Tomorrow. jc-12.06.10

From the department of "people who like this sort of thing will find it exactly the sort of thing they like," Li Phil on NFL Uniforms for Uni Watch, Color vs. Color, Parts One and Two. jc-11.30.10

The awesome Roxana Altamirano of Nerd Boyfriend is guest-blogging at Details. jc-11.02.10

"I am wearing every printed tee-shirt I own, one a day, until I have cycled through all of them. You the public get to decide whether I keep the shirt or not." Comedy writer Joe Garden's The Tee-Shirt Project. sd-10.28.10

Relink for no reason except to get the day started with a laugh. Audio of Lyndon Baines Johnson ordering a few pairs of slacks by phone from the Haggar company in Dallas. jc-10.28.10

Ensemble: The Style of Music, the clothes of twenty iconic musicians, designed by Glenn Michael and illustrated by James Alexander. Via Design You Trust. jc-10.27.10

"Accessorize like the Living", "Tone while you Lumber", "Brain Stains be Gone". Smart Zombies shop at Sears. ms-10.25.10

The Hundred's winter footware. Sweet. jc-10.22.10

A series of great short films about well-dressed men by Chris Floyd for The Sunday Times: How I Get Dressed (posts the man wearing jeans and a hoodie). sd-10.15.10

Gorgeous overnight bag made from retired fireman's turnout coat. ms-10.13.10

The well-dressed man is at home everywhere. ms-10.13.10

NYT on some hockey logos facing extinction. People who like that sort of thing will find this exactly the sort of thing they like. Related: Vancouver brings back the "stick in rink", but sadly, we're still waiting for this revival. jc-10.08.10

"Those interested in Fishing, Shooting, Canoeing, Camping, Prospecting, Exploring, Mountain Climbing and other 'Near to Nature' pursuits should send for catalogue to... Abercrombie & Fitch Co." Via Mister Crew. dw-10.04.10

A selection of illustration plates found in the Gazette of Fashion and Cutting-Room Companion, a tailoring trade journal published during the 19th century in London. dw-09.30.10

J Crew launches J Crew Factory, the weekends-only online outlet shop. No need to drive out to the boonies now to grab some great deals. ms-09.19.10

Of course it's by Craig Robinson, All the 2010 MLB uniforms, pixel style. jc-09.17.10

Peacay collects some Indian textile design patterns. Simple and lovely. jc-09.17.10

Des Chapeaux. ms-09.08.10

Gentlemen, your pants are lying to you. ms-09.08.10

"The shirts were issued at a lunch I hosted last week at a nice little Italian place where I had an amazing plate of grilled octopus but that's another story." Blind Oxford Tasting, conducted by The Trad. jc-09.07.10

Peter Saville and the story behind that England football shirt. jc-09.07.10

For MS: We gave the color wheel a spin. dw-08.31.10

"Lo, this trend shall not die with the driving rain of autumn and gale force winds of winter." The Telegraph warns you to prepare yourself for two seasons of seeing men in ill-fitting pants. sd-08.26.10

Sweet Chewie and Han tee. Via Andrew Huff. jc-08.25.10

Dress like a grown up. Put This On, Episode 3. jc-08.24.10

A sweet tee from our pal Bullet. A History of Invention spells out "Dayton" with letters made of things that come from there. Someone get working on a Chicago version. I'll get you started. Make the "O" a Ferris Wheel and the "H" a politician behind bars. You're welcome. jc-08.20.10

Gentleman, pick up your Men's Journal Guide to Jeans immediately. ms-08.19.10

So you know: Here's what a cat fashion show looks like. sd-08.13.10

Steven M. Johnson's Possibilities for Mutation in Necktie Design. sd-08.03.10

Edwardian Era, fashion and life from 1900-1914. dw-08.02.10

"And every team really needs to bring back proper hosiery and end the pajama nonsense." Monochrome in Baseball, Part IV. You do occasionally check in on Uni Watch don't you? jc-07.27.10

Question for MS: If you put a pigeon in a costume of an extinct bird is it still a flying rat? dw-07.09.10

Steven Heller interviews author Douglas Coupland on his new fashion line with the Canadian brand Roots. sd-07.07.10

The DDC's best product ever, with one exception, of course. jc-07.02.10

Ah, so that's how it works. The Hipster Fashion Cycle, designed by Emily Miethner. jc-06.30.10

Now those, my friends, are what you call hats. ms-06.17.10

After much deliberation and absolutely no national bias, Zulkey has made her picks for World Cup jerseys, both cutest and un-cutest. sd-06.09.10

Gorgeous, the Retrovelo frame bike bag. ms-05.26.10

Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie t-shirts. dw-05.21.10

What is the optimal distribution of objects in my pants pockets? What would we do without AskMefi? jc-05.18.10

"These vacation clothes are true tested trends." jc-05.06.10

I dare you to check out Jessi's Rainbow Birthday and not feel more cheery and colorful. Triple-dog-dare you. ncz-04.20.10

Things like this make the Internets worthwhile: How To Look Punk. (Definitely download the whole PDF.) (Yes, that's Belinda.) bb-04.16.10

Fashion tip: Dress like Kim Jong-Il, ride the latest global trend. ncz-04.09.10

For BB, Kim Jong-ll as fashion icon. ms-04.08.10

Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog is full of surprises. Like this beautiful pair. jc-04.06.10

It's official, we have the greatest administration ever: the 'Health Reform is a BFD' t-shirt. sd-04.02.10

Neat, but sure to make BB cringe. Cat Davison's vinyl jewelry. dw-03.29.10

Cool, defined. jc-03.25.10

Like baseball and have an extra 5800 bucks lying around? Then head on over to the Hermes men's store in NYC and pick one of these hand-stitched baseball mitts. ms-03.18.10

How your average college woman got dressed in 1941. Via Love All This. jc-02.17.10

It's cold out there! You may need to pick up one of these. ar-02.09.10

Cordarounds rock. jc-02.08.10

My Heart is Divided. jc-02.04.10

"Take a few minutes out of your day and spend it with this audio tape of Lyndon Baines Johnson, our 36th President, while he orders a few pairs of trousers from the Haggar company in Dallas." Yet more evidence of the ongoing excellence of A Continuous Lean. jc-02.02.10

Spring is, hopefully, around the corner somewhere. Best to take another look at Pantone's Spring 2010 color report before you hit the stores for your Spring wardrobe update. ms-01.28.10

Many Hands Make the Load Lighter. Go Threadless Go. jc-01.26.10

The Las Vegas Wranglers of the ECHL aren't the toughest hockey team around. bb-01.25.10

Movie spoilers, in wearable form. rw-01.16.10

Umbrella marks "You Are Here" on Google Earth. rw-01.05.10

Joe is right, TSA won't laugh. rw-01.04.10

Too late for this Christmas, Adidas Star Wars Collection. jc-12.24.09

Glennz Tees are awesome. Especially this one and this one and this one. jc-12.21.09

Everything you need to know about sneakers in 1500 words. Via Cool Hunting. ms-12.15.09

Soxer, the "home of socks and sandals the world over." sd-12.07.09

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't wear the "#1 Dick" jersey but the "#9 Bartleby" is pretty nice. Novel-T's. Maybe a a "#22 Yossarian" is too easy? Via The Book Bench. jc-11.30.09

Roxana's Nerd Boyfriend is on a roll lately with Keith Moon, John Ford and a slot in PC Mag's fave 2009 blogs list. jc-11.24.09

Sweet, Adidas is coming out with a Star Wars collection. ms-11.24.09

The US Forest Service from the always stylish A Continuous Lean. Via The DDC. jc-11.19.09

Too cute, felt pixel rug ms-11.16.09

The Galaxy dress is made up of 24,000 LEDs. ms-11.16.09

Gorgeous leather MacBook sleeve. Via Materialicious. ms-11.12.09

Burberry's Art of the Trench. dw-11.10.09

How Crocs Crashed, an interesting look at how the makers of an indestructible shoe fell apart. Via Denver Egotist. sd-11.10.09

Fashionistas, prepare your battle plans. Ordinary citizens, stay away from any H & M store on November 14th as Jimmy Choo launches its line for H & M. ms-11.10.09

Gorgeous silk map aviator pillows. Via NotCot. ms-11.09.09

Maybe we should report this news to Uni Watch, I definitely like where this team's new identity is headed. Please save me a jersey. jc-11.06.09

Related to the last: United Nude's Lo Res Shoes. sd-11.06.09

"They're Real." Smart Threadless tee by Jean Salamin. jc-11.05.09

Are you cool enough to wear these shoes? ms-11.04.09

Regarding yesterday's Worst Uni Ever post, I give you Jimmy Sexton, infielder for the Tucson Toros! jc-11.03.09

Put This On, a new web series "about dressing like a grownup" that goes well with the fab Nerd Boyfriend. jc-11.02.09

The Tetris Dress. sd-11.02.09

Worst. Uni. Ever. And the nominees are... Deliciously awful. jc-11.02.09

Starting on November 4th, you can shell out $350 to look a little like Albert Maysles. Also, clearly related, the site Albert Maysles' Glasses. Via 2 or 3 Things. sd-10.27.09

For Spencer, The Empire kicks back. ms-10.22.09

In financial news, man they've gotten a lot of mileage out of those caps. jc-10.14.09

Eight Italian fashion designers have partnered with Coca Cola to design custom bottles for auction, the proceeds benefitting the victims of the L'Aquila earthquake. ms-10.13.09

Darn, I should have got one of these Helvistica tees before leaving for Memphis today. jc-10.08.09

Posted without comment: Where the Wild Things Are Clothing. sd-09.30.09

GQ's 50 most stylish men. ms-09.30.09

Tim Burton's magical fashion. dw-09.28.09

Hello. dw-09.23.09

Only in America, the world's biggest burger weighs in at 185lbs and sells for just $499. dw-09.21.09

For your inspiration, Pantone's spring 2010 fashion color report. dw-09.15.09

Buried in that UniWatch link (below): 1980s NFL Helmet Hats. Mean Joe Greene endorsed, and awesome. bb-09.15.09

"That there was some right purty football, it was." Uni Watch on last night's AFL throwback uniforms featured on Monday Night Football. Agreed. jc-09.15.09

"Fashion is fun, but it makes you dumb." A favorite feature over at Peachfuzz has become its own blog: Fashion Sucks At... sd-09.09.09

At lunch we were talking about photograph staging cliches. Here's one we hadn't thought of: the Broken Doll Pose. Why does this exist and who finds this appealing? sd-09.01.09

Kindergartner designs her fall wardrobe and mom handles the production. sd-08.31.09

"Make Up Your Mind. He Can't Be All Four." An awesome t-shirt for the politically frustrated. Via Peachfuzz. sd-08.27.09

"Common sleep masks make you look like a drab dandy," but this one makes you look like a wily eight-year-old. Much better. aro-08.04.09

Our friends at Wire & Twine print Nerduo's new shirt: The Battle, which finally explains the other half that isn't "knowing." sd-08.03.09

For MS and DW, it looks as though we may finally have won this fashion battle: The Death of Crocs. "The company's toast. They're zombie-ish. They're dead and they don't know it." Via Murketing. sd-07.20.09

Weedrobes, clothing made from leaves. dw-07.13.09

Extreme Ironing, via Mrs. BB (who should post it to her own site). bb-07.07.09

I've worn out several pairs of Vans hi-tops and my battered "Death to the Pixies" t-shirt hasn't fit in fifteen years, but do I really need these? bb-07.01.09

"Get that 'marry a millionaire' look!" Copyranter's scans of a 1964 Frederick's of Hollywood Catalog. sd-06.23.09

Star Trek and Star Wars corsets. dw-06.08.09

Phil Dokas was stylin' in NYC last weekend. Get your own CPT. jc-05.27.09

A survey of modern home decor and fashion trends as excerpted from 1970's Danish print pornography. Surprisingly safe for work. jc-05.20.09

The Fred Perry 100th anniversary Vespa. dw-05.19.09

"Taste this. It's wine I made out of bugs." Great photos and even better commentary. Look at This F-ing Hipster. Thanks Claire. sd-04.17.09

"In the Icelandic myths, seals are believed to be condemned by humans. One ancient story from the south of Iceland is about a farmer who early one morning finds a sealpelt lying on the beach." dw-04.02.09

Crayon rings. dw-03.23.09

"So when teenybop mall fashion institution Forever 21 welded the logo of Dischord flagship band Minor Threat onto what looks like Hair Cuttery wall art from 1986 and then slapped it on a shirt, it's a problem." bb-03.10.09

The Augmented Reality Twitter Shirt is cool, but if you're standing in front of a webcam, don't people already know what you're doing right that minute? Via PSFK. sd-03.03.09

Schloads of parodies of the Experimental Jetset "John&Paul&George&Ringo" shirt. Via Glass. bb-02.26.09

"SeaVees cofounders Steven Tiller and Derek Galkin selected seven vintage colors from the original Pantone color guide. The palette, chosen from the only authentic guide known to exist, epitomizes the cool, casual style of California in 1963." Get your very own Pantone sneakers. ms-02.05.09

Never a dull moment in minor-league hockey: Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night. bb-02.03.09

If da Vinci had invented the iPhone: the iSteamPhone t-shirt. sd-01.29.09

Sharp-dressed Dwell editor Aaron Britt also has a fashion column for the San Francisco Chronicle: Pocket Square. alw-01.29.09

Spaghetti Cat shoes. dw-01.27.09

Softwear by Microsoft is an actual clothing line that "taps the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives." I'm getting the shirt with Bill Gates' mug shot on it. alw-01.27.09

For SD and BB, you can now follow Aretha's Hat. alw-01.25.09

The Sartorialist gets a book deal, which will fittingly include a special limited-edition "bespoke" version. Thanks Nate. alw-01.23.09

Pants Optional, "a relatively civilized fashion primer for the well-clad." Perfect for anyone living in the 16th century. Via Arbroath. sd-01.22.09

"The family's casual style, their interest in featuring 20th century American artists and utilizing affordable brands and products will serve as our guiding principles as we make the residence feel like their home." The new White House decorator. Via Deep Glamour. alw-01.15.09

A sneak peek at the Orla Kiely Home collection for Target. In stores February 1st. ms-01.14.09

Pantone and Gap have teamed up and opened a Pantone pop-up store in NYC. Hurry up and grab your favorite Pantone color tee as it's only open until February 8th. ms-01.14.09

For BB: your favorite hand dryer joke has finally secured its place in very fabric of our culture with the Push Button, Receive Bacon Tee and Hoodie. Via bblinks. sd-01.14.09

For BB, Making Nike Football boots. ms-01.14.09

Speaking of Shepard Fairey, he was hired by Saks to design their spring marketing campaign "Want It!" dw-01.13.09

Lovely, vintage sewing patterns. ms-01.09.09

Petter Hanberger's tshirt 2009. Color in the dates you wear it to complete the design. jc-01.09.09

Support Your Local Industries sent us a t-shirt out of the blue the other day, thanks! Great idea and great shirts, and it made a nice 30th birthday present for SD. SYL-IND also hepped us to Spudnik Press, a screenprinting co-op right in the CP 'hood. bb-01.07.09

Next time you make salsa, don't cry for me. Wear these onion goggles instead. Via The Moment. alw-01.05.09

As you polish off those gift baskets you may be wondering: How salt and caramel came together. alw-01.05.09

Gorgeous leather bag with embossed numerals from the Didot typeface, made by Cole Haan for the Assouline Boutique. *Sigh* Via NotCot. ms-12.23.08

Now we know why Franz Beckenbauer came to the Cosmos in '77: Bundesliga Fashion. bb-12.19.08

John & Eric & Michael & Terry & Terry & Graham. ms-12.11.08

Met these dudes from Akron at the MPLS No Coast Craft Fair this weekend. I bet this one was a big seller. All kinds of midwest pride shirts. bb-12.08.08

Gah! The cutest kids poncho ever. Via Cool Hunting. ms-12.03.08

Fashionistas beware, H & M is launching a line of home goods in February. It will be online only, not in stores. Via NotCot ms-12.02.08

Love these, the Dreaming of Paris pillowcase set. ms-11.15.08

Too cute, a sweater for your laptop. ms-11.14.08

Lots of great vintage fashion in these craft and needlework magazines from the 1940s-70s. dw-11.03.08

The world's first bulletproof handkerchief. Retails for $154 and is said to "protect the heart of men." sd-10.23.08

Sexy Halloween, via Chris Glass. bb-10.20.08

Proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age. Via BB. dw-10.10.08

Paul Lukas's annual Uni Watch NHL preview. Alternate jerseys are back and Boston's rocks, Atlanta's blows and the Habs will wear a series of fab throwbacks. jc-10.10.08

Apropos of nothing. Canadian tartans, partial collection. jc-10.02.08

Remodelista's round-up of Stylish Aprons. sd-10.01.08

This just in from Paris Fashion Week: Stormtrooper is the New Black. sd-09.30.08

Donuts and Bacon: Taste We Can Believe In. sd-09.30.08

"Three people are portrayed digitally by scanning their bodies. The output of this scan is a 3D file and its resolution is defined by the amount of polygons, similar to pixels in a bitmap graphic." The T-shirt Issue. sd-09.29.08

"The clothes are fey, the kind of thing fit for curling up beneath a mushroom and capering in a glen." Fashion Week 2008. jc-09.29.08

Zorro picks on the wrong guy. Clever shirt from Byte Love. sd-09.22.08

The Speed Vest for cyclists. sd-09.17.08

Update your wardrobe, M.I.A. clothing. dw-09.12.08

Vogue's recent fashion shoot on location in India, where impoverished members of society model Fendi and Hermès, has predictably provoked a lot of debate. se-09.04.08

Transit token necklaces, by Hanger3. se-08.20.08

Christopher Bowns, looking polite and stylish. jc-08.19.08

Maybe MS can do this with some of those insects she's collecting. se-08.19.08

For MS who happens to run into spiders wherever she goes. The tarantula tee. dw-08.18.08

So you know, how to pronounce designer names. dw-08.16.08

Nice Threadless Tee that requires the proper cables, "AV" by Olly Moss. jc-08.15.08

How to make yarn out of newspaper. dw-08.14.08

CP T. jc-08.13.08

Red, White, and Whatever Nike Wants. Uni Watch on the US Olympic get-ups. Clipped from Quipped. jc-07.29.08

T. jc-07.08.08

This just in. A super light tri-blend heather tee that fits great and is really comfortable for summer wear, with just a simple white "CP Crois" on the chest. Perfect to wear while Field Testing. jc-07.07.08

Property of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. jc-06.30.08

The Labels Project Sculpture. dw-06.03.08

New York Mag's video Look Book. nh-05.29.08

Working on an idea for something new and needed a reference, let's go back to '71. jc-05.19.08

This is what a £23,000 ($44,800) shirt looks like. dw-05.09.08

Reusing "dead" things to make new things is right up my alley. Refinding does it right. nh-05.06.08

Re-Shirt, buy a used tee shirt and get the story behind it free in the deal. jc-05.02.08

"Business in the front, party in the back" 3-year-old champion. jc-05.01.08

Yes, please! Via swissmiss. se-04.28.08

Ian Yolles from Nau, makers of a sustainable clothing line and believers in a duet of business and philanthropy, explains why it was no go for a logo. jsz-04.14.08

Excellent collection of vintage fashion and beauty ads and editorial features, curated by Sugarpie Honeybunch. Via The Cartoonist. jc-04.14.08

Lululemon's Mansy Tickling More Than Just Mula Bandhas. Thanks, I guess, Marshall. jc-04.01.08

A baseball fashion round-up by Paul Lukas, MLB Uni Watch preview. jc-03.29.08


Futuristic Fashion Predictions from 1938. Via Cynical C. sd-03.18.08

Putting cities on the map that are already on the map, or at the very least, putting them on tees. jc-03.18.08

Rob Walker on Glenn Jones, A Threadless Star Goes Solo. jc-03.12.08

70's NY Yankees stadium vendor shirt courtesy of House Industries sports fashion historian Mike Regan. jc-03.04.08

Oh. Dear. Lord. In preparation for the Oscars this Sunday, Defamer gives us the Top 10 Worst of the Worst of the Worst Oscar Outfits. ms-02.22.08

Instant architect. jc-02.13.08

Hel Looks, selected street fashion from Helsinki. Found among other things. jc-02.13.08

100 Beauties of Tokyo. dw-02.07.08

Hey, what's that on your sleeve? Oh, that? It's my zebra. ms-02.06.08

So you know, Pantone's Fall 2008 Fashion color palette is here. ms-02.04.08

Like clockwork, first comes the internet sensation of the week, then comes the t-shirt. sd-01.24.08

Rain Parade mini umbrellas. dw-01.09.08

Pretty much a no brainer, Mr. Blackwell releases his 2007 Worst Dressed List. ms-01.08.08

I'm Learning to Share uncovers Crash Route U.S.A., a spectacular fashion photo-feature from Look Magazine in 1969. jc-12.26.07

For BB, get your style on in this Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo. ms-12.21.07

For BB, the Clark Griswold Chicago Blackhawk Jersey. ms-12.18.07

After seeing the first few photos from Northwest Airlines fashion show I thought "Wow, nice job." But then I saw they were some of the old uniforms. The new ones are much more dull professional. dw-12.14.07

Oops, spoke too soon. Lovely. Thanks Jen. jc-12.12.07

Last stylish stewardess post today. Honest. The Glamour of Flight. jc-12.12.07

If you're at Detroit Metro Airport this afternoon pop over to the fountain in the center of the terminal at 1 and 2pm. Northwest flight attendants will be showing off their new uniforms in a fashion show. dw-12.12.07

Are you a music snob? Well, tell the world. ms-12.11.07

Rod Hunting's detailed, line art vintage film projector illustrations on "ladies" and "gents" shirts. jc-12.05.07

For BB, the Kidrobot Muno Hoodie. ms-12.03.07

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the jive turkey baby hat. ms-11.20.07

Peacay illustrates how to dress like a Duke, from a 16th century 'hofkleiderbuch.' jc-11.05.07

For the love of Stan Mikita, somebody please stuff this ballot box. bb-10.26.07

If you have to wear an eye patch, now you at least have the option to wear a stylish one. sd-10.24.07

10 tees from 10 artists for The Quiet Life's 10th birtHDay. QL proprietor, Andy Mueller, was featured in the Western State video series, produced for us by Slowtron. jc-10.24.07

Bedroom boring? Um, not in that way. Make your bed rock with Snooze City designs. ms-10.24.07

Japanese designers are coming up with some unusual ways to avert crime. se-10.21.07

For the latest issue of Wallpaper, ceramicist Barney Barford created a series of figurines that feature items from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Missoni collections. dw-10.15.07

For the first time Karl Lagerfeld has agreed to let someone create an artwork of his every day life. Lagerfeld Confidential. dw-10.11.07

The Wi-Fi Detector Shirt not only detects signals, it sends them off too, telling people to steer clear of someone who wears a shirt like that. Via Core77. sd-10.10.07

"Somewhere along the line, I said, 'I think I will wear suits now.' Why? Maybe to look more like a grown-up." Fashion designer Marc Jacobs and director Wes Anderson, together at last. Via I Like. sd-10.09.07

Howard Johnson's Big League Hat, circa 1962. I like to wear mine while driving my 1969 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R. jc-09.21.07

An illustrated FF visit to the the studios of Dutch designer Parra. jc-09.20.07

Sweet new Bike Hugger Jersey from DL and Co. jc-09.18.07

A jacket for sleeping on public transportation. Zzzz. jt-09.17.07

Last Exit to Nowhere offer tees that "pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction." Great idea, nicely executed. My parents visited the The Overlook Hotel and all I got was this stinking shirt. Via Veer. jc-09.11.07

Your Swingin' Pad. Grooviness. Thanks Marshall. jc-09.07.07

"I might like the story, the style or the character's appearance, and I sometimes wonder if I might look good in it or not." Mello is a cosplayer and talks to PingMag about it. jc-09.07.07

Maison Martin Margiela Via Archinect. ms-08.29.07

Welcome To My Home and Welcome To Our House. dw-08.22.07

Even sexier than MS's last post, Mrs. Deane on a 70's fashion that was ahead of its time and maybe still is. jc-08.14.07

DW, isn't this Zero Per Gallon Tee maybe a little too similar to your MPG Stickers? Via bblinks. sd-07.20.07

Not for the squeamish, extreme body piercing, branding and scarification. dw-07.19.07

Oh, dear. "Why I have the Bethlehem Steel Tattooed Across My Back." tw-07.18.07

The Cool Hunter examines the Shoo Biz. dw-07.11.07

Threadless got Consumed in the NYT on Sunday. jc-07.10.07

Diesel's ghosts on the fashion runway. Via Monoscope. jc-06.29.07

Oddica's limited-edition Robot Trilogy. 3 tees, 3 buttons, 2 stickers. All in a screen-printed stainless steel can. jc-06.25.07

Mmm, meat shorts... Thanks, Ethan! se-06.15.07

Photos from the Imperia Vodka Hair Competition. dw-06.14.07

Is Sears ripping off Threadless? Is Threadless licensing designs to Sears? Temo Rivera found these familiar T-shirts at Sears in Mexico. bb-05.31.07

Goorin Brothers, hatmakers since 1895. dw-05.22.07

Japan's government has come up with its latest secret weapon in the war against global warming, the Hawaiian shirt. vp-05.14.07

Posted without comment: Wearable Taxidermy. sd-05.08.07

From our pals at Threadless, the perfect shirt for BB to compliment his latest addiction: Well, This Just Really Sucks... sd-04.03.07

"It's almost as if after taking pictures of the process, I am so turned off by the decadence and consumption that it ruins my taste for shopping and for clothing." Rob Walker chats with Gretchen Ludwig about her series of self-portraits, taken in retail dressing rooms. jc-03.29.07

The best of SXSW t-shirts. Via Andy Rutledge. sd-03.19.07

Quick spring sale at Andy Mueller's The Quiet Life. The "Point & Shoot" tee. Cha-ching. jc-03.15.07

Related to an earlier post, more from Kane on stewardesses and fashion. Thanks Coop. jc-03.06.07

More unis. The complete ABA uniform and warmup collection. Groovy. Via our own archives. jc-03.06.07

From Line Drawing to Fashion Line, a great feature from Ping about Tani Ryouna and Maya Ishii. sd-02.19.07

The tee's not reversible but the message is. jc-01.31.07

Noted without comment. "A new way of life." jc-01.10.07

Vintage scans from the fashion magazine Gazette du Bon Ton, 1912-25. Via Veer. jc-01.09.07

"Inspired by notorious activist networks such as Ya Basta and Tute Bianche, Borland created a bubble-suit shaped as a big red heart, designed to protect the wearer at large scale street protests." sd-01.08.07

How can you not click on a Google AdSense link for "Affordable Gothic Clothes"? bb-12.14.06

Local Bears note. Our Check the Wins Tees are looking better every week. Just three more boxes to go. jc-12.12.06

Models, a collection of 132 German police unifroms and how they should be worn. Via Vvork. jc-11.27.06

"Do Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, or Gloria Vanderbilt wear clothes wit' yo' name on it? No!" Fashion wisdom with Mr. T bb-11.22.06

Our pal Rob suggests that since Chicago has now beaten the Bills, the Giants and the Jets we should do a new tee shirt that proclaims the Bears "2006 New York State Champions." A fun idea, but we'll stick with Check The Wins for now. Big game Sunday in Foxborough, dress appropriately. jc-11.22.06

New Balance is 100, who knew? To celebrate they're producing three limited edition trainers to honor their three longest serving employees. Via TH. dw-11.21.06

Local Note. After a couple nice orange marks next to New York and New York, our Check the Wins tees are looking great. Now it's on to Foxborough. Please dress properly for the occasion. jc-11.20.06

Check the new batch of A List Apart Tees. jc-11.15.06

Fantastic Man, a gentlemen's style journal. Via LifeClever. dw-11.08.06

The Andy Warhol 15 watch collection features artwork from Warhol's early days as a fashion illustrator. Via The Cool Hunter. dw-11.07.06

For Michele: Sometimes I doubt your commitment… bb-10.30.06

Tim Gunn Wears Banana Republic Jeans. 5.5 hrs and counting. Via Blogging Project Runway. dw-10.18.06

For local CP readers who are also interested in bearaphernalia. Buy a 16 Straight Tee and then write us with the words "that's right neighborly of you" in the subject line and we'll refund your shipping. Use the 'contact' link below. jc-10.18.06

Bag Boy has chest pains over last night's Bear's win and he also has fine taste in clothes. jc-10.17.06

"We just ask couples if they can 'give us some of their happiness' for our Love Photo magazine, and they will." PingMag interviews Omotesando's street fashion photo crews. jc-09.26.06

Ms. Spinach visits India Fashion Week. Via Love Made Visible. dw-09.14.06

"Cur-run-ko-ron, cur-run-ko-ron - that is as close as I can get to describing the wooden melody." Clacking with your Japanese wooden clogs, by Ryoko. jc-09.12.06

Philips Photonic Textiles. Video display on fabric. Via Computerlove. jc-09.08.06

So awesome. Our guys from SkinnyCorp were on Anderson Cooper last night talking about Threadless. Yowza! jc-09.07.06

For Amy, here's where to buy the swanky Copy Goes Here tee. jc-09.06.06

Noted without comment. Armor of God Pajamas. Thanks Greg. jc-09.01.06

Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo is going to drop cargo container stores in NYC. Also, dig the teaser site for the new Soho store by Yugo Nakamura. Via psfk. jc-08.30.06

The Bacon Wallet. "Elvis would want you to have this." Thanks Claire. sd-08.28.06

Chris' Make It Work: The T-Shirt. sd-08.21.06

Love your bike. Hug your bike. jc-08.14.06

Bike messenger style, straight out of Helsinki by way of Japan. jc-08.09.06

Hubwear: cool airport code t-shirts, currently flying out of ORD. Via Weightshift. pm-07.28.06

Fashion Magazine by Bruce Gilden at Magnum In Motion. jc-07.24.06

Some new tees and an exploded boom box polo are up at Oddica. jc-07.18.06

Here's a rough idea for a promotional tee-shirt for our 72° project. Not sure about it just yet, any thoughts? We're working on producing some nice swag for our Executive Producers to go along with the sneak peeks, The Party and, of course, the prestige. Join the list and we'll have our people call your people and then we'll take a meeeting. jc-07.07.06

High Tea With Mrs Woo. dw-06.22.06

Picture History's collection of fabulous costumes. dw-06.16.06

Lots of new stuff at Threadless. Yay. jc-06.12.06

ESPN's Uni Watch checks in on World Cup jerseys. bb-06.08.06

Nebraska Tshirts. se-05.31.06

Ever stumble into a blog and become enthralled by a subject you know nothing about? If you don't know or care about Saville Row tailoring now, you will: English Cut. bb-05.31.06

Drap's sweet new anvil-strength torso covers. jc-05.31.06

Nicole writes, "I designed this shirt when I realized I was saying the same things over and over again to students while teaching typography." jc-05.30.06

New armor designed to protect American soldiers against roadside bombs is under attack for making troops "look goofy." (Via Defense Tech) gm-05.09.06

"Fabio Sau says moving from his native Italy to attend the University of North Dakota was like 'coming to another planet' - and now he's using the state's wildest terrain for a simulated mission to Mars." In the process, he's designed a functioning Mars space-suit. gm-05.09.06

Converting a colour photo to a single layered stencil for tee-shirts or other propaganda purposes. Via A Whole. jc-05.08.06

"About nine years ago, this crazy geezer from London called us and wanted to order a phony beard and mustache kit from a fake classified ad that we ran inside the Emigre Magazine cover we had designed..." House33 Daily jc-04.11.06

Archeology of the Future: "If this is living in the future today... I'm all for it." The metalic fabric is "tough but lightweight" too. jc-04.10.06

Cool Laces: Converse All Star retro shoelaces and other helpful tips for Chuck Taylor fans. bb-04.04.06

Save an editor some time: Pre-Pixelated Clothes for Reality TV Shows. Via Chris Glass. sd-03.21.06

Andy and Jennifer at The Quiet Life have a spring sale going on, plus the Camera Club section of their site has been overhauled and updated. You remember Andy, we introduced you earlier. jc-03.15.06

"Yes, Nothing Says 'Zip' Quite Like Two Depressed Pre-Teens Hanging Out In A Tree." jc-03.02.06

Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style. kb-02.06.06

Raising Awareness About Human-Animal Hybrids. Via AdFreak. sd-02.06.06

I might be attending this conference at the University of Northern Iowa, but if all goes well you won't see me there. Thanks Tony. Related: this beautiful printed artifact at SiF. jc-02.01.06

Sergey Snurnik's LmaOutwear Brand. jc-01.16.06

If you, like me, somehow inexplicably ended up on International Male's mailing list, you will appreciate this article. bb-12.14.05

Happy holidays from The Quiet Life. jc-12.12.05

"But they had hoped it would decay with time -- not, apparently, overnight." A return to the topic of discussion the other night over some drinks: the Prada store in Marfa gets vandalized. Via Things. sd-11.09.05

Eric writes, "Wanted to send you some info on Andy Mueller's latest project. It's the Quiet Life Camera Club. They just published a really nice book of the submissions. You can buy it on the site, its great even when you take in to account that I have a photo in it." See our Slowtron mini-doc on Andy. jc-10.31.05

Dress Steve Jobs in corduroy and denim (and leather, and Hawaiian shirts, and motorcycle boots, ...) Via Grow-a-Brain. mf-10.28.05

Subject of our recent Jewelboxing Case Study, Eyeball NYC has teamed up with Vogue in creating one hell of a spread. sd-09.16.05

Here's to Regrowth. se-09.08.05

Digilogue. Via Preshrunk. sp-08.09.05

Spraygraphic: Fashionable Propaganda. sp-08.03.05

Nobody ever tells me anything. Yipes, our skinny friends have invaded Soho in a big way. Threadless in NY. jc-07.05.05

Go-Go-Boots obsessional. jc-06.27.05

Colour Lovers is a place to view, rate and review some lovely colours & palettes. Oddly alluring, especially the Top Palettes section. mg-06.15.05

Naked & Angry Series One: Five Neckties. It's sorta like Threadless for bankers. From the crew at SkinnyCorp. jc-06.08.05

Designer, and fellow Kiwi, Glenn Jones is the creative genius behind Dark Side of the Garden, and many other great Threadless designs. mg-06.03.05

More vintage tee creations at Oliodesign. dw-05.24.05

Some pretty cool bags made from old tees. Cronick Valentine. dw-05.23.05

Excellent interview with Nigo (Bathing Ape) at Pigmag. Via c77. jc-05.16.05

Constanze Strickmoden Print Ads 1954. I. II. III. jc-05.11.05

There is no excuse for this level of animal cruelty. cph-05.05.05

Make your own fashion statement, or up to six with the LED Scrolling Belt Buckle. dw-04.13.05

Stand up straight, tuck in that shirt, and for heaven's sake, learn how to tie-a-tie. jsm-04.07.05

Purses made from recycled books. kg-03.30.05

Our friend and frequent co-conspirator, Rosecrans Baldwin, of The Morning News, had a smart and funny piece on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday afternoon. Crans asks, Why Buy Fashion from Celebrities?. jc-03.15.05

For Jake, to freshen up his wardrobe, let's go back to '71. jc-02.22.05

The genious Jakes at skinnyCorp have just launched another awesome endeavor. OMG Clothing allows the public to submit slogans for t-shirts, then score them for eventual design treatment and mass-printing. It's like Threadless, but you don't have to be a designer to submit. rs-01.13.05

"Artists' magazine packaged in water 'Water Planet'. There are many original products made by artists from all over the world, which have the theme of 'water'. This is a new style of art magazine which is sold in Japan and all over the world." While your there, dig your way to Vol. No 1 -> Silicon Baby and check out "this [sterling] silver human body case has various organ shaped parts. The heart is a ring. The colon a bracelet." mr-01.06.05

New Threadless! Less angry. Less naked. More cash and other 'awesomely awesome prizes.' jc-01.04.05

It's too late for Christmas, but not too late to buy me a full set of Davida Signature Series Motorcycle Helmets to display in my rec room (though I'd never RIDE in one of those). bb-12.23.04

"Sherlock Holmes hat?" Where I come from, we call it a "Billy Childish cap," but it's technically called a "Deerstalker." bb-11.19.04

Recent archaeological (web) excavations have revealed that Super Jewel Boxes were popular fashion accessories after the Millennium. (Page search for "super jewel.") rch-11.11.04

Shoe Lacing Methods. Keep it in your bookmarks next to this revolutionary shirt-folding method. Thanks EMF. jc-10.22.04

This season I will mostly be wearing... a bag on my head. av-10.11.04

Brand spanking new fave shopping compendium, Mighty Goods, listed our tees. Beautiful idea for a site by Margaret Mason, beautifully presented by Douglas Bowman. jc-10.07.04

Nick points us to this innovative portfolio of work for Jodie Fried, Australian costume and set designer. jc-09.27.04

Limited Edition vintage t-shirt reissues at TrunkLtd. Too rich for my blood, but maybe your pockets are deeper than mine. rs-09.16.04

Cool, customize-able clothing from Neighborhoodies. rs-09.03.04

I need to get a haircut this week. I was thinking about getting a turkey or deer. av-09.02.04

Dressed to the Nines, a history of the baseball uniform. Lots of interesting stuff including images of every major league uniform worn since 1900, including the unis and logo we designed at Coudal Partners. Via Plep. jc-06.22.04

Every tee design Threadless has ever printed on one big page. jc-06.21.04

If you're going to give away $2500 for a tee-shirt design, you should announce it with a big old red magic marker. jc-06.16.04

Pixeltees - got shockwave? Then you can create your own pixel designs and have your masterpiece printed on a t-shirt, and if you fancy you can open shop to sell some of your designs on the same website. aw-06.11.04

"Infantile was conceived when co-founder Craig Melchiano became frustrated with the choices of gifts for his niece." Nice site and great products, including a kid tee designed by Jason Gnewikow, subject of (soon to be debuted here) Western State 4 from Slowtron. jc-05.21.04

You probably never realized you were doing it wrong all this time. jc-05.12.04

A self-described museum for short shorts. The foyer shows the tamer exhibitions while climbing the (virtual) stairs leads to the more risquÈ collections in the upper galleries. [Caution: slight adult language in some descriptions] arv-05.11.04

Prom Bombs. Via TMN. kg-05.10.04

Shaun's ornithological tee, "Live Wire" just went up at Threadless. jc-05.08.04

"In times gone by we used to wear tights, cloaks, robes, Togas, kilts and skirts. Itís time to regain some of the comfort that we once enjoyed!" Can the IMFF-NET please get an Amen? Hamish, an active member, frolicly shows off his Clan's tartan. arv-05.04.04

I've been advocating No Pants Day for years, it's finally almost here. bb-04.19.04

"1. A piece of cloth, 2. a simple cut, 3. no sewing required, 4. the new face of ready-to-wear." Issey Miyake and the future of fashion. jc-04.12.04

"To be honest with you, I think they should eliminate the Olympics all together and replace it with the WBMC." Thanks to Claire for the link. dr-03.26.04

If you are in Chicago, check out the T-Shirt Deli Co. All t's come wrapped to seal in freshness and a complimentary bag of chips! ka-02.03.04

Walking up Broadway Avenue in New York City, I came across the American Apparel NYC store. These guys are onto something amazing here with their commitment to their employees and ultra comfy product. Great site, great momentum. Plus, they've given some new life to the logo of all logos. ad-01.08.04

Design a tee, win a thousand bucks. Game on at Threadless. Naked and angry. jc-10.15.03

Psst. Betsy is looking for handmade goods and artwork for the Morning Craft shop. jc-09.23.03

Drea Leed’s Elizabethan Costuming Page offers interesting articles on, for example, 15th and 16th-century fabrics and dyes, renaissance cosmetics, corsets, bumrolls and ruffs, etc. sh-09.22.03

Cultural Ties: seventy-seven limited-edition neckties based on original designs by prominent artists: such as Peter Blake, Louise Bourgeois and Jeff Koons, amongst many others. sh-09.11.03

Kim White's handbags are made from vintage, never-used fabrics originally intended for American automobile interiors. ka-09.09.03

It all went downhill after Fred Perry retired: ESPN's worst tennis outfits. bb-09.04.03

Through No Company you can send someone a custom made, one-of-a-kind t-shirt.†Think about a person who you would like to receive this gift.†Download the questionnaire and fill it out.† Based on the information you provide about the person, No Company makes a shirt. ka-08.11.03

Eyes on Ties: Vintage necktie ads av-07.16.03

Levi Strauss celebrate their 150 years anniversary with a decade by decade historic showcase. rf-06.24.03

The Blue Gardenia specializes in hard-to-find vintage sewing patterns from the 1920's through the 1960's. ka-06.17.03

Dave White's sneaker paintings and assorted other cool stuff. "As an avid collector of Nike it was obvious that Dave's passion for all things Footscape, Jetflight and Airmax would become the subject for his latest collection of paintings." Found among other things. jc-06.06.03

Does the world need this? I don't know, but surely ten is not too many nice socks. jc-06.04.03

The Electric Swinging Pussycat Lounge! Uh, Closet... "Why, it's a guitar you silly man." jc-04.23.03

"Nothing keeps a husband's love and respect like scrupulous daintiness." A large collection of covers and ads from British Women's magazines from the twenties, thirties and forties. kg-04.03.03

Holly-Go-Lightly has gorgeous purses in fabrics and styles to suit any occasion. Even breakfast at Tiffany's. ms-03.31.03

No, it's not about ice cream. Two Scoops is a girl's guide to fashion in Chicago. Fun, funky, and fabulous. ms-03.21.03

The Gentleman's Page: "The Practical Guide for the 19th-Century American Man." kg-02.17.03

Our good friends Project: Porkchop have some new t-shirts out. I like this one a lot. bb-02.11.03

Fresh T's from overseas. The Designers Republic av-12.12.02

I stole this T-shirt from my ex-girlfriend about 3 years ago: Volleyball av-12.11.02

Create your own pixelated masterpiece using the pixeltees shirt machine. Then open up your own store and sell your new threads! Via Kaliber10000 av-12.11.02

I have a weakness for vintage beer T-shirts. Here is my T of the day: Old Style av-12.10.02

A tribute to the late John Matuszak. Here is my T-shirt today: Sloth av-12.05.02

Machine wash cold. Hang dry. Do not bleach: Athletic av-12.04.02

As an adjunct to the Tees of A feature, here are some more shirts without collars. eh-12.03.02

We found the digital camera today! I purchased this T-shirt at the Roscoe Village Thrift Store: Orlando av-12.03.02

No one brought a digital camera today, and Anthony's shirt was the best yet. In the meantime, Anthony-ize yourself. bb-12.02.02

I like cotton. Here's today's T-shirt: Rock Star av-11.27.02

Once Anthony runs out of T-shirts, he might want to pick up some Project: Porkchop t-shirts, designed by our friend Mr. Walters of Nerfect. bb-11.26.02

Our intern Anthony has a lot of tee shirts, here's today's: Stallion av-11.26.02

Our intern Anthony's wardrobe selection of the day: Gatecrasher. av-11.25.02

A new feature for Fresh Signals, "The Tees of A." Our intern Anthony's wardrobe selection of the day: Kaboom. bb-11.21.02

The Decline of Western Magazine Design. QED by PopCult. kg-09.03.02

Mod. dr-08.30.02

The Japanese 2K t-shirt line features the work of badass artists and designers like Paul Davis, Ryan McGinness and Yashitomo Nara. js-06.13.02

Man, these are some cool socks. bb-03.26.02

Stop the nudity. Our friends at Threadless have spiffed up the store and put a nice new display in the front window. jc-02.27.02

The super-rad MVM.com lets you build a virtual model of yourself with stunning accuracy, assuming you're honest about a few things. Click here to see the virtual dr in his skivvies. The likeness is pretty close, though this guy's face is more classically handsome than my own, and the real me has a little more hair on his chest for the Chicago winters. But it's certainly a more flattering look than the Timothy McVeigh-esque pixilated version of me jc came up with. Thanks to Ryan Mason of closerlook for the link. dr-02.07.02

DeRush has just posted all the submissions from their tee contest online for voting, and it's quite a closetful. jc-01.23.02

Shoes, glorious shoes! ka-01.10.02

Limited edition t-shirts by designers, for designers. And the home of the Chicago designer party list: Threadless. bb-11.29.01

Pernille, Jochem and Anders of dform1shiftunc "aim to seek out and promote the very best of cutting edge design from every discipline. And bring it down to street level, while giving the market something original to wear." At the all new, derush. jc-08.03.01

Speaking of shoes, we just realized that we have never hooked up our friend Ernest's amazing and authoritative Kicksology. What were we thinking? jc-08.01.01

ok47, clothing brand with a great site and some very happening tv spots online. jc-08.01.01

Design your own shoes online, plus some cool culture and music links at Customatix . ka-11.16.00

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