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What's All This Then?

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Saturday Edition

Two designers, 15 minutes per volley, the whole world watching.
Revisit four great seasons of Layer Tennis.

Coudal Partners

New at the MoOM

Department of Collections

There's something for everyone in our Museum of Online Museums. For example, the A.G. Spaulding Baseball Collection from the NYPL, featured above. Like most cultural institutions, The MoOM needs the support of the community to survive. Well, not really, since we don't have a building or a staff or even those cheap little round colored badges that you hook on your collar when you attend... We do however have a new version of The MoOM Mug, which is available exclusively to benefactors.

The Latest from Field Notes

Two Rivers

Field Notes loves printing, history, Americana, and a good Wisconsin brandy old-fashioned, so the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is our kind of place. We worked with them to produce our limited-edition for spring and two bucks from the sale of each 3-Pack goes to support the Museum and its mission. Wood type forever!

JC at Creative Mornings

The Problem With Doing a Project in
Your Spare Time is That There isn’t Any

Here's Jim's presentation from the inaugural edition of Chicago Creative Mornings. Thanks to Tina, Mig, Gravity Tank and everyone who showed up.

2015 Tournament of Books

Something to
Crow About

The 2015 edition of The Morning News Tournament of Books has concluded. We're happy to say our Field Notes Brand sponsored this literarypalooza. Congratulations to the winner and all the participants. From TMN: "In case you're new to all this, the ToB is an annual springtime event where a group of the best works of fiction from last year enter a March Madness-style battle royale. These novels are seeded and paired off in an NCAA Tournament-like bracket. For each pairing, one of our esteemed judges will read both novels and advance one, with a transparent explanation of how they made their decision."

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick

I am putting myself to
the fullest possible use which is all, I think, that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

As you probably have noticed over the last fifteen years, we're a bit of obsessed with the films of Stanley Kubrick. Check this sweet collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the set of 2001 and find tons more stuff in our big, messy archive of Kubrickian links.

Get It Together

We Didn’t Have Much Ambition When We Started Field Notes,
We Fixed That

Our 25th (!) seasonal limited-editon for Field Notes is The Ambition Edition and it is shipping now. There's lots of new stuff in this one and some really old features too. Each 3-Pack includes a Weekly Planner, a Ledger and a Memo Book.

Layer Tennis Season Recap

Gone in 60 Seconds

In December we concluded our post-season Season 4 Layer Tennis tournament with the Championship Match in which Kelli Anderson squeaked by James White to take the crown. Now our short, frenetic season recap video has been posted. Layer Tennis only happens thanks to our pals at Adobe Creative Cloud.

Field Notes Brand Books

Clemente’s Bat

“My first memory is of my father carrying a hammer into our bedrooms and smashing open our piggy banks on the night Roberto died.”

Forty-two seasons ago, Roberto Clemente slashed a double into left-center field, recording his 3000th regular season career hit. That hit would turn out to be his last. The bat he used is the central object in Kevin Guilfoile's book, A Drive into the Gap, the first title from the publishing imprint of our Field Notes Brand. The book has garnered great reviews and is a story about baseball and memory, and fathers and sons. See a film, read an excerpt and buy a copy of A Drive into the Gap here.

We're Going On an Adventure

Winter’s Tale

"One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen." —Rene Daumal. Why did we do it? Because it is there. Or was anyhow. Presenting Above the Sun, a true story.

Hold Life in Your Hands

The Write Stuff

We commissioned a short film by writer/director Matthew James Thompson to say thanks for all the support for Field Notes, from Coudal Partners and the Draplin Design Co..

Anti Time Lapse

The Stars and
Their Courses

In conjunction with the 2013 summer release of the Field Notes "Night Sky" Limited-Edtion memo books (sold out long ago) we made a short movie... and a really, really, really long one.

The idea was fairly simple, though complex in the making: for those of us in big metropolitan, light-polluted areas like Chicago who can't see the night sky very clearly, we wanted to travel to this section of rural Nevada and bring the stars back with us, capturing a full night sky and playing it back in real time. Check all six hours and 20 minutes of The Stars and Their Courses, and here's some background and technical information too.

Guest Editors

Helpful and
Mostly Polite

A list of all the brilliant people who have helped us by guest editing Fresh Signals can be found here.

Other recent features are listed on Page Two.

Fresh Signals

MS's nightmares now have a soundtrack. kg-yesterday

Cloudreporter. Via swissmiss. dw-yesterday

London's Regents Canal path now has duck lanes. dw-yesterday

Quint! On the big screen! Jaws is coming back to theaters. ms-05.28

Headline of the day. ms-05.28

Last Photo Chicago. ms-05.28

PicturePhone: How Bell Telephone lost a half billion, but nearly created the internet. From EngineerGuy. jc-05.28

Related to the last. From the pebbly matte steel skin to the zippery feel of the margin controls and the interchangeable "golfball" element, the Selectric stands as an icon of industrial design and a shape that still defines an era of modern business. Check how it fits in the timeline history of the IBM Typewriter. The man responsible for the Selectric, and in many ways for corporate America embracing Modernism and design driven communications, is Eliot Noyes. jc-05.28

The IBM Selectric Typewriter and its digital to analogue converter. Great, nerdy, fun film about an all-time fave product design. jc-05.28

Weekend project, LEGO gummy candy. dw-05.28

Related to below, Don Winslow's fabulous Dawn Patrol. ms-05.28

To be thirteen, with a surfboard, in Hawaii. Off Diamond Head. ms-05.28

"And so Americans may joke at the expense of the fallen, but we keep electing them to public office. We keep paying to see their movies and download their music. It's the intensely American desire, or arrogance, that celebrates a success story, even if it's someone else's." Christine Grimaldi is Glad She's Not You. jc-05.28

Kingsley Amis on madness. jc-05.28

Trailer for the Bobby Fischer biopic Pawn Sacrifice. ms-05.28

Every Hitchcock Cameo Ever. Via MeFi. ms-05.28

"It is one thing to say that a computer cannot appreciate the beauty of chess moves. It is quite another to use that inability to defeat it." The Departed Queen, by Dana Mackenzie. Via Mike Brown. jc-05.27

"Sanitation workers Angelo Bruno and Eddie Nieves worked together for nearly ten years on the same garbage route in Manhattan's West Village and became fixtures in the community. After 31 years on the job, Angelo retired. At StoryCorps, he talked with Eddie about the unexpected lessons he learned along the way and what he still misses about the job. ms-05.27

Related to the last, what color is that mailbox? jc-05.27

The official color system of the U.S. government. Via Core77. dw-05.27

Looking into flights right now. ms-05.27

A certain segment of our readers will agree with me, feel old yet? ms-05.27

Interesting trailer for the David Foster Wallace biopic The End of the Tour. ms-05.27

Bookerly and a new layout engine, the Kindle finally gets typography that doesn't suck, by John Brownlee. jc-05.27

So you know, the origins of the "hat-trick." jc-05.27

"When working through an idea, it is like trying to sleep when you have a fever: the same dream or nightmare repeats again and again..." A hypnotic, experimental film by Xavier Chassaing, Dry Lights. jc-05.27

Leno takes a long look at one of three hand-built Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR supercars. jc-05.27

I always get my typographic news from Car & Driver. New custom typeface for Volkswagen by MetaDesign. jc-05.27

"The White Trash Series was developed while living in the South out of frustration with some of the prevailing ideologies, in particular, class distinction. This ideology seems to be based on a combination of myth, biased history and a bizarre sentimentality about old wars and social structures. With the juxtaposition of the portraits from museums, once painted on ivory, now on flattened trash like beer cans and fast food containers, the artist sets out to even the playing field, challenging the perception of the social elite in today's society." dw-05.26

Metabunk, why the crazy stuff you know is ridiculous, is ridiculous. See "Chemtrails". jc-05.26

"So, why isn't he remembered in the same way as Saville, Garrett, and Hipgnosis? Bubbles signed almost none of his work - and, when he did, he utilized an arsenal of assumed identities, each equally absurd and non-sensical." Ian Lynam on iconic UK album designer Barney Bubbles. jc-05.26

New trailer for Black Mass. Looks great. jc-05.26

Good Beer Hunting and New Belgium profile our pal, printmaker/illustrator Dan Grzeca. bb-05.26

"The 230-foot tall smokestack that has stood in downtown Two Rivers for more than 100 years, will be toppled by a dynamite blast at 1 p.m., this Sunday, May 31. It is the last structure remaining on the former Hamilton Manufacturing property. The museum will be closed so we can watch the stack come down, but please join us as we witness history." jc-05.26

Posters from the Cannes Film Festival 2015. jc-05.26

Today's hit movies reimagined as '80s VHS tapes. dw-05.26

Finally, a good Etsy: "Disturbing cryptozoological anomalies under glass." bb-05.26

A modern farmhouse from Scottish ruins. ms-05.26

"After 10 years of conservation efforts, the huts that once housed the likes of Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton are ready for a new generation." ms-05.26

Space Shuttle Rising. ms-05.26

Page Two contains the previous 40 Fresh Signals, recent features, a key to the icons and the categorical archives.

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