What's All This Then?

This site is edited by Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio in Chicago, as an ongoing experiment in web publishing, design and commerce. [Next]

What's All This Then?

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Sunday Edition

This is our studio site. Among lots of other things, we run Field Notes Brand,
go there right now and spend lots of money. Thanks.

Coudal Partners

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It’s 3 AM...

Hillary asked a serious question in her latest campaign spot. We thought it deserved an equally serious response.

We're Coudal Partners, a small creative studio in Chicago. We do lots of things beside making films. Jump over to our cover page to see what's new, or maybe check out The MoOM, our Museum of Online Museums.

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other films at CP

Check dozens of other CP films on our Video Wall.

Copy Goes Here. How do you spell courage?

Hobbies, from SD's "Regrets" series.

Laboratory Conditions, a 5-part documentary made on the way to making something else.

Close Enough, a CP film about working together.

Scott Smith's Ten in which a man breaks all Ten Commandments before breakfast.

How to BBQ a Man. Celebrate the times. Oh, the times.

Slowtron's Western State, a series of artist profiles.
1. Andy Mueller
2. Cory McAbee
3. Geoff McFetridge
4. Jason Gnewikow

6 Colors, 1800 Pulls and 2 Dogs. AV's mini-doc on the craft of screen-printing, shot at the shop of Chicago's Bird Machine.

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